Warner was right – Afri-centric analysis

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
June 29, 2012

Dr. Kwame NantambuThe decision by newly-appointed Minister of National Security, Austin Jack Warner to demolish the “Highway Re-route Movement” camp on government land was the right thing to do.

The fact of the matter is that since T&T has degenerated into a lawless society, now is the time for a totally responsible government to take the bull by the horns and enforce the laws of this country, period. Long-outstanding half measures did not work; in fact, they have exacerbated the crime problem to the nth degree.

Now is the time to terminate the carnival mentality approach toward crime in T&T. Overt lawlessness must end. The former PNM administration failed miserably to address/deal with this national dilemma. Now is the time for the People’s Partnership government to attack this problem with full force.

And the only person at the helm to reverse this lawlessness trend is Austin “Uncle Jack” Warner, period.

Now there may be many Trinbagonians who have become comfortable in their own skin by the genre of lawlessness in T&T. However, these very same Trinbagonians indeed understand that if they were living any where in the United States of America that the law is enforced and they must obey it, period— that’s their societal conditioning.

Conversely, these very same Trinbagonians are conditioned that the societal reverse is true in sweet T&T—namely, one does not have to obey the law, period. “We like it.”

“Uncle Jack” is totally determined, and rightly so, to reverse this current T&T Euro-centric, dysfunctional societal mind-set, period.

Now is the time for Trinbagonians to face the stark reality that with “Uncle Jack” at the helm of this country’s national security apparatus that the laws of our country must and will be enforced “by any and all means necessary.”

The fact of the matter is that tuff times call for tuff public policy actions/decisions and beyond that point in time, then, further tuff public policy decisions, albeit controversial, must be made and enacted.

Trinidad and Tobago has now reached that crucial point, as of this writing.

Ergo, “Uncle Jack” is the right man at this right time in T&T to deal effectively with the ever escalating crime problem in T&T.

Indeed, as usual, Trinibagonians on all sides of the political spectrum would immediately shout out loud and clear that “Uncle Jack’s” action was illegal and/or unconstitutional but the Afri-centric reality is that “Uncle Jack” is threatening to demolish their political comfort zone, period. That’s the real problem.

The fact of the matter is that previous carnival mentality crime fighting public policy actions have been the problem; the overt “in your face” public policy action by “Uncle Jack” is the only solution.

The salient reality is that Trinbagonians need to realize that in this new arena of fighting/combating/defeating crime that “Uncle Jack” is the new sheriff in town at the Ministry of National Security.

In addition, “Uncle Jack” is signalling to Trinbagonians to get out of their Euro-centric comfort zone and to “get with the program” in terms of this new Afri-centric, holistic approach to the intractable crime problem in T&T. Time is neither in our hands nor on our knees, period.

The salient truism is that legally any democratically–elected government on this planet-earth, has the constitutional right to enforce the universally accepted “law of eminent domain”, and one does not have to be the recipient of “Silk” as in Queen’s Counsel to accept this legal/constitutional reality.

What’s the problem?

Indeed, let the record also reveal that Article 29 of the Constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago categorically states that “every person in Trinidad and Tobago has the following fundamental duties: to obey and act in the spirit of the Constitution and laws of the State.”

Truth Be Told: Austin “Uncle Jack ” Warner as Minister of National Security of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is only seeking to ensure that Trinbagonians must obey the laws of this country “by any and all means necessary.” Case closed , end of discussion, period.

Shem Hotep (“I go in peace”).

Dr. Kwame Nantambu is a part-time lecturer at Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies.

6 thoughts on “Warner was right – Afri-centric analysis”

  1. I am reading you loud and clear , ‘tongue in cheek,’ and all, Dr K. I concur with this cogent analysis :- “Now is the time to terminate the carnival mentality approach toward crime in T&T. Overt lawlessness must end…. Now is the time for the People’s Partnership government to attack this problem with full force.”


    Tell you what, De man ,woman, or donkey ,dat can make yours truly hate dis country , ain’t born yet , that’s for sure.
    Papa Eric Willy, aka de God Father of de nation ,must be smiling up there in hell,or heaven maybe , as he sees her Majestic Queen K, fulfill one of his old dictates-in full cry Iron Lady Thatcher/ Indira Ghandi style, a la ‘when I speak , no darm dog bark. ‘
    Of course ,she is savvy enough, to have her faithful pitbull/ Queenmaker in chief , to do the heavy lifting ,in Jakie W, aka FIFA most virtuous executive.
    Now dem cynics might say the Couva, Carapichaima, El Secorro, Oropuche, Tunapuna, OR Tabaquite chickens, have come home to roost, but what do they know, when de PP assumed overwhelming support by majority of our voters- across racial, ethnic , cultural, and economic lines, ennnt?
    Now, I personally don’t give a hoot about 15 neo tribal obstructionist , hell bend, on impeding T&T’s progress. Just wake me up when her Majestic is ready to encourage tenders to construct a bridge between Toco and Crown Point Tobago, which will creating a new economic boom in terms of self sufficiency , vis tolls , trade ,and win/ win tourism – but more importantly, ensure that the historically ignored folks from the sister isle , can finally get a chance to feel as if they are truly citizens of equal status, with counterparts in big brother Trinidad.
    Dis what I like to call ‘me me ,gime gime , dog with ah bone mentality,’ of some of our citizens is so appalling, dat it ain’t even funny anymore even to folks like de late great John Agitation, Bill Trotman , cuz Fabien , Sprangalang, or Tommy Joe.
    As de good doctor is facetiously implying ,via dis blog – ‘go get em Uncle Jack,’and b de way, remind dem racist hecklers , who gave them the whole governmental caboose,as Queen K,through him, placed the final nails into the political coffins of Basdeo Panday, and his drinking buddy Patrick M- en rout to winning the most constituency votes in de last election- EVEN surpassing the Siparia Queen herself.
    Luv Humanity, my people , and for ‘BuddahAfrikanSunGod’ sake , please forget de tribe!Why you wish to know? The consequences for doing otherwise , are dire indeed, yes doc? Rwanda, Burundi, Sri Lanka, Hitler Germany,Serra Leone, Liberia, former Yougoslavia, Nigeria, Sudan, South Asia, Middle East, Haiti/ Dominican Rep.

    http://fowomouvriye.org/Bulletins/001/70YearsAgo.html Need I say more?

  2. A comprehensive article indeed and I agree 100% with the analysis beit aft-centric, euro-centric, indo-centric whatever. You need a man of action like Uncle Jack at the helm to get the job done. Sometimes I wonder if Trinboganians know exactly what they need or want. Removing the illegal occupants from the projected high way was rightful and correct.save the country of wasting the valuable financial resource. The very protesters and their children would be using that highway so often they would get to that point of thanking the PP administration of exercising foresight. If Jack had to be present at the time once he was not directing or usurping the authority of the defence team,then that is his right. Sometimes I am amazed at how the opposition criticize most un-neccesarily and if they take their minds back when Selwyn Richardson was fighting the drug problem, when we depended on the NY times to be informed what role was Burroughs playing as Police Commisioner and what happened to that unsolvable murder case of the AG? This is where my concern for Jack lies. To our present Police Commisioner please support your boss and transform T&T to a peaceful nation and the bond between the Canadian gov’t and out T&T gov’t would be cemented.

  3. Well, well, well, good old uncle Jack is at the trade, Hooray to uncle Jack. I guess law abiding citizens should abide by the law at all times.!!!! Great!!!
    What is the state of Government in T & T ? Democratic Republican- Aka- Governed by Constitutional Laws-Yippee-Hooray!!!
    Every Country and Islands Known in the west got their concept of Government from the United States Influence.
    Even T & T “National Anthem states: Forge from the Love of Liberty- America came upon the scene as A country that offers Freedom and Liberty to everyone that made it to her shores in the early stages of its development.
    Am I right or wrong?- Sammy would say : “You right around” In the free west- Government was elected by the People, the consent of the Governed, Elected and placed into position to secure the Rights and Liberties of the People.
    In Layman terms: Government were instituted by Men amongst Men for the protection and freedom of Men. Yes! Government are placed into position to protect the Rights and Privileges of the people.To uphold and defend these rights.
    In the US Constitution it is clearly stated that, what is not granted to the Government, lies in the hands of the People. Before the very US Constitution was ratified as the Law, the Bill of Rights: known as the Amendments to the Constitution were drafted up that gives the Guarantee that the rights and Privileges of the governed will not be trampled and be taken away from the governed.
    I know that the Law of each existing Country have to be upheld, by strict measures as possible. But Laws cannot be broken by the Government in the pursuit of is Aggrandizement and Expansion.
    Time After Time You people would always hear me mention that, true nation building only does not stay with actual building structures: Infrastructures, Roads, Airports, Bridges, Drains, Prisons etc.
    It goes further than that; Economy, Social and Educational. When there is poor standard of Education, there will be poor social and economics realities.
    The Economics Structure is the most UN-balance of all other structures. Between the haves and the have-not. This is the factor that is ripping civilization apart. Everything in existence is being affected by this Structure.
    The Social needs of Mankind is classed inside the Economic Factor. For example the pleas and cry of a few in the minority up against the majority- this spells in-equality. These people who are claiming to be the victims of this move by the Ministry of works- slowly but surely also needs to be heard.
    This cannot be overlooked as a mere petty thing that they themselves can trash out. Big Brother Government you should always bear in mind that you were placed in power by the will of the People.
    Don’t rush to implement your plans, just because it entails Billions of Dollars, and the few that is seeking to be heard has no wealth and influence, it does not work that way. At lease some form of agreement should be arrived upon, some truce or compromise should come into view.
    Where in heavens name are we arriving at two class systems here? Jack suppose to be the man of all trades- you can work around this- come on!!! Would it be another political stale mate gone sour?
    The Laws of the land should always be kept, but only brute force and violence cannot win the hearts of the people, treat people like people and you would gain their trust, their friendship, their confidence. Just as every others are govern by a budget, the Government should also be Governed by a Budget, not a budget that would terrify and scare the poor and UN-unfortunate’s in the land.
    Mr. Government my question to you is: Where do you get your Budget from??? Is it your own personal banking account that guarantees your success? or is it Debts you are accumulating time after time- that would have our grand and great grand-children with their grand and great grand children that would come into existence slaving and working to pay of these debts.
    No regulations are set up to address this from happening, and the raw deal is: its happening.
    Your nation building seems to be so disconnected from down to-earth and the hard working class… Come now, let us reason together…

  4. The Phrases This is Trinidad, & We like it So is the Mantra in Trinidad & Tobago. True to Form, I believe & know they Like it so. Another Popular Phrase is Not here Alone Crime Happens All over the World. Why Allyuh Down on Trinidad So. A wide Section of the Population, Don’t want anything Change, Riding is Maxis & Listening to the Conversations & Debates will let you they are Comfortable with things Just the Way they Are.

    How often do we hear these words, THE BIBLE MUST TO BE FULL FILLED.

    I don’t like to compare or Quote the Rules & Laws of Other Countries, However The Difference in the laws of the U S A & Canada, compared to Trinidad is Simple.

    Many Trinidadians Refer to Canada as a Police State. Just Know
    Canadians Like It So.

    Trinidadians know about Their Rights & the Constitution, but they Don’t know the Constitution Demands they Obey the Laws Of the Land, & The Duly Elected Government, has a Right to Enforce the Laws by Whatever & Any Means Necessary.

    My People have No Respect, For the Laws of the Land, they Resent Authority, Some of the Comments I read I believe are
    Posted by some of the very Lawbreakers. & Criminals. They want to have things their Way. They want Full Control, The Government must Listen to Them, & Obey their Rules & Laws, & Ignore the Laws of the Land.

    It has to be THEIR WAY OR NO HIGHWAY.

    1. Sorry ephillip, but me think the cold weather is beginning to affect your thinking- as often is the case by too many of you delusional , self loathing, country haters.
      Trinidad’s problems has no connection with respect or non respect for laws.
      Competing tribalist elites , simply needs to get their acts together ,to initiate sensible policies ,lead by example, and the masses would follow.

  5. I never read any of the author’s articles before but the headline caught my attention.
    I support his views totally. I am of the opinion though, that this country needs a firm hand to arrest the lawnessness that takes places. It will take a sustained effort over an extended period.

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