PM Rowley Should Have Been Here

By Stephen Kangal
January 02, 2015

Stephen KangalAny PM who claims to be a plain old fashioned leader after delivering a much awaited First Address to the Nation had a duty of care and indeed a political obligation to obtain first hand and as they are articulated, the reaction of the people to his prescription albeit diffused, to the package of adjustment measures that represent his diagnosis of the economic and financial ailment besieging T&T.

The Prime Minister also has an obligation to make himself available to the media in T&T and not Miami- immediately after the injection of ideas to provide clarification on a range of solutions prescribed that needs further amplifications for the benefit of the people so that they can buy into the package of contingency measures designed to ride us out of the unprecedented storm that is challenging the very stability and integrity of Trinbago.

We should not have entered the New Year with these uncertainties still dominating our mind whilst the doctor has flown to Miami to dance the samba and abandoned the patient to his own inventiveness.

Non-verbal communications today is more eloquent than oral and perception is political reality for all of us. Political maturity is needed to ride out this storm or even the plain old fashioned leadership.

Weddings and golf should never enter the equation if you are serious of taking along the people with you in a grand coalition to confront the challenges and obtain consensus on achieving certain mitigating and expiating objectives.

He should have mentioned his private trip to Miami in his address and sought our compliance if he has any respect for us especially Trinidadians because for Tobagonians who are culturally different he can do no wrong.

This trip to attend the wedding in Miami after the one in Barbados sends the wrong signals to us. It has been accorded precedence over the national interest of the people of T&T who are anxious to communicate to the PM what we think of his analysis of the fast advancing storm that threatens our way of life and indeed the way forward for all of us in this vine-yard.

The PM cannot telegraph his lack of vision, concern and helplessness to the challenges ahead by these acts of indiscretion, lack of respect and concern for the people of T&T.

He should have subjected himself to a media conference on Tuesday morning to allow the media to transmit our concerns with the measures that he administered to the population.

The trip is not the issue. It is the timing and the ecology. How and when is more important than what.

46 thoughts on “PM Rowley Should Have Been Here”

  1. Ain’t this something folks ? Uncle K, is getting all worked up , because his PM, is out playing golf , and attending his friend’s wedding,while dancing to Samba, Chutney Music, Merenge, Salsa , and Jazz, in distant lands.
    Silent as a mouse , when his former PM, was creating history ,by kissing her ancestral Indo – President’s feet in greetings,heading to Brazil, to allegedly attend World Cup, while ensuring she get her state paid medical check ups, during her visits to all 195 nations around the world ,during her inauspicious, 5 year reign.
    We know Uncle K, you are already missing those staged photo ops , as conducted by de angel smile , and devil heart Siparia Queen , during Central floods ,and murdered , under trained , SRP funerals.
    ‘Wait a cotton picking moment ,’ and didn’t the man say ,during his… ummmmm…. inauguration , that there was no need for micro management , on his part, since he hired competent folks , who can get de job done , without the need for some glorified manager , looking over their shoulders, or between their legs , where applicable .Wink , wink.
    Translation:- Ministers would be held accountable .
    One would think , there would be less obsession, by selectively outraged members of de tribe , over the life , and political style of the PM , a la de Right Honorable Dr. Kieth Rowley, and instead , more emphasis would be given to cleaning up that decrepit,UNC dominant …ummmmm ….UNC party, so that they could be ready for the vote of confidence , during the 2039 General Election , with 55 year old Miliika Panday, at the helm- where she would obviously loose.
    Don’t worry about ‘culturally different’ Tobagonians .If they could tolerate Pappa Deffy Eric , George Chambers , Basdeo Panday, and worst yet Kamla , then their Trinidadian counterparts ,can likewise, adjust to budding Statesman, Dr Rowley , de Mason Hall kid.
    Seek your compliance, huh ? What next Uncle K, you wish for a referandum, each time our PM is desirous in passing win?Perish de thought!
    ‘ Me think,’ you have spent too many years living de good life , smoozing within the diplomatic corps , and have lost you touch on our politics, since your forced retirement .
    The people spoke on September 7th , and now all they are concern with , is paying for their Carnival costume.
    They the frustrated citizens, already know who to blame for the pathetic socio- economic , com- political state , we are presently stuck in, with oil prices still falling.
    In case , you do not remember, let me refresh your memory.
    It’s due to the atrocious stewardship/ activities of dat political lightweight Kamla , and her numerous , ‘square pegs in round holes ,’ PP Goons.
    Hey folks , I’ve said it once , twice, and ‘three times my lady,’ but it’s worth repeating .
    ‘de man /woman ,dead , wanted , or alive , who can make me hate this blessed country of mine , ain’t born yet.’
    Long live de Republic of Tobag… …ooops , lo siento, Trinidad , & Tobago.
    At some point- and hopefully , it’s in the not too distant future – Tobagonians , will have to decide , where they wish to go , with this dysfunctional relationship.
    I’m talking about one where self serving , non patriots, naively think , they can rape , and plunder willy nilly , when they are in control of the political roost, then when things go asunder , they in turn ,can point fingers , every which way , but at themselves.
    No , non neyet, for it ain’t so , dis cookie gonna continually crumble!
    A word of curtion , Uncle K-‘BEWARE OF A MAN/WOMAN , WITH NADA TO LOOSE!
    Nuff said ..
    To be continued .

  2. Rowley not ready for the PM chair, that is why Imbert is his chief actor, even acting from his bed after a painful operation.
    Yes, he should be spending his Christmas at home giving out hampers and taking care of the needy.

    Instead he goes to Miami to possibly meet with the PNM blue eye boy Calder to see if he could help in the rack rail and also see Warner son. Just to let him know pappy okay. Yes if had to just attend a wedding he would have been back already, but I suspect secret talks are in full swing.

    Just this week a 6 year old child and a 13 years old boy was brutally chopped. The lad trying to defend his mother from a cutlass wielding 17 year old lunatic should be regarded as a hero. Yet as he lay on this bed facing an all to quick demise, there are no government ministers visiting these families. Youth and Gender affairs was removed but at least they could find one minister nearby after all this is happening in Port of Spain and these people look like PNM supporters. Nothing of that nature from the PNM.

    In the grand summation of things the appolyptic warning of a nation racing to the abyss is all there, whilst the PM like a Vietnam vet is missing in action. MIA..

    1. Good grief , it’s 2016 , and the tribal pissing contest , has started already!
      Hey Mamboo,your glorified , Jack Warner created PM, was visiting homes, consoling dead relatives,while giving lofty (Andy Johnson written) crime speeches, yet citizens were still being slaughtered.
      The new PM with yet another Military Boss , as National Security Minister,is doing no such thing, and yet folks are still being murdered.
      Maybe these high crime rates, and seeming incapacity to fully deal with same , has nada to do with both PMs?
      What does the two regimes have in common?
      This unfortunate obsession with having military leaders , as National Security Ministers.
      Oh I take that back, and will wait until a real Commissioner of Police is anointed, most of Kamla’s deadweight party hacks , are forced into retirement, and SRP’s are relegated back to their real jobs, as drivers, and fill in guards of Police property- as were their previous jobs, before the UNC regime held sway.
      It’s unfortunate but true folks. The UNC, and PNM ,are the same political parties ideologically, and so one would be hard pressed to identify significant differences in their respective stewardship, once in power.
      They both ‘damblay’ to a desperate, lower class ,tribal base,while giving dem the middle fingers, and simultaneous pander to self serving elites , of all ethnic persuasions, that are willing to bow in reverence to them, for the occasional political largesse they dish out in gratitude.
      In the interim, the masses suffer from poor infrastructural commitments , be it health care service,education, roads, and security, poor economic policies, sub par , (anti progressive) political stewardships, and the list goes on.
      I for one have no energy , for impish finger pointing, as it get’s us no where whatsoever.
      I do not wish to here about falling oil /gas prices , and past over dependence on the energy sector /lack of economic diversification.
      I want to see some creative action on tourism . Open up de sex tourism flood gates , push casinos, off shore banking , events , eco tourism ,whatever .
      Enough with the old talks , by phony religious , morally suspect- hypocritical clowns , profiteering from …. well, most of you, with a brain, can fill in de blanks .
      Please don’t bore with again , with how many crooks and bandits thrived under Kamla , and her PP goons reign Mr Finance Minister, and AG.
      Get down to it, and start charging a few, then push though legislation to confiscate property, similar to the the Rico laws Americans used to address Mafia , and Drug dealers.
      White color bandits ,such HCU one time , mastermind Harie Harinarine, or Basdeo pal / two daughters educational financier , in disgraced CLICO- Duprey, must not be allowed to roam free , while Blue color thugs , are over crowding our jails , often for petty – (drug use)victimless crime – offenses.

      Playing musical chairs with high ranking law enforcement officials – including it’s Acting Commissioner of Police – based on their political loyalties, would not save lives ,like late Indo Trini Brother Ravi Maniedeo, or similarly , a murdered 6 year old kid , and Grandmother, from Beetham, by Gang-banging rivals.

      Enough already!
      Let’s start a movement towards prudent activism, shall we?
      Ahhhhhh Neal, please put down de bab bash!
      What’s that, you don’t drink?

      I get you.

      Best wishes everyone- especially to our wonderful Sistaz Alyssa.
      Keep up the struggle , and hope alive , as we collectively , attempt to hold dem power brokers hands to de symbolic fire- by any means necessary, si?

      I luv dis land, Y tu?

      1. Neal, whilst i agree with the gist of your contribution, as well as the perspective, I must say…in 2015, post Kamla,suruj,devant,Anand, Jaishima (Bhoe’s Friend) et al….it should be uniformly discredited as downright Irresponsible for any of us to abuse the psyche of African people by propagating the MYTH that PNM & UNC are BOTH ‘The Same’…YES the UNC copied many of the structures of the PNM & they both have an elitist flavour BUTTTTTTTTTTT,
        The UNC/DLP/PDP/club 88 or whatever the Indian party disguises itself as is a Fundamentalist ‘Hindu’ organization…it was ROOTED in the Sanatan Dharma (another name for ‘hinduism’) Maha Sabha, by an Indian Immigrant named Ranjit Kumar (Katherine Kumar’s Father). The Indian parties are at their CORE anti-african, anti ‘creole’ culture, Brahminist Imperialists,…the ‘Indian Policy’ is merely a reflection of that ideology. If you pay attention even in the last 5year,3 month term of UNCOPP, All the powerful,lucrative ministries that could ‘shape’ the society were given to STAUNCH brahminists…Also, UNLIKE the Afro-Saxon PNM, all the movers & shakers of the Indian Party are PRO Indian Culture, PRO Indian, Anti-African,Anti History as we kniw it and they have a history of SERVICE in Indian Communities…so to say that they both ‘stick middle fingers’ at their own is inaccurate…look at the land giveaways in the last 5 years…HINDUS…look at the board appointments…the indian party doesn’t merely PRETEND to be pro Indian…it IS….the indian party brings down bollywood stars to purchase T&T’s cricket team, Brings Hindu/Brahminist Bollywood singers/politicans to endorse them…i heard Roodlal Moonilal LIVE, co hosting the chutney Brass coverage,earlier this year (sitting minister
        Eh) say to his co host (african woman)..he said “THIS (chutney) is THE TRUE ORIGIN of CULTURE in THIS country”…and of course the african female host, most likely oblivious to that insult, just continued as normEL..Africans pre dated indian arrival by hundreds of years…how could CHUTNEY/Chutney soca,a recent ‘app’ to carnival be the origin of culture in T&T?? But that wasn’t the first time i heard that propaganda…Racist Ramcharitar, in a taped interview, boldly stated that, befre Indians arrived, no ‘culture’ existed in T&T….

      2. “By the time Dr Rowley returns on 4th January, he would have served 117 days in Government and spent almost an entire month (24 days) travelling abroad to secure his personal interests.”

        Manning travel
        “In 2005, Manning made 17 trips and visited 19 countries and used the private jet six times.
        “In 2006, he departed the country 13 times and  visited 16 countries and used the private jet seven times. In 2007, he departed the country 15 times and visited 15 countries using a jet five times. In 2008, he departed the country 15 times, visited 24 countries and used the jet ten times.”

        From all likes of it Rowley is set to break Manning frequent flier record.

        1. “From all like of it Rowley is set to brek Mamming frequent flier record” -Mamoo

          BUTTTTTTTTTT, he couldn’t POSSIBLY HOPE to break your Queen Kamla’s record….IMPOSSIBLE…

          oh and gor good measure….Never forget using the national helicopter for going to south and back EVERYDAY (the helocopter was ‘Pimped out’ in luxury style with A BAR!!!

          1. Winnie I deal in facts and not the propaganda coming out of balisier house. Please stop making an arse of yourself and shaming your race…

        2. This is a stupid argument! Kamla ran through three helicopters in five years using them as taxi to travel between south and north. Took a whole entourge to India to meet their ancestor relatives, made many trips to the U.S. etc etc etc. So what! Rowley had one private trip and two business trips and that becomes a story? Don’t you guys have anything else to talk about? This is stupidity in its lowest form. Lets have a better discussion. As for Kangal, get a life brother!

          1. The truth is this only became an issue when Kamla was PM and it will continue into Rowley term in office. One look at Manning spending $700,000 jetting around, he wanted a personal jet. He spent a few million in travel. Not a dog bark then… But I think the PP was subjected to greater scrutiny.

          2. Observe & digest the machinations of Indian/Brahminist politics…after 5 years 3 months of galloping wildly & beating their chests in office with a backup choir of ‘pleasantly’ emasculated negroes with food dripping from their mouths. Now, fresh in opposition,with a sweaty anticipation of the storm of revelations of their nasty deeds coming to light, the tactic is to send these TOKENS up front to bark loudly & comfuffle the public, dpp & ‘integrity’ commission with a flurry of accusations so as to cushion the blow of what they know is coming for them…Also, did you listen to jearlene joh boast about having even foreign (sc) lawyers lined up to fight her case?? Question…Where is the $$$ coming from for her to pay top lawyers on her salary?? Or how can she eve afford that?? I wonder if she thought through those statements and their implications??


    WHAT A DISGRACE!!! WHAT was he doing THERE!!! How come we didn’t hear about the other Prime Ministers GRANDCHILDREN running around?? You see…when you undersrand a mindset…everything becomes clear & obvious! the Newsday article & you would hear all the white, european heads of state being called in reference to doting on Kamla’s grandson!….was THAT the point??….to bandy him about to meet world leaders??…..that is corruption!!a lack of class….it is a mindset…using the state to buff up your family’s profile….ayyyyye my grandchild was spoken to by world leaders yuh know…white ones… goodness…in a spider man costume??? Yuh know…again…when you understand a mindset…i would NOT be surprised if he was told to wear that to attract attention!!…so the queen could get publicity….sick! sick ! sick! sickkkk!….

    1. obviously Winnie you have no family or at least don’t understand family. That’s not unusual a very high percentage of Africana teens are breeding machines, some starting as young as 12 by the time they 30 they have 9 children for diffrent men. Men whom they can’t find…

      1. “…a very high percentage of Africana teens are breeding machines, some starting as young as 12 by the time they 30 they have 9 children for different men. Men whom they can’t find…” -Mamoo

        This is the mindset that had state power for 5 yeas & 3 months…and is DESPERATE to get back in..

        1. Yes of course that is why the grant was given to single mothers who could not care for their babies. The PNM promptly took it back because they don’t care about the adversities these young girls face. Many turn to prostitution and raise the next generation of criminals. Unfortunately.

  4. Have you noticed Mamoo’s last two comments??..these comments by Mamoo…’IT’ isn’t alone in that thinking…340,000+ have that similar thinking…This is why the Spirit being awoken by the Black Caucus is absolutely necessary…i just lost whatever appetite i may have had for doubles or roti…why should i spend MY hard earned $$$ to patronize & enrich Mamoo’s doubles cart & roti shop?? matter how convincing the fake smiles may be!??! I’m feeling for some oil down now…, thanks for the motivation Moomoo…

    1. You should lose you appetite for curry chicken, curry pork, curry goat,buss up shot, roti…..etc worst u should not have an appetite given your racist world view.

  5. Actually, I believe that this is another of the folly of the UNC and it’s activists to change the conversations. It is first and foremost part of the Indian Policy to ‘make the country ungovernable’. Secondly, its purpose is to change the conversation from the focus of Kamla’s reign as the Siparia Queen
    Kamla I, to have their 340,000 admirers keep thinking that she is relevant in the hope that she would replace Rowley. Thirdly, Brahminism, hindutva, dalitism, Indian allegiance to Tri nicad and Tobago and split alliances have become serious issues. For whatever reason, I955fm has made Ralph Maraj, an activist hindu, hindutva enthusiast and UNC activist it’s main anchor person sending his messages, using UNC elitists like Hamid Ghany, Bhoe Tewarie and Wade Mark to send his messages to PNM country. A UNC anchor on a station that has a listenership of mostly PNM oriented audience. There are the new dalit negroes like Wade Mark, Wayne Sturge, Bill Munroe, Rodney Charles and Watson Duke carrying the torch of dalitism and brahministic ideology. The loss of Jack Warner and Gypsy is a major blow to that corridor of
    ‘uncle toms’ for the UNC, so Wayne Sturge has now taken over that mantle. He is hoping to become the new ‘Jack Warner’ in that respect. This in a nutshell is what is becoming of our main conversation. Alyssa, Yoruba take note!

  6. Alyssa, my problem with those who gain notoriety in this little country called Trinidad, is that when one has the audacity to say something outrageous, a forum is readily available to voice a criticism that can never be correct when taken in a real sense.
    Kangal’s criticism of the pan being the national instrument is nothing short of being the fox calling the grapes ‘sour’. Here, I quote him, “Despite its uniqueness, creativity and distinctive cultural innovation pan cannot and should not be used conveniently to erase and/or marginalise all other cultural symbols from the multicultural landscape of “Dharti Mata” T&T. That will be a form of cultural tyranny. It will be inconsistent with and infringe the multicultural configuration of T&T.” What exactly is Kangal’s problem? There was a living culture in Trinidad long before the ancestors of Kangal, TMan and Mamoo cqme to Trinidad. It is true that their numbers has multiplied many times over in the island due to the African migratory lifestyles, but that is not relevant here. Culture in Trinidad existed and flourished in Trinidad way before 1845, the beginning of Indian indentureship into Trinidad. It is true that their culture has added to the flavor of the never-ending development of local culture but does that give Kangal the right to criticize the evolution of the Pan? What qualifications does he bring to the fore to make an objective pronunciation of this development. The only vibe he posses in his Indian hatred that the national instrument was in fact developed by Africans and not Indians. It can be the only rational explanation for what he has so descriptively abhorred as the national instrument. No one has challenged the Indian addition of roti, tassa and curry to the national cuisine. That, as a continuation of our culture, is fixed and should not be criticized but when one goes out on a vengeance, to find fault with the ever-improving nature of pan development and to attribute its validity to only the urbanized community is really nitpicking and small-minded. One would have thought that Kangal, who has had the good fortune of having international diplomatic experience, would have grown maturely by now, but it is evident that his mindset still remains rural in all its undeveloped settings. The PAN is no longer local. IT IS INTERNATIONAL and the many countries that have been using it for cultural, religious, entertainment and parochial uses, are in fact giving us a run ‘for our money’. If Kangal wants to be educated in Pan, all he has to do is get on Youtube, watch and listen to pan music being played by the various cultures that have accepted as the instrument of choice coming out of Trinidad – the land of Carnival. I suppose the he would still have problems with that – but tough luck! The Pan is here to stay whether its gets his approval or NOT.

    1. Kian, when i wss growing up, the steelpan was referred to and thought of by he indian community as well the whites and chinese as “a nigger ting” even ‘well to do’ africans distanced themselves from he steelpan culture because it was scorned by other ethnic groups (indians especially) and was considered classless & vagabondish. Over the decades, particularly the late ninetees as many WHITE, EUROPEANS began to admire it on a global, international scale, the vitriol fro the INDIAN community spearheaded by the brahminist organizations, as well as their presybyterian ‘tailcoaters’ like Kangal became louder & louder…They express disgust at it being recognized as an international instrument & started to push for the tassa & dhantal to compete for attention with the steelpan…then, as this fizzled out, the evil, twisted caste mindset came up with another SCHEME to undermine African people and their invention….all of a sudden especially as UNCOPPP gained office,anthropolofgical jargon began to be used to claim that INDIANS were involved in the ORIGIN of the steelpan!!!…sick sick sick….but it gets WORSE! Let me show you how SICKKkkkkkkk those who gained power in 2010 are…There was an event in 2012 called “when steel talks” in P.O.S. orchestrated by Bhoe Tewarie i beleive…during the event, a live telecast emerged of Ban Ki Moon, the UN secretary general, along with RODNEY CHARLES, a SINGLE pannist and TWO ethnically garbed TASSA DRUMMERS, who were DROWNING OUT the Pannist, and at the event, Ban Ki Moon THANKED THE INDIAN COMMUNITY for THEIR CONTRIBUTION TO THE STEELPAN!(Tassa)…everyone was in SHOCK! What THE F#€* Does TASSA have to do with PAN?? WHO told that LIE to the UN secretary General & prompted him to say that??WHO organized that Telecast?? BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT IT GETS WORSE!….
      Do you remember when the International Press Institute
      (I.P.I.) hosted its event in T&T in 2013 i believe?? At this event, Journalists from all over the world came to this event & at the end of it as is customary with corporate type events a ‘doggy bag’ of things related to the event, its sponsors & items representative of the host society, maybe by government or so is given to them…MY GOODNESS there was a particular item, designed by a ‘certain’ Confectionary in T&T, in the SHAPE & MOLD of the steelpan and inscribed on it was “Steelpan came from Indian & African Music”….SEE?? That is how stink, dutty & Nasty the evil mindset is….so the ‘caste plan’ now is after decades of unsuccessfully dragging down the Steelpan & Africans who invented it, is to LIE to the international community and FORCE indian/involvement into the CREATION …How The F#%*^ could the Tassa, an IRANIAN(Aryan) import into India teach AFRICANS how to invent a DRUM derived Percussion Instrument?? It is a sickness!! These caste infested minds, see africans & every single issue in T&T as politics & competition for superiority!Look at the links,this is what Indian/Brahminist politics is truly about in T&T..put the in power again!

      1. Alyssa, don’t forget, one of the first acts of the new PP administration was to take Professor Brian Strickland to Court charging him with stealing (from the Government) the
        G-Pan science breakthrough. Remember that?……
        For them to do that so early in their administration it means that they are a people who thoroughly envy anything that the African achieves. How else can you describe such a move on the part of the then
        Attorney General Anand Ramlogan? He piloted the charges through civil court. They are a sick bunch of losers who
        either wants to be even or better than the African in anything that can be perceived as positive.

          1. Kian, use your words & phrase your sentences carefully.
            Anyway, it did send off alarm bells, not only in he ZEAL he pursued Dr. Copeland, but the INTEREST Ramlogan showed in the invention…i remember getting chills when he said OUR (taxpayers) G-PAN…you see i know the propaganda that swirls around in the minds of the indian community regarding many issues, including the steelpan, so when you the UNCOPP politicians using those words, i suspected something….and ETHNIC jealousy does sound just about right. Read the writings of this now deceased Maha Sabha Member to get a gist of the Propaganda surrounding the pan in the 90’s and how it has transitioned to what is is now…sick sick sickkkk



      1. Ahhh, i was waiting for that one…some of the finest cricketerd in the world are from India & Pakistan…did THEY INVENT Cricket?? Best baseball players are from Puerti Rico, Dominican republic & Cuba.
        did THEY INVENT Baseball?? The best Footballers of the world are in latin america & Africa…did these ethnicities INVENT Football?? No! These are all European gifts to the world…EMINEM is a european american Rapeper…did he, a european american INVENT RAP?? Obvoously NOT, so parading Jit Samaroo, a fine pannist & aaranger around, as the UNCOPP did along with Johan Chucharee who is also very tskilled, is an attempt to create an ilusion to non nationals, as well as young ignorant african Trinudadians that Indians were the creators or joint originators of the steelpan…a sickkkkk agenda from the ‘indian policy’ aaka the brahminist agenda…whichnis another ooint i’ll delve into…the Indian racist thrust into carnival…now that carnival is internationally growjng and lUCRATIVE, there us this obnoxious racist thrust as was seen when the UNCOPP was in office to FORCE chutney musicians into the MAINSTREAM carnival limelight…not because they enjoy it & want to enjoy the festivities,but to SUCK every possible DIME out of the season…what the F^#€* was ravi B. & Karma doing at the JAZZ Festival in tobago as THE OPENING ACT??to be among the international artistes like john legend in order to put the linelight on INDIANS & CHUTNET….This is the same Eavi B. That REFUSED to perform at NAPA, when then PM Patrick Manning Invited them to perform at the official opening…excuse??? Ravi B. said his ‘followers’ would not have appreciated that…you see?? Because the UNCOPP had identified NAPA as a political enemy…Chutney singers didn’t want to perform there BUTTTTTTTTTT Kamla could get SUGAR ALOES (now aloo) to seranade her DURING or after the Ethnic Victimation that was named S.O.E….see?? Africans have no concept of self or group respect…but indians are becoming more & more radicalized in thwir racist agenda against africans (on a GROUP level)….the future is BLEAK…this PNM term will determine if Africans continue on the path of becoming COMPLETELY subjugated as 4th class citizens for decades to come(untouchable status) …have any of you noticed how xhutney bands like Dil-E-Nadan are being highlighted ABOVE known soca performers during xaenival fete promitions?? Or how the Chutney Brass is being advertised as the ‘biggest show’ for carnival?? Or how these racisrs found a way to have Chutney Soca competitions to oust soca competitions in primary schools?? Yoy see the agenda? HOW the F#€% can Chutney Socam a SUB genre of calypso & Soca be competing with SOCA in Primary schools where the ficus is not on showmanship per se but LYRICS..,chutney soca is an INJECTION of HINDU Indian culture, deliberatley ,in a fascist manner ,into carnival, with the intention of comoeting with & displacing the African ROOT of what we call carnival today…why don’t the Indians who want perform a mix of chutney & soca simpky compete IN a soca competition?? it will still be soca!! Rap music mixes with all mzusic all over the world & it if it is good, it is accepted…same with R&B as well as JAZZ…so WHAT us the reason to create a SEPARATE competition?? $$$$ and to xaeve their own ‘little india’ into carnival..separatism at its WORST!…There were many fine, GENUINE songs that were GOOD socaM that had a chutney element in th 90’s when it came about BUTTTTTTTTT the racist ego that runsrampant in the indian community, would not tolerate being judged second besr to Africans,ALSO, you see those crowds that go to the chutney soca /chutney brass??? They are hardcore Hindu/UNC crowds that would NEVER have attended any carnival parties along with crowds of Dark skinned Africans whom they scorn & DREAD wining on their daughters BBUTTTTTTTTT NOW (Since UNC came into office 1995) They want to be part of carnival (indian section)…if you doubt my observTions…observe for yourself their advertisements & guest performers that they bring….BEE GEES & dother LILY WHITE bands that are MUSICALLY out of context with carnival music. BUTTTTTTTTTTTT Indians ADORE not the MUSIC per se but the COLOUR of the performers…How could they co-opt carnival under the guise they likee african music (soca) but not ONE band of foreign african musicians to perform?? If you observe,
        they use TOP soca performers to draq attention to THEIR event (destra)…USING her to draw international attention…”biggest show in carnival”…observe their participation in bands….the WHITE ones or the Indian ones or they ones like tribe with a CONSPICUOUS numbr of light skinned and or straight/soft haired people..
        ..EVERY facet of life in T&at is being ‘penetrated’ by indian racism & narrow sectarian mindedness…and african people keep bending over & spreading more & more..,hoping it will all appease them… 🙁

    1. The truth is Alyssa, if Dr. Copeland was Indian, what do you think someone like Ramlogan would do? He would jump for joy and tell the world how great the Indian scientist is in creating a new sound for the G-Pan. That is what he would have done! Is was pure racial hatred that caused him to do what he did.

  7. Ever wondered why this T& T is so ungovernable folks ?

    Hey Mamboo,sadly, curry dis , and curry dat, ain’t all you guys gave our T&T….ummm “….dey were close in life , and why not in death? ‘
    We get it.
    Wink /wink!

    ‘How de buoy go learn ,’ ehhhh Mamboo…..? You and TMan ,should be quite familiar with that expression ehhh? The first time , I was made aware of it was some 7 years ago, when some of my Trini colleagues, who lived South of de Croni, explained it’s origin, and meaning to me . I doubted it , but as a Sociology Major myself , stepped back a bit / held by tongue , in recognition that ‘culture matters .’
    Tell you what , The chickens , are coming home to roost people, hmmmmmmmm?,222152.html

    As to the subject at hand , here is de million dollar question at hand :- if members of de tribe , are getting so worked up over every inconsequential issue, that our PM ,and his troops engage in during their political honeymoon period, just imagine what they’ll do 25 years from now , as their political party , remain stuck in de isolated wilderness of mediocrity , with no chance of victory?
    Now if I was advising Melika Panday it’s leader , I’ll tell her , go build a house in John John, open an NGO in Belmont /Upper Gonzales, and most importantly , marry some Afro Trini stud ,from say , Charlotteville, Toco, or Caranege.
    That would solve the problem in one swoop. African folks as a collective , love these post tribal symbolism .
    Iluv dis land , Y tu?

  8. During the course of the day many things are spoken and mentioned that are noteworthy. Some you ignore and some again, you wonder if speaking about it necessary or just another of many conversations that touches your fancy. I pondered on the one I heard today and wondered if it is just ole talk, mouthing or just plain wishful thinking. I was willing to ignore the call and call it just ole talk but then again, what I heard had happened before and while this might sound preposterous, who is to say that it is not something being given serious consideration. The media is filled with stories of the Opposition propagating job losses and retrenchment by the Rowley administration. Kamla, although responsible for the state of the economy, refuse to take
    cognizance of her failure to grow the economy and spent the people’s money as though there were no tomorrow. It has a almost become a mantra on the part of UNC operatives to accuse the Rowley administration of being insensitive about the job losses his budget will cause. Kamla, in her administration, facilitated the retirement of public servants of African descent and replaced them with those of Indian descent but now that she is in opposition, she only sees what is wrong with Rowley. To be exact, there are always ‘political appointments’ and Kamla made her share of that. Rowley, in contrast, must have people in government whose trust and confidence he enjoys. Why should he or anybody else for that matter, feel comfortable with a Kamla appointment that is knowingly political? This is the scenario that the OPPOSITION is trying to tell us that Rowley is letting people go. There is this new found obsession with Dr. Rowley’s ‘absence’. The UNC parliamentarians are hopping mad about the amount of ‘time off’ the Prime Minister is taking. In fact, he made a trip to Malta, to attend the Commonwealth conference. He met with Shell executives in London on his way back, he attended a friend’s wedding in Barbados and another wedding in Miami. This travel is being called ‘excessive’ by the operatives of the UNC and people like Ralph Maraj and Stephen Kangal are hopping mad about this absence. Even our good friend Mamoo makes mention of the amount of time the PM spends on the job and how much time he misses. One cannot discount all of this ballyhoo about nothing (or seemingly so). Coming back to my call today, I was told that due to the massive job losses and retrenchment by this administration, the Indians are contemplating another asylum migration. This time it will be to the United States. This time the contemplated excuse is that they are economic refugees.
    The case tone made is that the Rowley administration is biased against Indians and therefore have retrenched them so they can no longer have economic stability in Trinidad and Tobago. I am saying it as I heard it. And this story comes from an Indian person. Remembering that a similar emigration took place under the ANR Robinson administration, where Indians claimed refugee status in Canada, claiming discrimination and rape of their women I felt that I could not ignore what have been told to me. On the face of it, one may take this story with ‘a grain of salt’. On the other hand, we know that it has happened before, so we will just have to watch, wait and see if this materializes. This is the story as I got it and I print it without any knowledge of truth or fiction.

    1. Kian, it was 1986, canada was seen as the promised land, people were quitting there good jobs to emigrate there…at thatti e as a member of the commonwealth T&T nationals only needed a PASSPORT to go there…Indians as a grouo started to exploit a then newly discovered oophole in emigration…claiming ‘aasylum’ so…they claimed Africans & the government were oppressing them & raping their women…by the PLANELOAD they flooded canada off of the backs of the desecrated reputation of T&T & an entire ethnic group (African Trinbagonians)…their own fellow countrymen…there were public telecasts on Television in canada of indian trinidadians slandering African Trinidadians as their tormentors…yesss…the shame Africans were put through…when the canadian government officials thoroughly investigated their claims….PLANELOADS were sent BACK….since THAT incident 1986…T&T nationals (including africans) need a VISA to travel to canada…that was a signal of the impending demise of T&T society …2010-2015 was expected!

      1. Yes of course the Africana male started to rape, kidnapped and steal from Indian people during those dark PNM years. Over 300 kidnappings of Indian businessmen. As former Prime Minister Manning said “these kidnappings are targeted”. He and Abu worked out a genocide deal. But God don’t sleep…

        1. So! Mamoo, tell me, what is going to be done differently this time? Who is going to be raped this time? Is it the women again or maybe this time you guys will say it is little children? Or maybe even men? Oh! what a bastard country Trinidad has become since these people attained power. We have an ex-prime minister who believes that she is really a queen. With every job loss occasioned by her Indian policies, she now blames Dr. Rowley. Are all these job losses going to be counted as discrimination against Indians?
          I think we are on our way to becoming a Guyana plus. No end of stupidity in sight.

          1. Kian it is the PNM way to replace all and sundry it is the spoils of “war”.

            When Dr Williams and Dr. Capildeo went to negotiate our independence Dr.Capideo was very reluctant to lend support. He was concern that as a plural society when one group wins they will use power to oppress or disenfranchise the other group. His suggestion was proportional representation.

            Nevertheless he supported the independence movement but with concern for equality. Today we see what Dr. Capideo said was true but politicians are not interested in proportional representation, they talk about it glibly. It is something that requires serious discussion and consideration…. If we are to build a just society.

        2. The ‘Indian Caribbean Economy’ booster ‘Dole Chadee’ created large Numbers of Businesses to hude his drug operation money laundering processes.Dole, politically astute as he was took Indians who had little or nothing and placed these businesses in THEIR name…unbeknownst to the regular Citizen in the street (except certain hindu & indian circles) these persins were wealthy & astute businessmen…oittle did the public know that all of it was fake…it was Dole’s money & drugs propping them up from scratch.However, when Dole died, they celebrated as all the money flowing through his businesses were officially theirs & they considered it a lottery win. BUTTTTTTTTTT, Dole had a FAMILY…’BUSINESS ASSOCIATES’ who rightfully, but not officially (legally) were entitled to these Money Laundering Opeartions (Well Known Businesses)…So, the ‘Lottery Winners’ refused to ‘cough up’ Dole’s wealth &
          assets…they believed that with him dead they could have ran away with the loot…THIS is the GENESIS of the Vast Majority of Kidnappings in the 2000’s…Also, Many Indian children, whose family doted them with wealth, got greedy….even though they lived an opulent lifestyle under their parents’ wealth they wanted more….they STAGED Kidnappings to extort their own Parents & some cases Grandparents (owners of family business)…these are documented…Also…remember the U.S. Citizen (maharaj) whose Ex-Wife Hired a group Thugs to Kidnap him? But he was diabetic and died? They were extradicted last year or the year before….notice how quiet the media was on how it turned out the WIFE orchestrated it?? What about the murder of the elderly owners of a business from South Trinidad (Rampersad)..they were murdered outside their home after leaving the next door daughters B-Day Party….after YEARS it was found out that the GRANDSON & HIS GIRLFRIEND did it…they COULDN’T WAIT for their inheritance! To claim that Africans as a group…INDEPENDENTLY targeted Indians BECAUSE they were INDIANS is a sick, despicable LIE meant to bring ainternational pressure on the PNM and Africans as an ethnic group out of spite & Hate.

          1. Alyssa, “IRO head: Hindus left behind” titled article is very relevant. I noticed with interest that it said the word “discrimination” (against the hindu) was always used and their mantle. Notice agains the words used to identify “discrimination”, religion, culture, politics and the never ending story of ‘crime’ (against the hindu). If that kind of policies is not political, then we are stupidly apolitical. Deliberately left out of the “Discrimination” class is education, business and social upliftment and the professions. Why? because they believe they have mastered these areas and they have gotten their share of equity (which means – the lion share), so they are not mentioned as areas of discrimination. The only areas of discrimination are those that Africans are seen as having a majority of having an edge. Notice also how this IRO head ( the pundit – whatever his name), uses the organization to fight for the hindu (not the country) – the hindu. It is exactly for this reason I have always believed that the IRO is an organization whose time have come and past. What exactly is it’s purpose? It is now governed by politics, so why do we need it. It is a total waste of time and effort. Did this IRO head use the organization to focus on the less fortunate? – NO! As long as they have a say, their focus will always be the hindu who is the victim. Nuff said.

        3. From a psychologicalmperspectife…notice ‘mout open tory jump out’…Mamoo & many of his caste minded family are pre occupied & fixed on the FEAR that the African Male & Indian Female’s Genitalia Meet…’rape’ is used frequently to play on the deep, caste inspired fears…hence the Hindu term ‘Doogala’= bhojpouri for child of a WHORE /BASTARD child…from Mamoo’s religious perspective any Indian (especially a female) who has intimate relations with an african is a WHORE or has been ‘spoiled’…any child bore is illegitimate and the union iteslf is ‘unholy’ hence ‘rape’ is commonly used….it is a sickness of mind that Mamoo was inculcated with on his grandfather’s lap in the Hammock….he can’t help it. I recall Morgan Job saying on national radio, that the son of a WELL KNOWN calypsonian(money) whom was married to an Indian woman (‘Hindu’) confided in Morgan, that he discovered that when he & his wife would leave their child (“doogala”) at the grandparent’s home, where all the family children would congregate….whilst all the children were entertained together in the home aroung the adults….they used to sequester the calypsonian’s child away from the others with the DOG….Morgan referrwd to it as ‘caste retentions’…see?? Thise are the types that had the reigns of power in 2010-2015 ….you cannot build a society with persons of THAT mentality…and do you mnow what?? If he(the calypsonian’s son) had nit witnessed it…thwy woukd smile & deny it…extemely deceitful!…

    1. Again Mamoo, Kamla had a brilliant opportunity to show us the value of proportional representation and she failed miserably. It is NOT what you say, it is what you do that counts. The opportunity that Kamla had was to show that she has the ability to lead in a ‘plural society’, she instead operated as though she was leader of the Punjab.
      You just don’t want to be hindu in a plural society and expect all and sundry to treat you that way. It the reason why the christian community provide organizations like the St Vincent De Paul society. We know that some of us will fall through the cracks, so we create organizations that would help to lift you off your feet in times of need. The hijdundoes not believe in that (less of course you are hindu). But the christian does it irregardless of your religious affiliations. Thats what differentiates us and make us compassionate. You just want to get anything you want, regardless of whether you work for it or not.

  9. Don’t worry Mamboo, , for once phony democratic India/Pakistan , Bangladesh, Nepal, and better yet , your much adored ,Mama Britannia , decides to accept “Proportional Representation,’ we too in Sweet T&T would follow.
    In de meantime , just enjoy the ride , as you and members of de tribe sweat in the political wilderness ,for hopefully ,the next 3 decades , and do you know why so?
    I’ll tell you, and the other country hating, ungrateful bastards. Your respective leaders ,penchant for ‘stinking up de joint ,’ once wise voters , work against their best interest , and hand your power mongrels the much coveted ,political throne – be it in Guyana, Trinidad, or Fiji.
    Fact is Mamboo, if that comedian Capildeo, Faddah of your nation, Basdeo, or his clueless Siparia drunk protege ,in Auntie K, was in power in de 70’s , poor Brother Rffique Shah, and his equally idealistic, misguided ,Sandhurst trained -Coup School pal, Rex Lassale , would have died by a bullet in de back of their respective heads, via firing squad.
    Thanks Papa Deffy Eric , for saving us from such monstrosity, hmmmmm?
    It’s a pity mMamboo , we have to endure you ,and fellow cry babies TMan, Intricate , Trini Rawoils , and rest of de braying donkey cast , as ‘you alze ,’continually lament ,your sad fate , under evil , neo rapist , savage Africans.
    Enough already! Go join de long refugee lines to Europe , or better yet, run to incoming -Donald Trunp country, where you folks ,would be forced to wear a Red Crescent on your foreheads, and any woman wearing the Islamist headscarf , or praying to five headed gods, can get beheaded.
    Luv Humanity people ,& forget de tribe, si?

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