Jack’s revenge

By Raffique Shah
June 21, 2015

Raffique ShahJack Warner is not a mad man—or delusional, as the Prime Minister euphemistically puts it.

If he was, then the PM, who chose him to act in the highest office in the land on several occasions, and assigned him to the national security portfolio three years ago, must be madder than him.

And members of Cabinet and the People’s Partnership hierarchy who clung to him as if he were a latter-day Jesus or Rama or Muhammad, are the maddest people ever to have governed a country.

I refuse to believe that, which might prompt many readers to say that I am a mad man. I don’t think I am, but in this madhouse that is Trinidad and Tobago, you really never know.

What other explanations can there be for the depths to which we have sunk in an election campaign that many feel is too lengthy—eighty-something days.

If we look back carefully, we’d realise that campaigning and campaign financing never stopped from January 2010 when Jack more than anybody else propelled Kamla to power, first in the UNC, and five months later nationally, ousting a bungling Patrick Manning from power and politics, and effectively ending the era of Basdeo Panday.

It’s not that mad people cannot do all of the above, or more.

A certifiably-insane Adolf Hitler conquered most of Europe, and almost extended his reach to the rest of the world but for the intervention of fate and the determination of a faithful few.

Many among the local intelligentsia swear that Jack is Machiavellian—defined as someone who is cunning, scheming and unscrupulous, especially in politics.

I cannot claim to have studied The Prince, hence my knowledge of Niccolo’s infamous work and thesis is very limited.

I think, though, that people are ascribing too much sophistication to Jack’s mind and his modus operandi.

I see him as the consummate “Trini smartman” (as my colleague Sunity Maharaj aptly described him a few weeks ago) who has a “a cynical disregard for morality and a focus on self-interest and personal gain” (Machiavellian traits, according to Wikipedia).

Add a tonne of plain nastiness to that, and you have Jack.

Thing is, though, for someone like him to wreak the havoc he has already done, with promises of more to come (“who ent dead badly wounded”), suggests that among his friends and associates of yesterday are people nastier than he.

Reason through this: when he dropped the stink-bomb about ganja allegedly being found by the police at the PM’s private mansion two years ago, the responses of everyone named in the conspiracy to suppress the investigations ranged from “ah cyah remember” to “no comment”.

The population is left to wonder.

I should add that police investigations two years after the fact will almost definitely come to nought.

Few persons will be bothered to learn that some member or members of the PM’s circle of friends or staff smokes a little ganja.

Most people who matured in the 1960s and thereafter did: I am among them, I am not ashamed to say (let the hypocrites deny, deny!).

One day I might write about my experiences with ganja, including being introduced to a “chillum” by a pundit!

The point in contention is when there is any such find at ordinary citizens’ homes, be it a joint or a kilo, everyone in the household, even granny, baby and the dog, is arrested, humiliated and paraded in public, and most likely charged.

In this instance, there was not even an investigation, and that is wrong. Jack was prepared to admit to being part of the suppression plot, which is a crime, just to lash back at Kamla.

He will descend deeper in the gutter, having no doubt taped telephone conversations with people on high, saved damning e-mail exchanges, and most or worst of all, kept copies of cheques to show that he doled out tainted money to many of his friends of yesterday who are today snapping at the hand that signed them.

Look, Jack knows at the end of it all, once he lives (and why not? he’s healthy), he will end up in a cell in some American jail. Prison in any country or condition is harsh because you lose your freedom. But it’s not the worst retirement plan: you could be crippled and lying like a vegetable on a luxury bed.

In this bid for revenge, he is using every bit of ammunition he has to bring down the Government that he helped install.

He knows that when the mighty have fallen, that’s a fate worse than imprisonment…or death.

46 thoughts on “Jack’s revenge”

  1. Is it that a timely investigation would have implicated the Police,or the PM’s Security?

  2. Jack’s fate is a classic lesson to many of the nouveau rich in T&T who believe that they can buy respectability, recognition and adoration.

  3. Raf,
    I am in total agreement with your article. The manner in which the members of the UNC are trying now to denigrate Jack Warner describing his as delusional and a mad man who needs counseling is only trying to hide behind a smoke screen. Jack has shown cheques made out in favour of Mr. Moonilal. Why is Mr. Moonilal not seeking a pre-action protocol against Mr. Warner but now he is scared he keeps saying that he is fed up with Mr Warner and it is only local newspapers that are taking on Mr. Warner.
    Maybe if Mr. Moonilal reads the international news, he will see that Jack is reported all over the world. It’s shameful that the International Business News reported the alleged find of a marijuana like plant in the home of the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago.
    All who are now deriding Jack are no better than he is, as while Dr. Rowley was protesting Jack’s prominence in the UNC government, the Prime Minister Mrs. Bissessar kept defending Jack and even shouted to the world “They want to Hang Jack” and she was prepared to defend him and save him from the hanging.
    Everyone knows it was Jack who conspired with members of the UNC to remove the founder Mr. Basdeo Panday and catapult Mrs. Bissessar to the exalted position of Prime Minister. One who keeps saying that she has clean hands and a pure heart but does not complete the entire verse which ends “who has not lifted up his soul to vanity, nor sworn deceitfully”. That’s some one with clean hands and a pure heart.
    The problem wih the UNC is that they were all in bed with Jack Warner who for the first two years of the government was the defacto Prime Minister and now that the blanket is uncovered everyone realize that they are naked.

  4. There is false line of reasoning by some that Jack Warner was used by the UNC and Kamla for her to become Prime Minister. I would say it is the other way around, Jack used his money and influence to get into government and true to his nature proceeded to pillage the treasury. He thought Kamla being a woman could be controlled and to some extent that is what he did getting the Works and National Security portfolios.

    Things took a turn with the Simmonds report and the fact that both his sons were arrested in the U.S. for tax evasion. The arrest of his two sons plus his dissing of the Brits and Americans in favor of South Africa and Qatar for the FIFA World Cup place him in the international spotlight. The FBI was working hard on the money trail.

    Kamla had as time went by grown as a leader, she was now being recognize as a Caribbean and global Leader. The American Vice President and Chinese President came to visit and conduct business. In addition the Canadian Prime Minister gave her a State welcome the first for any Caribbean head of State. At home she engaged in a massive trust forward, with a stellar group of ministers, highways, schools, early childhood programs, water, road and drainage, social programs was increased, housing development and numerous projects were the order of the day. A health care system in Shabbles saw the start of 3 hospitals when funding could be received for it. In addition health care centers now had expanded hours, the El Dorado Nursing Academy, the San Fernando Teaching Hospital, the Children Hospital were all design to engage young minds in the future of medicine. Not to be outdone first class sporting facilities were being developed. The Prime Minister worked tirelessly for the citizenry resulting in record low unemployment at 3.3%.

    Jack Warner turned green with envy and formed the Green Party. He engaged in a hate and suspicion campaign being lapped up by a strongly pro Port of Spain PNM media. Everyday they set forward to malign the Prime Minister. The unions had 123 agreements settled to tune of several billion dollars, however union leaders remain strong pro PNM. One union leader even had a mannequin which religious displayed to promote hate.

    Warner decision to attack the Prime Minister is based on his feeling that he put her there. Warner has the favor of several Express reporters getting his story out. To date he has been sued by Faaiq, Anand, Suruj, Glen…. Because of the lies that he tells Warner cannot be trusted to tell the truth, he is an egomaniac bent on destroying people whom he perceives as enemies. Warner does not listen to anyone he is surrounded by people who does his bidding….the 2 years ago marijuana story is one of his futile attempts to tarnish the image and reputation of our hardest working Prime Minister, may Gid continue to bless her…

    1. This type of thinking could not get anymore pagan than that.
      Notice people, it is all about ‘me, I, us, we and tribe’, anyone else becomes ‘the enemy’. That enemy is always the black man. People should not have to read and spell when these comments that run totally contrary to the best prevailing knowledge. I will say this however, the country NEEDS this kind of public disclosure. For too long the rich and connected have used their money to ‘change’ the topography, landscape, influence and yes culture. The changes are not for the betterment of the country, as some would have you believe, but personal enrichment for tribe, and clans. These changes encouraged behavior that are socially abhorrent for cultural enrichment and progress. Whilst on one side, there are those who speak of wealth, progress, prosperity and upliftment, on the other side, there is evidence of poverty, stench, enslavement, backwardness and lifestyles without the promise of hope.
      This is classic paganism and the people who practice it have all the trump cards in their hands. Jack’s revelations might run contrary to the norm and there are many (including myself) who might deride him but, how can we ‘change’ if we don’t know what to change? Jack’s revelations have identified real people, real events, real facts (for a change), real corruption and have also identified real politicians. That is good for the country. I expect to be criticized for the bold statements but for too long we hide behind niceties and hypocrisies as a people. We call people ‘Sir’ who do not even qualify to be greeted properly.
      We call people ‘honorable’ who do not even qualify to be addressed as ‘Mr. or Mrs’. We give people salutations who are not worthy of our commendations but ‘money’ makes the difference. Listen to the parliamentary proceedings and see how many of these people are really deserving to be addressed with the courtesy of salutations that they get?.
      We have become too engrossed in this type of wrongsidededness and this is the time to change all of that.
      Whilst Jack’s revelations might not be appealing to some, it is exactly ‘what the doctor ordered’ for us to begin a true and sustained period of change. This is the opportunity and I say ‘hats off to Jack Warner’ for enlightening the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

      1. Jack’s revelations so have not incriminated anyone for any illegal actions.
        A change in government will not affect any of the values which you described above as being objectionable.I say this based on the historical past performances of the PNM.
        The “tribe” of which you speak will continue to prosper under a Rowley government. The people of T&T are too intertwined culturally and all governments are fully aware of that fact. No government including the PP will try to push too far.

        1. TMan, the interracial dynamic is a truism in our social fabric, that is one of the strengths in our people. Despite cynical political intrusions to obfuscate and tribalize it, it remains a Trinidadian strength. What you speak of is the Trinidadian ability to socialize and evolve in the face of ancestral and cultural differences. It used to be that you would never hear Indian music in the home of an African. Today, it is normal to include the chutney genre into our selective wine. But that comes out as peoples’ desire to be part of their community, free of racial norms, hate, inhibitions and racial stereotyping. TMan, the point I am making is that of PROCESS. It has been abandoned by this government. Process is what legitimizes our actions. If process is flawed, it can result in dangerous and long term consequences that neither you nor would be proud of. Despite one’s best intentions, process can confuse good from bad and right from wrong. Most of what I mean and refer to is PROCESS. Process is the means by which services are provided, devised, managed, maintained and made available to the population. You are consumed by the political dynamics of PNM/UNC/COP/ILP affiliations. And Yes, depending on the vision to which they ascribe it does make a difference in process. What Jack has introduced in the dynamics is in effect PROCESS. He has made us aware of our elected officials behavior and that is good for us to know. How that behavior relates to process is another matter. There is the court of public opinion, profiling, electability, social and jurisdictional considerations and most importantly legitimization of process. If you allow yourself to depart from the racial train, there is no doubt we can converse on the objectivity of process.

    2. Mamoo, I want to answer your reasoning line for line:
      1. There is false line of reasoning by some that Jack Warner was used by the UNC and Kamla for her to become Prime Minister.
      What is false about that reasoning. For the past 4 years and eleven months that was common knowledge until, one day recently Kamla, all of a sudden decided to state that she had no financiers. Kayla, whose hands are clean and heart is pure (whatever that means in real terms), says whatever she wants to suit whatever conditions she wants. She has been labelled with the name Kamliar, which better suits her image.

      2. Things took a turn with the Simmonds report and the fact that both his sons were arrested in the U.S. for tax evasion.
      I believe that Jack Warner is in a better position to state his relationship with Kamliar because they were both very close. And Mamoo, you can’t speak for Kamliar.

      3. Kamla had as time went by grown as a leader, she was now being recognize as a Caribbean and global Leader.
      I will add that she has been noticeably incoherent in appearances posted on youtube. Jack’s revelations have indicated that she is a pot-head. No wonder why she is so inconsistent. As regards meeting with the Vice President of the United Staes, Just wish to add some truths: Kamla went to him asking for some ships to patrol the region against the drug trade. Joe Biden’s reply to her was that
      she had the finance to do that herself and that she should not depend on the US to finance such operations. He was being mindful that she cancelled the OPVs that were already paid for and showed no interest in patrolling the region then. How is that for a person you term a world leader?
      4. Jack Warner turned green with envy and formed the Green Party. He engaged in a hate and suspicion campaign being lapped up by a strongly pro Port of Spain PNM media.
      I don’t know about what the UNC terms ‘Port of Spain PNM media’. If by that you mean that the Guardian is favorable to the UNC and Newsday is favorable to the UNC, and he Express does it’s home work and report what they find, then I can understand why you guys are not happy.
      5. To date he has been sued by Faaiq, Anand, Suruj, Glen…. Because of the lies that he tells Warner cannot be trusted to tell the truth.
      As you said he had been sued by some UNC individuals, aren’t they exercising their rights? Let due process prevail. It is a true saying that “birds of a feather flocks together”, wasn’t he and Kamliar the best of buddies up till two years ago? In order to trust the trust the truth we must first trust the evidence. There is no doubt in my mind and yours too, that at least we are beginning to see some evidence.

      1. 1. Jack saw a business opportunity and invested in it. As the PM states he was paying and running his own campaign. He got into government then used letterheads to request kickbacks from the contractors. That is a fact.
        2. Your standard 2 logic is amazing.
        3.A 61 year old grandmother somokin pot.lol. Jack is known to lie and gullible people like you believe it.
        4.The Port of Spain media publishes lies and deception, they are not for the truth. An example is Sunity Maharaj, she is PNM media relations work for the xpress as an investigative journalist, the Guardian as a consultant.
        5. Warner lies knows no bound.

        1. Mamoo, in the marketplace of ideas competition is fierce and everyone hopes his/her ideas wins out. But such ideas must pass many tests to be accepted. The first standard of acceptability is that of believability. You don’t think of something, print it and ram it down the throats of your readers. Relevance is another standard, then commonality of understanding, followed by acceptable facts to back up your story. When comments lack those ingredients, you convince no one except your self or those who is as ardent in their beliefs as you, or just as dogmatic about what they say. There is nothing wrong with loyalty. There is nothing wrong with being fervent in your desire to make a point. There is nothing wrong with belonging to a party that you want to export the ideas but writing things that almost all who read know is wrong and insisting on its truth is very, very close to being crazy. This is in fact my final reply to you because you are a stranger to truth, facts, and common understandings. You understand what is in your head but I’m in no mood or desire to converse or discuss what is in your head. So I wish to reiterate my recommendations to you again, and this time its final: Take you thoughts, cram it in you head, foment it, slowly walk to the restroom, take deep breadths and release them slowly, when you get there,sit down calmly, release them from your head to your intestines.
          Rigorously work the intestines until you get all the ideas worked up, slowly relax and then allow the carbonated matter to flow, don’t be too hurry because there is plenty there. Exhale and slowly continue with the movements until all come out. Flush it and make sure it exits. If some remains, continue flushing until you are relieved and the matter will naturally flow to where it belongs. I must say goodbye to reasoning to you Mamoo. It was nice talking to you….goodbye

    3. Mamoo your comments sound like a UNC press release.

      You are indulging in fantasy. The Prime Minister was treated well in Canada not because of who she is but what she is……..that is The Prime Minister of Trinidad & Tobago. This current Prime Minister has reaped the benefits of the International respectability earned by previous governments. Remember The President of the United States came to Trinidad prior to 2010 to attend the meeting of the OAS. Trinidad became the Chair of the commonwealth prior to 2010.
      Trinidad hosted the Commonwealth meeting prior to 2010

      The sad fact is the International community is waiting for this current government to be removed from office, that is evidenced by the various international rating that have rated the performance of the country over the last 5 years poorly.

      You must be living on Mars, both Trinidad and the rest of the world knows that this government was put in power by MR. Warner. No amount of trying to rewrite history will change that fact. And while you maybe responsible for the UNC spin, Historians will highlight the fact that without Jack Warner Kamla would not be Prime Minister and the UNC would not have formed the government. Mr. Warner has the return cheques to prove it.

      Rather than repeating the diatribe of the party you should take each issue as it is raised and examine it carefully for truth or falsehood. To do that you need to look at the evidence . You will also need to open your mind.

  5. “Many among the local intelligentsia swear that Jack is Machiavellian—defined as someone who is cunning, scheming and unscrupulous, especially in politics.”

    You certainly have to be built a certain way to constantly bad talk people. It is not normal or human to have a sustained slanderous and devious attack on another human being. People are built with key triggers and values. For instance it is not within the nature of the Prime Minister to launch a slanderous attack on another individual. An individual has to be filled with hate, spite, vindictiveness and bitterness to constantly publicly attack someone character. Myself if I can’t say anything good I will not waste my time saying anything bad, I don’t have a predisposition to judging others. It is not within my nature. Yes I know people and have within my heart a lot of secrets that I will take to my grave. Even those who have attacked me I have committed them to their maker who knows better than me and will judge fairly….

    1. Mamoo, you are such a hypocrite! Who bad talks people that they don’t like more than you Mamoo? You are KING bad talker Mamoo. All one has to do is read the filth that passes for objectivity in your defense of what is going on. We are in a state of moral and ethical decay in this country. Not to see that or to deny that is abhorrently dishonest. While you may wish to denigrate Jack based on your nurturing. Most god faring people (whilst not supportive of his character), are supporting his bravado. He is the modern day Robin Hood. Nothing you can do or say will change that perception. Not even the campaign crew from David Cameron’s campaign team can change that. Jack Warner is an icon. Jack Warner is a philanthropist. Jack Warner is a conman. But Jack Warner is also a man of the people. I eagerly look forward to seeing David Cameron’s campaign being brought to Trinidad and use their skills to change that perception. Finally Mamoo, I will qualify your ‘honesty’ to be for yourself and your tribe – thats it!

    2. Dear Mamoo

      I interpret Jack’s actions a bit differently. I do not believe his actions are about revenge. I think Mr. Warner has accepted the blame for putting this current government in office. Mr. Warner knows first hand how very dangerous they are, and that given a second term the people of Trinidad and Tobago might find themselves living in country where all the basic freedoms we have come to take for granted are no longer there.

      I think he believes it is his responsibility to move them before it is too late for us all
      He has and he is providing the proof of his allegations.

      If Trinidadians want to fool themselves that this is about party or race let them go ahead and elect this group of thugs a second time. I promise you that given a second term even you mamaoo will come to see how dangerous these people are.

  6. http://www.trinidadexpress.com/20150621/news/6m-mansion-paid-for-in-6-cheques

    As my extremely wise, late,Tobago Granny,use to say back on de day,when reacting to the uncovering of some similar malfeasance,”Mouth open,story jump out.”
    Go get em Jackie boy! Go for de jugular,and if in the process,you destroy Kamla,and smash the corrupt political brigade ,that is the PP,then excellent.
    As to dis political clown call Nickholdazz,what planet is he from,or more importantly,where de hell did get his law degree?
    Perhaps Desmond Alum was right,this comedian/legal fraud,should have been banned by the Law Association for life.
    Pray someone,tell this grateful UNC stooge,how the American Justice system works,and the real reason Jack- FIFA- Warner,initially became ‘Persona non Grata,in Obama Country.’
    Kamla,and her UNC dominant ,PP goons ,are the bigger target guys.The more time they take ,to push this escapist extradition,is more Jack can sing like a Cumuto canary.
    Jack Warner crimes were, that he gave both Mama England,and close ally ,Pax Americana ,the middle finger. First he took Queen Liz Britannia Denero,then granted a world cup to dem desert dwelling,goat herding Arab Bedouins.
    Raise your hands people,if you think ,football players,or fans wish to visit ,or spend a month,in some lice laden desert,where women,with no rights,lives in virtual domestic prisons,covered from head to toe,and wear ugly, baggy knickers ,laden with padlocks.
    Next he flipped the script,and supported,that Kremlin lifetime KGB,undemocratic political bum Putin,and his Russian empire,over the sole remaining Superpower.
    The temerity of Jack sprat ,to grant Russia a world cup,over de Global hegemonic fiefdom called America,and for that he MIGHT,pay a price. Again,who de hell wish to go to Russia people? Fat ugly women,lots of vodka guzzling criminals and Siberian tigers.
    Yep,and compare that with Brazil .Even Kamla, could not miss out on that South American decadence-as she dragged along her runny nose grandson,as a cover.

    Seriously folks,won’t it look better seeing Kamla,Suraj,Goopiesing,Ex AG Anan Rammy,all in prison clothes,over poor Jack? “Me think so ,”Nickholdaz.
    Silent as a Fizabad mouse,as UNC financial supporting gurus Ish,and Steveq,run around T&T,in their Lexus,and Benzes,while avoiding extradition,but have this humongous hard on,for Jack FIFA Warner.


    Go back to school kid!
    Yes sariiii,and even though,he may look and sound like a dummy,our Uncle certainly ain’t one.
    This is one African back,you political scorpions won’t be allowed to ride across de muddy Caroni river,then almost before you reach your promise land,sink your poisonous manacles into his neck-as is you alze ungrateful nature-leaving him to die.
    Yep,and ‘what’s good for the Caroni goose,is good for the Caura Gander,’as we like to say on the streets.
    Let me make a prediction here today,re this Basdeo ,and Kamla created ,Jack Warner sideshow, people.
    Kamla will quicker give away ,ever penny she and her sister , was able to amass over the past five years,of her reign,than Jack FIFA Warner,ever spend a day,in an American jail. Ain’t happening on both fronts,and for de record, you know where you heard it first.

    Sing along with yours truly,and Lord Blakie,Bro Nickholdazz.’my lolly coni up,your lolly coni down ,de two lolly,hit de lady…in front ahhh. everybody..so tell me who bla…loli more long ?’oh pa,Kaiso boy!


    Hey folks,I’ve said it once,twice,and three times my lady,but it’s worth repeating-‘the person who can make me hate this land of mine,ain’t born yet.’

  7. Mamoo, I think that the word for today is ‘delusional.’

    “Union leaders remain strong pro PNM.” Which party was born out of the Labour Movement? I suppose Errol McLeod was always a PNM.

    “It is not within the nature of the Prime Minister to launch a slanderous attack on another individual.” Dr. Rowley fully agrees with your statement, even though he now without a salary to feed his family.
    I know that you have all the records, so is it the first time that a sitting Government in T&T have suspended a member of the Opposition, and put him on the bread line?

    1. Bravo! brother Neal and may I also say that you hit the nail on the head so hard that, I believe it will reverberate in Washington. Maybe we should remind our fellow cyberspace counterparts who are echoing the triumphalism of Kamla Persad Bissessar, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago and her relationship with those whose interests are best served, by the removing of the OPVs from the regional waters of the Caribbean Sea. It was her first act. No OPVs to patrol the waters and identify the trafficking of ‘the white girl’ in the Southern Caribbean. Act #2, was the removal of Brigadier Joseph as head of the National Security Forces, replacing him with ordinary clerk Reshmi Ramnarine. Remember that folks? subsequent Acts: The shipload of chickens ladened with coke inside the chickens at Point Lisas; the discovery of shipload of coke at the Chaguaramas port; the prevalence of drug caches in the country; the shipment from Trinidad and Tobago and the arrival of tons of cans of ‘Trinidad Orange Juice’ in Virginia, U.S.A where the ‘juice’ was in fact cocaine; the shipment of drinks produced in Trinidad and subsequent consumption of the ‘substances’ (the now famous term) that killed one British citizen; the increased availability of guns and ammunitions on the streets of Trinidad and Tobago; the increased usage and consumption of illegal substances in the country. With all this being said; let us not forget, by the Prime Minister’s own reckoning, she had been building her palace in the Philippines for nine years prior to her becoming Prime Minister. But nine months after her ascension to head the country, without any sweat her Palace was finished, ready and equipped with the most sophisticated communications equipment imagined in the country. We have viewed many of her famous appearances on youtube, where she appeared to be incoherent and many blamed Greygoose. There is public awareness of most of her acquaintances. All of this is public revelations. If so, then why are we so shocked by the current revelations in the media? Are we gullible people, who are naive to the sophisticated PR being fed by the PP machinery? Many people are are aware that Jack Warner is not an embarrassment to this country. It is the person most connected to all of the above incidents that is the real embarrassment to Trinidad and Tobago. Moonilal is an embarrassment, but he is a minister and obviously cannot see himself, Kamla is an embarrassment but obviously cannot see herself, Anand Ramlogan but obviously the connection to power provides the cover for him. The current AG is an embarrassment but he too cannot see himself. So, why are they all singing praises unto the extradition of Jack Warner to the United States? Given that they are all Lawyers and are very conversant with law and procedures, they all know that due process is necessary and a vital part of a democracy. In fact they all know that Jack deserves to have himself heard before due process can take place. But they continue to call for him to go. I wonder why?
      They know that as a defendant, Jack is entitled to be presumed innocent but Kamla, a SC, Moonilal (supposedly a Phd), Nicholaz (some call him an apprentice lawyer), and all the psychophants on cyberspace all wanted him to go without due process! I wonder why? Look here folks, there is enough in the public domain to suggest that these people have good reason to call for Jack’s disappesrance and it is not for Jack’s benefit. It is for theirs. I remember one of Washington DC’s most popular elected official was it’s mayor, Marion Barry. He was so popular that every time he was prosecuted, the people would re-elect him time and again. As natural law would have it, Marion was a (secret) drug addict and because of his popularity, people failed, to their detriment to recognize that fact. So, he eventually was prosecuted and jailed. He died a sad man!
      Today we see a lot of similarity to Marion Barry in Trinidad and Tobago, but who cares! the police have not found out and the law enforcement don’t care. But like Neal, I too I’m willing to predict that natural law will take effect and when that time comes, those beating the drums of triumphalism will be regretful of their stupid ways.

    2. “Dr. Rowley fully agrees with your statement, even though he now without a salary to feed his family.”

      Rowley money something the PNM media never report on. They only like to report on Kamla money…
      2002 – $175,000 Car Loan for a BMW SEDAN
      2003 – $500,000 for LANDATE 20 Acres of land
      2003 – 2005 – $3 Million to develop LANDATE
      2005 – $160,000 Car Loan for a KIA SORENTO
      2007 – $300,000 Car Loan for a MERCEDES BENZ
      2010 – 2011 $2.12 Million for Condo at One Woodbrook Place
      2012- $350,000 Car Loan for a BMW X6
      2013 – 2015 about 20 overseas trips Avg $50,000 each = $1 million
      2014 – $350,000 Car Loan for a BMW X5 SAV
      TOTAL = $7.85 Million

      1. Peanuts!, compared to the $half billion Anand had in his chest only for his good friends in the legal fraternity and Anil, the $400,000,000 he had at his disposal, in the Sports Ministry, to tell us is “for the little black boys’. See! these charges are easy to be made.

        1. And what wrong with having some money Kian? Anand eh no tief unless you listening to Warner lies. But the facts are different about Rowley, he ain’t so honest.

          1. The problem Mamoo, is that you have a warped sense of reasoning. You see, understand and articulate your reasoning in tribal closure. That is ok for you and those who subscribe to your views. For example, you have no problem in reasoning that Dr. Rowley’s yet to be born grand son will be a rapist (as supported by your constant commentary on the subject). You have a right to your closed opinions but don’t expect me or anyone else to trump your horn.

  8. The endorsement of Jack’s actions is more of a negative reflection of his supporters than on Jack himself.Those who still support Jack in spite of all the evidence heaped against him are bringing themselves and their supposed moral values into question. Rowley’s tacit approval of Jack’s unproven, dirty accusations reflects directly on his moral values, which have always been in question.

    1. Unlike you, Jack’s revelations are very welcomed. To say otherwise would be very hypocritical. I am not (repeat NOT) associating Jack’s revelations with political support. In terms of the revelations, it is good for Trinidad and Tobago and we need to vent our frustrations even more as a result of this. This is the framework that will generate more of these conversations, and it is good for our democracy.

    2. Hey TMan! Jack’s offense was not against any body personally, nor was it against any body in Trinidad and Tobago. If I am correct, South Africa’s $10M contribution was not a bribe as stated by the United Sates. Do you know anyone whom Jack has stolen from? SA has confirmed that that money was NOT a bribe. I know the UNC has tried and convicted him already, but such reasoning is understandable since the UNC stands to benefit if there is an early exit of Jack. Don’t you think that the law allows due process and Jack should not be denied that process?

      1. No one said the ten millions was a bribe. A man is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. He should be very happy to explain this to US officials. Also the $2 million plus Qatar gave him is not a bribe . Until proven in a court of law.

      2. “Don’t you think that the law allows due process and Jack should not be denied that process?”(KIAN)

        Every accusation that Jack has made so far has been denied publicly and is being challenged in court. Jack will have to prove his accusations in a local court of law and it seems that these lawsuits will take precedence over his foreign charges. Jack’s strategy, it seems is to continue his parade of lies/accusations to ward off extradition. He is not as delusional as some believe. He has a strategy to avoid prison in the US. I am beginning to wonder now about the origin of the famous Rowley emails.The authenticity of his “tapes” are now being questioned.The Integrity commission ignored/ kept quiet/investigated his two year old tape charges against Kamla. All of this began after he was fired and rejected as the UNC candidate for Chaguanas.Jack knew what was coming from the FBI investigation and believed that a government position would have protected him prosecution or extradition. what is unfortunate is that Rowley has morphed into Jack’s echo.

        1. TMan, this has been the very first administration in the history of this country to challenge people with letters of protocol. Why hasn’t Kamliar and Anand and Moneylal filed such letters against Jack? They have all pronounced his guilty as charged and ready to convict him as charged. Why? is is because they are in four of true justice? Or is it that the knowledge that Jack possesses can be crucial to their longevity in Trinidad politics? I think that these are more relevant concerns. A denial is definitely not evidence of guilt or innocence. Public officials do not claim ‘guilt’ and the Queen of Pure hearts and clean hands definitely will not plead guilt. Evidence is what will speak for her, and that is what we are all awaiting.

          1. Delete the line “is is because they are in four of true justice?” is should be replaced with “is it because they are in favor of true justice?”.
            TMan, you guys do write a lot of opinions in favor of Kamliar and her activities (usually you behave as though you were there when the incidents took place), the incidence surrounding her involvement cannot be all coincidental. This, in my opinion is what gives credence to the evidence that Jack is producing. As for Jack’s U.S. charges, he stand a much better chance of being acquitted of the charges laid against him in the US, than the crucifixion that the UNC PR machine is trying to tie him with in Trinidad and Tobago. As a matter of fact, with the help of the PP government, they have acquiesced in the booking of Jack as a defendant in the U.S. Justice systems. This means technically that Jack now has proprietary status as a US holding. Were the PP government to mess with him physically, it automatically gives the U.S Government reason to interfere in the affairs of this country, or make their presence felt in Trinidad and Tobago without
            the niceties of diplomacy. Kayla and company have done that without even understanding what they are doing. The UNC and its cabal have a right to defend itself against public opinion. Whether it be by lies, coverups, or producing evidence, that is fine. Except it would be a different circumstance if they were to use force against Jack.

  9. Revenge, or Redemption?

    What is Jacks’s motivation in all this? It is hard to say, and it is possible that not even Jack knows for sure. Revenge may be a large part. But we must also consider that Jack may be trying to redeem himself before a just and merciful God.

    Jack may have a very good case in law. Bribery is a transaction, an illegal sale of trust, in violation of the fiduciary duty of the seller. This implies a buyer at the other end of the transaction. Thus to prove bribery, one must prove both ends of the transaction, briber and bribee, both. Butt it is Jack they want. They’re not going after South Africa, Australia, Prince William, or Prime Minister Cameron. But in all fairness, in order to get Jack’s, other heads also must roll. That is unlikely to happen.

    So we are left with alleged financial offenses like “structuring”, and “wire fraud”.

    The former is the offense of structuring financial transactions in such a manner as to evade reporting requirements by staying under the $10,000 reporting threshold. Such laws are probably unconstitutional in any jurisdiction where private property rights are respected, and where there is a constitutional guarantee against self-incrimination. That would include the U.S. and T&T both.

    The second, “wire fraud”, can only be proven when the crime-in-chief is itself proven. To have “wire fraud”, there must first be “fraud”. To prove wire fraud in furtherance of a bribery scheme, it is necessary to first prove bribery.

    There would be a fundamental injustice in allowing extradition to a foreign jurisdiction to face charges arising from an unconstitutional law, in the one case, or in the other case, under a law that presumes guilt rather than innocence as to a third offense, bribery, where there is no briber at the other end of the alleged bribery transaction similarly indicted.

    So Jack stands a good chance under law to be acquitted of all charges, all the breathless hype in the international media notwithstanding. Unless of course they get their man by hook and by crook, which the FBI is not above doing.

    But acquittal by man, and acquittal by God, are two very different things.

    At the very least, Jack is guilty under the following Scripture, and is seeing the consequences:

    As the partridge sitteth on eggs, and hatcheth them not; so he that getteth riches, and not by right, shall leave them in the midst of his days, and at his end shall be a fool (Jeremiah 17:11).

    But God is a merciful God. And even the most sinful of his children may find redemption under the arrangements God has put in place. But redemption requires repentance. And repentance requires confession, and making restitution.

    So in seeking redemption, Jack must admit to wrong-doing on his part. In so doing, he must also expose others more wicked than himself. Therein lies for Jack some measure of revenge also, for in his mind, his erstwhile colleagues have betrayed him.

    Nevertheless, it seems reasonable to take him at his word that he is seeking to make atonement for having foisted this wicked regime upon the people.

    But more broadly, it is a path of redemption. Servants of God “see through a glass darkly”, so the conscious awareness may be short of full clarity. Even so, along a path of redemption, a major motivation must be a desire to make peace with a merciful God. God takes care of the rest, however unclear and muddled the unfolding might seem. It is like Joseph rising to become Viceroy of Egypt after being sold there into slavery by his envious brothers. In the end, they still bowed down to him as he had foreseen in a dream.

    On this path of redemption, I fully expect our Maker will also well use him to expose the wicked that for the moment remain witting or unwitting agents of Satan. As we all should know, Satan’s purpose is to ensnare and enslave humanity. His means, like his agents, are legion.

    Money and Power — worship at the feet of Mammon — are particularly effective means of ensnarement. It is to that that Jack may well and eloquently speak. He has seen and treated with that Beast up close and personal.

    But I pray and hope that in the process he has not lost his humanity, and that his eternal soul in the end may be saved. Much of what I see unfolding in this matter gives me hope and encouragement that indeed he may be saved.

    As Jack pursues a path of redemption, he will seem to those who are well ensnared by Satan, to be mad or delusional. May they too awake to the deeper spiritual logic of what is behind the otherwise inexplicable course of events now unfolding.


    Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee (Revelation 3:9).

  10. “Jack was good yesterday but he is bad today”. “Jack was embraced yesterday, but we knew all along that he was crooked”. They say show me your company and I will tell you who you are, and the Indian Brahmin Princess who some feel have some ethnic supremacist birthright to be treated with teflon, cannot eat the mango and then later on complain that it was sour.

    The same people who are pillaging him today in these discussions, were defending him when the story began to emerge some years ago and he was still in the PP fold. They are running now, supposing that their convenient attention span deficits is contagious, and will affect others who opine in this blog.

    I agree with Raphael that ganja found on the PM’s residence is much ado about nothing. Like he said, many of those with whom she is culturally associated come from a history where smoking ganja has long been practiced, even before them Trini Afros got their Rasta indoctrination and began using the substance profusely. Like Shah pointed out, “One day I might write about my experiences with ganja, including being introduced to a “chillum” by a pundit”. There are far worse things than people smoking a little ganja in a society where they drink and beat up their wives. And this latter goes for all groups.

    What makes the ganja issue instructive is, like Shah pointed out, “when he dropped the stink-bomb about ganja allegedly being found by the police at the PM’s private mansion two years ago, the responses of everyone named in the conspiracy to suppress the investigations ranged from “ah cyah remember” to “no comment”. So if this was truth and there was this drive to hide or disassociate from such an innocuous revelation, why should it not be a valid presumption that many of the other and more serious things he alleges, and which are eliciting the same reactions from within the fold and sycophancy of the UNC/PP, are not also true.

    They say that when thieves fall out, honest men come into their own, and this describes the whistle blowing and cow going to pasture not caring where he lays down dung actions and reactions in “Jackgate”. Shah pins it to a “T” in his comment that, “..Look, Jack knows at the end of it all, once he lives (and why not? he’s healthy), he will end up in a cell in some American jail. Prison in any country or condition is harsh because you lose your freedom. But it’s not the worst retirement plan: you could be crippled and lying like a vegetable on a luxury bed.

    In this bid for revenge, he is using every bit of ammunition he has to bring down the Government that he helped install.

    He knows that when the mighty have fallen, that’s a fate worse than imprisonment…or death…”.

    When you sow wind, you are always likely to reap whirlwind. There is a hurricane heading the way of the ethnic Queen and her assembly of knights and ladies in waiting. Some of them should begin to wear some adult diapers, for surely there will be a lot of loose bowel reactions when the excrement hits the fan.

  11. If Warner is producing tapes so many years ago then it begs the question the mindset of Warner himself then and now? If there were a tussle for Hart to be extradited to Trinidad to face charges committed in Trinidad whilst Warner to be extradited to the US to face charges committed in Switzerland then it would be interesting to see who will be the muscle player in diplomacy just as to see who is the best Robin Hood, one for the poor and helpless and the other for self. What a tangled web we do live in.

  12. To reiterate:”politics is a game played among rich people with the majority as the pawns”..also:I am non partisian,and vividly I recall that historic day in 2010;when a “crawl” at the bottom of my TV screen read:”T&T has elected it’s first woman Prime Minister” This re-kindled my interest in the political affairs of T&T…

    It took almost four hours to identify(website) Madam KPB.Within the first three weeks of the new administration(website)fortunately,the house was in session,as I listened and observed a member of the Government address the Parliament.Jack Warner was always seated about “two” seats away from the Prime Minister.

    An associate implied:”soon ripe soon sour” to which I disagreed.Nonetheless,to use the vernacular:”it is what it is” Who and what has brought about this “sad state of affairs?” “wise men talk because they have something to say;fools,because they have to say something”(Plato)My political appetite is piqued……

  13. The only Sherwood Forest Natives Jack played Robin Hood were his minders in the UNC and PP. He “robbed” the poor to help those rich in the contrived and concocted sense of ethnic superiority. In fact he was probably more like the Sheriff of Nottingham than Robin wood, collecting “taxes” from the villagers on behalf of a female Prince John.

  14. There is a singular voice of the PP government and supporters advising Jack Warner about his indictment in the U.S Justice system. It is of course political pageantry. It is their way of saying “Yes, we are worried about his presence in our midst, because we know that as long as he remains he will make our lives uncomfortable”. Let us run through the list of public officials who are constantly reminding Jack of his appointment with the US DOJ. Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar, SC; Prakash Ramadhar, Legal minister; Roodal Moonilal, Housing minister (Phd), Stephen Cadiz Minister of Transport; Nicholas, Attorney General. There is one simple process that each and every one of these mentioned people know and that is – one is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. They also know that process is the avenue that will eventually occasion Jack’s departure to the US. So, if these learned people who are trained in law are so eager to bypass process and contravene procedures only to extradite a Trinidadian citizen just because they fear his presence in the country. What does that say about these public officials who are not only versed in law and litigation but also hold portfolios that, they have sworn to uphold the LAW? It is called politics of destruction that they are actually afraid of. While their die-hard supporters believe anything the PM and advisors say, the majority of people (whether the like Jack or not), believe that Jack’s revelations are in fact revelations of facts that the government don’t want them to hear. One thing that they don’t seem to understand, is that the more they call for the short circuiting of process for Jack’s exit, the more they cement the beliefs that Jack is doing the right thing. Leaders are not born, they are made. If the lady’s hands are clean and heart is as pure as she admits, then why the worry? Why the hurry? Why the incessant drive to keep reminding Jack Warner that he was charged by the US DOJ? Are they afraid that Jack will forget? All of those cowards who are so bent on engaging in this kind of pageantry, cannot walk in Jack’s shoes.
    As Vice President of FIFA, he has met and counseled with Presidents, Kings, Queens (real queens), Prime Ministers, Judges, high government officials and bureaucracies of all kinds. So, missing his appointment with the American Justice system, is something he is more familiar with than those who offer free advice for him to remember. In the meantime, Jack must continue with the public service that he has vowed to do. Why should officials be afraid of scandals that they say, they are not a part of? Why? When you are innocent, there is nothing anyone can say to prove you guilty! So, those with clean hands and pure hearts need not worry. However, we the people want to hear everything that is relevant to our knowledge of government.
    Why should someone want to offer himself/herself to be a leader and then be afraid of what provocateurs might say about them? Isn’t that the real essence of leadership? Leadership must be tested if it is to be proven. That is the mettle that we should be made to have confidence in. The world is too corrupt for us to just settle and accept people for what they say they are. They (the officials) need to prove their worth. I don’t give a damn how good they say they are or how clean their hands are or how pure they say their hearts are. Let us judge you under the microscope of allegations, activities, evidence and tried challenges. If you come out clean under that process, then we really know that you are clean.

    1. Speaking of Stephen Cadiz, the minister of Transport. There is massive corruption taking place as we speak at the PTSC. Ordinary workers are being accused of ‘stealing’ tens of thousands of dollars by their supervisors. Signatures of workers are being forged to show that they signed out for ‘tickets’, then they are made to account for the money. It would appear that this is a more appropriate issue that the minister to intervene in that Jack’s. Jack’s charges are a fait accompli. Cadiz’s corruption in his ministries are happening this minute. So, Stephen are you going to do your job?

    2. For someone who has repeatedly professed to be morally and spiritually outraged by corruption, you are turning out to be a fraudulent hypocrite.
      Your unwavering support for Jack Warner is testament to the fact that you are as delusional as Jack himself. Let us omit Jack’s conflict with the PP and judge him on your professed spiritual and moral grounds.He has failed every test.
      His sidekick, Rowley is making a tragic mistake by echoing his unfounded, manufactured and vindictive accusations. This would cost him the election and a chance to be PM, an opportunity which he had in his grasp.
      Those who support Jack after all the FBI evidence against him are worse than the man himself.
      In time his manufactured tapes, pictures and yes pictures are coming, will all be proven to be false.

      1. So much for being a professed christian yourself. Neither God nor christianity appears to be part of your moral compass. My commentary is for all to see and read. You are just one and a sore looser at that. So, given your objective to be critical of anything that is in direct contradiction of your mission, I regard your comments as a commendation of my efforts to inform and relate. I also view my efforts as one that is definitely getting under your skin and that makes me happy. But I view with amusement that the new UNC word is ‘delusional’.
        I feel happy to be in company with Jack and Keith Rowley on this. My only regret will be that onSeptember 8, Keith Rowley will remember me and my delusional efforts to expose the false prophets.

      2. Hey TMan, you and I need not quarrel over Jit Hardeen’s voice on the tape. All Jit has to do is submit to a voice detection test. That must be easy for Jit because he says that it is not his voice. If it proves that Jack is a false accuser, then charge Jack for libel. Is that a deal or you just prefer to call all those who don’t subscribe to your foolish cries of falsehood liars. Jump at it TMan, this is your opportunity to show that your hands are clean and your heart is pure. How ’bout it?

        1. Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too will be swept away.

  15. Yeah, TMAN was supporting Jack when the initial revelations that he might be involved in shenanigans a year of two ago. At that time Jack was still within the PP fold, so in keeping with their fractured sense of morality, both he and Mammoo were citing the principles of due process and the presumption of innocence, and condemning the sources of the information.

    Of course they will make a 180 degree turn in their position now. Jack has dared to quit the plantation, and as conscientious overseers it is their duty to shackle him. That is what overseers do.

    1. Jack did not quit anything. He was fired after the PM was briefed on the evidence against him during her White House visit and following the Simmons report He reluctantly in tears begged for his position.
      What we are seeing now is his version of revenge.
      Your analogies to the plantation are absurd. Let him prove his accusations in court.

  16. Jack is reminiscent of the bank robber who wrote a letter to the bank complaining of bad customer service after he was caught by the police.

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