Decoding racial tensions in United States

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
November 27, 2014
Updated: December 05, 2014

Dr. Kwame NantambuThe 24 November 2014 “no indictment for officer Wilson” verdict arrived at by the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, in regard to the shooting and killing of the unarmed African-American teenager Michael Brown and the subsequent 3rd December “no indictment” verdict by a grand jury in Staten Island, New York City, in favor of a white police officer in the New York Police Department (NYPD), Daniel Pantaleo, for the “chokehold death” of another unarmed, forty-six year-old African-American man, Eric Garner, speak massive volumes as to the omnipresence of racial tensions/distrust between the Black community and white police officers across the United States.

The stark racial reality is that of the 179 NYPD police officers involved in death  by shooting, only 3 have been indicted. The NYPD banned the chokehold method of arrest in 1993.

As an overt corollary, to all intent and purposes, these shootings and killings seem to concur with the March 1857 US Supreme Court Dred Scott decision to the extent that Blacks “had no rights which the white man was bound to respect.” Furthermore, what is ominously frightening is that these racial incidents/tensions are occurring on a regular basis coterminous with the anomalous election and re-election of America’s first African-American (Black) president.

Indeed, one can juxtapose a direct correlation/nexus between the acerbic, albeit law suit threatening relationship, between President Barack Obama and the white Republican male members of Congress in regard to Executive Orders. Ipso facto, this is directly correlated, by extension, to the identical acerbic relationship between the Black community and white male police officers across the United States.

The salient reality is that apparently white male police officers are taking the cue from white male Republicans in Congress in regard to the treatment of an African-American male.

And this notwithstanding the political truism that President Ronald Reagan (1981-89) issued 381 Executive Orders, President George Bush, Sr. (1989-1993) issued 166, President George Bush, Jr. (2001-09) issued 291 Executive Orders, President Bill Clinton (1993-2001) issued 364 Executive Orders and now President Barack Obama, as of this writing, has only issued a miniscule 188 Executive Orders. What’s wrong with this presidential picture?.

Indeed, the poignant question that immediately comes to the fore is: Are the white male Republicans in Congress saying and/or implying that it is acceptable for a white president to issue Executive Orders but for some strange reason, it is unacceptable for an African-American (Black) president to do the same? What’s wrong with this presidential picture?

Moreover, it must pointed out that President Barack Obama has been publicly described as the “worst president since WW11”; ergo, real and/or imagined, white male police officers seem to be sending a subliminal signal/message to the Black community that this African-American (Black) president can’t protect/defend them.

In this regard, it need occasion no great surprise that on 18 September 2014, Attorney General Eric Holder felt compelled to announce that he is “launching (a three-year) study on policing bias.” He further elucidated that the Department of Justice has enlisted “a team of criminal justice researchers to study racial bias in law enforcement in five cities and to recommend ways to address the problem on a national level.”

On the flip side, it is a sine qua non to recall the primary findings of the July 1967 presidential Kerner Commission in regard to racial tensions in the United States. The Commission found that the nation was “moving toward two societies, one Black, one White, separate and unequal.”; the country faced “a system of Apartheid in its major cities.” The Commission’s report also delivered a stunning indictment to “White society” for “isolating and neglecting” African-Americans. Unfortunately and very regrettably, this racial chasm/divide has been expanding/widening exponentially ever since.

The fact of the matter is that African-Americans are just “sick and tired of being sick and tired” of seeing young Black men shot and killed on a routine basis and white male police officers continue to walk free. Indeed, now is the time for all Americans to judge each other based on “the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.”

In the final analysis, all Americans need to heed the salient, but apocalyptic admonition of slain Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King as follows: “Now the judgement of God is upon us (24 November 2014) and we must either learn to live together as brothers or we are all going to perish together as fools.”

The bottom-line is that Michael Brown did not get justice; he got just-dis.

Shem Hotep (“I go in peace”).

Dr. Kwame Nantambu is Professor Emeritus, Department of Pan African Studies, Kent State University.

30 thoughts on “Decoding racial tensions in United States”

  1. The bigger problem is black on black crime that continues to grow at an alarming rate. Ask any black person to name 3 white police officers who shot black boys and they can rattle off these names is less than 5 seconds. Ask them to name last three black person killed by gang violence and most likely they will draw a blank. Yes in the U.S. statistically there are more black prisoners than any other racial group. 19% of the population and over 50% of the prison population. In the mean time the Indian population is a little over 2% and produces 60% of the doctors. It comes down to culture and cycles. If you are caught in a cycle it means what you become is based on what transpired before, unfortunately.

  2. The situation with Obama is appalling. He has been the subject of hate from the right wing conservative agenda. Anything he does cannot be right according to their logic, he has been the subject of greater scrutiny more than any other President. Often times he is accuse of being a Muslim and showing pro Muslim tendencies. That label has been the defining label for them. Anyone who has been labelled and subjected to racism will understand how divided the U.S. is currently.

    The terrain is a lot tougher where no middle ground can be found. His presidential decree on protecting immigrants from deportation is a good one and was done by Reagan amongst others, yet the criticism was very sharp. As an example.

    1. A lot of opinions and truth to that UTube video. I just read an article about Asian Indians and why they are rising to the top in American corporations across the board. One of the biggest reasons for their academic achievements is how their perceive education and family. Renu Khator, President of University of Houston (the first Asian American and daughter of immigrant parents) stated that her parents saw education as a way of elevating themselves and wanted the same for their children. This philosophy is shared among Asians around the world. She did acknowledge that although the best and wealthier children are given access to a western education, more and more Asians are applying to colleges abroad and returning to their homeland later to share their knowledge.
      African Americans really need to wake up from their deep slumber…

  3. Thanks for writing this op ed especially during the Holiday week. The topic of racial discrimination is very divisive in the US and the Ferguson decision has left many people and countries scratching their heads asking ….what just happened??

    It begs the question:
    How can a powerful country, like the United States, whose government preaches that it protects its citizens with the best equal protection laws written, a country that bullies other countries to follow their form or face harsh economic sanctions, a country that flaunts all that, and yet show a clear deference to their own .

    Ferguson brings to light one of the daily problems millions of people of color are subjected to in America, especially young black men. The Police department is just one small piece of the larger problem. It showcases two corrupt systems at work: a police department whose officers are allowed to wield excessive and aggressive force when making inquiries, and a biased state legal system where loopholes, internal wheeling and dealings, and cover ups are maintained. (Kinda like Trinidad…just kidding, but seriously…)

    One has to ask, who gave the police such power over people? The U.S. Constitution. This document was written by very, highly intelligent, intellectual white European men. Most of it were culled from the English Common Law. If you understand common law then you will understand how the US Constitution was carefully worded and crafted.

    In a nutshell, the constitution basically establishes two forms of government, a Federal and State. The Feds govern the entire country and they act on behalf of all the states (that’s why we don’t have governors of each state flying around the world drumming up trade deals…this has to be approved by the Feds). When laws are passed at the federal level, the states must accept and implement it according to how they interpret it. If the citizens or the states disagree with their interpretation, then they can bring an action against the Feds challenging the constitutionality of the law. The Supreme Court will decide whether they will hear the case, and they make the final interpretation of the law.
    Although the corollary in the oped is interesting, I disagree that the behavior in Congress reflects that of the states. Congress is its own powerhouse filled with the wealthiest controllers and investors, who to a greater extent are ruled by the banks..and their lobbyist.

    They leave the grunt work for the governors of the state and this is where the problem rests…

    When President Obama became President, a lot of us voted for him because we wanted an African American President (and please not Hillary). Obama came across as genuine, young and filed with fresh ideas and willing to fight for the people and not big businesses.

    We all know now that he had many weaknesses. Although he had a command for rhetoric, he was inexperienced in dealing with a cantankerous congress and with experienced world leaders. Because of his internal gridlock and battle with congress, he has issued the lowest numbers of orders. Now that he is in his last year, he is really trying to rewrite his presidential legacy…like they all do.

    Perhaps if he had more experienced in dealing with congress from a senator or governor position, he would have been better prepared to serve as president. He really did have little experience in government and should have surrounded himself with a better staff..

    From a personal viewpoint, yes African Americans are tired of how they are treated, but America has seen many riots in the past ie..Detroit, Watts, Camden, and hundreds of others all involving African American. The problem with these riots are that they destroy communities that never get rebuilt and eventually become slums and ghettos. African American are very smart people, they need to just stop and look around and start taking back their community through education (quality education). The opportunities are there…but it starts in the home…

  4. My point in the above is that African Americans have always felt the brunt of racism because of the negative perception whites and even African and Asian immigrants have of them. This is fueled by the negative images that are portrayed in the media. But this community can move forward, they just need the opportunity and the push to capture it….

  5. “In the mean time the Indian population is a little over 2% and produces 60% of the doctors.”De Mayaro lifetime drunk Mamboo.

    You know folks , if only I had paid attention to the admonitions of the wisest woman, that ever lived, in my late, Tobago Granny,some 3 decades ago, I would either be a billionaire today, or better yet, be PM of my once blessed country, long before Kamla de Siparia Queen, by now -where I most definitely, would have done a much better job at it, and ain’t that the truth, hmmmmmm?
    One of her more popular , and poignant remark was dat -“banana can’t bear plantain,”and was she spot on.

    Take this typical, boastful, stupid claim , by the Mayaro lifetime drunkard, Mamboo, as he strive to surpass his equally clueless, self loathing cousin TMan , as de Trini Center Trologian champ, via idiot /ostentatious comments.

    Let’s reiterate a well known keen truism-‘culture matters,’ and yes, his ancestral folks, from Mama India , might just be the most corrupt on planet earth.

    It just ain’t matter where on the globe they reside/settled, was transplanted, or migrated to.
    America, Europe, Guyana, Fiji, East/South Africa, or T&T-same revolting behavior.

    So how does this reality play itself out in our T&T , you ask-if you were living in Mars, over the past 52 years of our nation’s existence?
    Well, where can we start?
    1.Kamal, and his ADB ponzi scheme, phantom loans to tribal farmers.
    2.Errol and his Japanese Gardens.
    3.Gilman Hussain , and need I say more than George Chambers, or raids on our financial institutions?
    4.Basdeo and his now famous Airport scandal thievery, London Foreign accounts, or CLICO slush funds from pal Dupry to educate dem two daughters in much adored England .
    5.Rammy the unelectable PP AG, still trying to ensure UNC high end financiers, Ish ,and Steve ,never get extradited to Obama country USA, so as to become inmate wives of Bobo, and Jose, in some Federal prison.
    6.Speaking of Rammy, there is prison lawyer gate , Range Rover gate, SM Jaleel coke bottle gate, and others too numerous to mention- but with a few months to go ,of this UNC dominant PP rule-with no chance of reelection- anything can happen, since a fire , tend to light brightest, when it is about to out as we like to say on de streets.
    Will anyone in this country, have the guts, to charge that HCU CEO , Harry Harinarine ,who stole millions , and so not only destroyed a once fine institution, but lives of thousands of T&T citizens?

    The idle boast of tribal academic excellence, never ceases to amaze me folks.
    They all want to be doctors, lawyers, and clueless academics/Professors, and so would look with derision at anyone who choose to favor the art, sports, or any such seemingly insignificant endeavors.
    We luv you Jit Samaroo, for your sterling national Amoco pan arranging contributions.
    You too Ralph Maraj, a fine playwright, and progressive political figure.
    Hey Uncle Shah , thanks for defying the family , and opting for the military ,or some traditional career.
    Without you , there would be no PP today-and we can throw in Trini Center.
    No ,Nelson Street secondary school, and Success Lavantille, did not only produce criminals, since won together, multiple junior Panorama championships-but sadly, not a single scholarship.
    Yes ,our now neglected football heroes – male , and female- have done as much good for our land , as Social Psychologist/Independent Senator, Dr Ramesh Deosaran,and recently anointed COP, Kamla supporting educator /lawyer,Madame Justice Gillian Lucky.
    Luv humanity people, & forget the tribe! Failure so to do, can have dire consequences. Trust me on that.

    1. I am flattered that you spend so much time researching the habits and achievements of Indians globally. Congratulations!

  6. What’s your point Neal? For every corrupt deed done by those you mention, I can name a corresponding non-Indian Trini thief.
    Does this sort of tit for tat achieve anything?

  7. Neal, since you are showing such interest in Indian achievement, here are some more:

    Indian Americans – A Story Of Achievement

    • There are now more than 2.15 million peoples of Indian origin in America. They reflect the multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-lingual society of India.

    • Indian Americans are represented in many fields including academics and entrepreneurs, doctors and lawyers, engineers and financiers.

    • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Indian American median family income is $61,322 as against the national median family income of $41, 994. The high income clearly reflects the advanced educational levels achieved by the community.

    • More than 85% of Indians in America have completed high school while at least 62% have some college education. As much as 61% of Indian Americans over the age of 25 hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

    • High levels of education have also enabled Indian Americans to become a productive segment of the U. S. population, with 72.3% participating in the work force.

    • Of these work force participants, 57.7% are employed in managerial and professional specialties.

    • Technical, sales, and administrative support occupations constitute another 29.8% of the work force.

    • The remaining 12.5% of the population works in other areas, such as operators, fabricators, laborers and precision production.

    • More than 5,000 Indian Americans today serve as faculty members in institutions of higher education in the U. S.

    • About 300,000 Indian Americans work in technology firms in California’s Silicon Valley. They account for more than 15% of high-tech startups in that region. The median income of Indian Americans in that region is estimated to be $125,000 (average $200,000) a year.

    • Two Indian Americans – Har Gobind Khorana of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and late Subrahmanyan Chandrashekhar of University of Chicago – have been awarded the Nobel Prize, in medicine and physics respectively.

    • In deed, the NASA’s premier X-ray observatory was named the Chandra X-ray Observatory in honor of the late Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar. Known to the world as Chandra, he was widely regarded as one of the foremost astrophysicists of the twentieth century. The observatory was launched into space in July 1999.

    • Late Dr. Kalpana Chawla added a new chapter to the history of the Indian American community. In 1997, She became the first Indian or Indian American to fly in the US space shuttle. She was part of the Space Shuttle Columbia Flight STS-87.

    • The estimated annual buying power of Indian Americans in the United States is around $ 20 billion.

    • Indian Americans are increasingly beginning to take a more direct role in political activities. They have traditionally exercised the most political influence through their campaign contributions, and are actively involved in fundraising efforts for political candidates on the federal, state and local levels.

    • As a result of these activities, together with the growing commercial interest in investment in India, the India caucus in the House of Representatives now numbers 118.

  8. This sort of debate is useless and non-productive. Every creed and race can claim corrupt individuals, high achievers, failures and successes.
    It seems that expats are more interested in perpetuating this rivalry. The vast majority of people who live together in T&T are not preoccupied with this conflict.They witness first hand the achievements of people of all races, their neighbors and friends.
    Let us all try to be more constructive.

    1. I think expats want to engage in these discussions, but several of the commentators here are mentally trapped in 1975 and back. Trinidad is a wonderful place to live but it has its challenges like any other country with diverse populations. We just want to be part of the discussions…

  9. The problem this “Neal” character has is his personal bitter contempt and anger against the East Indians settlers and their drastic elevation in the world of academia, international governmental leadership, their innovation in science and technology, and their thousands of years of closely help philosophical family values.

    The internal corruption of any government has existed since the beginning of civilization as we know it today. Now,we all know that human evolved from Africa but how their adapted and mobilized themselves to form societies globally is another topic and one perhaps Neal can expand on since he has time (I mean he educated his kids in the US..and is bilingual with his gibber jabber Cape Verde, Puerto Rican slang…)

    He cites articles that are obscure and filled with broad generalization. He forgot to mention that in the PNM days, their children literally had the entitlement to gain access to the universities and colleges of the West Indies…and they still feel entitled to admission even though they have failing grades.

    Favortism within the African population is endemic and we see it in the LNG industry. Look at the percentage of East Indian kids that get accepted for internships and apprenticeship at LNG…can Neal give us some statistics of the number of police officer in T&T that are of African descent, or folks that control the higher up government jobs, or private sector posts (from US investment companies…)…

    Oh please…

  10. These critics like Neal and Kian fail to admit and recognize that the original artisans of greed and corruption in the politics of T&T were the PNM stalwarts like Prevatt. O’Hallaran , Mahabir et all.
    Did these merchants of corruption realize at the time of their greedy conspiracies that their deeds were going to influence the future of a nation?
    Did anyone ask the question,”How did Erica Williams become a millionaire overnight?”
    The PNM sowed the seeds of devious practices with their gerrymandering,secret scholarships, corrupt contractual arrangements,discrimination in hiring practices,neglect of rural East Indian areas,preferential treatment in infra-structural development,deprivation of educational opportunities and open derision of the recalcitrant minority.
    The PNM utilized gangs and the criminal element to intimidate and harass those who did not support them. They tolerated a culture of illegality.
    Today the chickens are coming home to roost.

    1. “Did anyone ask the question,”How did Erica Williams become a millionaire overnight?”
      Yeah, and while we are at it , we and all of defunct CLICO , financial victims , would like to ask Baz two elite daughters , how they acquired their glorified British education, and if they intend to repay that so called loan, given to their Papa, by Duprey ,the now tarnished Insurance corporation , crooked CEO.
      Unlike their corrupt, neo elite , self serving South Asian counterparts, no Afro -Caribbean ‘female Pickany,’ever tried riding the backs of their Papas legacy , to fame , political power , and financial glory- as you TMan, a typical , neo tribal, country hating, disrespectful bozo, is not too subtly, attempting to insinuate, that our Erica Williams did, mi Amigo.
      Papa Deffy Eric, de selfless Faddah of our -entire-Nation,(flawed as he may be ) labored tirelessly, in furtherance of the interest of our entire country.
      His two major crimes were :-A. Cuddling – unmentionable -cross tribal corrupt clowns , for political expediency, and B. Repeatedly punishing , historically neglected Tobago, because of his childish spat, with the ambitious ANR Robinson, de globally respected, yet nationally maligned , Gonian statesman.

      Am I some great fan of Erica Williams? Nyet/ Nunca/ Non/no!!!
      However , as far as we know , she never acquired anything mammoth,beyond what is normal, from her late dads estate.
      If however , you Tman,have evidence to the contrary, follow my lead , and speak now , or forever hold your peace -as we like ro say on de streets.
      It is the duty of (allegedly )fearless expats like ourselves , without any ‘ax to grind /cocoa in de sun ,’ or slavish allegiances to any past or present hero ,who must be prepared ,to be that necessary ,socially driven , moral conscience, and tempered voice of reason, in the absence of forceful, objective media.
      Sadly though, you TMan, the Mayaro drunkard Mamboo, selectively outraged Royal Trini , and our naive , Yankee trained , suspect lawyer ,Indrani / Indera, seems fixated on keeping the much needed debate on an escapist ,dichotomous PNM/UNC-PP level, forever.
      That is where we part company mi Pizzanos.
      Narrow Party , ethnic, racial, Trini geographical, condescending class politics ,means nada to me.
      I am solely interested ,in the state of affairs, of all 1.3 million ,and counting -including the 110,000 illegals stuck in limbo here -of my fellow citizens , across this under achieving country.
      Quit your defeatist attempts of trying to reelect the Siparia Queen Kamla, and focus on issues of national importance.
      The lady has proven to her detractors, who stupidly underestimate her , that she is quite capable of taking care of herself.
      Hopefully Uncle Rowley-the PM in waiting – ain’t such a fool, and would be bringing his political A game to the fore , come 2015. This one would like ro think would include a plausible manifesto, and sensible platform for meaningful change , beyond the idiocy portrayed by Manning for too long, and the grade school follies , as promoted in the last 4 years by these PP, Kalma headed characters.
      Focus instead, on concrete matters, that are inhibiting our country as they relate to rising crimes, class oriented power Mongrels machinations, environmental degradation, transnational, and domestic corporate greed, blatant corruption,infrastructural neglect, and global affairs, as they can impact our nation.
      While we are at it, should we see some positive things, that’s worth mentioning, which are of benefit to our country-as true patriots will do -let’s not hesitate, to highlight them.
      This is exactly what is expected of educated , intelligent, globally savvy individuals , by folks who traverse this here Trini Center Nation, Information Highway, hmmmmm?
      Hey, abd ain’t life wonderful?
      ‘Me think so. ‘
      I luv dis land, Y tu?
      Long live de Republic of T&T!

      1. Well said Neal. These people,s vocabulary do not extend beyond the UNC/PNM perimeter. Keep up the good works mi amigo, I shall return.

      2. Neal, it’s time to put down that Zoo York joint which you are smokin’ up the place with and go join your fellow Zoo Yorkers in the protest against Police abuse of Blacks in America…. and quit worrying about Indians in T&T. Leave that up to the Tobago zandolee, Rowley.who is so busy sucking up to the Indian voters that he now has bruised lips.

        1. “Zoo York joint,” ehhhh? Good one TMan? Tell me though mi amigo. Just why would I need such stuff from afar , in Yankee Land ,when with our extremely porous agua borders, we can get the real deal, left right and center, via our Latino cousins? Ummmm, I am quite aware of the idiot story given ,by the PR department of the present regime, but tell me again , why those OVP ships contracts ,were cancelled again? By the way, the Brazilians have no problems with them.
          As to the subject of defeatist protest marches? These American , be they Black , White , Yellow , Red , or Brown, don’t care for -much less need me, or any other foreigner-no matter how disguised- fighting their battles.
          The good folks of T&T needs me.
          If in your twisted mind, you prefer to flatter yourself , into the idle notion,that I am

          “worrying about Indians,”then good for you.
          Be that as it may ,here instead ,is a well known fact, that you tribal revisionists, will agree with , if honest:-When African ruled the political roost, Indians thrived immensity, since appeasement , becomes the order of the day.
          In contrast, when de ‘me me , gi-me, gi-me, dog with a bone- tribe ,’is in control, it’s ‘dis, is our time’ policy ,on steroids, as trumpeted by Papa Baz, and likewise practiced by Auntie K ,your Siparia Queen .
          This must not be allowed to go unnoticed.
          Members of Afro Kinky Head Nation, must never be forced to accept, that all that is evil,and backward,were the result of the actions of their people alone , while all that’s noble , progressive, and good , emerged from the ranks of ‘de other.’
          With respect to ‘the Bruised lips Tobago Zandolee?’ I’m not too clear as to why he has to work that hard to woo Indo Trini voters, when the ghastly performance ,by the Siparia Queen, and her fellow political goons , are doing such a find job , on his behalf.
          Our extremely savvy Indo Trini voters , knows already , where their ‘bread is butter,’ as we like to say on de streets.
          They would step up to the plate , and do de right thing, at the appropriate time.Trust me on that.
          The score is 97 -3 TMan. Do the maths.
          Most living fear for their lives , or stuck below the poverty line, and with raided bank accounts ,during the past 4 years , have seen , after 20 years of Maxist Jagan ,Yankee CIA Janet , crooked Jagdeo, and now ultra undemocratic Ramotar, PPP stewardship, in that English -South American cesspool, the millions of mass migrations to foreign shores, by their fellow cousins , especially to T&T.

          They ain’t want to see such occurring here in La Trinity Paradisio.
          Repeat after me TMan, and yes, say it with some conviction, as if you truly mean it:-‘De Guyanarization of T&T must never be allowed to take place!’

          Say no to elitism, people!

  11. Neal & Kian should realize that the PPGORTT is comprised of an equal # of Afros & Indos including mixed races..T&T does not need divisiveness..let’s all assist to build T&T for the benefit of our future generations.

    1. I agree, and I will add that we are doing just what the parties want us to do…divide us and have us bicker among each other….
      while they decide which executive will stay and which will leave, how much money to divert at shell banks, set up trust funds abroad, buy as much stock from insider contacts and all the economic stuff that will continue to oppress the working class and the poor.

      Someone needs to do an op ed on the banks in T&T and who the major depositors are regarding businesses, i.e, which companies have foreign accounts (government and businesses…I think this is public information…) and on the banking regulations, legislative rules that work in favor of these businesses and the banks…perhaps then we may see who the big players are…

  12. “T&T does not need divisiveness..”

    Tell Sat Maraj, Your Auntie Kamla, extremely influential spiritual adviser that Intricate.
    He was the one who told Indo Trinis ,to abandon Tobago, since they had the audacity to exercise their hard earned , democratic right, and so vote , for who de hell the wish , in the recently concluded THA elections.
    He was the old ,racist idiot, who nudged his PM , and neo tribal UNC dominant-PP regime, to punish Tobago,in Eric Williams fashion, via budgetary mechanisms-as if the resources of T&T (most of which have been stolen from Tobago waters , for decades)
    belong to his country hating clan alone.
    He was the one who discriminated against , Afro Kinky Head Nation kids seeking education , in his state financed ,Hindu Schools.

    Thanks , Principal Sita Gajadharsingh Nanga,for doing the right thing , and exposing these diabolical bastards.
    We know you paid a high price , but the progressive humanists, across our country, will always remember you, as a true hero.
    The gall of these self serving Jackals, and Hyenas, to try and flip de script, and call yours truly a racist – when they cannot even define it!

    Enough already!

    1. I get what you are saying Neal. We need to look at the big picture. Trinidad really is divisive and as long as there is oil, gas, and other natural resources, the wealthy Indians, the Wealthy Africans will fight for the poor people’s vote and once in office..turn their backs on us.

      That is why some of the coolies in Caroni have never depended on any government for help. Yes, we deserve ah pension, maybe a mattress, a fridge and some replacements from de floods but that is it. A few cheap handouts. Our ancestors came here and survived on hard work and no handouts…so we are used to that..but we are learning and not from the corrupt politicians of T&T. We are the new outsiders who can really think outside the box…

      We were part of the early indoctrination of a Hindu education at St. Helena Hindu School. Farmers sent their small children there to get an education but most of the girls were fondled, abused and exploited by “respected male teachers” all hindu…mind you. But they had the respect of the community and that is what is great about Trinidad…teachers are respected and given too much power and children are the ones to blame….Trinidad politicians always fault the children and parents…They are great at pointing and disciplining the poor..

      We were 10-11 years old…children… and we were too afraid to tell our uneducated parents about how the teachers were abusing us. I have children that age and when I think of my early childhood experience in T&t, I hug my kids even more..

      Yes, the government did nothing for us on both sides. I support this PM primarily because she is Indian…but in the end she and her ministers will not do much to elevate the poor and will continue to secure futures for their own children. I read about so much corruption on both parties that it is like a nasty tug of war with bloated politicians on each side.

      Oil and gas will not last forever.. Fossil fuel is not the definitive answer to the economic woes in T&T. We need diversification in investment and jobs for the poor.
      A woman in Trinidad, who lives in a small town said that many of the young boys are smoking weed and doing nothing all day because they have no jobs. One young boy even said…can we get work??
      My god, we have such humanity in the people of T&t. These people want to work…they are not collecting welfare in Trinidad. Just cross over to America and you will learn a thing or two about learned helplessness.

      Is it too much to ask for a job so you can sustain your family? We have a hardworking group of people and we are training them to become lazy…
      thanks for the insight neal…but I still love de Island and we still need to seek out a good candidate out there…one that can represent people and not self interest. Perhaps this PM really need ah fight…If she looses..then when the well runs dry, you really miss de water…

  13. As a side note, i have raised my children to always speak up because I trust them, they never lie, and I believe them…Parents in Trinidad need to do that more often. I also understand that my children are young and inexperienced…they learn and discover every day and I also appreciate that…We need to really work on changing the way teachers teach in Trinidad, provide more parenting outreach to help children with the stresses of life (like sex education, parenting, pre and post natal care, etc.). It takes a country to raise good citizens..and not those shabbily funded schools or heath clinics that provide sub-standard, third world health care, care…

  14. Well written and expressed Indira. What I find amazing is how race and party intermingles so easily in these blogs. This takes me aback when Eric Williams said he can put a crapaud with a tie in St. Patrick and he will win the votes i.e., PNM. Now, in the past Neal, Rodwell and Kian paid compliments to the colonialists replacing themselves with East Indians because of they (Indians) see themselves as superior and even aligning sceanrios with Guyana and even decveloping the concept of Guyanarization. On no occasion was thrift mentioned. When the PNM was in power (mainly blacks), it must be mentioned that some greedy Indians have become rich by aligning themselves with ‘black colonialists’. Richness was gained by those rich Indians riding the backs of the Indians in the rural areas. An alignment can be made when Laventille is brought into the picture as to individual and community development in relation to ah PNM until I die. Tell me for 30 years the PNM was in power, is it not a fair statement to make that the dutiful Laventillians have been treated as a bastard child? I used to be in the Despers panyard when Beverly Griffith was pan arranger and I know what I am talking about. The destructive force in T&T is the diviseveness amongst ourselve mainly the two major races in Trinidad and the parochial mindedness and materialism in our thoughts and actions of our population at large. So how can we talk of visionary insights for overall development when we are caught up in ‘who have what’ and cannot and unable to see beyond but rather than the colour of one skin or the names of individuals?

  15. In the end, we need to keep this PM and the party alive by encouraging the poor to wake up (Africans and Indians), to come together, and fight (through votes and written demands) for economic access. Both parties are greedy, but the PNM takes the cake on gluttony. They were the ones that made all the false promises to the farmers and to the Shanti Town poor Africans. Neal, you were so lucky to have a self serving public servant job..So you have experienced ….back in the day…to have ah car, have people push it up the hill for you…and wear a suit and must be nice to have such status and collect a hefty pension now…

    In those day, the poor folks were dreaming of seeing inside of ah real car, poor children wearing no shoes, torn and dirty clothes, no food, and parents stuck in economic blight, while you and your fellow “public servants” smiling and driving your fancy cars to your cushy “government, public servant” jobs.

    God, when will poor people create their own movement??? It will happen on day…and perhaps more people will read and write on this blog and bring fresh ideas… but by then the PNM and the few greedy PP and MPs will have depleted all the resources and cash reserve from T& the PNM did back in the 80’s..and as they intend to in the near future…..WAKE UP POOR PEOPLE…THE GOVERNMENT NEED YOU MORE THAN YOU REALLY NEED THEM, SO START READING, LISTENING, AND TAKE ACTION….!!!

  16. Favoritism is more endemic in populations who come with religious and cultural beliefs about the inferiority and superiority of human groups based in their appearance. Only two population groups came to the Americas with such beliefs. Such beliefs were imported into the Americas with Europeans and their Aryan kin folk they brought to continue the trend. So pawning the traits that have come to define your origin on Africans will not work any more.

    Racism originated in India as a social construct for stratifying people. The problem today, and what has been enduring since the Colonials departed, is African refusal to cooperate with those who saw themselves as the natural inheritors of the white man’s power and racist prestige. They have been engaged in trying to guilt trip Africans into accepting the role of dalits in Guyana and T&T since the Colonials departed. And the more stubborn resistance they encounter, they more they shriek that “we wuz robbed”

    And when it comes to thiefing and larceny, man you guys are kleptomaniacs. You see money and you get gold fever. You thief so much that it is like an ethnic natural resource, that when blacks do the same you scream and shout because they are exploiting a trait that you own.

  17. So Indira, all the big construction jobs that were done by Indian owned companies in the 60s and 70s were corrupt. Mootilal and Seeraram were corrupt even though they may have hired your poopa, uncle,etc. Junior Sammy is corrupt too. He got plenty contract under Manning. But he eh corrupt now, since he gettting contracts under PP.

  18. This piece by Dr. Nantambu is definitely food for thought and I believe that he has made his arguments very well and very insightfully.

    There is one theme raised in the first paragraph of this article, namely the deep-seated and shared distrust between the police and African-American communities in many jurisdictions across the United States. The police in many cities tend to view African-Americans in some communities as individuals who are prone to crime and other illegal community and often deal with them on this basis.

    African-Americans, on the other hand, do not believe that police officers as a collective group, have an inherent bias towards them and that this bias colours the way that police interact with them.

    I think that once steps are taken to bridge this gap in trust, that we can prevent more Fergusons from occurring

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