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Signing Boundary Treaty with Grenada Illegal

By Stephen Kangal
April 23, 2010

PM Patrick ManningThe decision taken by the Manning Administration to sign the secretive T&T/Grenada Maritime Boundary Treaty on Wednesday 21 April while he has dissolved Parliament is illegal from the perspective of the laws of T&T. This is a treaty that could have the effect of decreasing the geographical extent of our maritime jurisdiction by establishing delimitation boundaries that decrease the areal limits of our vital northern hydrocarbon-producing marine areas.
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Grenada Revolution Revisited

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
March 07, 2010

GrenadaSaturday, 13 March 2010, marks the 31st year anniversary of the first successful armed revolution against neo-colonial government in the English-speaking Caribbean.

On 13 March 1979, while the neo-colonialist “criminal dictator” Eric Gairy was out of Grenada, “the real revolutionaries” of the New Jewel Movement (NJM) under the leadership of Comrade Maurice Bishop masterminded “a successful armed takeover of the True Blue army barracks and the island’s sole radio station.”
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