Let the Jackasses Bray

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
November 29, 2011

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeThere is blindness among the leaders of the UNC government that will lead to its demise. Overconfident by the results of May 2010, it refuses to see that its victory was not so much an affirmation of their prospective policies (which were ill-thought out at best) but a refusal of citizens to accept what Mr. Manning and his team were doing. In rejecting PNM the electorate stated categorically that they were against Manning’s increasingly tendencies of one-manism, his refusal to listen to others; and his knee-jerk support of Calder Hart whose practices left many persons uncomfortable.

In their glorious delusion, the UNC do not realize that Trinidadians and Tobagonians are a wise and patient people. They are willing to give a person a chance provided he or she respects the terms of the social contract established among them and displays a genuine attempt to be fair and unbiased.

The UNC-government has proven to be a complete failure, faltering only to deceive. They have inflicted upon us Anand Ramlogan, Tim Gopeesing, and Suruj Rambachan (the most obvious of the lot) whose racist tendencies surpass anything we have seen before in a T&T government. Since their victory little (or almost nothing) has been heard from Errol McCloud, Macandal Dagga and Ainsworth Jack.

Jack Warner is another story. His power is fading slowly. Soon he will be a voice of the past and Hindu hegemony will be complete. Poor thing. He (and certainly we, the people) did not know that when we elected the UNC we were installing a Hindu theocracy rather than a liberal democracy.

This raises the following question: Did Kamla believe that when the people of T&T voted for the UNC under the guise of the People’s Partnership they expected to see a government in which Hindu zealots determine policy and point the direction in which our society should go? Did they believe they would live to see a day when African people would become the butt of scorn and ridicule?

When we elected UNC did we expect to see black folks discriminated against in every walk of life; public boards manipulated so blatantly by the heavy hands of government ministers; state resources given away so wantonly; and Trinidadians and Tobagonians placed in a position in which they hear echoes of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and the Fiji Islands resonating loudly in their ears?

But, as my mother used to say, “what miss yo’ eh pass yo.”

The crisis of confidence in our government began from day one. The fist thing from the PM’s lips was the proclamation of a multicultural policy rather than the emphasis on our oneness as a people. This divisiveness was intensified by the imposition of a state of emergency (SOE) for which no serious rationale has ever been given. All the Minister of National Security told us was: “Please believe in me. I have your best interest of heart. I am black and so I cannot help but act in the nation’s best interest.”

Then the police arrested only black men from black communities and the obvious bias of the government was on display. Their credibility took a serious beating.

In an attempt to boost their credibility (or so it seems) the Commissioner of Police announced that a radical Muslim group in Central Trinidad who were linked to members “of the Picton Road, Laventille and other criminal gangs” were conspiring to assassinate the Prime Minister and selected members of her Cabinet. A government source told the Express that “the police have enough evidence and information to ensure that detention orders are obtained against the suspects. ‘The plan was at an advanced stage and they had international connections to terrorist links.’ The source added that the plan to assassinate Persad-Bissessar and her colleagues was caught in the ‘nick of time'” (November 27).

Strangely enough, we are not told who these persons are, their specific charges, or the evidence that led to such a drastic announcement. Since Laventille and the criminal gangs were not enough to support their brief they had to broaden the conspiracy theory and add in “international connections?” We are asked also to believe that folks outside of T&T are bent on bringing down our government.

Somehow, T&T is yet to be convinced about the truthfulness of these assertions. The Minister of National Security ponders aloud: “I’m saddened by the revelation of some with something as serious as this and utterances that tend to trivialize what has occurred” (Newsday, November 28). Yet, the credibility of the government has fallen so low that even outside sources have cast a skeptical eye on the government’s claims. Reuters reported: “The government’s vague announcement and reluctance to provide more information has puzzled many in the twin-island Caribbean country” (November 28).

In fact, Kevin Gray of Reuters seemed to be on to something whey he noted that “Many ordinary Trinidadians also express doubt [about news of the assassination attempts] suggesting that Persad-Bissesser may be trying to shore up her political support at a time when her government has been struggling to revive the economy.”

Like I said, Trinis are wise and patient people. They could read people and situations from a million miles off. UNC may feel that it has fooled us but the reality is different. Although we are prepared to be tolerant we are not prepared to be lied to or to be made fools of. Dr. Williams did not educate us for nothing.

My mother, God Bless her Soul, used to say, “the longest rope has an end.” In her moments of greater tolerance, she would say: “One day for you; another day fo’ me.” As Dr. Williams, the quintessential Trinbagonian, said of Chalkdust, “Let the donkey bray.” Time will reveal UNC’s folly and their willful blindness.

Mr. Sandy need not worry nor be afraid. Each passing day and every unsolicited UNC utterance the UNC digs its own grave and plans its ultimate demise. Trinbagonians are only waiting to bury them with the necessary opprobrium they deserve.

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  1. This is a government that lives by “PR” and dies by “PR”, they believe that whatever missteps that may have been committed “PR” will correct it. Judging from the bloggs, there is definitely a cadre of support for it’s policies, no matter how divisive or foolhardy. If we follow the reasoning put forward by the political frontliners, we are being told that the asassination plot was being etched out by those who did not like the SOE, the drug merchants who did not want to see her anti-crime effort succeed, people who were held by the state during the SOE and let go, etc, etc, etc…… Fact of the matter is (1) Very few, if any of us, have been truly informed as to why there is a state of emergency. (2) The SOE, by reason of it’s obligatory statutory requirements, increased the visibility of law enforcement and military occupation, crime has likewise shown a decline (and this is what Kamla & Co., view as their crowning achievement in the SOE exercise). (3) Kamla’s policies upon her
    coronation as head of the PP instituted Hindu principles and re-enforced them by naming Hindu operatives in important ministries of government namely; Rambachan (foreign policy), Gopeesingh (education), Sharma (local government), Devant (Transportation), Anand (AG), Moonilal (Housing) and of course the very vocal Mohammed (PSC). Being the distinguished disciple, of Sat Maharaj, Kamla boldly pushed his pet peeves ahead of any reasoning anyone else might want to offer. She (as prime minister of a government) vowed to give us more hindu schools. (4) Lies soon became the mantra by which she would govern. From Reshmi to Sat’s behaviour regarding the principal of the Tunapuna hindu school. In the face of contrary informatkion Kamla was (and still is) consistent with her lies by any means necessary. The blacks in her cabinet has no natural constituency or following but serves as a reminder that she was favourably elected by some who many not necessarily be considered UNC. These men, such as Sandy, Warner, McCloud, & Co., play their roles on cue. They come to the fore whenever Kamla needs to show that she is the leader of all the people. Whatever value they might be at this point is difficult to ascertain but Kamla can still boast of diversity. (5) Sat plays a more sinister public roll than anyone who has been arrested during the life of this SOE, he continues to push the fire of hinduism, boldly and publicly talk about unrest, pushes racism against “non-indians” and is not held accountable to anyone nor even been accused by anyone for the horse manure he pushes and Kamla endorses. Anand on the other hand uses the office of AG to do many things, amongst them the protection of Ish and Steve, The issuing of contracts to mostly hindu lawyers, pushing of hindu ideals, directs his most important cases to (only) Indian magistrates and Judges in order to get the verdicts he assumes that he would get. Most of the people whom he decided that he wants to prosecute are Africans. He has been so careless in his disdain that he accused Mr. Manning of stealing a piano (he didnt even know the name of it) whilst the piano was there steering him in his face. (6) The highlight of their SOE campaign is purportedly to fight against the drug industry, yet they are unable to tell us the names of the consignees to who the drug laden docked ships containing the deadly poison was addressed. They want us to believe that Robocop embodies the picture they painted of a “big fish”! While there might be few who would want to defend Robocop’s reputation and legend, few if any, beleive that he embodies the caricature of those who are capable of bringing massive amount of drugs, guns, ammunitions, south american girls and the evils that befall our beloved country. There are those who are guilty of the caricature but are protected and there are those who our current law enforcement officiandos want us to believe are capable of doing these things.
    Bottom line is this: Our government is hindu in nature and operation, “PR” is overplayed, they “buy” the weak such as Watson Duke, Daaga and some trade union leaders. They are afraid to govern without the cover of the SOE, fairness is no longer a word that they subscribe to. Almost all of the people held under their governance are who? ………….Africans. Under the stewardship of they AG they lament Laventille, Morvant, sneakers,
    pants worn under the butts, laziness, idleness, etc, etc. these words have well placed meaning and not to be taken lightly. It is time for sleeping Africans to wake up and understand the use of words in the English language.

  2. Once more ,quite an excellent analysis ,Dr Cudjoe, and one that was very necessary. The expression ‘keeping de barbarians at the gate,’ was never more appropriate , I say. Continue the fine work, and added to this , let us do our part, to publicly give support, to Opposition Leader ,Dr Rowley , as he too produce the evidence, to show that overkill exuberance, tied up under the perennial cloud of ‘ethnic victimhood ,’ was at play , under the guise of alleged assassinations.
    Now for the record ,we have been down this road before ,all be it at the micro levels , where ‘refugee status ,’ ‘Afro Trini – PNM orchestrated genocide,’ and ‘preposterous racial discriminations claims ,’were made to gullible foreign entities, for personal gains.
    As an ardent law abiding citizens myself , who was forced to pack his bags ,for what appeared as better regions across the GLOBAL NORTH,two decades ago , in effort to genuinely escape political tyranny,I won’t condone any form of lawlessness, but likewise ,would not support any group , in or out of power, who tries desperately to tarnish my country, with spurious assertions , just for narrow gains.

    http://www.trinidadexpress.com/news/FREE_THEM-134953228.htmlAs a fervent patriots who was able to see some of the worst that mankind has to offer, I have offered via this forum to show what part was necessary , if ‘progressive change,’ ‘sustainable development,’ and ‘Human Security,’ were to be, more than mere catch phrases ,as far as our country future is concern. Of course , most of mine and similar concerned citizens suggestions , were repeatedly dismissed by the ardent fans.

    The ball is squarely , in ‘Her Majesty Queeen K’s Government’ court . Hopefully she play’s it correctly, as pitting her pit- bulls against our Dr Rowley , for simply doing his constitutionally mandated duty , is not only backward , and defeatist, but would ultimately fail.
    May truth prevail, and justice as common during the previous 47 years of our existence as a nation, continue.
    I remain an ardent optimist , that continue to wish our people well.
    Long live the Republic of T&T.
    Luv Humanity . It’s a beautiful life!

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