Disregard for rule of law in T&T

Risk consultancy on Rowley suspension

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-BissessarA global consultancy specialising in political and security risks has warned United Kingdom company BG Energy Holdings Group that the suspension of Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley from Parliament highlights a lack of reliable state administration and widespread disregard for the rule of law in Trinidad and Tobago.

In its “Country Risk Forecast and Travel Security Online” report to BG Energy in Reading, England, dated May 11, the risk consultancy group said Rowley’s suspension “highlights weaknesses of democratic institutions”.
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Transparency: No fairness in PNM leader’s suspension

The local arm of Transparency International “Trinidad and Tobago Transparency Institute (TTTI)” has said it is gravely concerned over the House of Representatives’ move on May 6 to approve the motion to suspend Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley.

In a press release issued yesterday, TTTI said by directly suspending Rowley, Speaker of the House Wade Mark bypassed the Privileges Committee and deprived the process of “all fairness and legitimacy”.

“The practice has always been for the Speaker to refer disciplinary matters which may result in suspension to the Committee of Privileges. This allows for due process in two respects. It permits matters to be further investigated by the Committee so that the substance of the complaint can be properly delineated. Secondly, it affords natural justice to the parties affected as they are able to defend themselves before the Committee,” it said.
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14 thoughts on “Disregard for rule of law in T&T”

  1. When Panday was suspended for almost a year was there any advisory similar to these ones? Rowley has not supported any bill the government put in Parliament so where is the risk!

    Now that the U.S. Justice Department and the P.M. Lawyers in the U.S. Declared that Rowley lied it is strange that all these risk coming out. Has the bar been set so low that Rowley could get away with anything? Or are the PNM agents in the media actively trying to blame the government when it is only the government who requested on several occasions that the email matter be resolve sooner rather than later. Two years is a very long time for the police and IC to examine 31 emails and say whether it is authentic or not. It is something that should have been resolved a long time ago. Why isn’t the media asking these questions? Why aren’t they trying to find out why this investigation remains open? Don’t they care about democracy? Or are they both by Balisier house?

    1. “Now that the U.S. Justice Department and the P.M. Lawyers in the U.S. Declared that Rowley lied it is strange that all these risk coming out. “………..Mamoo
      I know that the English can at times be easy and sometimes very difficult to comprehend. On this blog? Anything goes. Information need not be correct, as long as those writing them make them seem correct. Mamoo, did you say that the U.S. Justice Department and the Prime Ministers lawyers in the U.S. declared that Rowley lied? I always knew and always made the point that we are being governed by a bunch of mad people. Just a few questions Mamoo. Where did the U.S. Justice Department get that authority? And where did Kamla’s US lawyer get that authority? It must be based on the same reasoning that dictator Kamla did not wait on the Police and the Integrity Commission! She took the law into her own hands, tried Rowley in absentia, became judge, jury and executioner, then declared him unfit to be in parliament. Well, let me tell you something, those nincompoops who cheered her on is just as ignorant and paeanistic as she is. Because the law does not expressly state that you should not do something, does not mean that you can. It is the spirit of the law that should matter. But then again, pagans have no use for laws,only what they consider their laws. So, international watchers beware! we have a mad government, not concerned with natural law, constitutional law, regional law, law of justice or even that international institutions are looking at her brand of governance. The only thing that matters is that the pagans get their vengeance! Mamoo, normally I dismiss your writings but I do know that you have your admirers in the person of Intricate, Al, Aunty Bean and others, I just wanted to remind you that when acts of lawlessness are committed against the constitution, the only jurisdiction authorized to make such authorized pronouncements are the statutory organizations. Just one more thing, whilst parliament can make laws, they are NOT authorized to execute them. Anything contrary to that is pure and unadulterated paganism. That is where the authority comes from!

      1. “It must be based on the same reasoning that dictator Kamla did not wait on the Police and the Integrity Commission! She took the law into her own hands, tried Rowley in absentia, became judge, jury and executioner, then declared him unfit to be in parliament”

        This is where you failed the logic and good reasoning test. Waiting on the TTPS and Integrity Commission! What if they don’t come forward this year but take 10 years because 2 years has already transpired. Should the PM sit and wait to clear her name. Isn’t justice suppose to be swift? Have you not heard the saying “justice delayed is justice denied”. This is merely 31 emails read in Parliament it is not a thousand emails as you want the world to believe. How would you like to be in a situation where you are accused of murder and it takes 10 years to come to court! Besides the PM laws looked at what the content of the emails were are found no correlation. When would Rowley friends in the police service and IC come forward and end this fiasco. It must be noted the CoP came forward and said the emails fake. This is the way the PNM police cabal functions, it is very dangerous.

        Rowley was there in Parliament his golden boy Imbert spoke but never at one time did he mentioned the emails. He spoke about Russia and other parts of the world but not of the emails, this was his golden opportunity to defend his leader, instead he ran away. When Rowley brought a no confidence motion and few against other cabinet ministers they stood in Parliament and defended. They did not run away. The PNM under Rowley is nothing but a bunch of liars, theives and con men…..

        1. Mamoo, normally I regard your writings as mercenarius. But even mercenaries can lie their way into believability when they repeat their lies often enough. So, it is with this in mind, I decided to respond to the hard-to-believe reasonings of one of Kamla’s most misguided mouthpieces. Your quote and my reply are as follows:

          1. “This is where you failed the logic and good reasoning test.”
          My logic and reasoning is in conformity with independent sources of thought locally and internationally as well. Regardless of how you feel about any issue, when you take the law into your own hands you are wrong. Whether you are prime minister or John Doe.

          2. “Waiting on the TTPS and Integrity Commission! What if they don’t come forward this year but take 10 years because 2 years has already transpired.”
          Ahhhh! now you know how many prisoners and victims of lawlessness feel about the practice of law and justice in Trinidad and Tobago. As a matter of fact, not just Trinidad and Tobago but also the United States of America. They have been waiting for the extradition of Ish and Steve for how long? Maybe 10 years now and for the past five, the government that you take pride in promoting as the best, have told the United States that if feels that Trinidad and Tobago is the best place to deal with them. Now you are telling us that the great United States have exonerated Kamla! How come Mamoo? When did the United States get that authority? Your reasoning in fact makes a mockery of whatever is left of the justice that exist in Trinidad and Tobago’s justice system. Make your mind up Mamoo. When Ish and Steve is to be extradited, the United States Justice system CANNOT dictate to us but now that Kamla’s integrity is in question and she hired a U.S lawyer to tell her what she wants to hear, the laws of Trinidad and Tobago is not qualified to make a judgement on her? That is doublespeak Mamoo. But then, what else is new. We know it is Pagan politics and therefore we must expect pagan justice.
          3. “This is merely 31 emails read in Parliament it is not a thousand emails as you want the world to believe. How would you like to be in a situation where you are accused of murder and it takes 10 years to come to court!”
          What! accused of murder? Nobody accused Kamla of murder. One of the emails, purportedly written under her url has statements mentioning murder as a possible solution. So, why rush it? Isn’t it better to wait and be sure than rush and be wrong? Why are you so rushed for time? Isn’t justice more important than questionable prejudgement and conviction?
          4. “Besides the PM laws looked at what the content of the emails were are found no correlation.”
          Ahhhhhhhh! now we are coming to the meat of yours and Kamla’s frailties. You have stated time and again that “truth shall set you free”. I too, believe that. So, if Kamla believes that she is not guilty, why is she in such a rush to enact her own law to convict Dr. Rowley of fabrication. Why is she nervous? Why is she so tenuous on this matter? Why is she being condemned by every reasonable institution of note?
          Truth is truth no matter how you may wish to spin it.
          5. “When would Rowley friends in the police service and IC come forward and end this fiasco.”
          On now hand you are satisfied that the CoP says it is a fake and on the other you are saying that it is a fiasco. What do you really want to say?
          6. “It must be noted the CoP came forward and said the emails fake.
          OK! It is a statement – now we want facts and outcome.
          7. “his is the way the PNM police cabal functions, it is very dangerous.”
          Oh shoot! now the its a PNM police cabal and now it is dangerous!

          You see Mamoo, it is a mad,mad, mad world out there and similarly mad, mad, mad government indeed! Your turn Mamoo.


    2. MAMOO follow up on this for me nah…..

      Richard Lord
      Thursday, May 14, 2015
      The leakage of funds from government ministries and departments continues to be a major concern to the Auditor General in the wake of the discovery of over $96.9 million in overpayments related wages and entitlement to public sector workers over the past four years.

      In the 2014 report of the Auditor General on the public accounts of T&T, which was laid in the Senate on Tuesday, the Auditor General’s Department, headed by Majeed Ali, said the overpayments or unauthorised payments were of major concern “since they not only represent a leakage of public funds but result in time and resources being spent on accounting, recovering, reporting and auditing.”

      It also said “emotional factors” were involved for those affected in the recovery process. The overpayments/unauthorised payments related to salaries, pensions, allowances and wages. The report said since 1988 guidelines had been given by the Comptroller of Accounts “for reducing the incidents of overpayments and unauthorised payments.”

      But not withstanding that up to last year (2014) there were 4,449 cases of overpayments, valued at more than $23 million, while just over $12 million of that amount was recovered, it added. It said for 2011 there were overpayments of more than $20.3 million in Government ministries and departments with only $8.4 million being recovered.

      One year later, in 2012, the overpayment figure increased to $21.4 million but the recovered figure decreased to $8 million. In 2013 more than $31 million was overpaid with only $16.1 million recovered. In the four-year period, the report showed there were 20,773 cases of overpayments, with roughly 47 per cent, some $45.5 million, recovered over these years.

      For fiscal 2014, the Education Ministry reported the largest overpayments. There were 72 cases, totalling $6.2 million, with only $1.4 of that amount recovered. There was also $5.2 million overpayment in the Ministry of National Security with $4.4 million recovered and a $5.7 million overpayment in the T&T Police Service, with almost all the overpayments recovered.

      Regulations flouted

      According to the report, the Auditor General has repeatedly expressed the need for “controls to be strengthened to minimise the incidents of overpayments.” It said the regulations provide for unauthorised payments or overpayments to be reported to the Comptroller of Accounts and the Auditor General but “reports were either not received or were inconsistent with the information disclosed in the appropriation account in a number of instances.”

      Dealing with expenditure control in the Judiciary, the report said payments totalling $418,500 were made in September 2014 for the purchase of two vehicles but “at the time of the audit in January 2015, these vehicles were not seen to have been received.” The Auditor General said that contravenes the existing regulations “which requires certification of payment vouchers by the accounting officer that items purchased have been duly received and taken on charge.”

      With respect to Parliament, the report said pension and leave records for 69 per cent of the existing staff at the Parliament “were noted to be updated within the last two years (but) there was no evidence that records in respect of retirees were submitted to the Comptroller of Accounts three months before the effective date of retirement as required to ensure prompt processing of separation benefits.”

  2. So the simi literate,super trologian- Mayaro ,lifetime drunk ,is at it again folks-talking through all six sides of his craw,and saying nothing of real significant.
    Then again ,why are we surprise? It’s what you can expect from someone who went to school,during the August vacation period,when the village school was close.
    Quit trying to compare de Caroni river ,with de East Dry River Mamboo!
    They aren’t the same ,and even the politically savvy, Faddah of your Nation,in Papa Baz ,acknowledged the differences in both cases.
    For the record,it was the House Speaker-and not the then government- who suspended Basdeo Panday,for using his lap top to check his illegal offshore accounts,and do stock trades ,when instructed ,not to Mamboo.
    In this case however,it was a stupid strategic move ,that was deliberately orchestrated, by your desperate PP government,in efforts to thwart the course of Justice,and distract a sleeping population.
    Tell you what,if citizens were prepared to exercise patience ,re the non extradition affair with UNC financial supporting criminals,Ish,and Steve,they can be allowed to do the same re this anti media murder plot, by your leaders.
    Many of us in this country,might despise a few of our business,civic ,and political leaders,but when they are caught with their pants ,or dress down to their knees,or put differently,with their hands in the symbolic cookie jar,re some criminal activity,or malfeasance/act of impropriety,we still want them to get their day in court,to prove their innocence.
    If you social bums ,don’t like the concept of democracy ,that was laid out by our wise ,Founding Fathers,and handed down in tact,to your political scoundrels,then simply pack your doggy bag,and go live in Karachi Pakistan,Dhaka Bangladesh, Georgetown Guyana ,or worst yet,New Deli .
    Yeah we know ,that for all the old talk,’you alze’ would avoid those fiefdoms,like the plague,since none has a white majority.
    Tell me folks ,with citizens like these,who need enemies?

    1. “If you social bums ,don’t like the concept of democracy ,that was laid out by our wise ,Founding Fathers,and handed down in tact, ….”. Which founding fathers were those?? Please tell.

  3. Man some people are just pathological liars, and this assumed Kshatriya have been littering these pages with his vomiting mendacity for ages. He cannot help it. It is ingrained and correlates with the confused precepts of superiority based on his assumed cast status.

    Further, his moral and ethical disfigurement, which is a product of acculturation of that ancient and enduring religious and cultural mythical doctrine used to masturbate their ethnic egos, has the same effect on his reading and understanding as dyslexia. So we should not be surprised or amazed that he reads what is in his mind, rather than what is actually written.

    Like I constantly warn my Caribbean woolly haired brethren and sistren, to really grasp the complexities of T&T and some related to the PPP, one has to try to conceptualize the experience of indigenous Africans under apartheid. The mindset of these remodeled Brahmins and Kshatriyas are no different than that which our continental kin folk had to contend with under apartheid. The British understood that, knew that, so when they looked around the world for a group they knew would share their ideology on race, well we know where they went to find them. Yeah, you have to concede that the slave masters understood who was best suited, in terms of being repositories for the same disfigured concept of racial superiority they had, and in retrospect, after some two hundred years, we are finally demonstrating a logical readiness to accept it.

  4. http://www.caribnewsdesk.com/news/9878-president-carter-calls-for-release-of-guyana-s-election-results

    Yeah Jimmy-I have lust in my heart- Carter,and where the hell were you ,when that fake Conservative GW Bush of ‘hanging chad fame,’stole the elections from Al Gore,using the conniving bastards of his courts to rob American voters?
    It’s why I love T&T so much people,and has repeatedly demanded vigilance, by my people,to ensure that ,’De Guyanarization ,of T&T,’ never be allowed to take place here.
    Well,we hope that with strong ,fearless,honest ,patriotic, Civil Servants for the people,such as Deputy DPP Joan Honore-Paul,this won’t happen.


    The gall of these bums,who think they can use delaying gimmicks,via calls for recounts in Guyana,to retain power-after ravishing that country for over 2 decades.
    The audacity of their equally corrupt cousins in T&T,who naively think,that just because they throw out the words FBI,and Yankee lawyers,or use their political majority,to indulge in Parliamentary hijacking of our Democracy,Kamla and her fellow gang members, would be fully exonerated from accusations leveled at them ,by our PM in waiting,Dr Keith Rowley. Tell them to think again!
    Yep,I want to see that obnoxious,ex AG Rammy,and the not too closeted ex First Citizens Bank white colir bandit,Hawai,turned glorified Finance Minister, in Prison clothes.

    There comes a time Bro Chong sing,when we citizens,must draw a line in the sand ,so as to halt the progress of destructive,self aggrandizing,barbarian elements,with evil intent.
    Any action is fair game,to eradicate a regime headed ,by the likes of Kamla,and her equally diabolical cousins in Guyana.
    Hey Chong Sing,notice ,I mentioned nothing about PP,or PPP,as I am not one ,who enjoy hiding behind politically correct labels ,because I am fearful of calling a spade a spade. Political parties cannot destroy countries,but people do.
    Political organizations aren’t the problem in both countries,but tribalism as practiced ,solely by one people-whether,in or out of power!
    I subscribe to a view that ‘where there is no justice,there should be no peace!’

    The well paid ,tribal minions ,can interpret this in whatsoever manner,they desire.
    As an agnostic Buddhist myself,I see no contradictions in my stand ,and the overall philosophical tenets of my faith.
    I am talking about ‘Ending suffering of all sentient beings!’
    Translation:-1.Empowerment of the weak ,and disenfranchised.
    This includes neglected kids,poor women,and hopeless others ,stuck at the lower echelons of society,that cannot make huge financial contributions to the respective political party/entities.

    2.Ensuring that equal playing field justice,becomes a reality.We know the bastards ,who love the anachronistic Privy Council,and hate the T&T based/financed CCJ,but only because Tobago’s ANR ,and not Basdeo thought it up first.
    The question is ,can poor citizens,without means ,afford to seek justice in England,via this tedious ,and expensive body?

    3.Pushing mechanisms aimed at enhancing the socio economic/political well being of all citizens-in addition to those 110,000 illegals,that over the past 5 years ,choose to make T&T, their home. What is your immigration policy Kamla?
    Let’s make it happen Bro Chong sing!
    Remember,’you cannot be half pregnant,’or better yet,’try to make an omelet,without breaking dem eggs!’
    Let me add,’Never underestimate,what a few dedicated,united folks can achieve,in furthering the cause for Humanity,once they are prepared to think beyond self/consider the plight of ‘the other,’join in solidarity ,and prudently engage in advocacy mechanisms-using ,any ,and every means ,at our disposal.
    Chew on the expression-‘digital activism!’
    Love Humanity people!
    Might be idealistic,but well worth the effort.Trust me on that T&T.
    The consequential fall outs , from alternative practices,are terrible,to even contemplate,si?
    ‘Where you at,’mu fellow progressives?
    Hopefully trying to make difference.

  5. The most amusing and perhaps tragic (depending on one’s ideological bent I suppose) aspect of this farcical suspension of Dr. Rowley is that the government has been landing political body blow after body blow on itself.

    I am almost tempted to believe that one Rodney Charles may actually be an opposition mole; it beggars belief that an astute political strategist as he claims to be would be advising his employer so poorly.

    For the record, I am still a bit skeptical about Dr Rowley’s decision to bring forth the email allegations in parliament, given that the content is very serious indeed and he better be absolutely certain that he is vindicated.

    With that said, the investigations into the emailgate issue are not complete, and given the gravity of the charges, it is important and imperative that the police and other relevant investigating authorities complete their investigations without political pressure.

    The suspension of Dr. Rowley was premature and sets a dangerous precedent for this country and in case Prime Minister Persad-Bissessar and her colleagues need reminding, its misadventures are being observed by parties beyond the geographical boundaries of this country.

    So perhaps, the government should stop harming itself, wittingly or unwittingly

  6. “Poverty is the parent of revolution,and crime.”

    Let’s conclude that Kamla,and her UNC dominant ,PP goons,aren’t big fans of Aristotle.
    145 murders and counting for the year,and yet ,no jobs policy, coherent economic enhancement initiatives,or even an authentic crimes plan.
    Well ,maybe there was a jobs/economic stimulus package in place ,but only to ensure financial backing , corrupt cronies,close families,and under qualified,tribal,party hacks excel-who have repeatedly,and un-hesitantly sucked like greedy piglets ,at mama T&T titties,during the last five years.
    Who knows,for their crime plan might be interpreted as ,publicly berating Public Servants ,engaging in political purges, to remove any members of ‘Afro Kinky Head Nation,’from positions of authority,and likewise remove ,via political bandit maneuvers ,elected officials -such as Dr Kieth Rowley-so that they are unable to serve.


    In the interim,let de bleeding continue!

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