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Akon Did Not Abuse Girl At Zen

Danah Alleyne before “action” with Akon

April 22, 2007

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a response to the many racist comments about the Akon/Danah video clip, especially those that were initially posted on YouTube, among other websites. The two clips that were initially posted on YouTube were removed together with hundreds of racist comments.

Much of the discussion surrounding the Hip-hop/R&B singer Akon’s performance at club Zen on Thursday 12th April, 2007, is really based on racism, unreasoned sexual hang-ups and hypocrisy. The reactions of many who have been buzzing on the radio and the internet are clearly based on their racist and colourist views that paint Akon as a black animal who assaulted a minor and the female as a young, misguided innocent, who was taken advantage of. This is really quite ridiculous. Harsh reactions have also been fuelled by the fact that many knew she was a preacher’s daughter and she was acting contrary to what her father preaches.
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Lara quits Test, one-day cricket
Friday, April 20 2007

Brian LaraBRIDGETOWN: West Indies captain Brian Lara announced yesterday he will retire from all forms of international cricket on Saturday.

The West Indies captain, who holds the world record score of 400 in Test cricket and 501 in the first class game, was initially expected to quit only one-day cricket after his team’s final World Cup game against England at Kensington Oval and continue with his Test career.
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Amy’s Mom Freed

By Newsday Reporter
Tuesday, April 17 2007

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

JailANITA ANAMUNTHODO, mother of Amy Emily Anamunthodo, the four-year-old girl who was raped and beaten to death last year, was yesterday freed on six charges of wilful neglect and child abandonment. Deputy Chief Magistrate Mark Wellington, presiding in the San Fernando First Magistrate’s Court, freed the mother due to the non-appearance of police complainant PC Hamilton (since August 2006) and other prosecution witnesses.

Wellington yesterday discharged Anamunthodo, 19, of Marabella, who had been in custody since she was charged in May last year. She was granted bail but no one went forward to stand the bail of $7,500.
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Jamaica Gleaner: Bombastic Trinidadians

By Dawn Ritch, Columnist
March 25, 2007

Trini PeopleAny reader will know that I think the country’s domestic financial sector was handed to Trinidad and Barbados on aplatter. By any measure this is a strategic industry.

Also by any measure there is nothing more bombastic than a Trinidadian. The Barbadians are still conscious of the fact that they occupy a little atoll, even if its real estate prices now beat those of the Bahamas, which were high to begin with. Their sea-front villas are being snapped up by rich people from the industrialised world. As a direct consequence, the Barbadian prime minister has had to defend himself against charges of selling out the country to rich foreigners. In effect, he’s replied that he doesn’t regret it.
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No man must ride your back

Raffique Shah
Sunday, April 1st 2007

SlaveryLAST week the world’s conscience drifted back in time, some 400 years, to the barbaric transatlantic slave trade, and to the bicentennial of its formal abolition in 1807. What I read and heard of apologies sans reparations, of manufacturing heroes and liberators while ignoring those who really fought to free themselves, I found nauseating. I noted, too, that the hypocrisy of the descendants of the slavers was matched by the hypocrisy-or ignorance-of those whose forebears were victims of slavery. It’s all a charade designed to distort history, to extort money from those who have no obligation to pay for the sins of others, and to play the blame game.
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