By Newsday Staff
January 22, 2013 – newsday.co.tt

PNMTHE INCUMBENT People’s National Movement (PNM) obliterated the Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) in yesterday’s Tobago House of Assembly (THA) election, winning all 12 seats. The Tobago electoral map was literally painted in the PNM’s colour — red.

From as early as 9 pm, it was clear that the PNM had easily pushed the TOP into second place in virtually all seats, with The Platform for Truth (TPT) party trailing a distant third everywhere.

TOP leader Ashworth Jack, the former THA minority leader, lost his Providence/Mason Hall/Moriah seat which was won by the PNM for the first time ever. TPT leader Hochoy Charles, a past THA chief secretary, failed to win the Plymouth/Golden Lane seat he once held.

This is the fourth time in a row that the PNM has won the THA election and sets out London for another four years on top of his past 12 years as THA chief secretary.

The PNM in 2001 won eight seats to the four won by the NAR; in 2005 it won 11 seats to the DAC’s one seat; in 2009 it won eight seats to the TOP’s four and last night, it won 100 percent — 12 out of 12.

This election saw a whopping 70 percent of registered electors voting more than the 56 percent in the 2009 THA polls. In giving the PNM a clean sweep, Tobago voters yesterday sharply reversed their vote in the 2010 general elections when they elected the TOP’s Vernella Toppin-Alleyne and Dr Delmon Baker.

Yesterday was also the first time the PNM ever won the Mason Hall seat, hitherto held by Ashworth Jack. The PNM’s Hilton Sandy was re-elected to his seat of Roxborough/Delaford, despite his “Calcutta ship” controversy, beating his TOP rival by 1,422 to 1,198 votes.

Last night, the influx of results at Scarborough created jubilation at PNM Tobago headquarters, while the TOP camp had an air of a funeral.

In an immediate response, Jack took responsibility for his party’s shock obliteration and said that within the coming days, he would consider his political future.

At 10 pm, London gave a victory speech hailing the result but calling on electors to now put Tobago ahead of any party political interest. He said the THA cannot do everything alone and called on Tobagonians to adopt a new outlook to help build the island. London called for a “total rethink of attitudes and postures over the past two and a half years” in the relationship between the PNM-led THA and the People’s Partnership Government of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, in the best interest of the people of Tobago.

London wanted both to meet in an environment of, “amicable resolution, meaningful consultation and mutual respect”, to discuss reform of the THA and the Constitution. He also urged Government to pay the THA its “best inauguration gift” of an allegedly outstanding $625 million in allocations.

“Tonight I feel humbled, challenged and inspired…all at the same time,” said London as all around him bells were rung and a PNM supporter even waved her cocoyea broom joyously in the air. “This is not an Orville London victory or a PNM victory. This is a victory for the people of Tobago,” London said. Urging Tobago unity after a polarising campaign, he said, “We can’t allow that polarisation and divisiveness to mark and brand us, going forward. From tonight, the election is over and the people must work together for the people of Tobago.” This unity was shown by him not wearing a PNM jersey, he told listeners.

London vowed new strategies and governance structures to transform the Tobago landscape, so Tobagonians can have more say in their own affairs apart from their THA ballot every four years. He said Tobagonians must take responsibility so as to claim self-sufficiency and autonomy. Paying tribute to the isle’s youth, he said he’d never been prouder of them.

Opposition and PNM Leader Dr Keith Rowley, then addressed cheering supporters, loudly praising the work of London. A dejected TOP leader Ashworth Jack later addressed a media conference.

At 10.04 pm, Persad-Bissessar issued a statement of concession via email, but did not go to TOP headquarters to publicly speak. Her statement sought to rally deflated spirits of the defeated and be conciliatory toward the victors. She said the people of Tobago had spoken.

“This has been a tough political battle and the choice for Tobagonians between change and a perpetuation of an administration which has been in place for 12 years,” said Persad-Bissessar. “Tobagonians, in an overwhelming majority, chose to stay with the Orville London-led THA, and as I have always said, the voice of the people, is the voice of God. I wish to extend congratulations to Mr London and the PNM for the resounding victory secured at the THA polls,” her statement continued.

She assured London and Tobagonians that the Government would work with the THA in the interest of developing Tobago for the benefit of all. “To our own supporters I say do not despair. In the words of poet Maya Angelou, ‘while one may encounter many defeats, one must not be defeated’,” said Persad-Bissessar.

“There is much to be learnt from this and from which strong character can emerge. It is a time for introspection and resolve. A time to gather valuable insights that will serve us well in the months and years ahead.

“To each of you who worked tirelessly, I express my heartfelt gratitude. Somewhere down the road your efforts will bring you the returns and the victory will be sweeter. But for now, let us be mindful that the election is over. Let us put aside our political differences and embrace each other. All that matters now is the development of Tobago which we will work together to develop.”


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  1. PNM: 12 TOP: 0
    CLEAN SWEEP London’s bridge stands strong in THA elections

    Rowley: Tobagonians have shown the way
    Tobagonians yesterday gave Orville London and the People’s National Movement (PNM) a fresh mandate to take the island forward for the next four years.

    Rowley: Showing Trinidad the way
    “GOVERNING with no opposition is going to be difficult.”

    Sandy: Calcutta talk did not hurt PNM
    HILTON SANDY, the PNM’s Tobago House of Assembly (THA) election candidate for Belle Garden East/Roxborough/Delaford, yesterday said he did not think the controversy surrounding his “Calcutta ship” statements affected the outcome of the election.

    Tobago’s top cop: No election day violence
    There were no reports of election violence in Tobago during yesterday’s Tobago House of Assembly (THA) polls…

    Time for healing
    LEADERS who contested yesterday’s Tobago House of Assembly (THA) election yesterday called for healing in Tobago after what has been a keenly contested and — at times — bitter campaign race.

    Ramsamooj: THA election a referendum on PM
    Political analyst Derek Ramsamooj says yesterday’s Tobago House of Assembly election was a referendum on the leadership of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and not the Chief Secretary Orville London

    Chief Secretary hopefuls confident
    The three men vying to become Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) for the next four years cast their votes yesterday and expressed confidence that victory will be theirs.

    The people have spoken, says PM
    “The people have spoken,” said Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar following provisional results last night of the THA election.

    Warner accepts result

    Ashworth Jack stunned by landslide result

  2. There are three primary reasons why the TOP was toppled in Tobago.
    Jack was not perceived as a credible leader as compared to London.
    Sandy’s Calcutta comment resonated with the people of Tobago who feared a Trinidad (not an Indian) takeover.
    Kamla’s pro Jack activities in Tobago was viewed as interfering in Tobago politics.
    This analysis is coming from the custodian at my hotel in Tobago.

    1. Tell you what TMan, de wisest woman dat ever lived ,in my late ,loving Tobago Grandmon , would often chide me with one of her numerous quotes , which goes as follows: “I sometimes like to play de fool,so that foolish people , would think dey wise,” and how poignant indeed. All these so called experts , and none could get it correct, simply because they don’t understand big picture, or appreciate what real culture is- in reference to de Island Ward. Tobagonians are island folks , not a borough like Chagurnas, or Arima.
      Here you are , even at this late stage , still listening to de nonsense some low caste , Tobago hotel worker ,is sprouting , as to the real reasons why your party failed ,and they repudiated lofty , and obvious foolhardy overtures. Still ain’t get huh, my brother?
      Here is an assignment for you, since you have so much time on your hands, while indulging in maybe ,your Tobago land speculations, or whatever else excites you and our loving white Euro tourist- so scared to visit more industrial Trinidad.
      Google de following words:- arrogance, disrespect , magnaminous, humility,condescension, ungratefulness, humiliation, neglect.
      Once finish, get back to me , and I would expand, as to who is at fault, and why this is de tip of de iceberg, as far as political fallouts.
      1095 days more to get it right T- Man , or it’s back to de political wilderness for maybe another 15 years.
      De real question is , do we see some form of political maturity by current leadership / government of ‘Her Majestick Queen K, ‘or the typical past ,Papa Eric style vindictiveness , against a people , who choose to vote their conscience , as is their Democratic right? Her call!
      Ain’t T&T grand? Kind of remind you of your new found home-since 1986 -Canada , eeeeh T-Man?
      These country haters, never fail to amaze me , folks! How do we teach dem the real value of, post tribal ,patriotism?

  3. The putrid PP Government and TOP lackey have been roundly rejected by the Tobago electorate.

    The issue is CORRUPTION, and TRUST.

    Race was not the issue. Trust must trump every other consideration when deciding on the hiring of a servant, especially a servant that will have his sticky fingers in the public treasury.


    1. If the issue is CORRUPTION and TRUST, the PNM lead by London should have been tossed out.
      Yoruba really has no idea what he is talking about.
      Here in Tobago, the predominantly conservative voters were not willing to risk change.
      You have to realize that the vast majority of the people here are reliant on government i.e. the big annual cheque from Trinidad.
      Tobago is the spoiled child who is afraid of the Indian bullies in Trinidad restricting their annual bounty.
      Do you know any where else in the world where this type of arrangement exist? Give them independence, let’s see how long they last!

  4. London has crafted an image with the Gonians over a period of years. He is like the elderly grandfather who was a welcome sight to one and all, because his pockets always had something for his children. He manage to use the media well in communicating with the public. Jack failed to capture the imagination of the people. It is that simple. Tobagonians in Trinidad did a lot to help out the brethren in Tobago…

  5. Race was very much the issue.I am in Tobago and Sandy’s race comments were not accidential or impulsive. His calcutta comments were brilliantly crafted by the PNM organization to create fear and mistrust.His comments were secretely endorsed by London and Rowley. It was a brilliant strategy.They used race as a divisive tool to persuade the people of Tobago to retreat into their cocoon of tribal protectionism.
    Kamla under-estimated the power of Afro protectionism and racial clustering in Tobago.
    She miscalculated and overestimated her influence in Tobago. The election result statistics clearly indicate that the multitude of TOP election workers did not vote for the TOP.They burned their yellow TOP t-shirts in the middle of the night.
    Caught up in the middle of the election campaign in Tobago, I saw first hand the sick effects of anti-Indian sentiments, fuelled by the national leader Rowley.
    Tobago has a right to do whatever it wants, but they must realize that the population of Trinidad & TOBAGO is over 40% Indian. This is a stastical fact that Afro trinboganians have a serious problem admitting.

  6. TMan, for a blogger as astute as yourself to ascribe the PPs big loss to Sandy sounding the alarm of an impending Culcatta rush into Tobago is a little mis-calculating. And if that is what a majority of thinkers who use that line of concern think, then it is no wonder they made so many blunders in their calculation of what caused the loss. In order to loose something you must have had it in the first place. If you may argue that the PP had it in the the representation of the two MPs who represent Tobago in Parliament, then your understanding of politics is totally flawed. When people go to the polls to vote the are looking at the future. The guage that they use to the future is the ‘past’. There is NOTHING is Kamla’s past, current or future pronouncements that would lead any concerned Tobagonian to believe that her presence in Tobago had anything to do with their pride, concerns or proper development of their culture. Her high presence was to expend over $50M dollars. Any right thinking voter has to ask the question whose money is it anyway? Why are they being so generous? And what kind of development they want for Tobago?
    That is what any voter of integrity should be thinking!!! I have read many articles of those so-called lerned one from Trinidad pushing the line of Sandy’s remarks which, while unfortunate was only cautionary in their imagination not operational. Kamla’s presence was operational and signalled they question WHY?

    1. Once more – as always – an excellent comment Cuz Kian . Good griefs, Still ain’t get it ,ehhh T-Man , with your idle chatter about granting Independence to dem Afrocentrist , fanitical ,’ge we ah food ,PNM oriented Tobagonians,’ or regurgitation of phony statistics on IndoTrini numerical dominance, and worst yet repeated repudiation of progressive ,Indo Trinis political overtures , by neo tribal Tobagonians , following de lead of their destructive leaser , Dr Keith Rowley.
      Sorry , but let me correct you , as to de facts,as opposed to the distorted mantras , which no one ain’t buying- from de illiterate bozos across our nation, to more educated , and sophisticated thinker, with some clearer understanding as to what nationhood, and sustainable development truly entails.
      Independence , ain’t ‘you alls ,’to give, since in de estimation of many ,your bloods,were not spilled to acquire it in the first place,remember?
      It was Afrikans ,who burned down dem plantations ,to send a message to uncaring ,white massa- you ain’t wanted here.It was an Afrikan , who returned home from studies in Oxford, and an illustrious teaching career at Howard University USA, to then tell Massa England , time to go. We got this, and fifty years later , this is what we have – thriving democracy, where East Indians, together with their extremely tolerant Afrikan brothers , and sisters , can thrive , economically , and politically , to be , what ever they want , irrespective of gender, class,or creed. You are welcome Madame Prime Minister! We know that your heart is in the right place , when it comes to your country. As a matter of fact ,I heard you sometimes recently , on some foreign platform , so graciously , telling the world , that no where else in the world ,would you become a female head of a nation- in your own right-as you did in T&T, knowing where you come from ( your words).
      For the record T-Man , it is Tobagonians alone , who would decide , what they want , how they’ll achieve it , and time so to do , not agenda driven, political peons ,clueless party hacks,naive political handlers , destructive ,misguided ,policy wonks ,based in Trinidad, and worst yet ,elitist , self serving members of ‘de 30 pieces of silver crew, emanating from Tobago-‘Thank you very much for nada , Uncle Alsworth, and Dr Baker.
      T-Man ,let me remind you of the following truism, that many God fearing ,Tobago folks, have come to accept. ‘Charity begins at home, and is not puffed up!’ If you of all people ,still need a translation ,I am here to help.Remember , we have been down these roads before.
      Yes I know , some you , did a few electives , in the University of York / Toronto, along with dem ,Jonny come lately ,Nuevo rich , fast talking lawyers ,turn governmental big wigs ( even during prospective election, is ready to imprison , everyone in de THA hierarchy,on some bogus infringement), who ,enroute to their degrees,were forced to study politics in Cave hill, and Hugh Wodden, then suddenly,’you alls ,’think , dat you are some how political experts.
      Sorry ,but that ain’t how things work TMan. So tell dem,instead -be magnimous in victories when they occur. Practice contrition / self evaluation , in losses ,when they occur, as opposed to issuing condemnation – as you are presently indulging in. Behave generously, to those who ensured your new found political,Uncle Wade, and most importantly,economic elevation,not only towards the leadershp elites – por ejemplo de two Jacks,Extempo Gypsy,Papa MAkandal,one time OWTU labor guru , Errol Mc Cloud,and young , Dr Baker ,aka de Bethel kid,well .. You get de picture.
      Be less condescending to the other 40 plus percentage ,that make up part of our population, since many love de song by Janet Jackson,’what have you done for me lately.’
      The reasons are simple- our long term successes, as a nation, are dependent on fuller understanding, of the social frame work of our overall society.
      Since 1962 , Afrikans have won what , 100 ,out of the 110 elections , both local, or national? Not a single one was obtained without the support of their Indo Trini brothers , and sisters. The opposite is also true , with respect to Indo Trinis victories , including 2010. It most definitely ,took Afrikan support ,for the UNC to finally break through, be it under Uncle Basdeo , of “dis is our time,”fame , and as late as 2010.
      Tobago, is a special animal. It ain’t Chagurnas , or Arima. The much neglected folks , are resilient,Traditional, family oriented, peaceful, observant , culturally alert,and I might even add, socially independent, politically savvy , folks.
      Remind the folks TMan , that no other Caribbean state, have suffered the double whammy effects of brain drains , like politically neglected Tobago.
      Since 1962 , it might have lost more than half of it’s population to big brother Trinidad, and another large portion, to the big metropolists.
      You see , T-Man ,unlike myself , you had to go on your suspect vacation-but more realitically – le fact finding escapades ,in Tobago , to figure out what de mood was like. Although they might be happy you choose to spend some of your Canadian dollars there , as opposed to overrated Barbados , you always gloat about in de past, you could have gotton all that information , right here , in tumultious TRinidad- land of KFC, Middle Eastern Gyros, and Doubles.
      Again, T-Man , each time a slight, or some abhorrent policy ,is invoked on mainly Afrikan folks across big brother Trinidad,it reverberate’s negatively with Tobagonians , since it could also be one of them. Should you need examples , I can oblige, and how I miss dat lovely , socially skewed curfew, eeeeh T-Man?
      In addition, never lost sight of the fact that they subscribe to the tried , but true neo Christian doctnine,Dat ‘Charity begins at home .’Translation,if de folks of Lavantille, Morvant, Caranege,Toco, GRande, and Petit Valley ,are viewed as insignificant irritants, only useful come election time, why should they in Tobago be any different, is de thought process?
      Hey people, I luv dis land , and have always said, de folks who can make me hate it , or it’s myriad of wonderful citizens, ain’t born yet, eeeeh , T-Man?
      Luv Humanity , and for ‘AfroBuddahSunGod,’ sake , forget de tribe!The reasons by now should be obvious, cuz T. Your Anglo dominant Canada, is still trying to work dat out with dem disgrunteled Francophones,no?Has a neglected Tobago ring to it, if I dare say.

  7. “Congress of the People chairman Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan, speaking in a telephone interview last night, said she did not think Tobagonians voted on the basis of race.

    She said it was more an issue of the Tobago Organisation of the People maintaining a separate identity while being part of the People’s Partnership coalition.

    She said Tobago had always demonstrated it would vote for a party that would support its autonomy and would not compromise its interests. “I don’t believe it was an issue of race. It was an issue of identity,” she said.” Express.

    COP reminds me of the PPP in Guyana. For years thousands of PPP supporters fled Guyana but the PPP never acknowledge that there was a race problem in Guyana and therefore did not work hard enough to find solutions. TOP leader Mr. Jack publicly stated that the PNM was using ethnocentric fears to advance their cause, even the “Calcutta” ship statement supported Jack claim.

    I have always supported the idea of Tobago pursuing autonomy instead of waiting for a check from Trinidad. The PNM will hold on to Tobago because they have 2 seats that will come their way next election. Give Orville his freedom, because if you not Tobagonian yuh nuttin. In Trinidad if yuh Tobagonian yuh could lead the PNM. But no Trini have any say in Tobago affairs…

  8. “I have always supported the idea of Central pursuing autonomy instead of waiting for a check from Trinidad. The UNC will hold on to Central because they have 5 seats that will come their way next election. Give Kamla , and INdo pandering head guru ,Uncle Jack Warner their freedom, because if you not Trinidadian yuh nuttin. In Tobago if yuh Trinidadian yuh could lead the UNC.But no Tobagonians have any say in Trinidad affairs.” Mamboo.

    I agree , mi amigo.Hopefully ,by my over de top , manipulation, you can see how reduculous you are sounding ,with these uttly baseless commentaries, with regard to decent God fearing folks, who are simply demanding what is their right- a decent piece of de Trinidad and Tobago socio economic pie, that they were deprived of , since you race mongrels were to busy fighting each other in Trinidad , while squandering / dividing up the national resources , in de form of political spoils, for future votes, and past, narrow supports.
    Once more , it ain’t a favor Tobagonians. are demanding from you imposters- a la ,you and your idiot talk about “Trinidad check.”
    I see you are now not only attacking Tobagonians ,for exercising their democratic rights, but as chief race apologist , is looking to disparage the characters of leading members of your COP alliance, without which ,’you alls,’could not obtain power.
    Ok Foreign Minister Uncle Dookersn , and young pit bull AG!Ramlogan , time to flex your muscles, and tell these folks who runs de show in coalition governments. Time to finally ,and publicly ,demand de Presidency ,in addition to five more governmental post.
    Bett yet,threaten to get ino bed instead ,with the surging /momentum ladened Rowley ,and de PNM camp. You can likewise , demand a few pounds of flesh , two inches , away from de Balissier wearing ,big chief’s heart.
    1094 more day to go, before de food run out. Maybe a Yankee FBI indictment may come sooner, for a certain loud mouth , corrupt weasel, who for all his blabber, crime is ….well, no need for me to elaborate as to the precarious state, before , during , and long after of 20 million per year , white Canadian Commissioner , was haired , and fired.
    One thing we can be sure of , dis unmentionable power player ,will always have a political home, and even safety, as along as he keeps his tail between his zandolee legs, and don’t even dream about usurping power from ‘Her Mjestick Queen K, ‘eeeeh Mmboo? Luv him as long as he is prepared to be a grateful Queen maker, and not try to upset de AppleCart? Yeah , we know , for dat is you alls nature- follow de dollars.
    On a more serious note however, dis Orville London commentary ,just might be , the best post election analysis ,I have read thus far.Didn’t know he had it in him, really!
    Aspiring President Dr HAmid Ghaney ,once relevant Pol Sci Professor ,Dr. Selwyn Ryan , or Long time ,Social scientist , turned lifetime , Independent Senator, Dr Ramesh Deosaran,would be hard pressed to top this,eeeeh Mamboo?


  9. Careful Neal, I am beginning to see a similar triumphal trend reminiscent of the PP victory not too long ago.
    It was only a minor, insignificant THA election overestimated by Kamla herself.
    Trinidad is a different, savage animal bouncing around savagely in her cage.
    When are you guys going to accept the reality of the dominant Indian presence in T&T.
    Even the Americans are realizing the we are an educated force to be respected in the higher income brackets of the USA.
    Ain’t no stopping us now, we’re on the move.

  10. Point taken cuz T-Man. Sorry, but it can be a lil contagious , dis Triumphalism- unwholesome , though it may be- but what can I say? Thanks however ,for the chiding.
    Promise me however, you won’t ever use the word insignificant when referring to anything related to my Tobago again,please. Do dat , and I promise to show more respect , to folks from across the other 34 constituencies that make up big brother Trinidad , starting with Chagurnas, Couva, Siparia, Tabaquite, Carapichima, Los Bajos,or Oropuuche, eeeehh?

    Luv your characterization of big brother Trinidad ,when you claimed dat,”Trinidad is a different savage animal bouncing around savagely in her cage……accept the reality of dominant Indian presence in T&T.”
    Ummmmhmmm, and here is de proof.1. In Tobago , they tried , and fell shortnin their quest to make a crooked head huncho ,President of de island ward, while simultaneously forcing a suspicious bill on de politically savvy folks, under de guise of granting more political autonomy to them , and was rebuffed at de polls.Now he is looking for a job,to pay for his 100 million dollars mansion – or maybe he ain’t need any.
    By contrast , in big brother Trinidad, instead of showing some authentic socio -economic- com -political luv ,to similar desperate Afrikans , what do the folks with national domination aspirations do T-Man? I’ll remind you.Go down to de Beetham ,with Shaq O Neal in tow , brought into de country at a price of some $US50 or more million, with what many smarter than yours truly has viewed as some over de top ,basketball empowerment concoction, while said people struggle ,with sub par social infrastructures, deficient security ,high unemployment,and disgusting health maladies, that Dr Goopiesing, and his buddy in de once rotund Dr Baker , won’t touch even if you plan to take away their medical license .
    Sad but true T-Man ,in addition, as the ‘kinky head folks,’in Lavantille , Gonzales , and similar ,desperate environments suffer, way below de poverty line , your high end CPPO,Chief Pandering Political OFficer , in National Security Minister,Uncle Jack-as he tried in Tobago-chastized de wonderful folks,as mere senseless ,over dependent ,PNM bums, whose problems ,can be solved with governmental orchestrated block party gimmicks , photo ops , and condescending empty gestures – he dared not attempt ,in places such as Point Fortin , where por ejemplo ,500 ,one time squatters , had de benefit of a ‘Ghandhish fasting ,UWI environmentalist ,’to secure their homes , under de guise of halting a highway.
    You added in typical comical fashion, and yes , I was forced to smile , as I know better,”Even the Americans are realizing that we are an educated force to be respected in the higher income brackets of the USA.”
    Now T-Man , I want to get it clear, are they referring to de bunch that escaped Guyana , and our once security deficient,hostile ,Afro – genocidal Trinidad, or all the other South Asians States ,led by women raping , bride burning , caste adoring,poverty stricken India, or worst yet ,that ghasley Islamic , simi democratic state ,called Pakistan – who has been a pro terrorist ,nemesis to UNcle Obama , since they want to have their Pashtoon Taliban cousins prontribal cake ,and Yankee CIA dollars/ food to eat , all at de same time?
    Let me make it absolutely clear T-Man, since some with less sophistication , than your self ,can misconstrue my views . When ever , you embrace a culture , especially as it pertain’s to de motherland – be it Afrika, or Asia- one must be prepared to accept de good, bad , and ugly , mi amigo. Your call’ eeeeh?
    Simply accept the fact , dat here in T&T,we have a good thing going ,but mucho work , yet to be done.
    Here is de list :-A small, yet growing ,cross racial , educsted elite , large pockets of poverty and neglect , that affects both side of the so called divide,all under the umbrella of a thriving democracy, which evolved over 50 years , under Afrikan ……., well, let me not indulge in Afro triumphalism , since it is so not like me , and really,serve no useful purpose.
    Not sure about you buddy, but my New Year begin’s today, as as a budding Humanist activist , my goals , and resolve is clear. In the absence of authentic , progressive voices , it is simply to Enlighten / educate the masses, shine lights into the dark crevices of society ,where injustices prevail, and fat cat 4 th Estate Agents ,lie asleep, hold the hands of civic leaders to the symbolic fire- irrespective of who / what they are- and finally, put a plan into motion , that can make some semblance of a difference in nudging my country , and region as a whole along the part of sustainable development.
    As for you my ever so sly,learned friend , not too certain.Take your cent alleged Tobago forays.Could not be that salt water, and sun ,which attracted you to my lil , neglected island ward , as you could get dat ,and ‘mucho more ,’in Punta Cana ,Santo Domingo , decadent Rio, and ,or ,my favorite Buddhist enclave Thailand.
    Yep Tobago ,during a most contentious ,insignificant election, even as you reported on it daily, ‘Her Majestick Queen K ,’ate more Tobago crab and dumplings/dance more Tobago style jigs , than she did in her entire life, and as for poor ,Uncle Keith Rowley, aka de Mason Hall mprodical son?
    Well, he had to find his old grandmother ,to help him locate his Tobago birth/christening papers, as well as de tree wherevhis navel string was buried , in effort to prove to suspicious Tobagonians, that he was indeed a son of de soil , and not Diego Martin, as claimed by most of his pro PP arch enemies.
    Ahhh , enough with me , and my ‘cyber writing therapy ,’T- Man , and ain’t our T&T , simply great? It ‘s a beautiful life , so let’s continue to Luv Humanity , eeeehh?

  11. this is simply beautiful .. all ya could blame fear ,race , calcutta ship ,tribal or any other words all ya want to use but the truth remains ..tobago simply did not fall for kamala and she merry men BS ..ah like it ..better yet ‘dey like deyself …go TOBAGO ..go !! FORWARD EVER ..BACKWARDS NEVER !! ..CONGRATULATION !!! YOU MAKE MEH PROUD !!! little axe does really cut down big trees ..who would of thought little Tobago is the one to lead t&t out of this cesspool call PP Government … and they do it with so much class ..take all they bribes, money, cellphones and even wear dey yellow t- shirts and still kick dey ass out..dat real funny ..jack must be spitting fire. Trinidad your turn next to stop the insanity !!!!

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