Don’t demonise soldiers

By Raffique Shah
March 23, 2013

Raffique ShahTHE purpose of the Defence (Amendment) Bill 2013 is to add soldier-power to Government’s crime-fighting initiatives, although if you read the one-clause legislation you would think otherwise. The bill simply speaks of extending to soldiers engaged in assisting the police in maintaining law and order “the same powers, authorities, privileges and immunities as are given by law to members of the Police Service”.

Therein lie the fundamental deficiencies of the Bill, the distractions that have everyone focussing on the potential for “a military state”, on how soldiers are likely to abuse their powers and privileges. Government spokespersons, in promoting passage of the legislation, have displayed an unbelievable ignorance of military matters. Those who oppose it appear equally uninformed.

One minister said the Bill would give soldiers the power to bear arms. This man must have been sleeping since he was born! Then the Bill stipulates that soldiers would enjoy the powers and privileges (not spelt out) only when they accompany the police in maintaining law and order—a weird kind of part-time policing. Imagine if you will a truckload of troops en route to wherever encountering a serious crime being committed, maybe two gangs engaged in a murderous shootout, or men gang raping a woman.

“Sergeant, you see that?” “Yeah…but we have no police with us…we can’t take action.” It’s ludicrous, the wording of the legislation if it’s taken literally. I should like to think that soldiers, and, indeed, civilians, always have the right to make “citizens’ arrests” anywhere, anytime. It cannot be that soldiers are empowered to intervene to stop criminal activities only when they accompany police officers, or when they are in uniform.

The stupidity of this legislation emanates from desperation in Government as the crime tide rises to tsunami levels and they grope blindly seeking ways to stem it. There are facets of crime that cry out for action, but the Bill is silent on them. The first is to reduce serious crimes, which calls for multiple strategies, only two of which soldiers can help in—sheer numbers of armed, uniformed personnel on the streets, and vocational or sporting programmes aimed at giving at-risk youths alternatives to lives of crime.

Soldiers do not need police powers and privileges to accomplish these objectives. For decades, they have engaged in the former. Very recently, following a spate of murders and acts of arson in Laventille, they intervened successfully, their armed presence serving as a deterrent to brazen criminals. As for interacting with, and guiding, young people, soldiers have always done this. Other than routine soldiering, it’s what they do best. In 1968, soldiers oversaw the establishment of the first national youth camp at Chaguaramas. In ensuing years, they lent their expertise to similar initiatives (CCC, MILAT, etc.).

Where we fail dramatically in dealing with crime, and where urgent action is required, is in relation to arrests and convictions. Outside of the commission of crimes, the rates of arrests and successful prosecutions are the main obstacles to bringing some order to the lawlessness that pervades the country. Responsibility for correcting this deficiency lies with the police and judicial officers. No amount of soldiers will have any impact here.

Let us be realistic: if the police, who are trained in investigation techniques, framing charges and securing witnesses, have fallen flat in solving crime, do the authorities seriously think soldiers will make a difference? To say that they will train soldiers in these disciplines does not make sense. Why not recruit new police officers instead and train them to do these tasks? Or, if there are soldiers who are so inclined, make them full time police officers as the representative association suggests. Everyone admits that the Service is below strength by almost 2,000 officers.

The judicial system is another contributor to runaway crime. Cases before the courts are invariably decades-old matters in which memories have faded, those involved older and sometimes wiser, and justice hardly dispensed with an even hand. I know successive chief justices have vowed to clean up these clogged stables, but they have all failed.

Unless the authorities address this major defect in dealing with crime, no amount of soldier-police will help. For decades, we have heard about “paper committals”, about eliminating preliminary inquiries, about making use of modern technology. Yet, the courts remain stuck in a time warp. Magistrates have hundreds, sometimes thousands, of matters on their “lists”. Many of them retire or die leaving behind huge numbers of part-heard matters.

Of course, the final flawed link in the crime-chain, the prisons system, is even more rusted and dysfunctional. Our prisons are at the same time a crime factory, a torture chamber and a living hell. I have never understood how prisons’ officers maintain their sanity in that primitive environment. And if they are challenged, then the plight of prisoners, especially those who should never be in prison, is best imagined.

The deficiencies in the crime-fighting apparatus that I have noted here did not happen overnight, or under the current Government’s watch. However, it is their lot to address them, to bring relief to a besieged populace. They will not reduce crime by employing soldiers as part time police officers. Such ill-advised action will yield no positive results. Instead, it will trigger unnecessary friction between these two units.

A word to those who believe that soldiers will abuse powers vested in them. Soldiers are not trigger-happy renegades who cannot wait to pounce on hapless people. They are not killing machines, as some persons make them out to be. Soldiers are fit, disciplined fighters whose peacetime role is helping the civil authorities and the citizenry—as they did during crises like the attempted coup of 1990 and in the aftermath of natural disasters. Don’t demonise them.

13 thoughts on “Don’t demonise soldiers”

  1. One of the best commentaries on this issue so far.
    One wonders why governments do not consult with people who are experts in their fields.I have no doubt that Shah will be able to do a better job than Warner in the area of crime fighting. The government should bring him out of retirement to serve his country.

  2. Why is it the best commentary T-Man , when all an ex soldier officer , just did ,was defend the honor,of his former institution, while simultaneous placing on the table solid reasons, as to why more empowered soldiers across T&T , ain’t the end all solution.
    A perfect ,chess playing, win / win strategy , as exhibited by our Sandhurst ,Coup School trained ,Uncle Shah.
    One of the biggest reasons ,why I find myself quite disgusted by elites of all kind , is their penchant for lack of empathy for others ,not privy to their safety net , due to past , or current class. I ain’t care if they are military , political, economic, religious , or intellectual elites- same difference .
    An Uncle Shah , or T-Man ,knows fully well, they they would not have to deal with these solders , while they are fortunately, locked in their safe , gated community , social enclaves.
    As he Uncle Shah , so wisely said , arrest is only one small fraction in crime fighting.
    A first year Sociology student ,can give excellent reasons ,as to why this government seems impotent as far as our subpar security . Not certain if our lawyer ladened government officials , would care to listen.
    Many came to power with the distorted notion, that dem somehow wicked PNM Afrikans , and their , bias, incompetent policemen, are the cause of all the problems , from kidnapping to embezzlement , rapes, robbery, drunken driving RTA , etc. lEast I forgot bribe taking as well. ( no need to mention the well known , bribe givers)
    Why stop at a white Canadian Officer, had honcho, in Mr Gibbs? Maybe , now it’s on to a police Chief from Mumbai , Shanghai, or Ireland, is the real solution, huh?
    In other parts of the world ,where people think , they prefer to find real useful work for their soldiers , like assisting Humanitarian Peacekeeping operations ,across war torn / post conflict rebuilding areas. There , the state get’s back a healthy return ,on investments , and these soldiers get useful experience. We know what takes place in T&T .
    Here is a suggestion guys, for Trini Center Nation. By pass all this idiotic SRP , closet criminal ,recruiting extravaganza, as planned by ‘De brazen , braying donkey- Bozo ,’and his crew. Create ,an FBI styled,new Security apparatus.Give members of the military of proper age , and qualification, the option of resigning the military , and so join.
    Get a massive recruitment drive going , and so hold the police service accountable- if that is perceive as the problem.
    Yes, I know , it won’t work , for dem race mongrels , will again ,try to manipulate for their own interest. Worst yet , white color bums , and thugs , would always get a wrap on the pinky finger ,for their criminal activity , while low end ,Simi literate folks , unable to call auntie , or papa,for $3 million , hidden under the bed , so as to get bail , or a lawyer ,won’t be so lucky, as it’s big stick for dem , followed by Flying Squad bullets.
    There is still hope .
    We wish them luck!

  3. Lest we forget, as was said so divinely so many moons ago, the sweetest form of vengeance is through showing Love.

  4. Yes Stan, so let’s start with showing some ,for our hard working , often maligned, and disrespected, boys , and gals in Blue , & Grey , huh?
    The not too subtle ,very condescending , and yes , I’ll put it ‘out there on front street,’since too many of you cowards won’t, simply because ,’you Allzs,’have succumbed to the fear factor, as perpetuated by ….., well, you can rill in de blanks .
    It’s a neo racist message ,that is being sent by some of your leaders ,which is – ‘you ain’t good enough, to do de job of protecting our citizens.’ Many as you recall ,are still suffering in cold distant European dominant countries , simply because starting around 1986 ,they had to flee from T&T , packed with their callous ,criminal savages.
    Quit while you are ahead with de pro reactionism policy guys. Trotting down these slippry slopes , can have long term dire consequences .
    Tll you what , just last night , por ejemplo ,I was shaking my rear end ,in some unmentionable club , out where in Central , and around 10: 30 PM , who should walk in, but four Tethron boys in green, laden with assault weapons, heading straight to the bar,and casually ,throughout the building , trying to look official , with impish grins , past on their faces, as desperate patrons ,eyed them , some nervously ,others with both amusement, and derision.
    Uncle Shah -as my late great, and extremely wise Tobago would say-“can talk until the cows come home,”but I ain’t buying what he is attempting to sell in this case.
    Let the present power brokers,that rule de political roost , continue down this foolhardy part , to give these insecure blokes ,powers of arrest, to the disgust of the majority of our Police Officers ,and as sure as ‘night follow day,’ you Trinis , would live to regret it.You think it’s bad when gang members , or opposing political fractions go to war in our Parliament? This will pale in comparison , when the Police , and Defense force branch start a war , trying to see who is de security big dog.
    You know fully well , who would be de winners , on this struggle for supremacy , don’t you? Call names , and I would whistle , but here is a hint-I can bet you , it won’t be our citizens still living in fear , come 2015 /16.
    Sorry , but let’s keep it real hear, for outside of Independence day parades, our T&T military , starting in 1990, only became a relevant factor ,in the eyes of many historically suspicious citizens,due to the actions of former Canadian Engineer Student Lennox Phillip /Abu Bakr, and his Islamist goons.
    Their Commanders ,did not need legislation , to take action, neither do they néed any now , to deal with 500 or less deaths , per year, many of which are from drunken driving.
    I think the 1st Iron Lady, in Dominica’s ,Auntie Eugenia Charles ,as well as the ultra Progressive folks ,from Costa Rica , got it right- by eliminating thier military , and the reason is simple.
    With Big Brother America /Uncle Sam ,as your close partner,and or , Regional hegemonic power ,there is nada to fear , if ET,or some smilar clowns ,who might descend from Mars ,with evil intent, such as attacking us ,for our oil/ gas, and beautiful women , with plans to then dump all the males in the bocas waters, then take us all such females ,back to space, to procreate.
    More importantly , my advice to the loquacious Minister of National Security, his boss,’Her Majesick Queen K,’and her handlers/ policy wonks , would be – spend our fast depleating resources , in upgrading the Police Service ,get out of the way ,as they do their job, and quit micromanaging efforts of their executives.
    Start by showing support for their Ag Commissioner, MR Williams ,via confirming him , and stop doing what many smarter than yours truly suspect is taking place – trying to jump some Inspector , or similar lower ranked , simi competent ,tribal star ,ahead of the promotion line ,over everyone else-like is done in other sectors of our Public Service-to usurp him.
    Sorry guys , but my old one time Boss,in Uncle Kenny Mohammed , is sitting in a nursing home , with his waring kids lurking, some where across T&T , and so cannot return, any time soon.
    As such, Dr Deosaran and his Commission , ain’t getting a chance to do a Basdeo Panday ,part 2 , by finding another ,as capable.
    This tendncy of meddling , only contribute’s to lowering moral, and send’s the wrong message, that folks as astute like myself , can figure out , even in our sleep,and brave enough ,to articulate it – since we ‘ain’t have no cocoa in de sun,’or owe allegiance, to anyone.
    Worst yet, Ag Commissioner Williams ,is tired of looking over his shoulders, wondering if his successor is going to come from Karachi , or Queensland Australia. Enough already!
    For de rcords, our old aged pensioners , and poor folks, scattered throughout T&T , unable to get to Havana, London ,or Miami , for much needed medical attention, are equally disgusted with our still decrepit Health Service , along with the sup par hospitals, ladened as they are presently, by too many of caring ,’anti Genocide guru,’ Professor Goopiesing , students, but we still ain’t want no Nigerian, or Cubans ,to run dem out of the building do we?
    Again, Enough! Oh yeah, and as Stand said – it’s de season to sing Kumbaya , and or show luv.
    Speaking about Costa Rica, ‘me think,’is time , I start me some travels again, and see what the country has to offer , or should I hit Boca Chica instead? I am open to suggestions. It’s some six months, for me already , sitting in this neo tribal ,hell hole called T&T ,doing my ethnographic research ,for a soon to be realeased book , but it just ain’t good for even my health.
    Just kidding, you recently converted , Trini patriots!
    I luv this land , and all it’s people ,ehhhh Stan? De operative word is all!

  5. A thought provoking article but really more than a commentary on the breakdown of our legal system starting from the police up.
    This did not happen under this administration but started under Manning when he followed US ghetto thinking by turning criminals into community leaders and using the Jamaat as a means to an end.
    The years of Shah silence on these matters is frightening. He has regained his voice under this administration blaming them for the badjohns on the hill.

    I tend to disagree with Shah when he says precepting soldiers will not make a difference. The work ethic in the police force is at an all time low. Crime solving for this year stands at under 10%. The recent batch of recruits who underwent FBI training in intelligence gathering and detective work are people who are in the 50 plus age group looking for a good pay and a nice resume.

    Your investment should be in intelligent young males with high level of skills. In other words find the brains to run the service along with the brawn. Dont invest in the people near retirement, invest in those who could give at least 20 years of service to the force. That should be the criterior for some of the training avialable. Officers should be randomly tested for drugs.That should be part of recruitment standards.

    I have more to say but would stop here.

    1. Mamoo,I concur with some of your recommendations..e.g.”invest in those who could give at least 20 years…..” and “officers should be randomly tested….” Meanwhile,remain on the side of caution that those who are “employed” for twenty years refrain from corruption.To deviate briefly:the Catholic Church continues to experience enormous problems.They adamantly oppose “same sex” marriages;yet their Bishops engage in the “sodomy” of twelve and fourteen year old boys.These “Bishops” were ordained for more than twenty years.Although,my position remains that they “elect a much younger Pope”

      Almost two years ago it occurred to me that the T&T Government infiltrate “gangs” from within.Carefully,(even at the white collar level)introduce and position “moles” within these organisations.Evidently,these are “extremely” dangerous assignments;which require amongst other things…”complete secrecy”

      Finally,several years ago my immediate Supervisor a Sikh who left the Punjab,and studied in England repeatedly reminded me:”Swordfish,you cannot progress (move forward)while you continue to look backwards” Mamoo,”live in the present” please forget about the “Williams,Manning,Panday era etc” (this does not imply to “forget” their accomplishments)Advocate that the Government “appoint/employ” Shah and “others” as “Military Consultants” for their expertise to “solve” the present problems.


    Today was a proud day in my T&T , as men/ women ,of good conscience prevailed ,against those who took too lightly ,the mammoth task ,politicsl responsibility , of preserving rights ,and liberties , enshrined under our hard fought for , and obtained ,national Constitution,Si?
    Sorry America , I love you and all that it entails , but you still, ain’t the model we wish to totally emulate , where across your 50 States,Afrikan folks , and others of brown , red, and yellow color , are still chiefly tolerated ,mainly as ‘necessary evils,’while Euro Americans instead-with few exceptions- continue to dominate the national landscape,while elite ideological judges planted in the Supreme Court, decide’s if laws ,are fine or not, depending on the social mood of the country as a whole. Go figure!
    We love you Mama England, and yes, thanks for giving us , a not too shabby ,Political system, but you can stay with your impish traditions, Laws Lords, political , class oriented, elite peers,,and dinosaurian Monarchy , but give me my T&T -warts and all-along with our Independent Senators, who despite the detractors , came out swinging , while smelling like roses.
    We do not care about the emotional momo jumbo ,rhetorical mantras ,spoken by folks , not too cognizant ,as to the slippery slope they were preparing to thread, while simultaneously turning ,my tiny , yet enviable , democratic Republic ,into a global laughing stock , in granting unwarranted powers to a military , for a country not at war. An unprecedented gesture , in de annals of governmental history, in and outside the Commonwealth!

    No matter how the clueless present AG slices it ,with bogus arguments of over paid , under utilized soldiers ,the facts remain’s ,that whenever a country’s military ,is allowed to usurp police powers,and authority ,it’s because the Police as a whole , are incapable of doing their jobs.
    Such ain’t the case Rammy, and Senator Marlene Coudray, and yes ,we feel your recent pains in Jamaica ,for your adventurous daughter’s , unsolved murder,but even that criminal Yardee cesspool ,with close to 5000 murders per year , ain’t making such foolhardy maneuvers,are they?
    America has as much murders,and overall crimes per year ,as our T&T population , as whole ,but they ain’t walking down this escapist ,ostrich – like ,,head in de sand ,partway,do they? So why us again?
    Sorry ,but Trini elites , who have nada to worry about ,from over zealous , untrained soldiers , pushing de boundaries of law enforcement,should not force on the rest of citizens ,what they did not give much thought about – as far as long term consequential impacts. I don’t care if Auntie K fires Uncle Jack, and once more experiment with another Brigadier ,as our NAtional Security head.
    The fact also remains’s ,that with each passing year ,our RTA death rates ,are escalating , to unfathomable proportions, the majority of which , are due in great measure ,to drunken driving, defective vehicles, excessive speeding, failure to adhere to seat belt rules , and distractions via cell phones , and the likes,
    I still ain’t want misguided , chauffeur driven politicians ,living in their already secured social enclaves across our country , making ridiculous leaps,by demanding that we take de safer course of walking instead of driving, force us to purchase personal helicopters for transportation, ban all forms of intoxicants, giving the death penalty , for folks caught driving with faulty vehicles/no seat belts, and worst yet, ban cell phones .
    Hopefully,my over de top / facetious point ,is fully grasp.
    Once more ,a good day for our Parliamentary system,and yes , the checks , and balances, inherent under our political process, obviously worked.
    Now Auntie K , along with your Minister of National Security , and pro military , policy wonks, get back to the task of initiating , a coherent , meaningful security plan , that can ensure the full safety of all citizens.
    By the way , while at it ,do me a favor will you,? Please keep a certain octogenarian ,former Political Science Professor ,far away from your expert adviser list ,for he might support legislation to not only ban our Ntional Soca,and twin sister , Chutney soca music ,but our national instrument Steel pan, decadent Carnival, Tasha drums,Pagwah, Hoosey, Diwali celebrations, along with it’s various enticing delicacies,or similar entertainment , and replace it by Classical music ,more favored by Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and other barbarians.
    In the interim, even an entry level, pimple face UWI Social science kid , would show you ,that art forms , in their various manefestations , are the last outlets, that can keep the savage masses distracted , and so , less inclined ,to overthrow their oppressive leaders.
    Sorry Professor Ryan , give it a rest, and continue writing obscure , unreadable biographical books, as to the mind set of Papa Eric Williams , when he wrote Columbus to Castro, or Capitalism to Slavery, 7 decades ago.
    Another thing ,Auntie K , this time around ,check dem foreign credentials , of all so called foreign educated security experts.Fool me once , shame on…. Well, you get the point- thank you very much for an almost useless , legally compromised ,1990 Coup Commission.
    Ah tell you people , be vigilant,against power hungry, neo imperial bozos ,that emerges in diverse forms!
    In short, let’s collectively , keep dem symbolic barbarians ,from overrunning this Trini – socio -economic – com -political ,Pearly gates, ummmmm?
    I Luv this land, and ‘where you at,’my fellow citizens?
    Neal got you- trust me on that , huh?
    Don’t forget to also – luv humanity , and for peace sake , forget de tribe , will you?

    1. “granting unwarranted powers to a military , for a country not at war. An unprecedented gesture , in de annals of governmental history, in and outside the Commonwealth!” (Neal)

      Wrong again, mi amigo, several countries, including many in our Caribbean region have already granted these powers to their military.

      Incidentally, who elected these “independent” senators?

      1. Do you care to name one? Ramlogan said the same thing and it was reported that he could not name one.

  7. Hopefully, as the dust settles on this unfortunate , legal debacle , our military , and law enforcement brothers and sisters , can continue o work together , in efforts to protect our democracy, for one of the last vestiges of White Massa imperialism, is divide and rule . Did not work, and thank goodness , we have big picture ,independent Senators , in T&T, huh?
    However, it’s another beautiful day in my T&T, and two white color bandits- with friends in high places -Ish , and Steve-continued targets, of our now , extremely perturbed ,powerful neighbor ,and hegemonic ally ,in ‘Pax Americana,’ have lost another battle ,thanks to our independent , and yes , quite competent ,often maligned ,local Hight courts Judges- thank you very much ,for nada ,Mama England ,with your anachronistic Privy Council, overpriced , Law Lords, who ,we can be certain ,would eventually ,come to their aid.
    Just maybe ,something would be soon done , to rid our country of this ,another ugly Scrooge ,capable of having it ,characterized , as not just a mere, most unhealthy ,’ 3 rd ,fattest nation on the planet,’ but top 10 in corruption.
    So once more I say ,hurray for our democracy! First ,pro military state advocates ,were halted in their tracks, and if there is any justice , these two bozos , would join that coward ,Jamaican gangster , who ended, ‘PM Goulding’s , ‘so , so ,political career,’since he was tied to the hip , like an unfortunate Siamese twin, in some unfathomable fashion ,to this social thug, rogue/vagabond,and menace to an already , crime ladened society.

    Now to cousin Kian’s point , in response to our Cyber nation , neo tribal ,flame thrower in chief ,T- Man.
    Our young Republic ,has it’s share of problems ,but has held on to a rich tradition ,of abiding by sound democratic principles, as well as adherence to basic fundamental Rights ,and we as a collective , won’t compromise them , on any ground , to bolster narrow agendas ,of any people , in , or out of power.
    So T -Man , we in T&T , don’t give a hoot , if half of the Commonwealth ,from Fiji,to Pakistan, Nigeria,Somalia,and counting,prefer to have military guys ,doing police work.
    We do not subscribe to that , irrespective of any fear mongering tactics ,placed on the table, by naive , and misguided legislators.
    We ain’t Jamaica, for they could cuddle criminals , but we don’t. Ish ,and Steve ‘gots to go, ‘for Trinis luv them some American visits , and don’t wish their country to incur the wrath ,of the sole remaining superpower, Si?
    Better yet , can you imagine ,what would happen , if Uncle Obama,decided that due to this unnecessary rift , he ain’t buying anymore of our fast depleating ,oil ,and gas?
    You got it, our revenues would halt, and Trinis , would have to pay $5000 ,for a sack of flour , just like Guyana , and even other basic , foreign produced essentials , would be out of reach of ordinary citizens.
    Can’t have dat, as you know how they love to eat, Si?Remember , 3 rd fattest folks , on planet earth ,is not an aberration , but a reality , for lazy, greedy,Ooops ,.. got carried away, so ,so as we say in Columbia , lo Siento!
    T-Man ,luckily, you had already escaped to Canada , when was ot 1986?
    Just to let you know ,we had an attempted Coup , just like Grenada did , but in around 1990, by some phony Islamist ,goons, but Trinis collectively flipped de bird to Abu Bkar,their leader,since ‘we don’t flow like that.’ We ,T- Man ,are leaders, not followers, and more importantly , love our stomach, not tyrants with guns.
    As such ,Trini looted, on that fateful day, while dodging bullets from soldiers, who did not need no special legislation to come to the aid of their overwhelmed bothers/ sisters,of the Police Service, ‘know wat am saying?’
    Another example of our uniqueness , as a people T- Man? When foreign cricketers ,visit our democratic country , from far off places , such as .. say …Bangladesh, Pakistan,India ,or Sri Lanka , Por ejemplo,here is our track record.
    They are treated like dreaded space enemies , in other Caribbean island , like .. Say ..Jamaica, Barbados, and Afrocentric ,Windward /Leeward Islands, but we in T&T ,again are leaders, not followers , so what do we do?
    We, instead ,boo de local West Indian side , from Lara to Logie, but ,bow down ,to these much adored foreigners , while begging for autographs .
    Similarly , when our PM visit foreign ancestral lands , such as say .. Ghana, or maybe India , they respectiely dress ,in Afrikan , and native Asian grabs from head to toe, accepts names like wise returning chief Olauda Equano , or better yet, bow down , and kiss de…. , well, , you get my drift, Si?
    I say all that to simply say , we are leaders , in La Trinity, T-Man ,and so , just because a few Politically clueless clowns ,across our Commonwealth , chose to over work their military , by trying to turn them into glorified , though ,untrained Cops,we don’t follow suit.
    We the globally savvy progressives, on Trini center nation ,take this time once more to applaud our Independent Senators, but won’t likewise hesitate to help our elective leaders , and not simply critique their every move , so here are some suggestions, you can relay.
    1. Elevate our national Police , by , treating them with dignity , and respect, not undermining their high end executives.2 Take care of them friancially , so they don’t resort to bribe taking.
    3. Give them all the necessary tools ,to function,not destroy moral, by having racist former Speakers , in charged of glorified Commissions, lament publicly , about opaque imbalances in promotion,when historically , only one race , were willing to put ther lives on the line fight crimes.
    4.encourage recruitment of high calibre , non criminals.
    5. Desist from calling them totally corrupt ,or incompetent .
    6.Regularize the status of their Acting Commissioner ,who only recently , had to not only administer breathalyzer test ,to drunken Junior Ministers, but wipe up after…
    Ain’t sure about you Kian, but I need absolutely no new evidence , to be convince that we have a good thing gong here. Denise Plummer luv it, and the thousand of Commonwealth, and other Immigrant,breaking down the doors to enter La Trinity , while atrying to make it their permanent home as well.

    I am prepared to make those necessary ,global expidetions , to see what de other 194 nations have to offer , but just to let de conniving power brokers know – “Nah leaving,”Kian, for if we do , dem unmentionable barbarians,are certainly going to do ,what again, mi amigo?
    That’s right- ‘overrun de Trin- socio – economic – pearly gates,’hmmmm, T- Man?
    I Luv dis land, but would fight to de death, any non progressive ,who tries ,to run roughshod over our 1.3 million and conting ,of collective people’s ,basic rights, under de guise of opaque ,sustainable development.
    Ain’t life beautiful? Me think so!

  8. T-Man asked :-“These senators must realize they have not been elected?”Thank goodness, for they , together with a co-opted / compromise , corporate media ,are all we have left to keep dem , not too closeted barbarians from overriding de Trini Socio- economic – Pearly gates, mi amigo.
    Since your government is so strong on elected officials ,then why exactly is former Justice turned St Joseph MP ,Mr Volney , was unceremoniously kicked out of the government ,while AG Rammy ,is still ‘fronting,’as our top legal officer of State, when he obviously ,won’t be able to pass , even a lowly ,American LSAT exam ,based on his suspect logics,in dealing with critical issues of the day? Just saying!

    As to the other issue at hand , re unnecessary / frivolous laws ,to make our soldiers play Cops? What we in Trini Center / cyber nation,wish to know is why this T- Man,aka,numero uno PP fanatic,now pulling out , favorable articles, from -of all places -an alleged bias , rogue saturated ,T&T media entity ,to bolster his point, and ain’t that pathetic?
    Aren’t people like you T-Man ,along with your naive AG Rammy ,not ashamed of yourselves ,in trying to stretch tenuous arguments, and -otra vez-failing ,by pretending that crime cesspool,poverty stricken Jamaica , is somehow , an epitome of noble ,socio – economic – com -political stewardship , simply because neo imperial bums, such as Manley , Seaga, Patterson, and his quasi educated,protégée ,in Auntie Porter subscribes -just like present , UNC dominant PP regime -wish to turn the Police Service , into the equivalent of glorified boys scouts ,while nuddging their respective militaries ,into the second coming of America’s FBI, British Scotland Yard,and maybe worst yet Israel Mossad, or Russian KGB.
    I do not want my national military ,manipulated ,by novice , self serving , political peons , to go solely into poor , racially skewed, neighborhoods,to eventually treat such, historically maligned , defenseless citizens,like savage animals ,and -worst yet -terrorists, each time they want to apprehend some illiterate weed head, or pick pocket.
    I am going to say it again, since some like this socially callous ,Trini elite , ain’t get it. Our military ,does no need new legislation, and misguided ,over de top, political constitutional tinkering , to tell them to spring into action, where appropiate ,if our Police -due , possibly ,to some mammoth crisis – as occurred in 1990, via Abu Bkar’s , Islamist goons actions-are incapable of fully function.
    Am I saying that crime is not a major problem in our country, folks? It is , but I am yet to see prudent mechanisms initiated to seriously al with it.
    Those pretty obvious ,morally depraved , selectively outraged citizens, are justified in thinking that we need to ‘throw de baby out with the bathwater,’ in our desperate attempts, to fight blue color crimes.
    Well, mi amigos, y amigas, I too am just as disgusted ,at those well known white color bozos ,that equally prey on innocent folks.
    I still do not want over zealous , weapon ladened soldiers , indulging in all sort of covert , and overt operations, all under the guidance of de government of the day ,as they try to flush them out.
    Enough already, guys!

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