‘do so ent like so’

By Raffique Shah
December 29, 2015

Raffique ShahI am surprised that so many people are surprised by the termination of services-firing, suspension, the euphemistically-couched “sent on administrative leave”-of several senior government officials, the most prominent being Governor of the Central Bank, Jwala Rambarran.

Clearing the politically-constructed State-stables of partisan appointees is a ritual that occurs every time a government changes.

The new regime moves with haste to terminate incumbents on State commissions and boards, starting with those entities and enterprises that they see as critical to the policies and programmes they wish to implement.

Hence, within weeks of taking office, the new PNM administration replaced directors at oil giant Petrotrin and the National Gas Company (NGC), the two pillars of the energy sector. Shortly afterwards, a few senior NGC executives were fired as investigations into certain transactions were undertaken.

The Government also hastily installed a new board to straddle the State-owned media houses CNMG and GISL, and in the process a number of heads at the organisations rolled.

Non-executive directors and politically-appointed executive officers know well that their tenure is tied to their political benefactors’ fortunes. Even those who are not members or supporters of the governments that appoint them become collateral damage when change comes.

In the case of ex-Governor Rambarran, his appointment has been contentious from the day he was elevated to the senior-most position in the country financial superstructure (other than the Minister of Finance) back in 2012.

Many persons, among them respected economists and experts in finance, posited that Jwala was not experienced enough to hold the critical portfolio, and that there were others, including Alvin Hilaire who was a deputy governor, who were more eminently qualified and experienced.

Rambarran’s appointment was thus dogged by politics from day one. When a foreign exchange shortage erupted early in his watch, back when oil prices were high and export earnings healthy, it was said that a crisis arose where there had been none before.

So Rambarran was a marked man, and he seems to have facilitated his demise by naming recipients of foreign exchange, possibly breaching confidentiality. Those who applauded him for exposing the biggest users of foreign exchange will undoubtedly cry foul if their bankers should reveal their banking data.

I imagine Ramnarran’s dismissal, like Jerlean John’s “administrative leave” from the HDC, would end up in court, so I say no more.

It is ironical, though, that those in the former PP Government who are screaming out loud over what they see as “PNM political victimisation” have conveniently forgotten similar actions they took shortly after coming to office in 2010.

The one that remains etched in my memory is the dismissal of Brigadier Peter Joseph as head of the Special Anti-Crime Unit (SAUTT). Then PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar made the announcement at Piarco airport, just before she jetted off somewhere.

The dismantling of SAUTT was inevitable once the PP came to power. But the way Joseph was fired was scandalous. And as if to underscore how unjust his dismissal was, the Government quietly paid him a substantial sum to pre-empt the matter going to court.

In fact, the PP Government went on a wild firing spree, dismissing hundreds of directors from all State enterprises’ boards, replacing them with their own selectees, and in most cases expanding the boards “to the max” to accommodate sundry party loyalists.

They not only dismissed the directors, but persecuted and even prosecuted some of the more prominent.

Let me jog some memories: at E-Teck, Professor Ken Julien, Dr Rene Monteil, Uric McNicol, Brian Copeland, Eugene Tiah and Sonia Noel were fired-and sued for $30 million, state of lawsuit unknown.

At UTT, Julien (again!), Monteil (again!), Giselle Marfleet, Scott Hilton-Clarke, Ravindra “Raviji” Maharaj and Errol Pilgrim were fired and sued for $11.4 million. That case collapsed a few months ago.

Malcolm Jones, executive director at Petrotrin in 2010, was fired (along with other directors). Jones was personally sued for $1.2 billion-status unknown.

Calder Hart and other directors at UDECOTT fired and sued for $500 million: status unknown.

These are but a sampling of the way the PP Government hounded prominent public personalities, persons who served their country, out of office.

Professor Julien, a most respected energy expert who advised governments from as far back as the establishment of the Point Lisas Industrial Estate, fled to Ghana where his services were in demand.

Jones went into internal exile until he and Julien were summoned to serve by the new Government.

I have not mentioned other professionals-academics, doctors, lawyers, engineers, contractors-who were similarly punished by the PP.

Now, they accuse the PNM of discrimination and victimisation. Check the ethnic imbalance of their State-boards.

This is a classic case of “do so ‘ent like so”.

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  1. All who were fired and sued were sued for good reason, misappropriation of public funds. Malcolm Jones alone wasted $3.5 billion on World GTL, in one of the worst contracts ever entered into. Calder Hart was not bought to account despite evidence showing he hired family members and they raid the treasury. Prof. Julien make some questionable monetary arrangements that saw him being called to account. They were all protected by the DPP as a man who operated as a law unto himself.

    Now Raff has turned them into heroes. Raff just because Eric did not put your ras before a firing squad does not mean you were not guilty of an act of treason. Rex Lassal and you should have face the firing squad like brave men. The law is such that the biggest crooks in the nation walks free protected by the balisier canopy. They raid the treasury and are back to full their pockets again.

    They raise gas price, reintroduce vat on zero rate items, Introduce property tax, took away laptops, get rid of book purchases for students, get rid of scholarship program, raise business taxes. All in less than 4 months. With the largest budget ever $63 billion. Where the money gorn or going? Yes the PP spent but you could see schools, roads, hospitals sport centers for the money. Nooobody know where the money going now and the union silence has been purchased….

  2. Notice Mamoo is inciting Violence by way of imagery (firing squad)against Raffique Shah because he doesn’t like what he writes…it reminds me of Nalini Dial, who reminded Us that she is a ‘hindu’& believes in Karma as an explanation as to why she seemed to inßinuare that Marlene Coudray’s Daughter’s demise was somehow connected to her ‘deeds’ i.e. The Defection to UNC debacle…i wonder how many non-‘hindus’ head that flew over…Karma negates the possibility for forgiveness…i.e. to believe in Karma is to beliefe that every action has a specific re action…one must pass throught the cycle of re incarnation to rid oneself of ‘bad karma’ …btw bad karma is inextricably linked to Dark Skin…so a critical concept in christianity DOES NOT EXIST in the minds of adherents to that faith….correct me if i’m wrong (but please don’t lie)

  3. The public expects Parliament to release a complete document of the shameful fiasco from 2010 to 3015. The full extent of the UNC administration’s wrongdoings, ministry-by-ministry, will be revealed.The scale of the corruption, deception, waste, looting and secrecy will demonstrate a failed administration with no intention of building a prosperous Trinidad and Tobago.

  4. “The dismantling of SAUTT was inevitable once the PP came to power. But the way Joseph was fired was scandalous. And as if to underscore how unjust his dismissal was, the Government quietly paid him a substantial sum to pre-empt the matter going to court.”

    There was nothing scandalous about getting rid of Joseph. SAUTT was a billion dollar boondoggle operating outside the law. Members of the police service were denied equipment while SAUTT got all and more. In fact Joseph starting salary was a million dollars with an air tight legal package before he even catch a fly. It made the police service green with envy.

    SAUTT spied on the prez and the then opposition leader along with other prominent citizens. They didn’t have the time to go after criminals via spying or other kind of operations. During their time murder exceeded 500 and the Manning administration brought in British cops who sat in the back seat of the police car eating KFC while the local cops did the work. SAUTT got more credit than deserved.

    Raff should know better but he have to sing for his supper!

    1. “Raff should know better but he have to sing for his supper” -Mamoo…

      This guy is such a Clown troll..he doesn’t even read the articles or checks any of the links he criticizes…the raffique shah article was back in 2001 and Panday was in Power…what ‘supper’ was Raff singing for?? Your accusations are not just without merit but my goodness man, at leadt don’t try to sound like the child we know you are…there isn’t even any coherence to his clIms he just attacks evey EXPOSURE of his family traits…sick eh? Anything that doesn’t make him look like a bollywood star…is a “lie”…dangerous PR mindset…


      1. Winnie luv I see you enjoy my satire. Is that all you read please get over yourself and make an intelligent contribution instead of this islanders bacchanal cuss out. I deal in facts not in fables or fiction.

  5. Mamoo, read your blog again and tell me if it makes any sense from a national security point of view. It is an opinion. But even when opinions are considered in the national interest, the benefit of the doubt must always be in favor of what is best for the country versus what is best for the politician. Your case is filled with political suppositions and not an iota of military or defense intelligence to augment your argument.

    1. I present an opinion base on my accessment of these things. SAUTT operated illegally and a billion dollars was spent on this endevour. There should have been legislation in the first place outlining (1) SAUTT purpose, (2) SAUTT accountability (who were they reporting to? In this case the prime minister), (3) SAUTT relationship with other security services, (4) SAUTT funding…etc

      Kian all of this should have been made clear in legislation to that effect….

  6. As murder rate surpasses the last five years today. The real question has been to all and sundry what is necessary to bring such behaviors down.
    The PNM solution would be to bring back SAUTT as their chief crime fighting tool. In the past that has not worked and it would be a waste of tax dollars to invest heavily in such folly.

    There are several things that must change to bring crime down.
    (1) get rid of corrupt officers.
    (2) hire young bright officers to conduct investigations. Solve ration is less than 23%. Give incentive for solving crime.
    Ian Alleyne doing a better job solving crime these days.
    (3) Panday had the best crime fighting model when he created “rapid response”. Rapid response was very effective in the beginning and should have been remodeled into an intelligence gather crime fighting arm of each division under the command of the CoP. Operating out of the police stations but accountable to the CoP. Why? Divisional commanders are in it to protect their jobs and are known to stop the younger officers from doing their job effectively. Scared of them getting promoted.
    (4) give the police the tools to do the job. To KPB credit police cars were given but repairs and proper use must be a priority.
    (5) strengthen the police complaints authority with independent investigators accountable to the Police Commission.
    (6) build on what is there rather than looking to replace.
    (7) create 21st century force with the best officers.

    1. Infantile! SAUTT was not and will not be just ‘crime’ as is commonly used to describe unlawful behavior. When words like ‘national security’ and ‘intelligence’ are used in defense, military, quasi-military and information gathering, it takes on another dimension and carries a non-simplistic meaning. Within the framework of the prior statement, several different types of operations are needed in order to gain national security and intelligence successes. It is very obvious that what you have mentioned are politically coded words that sounds intelligent but cannot operate in real-time situations. What exactly do you mean when you said “hire young bright officers”? Those are empty words that lack definition and does not in itself mean that you would in fact get “young bright officers”. In summarizing national needs there must be social, cultural, psychological and of course missionary goals needed in getting the “young bright officers” that you talk about. Environment and habits are considerations also. Measurement of successes and failures are needed in order to determine goal achievement. Actually many other considerations are of importance, but this is not a forum to go into these matters. Yours is pure tribal and split loyalty measures that is not designed to get to the root of the problems but a satisfaction of racial desires.

      1. ” Those are empty words that lack definition and does not in itself mean that you would in fact get “young bright officers”.

        There has be high intelligent, trained operatives in any police service that wants to effectively suppress crime. When crime was spiraling out of control, the young bright officers were so controlled by the older officers that many times they were directed not to respond. That is why I suggested Rapid Response should be in the station but accountable to the CoP……

        1. “High Intelligent,trained Operatives” -Mamoo

          ‘Indian Policy’ Translation…”Indian, Preferably Hindu Devotees”

          1. And what wrong with that? Are they not citizens also. Here every creed and race finds an equal place…..

        2. Mamoo, there is a reason why I do have a problem with the word ‘bright’. Part of our problem in this island is that people’s aspiration is geared towards ‘certification’ to prove that they are ‘bright’. The best doctors may not be the ones that scored highest in the exams. The best doctors might be the ones who apply themselves in the science of medicine and healing. The best athlete is the one who trains and performs with the expectation of being the best at what he/she does. The best soldier is hardly the one who passed the academic tests with flying colors. Each of these professions calls for a different kind of commitment and it is that commitment that would make them the best at what they do. As a soldier, I was a part of the recruiting team and we looked for qualities beyond the exam results. Because as a soldier, your best friend will be the guy who would protect you from the enemy (whom ever that would be). It is not what race you belong to, what religion you belong to, what community you are from or what social clubs you attend.
          When that guy next to you is as committed as you are to his profession, you know that you’re safe with him. Part of the problem with our failures, is that we have inherited a kind of certification model of recruitment, meaning that the guy who could pass a test. Bill Gates was a college drop-out, but he gave the world the trillion dollar industry of Information Technology. So too was Steve Jobs. They were not outstanding college students but ended up giving mankind a technology that changed everything in the world. The reason why nothing works in Trinidad is not because we don’t have ‘young bright officers/men/boys/girls’. The failure occurs because those ‘bright’ people do not apply themselves in the service of others. When you look at our society today there is hardly anyone in public that gives rise to hope and pride. When people in public life steal, cheat, tell lies and conduct themselves in less than fortnight manner they add to the blemish a society is charged with. When is community prides itself only on what it can get out of society then we are not building a village, town or community. When some works for the society and others only take out of the society then that is a sign of non development. In order to succeed we must live by creeds, we must adhere to principles, we must respect laws, we must love our fellow men, You cannot say you love god and hate your fellowman. God says you cannot love me, whom you cannot see and hate your fellowman whom you can see. I am being a little philosophical now and do not wish to get carried away so I must end now. Happy New Year to my fellow bloggers! I am sure that we will continue to disagree with those who do not share our principles but the important thing is that they will know me, us, we for what we stand for.
          May you all be blessed for the year 2016!

          1. Homicides solve ratio in TNT is less than 10% a few years ago it was 23%. How many times have you read of someone being arrested for murder in TNT? Those illustrations you draw upon gives us hope for humanity. Maybe there is a Bill Gates or a Steve Job in the police service.

            I think you need the sharpest tool in the shed to cut down the tree. But then again I might be wrong. Compare the 10% solve ratio to say Peel region in Canada where the solve ratio is 95% for the past 25 years. What is the difference? Is it education, training, or simply willingness to find the criminals? A police officer was shot to death in a police station over a month and a half gone by without any report on the incident and what actually happened.

            The PP government offered police further training by the FBI in crime detection. The CoP selected the officers, one look at the cohort and you can tell they all near retirement. Yes it would look good on their resume but nothing came out of that training. The officers for the training should have been young men and women but there is a pecking order in the police service call seniority. Are they serious about solving crime Kian? You tell me!

          2. Kian, as usual i’m taking this down to ‘brass tacs’…the Indian community led by the brahminists(‘Hindus’), have taken testing & certification/university as a group and ran with it for decades now…it is their biggest boasting point…”most amount of subjects” “most amount of A’s” “most amount of this” etc…pay attention…do you remember when they ca e in office in 2010 nit too long after (they gained ethnic/party control of UTT)…you started hearing “first to graguate with so and so degeee in UTT….first to do this… first to do that…”…whenever you hear this types of conversations about any organization like protective services….there is a movememnt based on this to pole vault Indians /hindus at the top using that justification….the goal is to stramline all the spheres of power with devotees of SHAT….i’m cutting through the BS….’best & brightest’ has a hidden but obvious agenda…do not engage…

  7. During World War II Indians stop the Japanese army, fought the Germans and were hardly recognized for their service by the British. Most were ignorant like Winnie and Shah of their contributions. This they did while the British colonial rule was in effect in India. Imagine fighting for your oppressor freedom. Chandra Bose worked with the Japanese because he wanted the British out of India. Hitler did not think much of the Indian army because he was racist as Churchill. Had India join the Japanese the war would have had a diffrent outcome with Japanese forces connecting with the Germans in Iran, the British would have soundly been defeated.

    Here is a little bit of that history only come to light in 2010 when they were recognized for it.
    The Indian Army during World War II in 1939, numbered just under 200,000 men. By the end of the war it would become the largest volunteer army in history, rising to over 2.5 million men in August 1945. Serving in divisions of infantry, armour and a fledgling airborne force, they fought on three continents in Africa, Europe and Asia.

    The Indian Army fought in Ethiopia against the Italian Army, in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia against both the Italian and German Army, and, after the Italian surrender, the German Army in Italy. However the bulk of the Indian Army was committed to the fighting the Japanese Army, first during the defeat in Malaya and the retreat from Burma to the Indian border. Then after resting and refitting the victorious advance back into Burma, part of the largest British Empire army ever formed.

    These campaigns cost the lives of over 36,000 Indian servicemen, another 34,354 more were wounded,and 67,340 became prisoners of war. Their valour was recognised with the award of 4,000 decorations and 38 members of the Indian Army were recipients of the Victoria Cross or the George Cross.
    The Indian Army was an experienced force, having fought in the Third Afghan War and two major campaigns in Waziristan, during 19191920 and 19361939 and in smaller disputes on the North West Frontier since World War I..

    The Indian Army of 1939, was different from the Indian Army during World War I, it had been reformed in 1922, moving away from single battalion regiments to multi-battalion regiments. Overall the army was reduced to 21 cavalry regiments and 107 infantry battalions. The field army now consisted of four infantry divisions and five cavalry brigades. There was a covering force of 12 infantry brigades to protect the North West Frontier from incursions and one third of the infantry, 43 battalions, were allocated to internal security and to aid the civil power.

    In the 1930s, the Indian Army began a programme of modernization, they now had their own artillery—the Indian Artillery Regiment—and the cavalry had started to mechanise. By 1936, the Indian Army had committed to supplying in wartime a brigade each for Singapore, the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, Burma and two for Egypt. But by 1939, further reductions had reduced the Indian Army to 18 cavalry regiments and 96 infantry battalions, in total 194,373 men including 34,155 non-combatants. They could also call upon 15,000 men from the Frontier Irregular Force, 22,000 men from the Auxiliary Force (India), consisting of European and Anglo-Indian volunteers, 19,000 from the Indian Territorial Force, and 53,000 from the Indian State forces.

    Take note as Indian army is better train than USAF and they beat the US Airforce at red flag and trashed the British Airforce.

      1. Subhas Chandra Bose called Nethaji was the leader of the nationalist movement in India. The majority of Indians supported the British but some against British rule join Nethaji. Nethaji plane was bombed on his way to Japan and he supposedly died. But he was able to secure the realease of thousands of Indians from German prison camps in exchange for joining the nationalist movement. The British did not pay Indian soldiers well house them in terrible conditions in exchange for them fighting the Germans and Japanese.

        The Nazis stole the Hindu symbol for their flag. Many Nazis scientist found inspiration by reading the Mahabaratha which describe a super weapon that wiped out an entire area. Hitler wanted to be the first to build an atomic weapon, the Nazis had uranium and was working on building the bomb. The Americans capture those scientist and used them for their space program. But did they ever come close to building the Atom bomb. Of course there was the Arayan connection to India, Hitler wanted to have the Arayan race take over the world. The Arayans invaded India many centuries before.

        And there Winnie is your brief history lesson.

        1. The current government of india is the RSS, which is a break off of the BJP…the name RSS, is a deliberate ode to Hitler’s SS…this is no secret…they admired Hitler…..Hitler never ‘stole’ anything….as the scholars have clearly laid out in the links i provided (which Moomoo is afraid to read) clearly states that Hitler’s Nazi Movement was ‘ Hindu’ inspired…all uis main men walked around with the Baghavad Gita as a consolation for their actions…they considered themselves as ‘Ksatrias’ i.e. the ‘warrior’ caste (an upper caste group)….the Jews were considered & treated as Untouchables…this Ksatria/untouchable dynamic which they copied from caste hindus/india is responsible for their unshaken fortified LACK OF conscience when committing Atrocities…Hitler’s main man is QUOTED as saying that whenever he doubted cthe ateocities he committed, he found ‘comfort’ in the gita’s guidance…
          Again…the FACTS


  8. I have a direct paternal ancestor, from whom I’m the 7-th generation, that saw action in the Battle of Bladensburg during the war of 1812, and as part of which detachments of the Royal Colonial Marines set fire to Washington DC; see Corps of Colonial Marines and Battle of Bladensburg.

    The former “Negro” slaves (actually Israelites of the seed) acquitted themselves well:

    Cockburn, who had been skeptical of how useful the Colonial Marines might be, found their skill as soldiers “astonishing” and soon was their staunchest advocate. They “are really very fine fellows,” he wrote. “They have induced me to alter the bad opinion I had of the whole of their race and now I really believe these we are training, will neither shew want of zeal of courage when employed by us in attacking their old masters.” Cockburn had decided he preferred the Colonials to his own Royal Marines, finding them stronger and less likely to desert. The escapees provided invaluable intelligence, guiding the British through the backwoods and waters, often with more intimate knowledge than their former masters. What Cockburn appreciated the most was the unalloyed fear they inspired in the Americans.

    My grandfather saw action in WW I, having volunteered to serve, and came home with shrapnel wounds.

    My father was a member of the Home Guard during WW II, but thankfully saw no action as none was necessary.

    And I attained the rank of Sergeant in the Cadet Force, and led my platoon to victory in the Empire Shield competition in my year.

    So with all Mamoo’s talk of Indian bravery on the battlefield, — which I do not doubt and moreover applaud, especially that of the Gurkhas and the Sikhs who have a fine military tradition, — the question that occurs to me is … yes, but are you Indian, or indo-Trinidadian? How have the indo *in T&T* distinguished themselves in military or indeed any other service to elevate this country?

    What I see is Mamoo once again displaying loyalty not to Mother T&T, but to “Mother India”.

    As I ask the question, I give credit to Raffique Shah for speaking the truth about indo participation in our defence forces, the relative lack of which cannot in all fairness be attributed to afro racial prejudice against the indo.

    I also give credit to military men everywhere, regardless of which side they’re on. Having taken an oath of service, a soldier no longer has the luxury of choosing sides based on political or any other analysis. If you have a political view, you make that clear, like Muhammad Ali, *before* taking the oath of service, and pay whatever price that that might entail. But after taking the oath, one must perform it to the best of one’s ability, or face the judgement that will be meted out to oath-breakers.

    “If a man vow a vow unto Yahweh, or swear an oath to bind his soul with a bond; he shall not break his word, he shall do according to all that proceedeth out of his mouth.” (Numbers 30:2)

    So I honour soldiers in general, whichever side they happen to be on. My grandfather used to tell us the soldier’s code, and lot: “Your is not to reason why, yours is but to do, or die.” In truth, examples may usually be found of extraordinary valour on both sides of any conflict, as the soldier, of whichever side, strives to perform his oath of service. No race or country has a monopoly on valour.

    I agree with Raff that soldierly camaraderie and espirit-de-corps transcend divisions of race, class, colour and etc. But respect from one’s comrades and adversaries has to be earned the only way that counts … by tested performance. It is only politicians and ideologues without honour that take truth and spin it to serve some political purpose, as with the damnable Indian Policy pursued by such as Nizam Mohammed. There is no honour in that, and it deserves to be condemned.


    1. Yoruba….Raffique Shah spoke MANY truths about his ethnic group’s historical ties to the protective services & their MENTALITY towards employment/profession ($$$$$).However, i am unconvinced he spime THE TRUTH about THE reason Indians were & are underrepresented in the Protecrive Services (historically). Yoruba, with all the details that you have learnt aboht caste, hinduism & utouchability…do you believe (especially half a century ago) that caste minded individuals with be comfortable in molitary bunker like living conditions with those deemed inferior? Bathing in groups, tussling on the ground (‘wraslin’), mouth to mouth resuscitation drills, no control over who (africans) handles their food etc.??? Please connect the dots of info on caste provided….remember SIR PATRICK KEENAN, education cheif if Ireland commissioned to evaluatw0e education in T&T as a colony in the 19th century??? HE SAID that Indians did ncot want to go to schools with African Children because THEY TOLD HIM it would be “A Violation Of Their ‘Sacred’ Laws”…HE SAID they were ‘motivated by their CASTE PREJUDICES & their religion….remember Rabi R. Maharaj??? Son of Chandrahbhan Sharma Ragbir Mahabir Maraj…a famous ‘Brahmin’ in T&T….he ws trained to follow his father as a pundit in the 50’s & 60’s…HE SAYS he used to be afraid (as an uppercaste Brahmin) to TOUCH or GET WITHIN CLOSE PROXIMITY of ‘lower/No castes’ (fellow indians eh) because they could ‘POLLUTE’ him (as an uppercaste Brahmin) with their ‘Bad Karma’ which is evident with DARK SKIN!….i want to see Mamoo attempt to spin this…http://www.amazon.com/Death-Guru-Remarkable-Story-Search/dp/0890814341



      1. There is a lot of truths to which Alyssa speaks. The hindu lives his religion, the christian practices his religion. There is a lot of disparities by which the hindu engages and disengages in public life as opposed to the christian. This forms the fundamental reasons why they use the word ‘underrepresented’ in terms of their numbers in the public service. Today’s reality will be replete with injustices if there were to be an inventory of numbers to justify and repute the public service for underrepresentation of groups within it’s ranks. The fact that Indians use numbers to justify ‘underrepresentation’ in the public service, does not in itself mean that they were discriminated against. Discrimination is a fact of our past history. We came from a colonial past that discriminated on it’s citizens based on race, class, religion, complexion and skin color primarily. When I worked with Shell Trinidad Ltd, 90 % of t’s senior staff came from Europe. That means that HR, Engineering, Drilling, Exploitation, Planning and even Medical were staffed by people who came from England, Holland, South Africa (Afrikaners), France, Spain Portugal and other countries of Europe. Locals were also made up of 90% local whites a the rest mostly Africans and Indians. The Junior Staff were made up of mostly Africans and Indians. This kind of staffing was the culture of Trinidad and Tobago prior to Independence and for a while after Independence. The preferred complexion of staffers in the Banking and Finance industries were of white, light brown or brown complexion. Black complexioned people were discriminated against if they were Afrikaner Indian – period!, until Makandal Daaga decided that it was time for that kind of discrimination was a thing of the past in the 1970s. That forms the basis of how Public and private industries were staffed. It is also our history from which today’s reality were formed. Those in our society today who go about crying ‘discrimination’ without understanding without a scintilla of understanding of our background is in fact doing a dis-service to our current reality, when they do not take our history into consideration. Sure, we have come a long way but using numbers (or equity as the UNC loves to call it) to justify their call of discrimination is really an unjust method of proof. The complexity of history, culture and politics is what accounts for our troubled mistrust of each other and it would take proper knowledge of our past and understanding of each other to really correct what we see as disparities.

        1. Correction : “were discriminated against if they were Afrikaner Indian – period!” Should read:
          “were discriminated against whether they were African or Indian – period!”

          1. Alyssa,

            Marion O’Callaghan’s article is important. Thanks for sharing. I wasn’t in T&T at the time, so missed it.

            “Africans were largely ignored by an Africa for which in any case, slave automatically bestowed an inferior status. Few Afro­Trinis, if any, knew
            that defining method of African classification: their tribe. Africans were Trini.”

            This is an important point, missed by afro-centrists who’ve never been to Africa. If they would spend as much time studying the Word as they do the afro-centrist canon, they would soon realize that Holy Scripture is OurStory. But the very knowledge that would liberate us is the knowledge that Satan has fooled them into thinking is of no relevance, and moreover designed to emasculate us. Nothing could be further from the truth, as long as it is recognized in reading the Word, that what it says, and what the Gentiles say it says, are two entirely different things.


            “O Yahweh, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit. Shall a man make gods unto himself, and they are no gods?” (Jeremiah 16:19-20)

    2. Yoruba, as you have so eloquently stated, we don’t know which is the real Mamoo. The Mamoo who speaks for the Indians or the Mamoo who supposedly is the Indo-Trinidadian?
      It is very evident that he, like most of his peers are Trinidadians with split loyalties. You can never be too sure which side they pledge their allegiances too and as such could never be true Trinidadians.

      1. Kian,

        You are too kind. When it comes to the crunch, there can be no such thing as split loyalty. I too have been kind in referring to Mamoo, Tman and others as “indo”, instead of Indian.

        /Digression/. As a qualifier, “indo” means: pertaining to or descending from an Indian origin. Hence when I use the term, indo, I mean to suggest they are Trinidadian/Tobagonian, implicitly hyphenated to denote an Indian origin. (In lower case, “indo” indicates not a proper noun, but an adjectival qualifier.) I also use the corresponding term, “afro”, to denote African origin. I do not use the term “African” in a T&T context because that would be a misnomer at two levels. None of us carries an African passport. And our biblical identity is Israel. Therefore we confuse ourselves by thinking we are “African” in any meaningful sense./End Digression/

        But it is clear now that Mamoo, although 5th generation (I grant him that, though he is a reflexive and habitual liar) in Trinidad, self-identifies as Indian, not as indo.

        That is his right, to self-identify as he wishes. But then, don’t pretend to be a loyal citizen of T&T. If India is so great, he should go back to India and assume his inherited dharma shoveling sh*t or whatever else his dharma demands. That of course we’ll never see. T&T affords him the opportunity precisely to escape that dharma. But if he is glad to escape India and the caste dharma that enslaved his ancestors, why give to India his loyalty, and in derogation of the loyalty that T&T has a right to expect of him. Hypocrite!

        In large part, Mamoo and his co-ethnics are a disloyal sectarian minority in this land that ought never again to hold the reins of political office.

        The Indian self-identification of the indo in T&T is incurable as long as there is a Maha Sabha indoctrinating every new generation, — even the dalits that were happy to flee India, never to return, — in the brahminist myths and program of hindutva, T&T style, where the indo, even hereditary dalits, seek consciously to “make the niggas your slaves”; Item #3 of the Indian Policy.

        It is a mental and moral illness on their part. We need to inoculate afro youth against it.


  9. The plain fact despite all the trash mentioned here is the Afro community continues to promote their own as they are plain scared of the shifting sands beneath them while the Indo community leaders simply has money as their god and continues to keep their own in poverty as THEY simply cheat theirs out of land and livelihood. We the non white or non Syrian peoples in our T&T are expected to just take all the shit that comes out of their dread handiwork over time (50 years plus). WHEN WILL THE SHIT END. Like you, Raffique….I am surprised that so many people are surprised by the termination of services-firing, suspension, the euphemistically-couched “sent on administrative leave”-of several senior government officials, the most prominent being Governor of the Central Bank, Jwala Rambarran. BUT THEN AGAIN IS IT MORE OF THE SAME AS UNDER MANNING. AND MORE SO IMBERT DOES THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT ROWLEY SAYS SO WHO IS THE REAL LEADER OF THE PNM?

  10. Yoruba, excellent point as usual…nobody is questioning the genetic ABILITY of Indians in India or T&T to function in the Military…However, the history Of India & Nepal (Gurrkas are Nepalese NOT Indian…)…are quite different from the Indians in T&T! While AFRICAN Trinidadians & Tobatonians were, out of a sense of Moral duty (evil reich) & patriotism , were signing up leaving T&T to fight & die for the country, region & ‘The World’…Indians did NOT take part!…Why? As Raffique shah’s article indirectly provides answers…there was no $$$$$$$$$$ to be made….no self Interest to the group. However, just as 1970’s narrative was rewritten by NJAC to suit the UNC’s ethnic ego objective (post 2010, NJAC, now an arm of the UNC, started saying 1970 was about Indian African Unity…i.e. Indians & Africans as a GROUP, both fought against Racism & Foreign control…LIE!) Soooo, expect to hear indian(T&T,Caribbean) involvement FRUDULENTLY INSERTED into WWII History by Racist, UNC ‘His-Torians’….You see…and it is sad eh…and obnoxiously dishobest…there are those Fascists who do not like the WAY Trinidadian &Tobagonian history unfolded…because it shines a negative light in retrospect, on the behaviour & mindset of the Indian community (as a group) in relation to the society as a whole (Africans). E.g. 1970(‘Black’ Power Movement)….the fact is that Indians, the VAST MAJORITY of them, did NOT take part in the movement (or support it) BUTTTTTT decades later, since the 1970 movement is looked upon as a ‘great’ thing by History, the Racist ,Facist, dishonest UNC historians are trying to ‘spin’ away this reality (lack of indian involvement as a group) by saying “Indians are not black, so they didn’t feel welcome in the movement” or (my favourite) “Indians were afraidd of africans (Black Power Movement) and they thought that Afircans were tryintg to ‘Take over the country’ (Totalitarianism)…soo THAT is why they didn’t join ” LIE…the fact is,these lies are told for consumption by Africans who are ignorant of how UNASHAMEDLY Pro-White (No Matter What) Indian culture/’Hinduism’ is…the mindset shaped by caste/hindu ideology/Indian culture, is one that would NEVER side (for whatever reason) with ‘Black’ against ‘White’…but those FAKE,CLOWNS in Dashikis with their Marxist/Lennenist thrust Never understood this!! They are trapped in this Anti-intellectual,ignorant ideological PRISON that propagates that their is this mystical ‘unity’ between ALL Non-Whites against whites (Racism/colonialism) it is a LIE that promotes ignorance…I liken NJAC’s ‘Indian African Unity’ propaganda to a scene from the comedy “Old School” i.e. A drunk man who shouts to a crowd “lets go streaking” (running naked publicly)…the man runs for miles & miles without looking back, confident that the multitudes are naked also and running behind him BUTTTTTTTT When he finally looks back….HE’S THE ONLY ONE THERE!!! Also,imagine if that same man retells the story decades later as a boasting point, and allows ‘others’ “yeah,
    we were with him too”…and he ALLOWS them!!….THAt IS NJAC!!
    Hindus/Indians are ideologically Pro-White NO MATTER WHAT!…This truth is hidden in PLAIN SIGHT…the ‘Battle for chaguaramas’…Dr. Williams/The PNM/African people Marched to chaguaramas & pushed that ideology that chaguaramas should not be ‘occupied’ and should be returned
    vacated & returned to T&T…BUTTTTTTTTTT Badhase Sagan Maharaj (DLP Leader/Maha Sabha Leader) The DLP/The Indian Community Rallied FOR the CONTINUED OCCUPATION (Whites)!! This was an extension of another ideolotical CHASM between the groups….It was Dr. Eric Williams/The PNM/ African Trinidadians & Tobagonians who Marched & Rallied for T&T’s INDEPENDENCE from (white) Britain…BUTTTTTTTTTT Badhase Sagan Maharaj (Sat’s Father-in-law)/DLP/Indian Community RALLIED AGAINST IT…They did not want African People/PNM running the country(still to this day)….to them, its either WHITES or some other striaght haired person (preferably light skinned/ & or ‘Hindu’)…Even in Marlboro House, for the signing of the Independence…Dr. Rudranath Capildeo was reported to have (by his fellow dlp Tajmool
    Hosein) been Hostile & recalcitrant (my words)…On INDEPENDENCE DAY Dr. Rudranath Capildeo gave a surreptitious speech…undermining faith (indians) of the govrrnment (PNM),the police service & government institutions…!! BUTTTTTT during the 2012 Kamla/UNCOPP 50th anniversary celebrations, History was falsified with deceitfulk/dishonest, Fascist rhetoric such as “BOTH Dr. Williams & Dr. Capildeo were ‘heroes’ of independence” “‘WE’ (PNM/DLP, Africans/Indians) ‘all’ fought for independence” LIE!
    These are ‘SWEET (political) LIES’ !!….AGAIN…just like 1970 & WW II, it is (in retrospect) socially & politicalky embarassing for the indian communtiy to admit these Historical truths, i.e. they did not support independence i.e. A Shift from British (white) Minority rule, to african(Rawan) Headed Political rule…..or 1970 i.e. ‘Black’ Power movement, which was AGAINST (racist) white, minority rule of the society & resources and ALSO, most importantly a movement that denounced ‘White is right’ europeans over non europeans/ ‘black’…This ws not supported by Indians as a group BUTTTTTT decades later we see an attempt to (Fraudulently)INSERT indian involvement into the movement with the smiling help of the UNCNJAC (on election nigh4 there were indians wearing NJAC jerseys (camera picked it up)
    control of the

    1. Alyssa,

      we see an attempt to (Fraudulently)INSERT indian involvement into the movement with the smiling help of the UNCNJAC

      We know why the UNC would so deceive. What is disappointing is that NJAC would be party to it.

      I doubt the eat-ah-food compulsion suffices as a motive. The real motive is ideological, and the blindness that ideologues often suffer.

      That is partly why I come down so hard on afro-centrists. However sweet, a lie is still a lie, and ultimately the work of the devil, designed to ensnare.

      To a man the afro-centrists reject the Word (so did I for a time), and embrace the Hamitic idolatries of worship of this or that demi-god, most of them deified ancestors. In this they are qualitatively no different from the Hindus, — brahminist or otherwise,– who practice a religion which likewise is Hamitic in origin, through Kush, Ram and Shiva. Therefore, there is a common ideological core.

      The only difference is the brahminist caste overlay to hinduism. That difference is sufficient to make a nonsense of any UNC/NJAC alliance, for as the rawans in the alliance, NJAC’s lot must ultimately be an unhappy one. But as Neal’s and everybody else’s grandmother used to say: make yuh bed, lie in it!

      The only antidote to folly is truth. It was ever thus.


      “O Yahweh, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit. Shall a man make gods unto himself, and they are no gods?” (Jeremiah 16:19-20)

      1. If you have a point, have the courage to make it.

        You will either edify the group, or elicit rebuttal that would edify you.

        That way, the blog may actually serve a useful purpose.


  11. Obviously, political appointees must go when the Govt changes.

    An issue arises only in the case of appointees who are non-political, or constitutionally “independent”.

    For example, permanent employees of the Civil Service are non-political, and ought ordinarily to survive any change of Govt.

    Likewise, employees of state enterprises who are confirmed as “regular staff” ought ordinarily to survive any change of Govt. This obviously does not apply to Board members. It also may not apply to some senior managers, in particular those who were appointed from outside, as opposed to those who worked their way up through the ranks.

    And increasingly, under the odious Indian Policy, we have examples, like Reshmi Ramnarine, who are political plants, put there for purposes of political espionage, who masquerade as ordinary non-political employees; see Item #2 of the Indian Policy:

    “Our people must undermined (sic) this nigga (sic) government from within the ministries and work assiduously in collecting and disseminating information to our personnels (sic)…”

    Such employees, when ferreted out obviously ought to be terminated *for cause*, since violating the loyalty term of any ordinary employment contract.

    No new Govt may be faulted for terminating political appointees. Indeed, ordinary courtesy should dictate to such officials that they offer their resignations when a new Govt is formed.

    Constitutionally independent officials ought not in general to be terminated, obviously. However, all such officials are subject to termination for misconduct in office, and especially when that misconduct amounts to political mischief, as was the case with Jwala.

    Then there are all the regular and non-regular staff in ministries and state enterprises. These ought to remain in place when a new Govt comes in, obviously. It was the UNC government that fired such employees wholesale, because they “looked like a PNM”. That ought never to happen, except for cause.

    There is no equivalence between UNC behavior and PNM behavior where regular and non-regular non-political staff are concerned. If there is evidence of the PNM terminating such staff purely because they look “like a UNC”, I am yet to hear of it. However, where there are UNC plants, functioning as UNC spies, engaged in undermining the “nigga government”, obviously they should be terminated for cause. There are no corresponding PNM spies, so there is no equivalence in that regard.

    The sad fact remains that the UNC in office was a disloyal government, and the UNC in Opposition is a disloyal Opposition, carrying out a seditious agenda intended to “make the country ungovernable”; see Item #1 of the Indian Policy. They ought never again to walk the halls of political office.

    May the Most High expose the wicked, and the wicked deeds that they wickedly do. And may He protect the innocent that we in this land may enjoy peace and comity under His grace.


    “There can be no Mother India for those whose ancestors come from India…There can be no Mother Africa for those of African origin…there is no Mother England and no dual loyalties….there can be no Mother China even if one could agree as to which China is the Mother; and there can be no Mother of Syria or no Mother of Lebanon. A nation, like an individual can have only one Mother. The only Mother we recognize is Mother Trinidad and Tobago and Mother cannot discriminate between her children.” –Eric Williams, PNM Founder and first Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago.


    Dear Mamoo,
    Much has been said and spoken about your unmanly behavior of using unseemly language and calling of names to Alyssa. Some of the language you have used to describe her: “she has a second standard education”; she is a “dunce”; naming her “Winnie”; calling her stupid; uneducated; uneducated; without a family and dumb. You have suggested in your writings that she is the product of a broken home; she came from an unmarried family; hers is not a family of traditional marriage; her family is one of nine different fathers etc etc etc etc. The fact of the matter is this: You know nothing, nada about Alyssa. You do not have the slightest clue of who Alyssa is nor do you have any idea of her background. I would be on safe ground in saying that the real dumb and stupid person is really – YOU! You have been quoted as saying that you were amongst the five brightest students in your class at the university. You have also been quoted as saying that you are in fact a university graduate. Well, if that is true, why haven’t your behavior commensurate with your degree of learning? What is expected of a university graduate is one who is capable of leading; one who is qualified to be a pathfinder; one who possesses qualities of leadership so that others can follow etc etc etc etc etc. A university graduate is also one who posses the quality to express himself/herself in a manner that is cogent, explicative, coherent and comprehensive in a manner of speaking. You have given yourself all of the desired qualifications of an intellectually sound individual, but when judged by the actual output of your intellect there can be no match to what is expected of an intelligent person. It is very obvious that when your intellect reaches the limit of rational thought, you delve into an odium of disgust and name calling. That is why (in your argument with Alyssa) you degenerate into name calling and insidious taunts to prove that you are better than Alyssa. The truth is, Alyssa by her presentation alone is a stalwart in terms of the knowledge that she exhibits on this blog. Her knowledge is vast and expansive. She has a good command of the English language, she knows and commands attention of the subjects that she writes. You cannot argue with her intense knowledge of the hindu religion. In my estimation, there is no other who has written so extensively on the hindu religion as Alyssa does. Not Sat Maharaj; not Ralph Maraj; not Ramlogan; not Suruj; not Sharma nor any hindu who professes to be knowledgeable in their religion. She is quick witted and every matter she produces, she shows a point of reference from which her knowledge derives.
    Alyssa is yet to speak of her educational qualifications, but if one is to guess, it would be easy to project that she posses a great deal of anthropological background. She speaks with clarity on the subject matters she writes about. There is no doubt that she is very educated and learned. Neal, is another individual who possess a good and sound educational background. Even when he satirises, you can detect intelligence and thought behind the context of his contributions. But you? Your opinions and thoughts are less than laudable. Condemnation would be an appropriate description of your silly name calling and silly speculations on a persons education and family background. I only know you by your writing and the judgement of that is very poor and unimaginative. You have stated yourself as being hindu but Alyssa is more prominent in the knowledge of hinduism that you exhibit. My advice to you Mamoo, if you want to be considered for who or what you say you are, then you must show some decency, audacity and give forethought to what you want people to read and examine about you. As of now, most see you as a laughing stock. I decided to write you because I’m tired of your untested opinions, lack of cogency, insults and clearly uneducated summations of events.

  13. Great stuff as usual , Brother Kian. There is obviously much work to be done. Let’s therefore continue to keep our collective eyes on the prize- if we can find common agreement , as to what such is actually.
    As you know Brother Kain, driving – be it on our T&T roads,some of the much adored, major industrial metropolitan cities, other Third world fiefdoms , or on ‘dis here Information Highway’ – can be quite an adventure.
    We are likely to meet all sorts of characters, and likewise forced to endure numerous experiences, some of which we will enjoy, while finding others despicable.

    Just bear in mind one important point , as you unleash that symbolic sledgehammer to Cuz Mamboo knees . There is a strong possibility , that Mamboo, TMan,Neal , and any of the several characters that come to the fore / traverse de TriniCenter Highway, might merely be bloggers , that emerged from the active imaginations of few astute administrative players ,within said media organization….hmmmm?
    Translation:- None of us but you , might be real. Give it some thought,as sometimes what you see , ain’t what you get , ‘as we ike…….,’si?
    Just imagine what life would be for you ,and our fellow patriotic progressives,if Mamboo,Mr Kengal ,or TMan, did not exist- and of course ,vice versa.
    What I am saying is this:- there is a need for the Ying & Yang interplay, so as to fuel controversy, and so further interactions.
    You just said it to Mamboo, and I quote -” …… You know nothing, nada about Alyssa. You do not have the slightest clue of who Alyssa is nor do you have any idea of her background…….You have stated yourself as being hindu but Alyssa is more prominent in the knowledge of hinduism that you exhibit…… there is no other who has written so extensively on the hindu religion as Alyssa does. Not Sat Maharaj; not Ralph Maraj; not Ramlogan; not Suruj; not Sharma nor any hindu who professes to be knowledgeable in their religion.”
    An interesting paradox indeed , that you have unearthed yourself ,Brother Kain. She speaks also with authority on matters African.
    Just maybe……?
    Social media has allowed us the opportunity , to be whosoever we wish to be, and the freedom, as well as power, to delve into subjects , in quite an authoritative manner.
    It has emerged as a positive game changer across the globe , once utilized properly, but in the hands of the socially destructive , and conniving ,- quite harmful.

    One must not be too ….. ummmmm….reticent ,in examining dem symbolic horns , mi fellow Piasano….. even yours truly.
    As we like to say on the streets -‘A word to de wise is enough ,’ si?
    Nuff said.
    In the interim , we choose to sit on our hunches , and finger point over a broken system ,dominated by neo tribal , competing elites , as the world spins idly by.
    As we beat each other brains out on this forum .. our leaders , every five year fight to attain power , in effort to replicate the same utter stupid , lose/ lose behaviors, of those counterparts , they defeated.

    “Where you at T&T?”

    It was R. Buckminister Fuller , who once said the following:- “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
    To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
    This make sense to me .


    Just imagine what could likewise happen here , if we could get 1 million plus people , across this nation, to stand up together, as is done, during our Carnival – but instead , to push back against social injustice,in equitable distribution of wealth , sub par political stewardship, corruption, tenuous security , mediocre health care service, and counting.

    Stay vigilant people , for it’s a jungle out there!

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