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Give a child a book for Christmas

By Raffique Shah
December 02, 2007

BooksAs the Armed Forces Veterans Association (AFVA) prepares for its annual Christmas party for selected children in Laventille (where its operations are based), my ex-soldier friend Selwyn Nurse asked: what toys do you think we should give them this year? “Books!” I responded, without hesitating. Books? He seemed somewhat puzzled by my response. I imagine the children, too, would be unpleasantly surprised when Santa (Brigadier Alfonso? WOII Gellizeau?) hands them books, not Nintendos or the latest tech-toys. Parents may even cuss Santa and storm out of the compound, probably pelting bottles and stones, if not spraying the “vets” with real bullets.
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Rev Paul: Now’s time to repent

December 02, 2007
Trinidad Guardian

Trini PeopleRev Cyril Paul of the Presbyterian Church is urging citizens to use the opportunity of Advent Sunday (today) with its emphasis on repentance, to apologise for wrongs done.

Paul, in his Advent Sunday sermon, while noting that the issue of repentance was often fodder for cartoonists and subject to distortions, said: “Advent Sunday, with its emphasis on repentance, provides us with the perfect opportunity to apologise as a nation and as citizens for wrongs done, for hurts inflicted on others, for opportunities wasted, for irresponsible behaviour, for deliberate wrong-doing.
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