Kamla Spoils the Bharatiya Party in Jaipur

By Stephen Kangal
January 22, 2012

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar

It is patently clear that the staging of the tenth annual Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) pilgrimage to India by the Indian Ministry of Overseas Indians Affairs is geared and exclusively configured to exploiting and attracting for the benefit of the Indian economy the enormous wealth, political influence and entrepreneurship to be found within the 30 million Indian diaspora. Remittances alone to India amount to over US$50bn annually that is seven times T&T’s budget.

Although our Prime Minister in her brilliant address to the Jaipur PBD attended by over 1500 delegates emphasized the benefits of engaging and connecting with the human and financial resources accumulated by the Indian and T&T diasporas I have never been able to persuade the PPG, try as I did at the commencement of the regime, to adopt a diasporic-friendly foreign policy that caters for and includes the welfare of our nationals resident abroad mainly in USA, Canada and the UK. I hope that post-Jaipur will see the concretization of this policy and programme to give meaning and sincerity to her excellent address.

It is clear that the PM is completely sold on the values of an inclusive T&T diaspora position. But at Jaipur she put forward her very pet diplomatic call: that the next PBD should be held in the Caribbean with T&T providing the possible forum/ some funding for this event. This follows closely on her brave statement made at the recent CELAC Summit in Caracas for the Caribbean to be included in the steering committee of CELAC with Venezuela and Cuba. The PPG is conducting a deliberate policy, for which T&T is well-known, that is to say the selective “Caribbeanisation” of our foreign policies.

It is quite clear that the Indian Government having regard to the vertical regimentation and purpose of the PBD will not be amenable to the T&T horizontal diasporic proposal because it will dilute the focus of the PBD to the shared benefit of other countries of the Indian diaspora. That is not the strategic purpose of the Indians because from the programming of the PBD it is exclusively targeting various aspects of socio-economic and industrial development in India that is on the path to becoming the fifth largest economy by 2020.

I commend our Prime Minister for her outstanding and brilliant stewardship at both Jaipur and in Caracas on behalf of the Caribbean and T&T. The sheer intensity of the trade, foreign investment and transfer of technology discussions with the public and private sectors of both countries in tandem that was conducted to coincide with her being honoured as Chief Guest of the PBD represents good value for money diplomacy and inflates our flagging national ego.

LEFT: Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar
LEFT Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar

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  1. The P.M. Looks like the famous Indian legendary star Nargis. Nargis was the star who gave birth to the Hindi cinema. Such as destiny would have it the P.M. Has given birth to a new era of diaspora contact and mutual affections. India looks to England as grandmother, Trinis look to India as grandmother. May the celebrations of the DNA kind continue….Well into the future.

  2. Trinis look to India as Mother India? T+T is a multi racial society. The writer and our PM are getting carried away.Such myopic vision does not auger well for the uniting of our people Our only ‘mother’ should be Mother T+T.

    1. Kathleen I don’t think you read the P.M. speech she never mentioned India as “mother India” rather she mention India as “grand mother” India. Our mother will always be T&T because that is the place where our “navel string” is buried. The P.M. said in her speech that Trinidad is our mother. Please make an effort to make informed contributions in the future.

    2. To know who regards Africa as Mother Africa read Nantambu’s article in Thursday’s (26 January) Express and realise that we Indians regard T&T as our homeland and please do not question our loyalty because we are not the renting class and have sunk our roots and destiny in T&T and we build houses to convey our commitment to T&T. We are not transients in T&T and worship T&T as Dharti Mata.

      1. Is it possible for you to respond without being insultive? “the renting class”? Is that necessary? Did the previous writer use “the squatting class” or any of the multitude of derogatory terms that come to mind in response?

  3. Yours is a limited political statement relating to Mother T&T that was also stated by the late Dr.Williams. The ancestral and cultural link with socio-cultural India needs to be appreciated because these links were never severed and in fact were well serviced continuously during the past 167 years. We are not getting carried away. This is the emotional reality that others must come to terms with as part of the respect for Indo-Trinbagonians. That will be the civilised response. Try to enter the psyche of the Indian community in T&T in a dispassionate manner. Why do we Indians have to argue for our rights to live fulfilling lives>
    Trinbagonians and others feel that they can define how we Indians should live our lives. That is a backward view.

  4. As the erudite, Afri-centric, African- American scholar/educator Dr. Marimba Ani poignantly postulates: “You’re not an African (Indian) because you’re born in Africa (or in India). You’re an African (an Indian) because Africa (India) is born in you. It’s in your genes … your DNA… your entire biological make up. Whether you like it or not, that’s the way it is. However, if you were to embrace this truth with open arms… my, my, my … what a wonderful thing (that would be for all Trinbagonians)”.

    1. So using your spurious argumants, and as you conveniently claimed Afrikan scholar Dr. Marimbarm claims ,does this then explain , and or justify ,the revolting actions of your anti Islam/ Afrikan peoples, suspect Nobel Literature hero,Sir British Trini, V.S Naipaul, who to this day, never acknowledged the land of his birth , and place where he got his initial start in life?
      Apolologist like yourself, can slice this poison cake , in what ever ways you wish, for the gullible to consume cuz Kangal, but de stark reality is, that the destruction of T&T, stems, not from alleged love by a few misguided creatures such as your PM , and others, obsessing over opaque phony cultural practices, from the ancestrial lands, but from the fact that a certain segement of it’s population, has no conceptions to what patriotism is al about,cuz Kangal.
      Make me a leader in my country ,and I would make ungratefulness, and self hatred, into punishable crimes. One thing I can assure you and others of ,is this however. You would not wish to be a fly on the wall , to hear ,or see, how these Afrikan , and South Asian tribal natives , actually view, us waterdown ,by products , that was fortunate to escape, decades ago- either as slaves, or indenture laborers. Trust me , it won’t be nice.
      Care to guess , what sister Kamla , would be, if her family never left India? .
      Yet some say nation building ,was going to be easy? Tell dem they lie for me!
      Luve humanity , and forget de tribe, my friends.

  5. I don’t think you read the P.M. speech she never mentioned India as “mother India” rather she mention India as “grand mother” India.

    This is the emotional reality that others must come to terms with as part of the respect for Indo-Trinbagonians.

    As the erudite, Afri-centric, African- American scholar/educator Dr. Marimba Ani poignantly postulates: “You’re not an African (Indian) because you’re born in Africa (or in India). You’re an African (an Indian) because Africa (India) is born in you. It’s in your genes … your DNA… your entire biological make up. Whether you like it or not, that’s the way it is. However, if you were to embrace this truth with open arms… my, my, my … what a wonderful thing (that would be for all Trinbagonians)”.

    Let me dissect the sophistry of the Indo tribe in T&T in postulating no other mother but Mother Trinidad and Tobago, while holding fast to Grandmother India.

    Eric Williams was right in setting forth the principle contained in his “Mother Trinidad and Tobago” formulation. The idea is the simple one that any true citizen of Trinidad and Tobago must bear true faith and allegiance to Trinidad and Tobago, and no other place. Not Mother Africa, not Mother India, not Mother China, and not Mother Europe. That is simple, clear-cut, and non-discriminatory. Absent that formulation, there would have been no basis on which to forge ahead as an Independent Nation. Those who could not accept such a formulation were of course free to go back to their ancestral home, or to anywhere else they chose. They were also free to remain as guests in the house of Trinidad and Tobago, retaining emotional and other allegiance to the land of their ancestors. But they were not free, as a simple matter of principle, to swear true faith and allegiance to Trinidad and Tobago, yet reserve in their heart of hearts, that allegiance to some other place.

    Kamla Persad seeks to undo that formulation. As Prime Minister of T&T, she says that we must in some sense bow to Grandmother India — and by extension, Grandmother Africa, Grandmother China, Grandmother Europe, and Grandmother everywhere else that nationals of Trinidad and Tobago may call an ancestral home.

    That sounds innocuous enough. For who can deny the evidence of DNA, and the call of blood? But the symbolism associated with the call to “Grandmother India”, is troubling, and suggests a deeper agenda than mere emotional attachment to the land of our forefathers.

    For there really was no call for the Indo Prime Minister of T&T to make obeisance to the President of India. It was wrong as a matter of international protocol, certainly. It would also have been wrong as a matter of internal protocol within the State of India. Indian Prime Ministers do not “goar lagay” to Indian Presidents. Nehru would not have done it to Ambedkar, the Dalit, certainly. And Manmohan Singh, the current Indian Prime Minister, does not do it to the current Indian President. And given the legacy of secular Nehru and Ambedkar the Dalit, both of whom railed against caste-based groveling within Indian society, the “goar lagay” as part of a State function, moreover international, would if anything be politely deprecated in official circles. Only radical Hindus on the far right, engaged in a struggle to Hinduize everything, under the banner of Hindutva, might applaud. Given the politics of India, it would have been too controversial to have been welcomed, at best worthy of titters of disapproval, at worst an out and out embarrassment for the host Government, playing into the hands of BJP and other even more radical opposition forces. So for our Indo Prime Minister of T&T to make this elaborate show of Hinduness on her visit to India could only have been a gesture for local consumption in T&T.

    The political agenda which it advances is to overturn the “Mother T&T” formulation given us by our founding PM, Eric Williams, and to supplant it with a “Grandmother India” formulation. This is intended to make political room for the Indo tribe to engage in Indianization, while dis-arming the non-Indo tribes that would otherwise raise a political ruckus.

    It must clearly be understood that there is such a thing as a disloyal Government. Just as the idea and constitutional provisions of a democratic Republic pre-supposes the concept of a “loyal” Opposition, it must entertain also the concept both of a disloyal Opposition, and of a disloyal Government. The notion is more than theoretical. Certainly, the Constitution requires that Prime Minister, and Leader of the Opposition, both, take an oath of loyalty to the State, to the Republic both are sworn to serve. That such an oath is required, presupposes the at least theoretical scenario of disloyalty, which the oath is intended to avert. It is not an assumption that should blithely be made, that a Prime Minister may not be disloyal.

    This is the question that must be addressed, in the light both of our Prime Minister’s elaborate and uncalled-for “goar lagay” to the President of a foreign state, and in the light of her attempt to blur the allegiance that all nationals of T&T should owe, exclusively, to Mother T&T, and in the light of the “multi-cultural” policy formulation which this Prime Minister’s regime has adopted. To this list I must add the wholesale firing of workers and contractors deemed to be “PNM”, from Government and state-sector jobs and contracts.

    The logic of Independence, which Eric Williams rightly recognized, is that of a formal shift of allegiance/fealty from one state/ruler, the erstwhile colonizing power, to the newly Independent State. Those who did not wish to so shift allegiance, would have been free to leave — as did many Brits — or else to remain, but with the status of “strangers”.

    Stranger is a term recognized in the Book of Yahweh. They have a right not to be oppressed: “Thou shalt neither vex a stranger, nor oppress him: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.” (Exodus 22:21). But equally, the stranger is debarred from political participation: “… one from among thy brethren shalt thou set king over thee: thou mayest not set a stranger over thee, which is not thy brother.” (Deuteronomy 17:15). And where the Israelite is a stranger in another man’s land, as Daniel was in Babylon, fealty may be given to the host, as long as the prior duty to the Holy Covenant is not interfered with. All of this is common sense: For example, you do not as a stranger go to any other country, and assert a “right” to become king, or even dog-catcher. At best you may assert a right to non-oppression.

    These principles are present in the democratic republics around the world today. Strangers are deemed “aliens”, or “immigrants”, who have all rights to property and etc. of any citizen, but have no right to vote, and certainly no right to rule. Citizenship may be acquired on fulfillment of certain conditions, prime among them the taking of an oath of allegiance. Ethnic, blood, and “grandmother” ties to the “home country” are understandable, certainly, but the point of the oath is that one swears before God, to subordinate those ties to the new tie that is freely acquired and embraced.

    That was the logic of Eric Williams’ “Mother T&T”. And that logic remains. It is what Independence entails. That logic should not be blurred by any new “Grandmother India” postulation. Emotional attachment or loyalty to India must be subordinated to the oath of loyalty to T&T. Otherwise, there is clear and present disloyalty, with the possibility of treasonous foreign (Indianization) entanglements trailing not far behind.

    This is not mere theoretical speculation. This was what was behind Eric Williams “recalcitrant minority” observation. The Indo minority objected strenuously to T&T achieving Independence, we should not forget. They were Johnny-come-latelies to the “house” of Trinidad and Tobago. They were brought here by the British, and they had every right to object to a changed constitutional arrangement. If they had a problem with Negro rule, it was their right to object. But they do not have a right to rule in a house to which they have declined to offer loyalty. And in Government, they still do not have a right to declare, and openly display, not just affection for, but fealty to, Grandmother India. The portent here is an agenda of Indo dominance of the house of T&T, a disguised program of Indianization.

    This is of a piece with the vaguely articulated policy of multi-culturalism. But there again, the real agenda is not multi-culturalism, rather Indo dominance, and the marginalization of non-Indo. In order to advance that agenda, it is necessary to disarm all who would, very naturally, oppose it. Hence both “multi-culturalism” as an unobjectionable, anodyne formulation, and now, the formulation of “Grandmother India”. What appears intended by this Indo Government is that true faith and allegiance may be given to a rival house, the Indo house within T&T, while deniability may rest in deceitfully claiming to the non-Indo that true faith and allegiance is reserved for “Mother Trinidad and Tobago”, while only emotional attachment is given to “Grandmother India”.

    We must see through this postulation, and reject it.

    Now, I do not reject the DNA postulation of Marimba Ani. Yes, every one of us is the seed of our forefathers, and Marimba Ani is correct about that. Stephen Kangal quotes her, seeking to secure debating advantage. To the “Dashiki Afrikan” it is all but a checkmate. Mackandal Daaga and others of his ilk are already impaled on their own rhetoric. There is an important correction to the Marimba Ani postulation, however, that must be made, also a contextualization that would defeat the point that Kangal seeks to make.

    The correction is that neither Africa nor India is a gene or chromosome coursing through anyone’s veins. This may seem a minor quibble, but it is in fact an important point, because such as Mackandal Daaga, Neal on this blog, and all the “Dashiki Afrikans” in T&T seem to have missed it entirely, otherwise we would not see the political misalliance into which they have entered.

    I have been at pains on this blog to educate my fellow Israelites (“Negro” slave descendants) that it is not in fact sufficient to identify as “African”, or as “Afrikan”, whatever the “k” is supposed to connote … I’ve not yet found an answer to that. We must go further and identify as Israelite, for that is the core, seedline reality that explains our position. Our ancestral call is in reality not to the landmass of Africa, but to our distant forefather Jacob/Israel, who, like us, was black-skinned and woolly-haired, as were all of the Israelite prophets, including Christ. Not every African of the continent, is Israelite, but every slave descendant of the trans-Atlantic slave trade is, either of the blood, or of the house. That is the core reality that explains our condition, and that we must confront and embrace. If we see ourselves as “Afrikan”, the logical brain-computer would exclude being of the seed of Jacob as a possibility, because we have been brainwashed to think of the Israelites as a non-Afrikan people. So Marimba Ani is right about the call of DNA, but she is wrong as to the use of a landmass to stand in place of what is a seedline.

    Marimba Ani, and Malcolm X, and Marcus Garvey, and others tried to teach us to embrace an aspect of the Reality from which we emotionally sought to distance ourselves. That indeed may be seen broadly as an African reality. But a more sharply defined understanding of that Reality is indeed that we are Israelite. We are scattered sons of Jacob, and the very fulfillment of prophecy. Even in the fact that we lost our heritage, our names, and our identity, we are the fulfillment of prophecy: “And thou shalt become an astonishment, a proverb, and a byword, among all nations whither Yahweh shall lead thee.” (Deuteronomy 28:37). Hence we have been called by all manner of derogatory names, and we cannot agree on what to name ourselves, even now. Well, the simple truth is, kept well-hidden by our enemies (Deuteronomy 28:68, Psalm 83:2-6) for obvious reasons, is that we are children of Israel, the people of the Book, and of the Promise, the Prodigal Son who will return to claim the house of his inheritance.

    India, like Africa, is a jumble of many seedlines, including the founding African seed of (Indus) Kush, from whom come “Ram” and “Shiva”, the biblical “Raamah” and “Sheba”: “And the sons of Cush; Seba, and Havilah, and Sabtah, and Raamah, and Sabtechah: and the sons of Raamah; Sheba, and Dedan.” (Genesis 10:7).

    To this (“African” if you insist) Kushite seedline, has been added, among others, as a result of invasion, notably Aryan seedline. From this comes caste oppression under the sytem of Varna (literally “colour”), to which Dr. Ambedkar, the Dalit who became President of India, took objection:

    The Hindu Civilisation…. is a diabolical contrivance to suppress and enslave humanity. Its proper name would be infamy. What else can be said of a civilisation which has produced a mass of people…. who are treated as an entity beyond human intercourse and whose mere touch is enough to cause pollution?

    So while Dalits (low-caste, no-caste) in India embrace Malcolm X and Marimba Ani as models of resistance to oppression (google “Dalit Panthers” modeled after the Black Panthers of the U.S.), descendants of Dalits in T&T (like Kangal and Persad, and some who renamed themselves “Maharaj”, a name that does not exist in India, rather is a title meaning “Great King” … but there is a Dalit caste called Mahar), would seem to prefer to nurture an emotional connection to India, rather than forge a new one in this land that gave them the opportunity that Mother India did not give them, and especially under the “together we aspire, together we achieve” policies of the PNM. Certainly, very few exercised the option to return to India at the end of indentureship, or to do so when they agitated against Independence for T&T.

    Be all that as it may, if we embrace the biological and emotional reality of (Israelite) seedline inheritance for ourselves, we may not deny it for anyone else. Therefore, I do not deny the Indo, in the house that is T&T, the right to be true to their Indo identity, whether it is Dalit, Aryan, or otherwise.

    However I do object — and this is the contextualization that needs to be given to Marimba Ani’s postulation — to the sophistry that asserts they have no other mother but Mother T&T, while to all appearances, clearing the way to make it safe for them to offer allegiance to “Grandmother” India, and thereby, under the cover thus gained, Indianize T&T and set themselves up in an unassailable position of dominance.

    Until Israel is restored as a political state, after the Second Coming, it is perfectly acceptable, as was the case with Daniel in exile in Babylon, to offer allegiance to the country in which one finds oneself, subject only to the requirement that obedience to God and the Holy Covenant must supersede all. That indeed is a requirement also, under the Constitution of T&T, so there is no necessary conflict. Therefore, whether we identify as Israelite, or as “Afrikan”, there is no “Negro” in T&T who is in any doubt that his allegiance is to “Mother T&T”. Even the proudest “Dashiki Afrikan” will never embrace Nigeria, or South Africa, so warmly as to be in danger of alienating his first loyalty to T&T. Certainly, if he identifies as Israelite, he will be in no danger of that.

    The matter is different for the Indo. The umbilical cord to mother India was never broken. That is why they were the “recalcitrant minority”; they objected to Negro Government in an independent T&T. They remained an emotional stranger to the house of Independent T&T. They have sought secession in a separate state of “Indesh”. They have run to Canada slandering T&T, claiming to be refugees from Negro oppression. If that emotional shift is not possible, the stranger is most welcome to remain a stranger, enjoying the right thereof of non-oppression, but they may not also assert the rights of a national, especially not the right to rule. The stranger may not remain emotionally a stranger, yet claim to be super-patriot, or “Trini 2 de bone”. That is a deceit, tantamount to requiting evil for good: “And they have rewarded me evil for good, and hatred for my love.”(Psalm 109:5). The deceit has extended as far as slander, and the bearing of false witness, as was the case with the “refugees”. That slander remains as yet unrepented and unatoned. Now we see what may arguably be deemed to be a disloyal Prime Minister, in violation of her oath of allegiance to Mother T&T, making obeisance to a foreign head of state.

    Yahweh was very clear in his strictures to the Israelites, that no stranger should be allowed to rule: “… one from among thy brethren shalt thou set king over thee: thou mayest not set a stranger over thee, which is not thy brother.” (Deuteronomy 17:15). Therefore, the Israelite in T&T has only himself to blame for embracing the Indo as fellow-nationals, given a room inside the house, when it is obvious, and was obvious from the beginning, that they did not extend willing allegiance to T&T to the exclusion of Mother India.

    We are even admonished that we must “come to terms with” the “emotional reality” of Indo-Trinbagonians.

    No, quite the opposite. I respectfully submit that it is the stranger, that must come to terms with the emotional reality of the house in which he finds himself. Yes he is welcome to join. Certainly he may not be oppressed in the house, even if he retains his stranger-hood. It is his right to hold on to Mother India if he wishes. But then, do not pretend to be a super-patriot, or any patriot at all, to take advantage of too guile-less a host.

    Now we may finally contextualize the postulation of such as Marimba Ani, and hopefully relieve our black nationalist Afrikan brethren of the checkmate in which they think they find themselves, when they make common cause with the Indo in T&T. Marimba Ani, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey etc. espoused for the “Negro”, disengagement from the European house of America, and an emotional and even physical return to Africa. They did not espouse forked-tongue deceit. Therefore it is sophistry to use Marimba Ani to advance a vile agenda, which she herself did not and would not countenance, rather something very different: “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” (Revelation 18:4). The black liberationists agitated for *separation*, not for *ingratiation*, the better to secure advantage.

    The logic of the situation, unfortunately, is that of the unwelcome guest. Either they will crowd out and take over the house from the host — neverdirty’s marginalization apprehension — or they will have to be ejected as they were in Fiji. They evidently will never avail of the third option offered them by Dr. Williams at the founding of our democracy. Rather, the recalcitrant minority has requited evil for good, and now think that guile will let them get away with it, indeed take over the whole house.

    Now, having said that, I have no fear for the ultimate outcome, which is not that far distant. If prophecy has been right on every count, it will also be right on this one: “And Yahweh thy God will put all these curses upon thine enemies, and on them that hate thee, which persecuted thee.” (Deuteronomy 30:7).

    The Indo-Trini has the opportunity to evade the fate of this prophecy, but the choice is up to them: “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” (Genesis 12:3).

    But for that they must come clean, thank rather than curse the bridge they have crossed, repudiate the slanders of which they have been guilty, repudiate forked-tongue deceit, and accept finally, the invitation offered to them by Eric Williams at the founding of independent T&T.


    Matthew 12:25. And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand…

    1. Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s!
      Williams’ was a purely and exclusively a political statement and he did not know better than to classify the Indo-T&T on the same plane as the Afro and Sino. He did not know what is a Trinbagonian nor what are the essentials of the Indo-T&T personality not being a sociologist and limited by his arrogance and ignorance he presided over wanton discrimination against citizens by his Mother. T&T

      1. Yaah Uncle Kangal, keep damblaying your bottom in the face of Afro Trinis , by denegrating their heroric leaders, while simultaneously trying to impress them as to how great a people those from your tribe are , even if there is not a single iota of evidence, to prove this to be the case.
        Now here is a question for you my none sociologist friend. Do ou think it is a coincident that no other Indian woman,of lowly ancestry ,was ever able to rise to prominance as a Prime Minister , or President,across the Commonwealth , but T&T? Do you think that the likes of yourself, could have served for 38 years, in one of our sensitive ,State’s Ministries , with so much dislike for your nation, and leaders of a particular race , under a an administration of Hindu political head guru ,R.N. Capildeo for 38 years , or thousands, of low peasants from within the tribe, likely trived , politically, and economically , under say,a Basdeo Pando stewardship, during the period the Doc reign?
        Let me tell you my biggest problem with Afrikan leaders – not only in my country , but globally.They are too tolerant of the other , and would apease, and do the limbo dance to elevate , every tribe over their own, and how sad.
        As for T&T , we see what that got us . A triumplist bunch in charge of our country , unwilling to give credit where it is due , prepard to destroy all concept of our fledging democracy, and set us up for an inivetable racially/ tribally diven, colision course . If you are curious as to who will win that war , I ‘ll let you know in my my next correspondence.
        Long live de Republic of T&T!
        Luv Humanity!

  6. Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and unto God the things that are God’s!

    This matter is of intense interest to God, you can be sure of that!

    Williams’ was a purely and exclusively a political statement and he did not know better than to classify the Indo-T&T on the same plane as the Afro and Sino.

    I understand clearly, that the Indo considers himself to be on a higher plane. It is delusional thinking, that explains what you follow with…

    … limited by his arrogance and ignorance [Williams] presided over wanton discrimination against citizens by his Mother. T&T

    I was a beneficiary of Williams’ PNM educational policy, and so was Kamla Persad, and so, I dare say, were you. I can state, as a witness for the defence, that there was no such “wanton discrimination”, and it is a slander for you to say so.

    As we Israelites fulfill the Book, so too do our enemies: “1Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? 2The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, 3Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. 4He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: Yahweh shall have them in derision. 5Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.” (Psalms 2:1-5)

    You “rage”, and you “imagine a vain thing”, and God will visit upon you his “sore displeasure”.

    More specifically, Scripture lets us know Yahweh’s prophesied displeasure with “Asia”: “46 And thou, Asia, that art partaker of the hope of Babylon, and art the glory of her person: 47 Woe be unto thee, thou wretch, because thou hast made thyself like unto her; and hast decked thy daughters in whoredom, that they might please and glory in thy lovers, which have always desired to commit whoredom with thee. 48 Thou hast followed her that is hated in all her works and inventions: therefore saith God, 49 I will send plagues upon thee; widowhood, poverty, famine, sword, and pestilence, to waste thy houses with destruction and death.” (2 Esdras 15:46-49).

    Yahweh is displeased with “Asia”, and calls her a “wretch”, because she is “partaker of the hope of Babylon”, which in its simplest sense is the theft of the land and labour of others, through physical, social, religious, financial or other subjection. In your delusion, you may not recognize the Indo in that description. Your delusion is not however constraining of Yahweh’s judgment.

    The other item on Yahweh’s charge-sheet is that Asia “is the glory of her person”. You accuse Williams of arrogance, yet here it is you would put the Indo on a separate “plane” altogether from the “Afro” … and the “Sino” too besides. No mention of the “Euro”, however, I wonder why? Yahweh knows your arrogance, and calls you out on it.

    Such arrogance is particularly unbecoming of a Dalit descendant. If there is any spiritual value in being oppressed, it is that one should learn humility, and submission to God. More than others, the Israelite has been forced into the position of knowing what it is like to be oppressed, and we are specifically enjoined to not oppress the stranger (Exodus 22:21). The Dalit cannot escape that precept. And when you resort to slander, and the bearing of false witness, as a tool of political propaganda, do not suppose that Yahweh suspends his Law to suit your temporal purpose.

    Anyway, Yahweh promises “woe” to Asia. As the whole house of Israel has suffered woe for the last 2,500 years, so now that woe will be suffered by the “heathen that doth rage”, and in his delusion, imagines a “vain” thing, including that he is somehow superior to the “Negro”. I will quote again only one of the many scriptures that speaks to this turning of the tables: “And Yahweh thy God will put all these curses upon thine enemies, and on them that hate thee, which persecuted thee.” (Deuteronomy 30:7).

    But all prophecies of doom are conditional. If you repent your evil, and change your wicked ways, Yahweh will certainly pardon. But in your Indo delusion, I see little sign of that. Anyway, here is your ticket, should the Indo choose to accept it: “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” (Genesis 12:3).


    In case not, consider:

    Revelation 22:11. He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

  7. Check yourself Kangal, no one gives a hoot about how you live your lives, who and how you worship,or whether you rent or build houses. Our concern is the Prime Minister bespoiling the name of a country that our forefathers slaved in, bled in, and broke the ground that you all live on today. The Prime Minister can do what she likes as a Hindu. But when she represents T&T she is not representing Hindus, she is representing Trinidadians. If you are unable to make this transistion, then you should seek separation or some other process that will allow you to be nationalist Hindus without ego tramping on others.

  8. Maybe it is time for there to be some kind of bipartite political administration in T&T where Hindus can Govern themselves, and others and can do likewise. Our Nation is not a Hindu Nation, Hindus did not precede others in this nation, and his idea that the rest of T&T must resign themsevles to ethnic ego triumphalistic crap need to stop this instant.

    1. Define for me who or what is a Trinbagonian because you cannot leave Tobago out of the formula.

      Flight to any other jurisdiction is not our option. It appears that fighting to define our cultural space is not something that you are prepared to accommodate because you regard T&T as your exclusive domain. Be assured that when you abandoned sugar the girmitias filled your vacancy and worked as hard as any body else in King Sugar to earn their economic space and are now struggling to earn their cultural space that is their entitlement. T&T is a multicultural society with freedom of religion and a Hindu is as T&T as a Christian culturally, nationality wise and politically also.
      Why is it when we make cogent and convincing argumentation to back up our situation you are only too willing get us out of here like Williams as if this is your exclusive possession and we are tenants and the rent we pay is to conform or sink or get to hell outa here. That is bankrupt thinking.
      Rest assured the Indians have no history of having mashed up this place by taking up arms because we are the Shanti people.

  9. “Rest assured the Indians have no history of having mashed up this place by taking up arms because we are the Shanti people.” Oh really , Uncle Kandal. Let me guess de implied translation.
    ‘You alls ,’ are the peaceful , more compliant ones, when compared to Kinky head , big butt Mandigo/ Housa, Ashanti, Fulani/ Kikuyu/ Zulu nation,huh?
    Let’s check the facts.Since 1948 ,almost 150 million Hindu,Sikhs, and Muslims, have slaughtered each other in inter tribal wars, across India , Kashmir , Bangladesh, Pakistan , and don’t forget your Tamils 25 year terrorist wars, with my Senanles buddies in Sri Lanka.
    By the way , do you know that prior to said Hindustan terrorist actions in that Buddhist fiefdom, no one else in the world, knew anything about suicide bombings? Rajiv Rip , thank you very much.
    The irony is that there remain only one people , that your South Asian cousins, are hesitant to go up against physically, and that is their much adored Cacasians enimies.
    I know you are not a Sociologist , or heaven forbid,a neo Feudian Psycologist, but care to guess why?
    I’ll tell you ,and it’s an ingrained sense of insecurity, laced with that ever present ,self loathing penchant .Here is another reason ,you might wish to accept . It’s a not too subtle fear that you might have more in common with Global Afrikans , than you might wish to admit.
    History have shown , that prior to the Christian Europeans, and Islamist Arab rapist , invasions into India , one could not distinguish much difference ,between indeginious Indians , and their cousins from Afrika.
    You know my more progressive minded folks , don’t cuz Kandal , and ilks, remind you with this their so called cultural obsessions , of Gay rights activist , and proponents across the European/ American world ,that tries too desperately , to force their lifestyles down our troats , and corrupt our kids ,if given a chance? Get it clear guys , no one cares what you do in the privacy of your homes as far as religion , or practices.
    It however becomes a problem when you 1, try to force de reluctant amongst the tribe , to subscribe to it, and 2, when in position of power ,and influence, your leaders, and policy wonks,attempt likewise to shape an agenda, that discriminate’s against others, not similaly inclined. Why will we die fighting , and pushing back against this? I’ll tell you Uncle K. It’s undemocratic ,a and totally against our noble ideals as T&T citizens, and decent members of the International community, that suscribes to Universal Human Rights Principles. Glad you somehow , conveniently remember, a place called Tobago. Sorry , but no 50 story 5000 room Hindu Temple in my island, to satisfy 50 transplants from Guyana.
    Caranage , and Lavantile , Movant, will be more welcoming. Nuff Said!

    Luv Humanity!

    1. Do not deliberately mispel Indian names that is clearly written in front of you. That is an aspect of the disrespect and odium in which things Indian are held and viewed by my Afro brothers. I know it from youth and am prepared to take it on and try to correct in the interest of the truth and justice and equality.

  10. What cogent and convincing argument, and convincing to who. You slip peepeth out fella. I mean the fact other Indians like yourself is convinced by what you write us far from being an objective definition of convincing.

    Your argument is that Hinduism has paramountcy over nationality in T&T, and ours is that no, never, absolutely not. The holocaustic blood, sweat and tears that defined our ancestors experience across this Caribbean and South American Geography hundreds of years before yours were invited to leave the misery and caste stratification of Mother India will never be allowed to succumb to the vile stratagems at play in T&T today. You and all of your racist cohorts have been exposed over the part 8 months, and that genie of awareness aint ever going back into the bottle again.

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