By Alexander Bruzual
January 07, 2014 –

BLOODY HELLTWO young men were yesterday gunned down in broad daylight next to Nelson Street Girls’ RC School in Port-of-Spain on the first day of the new school term — bringing to 16 the number of murders committed in the first six days of January. This, according to statistics, is the bloodiest start to a New Year in the past six years.

In the first six days of January 2008, 15 persons were murdered. The murder rate soared to 547 by December 31 of that year — the highest number of murders ever recorded in a calendar year in this country’s history.

At five minutes past midday, when students were on their lunch break at the Nelson Street Girls’ RC Primary School, gunshots rang out as Derrick “Warlord” Joseph, 23, of St Barb’s and Ishmael Bain, 19, of Snake Valley, Laventille, were cut down in a hail of bullets while they were standing near the Nelson Street entrance to Apartments 43-45.

Joseph was found on a concrete walkway while Bain was lying below in a drain. Both had been shot multiple times in their heads. Officers led by Snr Supt Michael Roban, Insp Sahadeo Singh, Insp Lawrence and Cpl Budree visited the scene. Crime Scene Investigators later recovered several spent shells near the bodies. The area was cordoned off even as residents, some sitting overhead on the rooftops of the apartment buildings, watched as the police did their work.

“When will this madness end? Young men killing young men. That cannot continue. You are destroying your future…the future of this country! Please stop this madness!” exclaimed an elderly man as he gazed at the bodies.

Bain’s mother Joan Bain was seen being comforted by female friends who were by her side as she went to identify her son’s body. She told Newsday her son was a kind and caring person who however, “fell in” with the wrong crowd.

“It was his friends. The friends he used to have around him. They took him down this path,” Joan said. Both men were well known to the police as they had several matters pending before the courts. In fact, police said, Joseph was last seen alive yesterday morning leaving the Port-of-Spain Magistrates’ Court where he had a matter. In fact, officers said his copy book which was used to record his reports to the police, was found next to his body.

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  • happy new year to one and all… these words sounding hollow as i asking mehself, quaking in meh boots ”Lord who next “? is only d 7th ? ah just read the express was 16 yesterday but now is 19 ..a husband and wife ..murdered and another man shoot.and gary talking a set of shite, excuse me language ..bout he expect more murders cuz they ent getting no this is he way to solve this, ah guess he crime plan is to starve them, leh they kill dey self/each other for the scraps of money But Mr stupidy gary this go fly back right up your ass cuz now they go start robbing and KILLING MORE of the hard working HONEST law abiding citizens, yes them same citizens you talk bout who you so boldly say if they not in crime they dont have to worry ..yes them … your crime plan has now left them like ‘sitting ducks”.Gary for ‘God” sake you boast you know who these criminals are go out and start lucking they ass up .make sure the charges stick and send they ass to jail.. at the same time make sure them prison officers not providing illegal cell phones so they cannot call no hit from inside.Gary how hard is dat? you ent tired see blood washing the streets of t&t ? what kind of heart all ya have ? those who in a posistion to fix things just sit back and let it flow ? Come on Gary ,do the right thing ,stop talking ,start acting ,it not hard gary ,go to God and ask him to show you the way, he will give you a REAL ‘working ” crime plan for t&t.then an only then you could walk anD hold your head up high

  • Your black society is all corrupt and do not value each other. The nasty gangsters run the place . even the police are worthless and are no better than the crooks. move away…….

  • Everyone was in an uproar when there was a crackdown on crime and now look at you. Round up everyone without a job or who is not in school and force them to work until they can find a better way to spend their day.

  • Well, it is the usual rule that LIFO determines the movement. So Last In First Out, how about that?

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