PM axes Ramadharsingh after reported incident with flight attendant

March 25, 2014 –

Dr Glenn RamadharsinghFollowing is the full text of the release from the Office of the Prime Minister, announcing her decision to fire Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh, former Minister of the People.

While I was overseas attending a funeral of a family friend I received reports of an incident concerning the Honourable Minister of the People, Dr. Glenn Ramadharsingh.

Upon my return I requested reports from the said Minister and the relevant authorities. Having read these reports and after meeting with the Minister I have arrived at a decision on the way forward.

All my considerations are character driven. I hold no brief for any man or woman save the greater public interest. I am always aware of the higher expectation upon which this government was elected and the immense responsibility each of us has to uphold public trust in all we do every single day of our lives. It is not a responsibility we can choose to have one day and lose the next.

I am reminded of Gandhi’s identification of one of seven social sins as being “politics without principle.” I have insisted from the moment we took office that everyone of us must display a sound character of public integrity, fairness, humility, compassion and human dignity. No man, nor woman for that matter, has been allowed nor will be permitted to deviate from the very principles upon which we were elected by the people into office.

I know there will be arguments put forward by some as to what was condoned in the past administration to allow for continuity but I disagree. There must be no compromise on integrity, no allowance for arrogance, no room for violation of mutual respect; there will be no sacrifice of our values on the altar of political expediency. Regardless of whether the decisions I take hurt me politically or not, I have the strength and courage and independence of mind to measure every tough decision on the basis of what is right and just.

As I have always said, regardless of the consequences, I remain resolved to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. My decisions in the past demonstrate this consistency regardless of whether you are in my Cabinet or not. No one is exempt from the measure of value based leadership.

In the circumstances,I have advised the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, His Excellency, Justice Anthony Carmona, to revoke the appointment of the Honourable Minister of the People, Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh of the Prime Minister.

15 thoughts on “PM axes Ramadharsingh after reported incident with flight attendant”

  1. Great-the politically motivated,& expedient move , by ‘Her Madjesstrick Queen K,’ as she,in one swoop, got rid of this uncouth/rogue,&vagabond-obviously insignificant Minister-due to his disgusting behavior , against a female-which he then attempted to gloss over , with half heated apologies, plus excuses of illness, as opposed to simply resigning .Score 1 ,against his subpar PR team.
    In the process, our Auntie K ,looks decisive,yet will suffer limited , if any long term ,collateral damage, since he ain’t no AG Rammy-who just like Volney,gave bad advice /was blatantly incompetent, yet ,suffered no consequences (wink /wink)
    I have said it once , twice, and maybe 100 times before, but it’s worth repeating again- those political peons,who wish to sleep on Auntie K, will do so at their own peril, ummmm,come 2015.
    Sorry Uncle Jack , but your ‘dollar late, & dollar short,’ empty Cabral control , negative characterization depictions,re, your one time adoring PM, with the angelic smile, ain’t sticking/ gaining traction for she is ‘on top of her game,’ as they say on the streets.
    Watch folks ,as Rowley, aka ,de Tobago Wajang/PM in waiting, continue to expend his precious energies, fighting off bozos such as ‘political Everready Bunny Patrick Manning,’ and that Clueless Arimanian ,Penelope Penny, with her gun running Criminal family, while this good lady, continue to solidify her position, as a Statesman-like leader, who is her own woman, is in charge, and can grapple with all the contentious ,challenging ,social issues, she has to contend with.
    Your Chess piece move Papa Rowley! We saw how you played the Nelson Mandela , funeral visit invitation. Its a beautiful day , in Rainbow Country.
    Tell you what folks, for various socio -logistical reasons, I haven’t voted in 28 years , in my T&T, but maybe it’s time again, when so much is at stake. Then ,otra Vez , voting is such a small part ,of the political process.Stay vigilant folks!
    I luv dis land!


    By Nalinee Seelal and Miranda La Rose
    March 27, 2014 –

    Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar is now also the Minister of the People and Social Development, taking over the job of Caroni Central MP Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh after firing him from the post for his misconduct on board a flight from Tobago on March 16.

    “The Ministry of the People and Social Development remains something very close to my heart; it was a promise I made to the nation that was delivered in 2010 and the work of the Ministry is important to my vision of poverty eradication, the achievement of social justice and the empowerment of people,” Persad-Bissessar said in a statement issued from her office at about 6.44 pm yesterday.

    “Given the strategic importance of the Ministry to my Government’s overall objective of eradicating poverty and enhancing the quality of lives of citizens who are differently-abled or disadvantaged by their circumstances, I will assume charge of the Ministry, while I consider an appropriate replacement,” she said.

    However as for now, Persad-Bissessar is not looking for someone to head the ministry, which was a key policy of her 2010 manifesto when she led the People’s Partnership into Government in the general election that year.

    “At the moment I am not looking for a replacement. I am saying I will assume responsibility and do the best I can,” Persad-Bissessar said last evening in response to questions from reporters at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s after a tea held in honour of International Women’s Day.

    Declaring she has hit the ground running, she said she has asked the Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister to contact the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of the People and Social Development to provide her with work charts, staffing and projects. She also plans on meeting with Ramadharsingh tomorrow after Cabinet, as well hold a further meeting at the ministry on Friday before Parliament.

    The day before, Persad-Bissessar in announcing her decision to dismiss Ramadharsingh said she would not accept arrogance from any member of her Government. However yesterday, she took the opportunity to “recognise Minister Ramadharsingh’s contributions and service to the Government and people of Trinidad and Tobago”.

    Ramadharsingh has been seen by some of his former colleagues as one of the hardest working ministers, leading the People Ministry from the front going into communities across the country to ensure those most indeed can access the services available to them.

    He was fired following an official complaint by flight attendant Ronelle Laidlow, of St Vincent, to the police and Airports Authority, who reported Ramadharsingh refused to stow away his luggage, did not want to move from an emergency seat and appeared to be drunk on a Caribbean Airlines flight BW 1519 from Tobago to Trinidad on March 16. She claimed Ramadharsingh threatened to have her fired and brushed her breast when reaching for a name tag.

    Ramadharsingh had apologised for his behaviour saying he was fatigued and ill, however the incident drew calls from many quarters, including the Maha Sabha and opposition parties, for him to resign or be fired.

    Persad-Bissessar was in Florida for a friend’s funeral when news of the complaint against Ramadharsingh broke, and on her return asked him and other officials for reports on the incident.

    It was shortly after 7 pm on Tuesday, when the Prime Minister announced she had advised President Anthony Carmona to revoke Ramadharsingh’s appointment as a Government Minister.

    Asked if the call Maha Sabha secretary general Sat Maharaj influenced her decision to fire Ramadharsingh, Persad-Bissessar said, “The call by Mr Maharaj was not the deciding factor,” nor was it on account of any other call.

    She said, “As soon as I returned (from overseas) I requested the reports from all involved. I examined those reports and I had discussion with the minister.”

    Having perused the facts and circumstances of the reports and guided by them, she said “in my respectful view I thought it appropriate to relieve him of his duties.”

    Conduct in public life, she said, “was very important.”

    Thanking Ramadharsingh for his service, she said he developed the ministry and has done a lot of work.

    As a member of the United National Congress, she said Ramadharsingh “has been a very committed solider” and she sees no reason why he will not function as a roving member of Parliament.

    She said she was taking over the ministry, because it was “a personal creation I had promised in the elections campaign.”

    Asked how the two ministries will function under her portfolio, she said they will remain distinct ministries.

    “I will be responsible for the Office of the Prime Minister and Ministry of the People and Social Development. I am not afraid of work.”

    Sources yesterday said Persad-Bissessar had considered Oropouche West MP Stacy Roopnarine, currently a Minister in the Ministry of Works and Infrastructure, for the substantive role as People and Social Development Minister.

    Currently, Tobago East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin is a Minister in the Ministry of the People and Social Development.

    Government sources yesterday said taking over the People and Social Development Ministry gives Persad-Bissessar a chance to begin her campaign to lead the People’s Partnership into a second term in next year’s general election.

    Sources said the Prime Minister has decided to be more active on the ground in the coming weeks, and as Minister of the People, she will have a first hand opportunity to see for herself the needs of the poor and give her an opportunity to bond with persons in all constituencies.,192466.html

  3. “Hit the ground running ….be more active on the ground ….The call by Mr Maharaj was not the deciding factor?” Tell me folks , who is kidding who ,here now?
    Some years ago, a cranky popular ,American TV Judge ,wrote a book entitled-“Dont pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining. ” Ain’t this a most appropriate title, for the Micky Mouse charade, that is been touted to our still frustrated populace, as sound political stewardship?
    Now if you naively thought this was the worst , of the self serving mantra ,listen to the man who was entrusted with our nation’s Foreign Policy -and in essence , sell the T&T brand -of being a socially progressive nation , that treats it’s women ,and workers,with respect and dignity ,they deserve -to the global community. Oh and not only would their investment in T&T be safe but citizens who travel in our airlines , since our people adhere to globally acceptable guidelines- from vagrants , to high end officials.,192470.html

    I am talking about Uncle Dookie -a man who at one time, many truly felt ,they could be entice me to vote for the ‘CABRALIALIEN UNC Party,’which Jack Warner empowered , then denounced , when they gave him de symbolic middle finger .
    Oh yes , trying to have his cake and eat it too.He obviously weren’t blessed with an extremly wise woman to guide him, like I had in my Tobago Granny, for he would not h ab e tried to a loyal , Eat a food subject , to Her Majesstrick Queen K, while also , striving to stab her in the back, by being an apologist for this drunken , unpolished, hooligan Minister-that his PM fired with a heavy heart, once her close ,Spiritual Adviser ,Papa Sat, gave the order.
    Now are you surprise that this party, continues to take 2 steps forward, and 6 backward?Here are the facts.:-The UNC runs the show , but would not see an ounce of power ,without the help of the COP.This COP, cannot win two seats nationally, or become an independent factor, since it lacks a leader with a backbone, much less a coherent political philosophy, or conception as to what it can deliver, to aid T&T, so that it can escape this ncreasingly menacing quagmire , it is stuck in.
    Hey…’where you at,’Dr Rowley? Still fighting phantom wars , with political has beens ,such as Patrick Manning , and his clueless wife Hazel, or worst yet, expending useful capital with political lightweight, suffering delusional grandiose , in Auntie Penelope , ‘de Arima Afro Carib Queen?’There is work to be done,’ mi Pizano.’
    Your call!
    I luv this land!

  4. There are now new charges against this Minister. He should resign now and face the courts. He obviously cannot handle a position of power.
    The PM should learn a lesson from all the firings. Her screening process for selecting candidates for election and selecting her Cabinet is grossly flawed and inadequate. It is time to reign in these “Brahmins” by boat, not birth.

  5. “…Her screening process?”
    Ah shucks , I say enough, and it’s time to give ‘Her Majesstrick Queen K,’ ‘ah lil bit oh slack,’ehh T-Man?
    Firstly, let’s keep it real, and so ,blame Patrick Manning , for calling a sudden election,thus leaving the UNC ,little time to as we say….’get its ducks in order.’
    As such, a few sex freaks, and arrogant, simi competent bums, as expected , slipped through the cracks.
    Secondly TMan , we must remember that this is a new , post Dictator Basdeo Panday/Vindictive , immoral Ramesh Lawrence Maraj, clueless Winston Dookeran ,leadership era.
    Auntie K , simply delegates authority ,to her underlings and they in turn ,do the heavy lifting, so that she can focus , on bigger affairs of state.
    It is therefore incumbent on yours truly , Chief Executive Officer of ‘Progressive Humanist International,’to do the right thing,and offer kudos, to the good lady, for taking action , when called upon-and no, I ain’t care about motives.
    Now on to more pertinent issue. What the hell is Uncle Rowley ,doing in of all places, Dubai, when government MPs, in Her Majesstrick Service, are dropping like flies?
    Don’t he have a party to lead, or better yet ,Trini women honor to protect?
    Oh I get it.He is seeking advice from former goat herders , now turn, spoiled rich ,oil Sieks, on how to better take care of women , just like they do,in the neo patriarchal Arab Middle Eastern Fiefdoms,si?
    I take that back.This shows confidence by the Tobago Wajang, for he can go on a much needed vacation , even as the Sando -Political- Eveready Bunny ,’plot his return to power, or worst yet, the ‘Arima Afro Carib Penelope,’ design her booby traps , for his eventual political demise-all with the blessings of the much admired UNC/PP Cabral.
    Good griefs,and so ,Founding Father , Papa Eric , of “when I talk , no darm dog bark ,” fame,must be turning over in his grave, at these repeated examples of party indiscipline , and or , blatant leadership disrespect-or is it anti Tobago?
    I luv this land!

    Central mother reports fired minister to police; alleges being forced to perform sex acts for HDC house

    Jack Warner accuses PP ministers of ‘sex ring’ & dirty contracts, MP denies allegations


    Member of Parliament for Caroni Central Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh this afternoon responded to a Sunday Express article titled “GLENN IN SEX PROBE”. The following is his press statement –

    Good day all!

    I refer to allegations published/printed/raised in a daily newspaper dated Sunday April 06th, 2014 headlined “GLENN IN SEX PROBE”. I wish to categorically and unequivocally refute ALL allegations contained in the aforementioned article, and to further state that such a report is misleading, baseless and without any merit whatsoever. As such, given the gravity of the matter, and the personal hurt, pain, and psychological suffering it has brought to me and my family, I have now referred this matter to my Legal Counsel / Attorneys for their immediate attention and to take all necessary steps to stop the publication of any further article, electronic, printed, or otherwise, which may be injurious to my reputation, and in addition to restore my personal and that of my family’s identity and reputation.

    Yours Truly,
    Dr.Glenn Ramadharsingh


    Ummmmm, “Let them eat cake ,’ was likewise ,the callous cry ,made by one of the clueless, Female French Aristocrats,in Marie Antoinette, as the frustrated ,hungry, pro Revolutionary citizens , were on the verge of catapulting them from power.
    Speaking about 62nd Birthday shendings .Tell me something ,you folks who are conversant with history,now don’t we miss the era when real ‘Iron Ladies,” ruled the political roost, and yes,the men under their respective charges, knew fully well, who ran the show, or put differently, wore the pants?
    I am talking about Israel’s 4th PM,the tough as nails, Golda Mier.
    How about if we throw in our Caribbean own, in , and 1st , in Dominica’s Eugenia Charles?In one stroke of her pen , she abolished the entire military, and ensured that captain to cook , went to jail, for daring to plot her overthrow.
    Remember ‘Caribbean Blue Basin Initiative,’Grenada Maurice Bishop, and the alleged, medical students, he was terrorizing, which helped unleash the wrath of Ronald Reagan?
    Well, you should, for she -with no oil , or gas , in her countty – gave George Chambers the middle finger, at his Hilton CARICOM special session.
    Then of course, there is Dame Margaret Thatcher .Do you think, any like these recently fired clowns, would be publicly seen ,in the presence of any of the above mentioned Ladies, if they had uttered the edict, that they should be banished from their respective government?
    Tell you what,without Madame T , that cry baby,G H Bush, would have folded, like a cheap tent, and Americans , as well as EU/NATO bozos,would all be speaking Russian today, as the USSR ,not USA remain the Super Power.
    Think Nuclear Power,Israel, became America’s 51st State, while crazy ,still divided, angry, Arab, Turks, and Persian Islamist,continue to prance around in the Middle East, like chicken heads? No , and that was Golda work.
    Is Jack correct , about this Cabral, or is it , that First Female PM or not,T&T women , still have a long way to go, for equality,and more so ,respectability?
    What’s dat , de Birthday Queen, Auntie K, rules with her heart?
    Ummmm, Hmmmmm, we know!

    Ahhh, just having a little fun , in Trini fashion, at ‘Her Majesstrick Queen K’expense. Happy Birthday Auntie K, and may you live to see many more, and quell the rhetoric, of your detractors!
    I have said it once, twice, three times, but it’s, worth repeating, people.
    ‘The person who can make me hate this place, ain’t born yet!’
    Long live the Republic of T&T!

  8. As usual we Trinis take pride in following the world that “we can do it too”, so when we elected auntie K there were not enough paper to write praises on how we have the ‘first’ woman PM. Little did we know that the puppeteer Sat would be the one pulling the strings! Nuff said.

  9.  Trinidad: “unimportant, uncreative, cynical, a dot on the map.” V.S.Naipaul
    It’s the way, one of it’s more famous sons depicted T&T. Guess what Brother K, it still is, and will be , long after Auntie K departs.

    What T&T needs more than ever , is not more self serving , neo imperials , but honest , visionary leaders, who -whether in thoughts, words , deeds , or action-would always place our country national interest first.
    Auntie K alone , must decide , what her legacy would be, in time to come.

    The sad reality is , that there are basically two sorts of people who make up this here Republic, and here they are :- First , there is a pathetic, juvenile minded bunch , who continually, sits on their rear end ,and stand in the way of meaningful progress, while they stupidly gloat, about how much success,they were able to achieve, since Massa England departed.
    Secondly, we have an equally despicable mass, who are stuck in a sad state of nothingness, as they instead , choose to daily whine/complain about every, and anything, yet refuse to be mobilize, for meaningful action, if the opportunity presents itself.
    I for one, wants no part of this foolishness, mi amigo, where, as you so astutely observe , diabolical, un-elected , puppet masters , indirectly rule ,while clueless bozos , follow their dictates, and the lost desperate masses, prance along ,like docile sheep, while egarly awaiting, the arrival of yet another, boorish , escapist festival.
    Stay vigilant my friend!
    I wish you well.

    1. Neal, like you I too believe that Trinidad and Tobago can become a true sovereign nation but it first needs adherents to the vision of making it a better place for all. We are a hyphenated country presently where groups boast or complain.
      Power is concentrated and lacking in democracy. The petri-chemicals that the good lord has blessed us with are our mainstay and the neutralizer of what passes for a ‘country’. In the same context we can safely say that independence (with a small i), has been good for us. While there are clearly native behaviors that can easily identify us, the shaping of us as ‘Trinbagonians’ is still not defined. The reason is because we have hyphenated the measures for acceptance are based criterias that are foreign to our climate, way of life, realities, common goals and self development. For example, the watchwords on gaining independence are, discipline, production and tolerance. Other than the written presentation, nothing was ever set up or built to further those ideals. If or whenever those ideals were brought to the fore, the proponents or instigators always clarify the parameters by identifying what they see or hear others are doing that are not conversant with them. An example of this is our good friend Mamoo. He identifies every crime or misbehavior of our young black individuals with negatives such as, unwed mothers, one-parent upbringing, uneducated, lacking in ethical or moral behavior. From my personal experience, such descriptions can be identified with any and every ethnic groupings. Mamoo is not alone in that belief, many of our fellowmen use it as a wedge to classify or denigrate young black men and women who are yet to fully reach their potential. Our system does not provide avenues by which we can build and set moral and ethical indicators for our young to follow. Again, whilst Mamoo blasts our black youngsters with unbecoming behavior, he is yet to comment unfavorably about members of this government which he ardently support and denounce them for the unprofessionalism, dastardly, corrupt, unethical and backward exhibition of what what we should expect from those that govern us. We set ideals based on the hyphenated nature of our groupings. Chinese – businesslike, hardworking and smart. Indians – smart, educated, successful and triumphant. Europeans (french creoles) – masters, setter of our standards and franchised to guide us to our destiny. Syrians – business, success traditional etc. Spanish – not quite in the category as those forementioned but somewhat more concentrated in the higher groupings. Because of the effects of what money has done for our quality of life in Trinidad people who are morally and ethically deficient have been allowed to be accepted and classified as outstanding. Politics is the avenue where men and women who have something to offer get an opportunity to teach us and lay foundations and ideals for a better way of life. Yet, we those fulfilling these roles as lame, backward, pernicious with ethical and moral bankruptcies. Then we are asked to refer to them as ‘honorable’. How can we go on like this?

  10. Having said that you did , Cuz Kian ,the real question then , is this , how , and in what capacity ,do you personally , wish to contribute ,in making those seemingly elusive ideals ,you talked about, possible?
    What’s your end game, mi amigo, and What do you bring to the table?
    Hey be forewarned , and don’t be fooled ,by the Mamboos , T-Man , and Royal Trinis of the world ,for they have a game plan , and is playing out a carefully written script .
    Find your niche .Don’t worry too much about trying to change ‘the other,’for they won’t care about what you have to say,unless you have Brian Lara , Jack Warner , and Marshall Montano ,money , or influence ,to entice them.
    Tell me something , what did Eric Williams, Basdeo Panday, Uncle Shah ,ANR Robinson , and we will throw in our boy Stokley Carmichael , all have in common?
    As they transitioned from one phase of their lives to another- be it school , or education abroad , as well as old careers , they decided to build their resume , by working in their own communities.
    Eric became disgruntled with the nonsense in Black America , and so returned to liberate his country ,and people, using the maligned Baptist faith, as his ladder to power.
    Basdeo ,could have acquired a Phd , via an offered scholarship, from India , but instead choose to return home , where he joined ranks,with young post military Shah , to fight for his people’s rights ,via labor.Uncle Shah , along with Kieth Shepherd, dug his teeth into activist media, using Pat Chookolingo brainchild ,of the Bomb , Blast, and T&T Mirror .
    Oh , and without that, we might have no Trini Center today.
    Black Panter , Stokley, already banned from his home country ,by his former Howard teacher , teacher Williams ,and realizing that he would end up ,either dead ,from an FBI bullet, or jailed for life in an American prison, on some trump up charges, decided yo pack his bags,and run to Africa, where he continued the struggle to elevate his people. ANR, well, you already know hos story.
    ‘Where you at Cuz Kian?’
    No more of the pity party my friend , for rhe massas , are depending on you.
    There is already a blueprint that can be observed .
    Your call!

    1. Brother Neal, I read your call. IN one of your blogs and in this one also you made reference to the McClouds, the Jack Warners, Machels etc, they are in a certain class, Basdeo, Eric, Stokeley and Shah are in another and there is TMan. Mamboo and Trini Royal. In order to understand our beloved country it is imperative that we identify the types of people that make up our informed classes. Of those mentioned, we can classify some as Patriots, Opportunists and Operatives. In our beloved T&T today do you know what we have the least of? You guessed it! There is yet another classes in which we are members and we are doing our part. In time to come ( if I’m to quote Crazy) those with eyes to see will see and those with ears to hear will hear. Bottom line is in order for people to get off their lazy butts they must be informed.

  11. That’s some funny stuff Kian.So you think that when it comes to class, there are elites , and super elite classes huh, as well as you are quoting ‘the luvable lunatic Crazy ,’ aka the PP, musical spokesman -now? If you can prove that this aging nut job , was the original author of that quote listed , I propose ,to walk from Icacos, to Toco, and swim to Speyside Tobago from Caranege daily, & naked , for the next 200 days.
    Just kidding myself.
    You said ,” Bottom line is in order for people to get off their lazy butts they must be informed.”
    Are you therefore saying, that this is the role YOU wish to play- that of informing the masses, mi amigo?
    If so,I should warn you, that Trini Center, is not the place, when more than 80% of Trinis , don’t have internet access, or probably don’t even know how to turn on a computer.
    Hey Brother K, here is hypothetical for you ,mi amigo:-Lets assume that you were a 500 pounds ,overweight bozo, who spent a lifetime eating greasy doubles , fry bake /Catfish, ummm shark , Greek/Syrian Gyros ,roast pork,and unhealthy, disease laden KFC chicken /processed potato fries, or likewise, hate any form of physical exercise , like the African Ebola plague, or Asian Bird Flue.
    You were forced to visit your doctor ,by your frustrated ,model figured wife /girlfriend , due to repeated chest pains , and unexplained wheezing , during….well, whatever..
    How would you view the doctor , if he ,or she told you, do not worry Mr Kian , for your health is great, and maybe it’s just a gas pain, since you probably had your last meal of a T bone stake ,at 2am,instead of 11 pm,your usual time?
    I Luv this land people , Y tu?
    Now,would you punch him in the nose , if instead of him demanding , that you drastically change your unwholesome diet, and get your butt into doing some much needed exercise, or if he admonished you, go and say two Hail Mary before Father Fafan , at Mt st Benedict Church , or to make a substantial donation to Imam Babolal Mosque ,in Bamboo #2,or better yet, check out that exotic Hindu Temple by the Sea in Chase village, run by his good friend Pundit Raj,so as to pray /meditate ,for the next 50 days?
    All, I am saying is , that the time for fact finding , as to who are ,” Patriots, Opportunists and Operatives, In our beloved T&T, ” is long gone.
    Now is time to ‘Bell de cat,’ if you catch my drift,and the only concern here is, are you ready to do that?
    Put differently, you are on the verge of maybe getting a stroke, or heart attack, and the beautiful shapely wife ,will most likely ,quickly surrender to that extra fit guy, who have been eyeing her at the local gym, or her lonely boss , at the office, who has used evwry chance available to spy at her legs , among other assets.
    Your call!

    Otra Vez, I wish you well!

    1. Hey brother Neal, your reply was funny, fascinating and downright introspective. I will reiterate that you and I are doing our part in engaging in this here form and if we can reach one person per day then thats fine with me. When Barack announced his candidacy I, for one thought he did not stand a chance, but look what happened! I remember taking a taxi one day on Tragerite Road to downtown POS. In the taxi was an black man, probably in his late twenties or early thirties, reasonably educated, fat and was taking the ride to meet his buddy to get some CDs to play some music in the home. My blogs are aimed at people like him who, when he gets the chance, go to his computer and read what you and I and TMan and Mamoo have to say, because what we are saying will affect him one way or the other. Either way, you and I love our T&T and want it to be a better place for all.

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