Al-Rawi: Bounce dog, take it to hospital

Newsday : April 22 2015

PNM Senator Faris Al-RawiIF YOU KNOCK down a person or an animal, you will have to stop and take them to a hospital or doctor, even if they are unconscious, PNM Senator Faris Al-Rawi said yesterday as he balked at the provisions of new motor vehicle and road traffic legislation.

Speaking during debate of a bill to introduce a new suite of road offences and to implement a Motor Vehicle Authority to replace Licensing Office, Al-Rawi said the legislation was far too voluminous to be considered on the Senate floor.

The PNM Senator also said some of the provisions in the bill were skewed and questioned whether the Law Association had been consulted.

He cited clause 215 which states, “Where, owing to the presence of a vehicle on a road or highway, an accident occurs whereby injury or damage is caused to any person, animal or property, the driver of such vehicle shall immediately stop, (a) if any person has been injured in the accident, the driver shall render such person aid, and if the person wishes to be taken to hospital or to a doctor, or is unconscious, convey or cause to be conveyed the injured person without delay to the nearest hospital or to a doctor.”

Al-Rawi said of this, “You are imposing an automatic responsibility that you must get out of your car and you are liable to an offence if you don’t take this person to a hospital. You are making somebody carry an unconscious person to a hospital.” He noted a person would be convicted of a summary offence and liable to a $5,000 fine. “We do need to revise our laws considerably,” he said. “But every detail of this bill needs to be looked at more carefully. This bill does not pass muster. It is not ready to be passed.” He said the legislation would ban television in maxi taxis and questioned why this was necessary. Also, some officers from the public service would be exempt from certain provisions.

Al-Rawi said the plan for a causeway to Chaguaramas was six years old and had been sitting in a draw of the Ministry of Works for that time.

At the start of his contribution, the PNM Senator took the unusual step of addressing the presiding officer. He told Senate President Raziah Ahmed, “May I compliment you on your attire today.”


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  • The legislation should state that all posibble assistance should be rendered to an accident victim, including taking the person to the nearest hospital, health clinic or doctors office depending on the nature of the injury. Failure to assist a person requesting to be taken to the nearest medical center will result in fine or imprisonment. It is the least a person could do for someone who is injured, given the time scheduling for an ambulance to arrive at the scene. In most cases is over an hour. That person should not have to suffer unnecessarily for that length of time.

  • What if you hit a car and six people get hurt? How do you decide which one of them goes to the hospital. What if your vehicle is damaged and cant be operated. What if you are hurt and can’t drive?

  • How much will this Causeway costs the taxpayer is the more important question we should be asking ourselves before we swallow whatever she says? Perhaps 500 Billion. These greedy folks would stop at nothing. I am convinced that this government does not believe there is a God. Yes politics does have a morality of it own. We the people must not be hoodwinked another 5 long years. The population must come together and open their eyes as plenty scams from these huge world players are zooming down on us now for we are most vulnerable now. They have divided us so much over the years. However, God does not sleep and they will pay for their evil ways. Despite what Manning (and he will pay for his wrongs) was we can look around and at least see where most of the monies went in the real estate around us. Yes we could argue as to who benefited. But this government has to account for over 400 Billion for the last 5 years. We want to know where ALL the money went…every cent. That was the mandate given to them in 2010. Not the gabbage their stooges are saying or trying to sell us. We cannot even see 100 Billion of expenditure. They got the highest energy prices for the production levels we posted to the market. Where is the money. When they came into power they sent their goons worldwide to re-people all the embassies with Indo trinis. They sent many of us home without severence. In north america alone we got persons with false papers and no proper training. Our memory is short – remember the SNC fiasco. Remember the belly dancer who represented us! When will it end. Have we not learnt from Panday and his boys. Do we need to be reminded? She learnt under Panday, schooled by him and then she kicked him in his arse. Who are we? We must be the world’s greatest fools. I can never trust that lady. She even learnt to drink like him. You just have to listen to the bilge that comes out of her mouth on the platform to know it is the rum talking. Does she know the kind of engineering required to build the causeway. The drinks are talking so much I am thinking perhaps she thinks it is her money she is spending.

    • This sort of rum shop robber talk is beneath you.You have a tendency to ramble on with unsupported, grievous,biographical information which is highly questionable.Get it off your Trini-egotistical chest but be aware that your personal biases may not represent the actual facts,events or experiences of others. Very often your statistics are skewed or inaccurate. Your exaggerations and generalizations are bordering on being litigious.Those of us in the south-land can look around and see where “all the money going.”
      You are falling prey to PNM propaganda relating to corruption allegations.The PNM election strategy is to make corruption accusations. When challenged to produce evidence, they withdraw silently, but continue to concoct new allegations.There is no doubt that there has been and there will continue to be corruption in T&T no matter who is in power…it has become culturally ingrained. Kamla is aggressively pursuing all accusations. The accusations against the former AG, who got a bad rap from the media because of his “big mouth”, have all been discounted.
      The level of negative agitation against this government has been unprecedented. It is under attack by union leaders, anxious to win fat paychecks before the election. PNM insiders within the civil service have been attempting to sabotage this government since its very beginnings.The police force and others within the society are demanding their share of the pie.We are deteriorating into a sad materialistic society.

      • You have toilet paper at home …then you must try using it on your mouth. You probably do not know the magnitude of 400 Billion even in TT. Probably you are confusing it with the 400,000 from your little corner store makes every year …where you rob your customers daily. This is just the point ….I do not know corruption in my own life undertakings…unlike you who know it since you were born. It is in your culture not mine. And you certainly know the facts about the corrupt figures in your government…want to share or as yours do ….live in denial and then your folks fight viciously over your wealth when you are dead.

        • Your response is not worthy of a reply.

          • Now you will shut your trap until you have something truthful to talk about. I keep saying what has your people really done for T&T …in science, engineering, culture, sport etc. That’s right very little but you want the most that money can buy from ALL OUR resources.

  • Sometimes as much as we desire to help out a loved one(s) in a motor accident we can at the same time cause more grievous damage to the afflicted by moving him or her ourselves. E.g., a broken rib piercing the lung by irresponsible movement. The focus should be to get ambulance help to the scene of the accident expeditiously be it by road or air.

    With respect to whose idea it is for the causeway to be built politicians know how to rub shoulders but we can learn from them too by denouncing bitterness on paper as from one of the bloggers.

  • The election is closer than most people think. The reason why a date has not been set is not because they don’t know when to call it. It is because the date was and always has been conditional.
    Ye, the right condition has to exist to call the election. The condition moisturized is the one that most rational people are contending has to be explained, in order to appreciate what they are telling us, and that condition is that Kamla is more popular than Rowley. The condition is important because the UNC strategy is that once Kamla is unconditionally popular, they can all ride her back in the local constituencies to victory. So, with this in mind it is not surprising that Nigel Henry make mention of this in his poll taking. Only thing is, Nigel himself can’t explain his own polls in this respect. We must first remember, Kamla and company have been trying everything to make Keith Rowley appear unacceptable as Prime Minister. The first salvo was that Keith was too black to be PM. That trick failed. Then the UNC tried campaign tricks like paying scumbags to show up at intended sites with pickets. Those pickets, loaded with racial messages casting the UNC in a bad light. This, so they can accuse the PNM of racial bias. This did not work, so their strategy turned on Keith Rowley personally. This time there campaign strategy was to make him out to be a RAPIST. It started with they signs we saw in Debe and Penal, during the UNC meetings. The signs were plastered all over the “Keep your children away from Rowley”. They never went into details as to what that meant, but it was a buildup to the big one – Vanilla accusing Dr. Rowley in the people’s house – the House of Parliament to be a RAPIST. All this time, they spent money in locating Dr. Rowley’s first born son and his mother in Canada. Most people never knew of his children ( and that is not important in the first place), but the UNC wanted us to know of Dr. Rowley’s son and how he came into being – his mother being raped by Dr. Rowley, thereby creating a lineage of RAPISTS. First, it was Dr. Rowley’s father who was a rapist, then Dr. Rowley was also a rapist, his son may be a rapist and his future grandsons will become rapist also. Is that cunning or is that stupidity?. Then, they had the gall to promise Dr. Rowley’s child mother millions of dollars if she would only sign an affidavit stating that she was raped by Dr. Rowley. Were this to happen the way it was planned, it would have provided the perfect opportunity for elections to be called because ALL of Trinidad and Tobago and the world over would have been denigrating Dr. Rowley to be the scumbag of the earth. What a perfect opportunity to call the elections, with the PNM not having a leader worth a penny, a smiling and gregarious Kamla before the cameras telling us how much she loves people and especially the people of Tobago and Trinidad! With a brew like this, needless to say that Dr Rowley would have been in handcuffs, cameras (from around the world), taking pictures of him being sent to jail for rape (rape has no statute of limitation). PNM IN CHAOS – no leader! Whew! What a scenario? Could you think of a more opportune time? Hell No.
    The only thing is – man plans and God unplans. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN. Plan backfired – UNC got killed by the population for bringing this kind of unhealthy and unworthy accusation to an opponent into the house and the public. There is no doubt at this time Kamla and her cohorts are sure they are going to loose the election. So, the next plan is to appease christianity. Here is this hindu woman, who can make herself comfortable in any cultural attire. Be it African, Indian, Muslim, English, Arab or
    American. She does look good. She decides to appeal to the christian by giving away $50M to the most vulnerable, the penticostals, baptists and in-betweens. Such is good campaigning and the more the better. They already know what the did with the HDC houses. So, come election time, we see them ‘giving’ houses to black people in public and on camera. Included is no other than Archbishop Burke. Whew papa! Kamla going all out and reaching all out to christianity. The jury is still out on this tactic, but one can safely say that people have found out who the real Kamla is. She is not christian, she is not baptist. As one columnist said of her “she is one percent baptist and 99 percent Hindu” and one may add, she is 100 percent committed to Sat Maharaj. As if to add insult to injury. Kamla has decided that if she looses (which is very likely) her best friends and best people will be taken care of before she leaves office. So, giving away of government lands and strategic places are high on her agenda. Chaguramas, Chaguanas and crown lands over the country is not spared from her generosity. Oil prices are not conducive to her timing any more, so the longer she waits to call the election, it the more likely the economy will cease to grow. May is upon us and her five years mandate will end. She tried altering the constitution in order to better her chances at the polls but is not satisfied with that either. She is now down to making lavish promises like the causeway to Chaguramas and other things.
    Spetember will be too late because people know that elections are constitutionally due in May, so waiting too long can taint her chances of seeming more like a dictator and afraid of being called a one-term PM. Her choice is to bite the bullet and call the elections (on short notice) between May and July.

    • You are quite right Kian. Just to add my take…I listened to Richard Noray ( I believe this is how you spell his name ) and I agree the Kamla government cannot have a sixth budget unless they win an election. Hence another 50 billion is not available to her or them unless they go back to the polls. So as in the bigger countries the government will run out of expenditure at some point unless further monies are dispensed by Parliament /Senate approvals. Hence she knows she is going out now …and so she attacks the PNM with all kinds of mud slinging to woo the population back on her side. I believe the election is in August or September 2015. God doh sleep as so far all her attacks are back firing on her. And her free spending on the people again is to try rto pull back her popularity but it is only showing the corruption of her ways. I believe she has underestimated the cleverness of the PNM. This latest Causeway Project proposal….any body who wants to sells this idea will give you a map of where this will be (granted persons in T&T will buy up key land) with cost estimates even only to show they mean business. Not she with the few drinks she took it came to her to distract..change the conversation or other wise etc. She is no leader especially when now you need to pull on the human resources to work on your natural resources to keep your economy afloat and now because of your past experiences with bringing the foreigner to do your do you need to show much more innovation. She is not of that. She is clearly at a loss keeping her bad performances the past five years. She knows she has failed us. This is her time of utter desperation and the rum is talking now.

      • Again, not worthy of a reply. Your comment reeks of ignorance and should be rightfully relegated to the rum-shop, a place with which you are familiar.

        • Pardon! There are plenty rum shops where you live and sleep. There are none in my area. I never liked rum anyway. You seem very afraid of the truth. The madame wants to buy the election as money is her God not mine. My God tells me ….you want to follow me…sell all you own. In 2015 that means keep away from all material possessions….they possess you eventually. I keep humble, know my place and serve only the Master…I AM NOT a pip squeak who chooses to kiss the dirty feet of some arse in India. I serve my country as an engineer not like yours in APETT and BOETT who serve their pockets and NOT their country ( I am sure you can see the mess that is India NOT only Africa ). The difference between Africa and India is that the mess in Africa was created by foreign concerns who like in the Middle East only wanted the natural resources of the land and animals there and the history ….and wanted no part of the people. In India it is their own suffers the rest. Slavery was born in India and still exist there. Unlike others who steal to big up their people elsewhere, your people steal to big up your bellies and eventually the heart cannot take it and you succumb. And you do not learn… walk the same road every day and you teach your children nothing constructive so your nation in India (YOUR MASTER) fails big time. India plays any sport other than cricket. Yes the IPL is all about money not cricket. I call the date of the election and all you can say is that “Your comment reeks of ignorance…..”. When you make comments you need to specify what you mean. Unlike you I have a brain. My only interest in this blog is get the truth out there. Yours (your brain) you shut down a long time ago. My brain is to love and serve my God… not Kamla. You are nothing but a mouth piece triggered by the PP. Perhaps you need to do like them drink until you are pissing drunk and then talk their bilge.

  • Ahhhhh shucks TMan,and cut it out my country hating piasano.I’m talking of course ,of de petulant ,cyber whining ,and virulent attacks on my neo progressive Brother JC Hussain. This ain’t you ,and if one dare say,almost borders on cowardice.
    Here is de deal,when it comes to traversing dis her Trini Center,information highway, mi amigo. Our Brother JCH ,is simply a passionate,straight shooter ,who, ‘won’t put water in his mouth,’-as we say on the streets-when it comes to discussing de issues of the day.
    Mi amigo Kian ,likewise, cannot hide his passion,and idealistic patriotism,but he in contrast,is more of a diplomat,yet(don’t get it twisted) is just as concern ,and or effective.
    As for yours truly? Well ,you know me .Ultra progressive ,global Humanist,and political animal,dat I am ,with a penchant for some occasional satire ,to drive home a point.
    I however,have limited patience for fools,hypocrites,and revisionist ,self serving,non unpatriotic blokes,with tendencies to lean towards selective outrages.
    Translation:-Three Pro justice musketeers,’with no ax to grind/cocoa in de sun ,’or idiotic allegiance to any political party,opaque tribe ,ideology,or tenuous hero,dead ,or alive ,from de Global North,or South.
    You guys ,need to develop some ‘cohones ,’and stop the defeatist habit of throwing labels,in the hope that some might stick,as it ain’t working.
    The fact of de mater is that you guys ,along with Chief Image redecorating Agent ,Andy Johnson,can ‘brownwash’ Auntie Kamla’s stewardship all you want,but most potential voters,understand it for what it is -a dismal failure,that has set us back jas a nation ,for decades.
    Now if -even with our broke treasury,caused solely by the high price banditry,of de Kamla led ,UNC dominant PP goons -you still have faith in our people,’during our nation’s darkest hour,’and think ,just like Black Stalin, “we can make it if we try,”then sing along with us ,this lovely Chutney Soca ditty.

    Yep T&T,you held your noses ,and voted for change in 2010,for new managers,who did not deliver,and so is ready to take a new part ,come 2015.
    Go for it,and don’t have Kamla ,and her handlers,in de words of Yankee TV Judge Judy,”keep peeing on our legs ,and tell us it’s raining,”si?

    Ain’t life in T&T great,people? Me think so,and no ,for de record,it didn’t get that way,starting in 2010,when Jack FIFA Warner,aided her power grab, over dem two uncaring,poor folks despising ,self aggrandizing,nepostic ,political bastards, Basdeo,and Manning.

    Now dats how you deliver an objective, post tribal point,Tman,by swinging your cyber sledgehammer,at de knees,of all and sundry-as we like to say on the streets.
    Well..,I take dat back,and could in reality, really be ‘playing dead ,to catch cobeaux alive ,’hmmmm?
    Take notes!

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