Sat and Devant on the Saddle

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
November 15, 2011

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeSat and Devant riding high on de saddle now and dey driving a hard bargain. Many who voted for the UNC never expected them to thrust Sat and Devant on we with such force, guns ablazing. Even those who refused to vote (and I am culpably in this regard), are feeling uneasy about what is happening in the country. However, I do not think those who voted for UNC and those who abstain should feel badly. They did the correct thing in telling Patrick Manning that he had gone too far and had to be restrained. That is the essence of democracy. Whenever things go out of whack, a countervailing force always steps in to correct the excesses of any party. Silvio Berlusconi who ruled Italy supreme for seventeen years is gone. Muamar Gaddafi ruled Libya for forty two years. He’s gone. As my mamma used to say, “Nothing lasts forever.”

Having the UNC in power is good for the country. It is a glorious moment and an edifying experience. It allows us to contrast one government with another; see how one does things as opposed to another; see what one party espouses when it is outside of power and how it behaves once it gets into power. So many instructive matters have come up over the last week we would be brain-dead if we did not reflect upon the behavior of the government and how it conducts its business.

Recently, the nation was regaled with the following headline: “Sat Blocked Black Children” in which Patricia McIntosh “slammed the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) for its conduct at the Tunapuna Hindu Primary School in denying equal opportunities to pupils of different denominations, particularly black children who reside with the catchments area” (Express, Nov. 10). Never mind that the Mirror revealed the story weeks ago and Jennifer Baptiste-Primus raised it months previously on her Sunday morning program. Needless to say, raising it in the Legislative Council gave the story more wings.

Whatever the merits of the allegations, one would have thought that a dispassionate minister concerned about all of the children in our schools would have jumped into this matter with alacrity to insure that the nation’s children were treated fairly. Not so fast. The Minister of Education, the one responsible for the well-being of our children, advised Ms. McIntosh “to take the issue of alleged discrimination by the Maha Sabha at the Tunapuna Hindu Primary School to the Equal Opportunities Commission for a ruling.” He chided Ms. McIntosh further: “You have a matter that is close to your heart; you should probably send it to the Equal Opportunity Commission for their deliberations on it” (Express, Nov. 10).

Things did not end there. Devant Maharaj accompanied Sat Maharaj “to press charges against the principal, two school supervisors, the police and the fire officers who had accompanied them to the school on the previous day.” When asked whether he had accompanied Sat Maharaj to the station, Devant Maharaj replied: “I have asked for a copy of the Hansard (of McIntosh) … I am going to look through it and see if it was factual, and if it is not, I will take the appropriate action” In due time, the AG will be introduced into the fray.

Wasn’t there a time when a member’s contribution in the Legislature was protected speech? Wasn’t that the one place where a representative of the people could say what she felt without fear of coercion or prosecution?

But then there is no stopping Devant. He seems to be the monarch of everything he surveys; his rights there is none to dispute. After taking care of the Port Authorities Board, he looked over his kingdom (remember he has about eight such realms) and decided who gets the goodies next. He does not bother with the tendering process nor, for that matter, is he concerned unduly with the Board’s recommendation. He looks over his kingdom (this time, Airports Authority) and decides he has some “special requests” (“special favors” may be the better word) that must be given out. He calls his favorite subjects and does the necessary favors.

Vaman Bajnath is the former chairman of the AATT. In an attempt to please his monarch’s desires he acted promptly and with dispatch. Just to give two examples. He gave favorable consideration for Bridgecom Ltd ($2,156,189) and attorney Jagdeo Singh of Fortis Chambers for AATT legal portfolio who, if memory serves me correctly, was this the same legal firm that was given favorable consideration at the Port Authority? And on and on it goes.

And wasn’t this the same Devant (together with Queen Kamla) who was making a stink about the favorable treatment afforded Africans in the scholarship scandal? Was it the same Devant who claimed that procedures weren’t followed in the “secret scholarship program?” It is difficult to know if we are talking about the same person but somehow the names sounds familiar…

I don’t know how long these members of royalty will hand out special favors to their subjects and throw out those whom they do not like out of their realm. But I am glad that the persons who have made the allegations of wrongdoings are Sita Gajadharshing Nanga and Vaman Bajnath. It tells me that you can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

It also tells me that there are decent Trinidadians who are willing to stand up for the right thing. It matters not the circumstances under which they come forward. It matters that what seemed like a bright and shining promise just nineteen months ago is nothing more than tinsel and gaudy froth parading itself as something substantial.

Sat and Devant may keep on riding even yet higher but the higher they rise on the saddle the steeper will be the fall and with it will come the crumbling of the UNC kingdom, ‘Queen Kamla’, and the false pretenders who have gathered around the throne.

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  1. “Sat and Devant may keep on riding even yet higher but the higher they rise on the saddle the steeper will be the fall and with it will come the crumbling of the UNC kingdom, Queen Kamla, and the false pretenders who have gathered around the throne.”

    The government is not built around Sat and Devant. This writer has obviously gone off to the deep end as a commentator, not focusing on writing a balance article but like Rowley and the PNM gang in Parliament his focus is on “wajang” and “chuchur”.
    Who defines the PP, if you read this article you would think that it is two individuals. Lost in this poisonous concoction is the work of so many other MPs. As I have said before people like Mr. Sandy, Roodal, Faud, Jack, Vasant, Ramlogan, contributions are carefully ignore. They are place to the back of bus by this writer and that is shameful at best. But it is not be totally unexpected because the PNM develop more cult members than anyone can count.

    1. “Who defines the PP, if you read this article you would think that it is two individuals.”
      Remember this? ‘One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.’ That is probably why the PNM is where they are today, and the writer made reference to this when he wrote, “They did the correct thing in telling Patrick Manning he had gone too far and had to be restrained.” Also, ‘A chain is as strong as its weakest link.’ And dont forget the proverb. ‘One fool makes many.’ In local parlance we say, ‘Stupidity is contagious.’

      1. The key word Frontsman is “define”. A party is not defined by individuals, it is defined by its’ whole political ethos. If such behaviours are endemic to the party and is not a minority situation then there will be cause for concern. But in every party you do have a weak link that becomes the central focus of Opposition ridicule and thinking.

  2. Having read this commentary by Selwyn Cudjoe and is in agreement with some of what is written.
    I wish to ask Cudjoe why is it he continue to refer to the People’s Partnership Government as the U N C Government is it deliberate? or it that in order to fan the flames of racial politics this is done?
    The PP Government comprise UNC, NJAC, COP and TOP and it is that combinaion that thousands voted for,as the UNC alone could not win 41 seats as they would not of won the two seats in Tobago in fact they would not of fielded any candidates there. and of course they would not of won 39 in Trinidad not even under Kamla.
    The PP Government is a reality so all who deliberately call it UNC they know the truth.
    Selwyn for you and all who want to know the last time I voted is in 1981 and I voted for NJAC for an honest and decent young Brother named Makemba from Barataria who I knew would not of won,as I cannot do what thousands do vote for “the lesser EVIL” as I cannot vote for any EVIL.
    Clive Nunez

    1. Clive the writer of this article is a divider. He sees the government as UNC and racist. It is easier for him in his dark lonely world. The PP government started a program to assist citizens in leading a better life. The goal is 20,000 employed. You look at the people who are benefitting from the public largesse and you get a picture that the PP is acting without prejudice towards it’s citizenry. The majority of those benefitting never voted for the PP.

      1. If that’s your reasoning, I suppose you are either blind of blind folded. Remember the UNCA won a total of 21 seats and if I am correct 21 is greater than 6 and 2. So if we are to take our heads out of the sand and stop pretending we would see who the government really is. This accommodation seeks only to engage our support. From where I sit politicians only care about themselves and there close friends.Wake up people! And to all my fellow trinis who honestly feel we have gotten change, look closer and see if it’s not exchange.

      2. Don’t get carried away mammoo. How the hell are they going to get 20, 000 people employed , doing what? They don’t wish to spend money on constructions of roads,and even if they do , all the employees might be Guyanese ,or Chinese. They talk a whole lot about crime reduction , so how many police do they propose employing. Are they planning to do like big brother America , and construct more prisons- a la privatized Prison Industrial Complex? No rapid rails, no la Brea smelting plants.You have no wars , to expand your military , and is not engaged in Peace building humanitarian, disaster relief exercises outside of our country, as Field Marshall Sandy prefers to have his boys in gang green , run around Se lots, Diego , and St James , beating up innocent poor folks , while messing up police officers efforts. They almost forgot about Tobago , thay are not constructing house, and every policy move seem to require the vetting of Papa Sat Maraj.
        No one is planting food since they lack the incentives.
        What bull crap are you talking about majority not voting for the PP? ARE YOU NUTS? We have 1000 Chinese Trinis, in our country , 2000 Arabs,maybe 5000 Euro Trinis , and the rest are equally divided between Indians, and Afrikas ,with a few confused Douglas throw in , as well as La Siva / Santa Cruz / Arimans ,Venezuelan transplants ,who naively think they are Hispanics,with direct links to Spain / Portugal, in between. What is the game plan,outside of micromanaging my Police brothers and sisters , as maybe only you seem to know?
        Again , are you drunk , in thinking that the PP got to power only via Indian votes? Keep up this nonsense , and the next time an Indo Trini,would be PM in this country might be in the year 2059 my friend. Just cut it out. Every time to give me a pail of milk , you try to sneak into the back room when I am in the toilet , and kick it down.
        Luv humanity !

        1. Neal
          I am offended by your continued reference to Douglas as confused!
          Check you comments. You often make deragatory remarks about Douglas.

    2. It’s not only that misfit who refers to the PP government as unc BUT Rothweiller & many others including the individual who stalked Jearlean John!!

  3. Victim-hood or the victim syndrome is both defeatist and counterproductive to those so affected. The history of Trinidad and Tobago is riddled with sectarian interests who suffer from the deviance and devastation association with this psychological enslavement. One former Prime Minister once argued that all citizens of this country see themselves as victims. I would like to suggest that this phenomenon to a large extent affect the political psychology and race relations in this country. If this be so then we are faced with a major hindrance to our progress and the solidarity necessary to build a nation. When we factor the fact that traditionally the two major races are politically polarised then one can understand the complexity of moving beyond suspicion. Then we have the development of a political culture, notwithstanding pronouncements of unity, togetherness and oneness, that has evolved and exploited by politicians to further their agendas and maintain their power base. So fear, suspicion, insularity, unpatriotic utterances & allegiances will predominate where ignorance, unsubstantiated accusations and questionable motives rule.

    Which bring us to attempts at redressing the negatives that plague our society. If it is factual that knowledge is power then a people devoid of well researched information or are only exposed to bias analysis and half truths, whether at the university level, the media or by those with hidden/sinister agendas, will continue to purport skewed understanding of our socio-political, socio-economic and socio-religious dilemmas. To this end I have often rued the inability of our academics to produce a history of Trinidad & Tobago that clearly reflect the sociological and psychological components of our historical and cultural evolution. Unless this is done perceptions and stereotypes will further escalate to dangerous proportions and, as this present issue (the Tunapuna Hindu school fiasco) has already proven, can do damage to interracial solidarity & peaceful coexistence.

    The truth must be told and documented about the contribution of all races to the social, political and cultural development of Trinidad & Tobago. It must be taught in schools, discussed in communities and vetted in the media. Again I maintain that perceptions and stereotyping must stop as it is incrementally dividing rather than developing our potential as a united people. Hidden and sinister agendas must be exposed, renounced and dispassionately analysed by all relevant independent stakeholders.

    Failing this the fanatics, religious zealots, racists etc. would have won and peace, equity, truth, justice would have lost.

    1. Real Bishop, what you state is not only truthful and honourable, but it is also presented incomparably well.

      That said, I would not so much posit points counter to yours as complementary.

      Yes, a history that is factual, incisive and inclusive would be more than useful; it could well assist in maturing the polity and stave off any possibility of civil unrest and worse.

      However, while truth is paramount, it still needs to be defended.

      Defending truth requires resources.

      Resources include print and electronic media in public and private hands; media and other platforms for dissiminating information through drama, debate, public and other forms of discourse including schools, colleges, universities and other areas of advanced education, etc.

      All of these require financial means in both private and public hands.

      In short, truth is oft short-changed because, despite its cornerstone contributions to advancing peace, order and good governance, it is, compared to the independent variable of wealth, a very dependent variable.

  4. Historian Crane Brinton in his book,’Anatomy of a Revolution,’ said , “The preconditions for successful revolution are ,discontent that affects nearly all social classes, widespread feelings of entrapment and despair, unfulfilled expectations, a unified solidarity in opposition to a tiny power elite, a refusal by scholars and thinkers to continue to defend the actions of the ruling class, an inability of government to respond to the basic needs of citizens, a steady loss of will within the power elite itself and defections from the inner circle, a crippling isolation that leaves the power elite without any allies or outside support and, finally, a financial crisis.” To this end ,he further added, advocates should make ”impossible demands that if the government met would mean the end of the old configurations of power. The second stage, the one we have entered now, is the unsuccessful attempt by the power elite to quell the unrest and discontent through physical acts of repression.”
    Hmmmmm! This kind of remind’s me of China’s 1989 Tiananmen Square.The pro democracy ,Arab Spring uprisings comes to mind, and so does recent upheavals in our adored Europe , and ‘Note Americana,’ today.
    Outside of foolish fixations on useless carnival jump up , and petty screaming ,over nonsensical tribalist issues , ‘where are my progressive mosaic of people at,’ in Sweet, Sweet, T&T, aka Rainbow Country?
    As for you often disingenuous,doom and gloom prognosticating intellectuals,turn journalist,Trade Union leaders,and sad ,self aggrandizing politicians, who have mastered the art of trying to ‘be half pregnant,’while occasionally dabbling with paltry efforts ,allegedly aimed at changed , care to put forward a coherent roadmap ,to lead the masses out of their socio – economic – com political, quagmire? I did not think so .
    Dr Cudjoe,your call!
    Since we de people ,already know the problems, pray tell us your game plan,or forever hold your peace.
    Luv Humanity!

    1. Neal, Tiananmen Square was not a democracy movement. This farce has been passed of by the western media to confuse and mislead many publics.

      They use very effectively pictures like the singular man who, unarmed except for his convictions, withstood a cavalary of military tanks. These by their unique stance become symbols that are unequivocal in convincing these publics of their righteousness.

      Unfortunately, it is with consummate ease that demons of darkness come off as angels of light.

      The Tiananmen Square movement began as an anti-Black racist movement in which Black male students who dated Chinese female students was used as the spark for nationalist moves deliberately misinterpreted as being pro-democracy.

      In short, Tiananmen Square is no more democratic than was Montgomery, Alabama in the time of Rosa Parks.

      Se below for more details:

        1. Dexter, regretfully, I have no more info here.

          Maybe some other blogger(s) might be better informed.

          In addition, and here being as respectful to your point as possible, while there is oft much to be questioned and contested in these instances, yet, on not a few occasions what is stated can also be factual and honourable.


      1. Thanks neverdirty, for a refreshing perspective on the -if you prefer -uprisings.
        Perhaps it’s failure to effect any meaningful change, is now better understood. , outside of two of it’ s leaders becoming grad students with the help of Pax Americana perturbed they could not find a willing idiot such as Gorbachev, or , better yet Yeltsin the Vodka slurping drunkard.

        This might just be right up there with a young T&T historian ,name Eric Williams ,Phd thesis , Capitalism to slavery, which reveled the lie that slavery ended, in great measure , due to the benevolence of European neo Christian Masters, as opposed to the lack of economic viability of slavery, as a system.
        Well , in the words of one of the leaders ,Wu’er Kaixi ,China today has 7 elevens ,as well as Nike,and it’s thanks to them , even as the rest of his mostly ,islamist Uyghur people, are worst off than when Mao was alive.
        Ummmmmm, Afrikans were a catalyst for change? Just maybe we can start a dialogue as to why the men of the world are so afraid of the Afrikan males.
        In America , where they once lynch them , now they Jail, and execute them ,with impunity , under a racially skewed , genocidal ,death penalty/justice system,that can make Hitler , and the Barbarian SA Boers ashamed. In T&T , and Guyana , well , … fill in de blanks, and yet … the Doula swing voters. As for Afrika?

        Let’s keep dem honest trinamerican.
        On a more important note however, what are the lessons, I can extract from this, for aiding folks ,my ‘historically neglected, neck of the woods,’ in their quest for true socio economic – com political liberation? No , it’s not lavantille rd, Caranege , Gonzqles , or your former enclave ,Morvant.
        Chess playing my friend!
        Otra Vex , Muito Obrigado.

  5. “Dr Cudjoe,your call!
    Since we de people ,already know the problems, pray tell us your game plan,or forever hold your peace”.(NEAL)

    I am totally disappointed in Neal. I thought that he had figured out the Doc’s game plan by now. Have you not been reading the Doc’s articles i.e propaganda.
    The Doc is campaigning for the PNM in the next election. His continuing reference to the PP government as the UNC government is an attempt to reinforce the old style politics of race…UNC = Indian.He is rallying the PNM base in his divisive style. the Doc wants to recapture his perks…a Board position maybe, with all the dressings.
    Revolution? Neal, in T&T revolutions take place at the ballot box. We are more civilized than we are given credit for. On this latest issue however, the Doc has a valid point. We cannot tolerate political types messing with the nation’s children and denying them acceptance to schools based on race.

  6. T-Man said, “Revolution? Neal, in T&T revolutions take place at the ballot box.”
    Ah shucks , when it comes to definition , your reactions proves that either your age is showing , or you are really speaking a different language,to that of which I, a lifetime peace monger, none violent , law abiding citizen,subscribe to ,my friend.
    It is I, who find myself disappointed in you, for thinking that revolutions are only limited to violent actions.
    Now if you were cuz mamboo, I would scold you ,after pulling out the dictionary, but savvy rascal as you are, I’ll let this not too subtle stunt , slide, as I know , that you know better.
    Many might say, that the win, two years ago,by Queen K,followed by her efforts to push a different agenda,and hopefully ,cross racial culture, as opposed to that which was played out previously by Uncle Basdeo, aka ,de Bengal Tiger/ national divider in chief .
    As for the Doc , and his agenda , I won’t try to get into his head, but as an ardent political animal myself , I would tell who ever is in charge of the national party fiefdom , to pull out the sledge hammer and destroy the PNM house of cards ,as presently constituted.
    The only types of government ,that will be successful in our country moving forward , would be Alliance/ Coalition governments.
    For the record, T-Man , it did not begin with ‘Her Majesty,Queen K ,’ but way back in NAR 1986, with ‘Ah we bouy ANR,’ at the helm, but we know how dat experiment ended ,and the reasons why, huh?
    Speaking about bricks and stone revolutions -you appear to only be acquainted with -think anything meaningful ,might emerge from that Post 1990 Abu Bkar fake Islamist Coup , Commission findings, this century? Translation , any heads, in and out of government might roll- Wink , wink?
    Luv humanity.

  7. I would keep my piece to what the doctor is writing about – Sat and Devant, I read all the opposition views but none of them has disproved the facts that he put forward, which is a government seemingly run by the idealogy preached and practiced by these two individuals. Why is it OK for them to say whatever they want about the so-called “non Indians” , all be it rude, insulting, insensitive and untruthful and you hear nothing from those who take umbridge to Dr. Cudjoe’s opinion which is echoing anywhere there is a sense of self pride among the intellectual in the African community. It is time to call a spade a spade. In my lifetime I’m tired of black people being ashamed to call things for what they are. I’m tired of blacks who look for the little Chinee in them or the Spanish in them or the whatever else there is in their African. Look at TMan and Mamoo, they cant even intellectualise or address the morality of either of these men behaviour but it is easy for them to criticise Dr. Cudjoe is “PNM” (which connotates to “ni–er” in their way of thinking). It is easier and more comforting for them to castigate Dr. Cudjoe for saying what most black people feel about this government than
    the usual mamaguy that condescending blacks who feel guilty for saying what they truly feel. The truth is this government is pursuing the beliefs that Sat has subscribed to over the years. Gopeesingh was quick to call “ethnic cleansing” in the previous government but when it occurs under his ministry his solution is to “take it to the EEOC”, which by the way is staffed by relatives of the current PM. Why cant “these people” see and understand morality in the same way people who are “non Indians” see and understand it? I understand that most of them follow religious beliefs that is pagan in origin but we are in the twentyfirst century and relics such as Sat should not be allowed to distort the better thinking of well-meaning Trinidadians.

  8. “I would keep my piece to what the doctor is writing about–Sat and Devant.It is time to call a spade a spade. In my lifetime I’m tired of Black people,being ashamed to call things for what they are. Why cant “these people” see and understand morality in the same way people who are “non Indians” see and understand it?” Kian.
    Good observations,and follow up questions kian.I sense your frustrations,and must tell you that you are not alone, but in a democracy,dis is how the cookie crumbles.
    When you have a racial,and ethnically fractured society, which essentially consist of a mosaic of people with differing histories,goals,and often confused leaders ,and suspect intellectuals,who for their own narrow reasons,would interpret prevailing realities,as they deem fit,then you would have a problem.
    Now let me throw a few curve ball questions, at you, and see where your heart ‘is at,’ in terms or authentic concerns. Would mamboo, or T-Man begin their respective blogs, with the line you choose to use? For obvious reasons ,Uncle Shah , and Basdeo Panday ,remained political enemies for life , but did you see them publicly beat up each other across the media, over the decades?
    Basdeo is mad as hell , at what became of his political career , and -to him -sterling legacy, at the hands of his protegee, Queen K, but do you see him daily getting off on public rants,with ugly denunciations, about her stewardship ,and government?
    The answer is no, and the reason is clear. Bas and most of his savvy Indo Trini brothers and sisters ,appreciate big picture , and both him ,and brother Suraj ,knows fully well , how the game is played.
    If the cards is played right, he Bas may never see a jail cell as promised under the PNM,after Richard,he may become the next President of our Republic,and his daughter, the Next Prime Minister, once her Majesty , conveniently hangs up her spurs.
    I in contrast , ‘could talk until the cows come home, about my neck of the woods, a la de ever, neglected Tobago,but do you or any of dem morally outraged Afrikan folks ,driving across dis here information highway , from Morvant to Sansouci, Toco , to Caranege , Belmont to Arima, Ecacas to Champ Fleures, and Carapichima to Sealots,care one hoot?
    Obviously not , because you feel deep in your hearts ,that the people of the island ward , are insignificant , insular, ungrateful , fools , who should all be happy that they are part of this great Twin Island Republic experiment, even if most are trying so desperately to exist economically with limited success, so much so, that Haiti,or Malawi ,are both beginning to look like much better deals when thoroughly observed.
    Oh,so you disagree with my preposterous assertion just made? Then tell me something, if ANR Robinson, was born in Sande Grande, Tunapuna,or St Clair ,and not Castaria, or if his name was Basdeo Panday,George Chambers,Eric Williams, Kamla Bissessar, or Patrick Manning, would Abu Bakr be still alive today, and the public charade, we have for an enquiry -that is destined to go no where – be taking place , some twenty one years, after the unpunished criminalities too place in OUR country?
    For the record, the NAR Alliance Government ,that he ANR ,tried to run in 1986,is no different in make up , and ideological philosophy, from this present PP regime , her Majesty Queen K , is in charge of. Care to guess why his failed , and hers would not,as she in my solid prediction, continue steadfastly , to move on ,and win the next four general,elections?
    Oh yes,but I digress from yours , and Uncle Cudjoe’s,big concerns as to why Indo Trinis have each other’s back,and apparently don’t give a hoot about kinky head people,outside of election time?
    When you and others are prepared to ask the same poignant questions ,of Afrikan leaders who use and abuse their peoples once in the drivers seat,then we can have a conversation. When Trinis loose this penchant for being global saviors , but instead become for focus on the needs of their own , irrespective of where they live , then we can build on something. When those of us fortunate to have a lil but oh education, quit idly boast about their GPA’s , or sterling international achievements, then we can start the part of sustainable development.
    Afrikan leaders ,allegedly ran this country for almost 40 out of our 49 year history ,and the enclaves in which they live ,and the lives of their people,are 10 times worst than most other resourceless islands,across the Caribbean.
    As much as I empathize with sexually desperate Afrikan students- whose plight were made more obvious in examples by neverdirty- and their quest to obtain a Chinese education ,they are not my priority ,however.
    The fact that most have to run to China for education , via fake scholarship , as their respective governments continually squander, and abuse citizens -all the while still pointing fingers at Massa Europe – speaks volumes. Nuff said .
    What do you know , resource starved Barbados , is what 50 miles bigger than Tobago , but their GDP , and all economic indicators for successes ,are 10 times greater than T&T, and we know why.
    Jamaica , in all it’s poverty stricken , crime ladened dilemma, is more recognized globally, in AUTHENTIC fashion, for social achievements, than T&T, , even as we try desperately to play catch up, and again we know the reasons why.
    Let’s continue to ‘LUV Humanity,’ my friend, and may our leaders ,and hodge podge collection of peoples,appreciate what enhancing the national interest truly means one day.

    1. Neal wrote “Oh yes,but I digress from yours , and Uncle Cudjoe’s,big concerns as to why Indo Trinis have each other’s back,and apparently don’t give a hoot about kinky head people,outside of election time?”

      Cudjoe is a US based black appologist, he has done nothing for black people in T&T. NEAP is a failure because it’s leader is too business correcting essays at a US university. On the other hand the Maha Sabha has built over 50 schools in T&T and educated thousands of children. The fact that Cudjoe has attack Hindus in his never ending Americanise tyrade has only made them stronger. In fact every time a Hindu read Cudjoe’s articles they believe that they are under attack and so psychologically take measures to strengthen themselves.

      In closing Cudjoe is the best friend Hindus have, although he does not know it. Smart man that he is. hahaha

  9. It is easier and more comforting for them to castigate Dr. Cudjoe for saying what most black people feel about this government than
    the usual mamaguy that condescending blacks who feel guilty for saying what they truly feel. The truth is this government is pursuing the beliefs that Sat has subscribed to over the years.

    The Aryan racist have structured a strategy of pawning their despicable racist heritage off on Africans in order to put them on guilt trips and influence them into ignoring the what has been a reality in T&T and Guyana since the begining of indentureship. And that is, the reality of segments of the population of the indentured and their descendants practising racial anti black prejudice that is as pervasive and odious as our experience with the slave masters. We need to recognize and ignore this deceiful and insidious strategy, and speak truth to the nasty prejudice that is renting the Caribbean asunder.

    Sat Maharaj is the ideological standard bearer for the PP. He is their voice. His message is their message. They want to have their cake and eat it too, as is traditional with this sect, to be able to masturbate their prejudice to to climatic enjoyment while obfuscating it with excuses that two people do not represent the party.

    The PP is the UNC, and it is Sat Maharaj’s vehicle to promote his Hindu religious caste stratificaion interpretation in T&T. I was at a meeting with some American and West Indian brothers last weekend, and I pulled up this page and showed them what I was verbally telling them for ages. The West Indians were not surprised, and the Americans, could identify with the experience, because they have been seeing it for hundreds of years.

    We are dealing with some People in the PP who are avid and unrepentant racist, parallel with similar encounters in the black experience over the centuries. Stop feeling guilty and call their asses out. They thrive on perceive meekness and Kumbaya responses to their ignorant postulations. We need to stop feeding the beast, so to speak, with pliant and non assertive responses to this culturally imported odious traite

    1. Keith Williams wrote “Sat Maharaj is the ideological standard bearer for the PP. He is their voice. His message is their message”

      Yawwn, I find this to be amusing and stupid at best, Sat Maharaj spokesman for the PP. That’s your problem Williams you overthink everything. Sat Maharaj must be given credit then for the hiring of 20,000 citizens from the PNM areas under the orange program. He must be given credit also for the SOE that saw the first reduction in gangland violence to a level that was 10 years ago. He must be given credit for encouraging the Prime Minister to go to England and receive over a $1 billion from BP since the PNM could not collect.

      I say keep Sat as the ideological bearer of the PP if he is doing all that Williams say he doing.

  10. Can’t argue with brother Mamoo thinking here , or for that matter ,the effective tactics of Uncle Sat , and similar social activists, concern about their people Keith.
    Now here again is the big question , and one I would likewise ask to dem agitated Wall Street Occupiers. What is your end game? We know the PNM as constituted is politically dead.
    It is obvious that Afrikan folks are going no where fast , except back to the stone aged , dirty barracks ,left by Massa. Unless you are living in some tin pan undemocratic republic , you cannot legislate for people to love each other, or force them to initiate policies that are more friendly to a people .
    No one is about to give compensations for Afrikans in T&T, because they feel sorry for them , especially when the albatross around our national head , are four so called Afrikan leaders, that did more harm to the cause of advancing their people.
    There is no one who can ever convince me that if those were five leaders of Indian heritage , they would be having the same conversation we are having today, because their neighborhood never had running water, serious security, or basic infrastructure, and supporting initiatives towards decent entrepreneurial schemes. However such problems / issues , are yesterdays news.

    Looking forward my friend, where do we go from here? I am personally a bit tired of these time wasting ,cyber joisting exercises my friend, and think it is time to step up the game .
    OK,I take that back. Hey Keith ,where is the next oil down , bake and shark lime,Parang Xmas JIG AND DANCE, or pointless , fake integrative ,Carnival band lunching at?
    May de Afrikansungod have mercy on our seemingly cussed, souls. Then , maybe he and all, might not be able to do a thing.
    Time to quit the feel good pontifications, and get stepping, to lead a headless directionless people Keith, and as Sat prove, it ain’t all need to be done in the House of Parliament.
    Luv humanity!

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