Why Jwala had to go

By Anthony Wilson
December 26, 2015 – guardian.co.tt

Jwala RambarranAt its weekly meeting on Wednesday, Cabinet took a decision to request the President to terminate the appointment of former Central Bank Governor, Jwala Rambarran, in accordance with sections 12(e) and 12(g) of the Central Bank Act, Finance Minister Colm Imbert said in a statement on Thursday.

That decision is unprecedented in local history, but is preceded in the Commonwealth, by the Jamaican government’s dismissal of Governor Derick Latibeaudiere in November 2009 (over compensation issues) and the February 2014 dismissal of Nigerian governor Lamido Sanusi (for alleging corruption in oil revenues). Cyprus governor Panicos Demetriades resigned in March 2014 after being pressured by the government there.

The sections of the Central Bank Act cited by the minister allow the President to terminate the appointment of a governor if he “is guilty of misconduct in relation to his duties” and “fails to carry out any of the duties or functions conferred or imposed upon him under this Act.”

It seems evident that the Cabinet formed the opinion—based primarily on legal advice from both internal and external counsel, including senior counsel, according to the minister—“that the disclosure by the former Governor of the names of the largest users of foreign exchange in T&T and the amounts of foreign exchange that they used was a breach of section 56 of the Central Bank Act and section 8 of the Financial Institutions Act.”

Those laws impose a duty of confidentiality on all officers of the Central Bank, which is required to maintain the secrecy of information passed to it by T&T’s commercial banks as the Central Bank serves as banker to the country’s financial institutions and also as regulator and supervisor of the country’s commercial banks.

In other words, in the same way that a bank has an obligation to maintain the confidentiality of a customer’s accounts, the Central Bank must maintain the confidentiality of the information passed to it by commercial banks.

The Financial Institutions Act (FIA), at section 8(1) under the rubric of confidentiality, states: “No director, officer or employee of the Central Bank or person acting under the direction of the Central Bank shall disclose any information regarding the business or affairs of a licensee or any of its affiliates or information regarding a depositor, customer or other person dealing with a licensee, that is obtained in the course of official duties.”

That section makes it clear that Central Bank governors have a duty of confidentiality not to disclose any information obtained in the course of official duties.

On that basis alone, the President could have summarily terminated the appointment of former governor Jwala Rambarran.

In seeking to defend the decision by the former governor to disclose the names of some of the country’s main foreign exchange users, the Central Bank published a statement on its Web site and publicly on December 8.

That statement, which negates the perception that the Government did not allow Rambarran the right to be heard, quoted section 8(6) of the FIA.

That section allows disclosure of information that would be in the best interests of the financial system of T&T or in the best interests of depositors, other customers, creditors or shareholders of such a licensee.

The Central Bank statement, which was drafted no doubt by the former governor, does NOT outline how the breach of confidentiality would be in the best interests of the financial system of T&T or of depositors, customers, creditors or shareholders of those licensees.

Instead, the statement said the use of T&T’s precious foreign exchange reserves “is an issue of public concern and justifies the dissemination of the identity of the main recipients to whom such reserves are distributed.”

The Central Bank Act, it must be noted, allows disclosure of information that is in the best interests of T&T’s financial system or in the “best interests” of licensees. It does not allow disclosure of issues of “public concern” because if it did then the Central Bank would have been obliged to make public the names of those Clico directors who received monies under the first distribution to non-assenting policyholders.

In addition, the former governor’s statement conveniently ignores section 8(7) of the FIA, which states: “Nothing in this section authorises the Central Bank or any person acting under the direction of the Central Bank to disclose information about a particular depositor or creditor of a licensee, except where such disclosure is required by any written law or ordered by the Court.”

It should be noted that contravention of section 8 of the FIA is an offence for which the offender “is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $600,000 and to imprisonment for two years.”

The Central Bank statement of December 8 also seeks to defend the former governor by quoting the Central Bank Act at section 56 (1), which states: “Except in so far as may be necessary for the due performance of its objects, and subject to section 8 of the FIA, every director, officer and employee of the Bank shall preserve and aid in preserving secrecy with regard to all matters relating to the affairs of the Bank, any financial institution…or of any customers thereof that may come to his knowledge in the course of his duties.”

The Rambarran statement underlines and emboldens the first clause of the quote. But the statement fails to enlighten the public on how the breach of the expected confidentiality is necessary for the “due performance of the Central Bank’s objects” or what are the objects of the Central Bank.

If one takes the Oxford dictionary definition of objects as being a goal or purpose, the question then becomes how is the disclosure of some of T&T’s largest users of foreign exchange necessary for the due performance of the Central Bank’s goals or purposes.

The Central Bank’s “objects,” or its goal and purpose,” is encapsulated in its mission statement, which reads: “The Bank shall have as its purpose the promotion of such monetary, credit and exchange policies as would foster monetary and financial stability and public confidence and be favourable to the economy of Trinidad and Tobago.”

In short, the goal and purpose of the Central Bank (its objects) is to promote monetary and financial stability, public confidence and a favourable economy for T&T.

The question is this: How does the naming of some of the largest users of foreign exchange promote the country’s financial stability, public confidence and a favourable outcome for T&T?

The December 8 statement by the Central Bank also ignores the Exchange Control Act, which is strange considering the fact that the disclosure involved the use of foreign exchange.

Section 44 of the Exchange Control Act states: “No person who obtains information by virtue of this Act shall disclose that information otherwise than in the discharge of his functions under this Act or for the purpose of any criminal proceedings; but nothing in this subsection shall apply to information lawfully received by a member of the public in the course of an ordinary transaction between such person and the Bank.”

Source: www.guardian.co.tt/news/2015-12-26/why-jwala-had-go

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  1. Whilst you all debate on the legal intricacies on why he should have been fired, I wanted him fired PRIMARILY & SECONDLY because of the immorality, racism, nepotism & sheer crassness of his appointment in the first DAMN Place! His appointment was very cruel & disrespectful to African people throughout the caribbean. The official next in line for the role Of Central Bank Governor at the time, by seniority & by qualifications, were 2 or 3 Africans with Phds & experience that DWARFED Jwalas….he met them at the bank when he entered….he was & is JUNIOR to them in rank! Also, according to Dr. Cudjoe’s article, where all of the info i speak of is derived from, “When Race Trumps Reason” alleges that Winston Dookeran (Jwala’s uncle) also promoted Jawala, whilst he was Governor (appointed by Panday).

    1. Cudjoe sees race in everything and you as his disciple sees race in everything. He must explain how he became a member of the Central Bank board without any qualification. Hardly attended meetings and drew a nice salary along with benefits.

      Was it race that got him that job, Winnie. You and Yoruba are experts on these things. Please tell us if he would have been give this position if he was Indian. Or better tell us what was his finance background.

      1. Mamoo is an idiot….Dr. Cudjoe works at a prestigious university in the U.S….how can a board posting’s salary & benefits even entice him? All boards have chairmen & Directors, who meet sometimes as little as ONE day a month & there is a ‘salary’ attached…so saying he ‘hardly’ attended any meetings is disingenious at best…i wonder if he did not ‘attend many meetings’…one of Mamoo’s moles may have seen that without seeing HIS CONTRACT to know whether he was SUPPOSED to come a specific, limited numer of times…why am i playing Rawan’s advocate with Mamoo??

  2. Mamoo,

    When I took my undergraduate engineering degree, one of the requirements was a certain minimum number of courses in the humanities. In my case, I well remember taking literature, and development economics. Bear with me, the point should come into view…

    There was a time when to be a judge in court it was considered mandatory to have a knowledge of Holy Scripture, being the foundation of common law. Along with the law books, a judge would keep a copy of the King James Bible close at hand.

    Prime Minister Eric Williams, a historian and politician, was once Minister of Finance in his own cabinet. No finance background, but if you read his book, Capitalism and Slavery (fat chance for you I know), you will see that somewhere along the line he acquired knowledge both of accounts and economics. Historians tend to be broad-gauged like that. It is a requirement of that discipline, as you might imagine.

    Only the unlettered and the ignorant would think that a Finance Minister without a finance background is automatically unsuited to the job.

    I carry no brief for Dr. Cudjoe, but his background in history and literature, but more generally his broad-gauged intellectual maturity and cultural sensitivity well equipped him to advise the Board of the Central Bank on matters the narrow technical experts might miss.

    The rationale for that however I’m sure will be well lost on you, notwithstanding the foregoing examples I’ve laid out. That is why you and the party you support are so ill-suited to government.

    You claim knowledge of the Bible. Then you will know what it means to be a philistine.

    What did CLR James say in the preface to his book, Beyond a boundary? “What do they know of cricket, who only cricket know?”. The same question applies, and even more so, to those who consider themselves experts in finance, or monetary economics.

    It is a credit to PNM Government, that they would consider it a good idea to have someone like Cudjoe on the Board of the Central Bank.

    Btw, a Board Director receives neither wage nor salary, but emoluments (Director’s fees) generally tied to participation at Board meetings. I don’t know the precise arrangements for outside directors in the case of the Central Bank, however.

    May the Most High keep us safe from the woeful ignorance of the philistines in our midst.


    1. As a PNM appologist you have sunk to the deepest depths of the gutter in trying to tar and entire race with your defecations. You should honestly be ashamed of yourself.

      And having a degree says nothing. All of Hitler henchmen had PhDs. Yet they were racist to the core, defiled from the crown of the head to the tip of the toe.

      The PNM had to use one of their party hacks to fire Jwala. They knew Carmo would not do their song and dance because he understands the independence of the Presidential office. The UNC could have done the same when Razia acted as president to get rid of David West but they did not because it would have compromised the office of President by having a party appointee do the deed. What does the PNM understand by the independence of these institutions? Absolutely nothing. The UNC could have done the same for Ken Gordon but they choose not to. Those offices must remain independent even if they choose not to follow the wishes of cabinet.

      We see the Minister of Energy using letter heads from her office to solicit funds from companies under her leadership. But she gets a pass even though Jack Warner did the same thing and it was all over the media. She claim ignorance. Yeah right.

      As for Philistine I know who they were thank you. I fear God too much to misquote and misapply the Scriptures on forums of this nature.

      1. And having a *degree* says nothing. All of Hitler henchmen had PhDs. Yet they were racist to the core, defiled from the crown of the head to the tip of the toe.

        Your parry flails… and fails. Philistine that you are, you missed the point entirely…

        The PNM had to use one of their party hacks to fire Jwala.

        …And your riposte is in another arena altogether. We were talking about your attack on Dr. Cudjoe and the CBTT.

        As incoherent and lacking in cogency as is this rebuttal, there is nothing here to propel any sur-rebuttal from me.

        As to the new point about governmental restraint in dealing with independent institutions, you again err.

        In the first place, the independent institutions were created by the PNM.

        In the second place, no public servant is so independent that he cannot be fired when and if he misconducts himself. Jwala misconducted himself in office. Not only ought he to have been fired, as the PM to his credit evidently saw from the beginning, — when he said in so many words, “Jwala fired himself”, — but Jwala is in fact liable to prosecution for his misdeeds.

        I see Jwala is threatening to sue. Let him. Even with a UNC-stacked judiciary any such action is bound to fail, and not only legally. He is like Humpty-Dumpty who had a great fall. All the Queen Bandit’s horses and all the Queen Bandit’s men…

        May the Most High continue to expose the philistines and miscreants in our midst, that we may as a nation be cleansed of the malignancy they would foist upon us.


        “…but God shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind. And behold at eveningtide trouble; and before the morning he is not. This is the portion of them that spoil us, and the lot of them that rob us.” (Isaiah 17:13-14)

        1. The PNM have no class they will use their party hacks and political minions to advance their cause. Even if it means undermining the independence of the institutions of the State. It is the Mugabe mentality where power is determined not by laws but by the whim and fancy of the leader. A type of neurotic psychosis built on the words “we in charge, to Hell with everybody else”. This type of tribalist arrogance is rooted in the DNA of the PNM. It is something that defines that party and its followers. Jim Jones lead 900 black folks to their death in Guyana because they dare not question their leader even when he was exhibiting behaviors that ran contrary to that which was right. To date Rowley and his Syrian handlers are setting the stage for black folks to suffer but not a dog bark. The whole lot are held in kennels with PNM chains.

          A descenting voice on this medium will soon be silence. I expect that a blogger of my repute will soon be extracted from expressing my personal view, such is the PNM desire to control all and sundry. Free thought is always a threat to the burguoise class. People like Yoruba and Winnie cannot see beyond the PNM DNA. And so I expect more of the same as time goes on. Sail on!

          1. “The PNM have no class…” Mamoo

            Lol…wait wait…when did Mamoo & The UNC give a DAMN about class….you mean CASTE??…in that case you are correct…BUTTTTT how does the PNM not having CASTE differentiate them from you (Mamoo) & UNCOPP???…

            Listen…if it is ONE thing that distinguishing PNM from whatever the Hindu/Indian Political party disguises itself as is CLASS!…this is not even up for debate…it’s a political culture & history…in fact, if the PNM was willing to sacrifice some of that class for down in the trenches fighting & political mudwrestling as everybody notices about the Hindu/Indian Political Parties…the MESS that was 1986,1995 & 2010 would have NEVER taken place!,,,,remember ANR & Hudson Phillips were PNM eh..in fact, one of the major complaints from African people is that the PNM, in the name of a colonial notion of class & sacrifices the interests of African people by not ‘telling it as it is’ on & off the political platform, regarding ethnic issues such as racism & marginalization….especially from the Hindu/Indian Party e.g. Analyze the past UNCOPP term of 5 years,3months….Racism,Ethno-Religious/Political Marginalization, In-Your-Face Triumphantilism….African people (whether they know it or not) were Emasculated! Look at the Kaiso competitions POST 2011 (cro cro Compare & Contrast)
            Did you hear Dr. Rowley or PNM writing the UK & African Union about these issues?? Did Dr.Rowley Or PNM ever publicly rally Africans on the basis of ethnicity to ‘mash up de place’ i.e. “We Will Make T&T Ungovernable” ?? The answer is NO…again, because He (Dr. Rowley & PNMites) consider that behaviour to be ‘in poor taste’ i.e. CLASSLESS!

          2. You are such a deceitful individual…What is “The Mugabe Mentality” ?? Again…the only people who detested Mugabe, is the european landowners who own 50+ percent of the land and this is so due to colonization…why would Mamoo (indian) side with a racist european stranglehold on African Resources?? Caste Mentality….right & wrong is juxtaposed with white & black….this is my point…Mamoo is a good example of why Africans cannot depend on support from another ethnic group SIMPLY because they are also black…it is the religion & culture that determines a mindset…and in Mamoo’s case an erratic, single minded approach to undermining African Progress through surreptitious ‘Arrows’ ‘by night’ & from ‘the side’…Imagine that…siding with exslavemasters & their ill gotten gains…but Mamoo is T-Y-P-I-C-A-L. …when Obama was elected…Mamoo’s family went into mourning! Such is the mindset…what makes Mamoo dangerous is, i wouldn’t be surprised if he is or was a teacher in the Nation’s schools…yesss…that is per ‘The Indian Policy’ that yoruba alluded to…Mamoo’s ilk like to seek professions where the poison & the most ‘damage’ could be done & spread…sick! Sick sick sick!



      2. Ohhhh so hitler & his henchmen were racizt? MAMOO…….since you brought Nazism into this discussiin as per RELEVANCE. .WHY was Hitler Racist?? What is the core philosophy that Hitler advocated that was racist? And how is it relevant To T&T, race/ethnic relations & this discussion a la my contributions?? Stcks & stones…Moomoo! Take a look below



      3. Okay….so Mamoo says Christine Kangaloomis a PNM Hack, and that she did what ‘they’ (PNM) woukd not do….fine…fine…BUTTTTT Question…WHY would Carmona not have done it???(according to Mamoo) WHO Appointed Carmona? Is Mamoo insinuating that carmona is a Party hack also?? IF SO, WHOSE hack would he be?? Certainly not the PNM, according to Mamoo’s conclusions…Is Reema Carmona (Hindu) a UNC? Is her family KNOWN UNC financiers & Party Hacks?? Also, do you remember how Carmona singled out, and scolded & Humiliated, PNM MP Marlene Mcdonald?? Was THAT, or could that be interpreted, as a partisan (political) act??….an indication of Political affiliation?… i.e. Apart from being KAMLA Appointed?? I have no definite ANWERS, just QUESTIONS??

        1. See what I mean. Only an idiot would use this medium to impute their warped view on the head of state wife. This type of moco jumbie thinking is scary.

    1. I am 5th generation from India, I don’t have any Indian friends from India and much of what I know of India comes from reading and the Hindi Cinema. I do have friends across the Caribbean, Jamaica, Antigua, St. Vincent, Grenada and Guyana.
      Yes Indian culture was influential in my formative years, respect for parents, respect for elders, fear of God, consequences for doing wrong, family, the importance of marriage–weddings lasted 3 days, the value of getting a good education, staying away from bad company, prayer, respecting those in authority, romance, working hard and not stealing– my parents belong to one of the hardest working generation.

      Those values are lost to this generation under the influence of a stronger western culture. I find it amusing that your assumption of me is that I live in Uttar Pradesh and you live in Dara Salam, but that is the uneducated Post of Spain West view filled with presumptions about other ethnicities.

      I enjoy Indian food especially Briyani and the hot southern Indian food and of course songs from the Hindi Cinema that shaped Indo TNT in terms of how we treat others, dress and of course hair style.(during the 60s all the boys and girls would cut their hair like the Hindi stars).

      Anyways I have selected one of my favourite Hindi Cinema numbers. Enjoy

  3. *correction*…India is the worlds largest FAKE *democracy*…300+ million people slaving away for free in the name of religion…hoping to be reborn light skinned

      1. I’m trying to figure out how war crimes (rape) in a specific region in AN African state can be linked to a culture or religious belief among African Trinidadians in 2015? However, look at what Mamoo’s ancestors & fellow Untouchables are forced to do even TODAY, all over India as Part of Mamoo’s Religion & Culture…don’t you feel pity & shame mamoo for them Mamoo? Or do they deserve it (Born with bad Karma)…

        p.s. notice the bleached skin


        1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=F8dRC5hse6w
          I am proud of my Dalit heritage a heritage of hard work despite rampant discrimination. But what does the word mean to me? I don’t subscribe to the caste system, never lived in India, don’t even speak the language, and would frown upon most of the things done in that part of the world.

          But why Winnie and Yoruba obsession with low caste Dalits? Why their need to constantly point to the Dalit way of life? Maybe they are projecting their fears of ethnic inferiority perhaps even identifying with the Dalits. Maybe they feel that their dark Hamatic skin make them a curse like the Dalits? Indeed Africana societies are amongst the poorest in the world. Noah’s curse of slavery on his son Ham might still be lingering in Yoruba mind knowing like a leopard he can’t change his spots. Hence his obsession. But that is not unusual from a people whose only claim to fame is their history of oppressing others…..

          1. Mamoo…you are not a descendent of dalits…descendent of untouchables…what is the difference you ask? Similar to the difference between a progressive African Trinidadian (Yoruba) and a N#÷%€£…the word ‘Dalit’ was consciously CHOSEN by those formerly identifying with the label ‘untouchables’…Dalit is a word from their dravidian tongue, meaning “broken, crushed & oppresses”…it signifies a DEFIANCE against caste & oppression…a sintle minded MOVEMENT to know their true history & circumstances & the instruments & instuctors of their Torment (Brahminism) religious subjugation & manipulation…YOU SIR support & practice the same abuses that dalits fight against….the dalit movement did not exist when yiur ancestors came to T&T & were jit exposed to the concept of fighting against the ideology…the dalits look up to Malcolm X…hence there exist the “Dalit Panthers”, They admire “Winnie” more than Nelson..and yet YOU Mock Mrs. Mandela everytime you referto me as “Winnie”…you are not in sync with the dalit movement…it is not merely geneology but a mindset & educational movement. Self praise is no praise Mamoo…you are what you type…we already know you WELL!

          2. Maybe they are projecting their fears of ethnic inferiority perhaps even identifying with the Dalits. Maybe they feel that their dark Hamatic (sic) skin make them a curse like the Dalits?

            1) Yeshua may or may not have “identified” with the oprressed. But He certainly stood with them against the oppressor.

            2) Though dark of skin, the “Negro” is not Hamitic. We the “Negro”/Bantu are sons of Jacob (aka Israel), therefore from the line of Shem, not Ham.

            That is why when coming into Africa, after the Roman sack of Jerusalem in 70 CE, we had to keep on moving away from the already settled (by Ham) areas in the North and North-east (Egypt/Ethiopia/Sudan/Somalia/Libya etc.) and ended up in the previously unoccupied areas in the west, central and southern parts of Africa, in what is known to scholars as the “Bantu expansion”.

            As sons of Israel, it is also why the Hamites dubbed us “Bantu” (= children of God, literally), and also “nega” (cf. Ethiopian “negus” = king or prince, as in Kebra Negast, the Book of Kings). It is also why the few who settled amongst them, still today are called “falasha” (= stranger).

            If you don’t believe me, you might believe the Zondervan Bible Dictionary:

            Ham – The youngest son of Noah, born probably about 96 years before the Flood; and one of eight persons to live through the Flood. He became the progenitor of the dark races; not the Negroes, but the Egyptians, Ethiopians, Libyans and Canaanites.

            The afore-mentioned Ethiopians are properly called Kushites, the name “ethiopian” (= burnt face), being a Greek nickname that has stuck. The name Kush is the name of the first son of Ham. The nation of Kush spilled over into the sub-continent of India, where they were termed Indus-Kush (= Kushites around the Indus river). They established the founding civilization of India, known by the later invading indo-Aryans as Harappan. Their founding forefathers were Ram and Shiva, son and grandson respectively of Kush, and since deified under Hamitic practice of ancestor worship.

            I do not consider dark skin to be a sign of inferiority. Certainly the sons of Ham distinguished themselves as the early bearers of so-called “high civilization”. The Egyptians were Hamites, via Mizraim, the second son of Ham, and formed the earliest “high civilization” post-Flood.

            God raises up, and God casts down, whom He will. Whites would have been derided as lepers in the days of black rule, and horribly discriminated against. God nevertheless raised them up to rule under the 4th kingdom, and it didn’t take them long to requite the favour of skin colour discrimination, this time with white on top. Vanity, vanity! There is a reason that Yeshua supped with Simon the leper. But the lesson is lost on most of us…

            God also raised up Israel, for a time, and then cast us down. Moses saw it before we crossed the Jordan. And so it was. It is written that He will raise us up again, as He will fulfill the promise He made to our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. There merely was a hard lesson in humility that He needed first to have us learn.

            Be all that as it may, the only question is what is *true*. I do not claim to be a son of Jacob to satisfy some wish-fulfillment that it be so, but merely and simply because it is true. I assert it as a simple fact, riding on which are the blessings and curses, both, of Scripture.

            Thankfully, most of the curses are behind us. Whether that were so or not, I would have no desire to seek to be other than what I am. Truth may hurt sometimes, but it also heals. Lies may smooth over hurt for a time, but never heal.

            My submission to the truth of who we the “Negro”/Bantu are, certainly does not come with any fear of inferiority. Rather it comes with an obligation to live up to our essential nobility. And to continue to wear that nobility lightly, like Yeshua.

            As the strong and the gifted, we are required to protect the weak, and to take the side of the oppressed against the oppressor. Therefore we take the side of the dalit against the brahminist, even though on the human family tree, we are actually more closely related to the indo-aryan, than we are the dalits. The latter will predominantly be indus-Kush Hamite, while the former are Edomite, near relation of the Israelite, through the common ancestor, Isaac.

            3) Get over this materialist fixation you have. You will come to find that the lake of fire will be populated by many billionaires, kings, popes, bankers and princes of industry. Still, it will not be a nice place.

            “And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk: Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.” (Revelation 9:20-21)

            You claim to be Christian, but you display no understanding of its essential moral teachings and tenets. Though a king of kings, sent from the Father, Yeshua was born in a stable, of impoverished parents who were yet of royal blood.

            The world will soon come to understand that that is the essential story of the “Negro”. Though impoverished, our destiny is to rule.

            That is also why the brahminists here in our midst find us, –though without guile, and indeed gullible to a fault, — a tough nut to crack. Their destiny also was to rule, but for the limited time of a “time and times and a dividing of time”, which decoded is about 2,250 years, give or take. That time is now up. That is why their rule of oppression is being exposed, and will soon collapse. All of that is written.

            4) I have no fixation with the dalits, neither with the brahminists. As I write on these matters, my face is toward my “Negro” brethren, even though I’m responding to your impotent and unavailing provocation. Alyssa likewise is engaged in a labour of love for her own, not so much to cross swords with a dalit in seemingly unshakable denial, such is the power of brahminist brainwashing.

            May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and the wicked deeds that they wickedly do. And may He fulfill that good word that He spoke to our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


            “But the saints of the most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, even for ever and ever.” (Daniel 7:18)

  4. An explanation for the “food rolling video”
    An ancient Brahminist Practice as seen in the above link is referred to as ‘food rolling’…this is where Brahmins (highest ranked uppercastes) sit down and have a feast on the traditional Banana leaves, then, they all get up, step aside & OVERSEE large lines of untouchables, who have been waiting patiently TO…get this…roll all over the ground where the Brahmins ate their food,partucularlt on top of the leftover food waste, because…..get this…they are told that the leftover food wastw from the brahmins will cure their skin ailments. …but it is still MANDATORY that they do it…i wish you could look at the evil grinning on the faces of the Brahmins as they look on at the humiliation of these poor souls…Mamoo wishes he coukd make us do this…BUTTTTT that and the true one god’s face you will NEVER see!

    1. Alyssa, Mamoo has written something that I am sure he wrongly interprets as a profile of who he is, he said and I quote, ” I find it amusing that your assumption of me is that I live in Uttar Pradesh and you live in Dara Salam, but that is the uneducated Post of Spain West view filled with presumptions about other ethnicities.”.

      It is believed that all behaviors are acquired through conditioning. The behavior of the Indian and especially the hindu in Trinidad, is definitely different from that of the other ethnic groups. The operant conditioning of the hindu leads to an observed behavior of one who is split in his loyalty based religion, culture and systematic beliefs.
      Most Indian behaviors are not influenced by what they experience here locally. Again, I quote from Mamoo “I enjoy Indian food especially Briyani and the hot southern Indian food and of course songs from the Hindi Cinema that shaped Indo TNT in terms of how we treat others, dress and of course hair style.(during the 60s all the boys and girls would cut their hair like the Hindi stars).” What this means is that his behavior is conditioned by what he is taught to believe he is by ancestry and not the environment in which his growth actually occurs. This is where his split loyalty becomes apparent. While his physiological growth and mental awareness have local ingredients, his sociological and spiritual affirmations are rooted in a belief system that is conditioned by myths and beliefs that he would never experience spiritually.

      What we do here on this blog is explore the source of those with the thinking and operative mindset of Mamoo and not necessarily Mamoo himself. So when he refers to soldiers raping women in the Congo, that has absolutely no bearing on the African in Trinidad. The Congo is far removed from the African Trinidadian experience as man on earth and alien on Mars. While according to his own words, he is shaped by the religion, culture, food and conditioning of those who came before him. Notice he said nothing of his Trinidadian
      upbringing. It means that even though he was born and grown here, what influences his conditioning came from his ancestral homeland. It is the same reason when Indian comes to play cricket in Trinidad, the Indians have split loyalty in whom he supports. When an Indian like Jwala is fired, he feels it personally and does not base his reasoning on what is good for Trinidad and Tobago but instead he conditions his reasoning on what is good for the Indian. This can be said of Kamla, Bhoe, Hamid, Kangal or which ever name is called. Whether Jwala is good for the interests of the country is not important to them. What is important is Jwala’s image in the Indian community.

      Politics, as practiced by the Indian reveals a motivation of self actualization and group motivation more than what other ethnics are looking for from government. When the non-Indian look to government, what matters most is policy that takes the whole country forward. Notice every word that comes from Kamla’s mouth is about personnel (Indian). In her administration she pushed Gen Ken Maharaj (Defense Force) to stay beyond the military’s traditional period of stay. She used Reshmi on us, not because Reshmi could be of good service to the country, but because she is a ‘good Indian girl’ whose exposure can uplift the Indian spirit.
      This, in a nutshell is why Alyssa and others introduce history, beliefs, culture, race and religion of what goes on on the Indian continent and its diaspora. It is not one of comparison as Mamoo wants to indicate. We (non-Indians) need to know who the Indian really is and we cannot know by just being ignorant of their history and conditioning.

      1. Kian, Question…how did kenrick become available for promotion(s) just in the nick of time to be promoted to first indian head of defense force, after UNCOPP got into office?? What a coincidence!Question…listen carwfully to my question…Was he promoted TWICE in ONE YEAR,post may 24th 2010, in order to be ELLIGIBLE TO BE promoted to first INDIAN Head of defence force in the first place?? I’m just curious…people are asking if both the entrance & the exit into that role was curried By the PP??

        1. Kian,Yoruba,Justright,Triniamerican,Rodwell,Neal…PLEASE. ..read this article by Raffique Shah way back in2001 during UNCOPP’s first term i office 1995-2002…Raffique Shah an Indian, was raising alarm bells about ethnic tampering with the Defense Force by the Then administration that he had learned of & provided a historical rebuttal on any possible attempt at justification for it…fast forward to 2010…remember Nizam’s statements? Ever wonder why he was put on the police service commission? Has anyone else noticed how the PSC seems to have been appointed NON Africans to head it? Why do you think that was done 2010-2015?.




          1. No mystery there, unfortunately.

            By some coincidence, the Nizam Mohammed case came up in my recent commentary about appealing from the President to what is constitutionally in effect a lower court… the High Court.

            Their monstrously evil agenda includes as Item #3: Make the niggas (sic) your slaves; The Indian Policy. Obviously such an evil, and indeed seditious agenda, must be disguised obviously. The disguise comes in the form of a complaint, namely that they have suffered employment discrimination among others in the Police and Defense services, and therefore redress is required. In reality they feel vulnerable in any attempt at complete take-over, unless they have if not control of these services, at least sufficient representation there as to neutralize the threat to takeover they would otherwise pose.

            Once one is familiar with their agenda, one may read dem like a book. The answer to the question that puzzled Selwyn Cudjoe — what dese Indians want — will become very clear.

            I will carefully consider any attempt to disabuse me, unless it’s a laundry list masquerading as argument (Mamoo and Kangal be warned).


        2. Alyssa, I am afraid that I do not have a definite answer to those two questions about Brig General Kendrick Maharaj. Prior to his appointment I always thought, or have always been familiar with the ascension of Brig Spencer, who was well qualified for the position but Kendrick emerged from off the radar when Kamla was Prime Minister. To this day Brig Spencer will leave office escaping the prized appointment of being Chief of Defense Staff. Given the meteoric rise of Kendrick, there must be some kind of accelerated promotions in order to be first in line for that position. What I have heard of him (Ken), is that he is mediocre, fit and while not outstanding, his
          tenure changed the requirements for entry in the armed forces. The changes he made may not bode well for future recruiting into the defense force.

  5. Alyssa,

    A word to the unbelievers… the Apocalypse (unveiling, or revelation, literally) is upon us…

    “But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.” (Revelation 10:7)

    One of God’s mysteries precisely was the matter of Jacob vs Esau, or Israel vs Edom.

    “And Yahweh said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels ….” (Genesis 25:23)

    Mamoo is Esau. He cannot help himself. He is a different manner of person from you or me. He is one of those that literally “cannot hear” the Word:

    “Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” (John 8:43-44)

    The brahminists have been well ensconced in a cocoon, spun by PR and Gandhi-ist propaganda, pretending to superior spiritual virtue. The cocoon has become unraveled as part of that end-times process of apocalypse. And what it reveals is an ugly, naked truth.

    How will we know the ones who are Esau, and therefore fitted to destruction?; Romans 9:22; they will be the ones that Yeshua already told us, “cannot hear” His word, and are rather of their father the devil, headed with him to an end in the lake of fire.

    Thank you for helping along this process of apoclypse.

    I pray that it will help in the awakening of the ones for whom the Word resonates somewhere deep in their soul.


    “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues”. (Revelation 18:4)

  6. Let me add a post-script by quoting Dr. Cudjoe:

    Speak to any non-Indian in Trinidad and Tobago and one is asked the same question: What dese Indians want? It may be an unfair question, a paranoid response, or just the reflection of feelings of anxiety. Yet, there lingers in the minds of many non-Indians that there can be no pleasing Indians in Trinidad and Tobago. Do they yearn for equality or do they seek dominance?

    In the very question, “what dese Indians want?”, is the evidence of the gulf separating the “two manner of people” God told Rebekah were already warring in her womb.

    From their side, they too see a gulf of separation, which is why in the Indian Policy, we have in Item #2: “…we must not allow ourselves to be ruled by monkeys (sic)…”

    The difference is that from our side it is a puzzlement only very recently becoming unmasked. From their side there is an implacable hatred, seemingly of an atavistic sort that they themselves would be hard pressed to explain.

    Scripture explains it in very basic terms: Esau, the elder, sold the birthright for a mess of pottage when he thought it worthless, then when Jacob stole their father’s blessing as well, through subterfuge, Esau’s hatred became implacable and has not ceased since. Jacob for his part long ago sought forgiveness for his sin.

    Those are the bare outlines of the biblical story, leaving still what is one of God’s mysteries now being unraveled as part of the apocalypse. Jacob would have paid for his sin and be forgiven, while Esau, in all the branches of that family tree,– only one of which are the indo-Aryan brahminists,– will remain implacable in blaspheming God:

    “And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk: Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.” (Revelation 9:20-21)

    And why do they not repent? Yeshua already gave us the answer: because they literally “cannot hear” the Word, because they are of and with the devil, in his rebellion against God. Simple. Even simplistic. But profound at many levels.

    May the Most High reward all those who submit to His Word, and seek His face, with the answers to the mysteries more and more being revealed.


    “But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.” (Revelation 10:7)

  7. Mamoo is NOT a Dalit…he’s an Untouchable…un-shadowable…imagine THAT the racist scorn is so much that uppercastes actually Mark with a stone, the longest possible cast of the human shadow in the sun & theh prohibit the dalit from allowing his/her SHADOW fro touching them…this simple, hard truth RUBISHES any notion that a brahmin & other uppercastes regardless of impoverishment, would DARE even LINE-UP next to no-caste Untouchables or low-caste shudras to get on a boat, and risk the possibility of sitting within ‘shadow distance’ of an untouchable(no castes) or even shudras (lowcastes) to come and cut cane on an expected EGALITARIAN, Non – uppercaste controlled scheme (Indentureship)…In fact, There are Brahmins in India as we speak, dousing themselves in gasoline & burning themselves alive, in public, as PROTEST to Dalits(untouchables/uun-shadowables)being ALLOWED education & upward mobility, as they cry that it is a spitirual pain for this to happen according to ‘Hindu’ Law…how would people of THAT mentality be willing to join indentureship becUse of economic reasons…its a ridiculous, calculated lie!

  8. Jwala Rambarran had to go. It really didn’t matter if he was in breach of the Central Bank act or if he was irresponsible or if he was the worlds greatest Central Bank Governor or appointed under the UNC etc. In these difficult economic times we cannot have a Central Bank Governor who is at loggerheads with the Ministry of Finance and refuses to inform and coordinate financial policy with whoever the government of the day may be.

    Mr. Rambarran made it crystal clear that he had no intention of informing the Ministry of Finance of any of his actions putting them in the position of having to not only make public finance policy but to react to the whims of the Central Bank. If they disagreed there would be public fallout and if the Ministry was fundamentally opposed to the actions of the bank they would have to force the bank to reverse its decision as they did with the foreign exchange matter. While this might make for great political theater it would be horrible for the country.

    This would not have been acceptable even if the UNC had won the election. As long as Mr. Jwala Rambarran refused to change his position it would have been irresponsible for ANY government to leave him as head of the Central Bank.

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