Blind man claims discrimination by San Fernando bank

By Radhica Sookraj
August 10, 2012 –

David La Caille, of PleasantvilleA blind worker is calling for an investigation into alleged discrimination at T&T’s state-owned First Citizens Bank (FCB) claiming he was denied a bank card because of his disability. David La Caille, of Pleasantville, said he was amazed at the discourteous service meted out to him when he went to FCB’s High Street, San Fernando Branch to open a savings account on Tuesday.

La Caille, who is computer literate, said he requested Internet banking and a bank card from the bank. The teller reportedly conducted the transaction, La Caille punched in his pin and obtained the card. However, after putting the card in his bag, La Caille said the teller told him there was a mistake.
“I handed her the card and then she told me that she was sorry but FCB’s policy was that blind people were not entitled to Internet banking or a bank card.” La Caille said he got upset and demanded to speak to the supervisor.

However, he said the supervisor’s attitude was worse than the teller. “I asked her why I was being denied and she said if I got the card how will I see the machine to use it?” La Caille offered to show the supervisor how he could use the card but was bluntly refused. “She did not want to see. She kept saying that this is their policy. I don’t feel good about this because it shows the backwardness of some people. We have been using computers and I have a bank card which I use from another bank,” La Caille said. Asked what was his next step, La Caille added: “I will not close down my account. I want to fight this because in this day and age such discrimination must not be tolerated.”

Meanwhile, Manager of the Blind Welfare Association Deonarine Ragoo said he intended to personally visit the bank to find out its policy. Ragoo said La Caille’s rights were violated as the United National Declaration of Human Rights as well as other national and international laws entitled all blind people to have the same rights as sighted people. The bank’s Group Corporate Communication Manager Dexter Charles said he would ensure La Caille got a bank card. He also promised to investigate La Caille’s claims of discrimination.

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  1. SWEEPING CHANGES WITH THE PRISON SYSTEM- This is Truly Amazing coming from Mr. Volney.
    The Sweeping Changes would spew on new breeds of Criminals- with modern state of the art. Recreation Outlets, Malls, Visitation, What next?
    Some might see the inside of Prisons as something to be desired, Folks from the outside would rush on these opportunities.
    Did the Visionaries say that a Pension Plan, Free Health Care Package, Motor Vehicle access to Malls and Sporting Facilities would be forthcoming on this new move?
    Another move in coming in line to the Pressures of the Outside World. The Voice of the Human Rights Activists -Mr. Visionary, did you have in mind; the invitation to these same Activists to visit the Island, and Partake of the Opportunity as it’s Citizens?
    Walking the streets of Port-Of -Spain and the existing Environs? Being SHOT, RAPE, MUGGED, ROBBED, and KILLED- When these Activists have these as an experience then they would know the Cry of Human Rights!!!
    These STAR TREK ENTERPRISE LIFE STYLE would only breed more Criminals…

    1. IN RESPOND TO TRINI; HOW COULD YOU BE SO NARROW MINDED? WHAT IT WOULD SAY OF YOUR COUNTRY( who you seem to be proud to be called trini) IF THEY FORGOT ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS? TRINIDAD IS A COUNTRY THAT I HAVE ADOPTED BECAUSE OF IT’S PRIDE. AS AN OUTSIDER I SEE THE GOOD, EVEN THOUGH I HAVE BEEN A VICTIM OF CRIME.(ROBBERY) begin by reminding yourself that some of the incarcerated individals are innocent. and human rights activist groups may be there only help, being that you don;t seem to care.The least you could do is pray for your brothers, as I am now putting you on my prayer list. God Bless You

  2. Yep Bro. Am praying for you too!!! Time Trinidadians start living like Trini’s and not a bunch of Hypocrites who living in Denial and in a dream world.
    Adopting Only Foreign pattern and making themselves fools that cannot contain a little Island with the social and spiritual ILLS !!!
    The Murder Rate in this place is so SICK comparing to NEW YORK- and the International front.What do we need again to deal with this mental Illness ??
    Look and You would see the Justice System is Propping and defending Criminals more than those who is crying out for Justice on a daily basis….

    God Bless you TOO….

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