Griffith threatens to walk – AG to resign

Anand Ramlogan, Gary Griffith, David West

Griffith threatens to walk

By Renuka Singh
February 02, 2015 –

National Security Minister Gary Griffith is threatening to quit in the face of scathing press release issued by Communication Minister Vasant Bharath yesterday accused him of making false claims and compromising the integrity of Cabinet. Bharath was referring to reports that Griffith claimed he was pressured by his Cabinet colleagues not support a criminal complaint by Police Complaints Authority Director David West.

AG to resign …Lalla tipped for job

Attorney General Anand Ramlogan is set to resign today and attorney Larry Lalla is expected to be sworn in. The Cabinet change will take place before Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar makes her much anticipated announcement at 4 pm.

According to the Constitution, Cabinet must be made up of the Prime Minister and the Attorney General, so once Ramlogan steps down, Lalla would have to be signed in immediately in order to uphold the Constitutional description of what constitutes a government.

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  1. Bharath: Griffith’s claims ‘false and without basis’
    COMPLETELY false and without any basis whatsoever! This is how the Trade, Industry, Investment and Communication Minister, Vasant Bharath, has described claims by the National Security Minister, Gary Griffith, that he was pressured to withdraw a witness statement in an ongoing investigation at the meeting of Cabinet on 29 January 2015

    In a statement issued Sunday, the Communication Minister said: “Any suggestion that such a request was made of the National Security Minister at the meeting of Cabinet last Thursday is completely and utterly false. The Cabinet never, at any time, attempted to do as Mr Griffith has claimed.”

    In dismissing the claims, Minister Bharath added: “More than Mr Griffith’s claims being completely untrue is the fact that he has, by his actions, compromised the integrity of Cabinet, and has done so without any clear or rational reason.”

    “Every member of the Cabinet appreciates and accepts our duty to maintain the highest principles and moral standards. It is our duty as public officials and it is our duty to the people of Trinidad & Tobago.”

    The Minister added: “The irony of these claims are also very stark, when one considers that it is this Government that has done the most to not only maintain, but improve the processes and mechanisms that promote accountability and transparency in Government.”

    1. No Comment is called for, unless/until Ramlogan delays getting lost–meaning ASAP.
      Ole Harry.

    A war of words has broken out between National Security Minister Gary Griffith and Communications Minister Vasant Bharath a mere 24 hours before the Prime Minister’s eagerly-awaited statement to the nation this afternoon. Yesterday, a defiant Gary

    Step aside AG
    Popular opinion is rife: Prime Minister (PM) Kamla Persad-Bissessar must be firm today. She has no choice but to be decisive and take action against her Attorney General (AG) Anand Ramlogan for his prime presence in this most recent debacle of poor governance in Trinidad and Tobago.

    All eyes on PM today
    Many will be sitting at the edge of their seats later today when Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar addresses the witness-tampering allegations made against Attorney General Anand Ramlogan. Persad-Bissessar will make her statement at 4 p.m. at her St Clair office.

    No West/PNM link—Rowley
    Opposition leader Dr Keith Rowley yesterday criticised all attempts to link Police Complaints Authority Director David West to the People’s National Movement (PNM). Rowley, in a series to text exchanges with the T&T Guardian yesterday, was also critical of any move to label the growing discord between Attorney General Anand Ramlogan and West as “political”.

  3. I make no judgment on Ramlogan’s guilt or innocence. He must resign since he is the subject of a criminal investigation.

    There are a number of questions arising out of this fiasco.
    How did the reporter acquire private telephone transcripts?
    Why was Griffith not aware that he was setting up an illegal situation?
    Why did it take West more than one year to come forward?
    Did West appear on a PNM meeting as a speaker?
    As AG why is it taking Ramlogan so long to resign?
    Is the President considering revoking West’s appointment?

  4. So the plot thickens. Al Rawi is David West lawyer and the descendant of Mohammed went to Gary Griffith secure a statement and threw the PP into disarray. The COP strikes again.


    You know folks ,l was extremely fortunate ,to have the wisest woman, that ever lived, in my late, Tobago Granny, who nurtured yours truly, from an 8 weeks abandoned kid,to age 16 years.
    One of the most potent lines ,given to me, many moons ago,still reverberate in my ear,decades later,since her untimely death,and here it is:-“Every disappointment ,is for a good.”
    As you my fellow cyber yapping blokes fully know,no one was as tough a critic, on our ex Minister of National Security,in Cuz Griffy, as yours truly,since his elevation to the post.
    I must admit however, that I like what I am presently seeing, and hearing from him.
    No, no, no!This ain’t no over de top hogwash outrage, and petty law suit threats ,as played out by El Presidente Cameo, when some ugly ,fat ,boorish ,radio comedian chick,made disparaging remarks ,about de shape of his wife belly button,as she wore an ancestral land -tribal outfit ,to grace de UN’s grand stage.
    No sireeee! This is serious political maneuvers, that has a certain ,almost military tactician feel about it,and do I love it.
    Almost certain our dear progressive Editor, Uncle Shah, is smiling, at this very moment, as he too, i am certain did not know de good lad ,had it in him.
    Way to go Cuz Griffy!
    It’s time someone show dem Kamla led ,’use and discard, self serving,ungrateful, political bozos ,’that some of us males ,possess cohones,and so are capable of pushing back,at their antics.
    More importantly, it’s time also ,that someone shake up de gutless COP,and hold them accountable,for their complicit role ,in helping these UNC goons, in their obvious quest to destroy T&T.
    Hey Griffy, we are watching both you,and rising popular, wife Nicole, to see what is the end game,si?
    Remember, it ain’t you alone who studied Otto Von Bismark,de European architect of ‘Brinkmanahip.’
    Go get em ,big fella! If serious ,we de people ,have your back.
    Trust me ,no one gives a rats behind , about tampering with witnesses statements ,our Police Service, or their complaint department,and we de people, knows fully well,it ain’t why you were fired.
    Milk this escapist foolishness, for good measure, and turn your personal woes,to a positive, political end-if serious.
    Hint,hint…tell us where all dem UNC dominant PP skeletons are buried ,my evolving ,patriotic, piasano /and future Statesman.
    Tell you what folks , I have said it once, twice, and three times my lady, but it’s worth repeating:-‘De man. or woman, who can make me hate dis land of mine, ain’t born yet!’
    Stay vigilant T&T!

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