Chaguanas West Did Not Vote For That Jack!

By Stephen Kangal
June 26, 2015

Stephen KangalWe the voters of Chaguanas West of the elections held in 2010 and 2013 did not vote for the current adversarial “buss the mark” agenda being prosecuted by our MP Jack Warner. He no longer represents our views and aspirations having voted for him overwhelmingly and unprecedentedly in the 2013 bye-election.

He has violated our collective mandate. He must now consult with us on the positions that he has been taking since 2013. We do not support nor endorse them.

In 2013 we did not want to appear as neemakharams because of his good work for us. But today his conduct as our MP is neemakharamish at best and ungrateful at worst.

We cannot be used and abused further by him speaking in our collective names without our further mandate and making us regret having supported him so faithfully against our political vehicle of choice.

We cannot become unwittingly blemished by the politics of smear, tear and fear of being exposed with half and whole untruths. Jack you are embarrassing us in Chaguanas West who voted for you to seek an accommodation with the PP and not to embark on a cheap collision course with the Prime Minister and the PP.

Jack your revelations are an unmitigated betrayal of the voters of your constituency. .We feel very hurt and devastated that we have foisted you to attack with full force without an iota of concern for the current political wishes of the electorate of Chaguanas West.

If the procedure were available we would seek to have you recalled and replaced having fallen from our grace and favour and no longer representative of what we want from our MP. We did not issue a carte blanche blank cheque to you to do as you like especially you linking up with the notorious PNM designed to bring down the PP Government.

Jack you have broken and breached the contract that we concluded with you when we elected you with the highest aggregate vote in 2010 elections.

Our concordat of 2013 has also been breached.

Please Jack have some respect for your constituents for you have drifted away from our political moorings. You still have time to conduct yourself politically correct and to withdraw from the slippery slope along which you have chosen to travel and repair your political image of not damning the bridge that conducted you into political stardom and public adulation.

Uncle Jack you are denigrating the best performing and caring government we have had since nationhood and leading us into the precipice of a potential political disaster waiting to happen on 7 September.

It is not too late to turn back now and salvage some of your dwindling popularity especially for the people of Felicity and Caroni who must feel abandoned by your posturing and political olympics and gymnastics.

Felicitians abandoned decades of custom to vote for you in 2013 overwhelmingly.

Please Jack ask yourself whether your constituents voted for what you are doing today; whether you owe a duty of care to them having reposed their electoral confidence in you. We do not want you to be the vector for taking us backwards to the period of discrimination and marginalization inflicted on us from 1956 to 1986.

Think of us Jack your Chaguanas West people who stood by you in 2013 in the face of the total onslaught. Surely you must have some conscience still left to own up to your duty of care for us your constituents of Chaguanas West who rely on the PP to keep us in the mainstream of political decision-making and not to consign us to banwas ( banishment).

We have had enough of your politically immature tantrums and must speak out now.

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  1. Dear Mr Kangal,
    Mr Warner is someone who was wholly embraced by the UNC in general and the Prime Minister in particular and was used to remove Mr Panday from the leadership of a party which he laboured so hard to form.
    Mrs Bissessar was elevated to leader of the UNC and later Prime Minister.
    Mr Warner was the cash cow for UNC whose financial contribution was in great part, together with Mr Manning’s poor performance, responsible for Mrs Bissessar becoming Prime Minister.
    Dr Rowley like a voice crying in the wilderness continually warned the Prime Minister about Mr Warner’s position in the government citing all the allegations that hung over his head. But to no avail. She even said to the country “They trying to hang Jack” when she defended him.
    There is now a divorce between Jack and Kamla and the dirty linen which they slept on is now being exposed for all to see.
    Is this the type of scandal which the people of Trinidad and Tobago voted for which is reported in major international newspapers?
    While all this is going on, almost twenty murders have been committed within the last week with hardly any hope of solving these crimes.
    Now that Jack has begun to talk, there is a fear within the UNC as no one knows how much “mark he is going to buss”
    Jack said that he paid for Mr Moonilal’s wife to attend college in London. Mr Moonilal said that his wife attended college in Kent. Semantics.
    However, cheques amounting to thousands of dollars were shown in and made out in favour of Mr Moonilal. Is this an untruth or half-truth?
    Jack asid that he was informed by a very senior officer that a “marijuana like” plant was found at the Prime Minister’s residence and that he informed her by telephone of the findings.
    Why when she returned to Trinidad, did she not have a press conference informing the public that an immediate investigation would commence to find the perpetrator of this crime and bring whoever it is to justice. Knowing full well that she was not culpable.
    Now an investigation has begun. Was Jack telling a half-truth or an untruth.
    Jack has produced tapes of a Mr Hardeen giving incriminating evidence against prominent individuals.
    Why does Mr Hardeen not subject himself to a voice test to prove once and for all that Jack is telling an untruth or a half-truth and therefore totally discredit Jack?
    How can someone try to blackmail another without that person being reported to the legal authorities?
    You see, these things do not impact only Chaguanas West but the entire country.
    Those are questions you may have answers to as they dont’t seem to be forthcoming from the individuals involved.
    “O judgement thou art fled to brutish beast and men have lost their reason”
    Cry the beloved country,

    1. “Dr Rowley like a voice crying in the wilderness continually warned the Prime Minister about Mr Warner’s position in the government citing all the allegations that hung over his head”

      Mr Carew, Rowley and Jack are best of friends now. The ILP leader is running the PNM campaign. Every time he makes a false accusation Rowley makes a statement supporting him by requesting that the police investigate, the very next day. And yes Mr Carew, Rowley call for Warner resignation no less than 20 times. What happened? Obviously u ar smarter than de rest of us, please explain!

    2. These Indo Trinis who crave POWER at any costs are just plain BACKSTABBERS. Oh they love your money and like days of ole sell you junk in return. Now they take your blood sweat and tears from the treasury. They do not pay one black cent in tax as they take with one hand and give with the other. That is why when they are chopping one another we must look the other way. But WE MUST GET THEM OUT OF GOVERNMENT FOR GOOD. In their so called mother country they are nothing. We gave them a life but these ungrateful SOBs we need to deal with and now.

      1. Jerry you are nothing but a racist who thrives on ignorance and stereotyping. But that is the nature of tribalism…

        1. Are you hurt by the fact that in India you would have been cleaning toilets for a living? Instead of spewing the crap that you are doing now …go back nah.


    Maybe Basdeo was correct Kandall,when he said” politics has a morality all of it’s own.” Sadly, both you, and your suddenly outraged ,former ILP Deputy leader Anna, as well as now disgusts, UNC Chagurnas constituentcy blokes,are proving that the London trained ,fast talking actor ,turned T&T political bandit PM,’was on point’-as we like to say on the streets.
    Talk about a sick tragedy people!These morally repugnant bums , naively think , they can get into bed ,and wrap up like a Sande Grande Macauwel snake, with a globally recognized ,corrupt , business miscreant , use his ill-gotten FIFA loot, to advance their private / political causes, but once certain ‘stickey/and smelly stuff ,’hits the fan , just simply,do de convenient ,’tassa wine ,’ and remove /extricate themselves, from his person.
    Sorry Kandall, but “neemackharam”fears notwithstanding ,dat ain’t how the world works,and no , we don’t give a hoot ,as to what is de norm, in ancestral South Asia/India- Pakistan-Bangladesh – Sri Lanka, or Nigeria Africa.
    We do not subscribe to that here.
    We do not give a rats behind , as to what Desmond Carty of “all ah we thief ,”fame claim, for national voters ,did not kick out that ‘nepotistic , fake Christian -Sandorian -Manning ,’ only to replace him , with your criminal cuddling ,Siparia Queen Kamla , to have her eventually ,drag our country down the gutter, make us the regional laughing stock, ,repeatedly embarrassed us on the Grand international stage , as she and her fellow , neo tribal , UNC dominant , PP goons , rape , steal, and plunder,willy nilly , then try and point fingers ,at every which way , but at themselves.
    No sariiiiii, for Anyone that chose to have First Citizen Bank – white color robber -Howai ,that creature Dr Goopiesing,or Anan Ramlogan , in their Cabinet, much less ,any political platform, deserves nada , but our contempt/derision.
    ‘Where you at ,’ Dr Kieth Rowley? Yeah we know , staying above de fray, counting down de days to September 7th, and Si, putting your political ducks in order.
    Hey Doc, remember , be careful, for there is one tribe in our T&T , who enjoys murdering , and eating ducks. Mind you , they ain’t mind paying $TT 200 pound , if need be , to acquire the furry creatures.
    Glad I gave up all forms of meat, and better yet , never touched the waddling birds.
    Seriously folks,tell me , with citizens like this ungrateful Anna Deonarine comedian , and similar others,who needs enemies, hmmmmm?
    Go ahead Jack Warner , destroy this Kamla led , PP house of cards, then when finish – as a result of your eventual corporation , with Federal authorities -go serve your 5 years suspended sentence , Yankee Justice style , like most White color criminals.
    As we did before , with ‘Fadah of your Nation-papa Basdeo, ‘so shall we again Anna .
    Translation:-Our T&T , wold survive , the likes of you , this (still)clueless , political neophyte Kamla,ex PP cabinet member Jack, and her her present day ,disgusting ,political fellow PP gang members.
    As for you Kandall, I don’t know what they taught you in law school,what poisons dem evil PNM bosses fed you ,while serving in our Foreign Service over your 40 year career, what is your conception /interpretation of a “best performance , and caring government,”but it’s finally obvious , you have certainly lost all cdibility as a objective, neo patriotic thinker ,and more so ,experience political analyst ,on this here Trini Center Nation, if you choose ,to defend the stupidity ,that’s transpired ,for sound political stewardship ,by this leader, and her pathetic government ,over the past 5 years.
    Are you kidding me Kandall? This PP regime , along with the PPP fellow bums , that wise Guyanese , finally kicked off the political stage , might be the two worst governments,that we de more astute political observers , have seen ,anywhere across the entire Commonwealth.
    These two neo tribal ,pro triumphalist ,political clowns , in Socialist Ramoutar, and equally inept cousin Kamla ,won’t know what “nationhood “is , even if it were to rise up ,from de Berbice, or Caroni plaines ,and hit dem in the face.
    As a matter of fact ,if our underachieving T&T , was placed under a microscope , and authentic experts , were to use any yardstick of assessment , available to mankind , on Planet earth, none would ever , thankfully come up,with your erroneous conclusions.
    Thanks to Kamla, our resource laden T&T ,is now balancing on de brink of a Failed State.
    Stay vigilant people!
    Long live fe Republic of Tobag….oooops, Lo Siento , T&T!
    I Luv dis land, Y tu?

  3. “The man Jack Warner is a scamp of no mean notoriety. Ah mean, if for two decades he was able to fleece all these Countries and Organisations, he has to be a smartman of the highest order.

    I remember this former Polytech history teacher; former POSFL (Port of Spain Football league) Secretary in the 60’s and 70’s whose LOVE for the game of football propelled him to administrative office. As he ascended the football ladder…..first by becoming President of the Caribbean Football Union; then CONCACAF and FIFA and all the sub football agencies, he was plotting to use his Office to defraud these very same Organizations. It just baffles me how there was no accountability and proper auditing structures in place. Jack just wormed his way into peoples graces and established a criminal enterprise which would defy all odds……… “Catch me if you can” seemed to be his mantra…… He plotted, connived and allegedly stole millions and when all seemed lost and coming to a dramatic end, he returned to Trinidad and Tobago, fooled another set of people with his Robin Hood tactics and won elective Office. The Center of Excellence was a gift, he boisterously extols and immerses himself in his lies.

    There is a saying that if you tell a lie often enough you then believe that it’s the truth. Jack Warner is so steeped in his lies that he believes that all this avalanche of evidence is other people plotting and working against a man who only did good. The man is completely delusional.

    From History Teacher to International crook…….”Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive”

    He started stealing small amounts and as he ascended the Football Administrative ladder, he pocketed more and more and more and built himself an illegal enterprise of epic proportions.

    The FAA is just one Organisation holding its head and bawling like a cow for redress and reimbursement while Jack Warner, for now, runs his beak and thumbs his nose, sits in Parliament, continue to fool people (the gullible ones), lies incessantly and has absolutely NO REMORSE for all his reprehensible and dastardly acts.”..from Blogsite

  4. Mr Mamoo,
    In reply to your question as to what happened after “Rowley call for Warner resignation no less than 20 times”. Firstly, I do not know how many times Dr Rowley called for Mr Warner’s resignation.
    However, Jack eventually left the UNC. He saying that he resigned and the Prime Minister saying that he was fired. I was not there and was not privy to what took place in the inner corridors of power as most of the population of Trinidad and Tobago. Only using a lie detector will the population know who is speaking the truth.
    Those “false accusations” are still to be refuted by the individuals against whom they were made.
    This is politics and as Mr Panday said “”politics has it’s own morality”
    Therefore, if Dr Rowley seizes upon this nasty scandal that is making T&T the laughing stock of the world and uses it to his and the PNM’s advantage , does this make him a friend of Mr Warner?
    You see, I am confused and need to know:
    How did a “marijuana like plant” find itself in the Prime Minister’s residence?
    How did Mr Moonilal’ name appear on cheques signed by Mr warner amounting to thousands of dollars and why?
    When will we learn whose voice it was on the tapes incriminating the UNC and some of it’s officials in wrong doing? It is very easy to find out and if this is investigated as Dr Rowley requests, it will be known.
    Why did Jack sign so many cheques to the advertising agency?
    Why did the Prime Minister say “they want to hang Jack but he is my best and most hard working minister”?
    You see to try to annex Jack to Rowley is most disingenuous, as the entire population knows (although a section tries to make people believe otherwise) that the gruesome twosome are Kamla and Jack who conspired to remove Mr Panday from the party he laboured tirelessly to found.
    And please remember , a person with clean hands and a pure heart is someone who has not lifted up his soul unto vanity nor sworn deceitfully.
    Cry the beloved country

    1. You see, I am confused and need to know:
      How did a “marijuana like plant”

      I think there is an investigation, if u patient the truth will come out… Don’t fret.

    2. Calling for Jack’s resignation prematurely without proper evidence was Rowley’s style. The PM waited until proper evidence and charges were laid before she condemned Warner.
      Jack was given an ultimatum, resign or be fired. This is how it’s done to save face.
      Do you really believe that the World is watching this? T&T is still an obscure entity.

      How did one or two joints morph into a “marijuana plant found inside the PM’s residence? The marijuana was allegedly discovered in a washroom on the grounds used by security, police and gardeners.
      The authenticity of Jack’s tapes is now being questioned.
      There is no doubt that Jack threw his stolen money around in an attempt to gain respectability and to provide insurance for future political advantage.
      There is no doubt that Rowley is trying to take advantage and gain political momentum from Jack’s “revelations”.
      Jack obviously and independently spent his stolen money on UNC advertising.We now know conclusively that Jack was throwing around money which he illegally acquired.It is quite possible that Jack believed that he would be untouchable if he held high political office.

  5. Mr. Kangal, Trinidad and Tobago did not vote for that Partnership or that Kamla. You know the one who gave the nation Reshmi and the one who was paying her sister Trinidad and Tobago tax payer’s dollars.

    1. Questions for Mr. Rowley
      1. Where is the Landate contract?
      2. Where did Sharon Rowley get $2.5 million in 2 years?
      3. Were you and your friend trying to steal $10 million from Cleaver Heights housing project?
      4. Is it true Elias was paying you above market value for the house he rented from you?
      5. Is it true you had an offshore bank account?
      6. Why you signed off on the Cleaver Heights housing project for $10 million above the contract value and never noticed it?
      7. How did you get 21 acres of land in Tobago for $500,000?
      8. Why did you flee Tobago as a young man? Did it have anything to do with a schoolgirl?
      9. Have you ever visited a Kali Temple in Joyce Road and perform goat puja?
      Please answer truthfully Mr. Rowley.

      1. How did Miss K man of business get $6 million in cash and built her a multi million dollar house?

  6. It is a fact that Jack aspirations was to support the rural community mainly Indo, because he knew they were deliberately repressed by former PNM regimes. Jack himself grew up in a rural community. Take for example a branch of UWI set up at Debe, this would have been unheard of during a PNM led government. Why? Plaudits must be allocated to this PP regime for having the nerve to implement such. The greatest resource of any nation is its educated human resource not for one urban community. That’s parity. Since the terrible fall out of Jack with this government principally led by the Simmons report he has been ferocious with his allegations against this government which admittedly are spurious at times and that gives the government reason to state that these allegations are delusional. Depending on how the media plays the spin on these events the population will read through what’ s taking place and the educated and valuable resource would make their decision on September 7th. Politics do make strange bed fellows and that is because no man is an island and none of us are totally independent of one another. At some time we will have surgery, do we question who is handling the ‘knife’ and whose blood we receive during transfusion? I would not be surprised if Jack will come to a point where he will realize that seeking peace is the route to go irrespective of how he reaped some ill gotten financial gains. Responsibility and maturity are required here for collective benefits to all and possibly a cue was given in Ms.Deonarine’s contribution on a UNC platform of recent.

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