Acid attack: mom warns women to leave abusive relationships

By Carolyn Kissoon
February 24, 2016 –

Rachael ChadeeTHE mother of Rachael Cha­dee, who was doused with acid by an ex-lover, has appealed to young women in abusive relationships to walk away.

Leela Chadee, who was also attacked by the man, said too many women return to relationship like this, hoping the person would change.

“But they do not change. This man began threatening my daughter and her children years ago. At the beginning, my daughter thought he would change, but then things got worse. And by the time we started acting, it had already escalated,” she said.

She pleaded yesterday with police to investigate reports of domestic violence. Chadee said several reports were made to police about threats to their lives.
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One thought on “Acid attack: mom warns women to leave abusive relationships”

  1. The problem is the police who are a bunch of minions without any clear understanding of what the duties of a police officer really is. If a woman comes to the police station with a report on her life being threaten then the police must send a few officers to go and talk to the man, refer the couple for counciling. He might be having anger issues. Or he might think the woman is his property similar to how masters view their slaves. Whatever she does he will used his narcissistic controlling behaviour to be her worst nightmare.

    In developed nations you cannot issue a death threat to anyone, you can be charged. Further their style of policing involve taking the woman away from the situation, sending her and children to a “half way house” or “shelter” where the woman can receive counciling and training for job and an opportunity to settle far away from the monster.

    One must understand that an abuser is also a controller and as such it is difficult for the abused to get away from the situation. They are found by the abuser threaten and taken back into that situation, it is difficult to leave when children is involved.

    To deal with this situation police officers must get involved and use their power of pursuasion to end the abuse. Sometimes family can help. A Guyanese man was physically abusing his wife, she told her brother who was an army officer, he paid a visit to the abuser. He lock the door and put a “lickin” on the man, he never touched his sister again.

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