South of de Caroni

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
March 27, 2015

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeEver since Rodney Charles sent out his memo of instructions to his UNC colleagues they have been trying to depict Dr. Keith Rowley as big, black bad animal; a beast unbecoming of the office of prime minister. The present version of this attack started when Dr. Rowley took a wine, on carnival day, on an Indian woman. Many UNC politicians saw this act as verging on the sacrilegious. Now, they have sunken to the lowest of the low. They have branded Dr. Rowley and his descendants (that is, his children and his children’s children) as the products of rape.

The UNC has never showed an enlightened understanding of our society and what it stands for. They never understood that carnival is a celebration of the flesh. It was part of the historical compromised worked out between the Romans (who believed in the primacy of the flesh) and the Christian who, in their religiosity, placed an emphasis on the spirit in an arrangement that was consolidated at the Nicaea Council in AD 325. This open air festival, practiced in Europe for centuries, was brought to Trinidad by the French at the end of the 18th century. When the people of West Africa arrived they added their own contribution which is why we call Carnival “a Creole bacchanal.”

In wining on an Indian woman Dr. Rowley was merely participating in an historical festival that makes us who we are.

When this first lie did not work, they claimed Dr. Rowley committed another sacrilegious act when he used a Creole aphorism to politely remind the UNC that “if yuh kill meh dog; ah go kill yuh cat.” In her Dictionary of the English/Creole of T&T, Lise Winer has shown that such a proverb comes out of the bowels of a Trinidadian consciousness. In fact, it is a part of our linguistic heritage that draws on the oral literary tradition of West Africa (such as the proverb) that black people (or better yet Creole people) have used traditionally to define their reality and to instruct their young.

So that when Dr. Rowley draws on our Creole wisdom to respond to statements made by others he is drawing on a tradition that predates PM Kamla Persad-Bissessar and the superfluities of the UNC’s interpretation (or perhaps, misinterpretation) of our linguistic heritage which leads one to ask: “whey these people come from?” Basdeo Panday would never have made that mistake.

Persad-Bissessar has done her utmost to create an ethnic divide in the society that she euphemistically describes as north and south of the Caroni. Her argument is that the PNM concentrated its efforts on the development of the north of the Caroni (read African) and ignored the south of the Caroni (read Indian.) This racial construct that argues that because the PNM took care of black people the UNC feels obligated to take care of Indian people. The notion that this Creole society must be enlarged to satisfy the needs of all of us never occurred to the UNC which makes its resort to crude racism explicable.

In this context, Vernella Alleyne-Toppin’s statement is a culmination of a well-defined strategy that seeks to place Dr. Rowley in a social stratum that is even lower than Rawan, the king of demons in Hindu mythology, from which he can never be redeemed. Within the UNC, his blackness and “so-called” arrogance are projected as the essence of his being. It signals that Dr. Rowley must be demonized to restore UNC hegemony of the society. As one UNC banner on Monday night read: “Keep your children away from Keith Rowley.”

Fortunately the society now sees, as it could not see before, what Kamla’s formulation of “south of Caroni” means. It’s a formulation that is filled with hated, vindictiveness and ethnic bias. It is the most despicable attempt to racialize the society and demonize Dr. Rowley. Toppin’s outburst was part of a larger UNC script rendered in a lower and meaner register.

Moon does run till daylight ketch it or, to put in in a different way, the longest rope has an end. The UNC rope is coming to an end. Daylight (or probably the rising sun) is revealing its meaner qualities. It is a shame that this party of parties has to end in such a low, evil-spirted manner. Even God in his heavens cries out in shame.

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  • Simple Math can prove innocence as to Paternity..The pnm PRO has already been singing that the 45 yr old son is acknowledged! Granted the veracity of such statement, the proof is no to get a DNA sample to prove Paternity but to minus this 45 yr old child’s age from that of his mother & the end result would prove that the mother was under 18 yrs of age,thus a Charge of Statutory rape must be executed!Case closed!

  • Learned professor your article lets us know you have a lot of hated vindictive ethnic bias towards Indo-Trinis.For about forty years Indians endured discrimination and racial prejudice. Whenever people like myself applied for Gov’t jobs we were almost always turned down. We were often asked by a bunch of duncy head clerks, “are you from Penal?” Today these same folks want to live in Penal or for that matter south of the Caroni.(I wonder why.). My question is, what has fadder of the nation Eric and pnm did for folks south of the Caroni?

  • I do not know what the age of consent in Trinidad and Tobago was 45 years ago. But if we accept the ages of the parties involved and apply the current laws on statutory rape, and if the mother was 17 years of age at the time of conception, then Rowley did not commit statutory rape.

    Here is an article from the Trinidad Guardian that explains the laws of Trinidad and Tobago as it relates to statutory rape:

    “Law Made Simple: Sexual offences against minors
    Monday, February 17, 2014

    Under the Sexual Offences Act a minor is a person under the age of 18 years. The Act sets out specific offences which deal with any form of sexual abuse which may have been committed against a minor by an adult. A man who has sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 14 years commits an offence and, if found guilty, is liable to a sentence of life imprisonment. It is not relevant whether the young girl consented to the intercourse or if the man was unaware that the girl was under 14 years of age.

    A man who has sexual intercourse with a young girl between the age of 14 and 16 may be liable to imprisonment for twelve years. Under this category, the man may not be found guilty if:
    (i) he honestly believed the girl to be 16 years of age or;
    (ii) he is not more than three years older than the girl and the court forms the view that he was not wholly to blame.

    It is an offence for a woman to have sexual intercourse with a young male under the age of 16 whether or not he has consented. If the woman is found guilty, the penalty is five years imprisonment. She may not be found guilty if:
    (i) she honesty believed the young male to be 16 years or more or;
    (ii) she is not more than three years older than the young male and the court forms the view that she was not wholly to blame.

    Also, an adult who has sexual intercourse with a minor who is the adult’s adopted child, stepchild, foster child, ward or dependant in the adult’s custody is guilty of an offence, and if convicted, is liable to between twenty five years and life imprisonment. It is also an offence for an adult to have sexual intercourse with a child who is employed by the adult. If someone is found guilty of this offence, he or she may be liable to twenty five years imprisonment.

    Any person who procures another for prostitution or procures a minor under 16 years to have sexual intercourse with another person is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for 15 years. Nothing in the Act prevents a charge of rape being brought against a man who has sexual intercourse with a female without her consent. These offences, stated above, are age-specific offences created by statute.”

  • It is truly amazing that this “professor” rears his abdominal platitudes at this time. Perhaps he is looking for another Central Bank position so he cam feed off the government trough again. IMHO this is a most despicable pandering for such a learned person.

  • “Her( Kamla) argument is that the PNM concentrated its efforts on the development of the north of the Caroni (read African) and ignored the south of the Caroni” (read Indian).(Cudjoe)

    This statement attributed to the PM is not some sort of frivolous statement, it is an established fact. The PNM neglected the South for decades. Those of us who live there are fully aware of the hostile treatment and frequent rejection of our requests for development and basic needs like a water supply.

    • Excellent article, as usual Dr Cudjoe. Spot on, as we like to say on de streets. Tell dem,that if Indians,were the only ones ,South and North of Caroni who were neglected by the PNM,then ungrateful Queen Kamla, weren’t going to evolve into an educated lawyer,turned PM,neither would TMan people abd den,be so successful all across T&T today.
      Here are de facts:-
      1.Indians, and Africans, make up some 90% of our population. 50% or more of folks ,belonging to both tribes,are living in abject poverty, due in great measure,to socio political neglect,by their respective leaders.
      For all ‘de fake victimhood- belly aching-pysco babble/whining by these, greedy,self serving, dog with a bone, neo tribal miscreants,’ a good look would indicate,that Indo Trinis, control 50% of the Public Service jobs,and 80% or more, of the private ,business sector.
      98% or more,of the folks they employ in their businesses, are solely Indians,be they illegals from South Asia,and Guyana,or local T&T citizens.
      Fact is ,99% of the contracts they got fat on,emanated via the State.
      Oh yeah,the same creatures, who love to pontificate profusely, about overdependent Africans ,living in de East/ West corridors, and Tobago, have been sucking dem fat State- Sow titties,and sumptuous Cow bones ,for decades.
      Hey folks ,as to de subject at hand ,ummmmmmmm,..Kamla ,and her UNC dominant PP government, political miscalculation? Si I am referring of course to dis much overplayed, outrageous debate ,about underage sex,statuary rape, committed by a 20 year old,in his early , oats sowing days, with a feisty ,17/18 year old , 4 decades ago in Tobago?
      Let’s just say, that lifetime Social activist,turned PP Cabinet member, Mama Verna St Rose, is having a good laugh, at her clueless , cabal manipulated, ex boss expense.
      Fired over some opaque, bogus charges,and all because she had de audacity to demand, that the country’s sole female Hindustani PM,should take a sand against underage marriages, incest,domestic violence, and similar debilitating social problems that has plagued our country -especially within enclaves ,South of de Caroni.
      Talk about missed opportunity!
      What’s ironic, is dat,should one conduct a survey,anywhere across this blessed Twin island Republic,one would realize ,that more than 60% of young ,under age Indo Trini girls became parents, all because they were forced into these inhumane ,early marriages, by lawless, yet perhaps, well intention parents,more willing to comply with cultural practices,more common, in Mama India/Pakistan/Bangladesh, and Nepal,as opposed to T&T laws.
      Hey,’where you at,’ Uncle Rowley,aka de Political Chess playing Grand Master?
      Yeah, we know, putting dem symbolic ducks in order, as we like to say on de streets,and doing an excellent job ,if I may dare say so myself .
      Yep,dem clueless bums, attempted to take your Bishop,and you proceeded to take their stupid Afro -Tobago East pawn,and the Siparia Queen ,en route to checkmate ,all in one swoop.
      Your move Auntie K! Continue with idiot vote of confidence, or call in dem dotish pot hounds ,you have ,still busy chasing behind phantom cats.
      Don’t worry DR KW,for I’ve already informed ,the uninformed PP talking heads , tribal minions, rabid fans ,and party hacks, dat Rottweilers,ain’t have time ,to run down pussy cats ,be they South,North ,East ,or West,of de Caroni.
      Luv humanity people, & forget the tribe! Failure so to do, can have dire consequences. Trust me on that.
      It’s a beautiful time in T&T.
      It is imperative, that you the prospective voters,do your patriotic duty to help make good governance, a reality .
      Sadly ,we are fast evolving into the regional laughing stock,and what a sick tragedy,that is!
      I luv dis land , Y tu?

      • Correction, Neal. Indians and Africans do NOT make up 90% of the population. Indians are 39 to 40%, Africans are 37 to 38 % and the rest are mixed or other.
        Also, no one in T&T is living in abject poverty.Neal you are disappointing me. Most ,if not all of your statistics in your post are just plain wrong!
        And I know for a fact that Indians did not “get fat” from state contracts, but from hard work, personal initiative, entrepreneurship,and unyielding dedication while the Africans were trying to decide which fete they were planning to attend. I also luv this land, Y tu?

        • Hey,and for the record ,you and kind ,are well within your rights ,to stupidly accept that half breeds/Dougla kids,are Indians,for de purpose of bolstering your census numbers,if it helps build your case,as being the majority,TMan.

          Yeah ,de same Douglas,who would stick their fingers in their mouths, then raise same in the air, to see which way, de wind is blowing, before deciding which tribe they represent.
          You ,and your delusional Guyanese cousins, won’t be able to twist de facts,by claiming that dis Douglarization,emanated from rapes of delicate Indian female flowers,by dem sex obsessed , Mandingo African savages.

          As for dat bogus,self righteous, ungrateful claim of “…. hard work, personal initiative, entrepreneurship,and unyielding dedication,” as practiced by that tribe of yours?
          Well,you can take that nonsense somewhere else,mi amigo.Maybe to that naive, cross country, distance running daughter of yours,as she would believe all the foolishness dat Papa TMAN force fed her-like poverty became non existent in T&T, since the arrival on the political scene,of ahhhh weeee two Hindustani heroes ,Basdeo Panday, and lifetime protégé, in political neophyte /lightweight Kamla.
          By de way ,it’s time you guys tell your Siparia Queen Kamla, that no one is buying into her convenient,bogus pro female claims ,when more women ,and kids have suffered during her tenure as PM,than they did during all her 5 male predecessors time.
          Translation :-She can’t claim female victimhood, while embracing the mantras of her racist, Spiritual adviser Sat Maraj, and worst yet,after she made, the “dis is our time, “policy of mentor Baz,a center piece of her entire reign.

          As for our maligned national Carnival, yeah we get it. Indo Trini blokes , unlike dem sex freaks from Africa, prefer meditation, as opposed to gyrations /wining ,when music is blasting during Chutney Soca, and Carnival damblays.
          You guys hate seeing ,de female naked flesh, so much so, that you prefer to have sex in the dark, blindfolded,and fully clothed,wherever possible.
          Maybe that might explain away ,de rapid rise in de mixed tribe /Dougalarized /swing voting demographics,since Afro Trinis, ain’t have such a problem, eeeehhhh?
          Sorry TMan, but it’s you, my country hating Piasano, who is de disappointment.
          Yours,is the kind of silly diatribe,I expected from that simi literate, dunce,called Mamboo, aka the Mayaro lifetime drunkard.
          After all,that boy tyrannical, indentured Papa, never send him,and 20 suffering siblings to school -unless one wish to count the August vacation periods, when the rickety Mayaro ,school gates were closed.

          We won’t lament how many of his pre puberty/underage sisters, were sold off to de highest bidder, to put food on the family table.
          No poverty in T&T? Please don’t make me laugh,you clueless , ‘South of de Caroni’ -Central elite!
          Tell dat to the desperate ,pepper stealing woman ,and ,criminal husband ,who the fat ,ugly , coward-squatter -farmer apprehended ,with 500 of his products in her bosom, and loinscloth, then(after allowing her weed smoking husband ,to conveniently escape ) proceeded to tie her up with a rope, and dragged her along the road,like ‘one oh dem,’ filthy Couva,Los Bajos,or Oroupuche, Maingey dogs.
          Glad to hear you luv your country, and hope you will continue to do so,once de Right Honorable Dr.Keith Rowley, aka de Tobago Chess playing Grand Master, assume power, and begin the task of long overdue prosecution of all dem corrupt, UNC dominant PP goons,and cronies , as well as tribal eat ah fooder ,party hacks / recipients ,who for the past 5 years, sucked like piglets ,at de T&T Mama sow ,titties.

          Wait a cotton picking moment, and did I hear you say to the learned Doc,dat “All we have to do is turn on our TV sets on carnival days,plus Pagwah, Hosay,and Diwali festivals , and witness the displays of vulgarity,immorality, drunkenness,and wanton behavior which is unfortunately seeping into our daily lives and culture, all due to the actions of dem morally debase African bums,we de more civilize ,White-evil-conniving- Massa subjects,have been stuck with?”

          That a good one,but you forgot to add Tman ,and if more Trini Africans, ain’t start bowing,to we dey brown triumphalist Massa,then once Dr Keith Rowley is finally elected, I along with tribe protection guru, Dr.Goopiesing,and Suraj Rambachan ,might lead another charge ,for more of us,to play victims,and seek refugee status in European fiefdoms-just like we did in 86,under Tobago’s globally respected Statesman ANR Robinson.
          Stay vigilant T&T!
          Do all in your power, to halt the progress of these self aggrandizement barbarians, as they try to overrun ,La Trinity,economic pearly gate.
          Repeat after me TMan ,the following :- 1. It is about darm time good, responsible governance ,become a reality in underachieving ,class splintered ,and tribally fractured T&T.
          2. De Guyanarization of T&T must never be allowed to take place!
          I have said it once, twice, and three times my lady, but it’s worth repeating,for de benefit of these,and similar,fanatical – cyber yapping clowns. ‘The man, or woman, who can make me hate dis land of mine, ain’t born yet!’
          Long live the Republic of T&T!

  • “The UNC has never showed an enlightened understanding of our society and what it stands for. They never understood that carnival is a celebration of the flesh”.(CUDJOE)

    Oh, don’t you worry, good doc…we understand perfectly!
    All we have to do is turn on our TV sets on carnival days and witness the displays of vulgarity,immorality, drunkenness,and wanton behavior which is unfortunately seeping into our daily lives and culture.

  • …so poot back de PNM fo mo orf the same PNM-style…


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