‘Lynching’ in the House

By Raffique Shah
March 29, 2015

Raffique ShahDesperation bordering on panic pushed the People’s Partnership into the abyss of indecency last Wednesday, which will be recorded as the day the Partnership lost the 2015 general election.

Driven by unbridled greed to hold on to power, hence the Treasury, by any means necessary, the Partnership members, all of them, even those who remained silent, are guilty of gang-raping Parliament, of reducing it to the biggest brothel this side of the Atlantic.

They should hang their heads in shame for allowing Vernella Alleyne-Toppin to abuse parliamentary privilege and engage in vile behaviour.

But then, you must first have shame to feel ashamed. And shame is an emotion that’s sorely lacking among this lot—and I repeat for emphasis, every one of them.

I did not tune in to the debate on a motion that made no sense, so I was unaware of what had taken place in the House. By the evening news, though, when I heard snippets of what Alleyne-Toppin said, I was dumbstruck. I could not believe that this woman was dredging up 60 years of history, and worse, fabricating events (as we would later learn), and calmly reading this putrid sewage into parliamentary records.

I watched the faces of the Prime Minister and other senior Cabinet members: surely, I thought, one of them would intervene, stopping her in her tracks. I watched Speaker Wade Mark to see if he would rescue the Chamber from indignity. He sat in rapt attention, as if he was listening to Shakespearean prose coming from the mouth of a latter-day Portia pleading with Shylock in a Venetian court on behalf of a hapless Antonio, “…The quality of mercy is not strained…”

But there was no mercy in Mark’s court. There was a parliamentary lynching in progress. They were flogging Keith Rowley to death—or so they thought.

It mattered not that Alleyne-Toppin was prefacing her poison with “this is a true story” rather than “once upon a time” as all fables should start. Every member who sat in the House that day is guilty of condoning if not participating in lynching a man for crimes he did not commit.

To suggest that Rowley the man was the product of the rape of his mother, as is now recorded in Hansard, is a crime against his deceased parents that is unforgivable. To imply that he raped a young woman, a criminal act that resulted in the birth of an unwanted son, something we now know was the figment of Alleyne-Toppin’s diseased imagination is, well, unimaginable.

But she said it all under cover of parliamentary privilege, and not one of her colleagues has disassociated himself or herself from it. In fact, a few of them apologised to victims of rape, not to the victim of Alleyne-Toppin’s lies. Hell, not even Tim Gopeesingh, who admitted to having a cutlass-wielding, planass-administering son, had the decency to commiserate with Rowley.

Based on their silence, or worse, their call for Rowley to answer questions that were never posed (Alleyne-Toppin made what she said were statements of fact), we can safely assume that none of them had affairs outside their marriages or “outside” children; that the women MPs, in biblical terms, know only their husbands; and that they are all paragons of virtue, people who never sinned in the eyes of God or man.

In which case I can proclaim myself an angel with heavenly wings and halo: yeah, right!

I don’t know if the PP-ers understand how they are blowing whatever little hope they had of being re-elected to power. Every week, almost ritually, they are shooting themselves in the foot, in the face, all over. If it’s not a minister or activist misappropriating funds, or cussing “niggers”, it’s paying and bussing supporters to rally around the coalition because “de borse tell we to come here”. How embarrassing.

Or driven by pure hate, its campaign strategists, activists and ministers, seeking to destroy Rowley, end up saying or doing things that make the man a martyr. In fact, it seems that the PNM can halt costly campaigning in which they cannot compete with the Partnership, and prod the Partnership into making mistakes by the minute and missteps by the mile.

In one fell swoop last week, Alleyne-Toppin turned off thousands of thinking people in constituencies that matter most for the Partnership. Outrage poured from the conventional and social media, with people so disgusted by the woman’s crassness and her colleagues’ insensitivity, they are openly withdrawing support. Only the sycophants remained anchored.

Now that Rowley’s son and the man’s mother have exposed Alleyne-Toppin as being a stranger to the truth and all but endorsed the father as being a good man, the PNM leader could not ask for a better or more timely endorsement.

The Partnership’s motion of no confidence in Rowley has backfired in their faces. Let’s see what next they will do to alienate voters. They seem to be working hard to lose the election.

27 Responses to “‘Lynching’ in the House”

  • Vernella’s obsession with Rowley’s past

    By Analysis by RIA TAITT
    March 28, 2015 – trinidadexpress.com

    “Last Wednesday’s historic debate in the House of Representatives on Government’s no-confidence motion in Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley was not the first time Minister Vernella Alleyne-Toppin had raised the situation of rape, for which she demanded Keith Rowley give an account.

    Alleyne-Toppin had addressed the issue in fairly graphic detail in at least three previous contributions in Parliament. There were several common themes on each occasion—a teacher at Roxborough Secondary, a dean of discipline who had kid­napped and raped a pupil whose aunt was his landlord and who was related in some way to the minister.

    In her contribution on the Chil­dren’s Bill, on March 9, 2012, Alleyne-Toppin focused her whole presen­­­ta­tion on teachers who abused chil­­dren, saying she had both pro­fession­al and personal knowledge of this unfortunate practice.”

    “All the contributions in which Alleyne Toppin dealt with the rape issue came after Rowley exposed her misuse of the Government’s credit card in Parliament in March 2012.”
    Full Article : trinidadexpress.com

    Rape statements under the protection of parliamentary privilege and the public outcry which followed it are not enough to remove Minister of State in the Ministry of the People and Social Development Vernella Alleyne-Toppin from her post.

    Big blow to election campaign
    The outrage sparked by Tobago East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin’s comments is a blow to the People’s Partnership’s election campaign, political experts have said.

    Vernella’s attack on PNM leader was ‘low’

    Open Letter To the Prime Minister
    Dear Prime Minister, It is now 3.20 a.m. March 26. I lie awake, unable to sleep, largely because of the psychic wound which your party and your Government have inflicted on the people of this nation, which in our varying ways, we all love.

    Love, cats, Calcutta and, now, rape
    By Andre Bagoo – Sunday, March 29 2015
    WHAT NEXT for the poor electorate of Trinidad and Tobago? We live in a democracy and politicians of all stripes and colours have every right to raise legitimate issues of public interest. But in recent times, the political talk has been dominated by crassness, vulgarity and blatant distractions from the issues.

  • It is democracy in action. A member of Parliament held another member of Parliament (regardless of position) to a higher standard of conduct and sought in the process to explain his level of arrogance. She used her vast knowledge in human psychology to explain the process of rejection that stirred this anger.

    This particular member of Parliament happens to be the Leader of a party. He has time and time again made reckless statements in the public forum. Words like “I will slap her, patent place, cat, n*pples” all demonstrated his crass, lack of respect type of behaviour. He has NO business being Opposition Leader because he has lowered the standards of the Office. He is better off being a pimp or a bouncer for a bar. Opposition Leader…nononoononno as Pastor Jeremiah Wright would say (Obama Pastor)

    It was treated as an “aha” moment as the media focused on the messenger and ignored the message. Women in TnT have harbored a resentment towards this antagonist and it was manifested in Vernella presentation. Under Parliamentary privilege she was allow to inform the nation on the Opposition Leader DNA. The same Opposition Leader brought in or allowed 6 NO CONFIDENCE motions against the partnership. Two fell through but 4 was debated. Never did the Government say this is waste of time as the short man did and bolted out of Parliament on a rush. They all ran out of Parliament the seat of democracy and when Vernella pull out her bull pistle none of them was there to defend or speak against her presentation. It was a blood sport of the worst kind. Too much for some to bear. But Vernella was in her element she spoke out of compassion not out anger or hatred as she attempted to explain to a nation that is traumatised from recent comments of the Opposition Leader against women, especially since he consistently refuse to apologise. Violent language…

    The bacchanal media has been littered with voices of condemnation. Huh… It is strange that they are calling for Vernella to resign. But I say resign for what? She had Parliamentary Privilege, she had an Opposition that ran away hide. It was democracy in action. We must defend her right to free speech instead of condemning her.

    When Rowley came with his fake 31 emails, the media and PNM symphatizers were demanding the PM step down. It is the same bunch of loyal and blind lackeys at it again…Same story different day. Yawwn. Please stop the Vernalla attacks..

    • Well said Mamoo…the pnmites are out for your jugular every day.. the author has always been presenting here every week the same old crap..motivated by the fact that he should have been executed by a firing squad after the failed insurrection…it was the PNm’s decision to save this lot!

    • Mamoo, I don’t disagree with your defense of minister Alleyne-Toppin by invoking parliamentary privilege, but don’t you think she should have exhibited a higher standard than what she displayed? What both the PP and PNM are clearly demonstrating is who can stoop the lowest with no end in sight, and they both lack moral excellence.

  • Not off the hook

    Newsday Editorial
    March 29 2015 – newsday.co.tt

    MINISTER in the Ministry of the People, Vernella Alleyne-Toppin, should take no comfort from the endorsement of Government Chief Whip Dr Roodal Moonilal who said “I am proud of her” and of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar who last Friday merely told reporters, “I accept her apology”. The approbations may have saved her office, but certainly not the ongoing public wrath.

    It must be clear that this matter has two facets, one of which does not let Dr Rowley off the hook either. He should be still under scrutiny over the lawfulness of his relationship with Roselyn in their teenage years, and that is quite legitimate for Alleyne-Toppin to ask.

    But attempting to hide behind the fact that she did not call names during her presentation in Parliament on Wednesday only compounds the errors of what is the other facet of this matter: her scandalous remarks suggesting that Dr Rowley, was bombastic and arrogant as a result of resentments due to being born as a result of an alleged rape. This is what is egregious in this quite sorry episode in our parliamentary and political evolution. The Minister did refer to “an aspirant to lofty office”, in a very clear innuendo against Dr Rowley, so her attempt last Friday to deny authorship by claiming she never called names is an insult to the intelligence of us all. And indeed, if she did not call names, then questions arise as to the relevance of those aspects of her parliamentary presentation, and further begs an answer as to why she was not stopped by House Speaker, Wade Mark.

    Dr Rowley has flatly denied that his late father had raped his late mother to conceive him. Further, the whole set of presumptions underlying Alleyne-Toppin’s statement — that a baby conceived by rape would grow up to be basically a person who was a lost cause — has outraged the nation. It is factually questionable, and is very hurtful to any rape victim and child conceived thereof.

    Those presumptions — probably more than her allegation against Dr Rowley’s parents — cast serious doubts as to Alleyne-Toppin’s suitability to hold the post of Minister in the emotionally-sensitive Ministry of the People and Social Development. Even Persad-Bissessar herself flatly stated last Friday, “I would like to add my voice to the voices of concern and condemnation for parts of the statement by the honourable Minister Vernella Alleyne-Toppin. I have expressed this to her directly, the Minister has apologised and I have accepted her apology.”

    Secondly, any suggestion of acrimony between Dr Rowley and his son Garth Alleyne and Garth’s mother, Roselyn Alleyne, was scotched by the presentation of video testimony from mother and son — although a year old and they have not countered in any way since — shown by the People’s National Movement (PNM) at Balisier house last Friday.

    The PNM’s presentation of birth certificates of Dr Rowley, Roselyn and Garth, provides dates that might suggest a case of a romance between two teenagers, respectively aged 19 years and 17 years, that on the surface seems well within the “Romeo clause” that mitigates any suggestion of advantage taken of an underage girl. It is still left to be seen if there was any breach of the law. Perhaps the most troubling revelation from the video is Roselyn’s allegation that she was offered a sum of money — ranging from $25,000 to millions of dollars — to falsely testify that she was once raped by Dr Rowley.

    It is now open to the Opposition to refer this whole sordid affair to the Privileges committee of the Lower House for internal parliamentary sanction, and to the police to see whether any criminal act was done such as fraud, bribery or perverting the course of justice. Senior Counsel Martin Daly has echoed Opposition calls for the firing of Alleyne-Toppin, although the PM when asked about this last Friday, just repeatedly replied, “I have accepted her apology.”

    Still, Alleyne-Toppin should not be so easily let off the hook on this one, and all eyes must turn to what happens between now and the resumption of the debate in a couple weeks.

    Source: http://www.newsday.co.tt/editorial/0,208968.html

  • Code of conduct doesn’t stop ‘dirty political games’

    By Renuka Singh
    March 29, 2015 – guardian.co.tt

    Independent Liberal Party leader Jack Warner found himself on the defensive after a video recording was produced by the People’s National Movement in which Roselyn Alleyne, mother of Dr Keith Rowley’s son Garth Alleyne, stated that she was offered money to say Rowley raped her years ago. In the video, though certain names were edited out, Warner could hear what sounded like his name being called as the alleged financier willing to pay Alleyne for her testimony against Rowley. Warner immediately distanced himself from the allegation.

    Warner: It wasn’t me

    Warner said he did not make any financial offer to Alleyne. Warner could hear what sounded like his name being featured in the video recording of Alleyne refuting allegations that she was raped by Rowley some 46 years ago. The video was released by the PNM Women’s League to defend Rowley against allegations made by Minister in the Ministry of the People and Social Development, Vernella Alleyne-Toppin, during a motion of censure debate brought against Rowley last Wednesday.

    Though Alleyne-Toppin has since offered a qualified apology, the PNM continues to call for her resignation. In the video recording, Alleyne (Roselyn) claimed a “very close relative” and Alleyne-Toppin visited her family offering money for her to sign an affidavit in which it was claimed that she was attacked by Rowley and it resulted in the birth of his son. There was an attempt to edit out Warner’s name, but Alleyne (Roselyn) could be heard saying that she was told (what sounded like) Warner had money and was willing to pay.

    This, Warner said, is “outrageous” and “dirty games” being played in the political arena. “Imagine this recording was in August 2014. I had already left that Government and not only had my own party but had already won the Chaguanas West seat with my own party. Why in God’s name would they be using my name?” Warner said. Warner said he also had an idea of who was the real “money man” behind the offer.
    Full Article : guardian.co.tt

  • Of dog, kyat and grace

    Dr. Peter O’Connor
    March 29 2015 – newsday.co.tt


    Dr Keith Rowley is the combative Leader of the Opposition, and Political Leader of the PNM. As we are deep into campaigning for the 2015 General Election, we can expect contestants to cross the lines of decency and appropriateness. And we have not been let down.

    Speaking at the remote rural village called Brazil, Rowley paraphrased a Tobago “Talk Song” to heckle Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar. As we all know, the standard of repartee between our politicians continues to sink, and obviously we had not hit the bottom yet. So, while mocking the Prime Minister for statements alluding to him, Dr Rowley shouted that “she could bark at my dog, but I will ignore she kyat!” The sycophant audience loved it, mostly because Rowley was accusing Kamla of secretly loving him!

    Admittedly, it was funny, even if coarse and ribald. But we are a coarse and ribald society and it was good kaiso, but by the newer standards to which some of us hope to rise — it was inappropriate and indeed insulting to the Prime Minister and to women generally.

    Most early comment, even from within the PNM, declared the remark inappropriate, but the faithful soon fell in with Rowley, claiming it carried no offensive meaning. I would not insult Keith Rowley by accepting that palliative! Keith knew exactly what he was saying and how to say it. You think the audience hooted and cheered at that line because they were so versed in Tobago “Talk Song”?

    The other thing we all know —absolutely — was that if a UNC MP had said that about any woman in the PNM, all PNM women would have a completely different take on the line. And that is the hypocrisy of our leaders, but today we are not discussing hypocrisy, but grace and disgrace.

    Of course the media rushed to get the Prime Minister’s take on the comment. They needed to keep the pot bubbling. Can you imagine what it might have done for us all, in terms of understanding decency, if Kamla had said to the media, and to us, “Oh dear, no, I am not going to comment on that remark, thank you!”?

    But the Prime Minister responded in kind, adding fuel to the fires of condemnation surrounding Rowley’s remark.

    And this fire raged on for days amply stoked by our media, until Dr Rowley finally apologised for the remark. But much more was to come, and decency and decorum continued to plummet until they crashed into the open sewer of parliamentary abuse last Wednesday. The whole unnecessary circus was “lowlighted” by the remarks of the Tobago West MP. In my opinion one comment does need a response from the Leader of the Opposition, but the other requires the resignation of Mrs Toppin from public office.

    I once hoped that our women might lead us out of the sewer that is our politics. Will we ever see even a flicker of decency and grace from those who lead us?
    Full Article : newsday.co.tt

  • This media assault on the government should stop immediately. This is holy week and today is palm Sunday. I know how this work, you all have the opinion of people coming out everyday to influence the government. So far Ram hasn’t appeared yet but Daly a known PNMite has made his pitch. I suspect Manequin man (Roget) will start a huge march down the street of PoS. Please tell him to stop behaving like he lost it.

    Who are you all going to stir up this week?

    • You are a hindu, what you care about the holiness of Palm Sunday?

    • Sir with all due respect please elucidate the relevance of “palm Sunday” and the reprehensible behaviour of this “so called” Minister….I am aware of the University from which she graduated….merci/thanks!

  • Accordingly, Mr O’connor, if Toppin has to resign, so does Rowley under your analysis!case closed

  • What we had in the House was an unusual situation which took the government and the Speaker by surprise.The PM was missing and the entire Opposition recklessly abandoned the chamber.
    Toppin had free reign to present her information which shocked the entire house, Speaker included.Some blindly thumped their desks without deliberation as they usually do.
    Had the Opposition been there, this might have turned out differently.differently. Toppin could have been diffused and Opposition members could have steered the debate in the right direction.

  • “I don’t know if the PP-ers understand how they are blowing whatever little hope they had of being re-elected to power. Every week, almost ritually, they are shooting themselves in the foot, in the face, all over. If it’s not a minister or activist misappropriating funds, or cussing “niggers”, it’s paying and bussing supporters to rally around the coalition because “de borse tell we to come here”. How embarrassing.”

    His handlers are going to give him a pay raise for this load of bull. But let us disect his vomit. The PP blowing what little hope of re-election—let me see the PP should shut up and only say nice things about Saint Rowley…
    Every week they shoot themselves in the foot… Interpretation they too damn stupid to take on the mighty PNM.
    If not a minister or activist misappropriating funds—when you ask a PNMites to state corruption, the first thing that come out is Section 34, Lifesportt which is being investigated….hmmm what else.???
    Busing people to rally… Nothing new, if you have the buses and people want to go what is the problem??? It is a free country.

    This PNM apologist is singing for his supper…. What a waste of time…

  • The twin island nation of TnT is famous worldwide for it’s “limbo”…How “low” can you “go?” To re-iterate since my last post:”some politicians are compulsive liars”..Permit me to remind readers;I am non-partisian.

    However,whenever a member of Parliament (on this occasion a Minister)rises in the house;to assassinate the character of another parliamentarian.Ihe question becomes:”was there a speaker in the house?”

    A speaker in the house of representatives is an arbiter.Although this individual is chosen by the current government;it’s their duty to ensure(make sure that a problem does not occur)that the “business” of the “people”..the government is conducted without bias.

    • Parliament is the center of free speech. Vernella had Parliamentary privilege. All politicians at times abuse such privileges. The Opposition Leader came and read some emails with wrong email addresses, date and time ( a cut and pace job). In the emails accusing the PM, former AG, and two others of conspiring to kill a reporter,get rid of the DPP the occasion was a motion of no confidence against the PM. 23 months later and the police, integrity commission still investigating. Can anyone trust these state agencies to complete this investigation? To me it is a fishing expedition and it should have been concluded within 6 months. The Opposition Leader had the emails in his possession for 6 months. But that is the way things run in the country. Now that Dr. Rowley is at the recieving end of some serious accusations elements of the media are in a tizzy. They are in attack mode. Why? Rowley is known to fabricate stories.

    • Yeah Swordfish, Speaker Wade-MBA-Mark, is the epitome of objectivity,and or fairness, when this self serving comedian, with the help of his UNC dominant PP, and intimidated, UWI friends, accepted a proffered, Post Graduate MBA degree, without investing a single hour of study,or day in college, like the rest of T&T-yet still had the guts, to stand up in public, and boast of his educational achievements.
      Now if Race baiter Dr Goopiesing could do that for this UNC Bias Speaker,guess what your Siparia Queen Kamla, will do to reward aging, self hater Vanilla, for doing a Parliamentary lynching, on Dr Kieth Rowley illegitimate son,as well as his mama,or worst yet all authentic rape victims in T&T,that suffered a similar fate to de PM in waiting, Dr KR ,raped mother?
      Thank goodness ,some Africans, still possess ,some decency, and cannot be brought, or sold ,for 30 pieces of silver.
      Tell you what, here is a bigger, more note worthy,yet ignored story ,for yours truly :-A former Horse police/gold keeper ,named Lennox Phillip, aka Yasin Abu Bkar ,went to Canada,under guise of studying.
      He then came home,as a rabid,confused Islamist, who likewise ,with the help of mainstream Muslim pals,in addition to conniving, business, and political bums ,on both sides of the tribal front,proceeded to wreck havoc on our democracy.
      3 Prime Ministers (Manning, Panday,and Kamal) served since this beat down,on a Tobagonian Leader ,and his government, and none had the gall,to ensure justice took place.
      We the astute, knows fully well, why. All have ‘Cocoa in de sun ,’as we like to say on de streets.
      Fast forward to 2015, and a woman ,and her son ,after spending over 3 decades in Canada, choose to come home ,and do her patriotic duty, thereby halting the beat down of yet another, Tobagonian.
      The bigger take away for me was that CANADA ,lofty education, or a job,don’t shape character,but the values, one was taught at home ,while still a child, do.
      Almost certain, this won’t be the last, we’ll see of these sorts of behaviors.
      Stay vigilant T&T!

      • Thanks for the information Neal.What troubles me is that fifty-three years after (it’s like yesterday)Dr.Eric Williams deliver his address to the nation on Independence;in which he stressed that “massa day done” and the removal of the “N and C” words from our vocabulary is tantamount.I am ashamed that those two words are used to describe nationals of African and Asian descent.”Tears are not enough”

        • You guys are beyond hilarious! So tell me Swordfish, when exactly did Neo Imperialist, Papa Deffy Eric Williams, realize, dat “Massa day done,”when he twice impregnated, a Yankee Caucasian woman,then ran off-Barrack Obama Snr style- and left two mulatto kids in America(to eventually fend for themselves) as he came home ,and ride dem Spiritual Baptist backs,en route to fame and glory?
          Was it rather ,when he decided to ban his Teacher CLR James from T&T,or his Black Power ,Howard activist student ,Stokley Carmichael?
          Perhaps it was when he repeatedly decided to punish Tobago,over the acts of it’s politically ambitious son, ANR Robinson, ain’t it?
          Seriously mi piasano, our T&T ,ain’t Bangladesh, Singapore, Saudi Arabia,Russia, or Iran
          We are still a thriving democracy, and I am therefore hesitant, to see us go down the part of banning words,books,musical lyrics,drugs,or sexual behaviors, some hypocritical ,British finds repulsive.


          Our PM should be free to drink all the alcoholic beverages she desire,take vacation trips, with her sister ,to all 195 countries in the world,during her 5 year reign,if inclined.
          A Tethron Aid- D -Camp,can have romantic interludes with a certain PM daughter, if he too desire-as long as she had reached de age of consent.
          He can then parlay that network connection, into a successful political career, then conveniently victimhood, when he inevitably falls from grace-as even a high school drop out- dunce, could have predicted.
          Save your tears my friend ,as you might need it down the road ,should -heavens forbid-Kamla, and her PP goons ,re-emerge victorious ,in the next election.
          Unlike many ,I personally have 2 major goals in life Swordfish :-1.End suffering to all sentient beings,where feasible .
          2.The will ,to work with progressive others, in the hope of leaving this world,a much better place, than I found it.

          Luv humanity people! Forgot the tribe, for failure so to do, can have dire consequences. Trust me on that.

          Long live the Republic of T&T!

          • “One step forward and two steps backward” and the beat goes on..towards a second world nation…..

  • MSJ: Vernella attack defiled Parliament Strategy backfired
    Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) leader David Abdulah says Vernella Alleyne-Toppin’s “cesspit political strategy” to undermine Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley in Parliament has clearly backfired and will lead to the demise of the People’s Partnership Government. Speaking at a press conference at the MSJ’s San Fernando headquarters yesterday, Abdulah said Alleyne-Toppin’s rantings had defiled Parliament.

    Abdulah: Govt at fault
    LEADER of the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) David Abdulah yesterday not only condemned the statements of Tobago East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin, but declared that the entire People’s Partnership (PP) must be held responsible for that statement.

    A strategy gone too far
    The issue, and its various ramifications, has already been covered in comprehensive detail by commentators of every conceivable stripe and in every type of media. But on this occasion I feel that it is still necessary to have my say if only to ensure that the historical records reflect that I stood in the lists of those who cried “foul”.

    • It is unfortunate that this forum which is meant for the healthy exchange of social and or political ideas, culture and ideology has become a format for mostly racists and the ill informed on both sides of the spectrum to rant and demonstrate how backward we are as a people, but mostly to project one’s own ego.

      The PP government is corrupt to the core but so too was the PNM administration. The PNM have led this country far longer than any other administration and has nothing to show for it, and now the current administration is showing that they too can trump and follow suit.

      This is not democracy, this is idiosy.

  • No one can deny your observations. But in spite of all its awkwardness in communications, there is a lot that can be learned and achieved by the use of this blog. There is a learning process to everything and we have to start somewhere.
    I may not be caught in a church, mosque or mandir but the views expressed by all have enlightened me on what kind of country we live in. We may not like the PNM or PP but I’ll tell you what, politically, they are the only two political entities that we will be faced with for the foreseeable future. So, with that in mind, how do we move forward?

    • Thank you for your well thought out response Kian I have learned something from you. Unlike Neal, who is isn’t worth my time and will not be dignified with a reply has exemplified what I have said.

      • ” When the student is ready,the teacher will appear.”

        Oh AfroBuddahSunGod,who resides in our hearts, pray reveal to me,why this Barrackpore Caribou1, is so fixated on “learning something, ” from fellow cyber yapping blokes, but more importantly, if such is his true desire-as claimed -yet cannot do so, then explain why is this the case?

        Humor me ,as we like to say on de streets, and sing along for a bit,with yours truly ,and Master Rasta,Brother Bob,will you Caribou1 ? It can be that enlightened, breakthrough, you were searching for, that inhibited your progress along the path.

        “Stiff necked fools..you think you are cool,to deny me for simplicity..
        The lips of the righteous, teach many
        But fools die for want to wisdom …
        Yes you have gone, for so long
        With your love for vanity now..
        you have got the wrong interpretation
        Mixed up with vain, vain imagination ….
        I don’t wanna school ya…”


        Hey my friend ,I’m here for you,and so will reiterate, a few admonitions, I extended to you, in a previous post, all be it,in in a less gentle fashion.
        Find a niche, and pursue it. Make a difference, for ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive.’
        Have an open mind ,even for the opinion of those you totally disagree with.
        Extricate yourself from the cultural prison, you are stuck in,for embracing ‘the other,’ via solidarity ,can bring huge long term dividends.
        As for learning? ‘If you have eyes to see,you’ll see,or ears to here, likewise you would. Trust me on that.
        More importantly, in the words of JFK,’ask not T&T can do for you, but what you can do for T&T.’
        Remember ,do not be distracted by blogging styles,or hastily jump to conclusions,base on one utterance that rattling your sensibility ,or keen taste .
        For de record,according to our last census count,there were some 1.3 million citizens in our T&T, plus 110,000 illegal immigrants. I luv them all.
        I adore my country, and it’s diverse people ,and our various leaders,be they civic ,political, or business.
        I want us to remain a peaceful, law abiding emerging power,where globally accepted rights, are adhered to,the weak,powerless,and unfortunate poor ,assisted to reach their full potentials.
        Put differently,’ every creed,and race ,find and equal place,’where they can excel,and reap the full rewards of their labor.
        I wish to see,an equitable distribution of our resources, and equal playing justice, extended to all.
        A little gratitude won’t hurt,and so would less finger pointing, and revisionist mantras.
        However, that’s the idealist ,wishful thinking, on my part.
        The pragmatist understands better,the prevailing realities .
        Stay vigilant people!
        Luv Humanity.
        Long live the Republic of T&T!
        Hey Caribou 1, ain’t life beautiful? ‘Me think so.’

  • He is backkkkkkkkkkk people!!!I’m talking about de pathetic Barackpore Cariboo1,covered in his sanctimonious jump suit/still stuck on 1st gear,ummmmnm…,put differently, in all his self righteous, boorishness,as he attempts to lecture us,on how to navigate, on dis here ,Trini Center,Information Highway.
    This is just his 4th blog,and the lying bastard, who as claimed, escaped T&T,his land of birth ,for the past 40 years,and yet, he not only knows the full/true intentions, of the creators of this here forum,but likewise how corrupt folks of the PP regime are, and it’s PNM predecessors were.
    Notice how the tribal rascal,revealed his true character,and intentions, by foolishly stating, dat de latter, did nada for T&T?
    Not satisfied, the clueless cretin, is attempting to dictate to us,how we should communicate, and worst,reinterpret ,what democracy is.
    Sorry Caribou1, democracy means different things, for different folks ,based on your circumstances,and or focus of interest.
    Based on de abundance of evidence ,I ,por ejemplo, am free to lambaste ,my female Hindustani PM,and her extremely close Spiritual adviser Sat Maraj, as disgusting ,uncaring,self serving,African people despising weasels ,without worrying that some neo -tribal bum,would deem that racist.
    Others with a penchant for ungratefulness,can come on dis board,and idly boast of every economic-com socio-political success ,of their people, in La Trinity, without giving any credit,to pro- appeasement- Afro Trini leaders,who provided a healthy climate ,that they could thrive-while simultaneously,ignoring their own people ,in the process.

    For you-who from what we can glean-is still serving out your prison sentence,at the Saskatchewan Correctional Facility, it means doing extra chores,and being a good bloke,in efforts, to get a few more internet privileges,on the prison library computers,so as to bombard us with your twisted notion of what democracy entails,and worst yet,on how sophisticated you are-due to you residing 4 decades, in a more civilize fiefdom-all be it ,a criminal reforming institution.

    A bit a advice Caribou1,that might help you in your cyber jousting quest :-
    1.Learn de lay of the land.
    2.Find an area where you are an authority on,and focus on it.
    3.Quit de escapist, ‘holier than thou’/condescending mantras,you naive expats, like indulging in.
    4. Don’t take yourself too seriously .Piccong /satire, are just as effective as stake stoic lectures.Por ejemplo, ” Kyat,& dawg ,”means the same tbing in Los Bajos,Siparia, Aranguez,Caranege, and Roxborough.
    Most Trinis ,from Toco to Scarborough, knw it meant ,’tit for tat,’but not Kamla ,de sex starved UNC,fat behind -women’s league,and her PP goons.
    They learned that the hard way, when they tried to ambush,de PM in waiting, Dr Keith Rottweiler Rowley.
    5.Stay in your lane,and stop your moralistic cyber policing !!!
    Our progressive Editor -Uncle Shah,and the wonderful Trini Center folks ,can do their job ,and if ever a few of us ,occasionally step outside the parameters of decency-they would rein us back in,where necessary.
    6.Don’t ever think you are smarter than any of us,and so can take gentle swipes at the other – especially yours truly -, and get away with it.
    I will swing my sledgehammer, at your head,knees,elbows, and shin,with no regards to the consequences.
    7.Just be a good sport, as we like to say on de streets, and please stop the excessive whining.

    Luv humanity people, & forget the tribe!
    Long live the Republic of T&T!

  • As Raffique pointed out, Driven by unbridled greed to hold on to power, hence the Treasury, by any means necessary, the Partnership members, all of them, even those who remained silent, are guilty of gang-raping Parliament, of reducing it to the biggest brothel this side of the Atlantic.

    The PP in T&T and the PPP in Guyana kind of acquaints us with what black people experienced in Alabama and Mississippi in the 60s. Within both are some very venal characters,who would have been at home in Nazi Germany, but for the fact they might fail the color test, since Adolf was very particular in that respect. Still, if ever he decided to make an exception, they would be the first to qualify, because one can find no daylight between his mindset and that which they bring to our Caribbean mosaic.

    So never mind the little Eichmen trying to pass off the verbal lynching of Rowley as “normal political banter”. I mean they read from the playbook as those in the US who make the same excuses and rationals for the miasmic waste emitted by their Tea Party Right wing kissing cousins. It would have been great if we had one country where we could put them all together so they could compete to see which sect qualify for the Gold Medal racial prejudice and ignorance.

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