Daily Archive for August 29th, 2007

Cudjoe’s Grasping At Straws

By Stephen Kangal
August 29, 2007

Congress of the PeopleHaving been controversially appointed via the political patronage route to the Board of the Central Bank (CB), nondescript Dr. Selwyn Cudjoe has to earn his political keep by splitting hairs between economics, monetarism and politics and labouring in vain with annoying trivialities to demonstrate his lack of true professionalism.

Were Dr. Cudjoe a self-proclaimed genuine disciple of the truth as he claims to, he would have done the requisite research as a professional. He should have compared the original text of the speeches delivered by the former Governor of the Central Bank with the edited text of those included in Mr. Dookeran’s book before casting premature, hasty, silly and politically motivated aspersions on the integrity of Dookeran the author.
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