Wanted bigger guns for city cops

By Sean Douglas – March 23 2013

Louis Lee SingPORT-OF-SPAIN Mayor Louis Lee Sing yesterday called for bigger guns to be given to his municipal police force to deter criminals who harass his contractors when they work in the city’s criminal “hot-spots”.

Addressing a Joint Select Committee (JSC) hearing at Tower D, International Waterfront Centre in Port-of-Spain, Lee Sing said criminals are undeterred and unafraid when confronted by city police officers armed with handguns including the Beretta brand.

“The Beretta does not, as it is, engage the minds of the criminals,” Lee Sing told the JSC. “You need the kind of weaponry that would put the fear of God into their hearts.” City Corporation CEO Winifred David, said municipal police can’t carry the same kind of firepower that regular police officers use because municipal police are under the control of a mere civilian in the form of the CEO herself. The JSC was told that a request for an upgrade in the arsenal available to municipal police, to an unnamed senior police official over the past three years had apparently fallen on deaf ears. “There are places in Port-of-Spain, where if we go to do restoration or remedial work…fix sidewalks, box-drains, underground drains or replace manholes — you meet and are confronted with negative elements in society,” Lee Sing said.
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  1. Warner: Bigger guns will not solve crime
    National Security Minister Jack Warner is not in support of giving bigger guns to municipal police. Warner was speaking to reporters at his Chaguanas West constituency office yesterday. Warner said, “I don’t know if bigger guns would be the answer to addressing crime…I am shocked to have read that bigger guns are needed to solve crime. If I we were to take that advice to the full, a cannon in the hands of these officers would even be better.”

  2. http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2013-03-24/warner-bigger-guns-will-not-solve-crime.

    We get it , when folks from his constituency ,are confronted with problems, they don’t approach dem clueless law enforcement blokes , but drive their expensive SUV’s all de way to Uncle Jack, aka de action man’s office ,and he would rectify same , forthwith.
    Sad but true , when ‘landless,’ Beetham Sea lots, and Lavantille , chiefly ‘ Kinky Head, bums ,’have grave issues , they should do what again? I miss that part, but what ever it is people , it ain’t ,no longer funny!
    I am curious to know however ,just when would this stupidity ,coupled with political distraction,pandering to lifetime whiners/ phony victims, and foolish escapism , by clueless bozos ,that poport to be progressive , concerned leaders,finally end , folks?
    Here we have a PP ,high end politician , talking from all six sides of his mouth , on matters of grave concern, with the ever so gullible media ,reporting each utterances ,verbatim ,to boot, as if …., well.. you can fill in de blanks, as o where I am heading with this.
    So ‘Otra vez,’de million dollar questions,that should be asked ,are as follows:-1. Ain’t he one of ‘de wheelers, & dealers,’ who wholeheartedly endorsed the hiring of a White European,Canadian Police Commissioner to laud over his brown , and black subjects2. Ain’t he one oh dem who supported the introduction of some ill advised , selectively targeted ,State of Emergency.3. Was he not at the forfront of a decision ,to skuttle previous regime’s efforts ,to purchase already paid for ,drug interdiction ships , that were to be manned ,by our foreign trained,, now exasperated , local Coast Guards.
    4.Who ignored ,idle talks by his AG ,as well as well placed others ,of Death Penalty, and the likes?
    5. If global Police officers, are considered as a para military organization, and the grand PP initiative presently on the table ,is to bring in – often ,over zealous -local Soldiers ,as de big enchallader of our local security – with lofty Powers of arrest , ( much to de disgust of already maligned Police officers)ain’t that a not too subtle, introduction of big guns , my fellow ,sometimes intellectual comatose , T&T citizens?
    Oh by the way, I just ran into dat Mervyne Cordner fellow, who was an old colleague of mind , back in de day, so I enquired about his Florida Phd , and law credentials.
    He however informed me ,that his , ain’t as bogus , as that intransigent ,phony ,Dr Hafizool Mohammaded , who escaped the vetting process , conducted by savvy COP Economist ,turned ,Foreign Minister , in Dookie ,to sit on ,and eorst yet head ,a 1990 Coup Commissioner of Enquiry.


    I then slyly enquired , if the just fallen from grace Chairman means , that all the evidence produced , can be deemed tainted , thus enabling former Horse Police , turned Islamist criminal, in Abu Bakr , can continually flip de bird at our lawmakers,security officials, and already traumatized victims of this tragedy, as he also walk free? To this,he nodded in silent agreement, just like any true ,American trained lawyer ,especially with much coveted ,online credentials,would.

    Oh ‘ AfroBuddahSunGod,’ have mercy on our twisted souls ,if you dare, and now we see ,why some citizens , are throwing their symbolic hands in the air , or saying ‘no mas,’ to the voting process , and worst yet , have litle faith in most of our leaders- irrespective of tribal stripes , pr gender -while simultaneously ,loosing any semblance of hope ,that our still struggling / underachieving country,can finally get on a part ,to autentic , sustainable development, as initially prescribed by form Secretary General Kofi Annan , in his UN Millennium Development Goals,huh?


    Stay engaged my fellow citizens, for some folks , much wiser than your’s truly , fervently subscribe to the tested , and tried view , that this is what one get’s ,when de foxes , are in charge of the henhouse, Si?
    Luv Humanity , folks!

  3. According to the Ryan report 51% of the prison population is young black male, 22% is dougla, 10 percent indian and the rest mixed. I would say that bigger guns are needed in the pnm areas for sure. My personal preference is the US Army issued M16s.You can pick off a target one mile away. Besides having these weapons would earn the officers more respect. Respect is an important thing in those areas.

  4. Well to your point , Mamboo, and the only teason why I am not a big fan of politics , since I would also direct some of dem big guns , on well known corrupt ,white color , fat cats ,bum, and bandits , who feed on the poor , and desperate ,as they sit in safe air conditioned board meetngs, chiefly across our private sectors.
    Poor HCU , and CLICO pensioners! Worked hard all your life to put aside a little nest egg, to take you through your autumn years , and what’s the result?
    According to Uncle Duprey ,and corroborated,unsecured ,alleged loans ,were given from policy holders money to educate , the kids of de Bengal Tiger , or put differently Mamboo, De father of well known , Central nation’s ,two kids in London.
    As if that ain’t enough , to also see your HCU collapse, due to obvious financial irregularities by Harinarine, with no one paying the price. Now since I don’t have court clothes , I won’t mention , who encourage them to by bass the ECU , or UNit Trust , since they ain’t have our interest at heart, but ( hint. Int)someone, in a certain high end religious capacity did , and we remembered quite well , who it was , as he was daily crying in the media ,while’s begging for police protection, as angry scammed pensioners ,were demanding someone blood ,from steall dead Eric Williams , to Basdeo’s unborn ,great , great great grand kids, in de aftermath of said collapse, Si?
    The bigger issue however mamboo , is that murdering every criminal known in T&T, won’t make you safer , in your domestic home prisons ,for each day ,many hopeless more ,are leaving prisons, or being formed , in various communities ,as they continue to prey, and plunder , rape and maim innocent victims. The leaders of the day ,as well as government , cannot play into a useless narative , as to sole culprits , or remain busy ignoring other class oriented criminals ,that they are more prepared to contine the PNM policy of do nada, and genocidal destructions, since that get’s us no where.
    On a more important note , what the RYan Report , and your idiotic gleeful agreement proves , is just what we have been saying all along- Trinidad and Tobago is extremely good for our Indo Trini brothers ,and sisters, and any claim to the contrary , be it , request for refugee status,alleged discrimination, or bogus PNM orchestrated ,police atrocities acusations ,are simply that , lies.
    Guess who is beginning to get tired of the cheap , wolf crying acts ,Mamboo? You bet, dem white ,European Immigration officials, starting with Canada, USA, Australia ,and Britain .it means that you are stuck right here in the crime caboose?
    Oh , and by de way , not too certain how long ‘you Allzs ,’can protect that conveniently adored criminal, or those two big honcho, one time. party financial supporters, who are still wanted by our Yankee FBI, law enforcement buddies.
    The noose is tightening Mamboo!
    Tell your policy wonks,and influential party hacks, to not be too caught up with the escapist , social reactionary , big guns weapons issues ,as advocated by our clueless Mayor , or remain solely fixated , on the figures of alleged perpetrators , but look instead , at the numerous well thought out ,recommendations , placed on the table ,by this wide ranging committee, in it’s report.
    While you are at it Mamboo, remember , one of my tested and tried truisms , and it’s to ” beware of a man/ woman, with nothing to loose, Si?
    Political leaderships ain’t that problematic people , for all we have to do is just make folks ,stake holders.
    Stuffing our heads in de sand ,like an Emperor Valley Zoo ostrich , is an exercise in futility ( just like preventing baggy pants,blokes from entering it’s confines )as we never know where dem guns ,would be aiming next – especially if your misguided leaders , are seeing the need to further empower , more than necessary , disgruntled soldiers,capiche?
    Ah tell you ,with citizens like Mamboo, who need enemies , people! Worst yet , with folks like him , with any semblance of power , can you see what we are in for? No one think we should be tougher on criminals , more than yours truly, but babies that are thrown out with bath water, tend’s to get destructive falls , that can prove terrible ,for all concerned , in the long run- both thrower , and victims.

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