Govt axes Rambarran

By Renuka Singh
December 24, 2015 –

Jwala RambarranCentral Bank Governor Jwala Rambarran has been fired. The T&T Guardian confirmed that Rambarran was dismissed by the Minister of Finance, Colm Imbert yesterday.

Word of this unprecedented dismissal came late last night, but only one day after Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said that a Government “ought to have confidence” in any Central Bank Governor. That comment and his refusal to give any ground to Rambarran made clear that he did not have any confidence in the Governor.

Rambarran’s dismissal comes after a series of actions that left him in an “untenable” situation, according to Rowley. Just two weeks ago, Rowley said that Rambarran was effectively creating problems for himself by his actions during his time as governor. In a stinging statement to the media, Rowley had then described Rambarran actions as reckless and illegal.

Rowley’s harsh critique came after a series of missteps by Rambarran, which brought him into conflict with Imbert. Earlier in December, Imbert criticised Rambarran for announcing that the country was in a recession without first consulting with him. One week later, Rambarran was again chastised for publicly revealing the names of the biggest foreign exchange users in the country.

Adding to the sense of a Governor embattled and under sever pressure to keep his job, was Massy conglomerate’s signalling its intention to take legal action against him for that alleged breach of confidentiality.

While Rambarran enjoyed support from the Opposition and even gained support in the form of an online petition to keep him in office, his continued clashes with the Government made his position irretrievable. Rambarran did not immediately return calls to his mobile phone.

The T&T Guardian was informed that deputy Central Bank Governor, Alvin Hilaire will replace him for a five year term.


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  1. I always thought the office of the Governor of the Central bank was independent meaning free from political interference. Was I ever wrong. If you don’t do the song and dance of the Minister of Finance then “crapaud smoke your pipe”

  2. Winston Dookeran’s Nephew (Jwala Rambarran) has FINALLY been fired…now we can see where the most IMPORTANT forex ‘streams’ actually went…I wonder if Winston realizes that the shame Jwala has brought to himself in the way he received his appointment, as well as his short tenor as governor,…may well have NOT been worth it…History will be cruel to his posting as well as his stewardship 🙂 🙂 :)..

    I want to throw a party….BUTTTTT we in a recession….


    First Kamla’s lawyer Israel Khan, clueless Inspector of Prisons son, David Khan, then that fat, under-qualified chick Reshmi as Intelligence Security Chief, followed by this guy.
    Right up there with nepotitic Kamla, eat ah food sister , elevated to Chief protocol/ baby sitter, for older PM sibling-until the outcry by citizens -ennnt?

    Oh yeah,and good riddance ,to another of Kamla’s handpicked,incompetent ,quasi educated -party hacks /cronies!,221736.html

    It’s a pity the neo- tribal, incoherent UNC Queen of the crumbuled PP fiefdom , is trying to start a fake victimhood narative, re- alleged -racial persecution of two of her criminal heros,in lifetime mentor Basdeo Panday, and his compromised drinking pal,ex CJ Sharma.
    Everyone ,and their mama knows fully well,why these two country gating comedians ,ain’t still doing jailtime,eeeehhhh Mamboo?
    Hey Mamboo, how many illigal guns that cane through our porous borders, ended up in murderous prisoners hands under David Khan’s stewardship?
    What about you TMan,if Ag Commissioner Williams was an Indo Trini, would he be forced to ebdure the public indignity, of acting for almost five years ,under a Indo Trini led regime?
    How about you Intricate-was that one of simi educated Reshmi advice to her Siparia boss Kamla, to scrap the propose OVP ships , thus contributing to present day , drugs,illegal weapons,increasedv piracy on our struggling fishermen , and increased illeal immigrants influx into our( porous agua borders) country?
    Perhaps not , more so the advice of that obnoxious , egotistical ,overated ,legal ,fake luminary, in ex COP , turned Kamla’s UNC, disgraced AG , Anan Rammy, the goat hearder,si?
    It’s beyond pathetic , that this now irrelevant Kamla, is suddenly attempting to use the long overdue firing , of her political appointee Governor , as a platorm, to show herself as this opaque champion of distraught citizens, when for 5 plus years,both she along with her then loyal goons ,engaged in systemiatic purges, and bastadization of our entire Public Service.
    Hey Kamla, it’s time to give up.Go ride into the sunset, where you cab savor your gashly political legacy,and here it is, if still unaware:-
    Evolved into one of the worst Prime Ministers,and perhaps political leader , we have seen throughout the entire Commonwealth.
    Sadly,you , with the help of your unpatriotic minnions, have singlehandedly done, what none of our previous 5 PMs, was ever able to do.
    Yep, make us in one time Sweet T&T(de richest English speaking country in region) into a global laughing stock,and borerline failed state, on the brink of a recession, due to the festering of a disgusting culture of ugly tribalism , which included obvious corruption , poor economic stewardship, political mismanagement, and goverment- ministerial malfeasence, of the highest order.
    It would take monumental efforts by the present regime, to build back the required confidence needed ,for foreign corporate, and political entities , to engage in serious business, and win/win socio-political activities with us, that can advance our national interest.
    Let’s however ,as authentic patriots remain optimistic, and wish our leaders well in these trying times ,shall we people?
    A word of caution for our present PN,in The Right Honorable Dr Keith Rowley,as he and government attempt to steady the ship of state .
    Part of your future legacy would be judged ,on how many of these White color criminals ,are brought to judtice ,due to their outragious activities ,conducted under the Kamla led PP rule.
    Your political Honeymoon ,time clock is ticking along,so get to work Mr PM-especially now that the UNC dominant PP, is in total disrray,due in great measure ,to ibfightibg , and the absence of any meaningful leadership.
    Long live de Republic of Toba….ummmmm…lo siento.T&T!

    1. Neal…Welcome back, Welcome back, Welcommmmme Baaaaaack !
      Jwala Rambarran WAS Under-Qualified for his now Previous job 🙂 …I wouldn’t use THAT word though, to decribe Reshmi Ramnarine/Sasha Rekha…she barely had a ‘certificate’ & had no academically relevant qualifications or experience in the field…BUTTTTT Dr. Tim Gopeesingh may have found her suitably Qualified is another disturbing angle to The disgraceful Reshmi Ramnarine saga, which the masses seemed not to have explored….Do you realize that she may very well have been a functioning mole in the intelligence agency?? Not on behalf of another state, (which would have been at least, comparatively, somewhat ‘noble’ ) but on behalf of her fellow Brahminists /’Hindus’/UNC..??? I hope The PNM learns from THAT…could you imagine the mindset of Reshmi to have come to work all those years & (fake) socializing with her employers & co-workers (her towering seniors) and funneling info to UNC & then in a scathingly Hateful action Usurp the Job of The HEAD of the Intelligence Agency?? Disgrace!! Let that be a lesson to African people…could you IMAGINE that PHONE OPERATOR was comfortably content with being part of a movement that was firing her Emploers/seniors/co-workers & fellow Trinidadians of African descent & being catapulted from the very (disjointed) BOTTOM of the organization & Usurping THE HEAD position…Of an intelligwnce agency?? That is symptomatic of a CASTE MINSET!! No patriotism or loyalty that supercedes CASTE objective…what a DISGRACE!!

    2. Why no demand for Oliverre to step down. She did the same thing Jack Warner did sending letters to companies under her portfolio asking them to send her money. Isn’t that a breach of the integrity act?

      1. Ahhhhhh yesssssss…nicole olivierre’s post Huttin alyuh eh…..after being abused for 5 years 3 months she is now THEIR boss…Mamoo is pained to see that role reversal whilst i am rejoicing!! Thus has been the sweetest christ’s-Mas since 2009….i wonder why??

        🙂 🙂

  4. Mamoo, my propaganda friend. Being independent does not mean one can treat the Government like brown stuff. Even if Jwala Rambarran does not like the PNM, like yourself, he still has to be professional in his dealings.

    Being independent does not allow one to ignore all rules, regulations and protocol practices in handling the nation’s business.

    Politics run our lives and no one is free from political interference, ask Jack Warner. I fired Jwala Rambarran, the people fired Jwala Rambarran, Jwala Rambarran fired himself. He was definitely not comfortable working with Afro Trinidadians.

    1. Frontsman, that is exactly the point than many do not get…there are many persons in this country who believe that power isn’t being used properly UNLESS it is abused…abusing those who are deemed inferior is a virtue in the ideology of Many in T&T…

      “Animals, Drums,illiterates, low castes (shudras) & WOMEN are worthy of being beaten” -Manu Smirti (Hindu/Brahminist Law & code of ethics)…untouchables (Dalits) & Africans RESPECTIVELY are even lower than shudras in status eh….

      “A Drum,an idiot, a shudra (low caste) and a woman all NEED SEVERE BEATING”- Gosai Tulsi Das – Ramcharitarmanas (Ramayan)…
      notice how the ramayan is regarded as one of the few items that indentured labourers brought with them in their Jahaji Bundle…and this same ramamyan is given holidays & celebrated …

      Open YOUR EYES !!

  5. Now, to give an example of the hypothetically catastrophic scenario of Reshmi, being a UNC agent, as well as the couple below being UNC agents, as well as the couple admittedly being part of the ‘Indian Policy’ plan under the UNCOPP,to forcefully mold Chaguanas as the ‘New’ Capital, whilst emasculating Port Of Spain….WHAT IF, Reshmi Ramnarine, had ‘Shared’ info (whether Directly or INdirectly via UNC) to the couple in the links below,about the parameters of the Intelligence Agency whilst she was a mole?? Also, Note that Dr. Neil Parson, IS the Nephew Of Former Kamla Appointed Minister Chandradesh (“Teacup” & “Yuh Hittin’ A Brahmin Boy”) Sharma & Kamla Appointed HIM as Ambassador to Washington, where he is seen as provided by express POSING with a then, soon to be, Drug Smuggler…KAMLA appointed Reshmi,who was photographed liming with KAMLA Appointed Minister Dr. Tim Gopeesingh, & KAMLA Appointed Dr. Neil Parsan, as AMBASSADOR to washington who is then seen Photographed, POSING with the Drug Smugglers below AT OUR EMBASSY?? KAMLA was PM for 5 years & 3 months…first thing her administration did was to dismantle border protection & Neutralize the OPV deals (meant to patrol & stop smuggling) “the fight is on the land, not the sea”..these are the people in opposition fright now…’government in waiting’

  6. Correction *Then, soon to be*…what i meant was, then, soon to be, ARRESTED Drug Mugglers…they were apparently so for MANY Years…

    1. Thanks for the cyber luv Sister Alyssa.I’m a bit rusty ,but we have a nation to save,so it’s back to the grind .
      Must admit that I’ve been following yourself ,and myb fellow neo patriotic- progressive efforts ,and will say , a fine job indeed.
      I am proud of your respective efforts of holding our respective power brokers hands to the symbolic fire,while striving in some small way to make a difference.

      Not that I am too worried about you ,as I can see you can handle yourself with the best/worst of them. Still be careful however mi amiga.Dem members of the tribe enjoy suing people left, right ,and center. They loose an election ,is law suit.
      Simi ugly -Hollywood wanabee chicks , get told she cannot represent our country again ,-perhaps -since her party lost ,is law suit.
      She once more embarassed her country, via social media ,by spending out the pagant expense dollars given to her ,while overshopping in China for fake Louis Votton bags,then claim she was abandoned.
      Bet you bottom dollar a lawsuit comming.
      Tell you what ,if Dr Keith pass wind in le Parliamentary tea room chamber, within earshot /near his political adversary Kamla ,law suit for him.
      Notice how much they love our local courts ,once they win?
      Still dragging their feet,re full acceptance of our much maligned Caribbean Courts of Justice ,howeve,thus making T&T de regional booboolees. The court headquarters is here.
      We pay the most in it’s budget,yet aren’t part of it. Such stupidity!
      Tell me people,with country hating citizens like these ,who need enemies?
      Well again,no one said nation building was going to be easy,si?
      Mama Britainia certainly knew what she was doing,when he created this hodgepodge/ mess,si?
      ‘Me think so.’
      Let’s stay vigilant T&T!

      1. Thanks Neal, much appreciated wisdom. I always post consciously…of all of those factors…everything i said were reasonable questions & facts lined up with already published articles on the matter…if this were any other decent society these issues would have swamped Kamla out of office butttttt they contol the news cycles…injecting an oscillation between propaganda & irrelevant topics…how sickening!

  7. In it’s article ‘A case Against Entrapment, Says Opposition Leader’ by the Guardian Newspaper, it is quoted as saying “Persad-Bissessar is now accusing the Government of entrapment, saying that the Government tied to “set up” the Governor, even as he was providing the information as they requested.”…… I would like to single out the phrase “he was providing the information as they requested”, for closer scrutiny and some deliberations on how the Opposition Leader views responding to a ‘request’ by the government. The ‘request’ that Kamla Persad Bissessar is quoting, is the eventual question asked by the government, resulting from actions taken independently by the then Governor (Jwala Rambarran), to change monetary policy that worked well for the past 21 years in current distribution and his assertion that the economy is in recession without providing necessary data for financial people to get a sense of his analysis of the contraction of the economy. That is what formed the basis of ‘the request’, taking into account that Jwala had no consultation or corroboration with the government before coming forward to the public with his conclusion that we are in a recession. It is therefore, misleading to make the assumption or promote the idea that Jwala was responding to a ‘request’ by the government. The general rule advocated by financial management experts, is that when there are two or more quarters of receding economic expectations, it is a sign of the country being in a recession. Jwala was the Governor when the first, second and third quarters expired with receding results. In the midst of the fourth quarter, with a new government just being elected and without the use of data to back up his conclusion, he triumphantly announced that the country was in recession. All of this done, without the courtesy of engaging the government and by extension the Minister of Finance on the state of the economy,
    he decided (by way of the media) to let the country know that we are operating in a recessed economy. This underscores Jwala’s character as a person of high standing, in the state of the economy and the general practice of consulting with the appropriate authorities to give the desired rating for local and international trading considerations. He acted in derelict fashion to go on his own without the necessary notifications to others who are charged with the management of the economy. The Opposition Leader is in effect patently wrong in saying that it was a request, when in fact the government, just like any one of us were not apprised by the Governor what was really taking place. The question “whey de money gorne” is a commonly held view of Jwala’s performance as opposed to asking him to give an account of the status of the economy. It is with this in mind that Jwala has left us to wonder why didn’t he give us that view in June of 2015 when it was clear that the recession was with us for some time. It is also the common view of many that Jwala’s failure to warn us that the then government had used up all of its reserves from the general fund and that of NGC and Petrotrin that we fault his performance as the Governor of the Central Bank. In conclusion Kamla is wrong in saying that Jwala was acceding to a request and not effectively doing his job that is now the cause of his demise. He also did not provide the information that was requested but information he wanted to put into the public domain of agencies who, by their very nature will use massive foreign currency to operate properly.

  8. Alyssa, Yoruba, Neal and others, I would like to advance a theory of why the Kamla Persad Bissessar’s administration was at odds with long standing practices and understanding of how government is run. It is my belief that her administration was filled with people from mostly rural parts of the country. Kamla, as well as those she appointed to fill important posts, are deep in the traditional hindu rituals and as such performed under the same aesthetics of protocol that are used in their religious practice.
    She continues to make outrageous claims even though there is now evidence to prove her unsuitability for Prime Ministership.

    1. Don’t blame it on being rural.

      God took King David from the sheepcote and made him king over all Israel; 2 Samuel 7:8. He was the apple of His eye because of his moral strength, his integrity, his courage, and most of all his fear of and faith in God. He also was a man of great natural intelligence and intellect, as one may discern from his beautiful and inspiring psalms. These qualities are not vitiated by rural upbringing.

      Another example. Mandela came from a rural area, but was a moral giant. He also was of royal lineage, and it showed. He had immense dignity, immense integrity, immense moral courage, immense moral fortitude. These are the qualities required to lead a country successfully, and for the good of all.

      In all these qualities, Kamla the Queen Bandit along with her gang of 40 thieves, were deficient. That is why, they were unsuited to office. There was not a single bright light amongst them. Instead of moral giants, we had a gang of crooks. Eat-ah-food moral dwarves.

      I agree with your second part. As long as they remain mired in their brahminist hindu racial prejudices and idolatrous moral relativisms, there shall no great soul emerge from amongst them. Even the alleged mahatma (great soul), Mohan Dass Gandhi, it turns out was far less than the hype made him out to be.

      That is a harsh judgement, I know. I am subject to correction if a single confuting example could be brought forward. Gandhi is not one.

      May the Most High continue to wake His children, that we might see His light, His truth, and His grace, and avail of the redemptive power of the Lamb that was slain for the remission of our manifold and manifest sins. And may He pour out His spirit upon us that we be the nation of kings and priests and prophets that He desired; Exodus 19:5-6; Psalms 147:19-20.


      “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” (Proverbs 14:34)

  9. Kian, what you stated is not a theory or ‘alleged’ it is a FACT….but, i would do you one better my beloved,…the UNCOPP is, in its organizational & power structure, essentially, one big Mandir…this is why the unwavering loyalty, sycophantic behaviour was/is so rank!…Pay attention to the boards & appointments…Dr. Tony Martin in his paper titled African & Indian consciousness, which shoukd be read by all African Descendants in T&T as well as PNMites & other Politically interested individuals…Dr. Martin showed through his research (meticulous) that the Indian Politics was & is since the very beginning about who could sing the most Bhajans (hindu/ brahminist Hymns) & whomcould recite from the Baghavad gita & other Brahminist/Hindu scriptures….that is who is elected as leadership…..they care about little else….sooooo….who is high up in the party & ultimately ends up in KEY areas to transform T&T into a brahminist paradise are those who are the most ‘Hindu’ or the most castw minded….the most connected to india’s extremely right wing hindu nationalist party RSS/BJP like the one in Power right now (modi)…make no mistake…they are SINGLE MINDED….they stream line the mandir with the primary,secondary,tertiary educational institutions with the political party…so they create an army of devoted or devotees of the Brahminist Agenda….PNM & african people/christians cannot effectively compete with THAT mentality with the same ‘kumbaya’ song…there MUST be a PARADIGM or ‘para dig em’ change!!…we must educate OUR children & grand to great great geand kids about the true history & social reality in T&T pastm present & future from WOMB TO TOMB…or risk churning out entire generations of :
    watson duke
    jearleane john
    andy johnson
    The Griffiths
    Wayne Munro
    emmanuel george
    Rupert griffith
    Hilton “the criminals doing the crimes look like me” Sandy

  10. WAIT WAIT WAIT…CORRECTION CORRECTION CORRECTION….My apologies to the HONOURABLE HILTON Sandy!….I meant JOHN Sandy in my above post….JOHN Sandy was Kamla Appointed Minister Of National Security who apart from standing up in Parliament to defend the reshmi ramnarine scandal with an inaccurate, imbellished resume…He also stood in front of the Nation to address rightfully afraid & angry Nationals at the Unjustified (to date) UNCOPP State Of Emergency, which was designed to emasculate the then planned strikes by the Labour Movement & others who noticed the duplicitous intentions of the regime?…John Sandy, told the Nation, in an attempt to justify the racist detention of 7000+ Africans, that the ‘people’ who ‘doin the ‘crime’ ‘ “Look
    like me”….. 🙁 :(…that statement alone told me WHY KAMLA had faith in him as a Minister as well as his mindset to people who ‘look like’ him….and thank you Dr. Selwyn Cudjoe for letting us know that His(John Sandy’s) wife is
    Indian…. it helped contextualize John Sandy’s actions & affiliation (politically & otherwise ).
    Now, my Brother HILTON Sandy is the Tobagonian THA Member,
    who warned (out of love & duty) his fellownAfrican, Tobagonian brothers & sisters of the Impending DOOM that they faced on that Isle, had they elected the UNCOPP Puppets Ashworth Jack & his fellow UNCOPP Muppets…He upset the Plan of ‘The Indian Policy’ to turn Tobago into, according to Shat,…
    “A Hindu(Brahminist) Paradise!..for travellling Indian (Hindu/Brahminist) Businessmen (from India)”…whatever the HELL that means…All i know is,One group’s Paradise is another group’s Hellhole (Oppression)…According to the Rig Veda(Hindu/Brahminist Scriptures) The ‘Aryans’ (Forefathers
    of Real Brahmins/Uppercastes) conquered India’s original “Black, Noseless, Malignant” Inhabitants (Forefathers Of The Untouchables) and subsequently,based on that history up until present day, we can surmise that they turned India as it is today into….A Hindu/Brahminist Paradise…BUTTTT…the Untouchables (Dalits) have a completely different perspective on THAT ‘Paradise’….soooooooo Thank You HILTON (Not John) Sandy!

  11. You know, in spite of our partisan politics, Jwala, the ex- governor of the Central bank asked for what he got. Even though the Central Bank has the mandate to operate as an independent institution, the Governor is still answerable to the Minister of Finance.
    If he has information reflective of the economic situation in T&T, he has an obligation to collaborate with his technical boss, the Minister of Finance.
    He should have consulted with and seek the consultative approval of the government before making any public announcements regarding the state of the economy.
    I fail to see what is so difficult about the governor cooperating with the new government to pronounce on the state of the economy. His behavior clearly indicates that he was playing partisan politics. He was not mature enough to conduct himself in a manner befitting of his position.
    The Cabinet had no alternative.

    1. You just rose in my estimation. Some laws of politics are immutable, and apply whether in business, government, the military, or in politics-as-such.

      Btw, I’m sure Winston Dookeran, who is a cool political cucumber and a political realist, whatever else you may say about him, would have told him the same.

      Jwala behaved like an errant schoolboy, lacking in seasoning and maturity.


    2. I did not believe my eyes and had to take take a second look and read to make sure I am reading TMan. Although making complete sense I am still wondering what is the catch! It is extremely rare do we get a reading on the other side that speaks candidly and objectively about any matter, let alone this one. This is not a criticism TMan, it is if anything a shock that you would be candid enough to admit the truth.
      I would end by saying that one cannot argue with objectivity and we should welcome your candid response to a sordid political dilemma. God Bless!

      1. Lol…kiam,….please PUT DOWN the BAIT…Tman is so far on the ‘Dark Side Of The Force’, this sputter of honesty can only be the machinations of a plot to build up some credit to sanitize an upcoming swipe at Dr. Rowley/PNM…just you wait…

        1. Oh yeah Alyssa! I hear that. TMan has a way of attracting attention and I believe that this is one of them. He is clever though. He throws his bait and stay in waiting to see how we fall for it then I am absolutely sure he would blaze the living hell out of Keith Rowley. Predictable? Yep …. and cunning too!

  12. “Apologies to the HONORABLE HILTON SANDY…..JOhn Sandy was Kamla appointed Minister…defended the Reshmi scandal..”

    So what you are saying in essence Sistaz Alyssa,is dat said,ex ‘Brig-aid-hear’John Sandy,de one of 4 PP Minister of National Security,our estemmed President Cameo,and former House Speaker in Wade -MBA -Mark,all had one thing in common?
    Let me see if I can phrase it correctly,so as elude de censors..ummmmm….. They all married triplet sisters ,who emerged from a one village family,South of the Caroni?
    So this explains why they were so adored by Her Madjesstrick Queen Karma,and her Carbal manipulated,UNC dominant PP goons,huh?
    Thanks for the heads up,mi amiga.
    Yep,we know what became of Tobago Sandy,after he had the audacity to utter those infamous words. He ended up in an early geriatric death bed ever since,and his youthful girlfriend, finally abandoned him ,a few months ago-after perhaps taking him to de cleaners.
    No,Non,Nyet,and just ‘wait a cotton picking moment,as we like to say on de streets folks!
    So the savvy members of our government hatchet team,decided to wait until El Presidente Cameo,was busy on vacation ,eating arapas,and bake beans/ pork chops, in Cali Columbia, with his economist Esposa ,to slip the revocation document through our unsuspecting , acting President Kangaloo-a PNM party hack?,221787.html

    So does our new cry baby ,ex Govorner Jwala,have a point, when he claimed de government pull a fast one on him?
    Is he therefore, by that one slip of de tongue,alluding ,that our President ain’t as independent ,as he and his ardent supporters like to claim?
    Is this indescipline weasel,also trying to take a subtle swipe ,at our respected AG President ,in Mrs Kangaloo,and Trini females as a collective ,by suggesting that this woman ,offered herself up for sale ,to de highest political bidder,as some Woodbrook female ,sex streetwalker,or desperate Dominican Escort?
    Shame on you Jwala!!
    Some where out there in lala land,our esteem ex President ,in Professor Richard ,is having a chuckle ,while sipping a stag,at the Debe, Lee Dragon resturant ,and bar.
    He knows fully well,why he too ,like numerous others,was hounded out of office.
    Sorry TMan, you got to stay on message,so as to maintain any level of credibility mi country hating pizano.
    No one with a brain,is buying your phony gesture.
    Here is what you truly wanted to say in outrage:- Dem racist kinky head savages ,led by Indo Trini people despising,dictator Kieth Rowley,did everything in their power, to fire a hard working,extremely educated,professional/independent minded Governor Jwala,and that’s primarily because he, as a UNC appointee,did not kotow to undemocratic PNM wishes.
    Hey ,and by de way,thanks for publicly admiting that you frequently indulges “in partisan politics.”
    All I can say is ,speak for yourself.I don’t know about my fellow ,objective, progressive ,neo patriotic brothers and sisters,who frequently traverse ,on dis here infornation highway,but this is where we part company.
    I don’t play dat game.I personally have absolutely no allegiance for any party ,or more so leader-dead or alive.
    My prime concern is finding a way to make a positive difference in the lives,of all my fellow citizens ,using any means necessary.
    As an Agnostic Buddhist myself,it is also linked to ‘ending suffering for all sentient beings.’

    Hey TMan,in ending let me add the following:-There is a word that I kept that emenated from the mouth of …who else ,but my late,extremely wise Tobago Granny?
    It guided me all through the years.The word in question is “WORSARER.”
    Don’t show respect to me ,my people ,and dead /living heroes,and I in turn would treat yours ‘worsarer,’ in de same fashion.
    Por ejemplo three T&T political stalwarts died over the past few years. The reactions of the public,and some political,business,and civic leaders differed ,for varying reasons.
    Their mames were ANR Robinson,Errol Mahabir,and Kamaludin Mohammed.
    Basdeo Panday the Father of your nation ,and protege of Kamla,refused to even attend ANR funeral,and we know why.
    A rotound ,idiot ,Afro Trini /UNC legal operative ,defended one of his goons attempts to serve our sitting AG with a court notice ,during Uncle Mahabir funural,as said newly ekected AG was extending condolences to his bereaved family.
    Need I go on,as to why Muslim Kamal,was treated with such contempt by the Hindustani elites that manipulated your PM over the last five years?
    Love humanity people,and forget the tribe! Never hesitate where warranted ,to ‘show respect for the other!’
    Trust me when I say,I have being in the trenches ,and saw the dire consequences ,that can occur,for failing so to do ,on both score.

    Nuff said.

  13. Neal, you mentioned Wade Mark…you know that his wife is Sushilla Ramkissoon-Mark?? As in HEMA Ramkisson’s AUNTY….Oh and Lennox Grant, ‘Krazy’,Herbert Volney,JAW’s son et al also have a commonality & corresponding socio-political stance…”The Hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world”
    OH,Neal, were you aware of Ian alleyne’s ‘announcement’ that almost, seemingly was a boast ‘…so nobody cyar touch meh’ not too long after the election, that his cousin married Inspector Wayne Mystar??…that may be an indication of where his police clout comes from…

  14. You see…and it is true in traditional societies from which african people in the diaspora were ripped & hid from….when a man marries a woman with traditional minded culture e.g. indian…he marries her entire FAMILY(as well as their political/social thrusts)…many african men don’t understand that,but soon learn…so since the africans in T&T are fast losing whatever sense of community & loyalty to their ethnic group, indians are according to our Washington Embassy ‘ s Divali message under Dr. Neil Parsan (he defended it) …”Indians are the most progressive & CULTURALLY strong ethnic group in T&T”….so…..when African men Nowadays especially marry Indian women they almost automatically support whatever Socio/political thrust they have….to score brownie poifnts & gain acceptance….in fact, it doesn’t even have to be marriage….friendship, social circles….Africans (men in particular) in T&T are so quick to discard the position of their community, in exchange for that of

  15. “Btw,I’m sure Winston Dookeran, who is a cool political cucumber and a political realist…” Yoruba Israelite

    Yoruba, your description of Winston Dookeran is based on your PERCEPTION of him, which is based on what you KNOW of him…now i’m not suggesting your view would be one way or another, based on the link to an interview he did in april 2010, BUTTTTTTT it will be DIFFERENT…!

    P.S. Pay CLOSE attention to :
    (1) The Name Of The Newspaper
    (2) The language & wording of Questions by the interviewer
    (3) Winston’s Dookeran’s Responses…CAREFULLY!
    (4) Time Of the Interview…1 month before assuming office

    Take it wayyyy ‘Dooks’…

    1. Politics as in organizational politics and etiquette…. working up, down and sideways in the organization… observing the courtesies… winning friends and influencing people… etc.

      That was the sense in which I meant that Dookeran was a cool political cucumber. He has a maturity in that respect that Jwala lacks.

      I was not expressing any support for Dookeran’s politics in the sense of where he wants the country to go politically, socially and economically. I am under no illusion that he is not on-side so far as the hindutva program is concerned.

      I was merely saying that in the council chambers of the party he would likely be objective and a realist about matters such as this (Jwala firing). That’s all. He would see and admit that Jwala misconducted himself, and so therefore, as Rowley described it, fired himself. Tman has a business background and so knows it too. Jwala broke all the rules and brought his demise on himself.


  16. “In so far as he [sic] is concerned with liberal, that is to say liberating, education, his public role has two goals: What he ought to do for the individual is to turn personal troubles and concerns into social issues and problems open to reason – his aim is to help the individual become a self-educating man, who only then would be reasonable and free. What he ought to do for the society is to combat all those forces which are destroying genuine publics … his aim is to help build and to strengthen self-cultivating publics.”
    ― C. Wright Mills, The Sociological Imagination

    I’m reading loud and clear Sistaz Alssa. The matters you have touched on, might not be unique to Diasporic Africans per se, but it”s fallouts are having a most devastating impact.
    They have transcended what noted Sociologist C Wright Mills referred to as “….. personal troubles and concerns into social issues and problems….., ‘ and thus requires action ….Social Imagination.
    This social malady call self hatred , often times will manifest itself in various forms. Where do we look for solutions ? If for centuries the African female ,outside the continent, was viewed as a mere child producing vessel, to be used and discarded by White Massa, what stops young males in 2015 ,from continuing this trend , when he saw his Grand papa , and absentee father , do the same?
    In our notion of a Democracy ,one cannot as a society make laws , to dictate who a person falls in love with, and so the trend that you have listed , would continue , for various reasons.
    For the record , the advances do not always emerge from the side of the African males.
    Only recently our PM tried addressing a problem he observed , where the Afro Trini female , just like her Afro American female counterparts , are finding it difficult to find educated males of her race.
    So the question is :- Are there too few African males because , most are falling through the criminal justice cracks , and not seeking higher education, or is it that the educated , desirable , skilled ones,are being snapped up by….?
    Are these issues , and problems, we as a society are willing to pursue , if so how , and to what end?

    As to the point made by the misguided Dr. Neil Parsan , re …”Indians are the most progressive & CULTURALLY strong ethnic group in T&T” This might be true for some , but not others , especially if just like their equally delusional cousins in Guyana , and Surinam , they lead our country, and the region in terms of suicides death rates, blatant acts of corruption , sexual abuse of their kids , and numerous unmentionable acts that are committed against their ultra subservient women- who because of this so called cultural strength, suffers in silence.
    Surprise , surprise that many with independent means , are desperately trying to escape. Remind me once again, why Mama Verna St Rose was fired again? We know of the reasons members of the tribe paroted, for public consumption.
    Here is the deal Sistaz A, in other parts of the civilize world , they gravitate towards NGO’s /Civil Society, Via Think Thanks and the likes , to try and address problems .
    Here we simply pass more laws , then refuse to enforce them , unless an embarrassing , ugly act ,is displayed on social media.
    As to the Ian Allen character, his situation is no different to the Anil Roberts debacle , and basically addresses what exactly we were talking about.
    Who wins in the end , as a result of cultural -ethnic genocide of a people? How do you have serious debates about about race , and ethnic tribalism, when folks across the society are confuse as to who they are? I laugh everyday , when comedians , and braying cyber donkeys , such as TMan , and Mamboo ,idly boast about numerical majority for the Indian population. It’s a sick joke.
    However , another discussion for another occasion. I am not too certain as to how long I’ll be continuing to use this forum, as I think it has outlived it”s usefulness for me . I wish to replicate successes.
    I am closer than you think. As a Globalist , my T&T is only a small piece of the pie
    Thanks for the insights.

    It’s call Digital activism – Social media.
    Let’s make it happen mi amiga! We have a nation to save, a race to truly liberate , and a world to enhance.

  17. Thanks for the response Neal…and i share your sentiments exactly…my purpose was to share info that IS clearly lacking in the daily national ‘discourse’ on racism & ‘ethnic tensions’ in T&T & it’s TRUE root, and why it is here to stay…i’ve passed that baton…let all with eyes to see, see…with ears to hear, hear….Spread the knowledge to your children & families…it must not simply be an exercise in Intellectual Masturbation…
    ohh and neal…one for the road…read carefully & see how uncle robbie sold out his people..nite what he says about the 80’s and panday…Then tell me WHY WHY WHY did he GIVE him the PM’s chair in 1995???….PNM had more votes, but equal seats in 1995…
    Neal, Yoruba, Kian,Justright &Triniamerican check out where the problems began….

  18. The supporters of Jwala have inadvertently let us on to something most of us already suspect. The big cry is, why do it while Christine Kangaroo is acting President? Two question are:
    1. Why Not?
    2. Are they saying the President would
    do otherwise?
    If so, how are they so sure about President Carmona? Has president Carmona indicated something that they know and we don’t?

    Questions! Only questions!

    1. Kian,

      Not to be a one-note wonder, but to understand what they’re doing, look no further than Item #1 of the “Indian Policy”:


      It is obviously not a legal argument to make reference to the role of Ms. Kangaloo in her capacity as Acting President. The Acting President clearly is empowered to carry out all the functions of the President in the latter’s absence. And the contrary is not being asserted.

      They’re making a case for public consumption, playing to the “optics” of the situation, a case of the PNM mice will play while the UNC cat is away. And you are right: what then does that say about Carmona?

      In any case, as Stuart Young opined, Carmona would have been duty bound and compelled to follow the advice of the Cabinet in this instance.

      I say that as one who believes in the case of the Section 34 matter the President could justly have used his powers to reign in a rogue government. So, I do not assert that the President does not have the power to go against a sitting government, as the UNC legal eagles argued out of the other side of their mouth in the case of the Section 34 matter. Rather, my common-sense reading of what the constitutional framers intend is that the President *shall* act on the advice of the sitting government, whenever the government is well within executive crease. In other words, he ought very much to let the government govern. However, when a government (PM/cabinet) is clearly misbehaving, the President ought to exercise his constitutional powers inter alia under Section 81, to restrain an errant government. That reserve power of the President does not apply here.

      In the present case, the President is not called upon to second-guess the sitting government on the objective evidence that the Central Bank Governor misconducted himself. At the most, it is sufficient for him to be satisfied that the government is not behaving unreasonably in the circumstances; he does not need to convene the equivalent of a court to find Jwala guilty beyond reasonable doubt, before carrying out the government’s “advice” that he be fired. Only if the government’s case were completely without merit and clearly designed to interfere with the independence of the CB as institution, could the President decline to follow the advice of the Government, utilizing Section 81. That’s not the case here; rather it is clear at least to me that on any objective read of the situation, Jwala misconducted himself, rendering his situation untenable.

      That’s my read of what the framers intended in general, and as applied to this case. In other words, Jwala cannot count on the protection of the President when there is even the tiniest case for him to answer.

      But this also means that the government must be willing to open itself up to the higher court of public opinion. If it is seen to be unreasonable, then in the normal course of events it might have to pay a political price at the next election cycle.

      Clearly a case could be and has been made out against Jwala. He failed in his duty of prior consultation, and he violated the confidentiality statutes. These facts are uncontroverted. Whatever the case made out, the Office of the President followed the advice of the government, which is is constrained to do absent any apparent misconduct on the government’s own part. Therefore, the dismissal is legal and moreover watertight. No official act of the President or Acting President may be overturned by any court.

      At most Jwala may seek a cosmetic ruling from the High Court rapping the government on the knuckles for at best arguable defects as to *process*. I don’t see it. There is a well established principle in law that you can’t seek judicial remedy when your own hands are unclean. He treated the FM with discourtesy, but now is complaining that the government did not extend him the courtesy of a hearing! In other words, as Rowley said from Day One, he fired himself! Therefore he can hardly claim to have been wronged. In such a situation, confidence lost cannot be regained by more talk and more “process”.

      Be that as it may, in the court of public opinion, it is a matter of PR, and spin. And this is what is being played out. It is a partisan matter, proving that Jwala was always a UNC operative, hostile to new government. They will even use and stretch scarce judicial resources to play out this theatrical production. It’s theater! And the point of it is to destabilize the government, and at the very least to give the appearance of a government unable to govern.

      It is a devilish scheme, monstrous in its evil, along with the other items of the Indian Policy.

      The government is doing well thus far in this game of PR and spin. I expect that Rowley will in his speech tomorrow give it the attention it merits… not more than two sentences or so, reiterating that Jwala misconducted and therefore fired himself, and that for the sake of public confidence he had to be let go…. that he of course has the right to petition the High Court for whatever redress he might feel warranted as that is his right, but that the government stands firm on the matter. Let the UNC appear to be the ones throwing the childish temper tantrum, being wrong and strong.

      In any case and in the meantime, on social media such as this, widest circulation must be given of the evil plot to destabilize the government that the public may make up its own mind on an informed basis.

      May the Most High expose the wicked and their wicked devices, and protect the innocent, that there be peace and comity in the land.


      “…but God shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind. And behold at eveningtide trouble; and before the morning he is not. This is the portion of them that spoil us, and the lot of them that rob us.” (Isaiah 17:13-14)

    2. Kian,

      On another, but related point:

      If the official deeds of the President cannot be challenged in any court, what action then may Jwala bring under the law? I am not a lawyer, but I’m I believe well grounded in the Bible, the foundation document of common law. And I claim some common sense. So in a common-sense way, I ask the question.

      How does one appeal from a higher court (the Office of the President) to a lower court (the High Court)? The common-sense answer is that you can’t.

      So what exactly then did Nizam Mohammed do after he was fired by President Max Richards from the Police Service Commission?

      I read the judgment of Justice Judith Jones, which upheld Mohammed’s claim that his firing was unfair as to the process followed by the President. But the President did not get to defend himself, because he could not, in his official capacity as President, appear before a lower court.

      We had something quite curious. The Defendant in the case was the Attorney-General! (That set off alarm bells, just as was the case when A-G Ramlogan was up against Ish and Steve, and losing every case! But I digress.)

      The main thing is that the case was not and could not be brought against the President per se, for the reason already mentioned. In their wisdom, the framers established that there is only one court in the land higher than the President, and that is a court of impeachment brought against him, comprising both houses of parliament, and four senior justices.

      Yet we had the High Court sitting in judgement of a Presidential decision, in which the President could not defend himself, being, in his official person, a higher court.

      In finding for the Claimant (Mohammed), she gave him “declaratory relief”, meaning essentially that she found that he had been unfairly treated as to the process followed by the President leading up to and concluding with his dismissal. Then in some legal fiction or fantasy, the Judge ordered that his firing was “illegal, null and void and of no effect”. But in fact the President’s decision was final, and the High Court could not reverse it.

      That does not set right me. Once again the law is the proverbial ass except to those that wear silk. Mohammed was granted bragging rights in court. He could tell the President and the country that the President wronged him. That can’t be right.

      Why? Because you cannot appeal from a higher court to a lower court. And no lower court ought to tell a higher court that it erred, whether in fact, law, or procedure.

      It seems now the precedent having been established, that the Office of the President will become a punching bag for every UNC operative that is fired, in the form of lawsuits filed in court, challenging the “process” by which they were fired. That, it seems, is part of the strategy to “make the country ungovernable”.

      LORD help us!


      1. Btw, when I say “LORD help us”, that is an appeal to the highest court, from which there is no further appeal!

        Also, the legal principles of appeal were established in Scripture, when Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law, advised him to set up a hierarchy of courts. One may appeal from a lower to a higher court, but obviously not the other way around:

        “… thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens: And let them judge the people at all seasons: and it shall be, that every great matter they shall bring unto thee, but every small matter they shall judge: so shall it be easier for thyself, and they shall bear the burden with thee.” (Exodus 18:21-22)

        In my opinion, in the matter of Mohammed v the Attorney-General, — substantively Mohammed v the President,– this basic principle is turned upon its head. Justice Jones could not possibly have jurisdiction in a matter of an appeal from the President. Nowhere in her judgment is that fundamental matter addressed, rather it is simply assumed that the matter brought before her was properly joined, and that a suit upon the President could be answered by the Attorney-General. That would be like you suing me to have a judge determine that the Catholic Archbishop erred on some point of doctrine!

        The nature of the proceedings was such as reduced the President to a mere functionary of the Executive, granted a power of discretion. The High Court could thus enquire into the lawfulness of the exercise of that discretion.

        This also turns the Constitution on its head, since the Constitution establishes that the President acting in his official capacity, cannot be questioned or reversed, save by the earlier mentioned special court of impeachment comprising both houses of parliament, etc.
        Under the plain meaning of these provisions, it is hard for me to see how the High Court could establish jurisdiction.

        Perhaps some legal luminary reading the blog could enlighten me. The matter is of some public interest, since with Jwala now threatening legal action, we may soon once again be headed down that road of legal asininity.

        I am disappointed that no one sought to defend the institution of the Presidency from such usurpation. Max remained quiet as did all the legal luminaries in the land, and in particular but not surprisingly, the then Attorney-General. He was represented by well favoured attorneys of questionable ethics and competence who it turned out were paid millions in fees for this and other matters. One may imagine their concerns lent rather more to the philistine than to principle.

        LORD, put a hand!


        1. I must add a post-script:

          The logic of what I’m arguing entails that all whose instruments of appointment are at the hand of the President, have no right of appeal when and if they should be dismissed.

          (More precisely, they have a right of appeal, but only to a higher court. Under our Constitution, if it is that it is deemed that the *President* has misconducted himself in terminating someone, then the higher court is nothing less than a court of impeachment assembled against the President. Fat chance! Failing that, the next higher court of appeal is God.)

          At first blush this does not seem right … it does not seem in keeping with “the principles of natural justice”. But on reflection, it is entirely right.

          In the U.S., the matter is framed more realistically. It is made clear that certain office-holders serve “at the *pleasure* of the President”. At the point where, for *any* reason, the President is no longer pleased to have one serve, out one goes. No questions, no second-guessing, no hand-wringing, no appeals to any court.

          That is how it realistically ought to be in T&T also. In effect, the Office of the President is that court that is in place to save the Republic from an errant Executive. Where the President agrees with the Executive in terminating someone’s appointment, that too ought to be the end of the matter, absent the impeachment of the President himself.

          Otherwise, we may have a waste of judicial resources at best, and at worst, we may become victim to a concerted effort to “make the country ungovernable”.

          In this connection, it is interesting that in the case of Mohammed v Attorney-General (substantively Mohammed v the President), Justice Jones’ judgment turned on the denial by the President in effect of Mohammed’s request to procure a legal opinion. I can well imagine President Max thinking to himself at the time that fact trumps opinion, and the fact of the matter was that everyone had lost confidence in Mohammed — the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition, and the other members of the Commission — therefore why waste everyone’s time pretending that some tendentious legal opinion could change matters! And he would have been right. Justice Jones, having assumed jurisdiction, was constrained to see it differently, not recognizing that President Max was in himself a court, and in fact a higher court, whose decision ought to have been respected as such.

          Those serving in these high-level positions should understand that, like in the U.S., they serve, in fact, at the “pleasure” of the President, or at the very least up until such time they no longer enjoy his confidence, as may constitutionally be advised by the executive (PM/Cabinet).

          Appeal to a lower court (the High Court) is a legal nonsense, that ought not to have been entertained in the Nizam Mohammed matter, and ought not in future to be entertained by such as Jwala. It invites the destabilizing of the ship of state, and is moreover clear legal asininity.


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