MATT raps CNC3, Alexander and police over Ian Alleyne clash

By Richard Lord
February 22, 2016 –

Ian Alleyne and Inspector Roger AlexanderThe Media Association of T&T says CNC3 breached journalistic ethics in airing an edited video clip of Tuesday’s clash between Crime Watch host, Ian Alleyne and Inspector Roger Alexander.

According to MATT, “It was CNC3’s duty to inform the public that the video had been altered. Not having done so, CNC3 omitted essential features of the confrontation and that omission amounted to misrepresentation.”

MATT said the “breach of duty requires CNC3 to make amends with the public it serves and the industry in which it operates.”

MATT turned some of its fire on the police, saying that there is the potential for ethical conflicts by the commingling of the TTPS with the commercial interests of private sector media. It was a reference to a revelation by a police spokesman, that Beyond The Tape is an official police programme.

MATT said law enforcement and the media serve the public interest in different ways and, consequently, the public should be furnished with detailed information on the protocols that govern the Beyond the Tape programme.

MATT said: “The degree of force used by the arresting officer appears disproportionate to the offence and the circumstances (and) MATT questions the refusal of the TTPS to investigate these allegations of excessive force,” their statement added.

It said the right of media workers to reasonable treatment from the police while pursuing a story must be respected. MATT said another potential breach of conduct by the police related to a recent video on social media which appears to be recorded by police officers at the Chaguanas Police Station. The video shows Alleyne being taunted and ridiculed.


20 thoughts on “MATT raps CNC3, Alexander and police over Ian Alleyne clash”

  1. It is said in ‘de revengeful , Blue eyed- sky god -heaven -King James Bible – en Matthew 7:20 ‘Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.’
    This guy Ian, not only has an ugly penchant for bending de rules folks, but will not hesitate to give real crime fighters, the middle fingers, si?

    His sister of ‘Akon DRY Hump fame , sole claim to national stardom …. well , we’ll leave dat alone.
    Their papa , along with other suspect Christian leaders , in the run up to our last elections, took their symbolic ,30 pieces of silver , with promises to inveigle voters ,within their respective gullible , misguided flocks membership,to support the still clueless ,Siparia Queen , and her political goons.
    Fast forward to 2016, and here is the guy again, …..!
    Yep, and in de words of my late , extremely wise ,Tobago Granny, ‘banana , can’t bear plantain!’
    Nuff said.
    Aren’t we extremely happy , that our Trini citizens , are not de dumb idiots , that many of their leaders make them out to be?

    On the real contentious issue of the day, Does anyone seriously give a rats behind about de T&T Peewee Herman- like creature,Ian?
    Here are the big questions:- a. Where the hell was MATT, when Ian Alleyne was pretending to be an objective journalist, while breaching every ethical media principle,known to mankind, re reporting a rape incident, in most graphic details , involving a minor – who – ‘me think,’so happen to be ,an unfortunate member of Afro- kinky head Nation?
    B.Where were they, when he had his teeth firmly clamped on the rear end of Kamla , while pretending to attack her government, on it’s failure to fully address National Security issues , especially as they relate to law enforcement?
    C. Why were they so silent , when he flipped de script ,to run against Uncle Deyalsing , for his St Joseph seat, only to get de political shellacking of his life , in which he then placed his tail between his leg , and therefore held on to his glorified job , as a Trini -reality TV , media crime ace?
    As for conflict of interest accusations, who care in this ‘movay lang Society -La Trinity?’
    There is an easy way ,for the critics , to remove Inspector Alexander from the media Frontline.
    Demote that lame duck – Ag Commissioner of Police Williams , to his original post, as a DCP,and instead ,promote Alex to Commissioner post, or some high end , Executive rank ,in the First Division.
    What to yours truly , is most revolting about this episode folks , is de fact that in the final analysis , the much ignored ,taboo subject , of domestic violence , would be swept under the rug- in this case, as self serving elites , attempt to use their financial clout/ influence, to aid them in making fun of our judicial system.
    Stay vigilant T&T!

    1. What is MATT? WHO is MATT?….Francesca Hawkins-Pollonais is an unapologetic UNCOPP supporter…did you see her face after the election results in 2010??…What do you expect?? Ian Alleyne was an intended UNCOPP Government Minister and current media hitman for them…have you heard Ian Alleyne’s language this week about the TTPS ‘split’ in ‘two’ over his arrest?? Hear that language?? Why not split in 3 or 4 or 5?? The insinuation is that there is ethnic division in the TTPS over his arrest…if so,why is that?? You see…Ian is the media hitman for the UNCOPP…remember what he did to Dr. Rowley the week of the general elections??Indians LOVE him after THAT!..there has been this ethnic support for him after he did THAT!!.. Crime Watch became a show to praise the uncopp governemt ministers, SIS and now, post september 7th last year,do the exact opposite to the current PNM…all the while claiming to be ‘non-political’…so the same 340,000 indians who also work i the TTPS will of course be upset thr9at their ‘hero’ Ian is arrested…which is exposes a dangerous mindset within the Indian community i.e. they will support worngdoing and wrongdoers from an ethnic standpoint…those indians who
      further their ethno-political agenda are not supposed to be ‘touched’…

      1. Alyssa, in everything there needs to be balance in order to function with some degree of success. The media, as currently constituted in NOT balanced because there is too much concentration on the Opposition instead of trying to understand where the new government is going with its policies. Whenever the government enunciate policies, the media runs to the Opposition for clarification. This habit washes or diminishes the
        intent of proper promulgation of intent, because the Opposition Cannot be the medium to disseminate intent. That must be incumbent on the Government to do.
        The media must give the government to clarify its position instead of butting in to insinuate positions not intended by government. Staffing is always the means by which objectives can be obtained. If the media is stacked with Hindu executives, then by all means the perspectives that they relate will be hinducentric.

        1. Kian,

          After reading yours, I resumed my reading of the Book of Enoch at:

          “And unrighteousness went forth from her chambers: Whom she sought not she found,
          And dwelt with them, As rain in a desert And dew on a thirsty land.” (Enoch 42:3)

          And I thought, how apt.

          We have a disloyal Opposition. They control the media. And what they do not yet control, they are busily seeking to control.

          They are pursuing an evil Indian Policy, Item #1 of which is “Make the country ungovernable”.

          Item #3, lest we forget is “Make the niggas (sic) your slaves”.

          This Indian Policy, far from being condemned, is upheld by those who pretend it does not exist. One on this blog, merely swaps out the word “slave”, and swaps in in its place the word, “chamar”. But the intent is the same. The hatred is the same. The evil is the same. The unrighteousness is the same.

          In his simple but evil mind: chamar=black, and black=slave by divine lot. He is in for a shock now not too far away when he comes into the realization that we the “Negro” are indeed true Judah of scripture…

          Enoch summed it up. Those who are of evil spirit, absorb unrighteousness as the desert absorbs rain. It is futile to seek to convert them away from their evil thoughts and evil agenda. For that too was written. But it is essential that we who are the intended victims be wise to it. Harmless as doves we may be, but we need to be wise as serpents also.

          Thank you and Alyssa for your contributions in that regard.

          May the Most High bless us with the wisdom and insight always to perceive the devilish designs deployed against His Chosen, and may He frustrate every such devilish design as null, void, and futile.


        2. Kian, yes & no…how come Iralphmaraj.5fm and power to the unc 102 are overwhelmingly staffed by african descendents but the station is not african centric…how come?? Christian centric maybe…urban centric maybe…western centric maybe…but not africentric…why??

          1. The answer to that is simple Alyssa. They are not without market savvy. They understand the market in which they operate is African in nature. On the surface,there appears to be some kind of African dominated radio station by culture but Indian/Chinese by management. In the case of i95.5, they might openly say that they are courting the Indian market. But common sense dictates that the inclusion of Ralph Maraj is an exercise in mutual exclusivity. A purely African market, purely African programming, a purely African listenership, yet, your main anchor is a Hindu, advocating non-creolization, invited guests are mostly Indian, topics discussed are mostly of Indian interests. If there was a case of putting a square peg in a round hole, this is it. The media is the segment we have to watch when the government raises issues. Notice the Sunday Express Editorial, there is always a column in which the author is never identified, but is always intent on criticizing Dr Rowley. Just as the media is intent on helping carry out Indian policy #1, as Yoruba has so eloquently stated, we, who are more educated in terms of media savvy, should take it upon ourselves to point out the idiosyncrasies of their art of deceptive journalism.
            It used to be where they controlled two of the three major newspapers. Now they control all three. They do prey on the ignorance that still exist in parts of our communities. But, we should never allow them to get away with it. They control the business, they control the politics by way of the media, their aim is still to have total control of culture and the arts and of course, total control of the politics.

    2. …de revengeful , Blue eyed- sky god -heaven…

      My esteemed brother Neal,

      I enjoyed your comment as usual…

      BUTTTTT…. it is my duty to warn you that this kind of flippant reference to the Most High will not go unpunished, if left unrepented; Exodus 20:7, elsewhere.

      My suggestion: Avail of His mercy while you yet can. It is trendy in some atheistic/agnostic circles to talk of the “vengefulness” of God. That would be a mistake. I offer that not as opinion, but as simple fact.

      “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” (Hebrews 10:31)

      It is also the best thing that could ever happen to a son of God, led astray, while yet His great mercy may be called upon.

      As a descendant of one who did not make the Middle Passage voluntarily, you belong to a people who are the *only* candidate for fulfillment of Deuteronomy 28:25, and 28:68. That makes us Israelite of the seed for certain. That is a fact more sure than any DNA analysis can claim.

      Therefore, you are under the strictures of the Holy Covenant, — as were our foreparents who suffered the curses of that Covenant — whether they knew it or not, accepted it or not, or liked it or not. We the “Negro” are in that same position still today. Unbelief cannot annul the truth.

      “For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?” (Romans 3:3)

      I wanted to let this matter slide, but I was reminded that had I done so, I would be putting my own soul in jeopardy. Fpr I am appointed a watchman and intercessor (hear or forebear), therefore it is my duty and my lot to be called to blow the trumpet of warning. In that spirit, and as a brother, I do so now.

      May the Most High forgive that indiscretion which I’m sure is easily forgiven but which nevertheless must be repented. May you see the wisdom in doing so.


      “The fear of Yahweh is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever.” (Psalm 111:10)

  2. CNC3 apologises for Ian Alleyne video edit

    February 23, 2016 –

    CNC3 has issued an apology over the airing of a news report on Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne’s clash with TV rival Roger Alexander, in which a brief segment of the videotape of the incident had been cut.

    In the segment that was edited out, Alleyne could be heard swearing at Alexander, once, briefly.

    The did-he-or-didn’t-he mattered, because Alleyne charged that Alexander had used unreasonable force and was unjustified in physically removing him from a suspect’s yard, where he’d gone to shoot a segment for his Crime Watch show. Alexander’s accusation that Alleyne had used coarse language was central to the policeman’s defence in justifying his removal of Alleyne.

    Last Friday, a news report by TV6, on which Alexander co-presents his Beyond The Tape programme, highlighted the edit. On Sunday, the Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago (MATT) weighed in, saying that CNC3 had breached journalistic ethics by not informing the public that the video had been altered.

    CNC3 yesterday insisted that there was no intentional deception with the edit, and it had been done on the grounds of good taste and decency.

    “In our desire to abide by the provision of the Telecommunications Act, we removed offensive material from the video of Mr Alleyne, which was not lawfully fit to be published in a newscast,” the CNC3 statement read.

    “In hindsight, we recognise that we should have also publicly indicated that an obscenity was used. If any of our viewers were misled, we unreservedly apologise.”

    The accusations stung journalists at a station which hosts the most-watched TV evening prime time newscast in T&T, fronted by some of the most respected names in TV journalism. CNC3, however, defended its reputation for fair and accurate reporting.

    “Since its inception, CNC3 News has always upheld the highest standards of journalism, and we recommit ourselves to those,” the statement began by saying.

    It added: “We wish to make it clear that at no point did CNC3 intend to deliberately mislead the public in our reporting on the arrest of Alleyne.”

    1. Why apologise? It was deliberate! Just like crime watch announces every show that is not even affiliated with any political party…LIE!

  3. CNC3 ‘justifies’ Alleyne telecast

    February 23 2016 –

    CNC3 Television yesterday claimed goodtaste to try to refute allegations of trying to mislead the general public in its recent telecast of Police Inspector Roger Alexander’s arrest of CNC3 host, Ian Alleyne, last Tuesday.

    Alexander, who otherwise hosts “Beyond the tape” for the rival TV6 Television, arrested Alleyne at the home of a Chaguanas businessman.

    On Sunday, the Media Association (MATT) claimed that CNC3’s exclusion of certain utterances by Alleyne from its telecast of the incident had misled the public, and had been a breach of basic journalistic ethics. MATT’s statement said full tape was only aired by a rival station. Yesterday, a CNC3 statement refuted the allegation, saying the station has always upheld the highest standards of journalism which they now recommit to.

    The station said that at no point did they intend to deliberately mislead the public in our reporting on Alleyne’s arrest. “In our desire to abide by the provisions of the Telecommunications Act, we removed offensive material from the video of the arrest of Mr Alleyne which was now lawfully fit to be published in a newscast,” said CNC3. “In hindsight, we recognise that we should have also publicly indicated that an obscenity was used.

    If any of our viewers were misled, we unreservedly apologize.” Several senior executive members of MATT are employed at CNC3.


  4. Like many right thinking persons across this land, I am not buying into this ‘so-called’ apology from CNC3’s management.

    I firmly believe that it was deliberately done with the sole intent of holding Inspector Alexander up to public ridicule, while garnering sympathy for Ian Alleyne.

    CNC3 has thus lost all credibility and until it reveals the name of the person or persons who was or were responsible for this sordid affair, its image shall remain indelibly tarnished.

    1. Mr. Pierre, welcome! Unfortunately, that is not all…have you noticed the UNCOPPP’s (SIS’s) Coonery & Buffonery Show a.k.a. Aleternative Comedy Festival is now doing skits to belittle and Undermine respect for Inspector Alexander.These skits are so transparent….no genuine comedic value but simply to attack Alexander’s character with propaganda.
      Ian Alleyne was the UNCOPP’s intended government minister…his show (crime watch) is regularly used as a political sword & lance against the PNM…notice the UNCOPP lawyer Gerald Ramdeen is the point man…UNC3 is a political arm of the UNCOPP just like power 192 and Iralphmaraj.5fm. African people and pnm supporters need their own damn tv stations and radio stations!…lest the indian community & the UNCOPPP GIVE us our opinions!..

  5. Alexander is the head of the newly formed “manicou gang”. Word is that he is a hired “gun” and the plan is to take out Ian Alleyne and all pro UNC media personnel as advocated here by Kian. For the PNM and its supporters power means total control similar to Idi Amin dictatorship that saw 500,000 slaughtered. All Opposition must be subjugated, suppressed and eliminated. We saw how they treated one of Newsday investigative reporter, seizing every bit of information he had.

    The PNM agenda is clearly being articulated with a frontal attack on the education system. The Prime Minister was there on television saying “certification” was bad for the education system. That certificates were being bought and sold on the black market. That what is needed is more than certification. In a few days they may decide to abolish SEA. One can expect a significant reduction or elimination of the scholarship program and of course laptops are gone. The word is school supplies are on the “hit list”. The PNM as the oldest party in TNT have no vision for this nation but a return to “status quo”. No forward movement but a regressive, controlling system of governance. As such crime and aberrant behaviour the symptoms of a sick or dying society will take center stage.

    The UNC management of the economy:
    Our nation’s Heritage and Stabilisation Fund remains untouched and currently stands at US$5.6 billion.
    Our official reserves at the end of the first quarter of 2015 were US$10.8 billion.
    Import cover remains high at approximately 12.2 months. And the country’s external debt service ratio remains manageable at approximately 8.6 percent, with total debt to GDP standing at 43 percent.
    Trinidad and Tobago remains at virtually full employment.

    The latest labour force bulletin of the Central Statistical Office (CSO) reveals that the unemployment rate is 3.3 per cent.

    The report is for the last quarter of 2014.

    An unemployment rate of 5 per cent or under is consider to be full employment.

    The jobless rate dropped from 3.8 per cent the previous comparative period.

    Some 4,000 workers were employed in manufacturing.

    A total of 3,600 workers landed employment in agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing.

    There were marginal decreases in community, social and personal services, transport, storage and communication and wholesale and retail trade, restaurant and hotels.

    Generally, most employees are joining the service sector.

    A total of 651,000 workers are currently employed in TT.

    That was TNT at the end of 2014.

    Today all of that has vaporized as the PNM dropped its FART Bomb on the nation. Not a dog bark.

  6. “The media is the segment we have to watch when the government raises issues.”….My comment on February 23 at 3:55 pm
    I raised this concern, because it is becoming apparent that media
    reporting, by our local journalists and or media executives are using reverse investigative methods to print stories.
    On their cover story of February 22, 2016 by Anna Ramdass, “Rambachan: Cable barriers can only do so much”
    regarding the deaths of motorists on the Uriah Butler Highway over the weekend. The journalist took up the matter brought by the relatives of those perished in the accident, suggesting that if cables were used to separate both sides of the highway, it could possibly have saved the lives of the deceased. Rather than approach the current minister with the question, the journalist went to the former minister, Suruj Rambachan to enquire about the use of cables to save lives. Naturally, Rambachan being an Opposition member of the UNC, used the opportunity to cast doubt against the current administration for not implementing what they (the UNC) had already planned. Anyone with some degree of common sense is aware, that if you want answers to administrative questions, it can be best found by approaching those who are responsible when the accident occurred for answers. So, the question to Anna Ramdass is, why did she choose to go to Rambachan rather than the Fitzgerald Hinds, the current minister of works for answers? This, in my minds is a classic case of deceptive reporting, because the journalist’s intention was never to find the correct answer, nor was it to get the appropriate answer to what is being done to put cables to prevent this kind of deaths on the highway. It boils down to PURPOSE. What was the purpose of going to the former minister for current answers when, with the same efforts, the journalist could have gone to the current minister?. Was the journalist honestly seeking just answers, or was the journalist being deceptive by injecting an opportunity for the Opposition to become the defacto source of authority? By so doing, isn’t the journalist disrespecting the correct source of authority, who could have given her the answers to her questions rather than an Opposition speculating whether the current administration even cares about these matters? One can easily deduce from this reporting that :
    (1) The journalist does not know where to gather
    the correct answer to her question?
    (2) If question #1 is not the answer, then why did she
    chose not to go to the current minister?
    (3) Does she value the value of the answer from the
    current minister?
    (4) Is she, by seeking the answer from the former
    minister, ignoring what the present government
    may have done, is doing or plans to do in this
    (5) Was she deliberate in not seeking the answer from
    the current administration?
    (6) Does she value the information from the former
    minister more appropriate than any other source?
    No matter how these questions are answered, it shows a kind of deception in the way our journalists seek and gathers information for reporting. A relevant question is, do they really want us to know the true answers to the problems they pose to us, the readers of the news they publish? Or conversely, do they want us to only believe what they choose to publish?
    This is only one example of the deceptive forms of reporting by our local news media. The quality of reporting does not reach simple journalistic standards and I am afraid that there will only be more of it rather than less. It is becoming the standard and as a result we are witnessing deceptive and corrosive methods of news reporting that appears more to project a point of view than to really inform the public about news and events.

  7. Much has been said and printed about race, ethnicity and religion on this blog in the past weeks. Jane Elliot has, what I regard as an ideallic approach to testing ourselves about how do we feel about each other and those we see as different. Her experiment is thoughtful, thought provoking and realistically revealing about what goes on in our minds, WATCH:

  8. Kian,
    European Americans, who are the subject of this experiment have no ancient (Eons) RELIGIOUS(from scriptures) root i Racism, skin colour prejudice except for Mormons (latter day saints) and Nazism which was an emulation and off-shoot of ‘Hinduism’…My point is that they are and have been much easier to ‘reach’ or reason with using Kumbaya….god says to love everybody etc…many of the gains as far as battlw with european racism was appealing to them as fellow christians muslims humanists etc on the grounds that racism is illogical and wrong….This movement has been aided by priests and the christian and islamic religious bodies….i.e. they HELPED..BUTTTTTTTTTTTT Kian, how do you cannot convince a people who have been raised by their religious scriptures, leaaders and communitg that African/dark skinnedpeople are ugly, nasty, inferior and DESERVING of scorn, abuse & ridicule….?? You CANNOT….their religious leaders cannot help because they are following ancient scripture….you cannot reach the parents because they are raised to listen to the religious lezders….and the community is not like the african (lack of) community….they will not choose your word over their people…..This problem is alot deeper tha most want to believe….this struggle will never end….the only people who will give in if any would be africans because their reliance on scriptures and tradition is stronger than the african communities resolve….

    1. “BUTTTTTTTTTTTT Kian, how do you cannot convince a people who have been raised by their religious scriptures, leaaders and communitg that African/dark skinnedpeople are ugly, nasty, inferior and DESERVING of scorn, abuse & ridicule….??”…….Alyssa
      While history is filled with caucasian brutality and hate towards black people (Africans). It can also be said that some of our best allies in the fight against inequality and racism have been and continues to be white people. The same cannot be said of the Indian. I have searched deeply in my reasoning to understand the HATE that Indian people express about ‘the PNM’. ‘The PNM’ as is often expressed is a literal political expression but its true meaning is and has always been the African. The quick answer always given for the hate is a set of figures showing African domination of certain aspects of jobs in the economy. That is the justification with never any actual text of laws, precedents, behavior, collective mannerisms or expressed views against the Indian. But they continue to use the politically explosive hate of African by not expressively using race but party affiliation. Right here on this blog, it is common to read TMan and Mamoo calling Neal, Alyssa, Yoruba , Rodwell and myself – ‘PNM’. That is not a party label nor does it identify my politics but it is definitely a label to identify me by race. Most white people are christians and many relate to the christian ethos of God, creation and love. Most may not practice it, but its teachings are part of their upbringing and in some cases they even practice humanity towards black people. In the fight for Civil Rights in the United States, two of the first three people to die for the cause were white people. Hinduism is doctrinaire and as such is the instilling of hate for those whom they deem as inferior to them. With three thousand years of practice and indoctrination it becomes a natural part of the hindu psyche to hate black people – period! It is hard to tell people who have been so trained that they are wrong. Hate to them is like sunshine in the tropics. It is part of their nature.
      The administration of Kamla Persad Bissessar resurrected the most vile form of racism ever seen in the country. Jaishima Lezladharsingh expression of hate is really no different from what is felt by Kamla, Gopeesingh, Rambachan, Anand or Mamoo. It is what they feel deep in their heart.
      Now, do I feel that the experiment can change what is in their heart? Maybe not, but I do believe that the experiment offers and opportunity to raise their conscience to some degree of realization that what they feel is wrong.
      It is true that we cannot change three thousand years of indoctrination by a few episodes of experimental awareness but we can try. We have a large mixed population in the country. Most mixed people have sounded what we express here as they hate the Indian feel towards them (mixed people) and black people. There is a sizable mixture of marriages in the Indian christian population. The muslim not as bad as the hindu but there is some mixture there too.
      So, there is hope. I think this episode by Jane Elliot
      is helpful in understanding hate and prejudice, watch:

      1. Kian,
        I cannot condemn your optimism BUTTTTTTTTTT olease remember…although Indian racism is rooted in ‘Hinduism’ it leeches into the general culture of Indians no matter their belief…to this day in Indian Indian christianity is as the untouchables experience, a modified for of hinduism…imagine indian christians have separate cemeteries (even in the after life they want to be separated )….hence it is NOT genuine or authentic christianity….MANY indians in T&T who claim to be chrisitans (especially presbyterians) are EXTREMELY raciwt…they just don’t get it from the bible…….so my point is that racism maybe maybe stronger and more unashamed among hindus BUTTTTTTTTTTTT it is more of an Indian Thing…the muslims in India, the sikhs, the christians all incorporzred Hundu ideology i.e. practice CASTE….they came to T&T with this and NEVER stopped!
        BUTTTTTTTTTT African people of this generztion particularly LOVEEEE Sweet Lies…..fake smiles….psychologically African Trinis have insulated themselves from the ethnic reality….the political reality…. i.e. if someone smiles with me when i spend my miney in theirbusiness….they are ‘not racist’ or…because we went to school together they ‘not rzcist’ and (my fafourite)..”we does jump up in carnival together”(LIE)..The indian community, looooòng before 1956 as early as the 20’s were PUBLICLY lobbying the crown government for SEGREGATION!…imagine that…whilst africans were fight for DE-SEGREGATION i the U?S?….Indians didn’t want their children mixing with Africans because of ‘their sacred laws’ i.e. MANU SMIRTI …Uganda, Fiji,South Africa, Kenya,Mauritius….SAME DAMN Complaints about Indians & ‘Hindus’….Idi Amin complained about this….he mentioned Indians training their children to scorn UGANDANS for inter-marriage….not hiring Africans except for exploitative labour etx….Aligning during colonialism with the Racist europeans…..hoarding their wealth amongst themselves i.e, not sspending in African businesses or investing in African people (racist economics) ….not being loyal to the WHOLE society (sectarianism )…..THAT is why he expelled them…..NOTE: Idi Amin is infamous as a mass murderer of HIS OWN people….he merely EXPELLED tIndians AFTER they refused his condition to give up their DUAL citizenship…WAKE UP!…I am not advocating any mal intent to ANY i0ethnic group….not expulsion or any sort of wickedness….only that THE TRUTH be spoken about ethnic relations and politics & Indian racism….

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