Which party will right these wrongs?

By Raffique Shah
February 22, 2015

Raffique ShahNow that the Carnival is over, we can expect electioneering to intensify, with a maximum of seven months to go before the general election is held. In fact, the ruling People’s Partnership coalition has grabbed a Carnival spillover, photographs of PNM leader Keith Rowley “wining” with a young Indian woman, as ammunition for use in campaigning.

Since the video and photos surfaced late Carnival Tuesday, the pro-UNC blogs have been hammering away at Rowley, dubbing him a “dirty old man” and worse in the hope that some mud will stick. I don’t think it will. The girl has publicly said she had a great Carnival, wine included, and to those who lambaste her and Rowley, she proclaimed boldly, “I hate racial people.”

If anything, the Partnership, more so its UNC component, might well find that the bid to paint Rowley as a predator, backfires. I don’t know if they have noticed that over the past decade or more, the majority of women who play mas seem to be Indians and mixed, outnumbering Afros. This is true too for pre-Carnival fetes and concerts. And while this social intermingling may be seasonal, it has quietly broken down race barriers, evidence of which can be seen at after-work limes.

So the UNC may well find that resorting to race, while it will guarantee them their core constituencies in Central and rural Trinidad, could work against them in the urban, marginal constituencies where every vote counts.

That said, while the PNM may benefit from the fallout from the UNC, people will hardly flock to the party if their perception is that it is the other side of a conventional political coin that has failed to unite the country and mobilise its human resources to anything close to its real potential. A PNM win by default is possible, but not desirable.

People will scrutinise the party—all parties—more closely than they did in years gone by. They will look at policies and programmes more than they read manifestos, having learnt the hard way that political promises are hardly fulfilled when a party wins power.

Intelligent people, and these are on the increase, know that while the economy is not in tatters, it faces many serious challenges. It’s not just a case of coping with lower oil, gas and commodities prices generally. In the current downturn, they expect to have to make some sacrifices, once these are administered equitably, with the wealthy contributing their share as we strive for recovery.

Any party that promises milk and honey at a time when some bitter medicine is required will fool some of the people, not the majority. For example, people expect to have to pay more for motor vehicle fuels. If a party tells them otherwise, they will know that it is fooling them or it is irresponsible, not fit to govern. A party that vows there will be no property taxes, to use another example, is misleading electors since such taxes are universal and we are not unique.

Similarly, most countries like ours impose income and corporate taxes on its citizens and businesses. But the formula to apply these taxes evenly, based on income and profits, is what matters. And collecting such taxes, ensuring that everyone who is liable pays, is of critical importance.

As it stands today, those who bear the full force of taxation are people on fixed incomes whose taxes are deducted by their employers. These are mainly low-to-middle income earners in the public and private sectors. Most professionals, contractors and businesses pay far less than they ought to, which, in jurisdictions like Canada and the USA, land them in jail.

Not here. They get away with murder while those who work hard to put bread on the family table face the force of the Board of Inland Revenue. And let’s not even talk VAT: many merchants collect this tax from consumers-and pocket it!

Which party has the fortitude to right these wrongs that ordinary citizens have endured for generations? Which party will ensure that the wealthy, that one per cent of the population that corners—what?—say 20 per cent of the wealth, pay their just dues?

Which party will demand that people actually work for the wages and salaries they receive ritually on a weekly or monthly basis? Which party will make productivity a cornerstone of its platform? For far too long our productivity has been at abysmal levels, and this applies not just to URP and CEPEP workers, but to a majority of public sector workers and some in the private sector.

I’ll cite one example. Workers from a regional corporation, five in number, come to my street twice a year, supposedly to clean the fringes of a box drain where there is hardly any grass. They park their cars and engage in old talk for an hour or so. One of them then uses a brush-cutter for about 15 minutes while the others look on. They then spend another 15 minutes winding down, after which they leave, full day’s wages intact, maybe to “pull bull”.

You think this is right? Which party will demand, across the board, a full day’s work for a day’s pay?

Talk to me.

26 thoughts on “Which party will right these wrongs?”

  1. This is one of your very best submissions Mr Shah!
    I don’t see the usual racist pnmites commenting on this!

  2. “So the UNC may well find that resorting to race, while it will guarantee them their core constituencies in Central and rural Trinidad, could work against them in the urban, marginal constituencies where every vote counts.”

    Behind the scenes PNMites are quietly acknowledging that Keith Christopher Rowley is not suitable to lead the PNM. His vision 2030 is nothing but a plan to bring back property tax and to build a rapid rail system that will go into billions wasted. The UNC has purchased and opened up more bus route throughout the nation. No need for rapid rail.

    Keith is on record as saying that he plans to eliminate local government and I am sure he will not continue with Kamla laptop program. URP and CEPEP may well be on his chopping block. The PNM idea of leadership under Dr.Rowley a man who does not listen is a frightening prospect.

    Yes character does matter although defenders of Rowley’s action see it as race and nothing else. They don’t see it as an old man misbehaving with an underage child, a man who is married with daughters who are older than this child. Panday, Warner and Shah believes that all this is racism it have nothing to do with the child age. yawwn, the usual supects.

    The UNC as a party does not need race to win and election. The party performance in office has been exceptional.Here is a sample of what has been achieved in 3 1/2 years of governance… The first 6 months is usually familiarization and planning.
    • Settled 83 wage negotiations 34 of which was left outstanding by the PNM
    • Settled $20 billion CLICO Crisis
    • Turn around a recession economy from negative 3.5% to positive 1.7% growth
    • Turn around the agriculture sector
    • Created the Children life fund
    • Reduced poverty by 4%
    • Created the Single Electronic Window for ease of doing business
    • Built the Couva Interchange
    • Converted Chancery Lane office complex into a teaching hospital
    • Replaced the Navet South Trunk Main which improved water supply to over 250,000 households
    • Paid $1.5 billion owed to contractors by the PNM
    • Completed the Aranguez Overpass
    • Constructed the St. Helena Delta Bridge connecting Kelly Village to Piarco
    • Completed the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway Extension
    • Constructed a Third Lane to Uriah Butler Highway
    • Rehabilitated the Tarouba Link Road.
    • Construction of the Solomon Hochoy Highway Extension from Golconda to Debe
    • Completion of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway/Uriah Butler Highway Interchange
    • Built 72 new schools
    • Built 8 new police stations
    • Provided 500 new vehicles to the Police Service
    • Created over 40 New Bus routes
    • Processed more than 1,000 Certificates of Comfort (COCs).
    • Commissioned 12 community centres at Gulf View, Marac, Waterloo, Union Claxton Bay, Malabar Phase IV, La Gloria, Hindustan, Bon Air West, Ste. Madeleine, Sisters’ Road, Second Caledonia, Duranta
    • Built over 30 Bridges
    • Ministry of Local Gov’t paved 1150 local roads in fiscal year 2012/13
    • FOREIGN direct investment increased by over 400% since 2010 from $3.5 billion to almost $16.1 billion.
    • Given out 95,000 Laptops to Form one Students
    • Reduced Inflation from 16% in 2010 to 4% in 2014.
    • Opened 17 MIC Technology Centre
    • Increased 24/7 Water Supply from 18% in 2010 to 69% in
    • Installed lights at 157 Recreation Grounds
    Delivery for Tobago
    • Completed the long awaited Tobago hospital improving health care in Tobago
    • Completed the Magdalena Grand improving rooms for Tourism
    • Opened a new gas station at Roxborough.
    • Fixing the problem with obtaining land title
    • $150 million upgrade for ANR Airport
    • New Fire Station for Black Rock (In Progress, See Udecott site for status)
    • New MET Office (In Progress, See Udecott site for status)
    • Opened the Tobago Technology Centre at Bon Accord
    • The establishment of an integrated campus for UTT
    and the list goes on…

    1. Mamoo, I am getting to like you more by the hour. I actually look forward to your response more than Shah’s article.
      Please forward this list to the Prime Minister. You know how they like to keep her in the dark. How about listing the 72 schools that were built and the 40 new bus routes. Let me see if my area had a new school or bus route that I did not know about.

      Oops, you didn’t even mention Life Sport.

      1. I hear u Frontsman, I complained to Tim. I told him you guys are building all these schools and nobody knows where they are. Hopefully the UNC website can take this as a clue and list these schools. The same with the bus routes, nobody knows because the media prefer baccanal to progress. Anyways the last bus route open last week in Chaguanas.

        As for Lifesportt a program designed to help poor young unemployed black men, this program was high jacked by the low lifes in this nation. The Civil Service hired an accountant to run the program (the Minister or the Prime Minister don’t hire people). That accountant does not know anything in accounting, probably purchased a fake degree but since he don’t look UNC I am sure they will let it pass. Millions the poor fella can’t account for. The civil service need to do a better job or be replaced.

    2. Mamoo, I thought we dealt with that kind of propaganda before? The public servants have a natural role and functions to play in running a government (regardless of which party is in power), please do not tell us that your party has been the public servants of choice in the last four and a half years. Please Mamoo…please…..please….please……let the public servants take credit for what they did!

  3. “A party that vows there will be no property taxes, to use another example, is misleading electors since such taxes are universal and we are not unique.”

    Property tax will definitely be on the PNM election manifesto. The campaign for it has started by Shah. The PNM need the money to build rapid rail. All nations pay property tax, not true some do some don’t. For instance the Congo, are the soldiers going to collect this universal property tax?

  4. To determine which party will win is to quess who gets the 32 % of the non-racial votes. Kamla has made sure she did not make the same mistakes that Patrick Manning made in allowing his base to loose confidence in him. At this point in time Kamla can do no wrong as far as her base is concerned. What happens to Trinidad and Tobago is of no concern to them, continuance of Kamla is what is important. I do believe that the 32% will be deciding this election and it will definitely be on performance.
    I notice that the pollsters are trying to introduce an apartheid coding system of racial identification. This in my view is counter productive and pushing a form of identification that does not now exist in the system. Look at what happened to apartheid!

  5. http://www.trinidadexpress.com/commentaries/Guyanas-surprising-politics-293930211.html

    No se,Uncle Shah. M,,aybe Guyana after some 2 wasted decades, might finally offer some lessons on how to remove neo tribal, self serving, political bandits,masquerading as an authentic government .
    Then again, there are these ‘ morally repugnant, eat a food , cowards,’ that dominate the COP,where most cannot figure out their rear ends,from their ear lobes.
    Perhaps worst,is that de Tobago Wajang, Dr Keith Rottweiler Rowley, might decide to hold on to a stupid ,defeatist, “we stand alone PNM, ” mindset, as embraced , by his fake Christian predecessor ,delusional Manning,which will ensure already suffering citizens ,see the Kamla led PP goons,force their way on our socially comatose nation,otra vez.
    Oh AfroBuddahSunGod-who exist in our hearts- please save us from such a sick tragedy!!
    Did you say that UNC blogging clowns,and their equally foolish ,party/governmental benefactors, were attempting to gain millage over the PM in waiting,in the Right Honorable, Dr Keith Rowley, de MP for Westmooorings-and we can throw in Diego Martin,by referring to him,as some ‘dirty old man ,’for whining on a 35 year old looking, 17 year old,during Carnival?
    Simply hilarious,and desperate. Ain’t even worth discussing.
    Somewhere out there ,in lala land, former Minister Mama Verna St Rose, is having a good laugh,as she tried to force her PM,and her racist ,spiritual adviser Sat Maraj, to deal with incest,under age marriage, and similar acts of sexual abuse, that are quite prevalent ,among enclaves with lifetime UNC party cards.
    Let’s wish our 1.3 million -plus 110,000 illegal immigrant -voting folks well, as they prepare to show these selectively outrage bums, the exit door,si?
    What’s dat,Uncle Shah? Illegals can’t vote in T&T? ‘Wake up and smell de Chief brand curry,’as we like to say on de streets, Uncle Shah!
    T&T ,is the only country in the world,where a company,solely from one other country, can hold a 5 year Trade expo,primarily in enclaves,where the majority of people, looks exactly as they are. Go figure!
    Long live de Republic of T&T!

  6. I left TT 43 years ago and upon my return I did not see all the progress that are enunciated above by uncle Mamoo. As the plane was landing in Piarco airport from the air and on the ground I cringed with disappointment. I lived in Princes Town and it looked very crowded as the population has grown but town itself remains unplanned as I have known and left it. Sanitation is still a problem almost everywhere I went. One does not need high tech to keep one’s place clean. Yes there was some progress but I really haven’t seen change. My heart bleeds for the TT people.

    1. Welcome home Calibo1.Time to get down in de trenches, and get your manicured paws dirty.
      Your people eagerly awaits your socio developmental input.
      Hey folks ,no one said nation building was easy,hmmmm!

  7. Regardless of which party putting wrongs right, there need to be a overhaul of attitudes and approaches of every citizen in T&T. I agree with the contents of the article from Shah but there is also a burning issue of ‘sabotage and thievery’ at all levels that needs to be addressed. Remember the issue of valves blowing out from oil storage tanks, stealing of gasoline and selling on black market, now we have contamination of potable water from the Arena dam. People need to learn that to progress as a nation all must unite in a progressive mode. The question is do you need a separate ministry to educate the masses et al?

  8. In order for any party to remain relevant, it’s leadership must focus on and operate by the principles upon which its visionary intakes presupposes is it’s gateway to success. There is no doubt that in the year 2010, national leadership was at a cross-road. Prime Minister Patrick Manning sidestepped the principles upon which the PNM is known to be efficient and productive and embarked on a mission of a one-man style leadership which accounted not to the people but unto himself. Even the most ardent PNM believers felt a sense of betrayal and the resulting marginalization left little or no room for participatory party business. The UNC decided that it was too risky to go with Basdeo Panday, who was not trusted outside of his party’s base and most felt uncomfortable with. Winston Dookeran seized upon this malaise within the population and came up with what many saw as a ‘new kind of politics’. Most did not know exactly what that meant and since it offered a change from the usual UNC brand of race, there was a feeling from the usual PNM support that maybe there is something in Dookeran’s leadership that would provide a welcome change. The UNC in it’s new branding, offered a woman who did not have the stigma of Panday. Whilst there were some troubling signs of her past, there was nothing seen in her offering that made people outside of the UNC base uncomfortable with her. So, the population with little or no confidence in Manning, decided to give Dookeran a chance in his coalition with Kamla to form the Partnership. Even non UNC people felt some sense of reassurance that with our first woman, heading the ship of government, Trinidad and Tobago is on to something new and refreshing. But by the end of the first three months of the Partnership, hopes began to tumble and what we witness in the prevailing years was the dismantling of democracy, governance by spite, governance by race, racial preferences, nepotism, lack of qualified personnel in it’s appointments to sensitive positions and a total lack of respect for anything that is not UNC. Dookeran himself became disenchanted and gave up the reins of the COP. To this day, no one knows exactly what the new COP stands for under the present leadership. There were no surprises with the departure of names that formed the marquee frontline of the previous COP membership. To many objective onlookers, the nail in the coffin was when Kamla decided to let go Gary Griffith. He may not have ben loved outside of the COP circles but he represented a symbolic link that lent a degree of partnering with the Kamla led government. Kayla’s firing of Gary Griffith has done two things simultaneously, it discouraged
    those who still held out hope for the partnership, that remaining with Kamla and the cabal was not good for them and many have actually turned back to the PNM. The other thing that happened is that most of us who might have been on the borderline have firmly lost hope in what we see as a government by vaps. Prakash Rammadhar does the leadership of the COP no favors, with his constant reassurance that all is well. When most people look at him they see a leader who is lacking vision and purpose. He cannot separate the COP from the UNC as two different entities. Under his leadership, the COP is the UNC and vice versa. So as we presently stand both entities the COP and the UNC carry a load of baggage into the forth coming election that most people a fed up with and continuance of their brand of leadership can only take us into the Guyanaization of Trinidad and Tobago faster and this spells chaos for the future of Trinidad and Tobago. The population has one choice for the future of this country and that is the PNM.

  9. http://www.newsday.co.tt/news/0,207694.html

    As for putting wrongs right ‘Trini Raw-oils,’whose kidding who here,mi country hating amigo? Time you and well placed ,fellow cyber yapping bozos ,quit your condescending diatribes, disguised as caring admonitions, to the tired ,misused masses,as they ain’t buying anymore.
    Your angel smile /devil heart leader ,and her ungrateful, UNC dominant- PP goons, have lots of work to do, before they exit de grand political stage,granted to them, by Jack FIFA Warner, and progressive,Afro Trini voters .
    They were the political bums/miscreants-rouges,&vagabonds, who upon assuming office, 5 years ago,immediately cancelled the OVP water patrolling ships ,that were earmarked ,to safeguard our agua boarders-due,of course , to their typical ,self serving, tribal pettiness,which the more savvy Brazilians,promptly grabbed.
    Fast forward to 2015, and our now underachieving country,is riddled with guns,drugs,and 11,000 illegal immigrants, half or more of which emanated from Latin America ,and least we forget, dat non Español speaking,South American neighbor of ours,that was likewise destroyed,by Marxist Chedi-Yankee -closet CIA Janet-Kremlin Jagdeo-and clueless labor bum ,turn Prez Ramoutar.
    Fast forward to March 2015,and my good brother Cabilo1,is having second thoughts ,about visiting his land of birth,after 4 decades -and justifiably so,one should add.
    Folks named Mohammed ,and others,are disappearing,willy nilly , at seas, en route to more desirable /law abiding Tobago,because they perhaps, could not acquire more legitimate means of inter island transportation. Go figure!
    Another scandal brewing, where it might be soon revealed ,that our high end legal luminary, Auntie Dana Seethal, was probably murdered, because an unmentionable, cuddled, un elected ,one time COP,corrupt political bandit, was on de verge of losing his job,in favor of her.
    Now tell me folks ,who de hell should we suddenly believe ,PP newly acquired , Public Relations Chief Kamla,or another maligned, hard working, honest,dedicated, patriotic, Public Servant,’with no ax to grind ,’as we like to say on de streets?


    I say de latter. Every pre election word ,dat Her Majesstrick Queen K ,utter, ‘should be taken with a grain of salt,’as we like to say on de streets. After all,remember, she grew up at the feet of her lifetime spiritual guru,in diabolical, ant Afro Trini kids hater , Maraj ,and worst yet,was a protégé of Bengal Tiger, Basdeo Panday, de lying weasel ,whose philosophy remains, dat”politics has a morality all of it’s own.”
    Hey cabil1 mi hermano,Neal got your back!Here is a suggestion. Do like thousands of other fleeing folks from big brother Trinidad.
    Come across to Tobago,and lay low,chill out ,for a bit,until the PP term expires ,or rather, they are sent packing ,back to the political wilderness,as Opposition back benches.
    In a few months, good governance, would hopefully reemerge in T&T, once de Tobago Wajang, in The Right Honorable Dr Kieth Rowley ,MP for Westmooorings-and we can throw in Diego Martin,assumes office ,as our country next PM.
    Give him a few months ,to right de ship of state,hmmmmm?
    Maybe arrest ,and finally jail a few of dem PP blokes-starting with former Rover/Prison -lawyer gate ,AG Rammy.
    He would then extradite Basdeo UNC ,high finance pals ,Ish /Steve,where they would become docile male wives ,of 6ft 10 African Mandingos ,in Obama’s Federal Prisons.
    He would put a viable /workable ,economic plan in place ,that would not further squander our fast depleting, natural resources, but encourage jobs creation,and entrepreneurship ,among all citizens.
    Maybe he can take a more serious stab ,at curbing our runaway Crime problems,beyond White foreign Commissioner of Police, and 6 National Security Ministers.
    Did anyone mention equal playing field justice lately-an alien PP concept?
    Well,BroC1,it won’t hurt to try,once Royal TRINI, PP depart,huh?
    Let me add ,de Mason Hall Kid ,Dr Rowley, would initiate a win/win immigration policy,that will also encourage highly skilled people -in addition to desperate folks -to come here , who can help elevate our country,not suck it dry ,to death.
    For de record Calobo1, even homeless,police abused abused, wheelchair drunkards ,and unhealthy ,obese ,carefree,Trini gals,are disgusted in running into a Chinese rum shop/restaurants, in ever street corner, from POS, to Arima,or from Curepe to Sando.
    Worst yet,the accents along George/Nelson/Charlotte Street,by low end Guyanese ,and similar Caribbean merchants, are atrocious.
    Likewise ,the cheap trinkets, sold by those unmentionable, South Asian ,immigrant – fake Expo foreigners,on the streets of Chagurnas, Freeport,Couva,and Point Fortin,don’t last.
    However ,I digress,but you get de message. Your T&T ,would soon be a more habitable ,and desirous country to return to.
    Put differently, ‘dis too shall end.’

    As de wisest woman, that ever lived, in my late, loving,and extremely wise, Tobago Granny, would often say, back in de day, to yours truly, “de longest rope, has an end. ”
    Hey,’Where you at,’Dr Rowley, aka De PM in waiting?
    I hear you, ..ummmm. .putting your ducks in order.
    Now ,a word of caution, Dr KW.Folks of T&T, won’t have as much patience ,as they once did ,with your mismanaged, Manning PNM?
    It’s one term, and you too would be sent packing back to Caranege. .. oooops ..Westmoorings…well,you too get de picture, or so I hope.
    Long live the Republic of T&T!
    I luv dis land, Y tu?
    Stay vigilant people!

    1. Neal! Oh man! You are spewing venom and rightfully so. I can only imagine the pain and suffering you endured or witnessed. You have no idea how hopeless I feel about the future of TT as I am completely disenchanted. Neal my friend Trinidadians don’t take counsel, they claim to know everything but don’t do anything. Where do I begin buddy I am frozen. Over the years I have read of well intentioned developmental plans and they turned out to be just that, plans nothing else. Honestly I can’t take it anymore and may have to move again. I am thinking about it…seriously.

    2. Neal, based on everything we know, feel, hear,experience and expect of the PP government, it spells bad news for the future of Trinidad and Tobago. This is a government of individuals bent on personal gratification, revenge, racism, spite, nullification, creating a false media identity, creating a culture of greed, nullifying of the dominant christian culture, killing of historical African influence and even more than that. We should not shy away from harsh words to describe what we know is really happening in the country. This is NOT I repeat NOT a national government. It is one bent on enrichment of one sector of the population whilst at the same time denying the other every opportunity to grow. Look at the placement of key positions within the partnership and it can be clearly seen it’s intention. This is not a government that encourages national debate. How do we know that? When faced with serious issues and you ask the person most likely to give an honest answer, like the Prime Minister, what is the standard reply? “I don’t know”, “I have been so informed”, “I can’t identify”, “No one told me so”. She only takes action when pressured by the population and when she does, the media is only too happy to tell us that “she is tough”, “she is decisive”, “she is teflon”. The woman is definitely the worst leader we have seen on the national front in Trinidad and Tobago. Everyone knows that she takes ALL her cues from that racist Sat Maharaj. Anand Ramlogan did all her dirty work. There are many the hindu cabal ready and willing to carry on the same thing. What we are experiencing can hardly be described as democracy. There is a serious case of non-enlightenment going on in this country. Recently, I was engaged in conversations with people who have been in the medical system and the horrors they are going through to get proper medication. It is said that the only medicine that is made available is from India. An old Indian man went to a clinic in South and pleaded with them “please don’t give me no medicine from India”. It is being said that most medication emanating from India is cheap and have no medical
      content. Most of these medications are meant to give the placebo effect. If true, this is disgusting and misleading for people who depend so heavily on the medical care of it’s professionals. Trinidad and Tobago have everything to gain by replacing this PPP and establishing a government of the people, for the people and by the people in the coming election.

  10. This is a government of individuals bent on personal gratification, revenge, racism, spite, nullification, creating a false media identity, creating a culture of greed, nullifying of the dominant christian culture, killing of historical African influence and even more than that. We should not shy away from harsh words to describe what we know is really happening in the country. This is NOT I repeat NOT a national government. It is one bent on enrichment of one sector of the population whilst at the same time denying the other every opportunity to grow. Look at the placement of key positions within the partnership and it can be clearly seen it’s intention. This is not a government that encourages national debate. How do we know that? When faced with serious issues and you ask the person most likely to give an honest answer, like the Prime Minister, what is the standard reply? “I don’t know”, “I have been so informed”, “I can’t identify”, “No one told me so”. She only takes action when pressured by the population and when she does, the media is only too happy to tell us that “she is tough”, “she is decisive”, “she is teflon”. The woman is definitely the worst leader we have seen on the national front in Trinidad and Tobago. Everyone knows that she takes ALL her cues from that racist Sat Maharaj. Anand Ramlogan did all her dirty work.

    Kian and Neal, my dear Country Kin Folk you have said it all. The PP is the UNC and the UNC is the PPP of Guyana. Political Organizations with racist pillars planted so deep and firmly in the ground that it prevents them from shifting in any other direction.

    I read an interesting exchange on a social network recently between an Indian Guyanese PPP supporter, and an African Guyanese who was a former political disciple of Walter Rodney, and who was engaged in opposition against his Afro kin in the PNC while they were in Government. The Indo Guyanese 23 years after the PNC lost power, and some 30 years after Burnham continue to blame the dead man for Guyana’s problems while the Indians he joined in electing have all become filthy rich from larceny of the nations resources on a scale that is just nauseating. The WPA guy kept pointing him to the almost daily US handcuffing of the American based aides of this large International Caribbean Mafia Klan. But he remained adamant, claiming that the PPP had to repeal everything that Burnham had done in order to save the country.

    The WPA Guy then asked him why the PPP had not repealed all dem Indian Holidays that Burnham had given national recognition, the legalization of Marriage Ceremonies performed by Pandits and Imans, a bridge across a river to the farmlands of mostly Indians, and agricultural drainage project that benefited mostly Indians involved in small and large scale agricultural pursuits. His response was that Burnham had just done that to get them to vote for him, but even if he had given them fort knox they would not have voted for him.

    Well my friends, that describes the concretized sentiments of many of our Indian country men in our Twin Island domicile, and in fact, wherever you find them. It gives legs to the historian’s conclusion, whose analysis of the British Choice of population group to bring to replace the emancipated Afros on the plantation, argued that they, (British), studiously sought to find a racial group whose racial aversion to Africans closely mirrored theirs. That is to say, a population with the cultural with an entrenched cultural belief system that the closer to Afro that you were, the closer you were to genetic inferiority on the human continuum of race and color.

    So when those who were at the bottom of the racial and social order in their stratified motherland landed in the Caribbean and Guyana, and saw that there was a population group closer to “black” than they were, eureka, they gradually assumed the status of Brahmin, and as the years have passed, they have become firmly entrenched in that status, and as firmly committed to the stratified system their ancestors had left behind, and which for the most past still exist in the Mother land.

    So yes, the Political Organizations of the PPP and the UNC/PP have deep and unassailable roots in the embrace of ethno/racial supremacy. When one takes their narratives and arguments, especially those you see emanating from the ethnic cyber chatree warriors, and place them alongside what was being produced in the Alabama and Mississippi during the civil rights era, as well as in apartheid South Africa, to justify the ruling systems there, it is difficult to find any contextual variance. I mean they do not even need to have an awareness of what each other think to find synchrony. And the listing of the fictitious accomplishments of the Kamla and the PPP is eerily reminiscent of the listing of good things the slave master enumerated to demonstrate why those black folk on the plantation really had nothing to complain about.

    Talk about Deja Vu reminiscences all over again.

    1. Roswell your are so correct in implying that Kamla and Company have studies the Southern strategy of the confederation of the United States, just recently one of their kith and kin in the person of Bobby Jindial, got off his hot and sweaty tea party collar to praise the racist Rudy Guilliani statement about Barrack Obama’s racial upbringing and to qualify his support for the statement.
      Such is the nature of these people. I reside in Kamla’s constituency and it irks me to see how she uses the house negros to do her dirty jobs. At first, there was Jack, then Anil, now Gypsy, Errol, Wade Mark, Stephen Williams, the CJ, Douglas, that ex San Fernando Town Clerk turned Mayor, ex PNM now UNC deputy leader, Rodney Charles and others. Not one of these people have made any meaningful contributions to our society. They hold big positions for which they are being used and boy and they being used, but they will never be able to see it because they are being blinded by the 30 pieces of silver. God is on our side and we shall prevail!. Their European cousins have tried for hundreds of years to drown us out and we are still on our feet. No drunkard, peeing-by-the-side-of-the-road, incompetent politician will be able to do what the Europeans did not accomplish.

  11. “spewing Venom ,…pain and suffering, I endured?”‘Me think,’ you are sadly mistaken,as we like to say on de streets ,and is perhaps taking me for someone else,brother calibo1. Unlike many of you guys,I fully understand what true patriotism entails,mi piasano .
    It ain’t just annually returning to your country, to jump up in yet another boorish Carnival,or tasteless, overpriced Trini fete,where unprofessional artist ,beholden to your Kamla,and her PP minstrels ,cuss you out ,after under performing , like post racial Marshal Montano did to PP disgraced Chief Dougla, Anil Roberts, and his Fatima pals.
    I ain’t see one ,of either, in 26 years,and-for de record – I am back home,for the past year and and a half.
    It ain’t only loving your country, when things go your way,your tribe,or party is in power,a high end job is proffered, or your bones begin creaking from them terrible European, or North American winters.
    I personally have limited patience for self serving, whining ,disingenuous expats ,who choose to come on dis here Information Highway, and babble on incessantly, of how great, White dominant societies are,or how ghastly their own developing country is.
    My admonition to you,and kind,remains the same.Step up to de plate ,so as to make a difference, or shut up!
    With 40 years experience under your belt,you must have something more tangible to bring to the table,than..”I am frozen. ..can’t take it anymore,and may have to move on again ..”
    What de hell is that? The putrid lamentations of a runny nose teenager, in his first week,on his college campus dorm ,or a grown man ,ready to get down and dirty, in de symbolic trenches, in efforts to help elevate our T&T?
    For the record,110,000 illegal immigrants ,have decided to make this Twin island Republic of ours their home. They came from every corner of planet earth-and one should add,socio economic background.
    Get a grip Cabilo1, before you get unearthed, as just another silly, self loathing /country hating, neo-tribal fraud -which I am beginning to suspect, you are.
    Just in case you might be unaware, I wrote de script on ‘how to play dead to catch Cobeaux alive’ Cabilo1.
    Don’t mess with me!I ain’t here seeking friends. Too much is a stake,and dem political barbarians, and their economic cronies, are having a field day,as we speak.
    Hey folks,maybe I am just an unloved, sick, pathetic ,psychologically twisted bastard, who ‘gets his rocks off,’chewing out de gizzard ,of unpatriotic bozos.
    Then again, I might just be that kind ,objective, cuddly,caring ,voice of reason, who ‘practice what he preach.’
    Love Humanity people!Try to make a difference,in what ever capacity necessary! Engage in prudent advocacy,but never hesitate to join in solidarity with progressives.
    Most importantly however, adhere to the wise council,of de wisest woman , that ever lived, in my late, Tobago Granny, which went as follows :-“never cut your nose to spoil your face,’hmmmm?

    Ain’t life beautiful people? ‘Me think’ so.

    1. Neal, when I responded to your initial comments I really thought we would have had some intellectual dialog going, and I would have learned some things from you but I was wrong. Based on your reply, it appears to me that you are a person with a superior attitude but lacking in basic comprehension skills. Thank you for revealing yourself this quickly that afforded me the opportunity to decide that you are not worth my time at all.

  12. “intellectual dialog going, and I would have learned some things from you …”
    Hey folks,can you guys believe de gall of this comedian, to question my comprehension skills, when he was the one who only after reading ,just one of my astute commentaries ,erroneously concluded, that yours truly, was ‘spewing Venom, and endured unimaginable pain and suffering,’unlike fortunate him,who escaped for 4 decades,from African controlled T&T,only to conveniently reemerge, when his tribe was ruling de political roost.
    Yeah caribou1 go back to your Zandolee hell hole in Manitoba, and ponder when Quebec will get their independence from Ottawa, or better yet, when another home grown Canadian Islamist terrorist, showing solidarity for his Muslim brethren ,dealing with Canadian supported, NATO bombardments,aim his bazooka ,loaded Israeli Uzi, or Russian Kalashnikov ,at your PM,and other Parliamentarians.
    We in T&T have a country to save,from self serving, diabolical, socio economic, com political miscreants, determined to destroy our fragile democracy, and drag us back to the stone age.
    I cannot afford to potty train you,and tie your bib,while trying to fight the fight.
    This I might be tempted to do ,if you were instead,some naive,pimple face 21 year old kid, still attempting to find your way, ‘in a world, that was nasty, brutish, and short.’
    Tell you what folks,I get such sadistic pleasure, in exposing these frauds-wheresoever they emanate , while simultaneously grabbing any chance, to display my “superior attitude. ”
    It’s been some 7 years ,I have been traversing, on dis her Information Highway, and it took de Carapichima Caribou, to figure out what was my problem.
    Condescending bastard! ‘Better ask somebody,’as we like to say on de streets.
    Stay vigilant T&T!

    1. Neal, please have some respect for yourself and be aware you are in a public forum and there are other well meaning citizens listening to your leisurely tirade. Your behavior and superior attitude are unbecoming a true Trinidadian,and I am only trying to help knowing that you are incorrigible.

      This is not an entertainment center Neal but a platform to express one’s ideas and to communicate with others, not a place for show boating. If you are looking for attention there are other forums where you can indulge yourself, but please leave this place for concerned citizens like myself and others. I respectfully invite you to behave yourself as an adult and not a brat.

  13. http://m.guardian.co.tt/news/2015-03-08/pnm%E2%80%88party-groups-say-no-penny-no-vote-trouble-arima

    Can’t someone tell de Afro-Arima Carib Penelope, dat she along with disgruntled members of her Party gang,that they could scream until dem Caroni Water Buffalos acquire wings, or better yet ,all dwm POS criminals ,that now call Arima home,run back to Basilon Street,and Upper Gonzales Belmont, for no one gives a rats behind – especially Tobago Papa Niza, godson ,& PM in waiting, in the Right Honorable Dr.Keith Rowley, MP for Westmooorings-and we can throw in Diego Martin,
    just for argument sake .
    They were stupid enough, not to show up in the 2010 general elections, and one won’t expect much different from them ,the next time around.
    Let’s see how such pro UNC idiocy, will advance the lives of citizens, still reeling from decades of Manning neglect,and one term of tribalist Kamla,beat down.
    By de way,we know dat under Mayaro -Afro self hating, Culture Vulture Minister, Winston Peters, aka Gypsey ,Pagwah,and Hosay, is thriving,but do they still have authentic Parang, in the Arima Veledrome?


    Just checking!

    1. This medium is commonly used to vent our concerns and admonitions but it can also be used to impart knowledge and understanding. In this respect, I want to thank you Loyal Trini for pointing to different linkages to information on the internet. You are a good competitor.

  14. http://youtu.be/YZnKHe3BL1E

    So you needed to listen to a lecture by Bro Terrel, to know ,that we have a problem ,Cuz Raw-oils Trini? Your glorified ,national ingrate Literature hero,V S Naipaul, once referred to Trinis,as ‘Mimick men,’as he a fervent , self loathing -European wannabee, should clearly know,since he preferred to give adopted Mama England ,and his pro corruption, ancestral homeland India, all de credit ,for his every ,eventual success.
    Soca pioneer Maestro,chastised us ,for not knowing what we want,and was he spot on.
    Is it Basdeo , ‘Dis is our time- tribal politricks ,’ phony change ,by angel smile /devil heart ,Kamla,where she personally hired, then fired 20 cabinet blokes in 5 years,or a real ,progressive,future leader,who would run a tight ship,in de embodiment of The Right Honorable Dr.Keith Rowley, aka de Tobago Wajang, MP for Westmooorings-and we can throw in Diego Martin, for good measure?
    Well,we hope that an appropriate description of de Mason Hall kid, and he ain’t a dictator Eric Williams – clueless Chambers-and Tobago despising-,self serving,fake Christian Patrick Manning,all in one.
    Yeah Trni Raw-oils ,you too think Uncle Rowley Rotwiller , should be castrated ,for having de temerity, to whine on an unaccompanied 17 year old ,masquerading ,Indo chick , in a Sando band ,who looked like she is 35.
    Let me guess, you ain’t aware he did the same to 40 other women,many of them older ,as part of his political damblay?
    When Kamla put on her Dashika ,and visit African outlets,during Emancipation celebrations,or goes to her numerous ,foreign junkets solo,with her sister in tow ,to cover her tracks,you and tribe ,big could live with that,since what goes on in Vancouver, London,Bridgetown, and Nrw York, stays there, eeeeh?
    Here is a word for you,and this pbunch andering economic expert to look up-‘Monolithic .’
    It’s used to describe societies, such as Norway, and Singapore .One people, otjne culture, all heading in the same direction. As for your T&T? Tribally divided, racially fractured, class fissured,and dominated by a bunch of self serving elites, from 1962,to present.
    You and fellow ,non patriotic ,phonies, better start getting the following in your in your thick skulls :- We all as a collective, created the mess,and it will likewise take all of us,to get out of the socio economic -com political quagmire, we are stuck in.
    Your people, ain’t more intelligent than because their kids choose to lie,cheat,bribe and steal,in efforts to acquire scholarships.
    Mine ain’t more criminal than yours,because you choose to pay some low end ,illiterate bum,to do your dirty deeds.
    Your historically abused women,ain’t more charming than ours,because they instead, remain silent during daily kicks/cuffs, and obvious philandering.
    Nuff said.
    Luv humanity people, & forget the tribe! Failure so to do, can have dire consequences. Trust me on that,as I have seen the consequences of such.

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