Mishra pleads for Govt to stop Indian trade fairs

By Camille Bethel
March 20, 2013
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lettersIndian High Commissioner Malay Mishra is calling on the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to stop the Indian trade fairs that are operating in this country.

Speaking at yesterday’s business forum held by the High Commission of India, in collaboration with the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce, at the chamber building in Westmoorings, Mishra said the Indian government distances itself from the activities of the “so-called” Indian trade fairs.

“The Indian trade fairs may bear the name of India, but the government of India has nothing to do with those Indian trade fairs. We are at a distance from them because the products they are bringing to this country are sub-standard, they devalue the product value of Indian products, devalue the brand of India and they do all kinds of unethical trade practices to give you something cheap in the market.
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14 thoughts on “Mishra pleads for Govt to stop Indian trade fairs”

  1. This Indian High Commissioner has been interfering with the internal affairs of T&T for too long. The government has allowed him to comment on and intervene in the many instances.
    He should be reminded of his role as a foreign ambassador. His frequent pronouncements to the Media are unacceptable.
    His platform this time in Westmoorings, under the protection of the Chamber of Commerce, a group which stands to lose because of these Trade fairs.
    As far as I know T&T is still a free country, operating a free enterprise system.If nothing illegal is going on at these trade fairs, why disallow them.His claim that some of the products sold at these fairs “devalue the brand of India”. Well’ India does a good job of that all on their own and that involves not only a lack of quality control but child labour.
    Mishra should be silenced because he is getting too comfortable commenting on the internal affairs of T&T. Let the consumer decide.

  2. Send him back to India immediately, he needs to understand the work of a diplomat. Trinidad is a cultural mix and not a vassal of India. I don’t hear the Nigerian diplomat making such pronouncements. All India seem keen to offer Trinis is scholarship to learn Urdu…or Hindi, which can be taught in any school.

  3. Who cares?Much ado over nata! Latin America , who are our closest neighbors ,are a much better investment anyway.
    Wake me up one day , when I do not have to hear about anything that is connected to de so called noble ,Asian continent. Americans , Australians, & Canadians ,have experienced this with ungrateful Europe.
    Diasporic Afrikans ,outside of the Virgin continent ,knows fully well ,how their non slave brothers , and sisters ,truly think about them in secret circles.
    As to our fixated with India , Pakistan, Bangladish, and Nepal – South Asian /home land obsessed , fellow citizens? Many still ain’t get it.You ain’t wanted – but ,for what you bring to de table!
    Sing with me and Chalkie – “is right here you would find your identity!”

  4. The colonial mentality is alive and well. That is what an Indian Government will get you in any nation where there are large non Indian non white groups.

    The Nigerian Diplomat does not have to make such comments because Nigerians are not flooding the Caribbean with a load of sub standard products. We know that Nigeria does produce more than its share of corrupt con men, but the merchandizing of unhealthy substandard products, from skin whitening cream to every thing else has long been a trade dominated by Local Indians. They consider that it is “awee time now”, and morality have never traditionally stood in the way of the lure to get rich via corrupt business and other transactions.

  5. All of us are recovering from that colonial mentality that was imposed upon us by the Brits. When I read some of these blogs, I see alot of venom being spewed and for what reasons, may I ask? I do miss some of the objectivity expressed by Linda Edwards, Haraschel, Yoruba Israelite and some others. Question, Why fight amongst ourselves? What is there to be achieved? Sometimes we do not know what we do have until it is taken away from us. Enjoy the message from this 1974 song, and Ambassador Mishra have a read of the blogs below Ras Shorty’s rendition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlDsizk5YS4

  6. I am hearing the Indian High Commissioner saying that we are being fooled by some Indian smart men. Was that a wrong thing for him to say? Is that interfering with the internal affairs of T&T?
    There is probably a good reason why we are not hearing similar sentiments from the ‘African’ side. Read between my lines.

  7. “All of us are recovering form that Colonial mentality that was imposed on us by the Brits?”Speak for yourself Loyal Trini, for the last time I checked no Afro Trini worth his salt ,was advocating keeping a costly White Massa Privy Council, while ignoring our regional appeal court, and local legal luminaries.
    The last White Commissioner of Police , this country ever saw , in my memory , was Tony May , until some European Adoring , neo imperialist , folks , decided , a White Canadian ,was the end all solution ,to all of our crime problems- until they realize he ain’t playing ball ,as far as serving as their puppet.
    To their credit ,Afro Trinis, when they have decided that Trinidad and Tobago ,is no longer socially palatable , as a place to live ,and or grow up their kids, don’t rush en mass ,only to white European Embassies ,and lambast their country of birth , with ugly ,concocted racial discrimination claims ,genocide accusations,or similar denunciations.
    Their leaders when our of power , together with intellectuals, and activists, don’t adopt divide and rule mentality ,as you naively,are trying to insinuate here , then upon assuming power , try to hum Kumbaya songs , and praise their country ,as the greatest on planet earth ,all the while placing their symbolic feet on the heads of others ,without sharing piece of the economic pie , with those that get them power.
    Yeah , you listen to Ras Shorty songs, read Indian Ambassador blogs, and consume your ever so patriotic , British Wannabe , in global Nobelist , Trini ingrate ,in Mr Biswas , of Miguel Street.
    I prefer instead to consume the work of true caring humanist , and folks , who continue in the tradition of helping others. Thank you Stokley Carmichael, Franz FAnon, CLR James, and George Padmore. You have done well, oh good ,and faithful servants.
    We all have a moral responsibility to push back against all forms of social injustice .
    We know why you love Yaruba Israelite , as he want’s all Afrikan folks in La trinity ,to pack their bags , and leave T&T ,to go to Israel, and fight dem rabid Islamist wars ,for them , by reclaiming Gaza, and Jerusalem. Good luck with that , you both, for patriotic progressives, like Kian,Never Dirty , Rodwell Paton , and myself , are busy trying ,in our own small way ,to deal with the mammoth task of saving a nation , by keeping ‘dem unmentionable barbarians moron overriding the Trini Economically ladened Pealy gates.’Feel me? We ain’t fixated on opaque ideological dogma , and empty escapist , unrealistic , no win dreams , as far as historical origins.
    Ok , you wait on Linda Edwards , with her green eyed Portuguese Mama,Mexicano Uncle ,Fulani brother , and Indian grandpapa, to finally get a pass to a computer ,in her Five star ,Huston Texas Nursing home, as yes ,we miss her ‘neo feminist-anti male- all sex is rape,condescensing,’Euro- ethnocentric logic ,historical revisionism , tribal apologist mantra, and not too subtle self promotion , about past glories when she was 21 , or maybe 32years old , of her saving the world-since that can help advance the cause of our nation as a whole.
    Just kidding Sistaz L , for if you are still alive , I miss you too.
    Seriously , let me get it loyal Trini , since it appear you only started to follow the Trini socio – political realities ,two year ago , when the new PP told you to burn your new Canadian passport ,after submitting your CV to his office ,in the 10 floor of his Eric Williams Financial Complex.
    Was it Venom , when Caroni MP Goopiesingh, or Guardian columnists,Dana Setahal, and partner Ramlogan ,were speaking out against perceived ills,to their people ,chiefly in their minds ,that were committed,only by others?
    Is it fair to say that in ‘you Allzs world,’the way democracy works is this :- Citizens can go to an election booth, and vote , then return to their bunkers, and hammocks , to sleep over the next 4 to 5 years ,as their respective leaders ,and policy wonks,do as they wish/ run roughshod over people’s rights?
    Let me guess, the way a country advances , is that when a particular party get’s into power , they can burn their manifesto,forget the mandate given to them ,by a multi racial / multi ethnic ,voting public, through basically ,pandering , and adhering ,only to the rights of their own – ably assisted , of course , by a few self serving characters , who would sell their souls, for a few pieces of silver , with no compunction whatsoever , if half their own people ,die in the process?
    Oh , and by the way ,if freedom loving others , decide to voice an opinion , or -heaven’s forbid -put forth an alternative suggestion, they are the die hard , neo racist ,venomous haters , who want to bring the government of the day down, as a few similar ,intellectual cowards , mentioned repeatedly?
    Give it a rest, for as I have repeatedly said on this here bloggersphere- Massa England, and all of Europe , including Pax Americana , has to share some blame for much of what we have experienced , but all of our people , of Afrikans, Asian ,European ,and the other hodgepodge mix ethnic creations, helped create the mess we are in, and all of us are entitled to play a role in helping to eradicate such.
    I cannot speak for others, but will not hesitate to speak up on flaws , deficiencies, of my people , where warranted ,in the past or present, and I most certainly ain’t afraid to denounce, and stand up against , self serving bozos ,that I think mean my country ,and world’s people’s at large ,harm.
    It ‘s the way of a Globally conscious ,Progressive Humanist, buddy!
    Intellectually honest progressives won’t allow one race of people to shift blame , take total credit for success, and simultaneously try to sacrifice the lives of others , in their quest to hold on to power, all in the name of Peace.Sorry, but No Justice , no Peace!
    Progssives ,speak up ,because we are aware of the destructive fallouts , can can result from backward social policies , whether committed against folks of color , by original triumphalist,neo racist Europesns people’s , or other dellusional folks of color , subscribe to their thinking , but worst yet ,naively think ,they are superior to others of color , due to belief’s in some opaque culture.


    I wish you well, mi amigo!

    1. The man who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The man who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been. -Alan Ashley-Pitt

      Naipaul made it in another country, The house of Mr. Biswas, brought him royalties (a prophet is not recognized in his own kingdom).

      “Seriously , let me get it loyal Trini , since it appear you only started to follow the Trini socio – political realities ,two year ago , when the new PP told you to burn your new Canadian passport ,after submitting your CV to his office ,in the 10 floor of his Eric Williams Financial Complex”. I have no idea what the hell you are talking about. FYI, I served my country before you were pounding the pavement on your beat, it is about time you desist displaying that parochial mentality and focus on issues that would lead to progress for the nation.

  8. I wonder what Stephen Kangal have to say about this. After all he did accused an African president of interfering in T&T business, and promoting a black supremacy agenda. Come on Stephen say something.

  9. Well, Bro Ravi, ‘me think ,’you might have a valid point,in saying that I probably went a bit overboard ,with our Huston Texan friend, and yes, I should go a bit easy on Madame L,as I affectionately like to call her,hmmmmm,?
    Then Ravi, if cannot throw an occasional jab to the stomach , and or ,head of an ideological/Cyber- joisting- family, who am I , to claim any right ,to try and hold others hands, to de symbolic fire,where applicable, on dis here information highway?
    I do miss the good lady’s thoughtful analysis , and occasional chiding , when I get out of bounds, but maybe she might be on some important Governor Perry Commission, to decide if they should eliminate oil ,as a form of energy,and adopt totally Solar across the Lone star state.
    Hey Remy , it’s called ‘playing dead to catch Cobeaux alive.’Uncle Kangal, has big COP plans , and is walking what I like to humorously refer to as the tightrope of ‘selectively outraged , restrained silence.’
    Guys like him , can only thrive , when operating outside the trappings of political power.
    In essence ,as a Basdeo protege himself, he too ,can only function when playing de victim role.
    Translation ? On matters as tribally contentious as this , one must conclude ,’dat cat cut his tongue ,’ ennnt ?
    I Luv this land people , irrespective ….., well , even you can fill in dem blanks Remy, and you weren’t no lifetime diplomat, feeding , like piglets ,at the PNM governmental , Ministry of Foreign Affairs trough .
    Just kidding , uncle K.

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