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‘An election budget’

Patrick Manning‘It’s all about love’
Prime Minister Patrick Manning yesterday delivered a “love budget” in which he gave big hugs to all pensioners, the ill, disabled and the poor. And he blew kisses to the delinquent taxpayer and the prudent saver as well as the returning national.

The $$ flow freely
…for pensioners, Cepep, URP workers, minimum wage earners

Increases in old age, National Insurance and Government pensions, wage hikes with backpay for Community-based Environment Protection and Enhancement Programme (Cepep) and Unemployment Relief Programme workers, plus a proposed Minimum Wage of $10 were presented to the public yesterday in Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s final budget of his term…
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Too many exams, too little creativity

By Zophia Edwards
August 21, 2007

School ChildrenComment: Kids say the darnest things!

Answer: Not in my classroom!

This sentiment is largely responsible for the repression of ideas in our education system and has largely remained unchanged since our independence in 1962. Our primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary institutions have maintained a rigid fixation on examinations. Standardized tests are beneficial in that they are useful for comparing students nationwide since they are all required to study the same curriculum for the same exam. What are our standardized tests comparing? Memory.
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