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‘Why target Chinese?’

By Sue-Ann Wayow
Aug 18, 2016 – trinidadexpress.com

ChineseTHE perception is that all ­Chinese people in Trinidad and Tobago have money and are therefore easy targets for thieves. The difference in language and culture may also be behind the increasing number of attacks on Chinese-owned business across the country, say Chinese businessmen who spoke with the Express yesterday.
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Search on for illegal Chinese immigrants

Chinese workers in Trinidad
Chinese workers in Trinidad

May 09, 2011

Immigration officials have begun hunting down illegal Chinese nationals who have come into T&T to “slave” in thriving casinos, Chinese supermarkets, restaurants and private members’ clubs. But while the hunt goes on inland, senior police officers lament that the coastlines of T&T remain open for human trafficking and smuggling of illegal cargo including drugs, guns and ammunition. The underworld trafficking ring is believed to be controlled by a branch of the Chinese Triad, a well-organised criminal gang which exploits poor Chinese immigrants. These Chinese workers, desperate for a shot at riches in T&T, come from poor areas of China, including Ningxia, Guizhou and Quinhai.
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Chinese Kidnapping – Slain Restaurant Owner

Kidnapped Chinese restaurant owner Xue Hua Shan
Kidnapped Chinese restaurant owner Xue Hua Shan

Cops step up search for kidnapped woman
Police probing the kidnapping of Chinese restaurant owner Xue Hua Shan said her relatives told them that the woman’s mother, in China, received a text message saying her daughter was released. The text message, police said, was sent in a Chinese dialect to Shan’s mother who lives in China. Investigators said they had not contacted Shan’s mother and did not know if the message was true or a hoax. But detectives said yesterday that they were still looking for Shan and had no concrete evidence she had been released by her kidnappers. The lawmen said they have stepped up their search for Shan after also receiving a message from someone who called the Piarco Police Station around 6.30 am yesterday, claiming she had been dropped off near a bridge in St Helena.
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Are the Chinese racist?

By Tim Collard
November 2nd, 2009 – telegraph.co.uk

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

Lou Jing
Lou Jing
Yesterday The Observer reported an alarming row over a TV talent contest in Shanghai. One of the leading contestants, a 20-year-old girl named Lou Jing (pronounced Low not Loo), has attracted enormous opprobrium from all over the country. Some of the comments in the Chinese blogosphere are almost unbelievable. Sounds familiar, you might think. But the only allegation levelled at her is that she has dared to appear on television while being of mixed race, her father being a black African who was not married to her mother.
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Jail Chinese contractors for slavery

By Raffique Shah
October 18, 2009

Chinese labourersSOME five years ago when criminal activities intensified to frightening levels, several people who care about this country suggested to Prime Minister Patrick Manning that he declare a limited state of emergency. I was among those who argued that once the law enforcement agencies were armed with intelligence-identities of the main criminals, overlords of the guns and drugs underworld-Government should move to stem the crime tide by use of emergency powers to arrest the situation, to rescue the country.
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‘Chinese work like slaves’

By Richardson Dhalai
October 14, 2009 – newsday.co.tt

Chinese labourersThe camp at Chatee Trace, Cunupia where Chinese labourers of Beijing Liujian Construction Corporation is tucked away on a lonely stretch of road.

The living quarters are shielded by sheets of galvanise which line the length of the compound.
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