FIFA convenes for election session amidst corruption scandal

FIFA is convening to elect a president, choosing between Sepp Blatter and Jordanian Prince Ali bin al-Hussein. If Blatter, currently under pressure over a massive corruption scandal, wins the vote, it will be his fifth term.

Blatter said there would be no problem if ‘two other countries’ – meaning England and the USA – were awarded World Cups in 2018 and 2022
FIFASepp Blatter implied in his president’s address at the FIFA Congress that the £100million corruption scandal was a Western conspiracy. Blatter claimed things would be different if two other countries had emerged from the envelopes.

He meant England for 2018 and USA for 2022 – a dig at the British media who have led the anti-Blatter agenda and the FBI, whose investigations led to seven arrests and 14 officials indicted on bribery and kickback charges by the US Attorney.

Blatter said: ‘They call into question the World Cups of 2018 and 2022. In December 2010 here in Zurich when we decided on the two World Cups in one session.

‘If two other countries had emerged from the envelopes, we would not have these problems today. But we can’t go back in time, we are not prophets. We can’t say what would have happened.’
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Daily Mail website leads with Jack Warner and FIFA (image)

Fifa presidential election live updates: Sepp Blatter stands against Prince Ali amid corruption scandal


Hours after being freed from prison for ‘exhaustion’, corruption suspect Jack Warner parties… then Blatter hints scandal only erupted because US and England were not awarded World Cups
‘If I have been thiefing FIFA money for 30 years, who give me the money? How come he is not charged?’ he declared. ‘Why only persons from Third World countries have been charged?,’ he added, drawing hoots and applause from supporters in the district he represents as an opposition member of Parliament.

Defiant Sepp Blatter vows to fix Fifa as pressure mounts to resign
President speaks in Zurich in first public appearance since scandal broke, while North and Central American football federation dismisses executives

UK banks named in football bribery scandal: Barclays and HSBC ‘handled suspected cash’
Two of Britain’s biggest High Street banks have been dragged into the bribery and corruption scandal engulfing football’s world governing body. Barclays and HSBC have been named in legal papers filed by the US Department of Justice after millions of dollars in suspect transactions linked to Fifa were allegedly moved through their accounts.

Sepp Blatter could be kicked out even if he wins vote as knives come out for FIFA boss
Sepp Blatter is on the brink of being ousted as FIFA president, even if he wins Friday’s election. The 79-year-old is the favourite to win a ludicrous fifth term when he goes up against Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein of Jordan on Friday afternoon, despite the mass corruption scandal this week which has discredited his FIFA tenure.

FIFA’s former vice-president Jack Warner leaves jail in ambulance after complaining of exhaustion following corruption arrest

Jeffrey Webb charges ‘astound’ former adviser David Davies as FIFA corruption fallout continues
The British adviser to disgraced FIFA ExCo member Jeffrey Webb says he was ‘astounded’ at the corruption charges levelled at FIFA president Sepp Blatter’s heir apparent. Global football consultant David Davies, former senior FA executive, has worked closely with Webb — seen until his arrest this week as a great reformer — for more than a year and was alongside him at the CONCACAF Congress in Nassau in April.

7 thoughts on “FIFA convenes for election session amidst corruption scandal”

  1. The Gloves are Off
    Fresh from prison Warner says he’s not holding back any longer on Kamla

    All bets off Kamla
    “The charge came here and in 15 minutes Nicholas signed it. He never spoke to me, he never called to look at evidence. It took the AG three months to sign for Ish and Steve,” he said.

    Kamla denies Jack’s money financed UNC poll campaigns
    Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said yesterday she received no money from Jack Warner to fund either her own or the United National Congress (UNC) election campaigns.

    PM: Jack never funded UNC

    ‘Jack’s accountant bought foreign $$’
    The JTA Supermarket chain is the business interest currently engaging the attention of Uni­ted States law enforcement authorities, sources have disclosed.

    Feds: Blazer got US$.75m …from Warner’s US$10m bribe
    Former FIFA executive committee member Chuck Blazer appears to have provided key information that has been central to the Justice Department’s football corruption investigation

    …indictment filed earlier this month in the United States Eastern District Court of New York against Warner and others

    ILP chairman: Warner can run in the election

  2. There is ONLY hidden agendas in this effort to jail JAW in USA. There will, of course, be no jail time. THIS IS ONLY TO SULLY HIS NAME. USA killed over 40, 000 citizens of PANAMA to get rid of their leader there years ago. They massacred millions in Iraq to get rid of Sadam Hussein who they did not like. They killed thouaands in Grenada to destroy Maurice Bishop. They waged cold war with Fidel Castro of Cuba for over 50 years. They made millions in Venezuela and when Chavez came into power it is alleged they came around to killing him. JAW is just another one they destroyed from my country of T&T. They destroyed Haiti as well. The Caribbean …they have virtually no respect for. We mean nothing to them except for the immense wealth they continue to exploit our country for. In our country they rob us of our land, natural resources etc. The UN and the world watch them kill others without any legal due process and says nothing. They used Gaddafhi to destroy Africa. What they cannot get their way by negotiation they take by force or by sullying the names of their opponents. Like the Roman Empire they will fall in God’s timing, not ours.

  3. Sepp can say what he wants. The anvil of Justice has fallen on FIFA. Warner is heading for jail, his sons are almost there in the U.S. Sepp remains untouched for now!

  4. Let us not be too quick to suggest that in the case of Jack Warner, it is all about football. There will definitely be talk about football but it would only be the means by which other matter will be introduced….. nuff said.
    I hold no briefs for Jack Warner. In many of my conversations, especially with footballers who played under his sports administration, he is said to be a good and kind man. Most of those with whom I spoke have the highest respect for his generosity and kindness. My beef with Jack is not his politics nor his defense of Kamla, whilst a member of the UNC. I was thoroughly annoyed when he tried to destroy CroCro (the calypsonian), because to do that is the same as trying to destroy calypso. Calypso has been around for more than one hundred years. It is a major part of our history and emancipation of our minds whilst we were slaves to the European Master. Under this UNC government, like the European, they saw it as threatening to what they wanted to replace it with. Jack’s effort in silencing CroCro was the same as eradicating the art.
    I pray that the next government will do all in it’s power to reinstate Calypso as one of the major art form of our society.
    Throughout the years, what Cutteridge has failed to capture our minds with, the calypsonian have given us something to hold on to. Lion, Spoiler, Sparrow, Melody, Gypsy and Shorty to name a few have taught us how to be proud of ourselves and how to analyze those who come before us asking us to support them. In many cases, the Calypsonian is the first to notice and identify what is wrong and what is right about our society. I am aware that there are those who do not like CroCro and they reason for that. But none of those reasons have to do with CroCro’s ability or the topics he introduces. Most hate the messages that he sends and would prefer to have them stopped. That was my reason for being unsupportive of Jack Warner. But I take no comfort in seeing him being arrested and sent to jail because, I believe that he has made an honest effort to reform his previous political affirmations. That, to me is an act of christianity.
    There are those who call themselves christians but nothing in their actions corresponds with christianity. Those are the types who are most deceiving. Then there are those who constantly refer to my references to religion as if to say that that it should be a subject that we should keep away from, but I say to them, we are the result of what we are taught and nurtured. I invite those who are apt to criticize my refrains about religion to view on youtube a classic case, that I am sure they may be familiar with –

    1. You can see how lies are a deep part of their culture. Can we ever trust them?

  5. Kamla say jack never finance the UNC no one will believed that with out jack money in the1990s they would of loss in the last election uc was broke and jack spend his money.

    The trouble UNC can distance their government from jack tinted money the truth is out there if you believed.

    1. Of course Jack spent his money, but that was his prerogative. There were no charges against him back then. If he spent his money nobody had a clue that it was bribe money, now he crying foul. He wants the PP to defend him and stall the deportation order but he also likes to bad talk PP minister and especially the Prime Minister. All he has done since the ILP form is to ill speak members of the coalition. He has not put forward one good idea to advance TnT.

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