Why are our educators so superstitious?

Charlie Charlie challenge reaches T&T schools

By Camille Hunte
May 28, 2015 – trinidadexpress.com

Charlie CharliePresident of the National Parent/Teacher Association Zena Ramatali is warning against the “Charlie Charlie” game which has been trending globally over the last few days and is now being played by children in local schools.

The game is said to be a simplified version of the “Ouija Board” and summons a Mexican “demon” by the name of Charlie. The “Charlie Charlie Challenge” as it is being called entails placing two pencils on a piece of paper in the shape of the cross with the words “yes” and “no’ written in each quadrant.

Participants then repeat the phrase “Charlie, Charlie can we play?” in order to connect with the demon. The “demon” is then asked specific questions and the top pencil moves in response.

It may sound far-fetched to some but what seems to be a superstitious fad is actually serious business, Ramatali told the Express.

“It is a very serious situation right now,” she said, adding that the game taking root locally is an indication of the dangers of the Internet.

Ramatali said children must be taught what is good and what is evil and that clearly, the Charlie Charlie Challenge is an evil game.

“We have to teach them that this is not something that they want to dabble in,” she said.

Ramatali said the game has entered local schools due to a lack of supervision. “Children should be supervised at all times. What happens is that they are unsupervised at break time and lunch time and the devil is actually finding work for them.”

Ramatali said she was concerned children could be killed or injured while playing the game. “In one particular school the children looking on were so frightened that they ran out of the classroom. There could have been serious injury because children got scared.”

Ramatali said the game is being played in schools in the Port of Spain and St George education districts.

A ministry official confirmed that reports of the game being played were received from two school in these districts.

He said measures have been implemented to discourage pupils from participating. “Principals have been instructed to talk to the children involved and the entire school population about the dangers of social media.”

He said principals were also advised to refer children to school guidance counsellors if need be and if pupils refuse to desist from playing the game in the schools, the schools can take disciplinary action in the form of suspension.

Source: www.trinidadexpress.com/20150528/news/charlie-charlie-challenge-reaches-tt-schools/1


‘Charlie Charlie’ challenge poses real danger – Vatican exorcist speaks out against summoning demons
A Vatican-approved exorcist has warned against the dangers of playing the game known as “Charlie, Charlie,” which is gaining popularity among young people on social media.
Spanish priest Jose Antonio Fortea said the so-called Charlie Charlie Challenge, a game played on a simplified version of the Ouija board, poses a real danger as it involves the summoning of spirits, the Catholic News Agency reported on Wednesday.

6 thoughts on “Why are our educators so superstitious?”

  1. ”Ramatali said children must be taught what is good and what is evil and that clearly, the Charlie Charlie Challenge is an evil game.”

    How did she determine that ”clearly …(it) is an evil game”

  2. I would like to see the basis upon which they can suspend a child for playing any game. Where does this fall in the Ministry regulations? School discipline matrix?

  3. Context is important, why are people in the Caribbean so superstitious? Persons attribute the causes of things that can be scientifically explained to Obeah or other common superstitious beliefs. Superstitious explanations are often accepted and scientific facts are ignored. Not only the educators are superstitious but our population, there have been countless posts on social media by persons who are uncomfortable with other people playing the game and link it to evil and also those which make a religious argument. However one would expect the persons given the responsibility to educate would be different and that they being educated will research and respond differently to such a game.

    1. How do you know it is just superstition. Do your research on the occult and divination. Educate yourself and get out of the myopia. Saying that the educators are superstitious lacks much empirical evidence. Those who have experiential knowledge are the ultimate source of fact.
      …a word of caution. Please do not experiment. It might be a little too late.
      Our society is changing to a secular , ungodly fabric of doubters , hence the discipline and othe ills we are facing.
      The truth will set you free.

      1. Vanessa, can you explain to me what you mean ”the occult” and ”divination” and what makes them evil?

  4. In attempting to answer your question with a another question; Could it be because the supernatural realm is for real? When did we exchange education for common sense? Our education system has taught us to oppose every thing for the sake of opposing.

    Does science function like Simple Simon? When did science ever cause any thing to move by the use of words?

    Based on the definition of supernatural, my common sense leads me to conclude that this game experiments with the supernatural. How does the law of nature account for the movement of an object by speaking to it? To those who are waving the science flag, where is the logic?.

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