PM accepts Vernella’s apology

By Anna Ramdass
March 28, 2015 –

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Vernella Alleyne-ToppinPrime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said last night that she too condemns the controversial statements made by Tobago East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin but she has also accepted her apology.

Said Persad-Bissessar: ” I would like to add my voice to the voices of concern and condemnation for parts of the statement that the honourable Minister made and so I want to make that point up front.”

Persad-Bissessar said she expressed this to Alleyne-Toppin “directly”.

“I’ve also noted her apology and I accept her apology at this time,” said Persad-Bissessar.
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  • I sanctioned Vernella’s statement—Roodal
    By Gail Alexander – Saturday, March 28, 2015
    “They can come with whatever they want—but young Rowley will not disappear.” With that response yesterday, People’s Partnership House leader Dr Roodal Moonilal said he was the one who sanctioned the statement on Opposition People’s National Movement leader Dr Keith Rowley made by Tobago East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin during debate of the no-confidence motion against Rowley.

    Alleyne-Toppin: I never named the mother
    By Anna Ramdass – March 27, 2015
    Tobago East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin said yesterday she never in the Parliament called the name of Roselyn Alleyne—the woman who was allegedly raped by Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley. She has called on the Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago (MATT) to take action on the report.

    Vernella never call Roselyn name
    Saturday, March 28 2015
    The following statement was issued yesterday from the Secretariat of the Minister of State in the Ministry of the People and Social Development Vernella Allyene-Toppin in response to yesterday’s Trinidad Express article, giving an account of the reaction of Roselyn Alleyne, mother of Garth Alleyne, Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley’s son, to the Minister’s comments in the Lower House on Wednesday during a no-confidence motion against Rowley.

    Mother of Rowley’s son was 17
    By Andre Bagoo Saturday, March 28 2015
    ROSELYN Maria Alleyne would have been under 18-years-old when she conceived Garth Leslie Alleyne, son of Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley. However, Sexual Offences Act places the age of consent at 16.

    • I am not sure where the UNC are going with this story or what they intended the outcome to be regarding the ages of Rowley and his son’s mother. If AGE is what the contention is, then there is a whole lot to say about that. Number one: the legal age is 16 BUT the religion Kamla, Moonilal, Bharat, Gopeesingh, Rambachan, Sharma, Seemungal etc etc etc belong to permits girls to marry at the age of 12. I would be happy if those parliamentarians mentioned send an open letter to Sat Maharaj inviting him to sanction the official age of 16 as the age hindu girls should be allowed to get married. This charade that went on last Wednesday with a group of dysfunctional parliamentary members is what is driving this country down a slippery path in terms of decency. Who are these people to speak ill of others when their official and private behavior are so reprehensible? The word ‘honorable’ is a misnomer used to address these people in official circles. The way one is addressed, should be an indication of one’s character and not be given carte blanche based on position. In the school or morality and ethics, these people will have no class, never mind a seat in class. I hear UNC after UNC members say Dr. Rowley has questions to answer. My question to them is to whom? And why is there need to answer their questions in the first. Dr. Rowley is the Opposition Leader accountable to the President (maybe) and the people or Trinidad and Tobago. Not a set of Graygoose overdosed characters, sobering themselves from their night of spreading joy hoping for a vindication of their evil intent. Judged only by their behavior, they are nothing more than a set of low life richly endowed with money from the treasury and nothing more. Sharma, who is supposedly a pundit, beat one of his girlfriends in front of another of his girlfriends and child mother and what did we hear from these fools? – nothing! It is not worth it to listen to their selective morality in castigating Dr. Rowley’s behavior as a nineteen year old teen. Shame on you Kamla, shame on you Wade Mark, shame on you Bharat, shame on you UNC and the whole lot of you.

      • Control, Kian, control…your obsessive bitterness could affect your health.Your determined retorts against the UNC seems to be consuming you.You have lost your objectivity in your quest to take back your country from the pagans.Your accusations are uncontrollable and irrational. Your moral indignation is skewed and emotional.You are a stark, ironical character who has implicitly and explicitly dedicated your life to the rebirth of your Africaness and the future African control and image of T&T. Good luck with that!

        • Good UNC speech but you failed to answer direct questions. The questions again, what is wrong with 18 and 19 year olds having babies? Have you reached a conclusion to tell Sat that he should not allow 12 year old girl children to get married? I’m not phased your politics, it is what you are paid to do. I am here to defend untruths and misrepresentations. Answer the questions.

          • Kian, my friend you are confusing apples with oranges.If in fact the Hindu religion permits young girls of 11 or 12 to marry, that is very concerting to me personally. I am not a Hindu but I always hesitate to pass judgment on religious associations and their belief systems, especially when these practices do not affect me or society at large. Similarly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with 18 and 19 year old youths having babies, if it’s a choice which they consented to. I also see nothing wrong with the Rowley affair and the birth of their son, if it was all consensual.One can question his role as a teacher in the community, having an affair with a 17 year old.The public has a right to this information, but not in the manner in which Toppin abused the Parliament, including additional information regarding Rowley’s birth. Rowley is very vulnerable as the Leader of the Opposition, it was unnecessary to tarnish his parentage.

        • TMan “You are a stark, ironical character who has implicitly and explicitly dedicated your life to the rebirth of your Africaness and the future African control and image of T&T.” Question: Is this really what you hindus from the southland are in fear of?
          Just asking, since you made the observations.

          • There is no fear emanating from Southlanders since they are accustomed to the neglect and abuse of former PNM governments.
            The anger and fear are coming from those who disapprove of the present image of the country portrayed by the PM and her government…..

          • It is obvious that TMan is more interested in propagating UNC fearmongering, ethnic and racial flags of insecurity than confront real issues. I asked two simple questions that I believe are important national issues. (1) Given today’s social construct, what is immoral about 18 & 19 year olds having a baby? (2) Since you have stated your concerns about 18 and 19 year olds engaging in sexual intercourse, what is the reluctance by the instigators of the Vernella Alleyne’s motion to confront Sat Maharaj about allowing 12 year old girls to marry in the hindu religion? Two simple questions that you are having problems answering – I wonder why?

  • Gary Griffith on COP Leader’s Response to Comments Made by Minister Toppin


    I wish to express my great disappoint by the flippant response and views given by the Political Leader of the Congress of the People, Minister Prakash Ramdahar, in relation to the disgraceful comments recently made by Minister Vernella Alleyne Toppin.

    Whereas every open minded, right thinking, and level headed citizen of this country has totally condemned the comments made by Minister Toppin, inclusive of the Honourable Prime Minister, and rightly so upon which she must be commended, but in stark contrast, Minister Ramadhar yet again failed to step up to the plate and decided to simply state that Minister Toppin’s comments  should not be altogether condemned  and that “ she may have gone too far”.

    Minister Toppin using her Parliamentary Privileges to open possible wounds by exploiting the privacy of a possible rape victim for cheap political points, in Minister Ramadhar’s view is that “ she may have gone too far”

    Minister Toppin basically smearing a broad brush on virtually every product of rape of being the reason why they are aggressive is seen by Minister Ramdahar that she may have “ simply gone too far”.

    Minister Toppin openly accusing a citizen of this country of raping someone without a shred of  evidence, in the view of the Political Leader of the Congress of the People is that ‘ she may have gone too far’

    In my total disappointment over the statements made by the COP Leader by trivializing what may have very well been the most disgraceful comment in the corridors of our Parliament, I wish to ask Minister Ramadhar if someone publicly accused him of assaulting someone and bearing his child without any evidence and demanding that it should be investigated, or  worse yet,  if someone  makes a public comment that  his mother was assaulted and he was conceived, if he would trivializing  it by saying that the accuser may have simply “ gone too far but the matter should indeed be probed.”

    I wish to again recommend to all Politicians that we should all walk in the shoes of others to understand how they would feel before we make rash and totally irresponsible statements which at times do nothing than further divide our nation.

    This latest outburst by the Political Leader of the COP yet again shows that he has been the catalyst towards the COP  losing it’s moral compass which is why the majority of the 150,000 plus floating have left what was a indeed once a good Political Party.  The role and function of the COP was primarily to represent the Third Constituency of floating voters and to ensure that they would be the moral compass to ensure proper checks and balances in the PP Government.

    Unfortunately, the COP’s Leader’s focus continues to be solely that of negating the opposition by any means necessary, and even as quoted by Minister Ramdahar, that the role of the COP is “the first line of defence for the PP Government.” It’s former role of ensuring good governance has taken a back seat.

    The goodly Minister needs to understand that at times it is not appropriate to defend what cannot be defended. And the hurtful and reckless comments made by Minister Toppin, as done by no other than the Honorable Prime Minister can only be totally condemned , and not trivializing it  as attempted by the COP Political Leader.

    “How much singing for one’s supper, or a safe seat, can one do, and at what cost?”

    Gary Griffith

    Alliance of Independents

    • Who is Gary Griffith?
      He is a fired has been.
      Why is he getting national prominence and recognition?
      He is another Trini egomaniac, the country is overflowing with egomaniacs. Monomaniacal tendencies have become a national cultural and personality trait.

    • Gary will not say anything positive about Mr. Ramadhar. Don’t expect that from Gary. He just like being the sunlight, but Gary careful you get sun burn, is the rising Sun you playing with…

  • I was genuinely sitting on the fence, undecided but observing. You see, I take very seriously my right to choose a government and I have never been a loyalist, blinded by loyalty to any party. This issue has revealed so much about those who lead the government in power that I cannot, I dare not, give them my vote. In fact, I have come to seriously fear them. Like I did in 2010, I am ready to give someone else a chance because I feel betrayed, used and abused by the PPG… I almost believed the lies. I am ashamed for my country. We are being led by not just one but several arrogant persons who seem to have lost their sense of hearing. But then again, could it be that they have all gone stark raving mad?

    • I am just wondering what lies you are referring to. The only fact in this episode is that Rowley was 19 years old when he fathered an illegitimate child with a 17 year old girl in Tobago.The moral dilemma here is how you judge this fact. Acceptable or Unacceptable? consider that he hid this from the public.

      • TMan, I try very hard to be objective and non-judgemental because I feel everyone has a bit to add to this story, but tell me honestly, a girl seventeen going on eighteen and a boy nineteen have an illigitimate child, where is the immorality in that, especially compared to today’s reality? Another thing, since you are so concerned about that kind of morality, have you approached Sat Maharaj and asked him to condemn hindu girls getting married at the age of 12? I ask those questions because my mom was married at the tender age of 16, had wonderful children who are all practicing christians, had an adoring and disciplined father and today we are all successful. Could you now explain in turn your moral standard? I am definite that in today’s world, 8 and ten year old children can teach you and I a hell of a lot about sex that you may never had spoken about. The ball is in your court TMan.

        • If one should apply the high Christian standards which you repeatedly espouse on this blog, it is highly immoral.My personal view is that I hold no animosity or disdain against Rowley because he got a girl of 17 pregnant. For me it is irrelevant. Let he who is without sin caste the first stone.
          My contention with Rowley is that he portrays himself as the moral saint and savior of T&T, always willing to castigate others…remember the Gopesingh son cutlass episode.He also concealed the existence of his son for decades.He will never be forgiven for his email gate phony disclosures…. remember the vote of no confidence in the PM.

    • Aww poor baby..I emphatise with you. Go get some valium to help you sleep. Did you sleep well when Dr. Rowley accuse the PM of plotting to kill a reporter and to have the DPP remove…

  • “Dr. Keith Christopher Rowley was born on October 24th 1949 in Mason Hall, Tobago, and was raised by his grandparents, who were prominent Tobago farmers. Dr. Rowley is married to attorney -at- law Sharon Rowley, they have two daughters Tonya (attorney-at-law) and Sonel (post graduate student) both of whom won national scholarships.”

    Keith bio does not mention his son and the PNM defending Keith he never openly accepted and acknowlege he is the father of Garth. That boy still suffers from estrangement. The video raises a lot more question for instance the mother looks at the son and said when he was born, he appeared not to be too sure and the son looks at the mother and declared her date of birth. Hmmm. The video also has the date 15 -07 -2014, rather strange because Roselyn trashes Vernella hurdling obscenities at her when Vernella just spoke a few days in Parliament and did not mention her name. That video looked “doctored”.

  • Vernella’s obsession with Rowley’s past

    By Analysis by RIA TAITT
    March 28, 2015 –

    “Last Wednesday’s historic debate in the House of Representatives on Government’s no-confidence motion in Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley was not the first time Minister Vernella Alleyne-Toppin had raised the situation of rape, for which she demanded Keith Rowley give an account.

    Alleyne-Toppin had addressed the issue in fairly graphic detail in at least three previous contributions in Parliament. There were several common themes on each occasion—a teacher at Roxborough Secondary, a dean of discipline who had kid­napped and raped a pupil whose aunt was his landlord and who was related in some way to the minister.

    In her contribution on the Chil­dren’s Bill, on March 9, 2012, Alleyne-Toppin focused her whole presen­­­ta­tion on teachers who abused chil­­dren, saying she had both pro­fession­al and personal knowledge of this unfortunate practice.”

    “All the contributions in which Alleyne Toppin dealt with the rape issue came after Rowley exposed her misuse of the Government’s credit card in Parliament in March 2012.”
    Full Article :

    • Is Ria Taitt a political analyst, an Express reporter, a gossip columnist or a PNM hack?
      She has distorted the details of Toppin’s speech in Parliament and has not yet accounted for her distortions.
      She has repeatedly hounded the government ministers and their families.
      She behaves as if she is one of Rowley’s confidantes. She has an excellent resume for a job with the famous American rag called the National Enquirer!

  • You cannot be serious. Therefore I understand that you are simply doing your job and trying your best to please your bosses. One question though before I move on to the important issues of the day, was the reporter you refer to a PNM hack in 2010 when the shortcomings of the then PM Manning were the headlines especially in the same Express? It was ok to speak the truth about our leaders yesterday…but not today? Thank goodness this country still has enough right thinking people and that folks like you are in a minority. And in case you don’t believe that….just wait ….soon.

    • Whoever said,a picture is worth a thousand words, was spot on,and si,the unflattering photo, of these two desperate, despicable ,female creatures , indeed,’speaks volumes,’as we like to say on de streets.
      Ain’t it fair to say dat one of the pathetic characters,look like a constipated African hyena, about to devour de putrid carcass ,of it’s unfortunate,slaughtered kid,and the other,a hungry Bengal Tiger cat in heat,who is trying not to pass gas,for fear,it might alert the dirt poor farmer,she is about to pounce on for lunch.
      I am reminded otra vez, of the fine words, of …well,who else ,but the wisest woman ,that ever lived , in my late, Tobago Granny, who -in her quest to keep yours truly,on de straight and narrow part-would often say ,” birds of a feather, flock together!”
      Muito obrigardo Granny!
      Yeah,Vanella,and Kamla,you both deserve each other!
      As much as I am disgusted by the revolting Parliamentary display by this Tobago East Representative, and cowardice,by her Hindustani PM -who ,like many within de tribe,has no compunction, in using another stupid African, to do their dirty deed -let me however add the following, on this auspicious Afro Trini spiritual day:-It is certainly a great moment in our T&T, as we observe the repeated denunciations, by most decent, Trini citizens,of conscience, against you two political clowns ,as they in turn, refused to accept your bogus claims ,of concern for neglected children,or sexually abused /traumatized females, via character assassination, of The PM in waiting,Dr. Keith Rowley.
      Hopefully, the astute voters, in turn,won’t give ‘you allze, ‘ de thumbs up,you are clamoring for ,during the overdue elections,but rather, dat symbolic middle finger ,you and your uncaring government,richly deserve.
      Hey,and ‘where you at,’ Uncle Rowley?
      Yeah, we know, putting dem symbolic ducks in order, …ummmm ….’staying above the fray,’to coin a comment cliché, and looking /sounding more ,and more like a Statesman, than the uncouth Wajang,that de Kamla led,UNC dominant PP goons ,their financial benefactors, and socially comatose ,media darlings, attempted to portray you as.
      A word of caution DrKW,if I may-even though one ‘does not wish to jump de gun,’as we. ….
      Be magnanimous in your victory speech,come election night, as the healing process, would be vital, since true nation building, is the end game.
      Another thing too-don’t forget to ‘show a lil luv,’to your dear Tobago God-faddah, Papa Niza,for without him,global oil prices, would still be US $200:00,per barrel, and Queen Kamla,and that Ex 1st Citizens closet bandit,turned glorified Finance Minister , would be able to hand out their pre elections-vote enticing -goodies,to gullible citizens.

      Go get dem big fella!

      Stay vigilant T&T!
      I luv dis land, Y tu?

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