Daily Archive for December 30th, 2007

Opposition in the Opposition

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
December 30, 2007

ParliamentOne of the most disgraceful, disgusting, shameless and tasteless spectacles on TnT’s political landscape was the puerile behavior by putative mature, adult, elected and non-elected UNC-A parliamentarians at the recent opening of Parliament on 17 December, 2007.

If that was the public behavior of educated adults then it need occasion no great surprise that the uneducated, immature young people in TnT behave in a similar disrespectful fashion: “Monkey see, monkey do.”
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Benazir courted martyrdom

by Raffique Shah
Sunday, December 30th 2007

Benazir BhuttoI was caught between completing my year-end review for the Business Express and watching television where a miracle of sorts-team West Indies actually flogging South Africa’s bowlers, Chanders edging his way to another century-was taking place, when the telephone rang. “Are you tuned in to BBC?” asked my friend of umpteen years, Mike Bazie. “No,” I replied, telling him about our team’s performance. “They just killed Bhutto! Switch channels. It’s coming across live.” He didn’t have to say which Bhutto, or tell me how she was killed. “Hey,” I told Mike, “I must watch this cricket it’s enthralling we need to make 400-plus runs. I’ll check Bhutto in a while.”
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