Sandy Must Stay!

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
October 04, 2011

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeI hate to be on Keith Rowley’s case but Rowley (and by extension the PNM) is really missing the pulse of the people and, in the process, failing to take the lead politically in the society. A serious party must be the elevated consciousness of a people. The leadership of the PNM has not shown such leadership in this crisis. We are following rather than leading the masses and that is not good for the party. It speaks volumes about Rowley’s leadership abilities.

A week after the People’s Partnership (PP) called for a state of emergency I made it clear that our state was not in crisis and there nothing that was taking place in our society our present laws could not take care of. On August 31 I observed: “Is either I stupidy [yes, I meant stupidy] or Anand and dem know many things I don’t know. But I didn’t know that one had to declare a state of emergency to capture some gang leaders and charge them with possession of marijuana or cocaine. I didn’t know that the only way to solve the crime problem was to declare a state of emergency and arrest about five hundred young people (call them gang members) from Black areas in order to solve the crime problem…”

I ended by saying that the purpose of the PP’s state of emergency was an attempt to depict “Africans as a source of national evil…which is why I do not support it and disagree with those who think it is the best thing to have happened in our country since slice bread. It is just another attack against black people to which I am irrevocable opposed.”

The PP’s State of emergency was/is an ill conceived plan that was designed to mask the PP’s failure to come up with a viable crime plan, stop the unions from uniting against them, assault PNM’s base, and arrest young black people indiscriminately. As of yesterday, the PP government had arrested over 3,000 young black men—gang leaders and gang followers they say—but none of the charges have held.


Because the indiscriminate arrests of young black people is neither just nor legitimate. It is only another way of stigmatizing young black people, telling the world that we are nothing but trash that needs to be put away.

On September 6, I made it clear that the PP will go down in our country infamously as the first national government—I mean the first government of Trinidadians and Tobagonians—to build detention camps in our country “to warehouse black youths which may be the beginning of what one can continue to expect from such a government. Most of their dirty work will be done by black men in their party.”

I don’t know what Dr. Rowley’s or the PNM’s position was/is on the state of emergency (Aston Ford, the PNM’s secretary, tells me that the PNM is against the state of emergency) but one has to listen very hard in the din of discordant messages to hear their objections or their stand on this decisive political issue. Their voices have been so quiet it seems as though they are afraid to offend PP’s sensibilities.

Then, without warning, the lead story in Trinidad Express yesterday (October 3) read as follows: “Rowley: Sandy must go.” It continues: “Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Rowley yesterday called for the resignation of National Security Minister John Sandy” as though Sandy is the issue. Then he says that the changes that have been made against those person who have been picked have been dropped and concludes: “Somebody must be held accountable for this debacle.” All this was done via a “telephone interview” with the Express.

What is happening in Trinidad and Tobago today is a political crisis which calls for political action rather than the politics of rhetoric. Politics is won on the ground rather than from being a microphone, a telephone line, or a press conference. What is required now is not a politics of rhetoric or calls for resignation; but a politics of engagement.

And this is where Keith Rowley is failing his party and his people and why he may not be adequate for the task at hand. What is called for at this moment is the pounding of feet on the pavement; the confrontation of the PP’s illegitimate acts at every turn; and a firm declaration that the PNM will not support—in fact, will actively agitate against—a state of emergency if the government makes any attempt to extend it.

Our policy should be: End the State of Emergency Now!!! If they don’t, at the end of the period, the PNM will conduct a public meeting at the University of Woodford Square, on the first day of the beginning of any extension period, beginning at 9 p.m. in the evening inviting the PP to arrest all of us who attend.

It matters not whether Brigadier John Sandy remain in his post or not; whether he continues his racially-divisive work; or whether Jack continues to weep for the black boys that have picked up by his party, a policy that he supports. Anand should be held accountable for an infantilism that hides under the guise of arrogance and bad taste and the PP should be declared a failed government.

During any crisis, a leader must lead; not respond. The question is not, as Dr. Rowley suggest, “the longer the Government keeps the country in this state of emergency, the greater the costs will be” or that “the curfew is killing consumer confidence and people are losing their jobs and income. (Express, October 3). PNM position must be clear and unequivocal: “The State of emergency must end because it is detrimental the society’s well being; opposed to the rule of law; and is a major setback to our constitutional liberties. END IT NOW.”

Work and more work were Dr. Williams and Patrick Manning’s mantra. Can’t Dr. Rowley take this page out of their book?

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  1. “Rowley: Sandy must go.” It continues: “Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Rowley yesterday called for the resignation of National Security Minister John Sandy” as though Sandy is the issue…”

    Sandy would be known as the saviour of the black youths. What would Rowley be known for, trying to stop Sandy from protecting black youths. A few of them land in jail for a few days means less of a likelihoood of them losing their life; because this wake up call will allow them time to change direction. It is inconveniencing but the reality is that crime is the number ONE concern of the citizenry.

    The arrest of these young men comes with the burden of the State to prove guilt by association. The police may have visual evidence of gang actitivies but in a court of law these things are difficult to prove. Gang members do not carry cards showing that they are members of a particular gang. Citizens terrified for their lives are not going to say these guys are members of a gang for fear of retaliation. The release of the young men arrested does NOT mean they are not guilty, all it means is that the State cannot prove beyond reasonable doubt…

    The State will have no choice but to release a large number arrested but it will not mean the State has failed. It would mean that the government is keeping an eye on the criminal elements and therein is the real victory. A psychological victory because citizens are already calling in and telling the police where the weapons and criminals are…It is call restoration of law and order. Something that did not existed under the PNM.

  2. “If they don’t, at the end of the period, the PNM will conduct a public meeting at the University of Woodford Square, on the first day of the beginning of any extension period, beginning at 9 p.m. in the evening inviting the PP to arrest all of us who attend”

    From his podium in the USA Selwyn is inciting an illegal rebellion in T&T.
    When he next lands in T&T he should be arrested and charged. This man is a divider who has nothing productive to add to the future of T&T. His nose is out of joint because the PM is an Indian and his PNM have been turfed out.
    Let us assume that the Police had enforced existing laws without a SOE, the same group of criminals would have been arrested because this is the group committing most of the crimes.
    His alias is Keith Williams. Go back and read some of his comments and you would get a pretty good idea of how his mind works.

    1. Just ask yourself is under the PNM they had called a SOE and the only people they were arresting was Indians, do you think that a scum like ramlogan would not have been a similar claim and possibly going to India or the UN for redress?

  3. Dear TMan: If MS. KAmla was not subject to arrest when the Vice President of india came to visit, andshe publicly asked him for help in providing relief from the discrimination suffered by Indians in TNT, which prompted my open letter suggesting that they send navy ships and take all the Indians off the island, which in turn caused me to be dubbed a racist, how dare you suggest that Cudjoe be arrested for “inciting a rebellion”? People could assemble in the square nightly, for an hour and a half, ending at 10.30, to call far a return to democracy. Peacefully assembly is guaranteed by the UN Charter. This is not South Africa under Botha, nor Myanmar, nor Indonesia.
    Now, did the SOE make the PM sick, or did she declare it because she is too sick to govern?

    1. Kamla’s request at this time was equally inappropriate, just as inappropriate as Indians born and bred in T&T supporting the visiting Indian cricket team.

  4. Perhaps Selwyn should take a look at Dr Bernard’s analysis. He might learn something from it.

    • Dr Lennox Bernard has been a teacher for the past 48 years. He has taught at all levels of the educational system

    In my previous article on “The emergency and the black male” (Express, September 6), I referred to the impact of images on the self-concept and identity of the black male. The depiction on all the newspapers of September 30 could not be more stark. In the case of one newspaper, it must have been humiliating and painful to many black Trinbagonians. The front page highlighted three young black men charged with rape, and on the back page the successes of two Indo-Trinidadian young men who are the joint winners of the President’s Medal for topping the CAPE exams.

    We must all celebrate the success of the two young men, their families and their teachers. It came as a result of hard work and sacrifice and the importance given to creating a learning culture in the home and the school. We must condemn to the fullest the crime for which the young black men were charged. But we must all look with consternation at the demise of the black youth, especially the male, and seek solutions to the problem, as it is to our collective disadvantage if we allow it to continue.

    The scholarship list showcases the performance of our best pupils academically. There are two categories of awards: the Open Scholarships that allow the winners to pursue tertiary education at any university in the world. These winners would have performed with distinction. The second category is the Additional Scholarships, awarded to pupils who have performed with high credit and in many instances a point or two short of the score of the Open Scholarship winners. These Additional Scholarship winners are awarded full scholarships at our prestigious UWI.

    It is safe to say that all these winners represent some of our best minds and from them we expect our future leaders in law, medicine, education, business, the arts, the sciences and politics. The Government has been generous in increasing the number of scholarships — 71 Open and 277 Additional, and they must be commended for their vision of a growing learning society.

    The only analysis available to me was rudimentary and based primarily on surnames, as our research units continue to shun dis-aggregating data based on ethnicity (we do this to our own disadvantage). Undoubtedly there is a margin of error but not crude enough to distort the message. Of the 71 Open Scholarships awarded only 17 or 24 per cent were earned by Afro-Trinidadians. More disconcerting was the fact that only 41.6 per cent were males.

    In the case of Additional Scholarships, of 277 awards the black youths received 68 or 24.5 per cent of the awards with 38.2 per cent going to the males. It is fair to say blacks are under-performing consistently at academic levels of excellence and this year it is abysmal. Tobago, despite its deprivations, seems to be “a saving grace” but even so no male student earned a scholarship.

    It is in the interest of government and civil society, especially the black community, to examine the causes and to provide solutions. Some have opined that the problem began with the disintegration of the family and the diminished importance of the extended family, others have argued that the deleterious features of TV fare from the US have been ingrained in the psyche of our youth and still others have contended that these young people are prime victims of an education system that has remained monolithic, irrelevant and lacks the interest and needs of modern youth. It is felt that the black youth is less willing to conform to the teaching/learning styles that are more conducive to females. To many black youth “school is not cool” and their restlessness and lack of concentration is well known to secondary school teachers.

    Suffice to say it is generally felt that the learning culture in many black homes is weak, and the emphasis on education is mainly the limited features of schooling, for example, providing sustenance and books and ensuring that the children are well groomed for school. In other words the education of the child does not go beyond the “grandiose” feeling of sending him/her to school. School is perceived as a glorified day care centre, that will magically do what is necessary to provide society with a responsible and industrious citizen.

    A learning culture in the home can be developed across class lines. There are many who have progressed in settings where parent(s) had an exposure only to primary schooling, but they were intent on making learning an integral feature of the home. In other words building a learning culture must be a deliberate act, filled with the need for sacrifice, monitoring and growth. The learning culture depends largely on informal or incidental learning, and non-formal education that offers organised continuous learning with its attempt to build a holistic curriculum in the home.

    It is felt that to some extent, positive forms of informal education in the homes of blacks are not generally deliberately inculcated, for example, stories infused with universal values, basic social skills taught and practised and the construction of thought and language that would assist the students in making sense of new knowledge in the classroom (not necessarily in standard English because the parents may not all have the attributes).

    Reading and open dialogue are not features of the home, neither is there an interest in academic work completed daily by the child or whether the child is “on task” or requires remedial learning. There is little knowledge of and importance paid to the challenges to learning — physical or mental — that the youth may be experiencing and how to address them. There are few if any attempts to build the learning culture in the home from the top, whereby the parents engage in continuous learning, prescribing to what is called “the lifelong learning principle”. This feature has a role modelling effect on the youth who will aspire to achieve their goals through continuous learning. In many instances there is a total neglect of spiritual awareness and life at home is mundane.

    This is not an indictment against all black families nor does it preclude other families. There are some very young parents who do not know better. They have never been truly prepared for parenthood. The work ahead should include the provision of the tools of parenting, community-based learning, mentorship programmes, a differentiated curriculum that includes thinking skills and moral and values education, a greater emphasis on skills-based learning, sports and the arts and the development of a spiritual awareness.

    At the macro level there should be Government initiatives that are designed to target youths from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Invariably these are the youths that are most likely to disrupt classroom activities, drop out of the school system, thus reinforcing the cycle of poverty. There is a crucial role for churches and all religious institutions to work in tandem with the home in building greater spiritual awareness in our youth.

    Some may argue that all of this is speculative. That may be true because the research has not been done. That in itself is an argument for the power brokers in the larger society and the black community to give credence to these descriptors and begin the research as the situation will not get better on its own. In fact it may very well get worse.

    • Dr Lennox Bernard has been a teacher for the past 48 years. He has taught at all levels of the educational system

  5. “I ended by saying that the purpose of the PP’s state of emergency was an attempt to depict “Africans as a source of national evil…which is why I do not support it and disagree with those who think it is the best thing to have happened in our country since slice bread. It is just another attack against black people to which I am irrevocable opposed.”

    Haahaa. This is the race malady that can afflict the PNM born and breed doc. The target is not young black men, the target is criminals who happen to be mainly young black men. As the statistic would show, the majority of the murders are being committed by young black male age 17 to 25. That is sad picture. Instead of interviewing some of these young men to find out why they are choosing the pathway of criminality, like the PNM he trying to defend the indifensible. Much like Al Sharpton, who always defended the criminal element against the law in the US.

  6. Selwyn, you should read the report in todays newspaper by th UNDP, titled “ 83%of gang members in T&T are of Africian decent “. Then you should put this in your pipe and smoke it, after which you should respond.

  7. Message to Selwyn Cudjoe
    Instead of pursuing your incomprehensible obsession with producing articles aimed at proving the rights of Africans to control and govern T&T, why don’t you use your expertise as an educator to conduct a study in T&T aimed at the following:

    The breakdown of family life in T&T, including the extended family.
    The effects of American television on our youths.
    The instructional/learning styles of unsuccessful students.
    The emphasis on education and the learning culture in families.

    Your research findings could be instrumental in uplifting not only your African compatriots, but all the people of the twin island republic. You have the expertise to make this contribution. It is a better alternative to inciting rebellions.

  8. Which people have admitted to being gang members, so that an 83% could be deduced?. Is this not, essentially, a nonsense statement? Did they count all those rounded up and freed as gang members or not? Has the UNDP checked membership cards? What does a gang membership card look like? Is it a tattoo or a T-shirt? If a person is a “gang member” does one count his family, nuclear and extended as gang members also?
    Now, I’d be more interested in the UNDP’s job forecasts, and whether idle young people, who have sought jobs for years and have found no meaningful work, would take to the streets like the young people in New York, disgusted with Wall Street, or Chile, where students have been in the streets for weeks, and in Israel where middle class people are camping in the streets because they can no longer afford housing, and those in Italy and Greece who have no hope are attacking the institutions of government, just like those of the Arab Spring did?
    I would like to hear the UNDP take on that crucial issue., because that’s where we are at.
    Gang membership is a stinking herring pulled across the trail of ineffective politics, to capitalize on the fear and uncertainty of disillusioned people, who did not “vote for that” but got no new vision to hang on to. They have realized that “getting rid of Manning” and governing with new ideas, are two different things. That’s what I want to hear the UNDP’s views on.

  9. The reason why the PNM is not raising a coherent response to the SOE is that implicitly, they agree with the UNC: Young, mostly black, males are the CAUSE of crime. Where they disagree is on the solution. The PNM would like to see more social programs and less jail and with the UNC, the ratio might be reversed. Until the first assumption is challenged, we won’t get anywhere with either party. Violent crime is a major issue in TT, but in order for a person to threaten you with a Gun, it had to be imported. After the crime is committed, someone else accepts the stolen property or cash. Until those linkages are exposed and shut down, crime will never end.

    IF Rowley wants to do something about crime, he needs to move the narrative away from these ill defined “gangs” (and by the way, please read the anti gang legislation, it is a scary document) and towards addressing the enablers and facilitators of violent crime. That is, the importers that supply them with weapons and the persons who buy and sell to them, knowing fully well that the money is not legitimate.

  10. We all know that the foot soldier (mainly young black men, and some indians) do not have the finance or the contact to facilitate the guns, drugs and the other paraphanalia to be brought into T&T. Instead of beating up on each other, (Blacks, Indians, Syrians, Chinese, etc), why can’t we put our heads together to come up with a solution? We need to ascertain who is the financier, who is facilitating these items to come through Customs unabated and who is the distributor. We need to teach the polce to wait and see who is picking up the items from customs, where is it being taken and the make the appropriate connection for the ultimate arrest that will stick. People please stop this bickering and come together to make our home happy once more. Get over the racism, we are all TRINIDADIANS. It hurts me very much to read some of the blogs (POISON) that is submitted on a daily basis because of race, creed or color. PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS. Come together to see what can be done to help our youths. Eventually, they will be the leaders of our country.

    1. Well as much as criminalized July27th,1990 is today- Prior to the episode NO One listened to us. Why has the CoI gone silent? Here we are re-living an era where AGAIN; Black people are scape-Goated SoE. No excuse intended here, it begs the question: are we mature enough to look among the rubble-in earnest? Perhaps this SoE will do it. July 1990 will haunt us till we mature. America became a great Nation because it rummage through its rubble.

    2. There are thousands of Trinbagonians worldwide who are ashamed of this monotonous nonsense of “race” When a national of TnT applies for a there one(passport) for each ethnic group? You are truly a “multi” racial,cultural,religious,nation,and of this you should boast.

      The era approaches when a Chinese “trini” will be your Prime Minister.Also,a Caucasian “trini” and one of mixed races will attain that position.”Mark what twain said” Whoever thought that you will elect “a woman” Prime Minister.A mere fifty years ago,if someone suggested that the USA will elect a black President;the professionals who wear the “white uniforms” will visit and carry you away to the “enchanted kingdom”

      There are conversations which suggest that TnT will aspire to a first world country.The constant ethnic division amongst you will guarantee your failure.This does not imply hypocrisy,however,”do not wash your dirty laundry in public.”God perish this thought:TnT is at war with another country.Do you dress your soldiers with uniforms based on their ethnicity to confront the enemy? Will the enemy select which ethnic group to liquidate?

  11. As of the Author’s I’m in search of words as to what if any thing isn’t said that need be added. Time to take the STREETS! I humbly call on Brian Lara to take up this mantle…AMEN!

  12. “We do not really want to help young people, we want to help our own kind.”This may well be the mantra of the new politics. I am very interested in social activism, light a candle I always say, instead of cursing the darkess. Well, I was encouraging some young people I know in the Diego MArtin area to use the available community centers to run literacy programmes, of the each one teach one model, perfected by Fidel CAstro in the hills and backwoods of Cuba, where high school students went out, one on one, and taught everyone to read.
    LAter I was called by one of these young men whose anger I keep tying to defuse, and told that when they asked to use the community center, a sort of shed really, on Wendy Fitzwilliam Boulevard, they were told that they had to be members of the PP coalition to use it. In the subdivision where I live in the US, every resident who pays taxes have access to use of the subdivision’s clubhouse. I could only shake my head at the madness that has overtaken us.
    If young people have to be party members of the coalition that inherited the buildings the PNM built,to do some good for the community, one prayer candle lit be me daily, is not enough. God help us.
    Children could only learn to integrate, by integrating, plauying together, living together, reading together. Anything else for TnT is insanity.

  13. “The State of emergency must end because it is detrimental the society’s well being; opposed to the rule of law; and is a major setback to our constitutional liberties. END IT NOW.”

    I would beg to differ. The state of emergency should continue for another year, however in POS and PNM areas it should stop at the end of November. It should therefore continue in areas where there is support for it. It is obvious to me that all PNM parliamentarians do not support it so why impose something that runs contrary to those elected in these crime infested areas.

    In areas where the support is strong it should continue with a view to reducing crime and stopping the movement of criminals in those areas. The State of Emergency has been effective in finding guns, drugs and criminals. The support for it is overwhelming. I think the Security council must take a careful look at where it going with the SOE and adjust accordingly.

    As for those arrested, the government must take no more than 3 days to process them. Charge them if necessary and send them home. Keeping citizens imprisoned for a long time while they are being processed is not good politics. If they are guilty of gang involvement then the process must be speeded up immediately. One of the problems I realise is the slow movement of the DPP on these matters. The AG and the Minister of Justice along with the Chief Justice must find a way to process these case much faster.

    These cases can come before a tribunal where a determination is made immediately, then those with sufficient evidence sent to the DPP. But a slow process is not a good process.

  14. Well, the political dialogue in this forum is indeed alive and well. To the commentator who suggested that i am using my “podium in the US to incite rebellion” I say to him that he is well intentioned by misguided. I am a global citizen and whether I live in the States or in Trinidad I am nto afraid or concerned about my airing my view because they are solid in fact and content. The PNM is responsible for the damage done to the “little black boys’ in Trinidad and they must be held accountable for instilling a sense of laziness and dependency on half of the population. If it was not for a well educated middle class in T&T we wil leb no different than Haiti and many other Afican countries where a large sectio nof the population have no concern about development, morality, infastructure etc. They are only concern about having a leader that can give them “free everything.”

    And by the way, Selwyn Cudjoe is another perosn, he is educated but misguided in his philosophy. Thats my view and if you do not agree then that is your right.

    1. ‘Sellout’ Samaroo said , “I am …. a well educated middle class in T&T… a global citizen …… of Canada ‘since 1986’….& have no concern about development, morality, infastructure…. ‘especially in T&T.’
      I am nto afraid or concerned about my airing my view because they are ….. responsible for the damage done to the “little black boys’ in Trinidad, & for instilling a sense of laziness and dependency on half of the population… ‘of which I proudly belong.'”
      Thanks Trini Center for giving us an opportunity to take a peek into the mindset of Samaroo, yet another diabolical , self hating ,Trini national ingrate, in the vain of one of South Asia’s , strident anti Afrikan ,T&T despising , global heroes ,a la V.S Naipaul.
      Yet ,you delusional creatures,are still trying to decipher as to why your country will remain a backward ,laughing stock of the entire region and world at large ,despite your alleged educations, and white European adoring experts at your disposal, or while it os ladened with more high quality human ,and natural resources ,than maybe half of the 193 nations across the globe, all put together.
      We wish our people well, and may they safely endure these culturally depraved , intrinsically uncaring , neo tribal , none democratic, self serving barbarians .
      Ahh de challenge of nation building in ah multi racial/ ethnic country ,.. then , say what , we won’t have it any other way , ehh folks?
      Luv Country always!

  15. nicely articulated Selwyn Samaroo!Keep up the vigilance!!notice the pnmtilahdie on this Forum!!

  16. william my friend, you are either mentally deficient , or plain delusional , if you think that the problematic social affairs ,of our country , and it’s desperate 1.3 million of people- many still stuck below de poverty line- can be easily solved, only by fake ideological party freaks , that constitute ‘de old school, deficient of ideas , dinosauric ,PNM bozos ,’ or these present day , ‘dis is our time, T&T was in a state of downward , free fall spiral , until our UNC morphed into PP folks , appeared on the scene to stop de bleeding?’ It just ain’t happening buddy, so take off them neo tribal rose colored glasses, and put dat education you maybe have , to work. Ideas buddy , empathy for the suffering is the key,holding corrupt, selfish , business magnates hands to the fire, and more importantly ,non politicized , solidarity ,and alliances, by caring progressive individuals , using whatever means possible – need I say Civil society, and prudent manipulations for want of a better word- of social media, yes?


    Field Marshall Sandy ,unfortunately,these are your Tethron law usurping guys in Ganggreen ,that are continually ‘stinking up de joint ,’so to speak, since they were forced from their already difficult task ,of defending de country from foreign ,evil invaders, on our more dedicated, hardworking,Police Brothers , and sisters,trying so desperately, to do their jobs , since your regime assumed power.
    Pray , do what you ,and many others could not -even in times of peace ,from 1971 to 2009. I am speaking about reining in ,the numerous , lifetime weed smoking thugs,and their 1970 Sandhurst Coup school anarchist, mutineers/insurrectionist seniors,before seeking kudos ,for overseeing an undemocratic , monstrosity ,called a State of Emergency , that is destined to produce no useful long term benefits, irrespective to what clueless , paid , suspect expert operatives, and disingenuous , morally corrupt intellectuals claim.
    Good AfrikanSunGod , who art on earth, and our heavenly hearts , kindly ‘put a hand,’ and assist of desperate citizens of once free T&T , in these final stages of lofty, crime fighting days,’just before de carnival season ends, and de curfew is lifted ,for the benefit of voting revelers!’
    Here is what they have to contend with. Criminal avocado poisoning bums, from ‘one oh dem assumed safe enclaves,’ Tunapuna, or much cherished Queen Maker, Jack Warner, defending something British, even as they make out a prima face case, for his arrest, and Chutney Soca is on de verge of finally replacing Demarche Gras/ Young Kings Kaiso ,as local ‘moralpolice,’ seek to ban all lyrics about patron’s, much cherished beverage , RUM, and babash?
    What next, a ban on whining by all T&T entertainers? Talk about a populace following de lead from their misguided , over zealous ,political leaders, in trampling on democratic rights, a la throwing out baby ,and water together!

    However , I digress, so not only jail for them , but off with their heads, ‘Your Majesty, Queen K,’ be it Facebook obscene laced rants, by illiterate , kinky head ,alleged racist ,14 year olds, or for our main discussion under review, which incidentally is – and I am being generous-‘out of control ,Tethron ganggreen Rambo boys, dat for all their skills , cannot even find ,five lost ,promiscuous girls guides ,or boys scouts,hiding in a Caroni Cain field,couva rice swamp, or worst yet, de Beetham Highway ,Sea Lots Labasse,residential, post slavery , Brazilian-like favella ,enclave, or Santa Cruz Marijuana fieled, disguised as a Wendell Mottley flower garden, ennnt people?
    It’s a beautiful day , across the global village, & what say ye in your neck of de woods?
    Ahhhh, dis catharsis inducing , CYBER PRATTLING ,feels good, just think I’ll , save me a few TT dollars, and call off my Westmooring ,therapy session today, with Dr Chinlee -Olauda- Codrinksingh, hmmmm?

  18. “President of the T&T Sheep & Goat Association, Shiraz Khan, said his association will not support any legal action taken against the farmer. Khan said… praedial larceny is an issue farmers have dealt with for many years. Khan added, although I’m not condoning it but thieves are driving farmers to these actions. This Government does not do anything for farmers who are victims of praedial larceny.”,149511.html

    Really folks, and is dis what we have evolved into as a nation?Talk about a culture of lawlessness ,and disgusting , uncaring reckless savagery ,by some folks who pretends to be citizens, and the apologists that protect them , simply because they look just like ,… well, fill in de blanks.
    Now, these are the same destructive , self serving , statistics flaunting ,neo tribal creatures, that wish to see any individual , who commits even the slightest breach of a regulation, not only sent to jail, but castrated where appropriate , land or led to a firing squad, after serving decades in prison. Go figure!
    Let me put you on the spot with two scenarios Mr Khan, and so test your true mettle . 1. Firstly , you are returning form JFK , Heathrow , Pearson International Airport Toronto,or from one of your numerous similar ‘escapist, check my foreign bank account ever expanding stolen loot ,interest ,shopping adventures,’ but because you are disgusted by the revolting behavior of an over zealous security agent you deemed a bit racist, since he treated you like the late Osama Bin Laden cousin ,prior to boarding the jet, or worst yet, disgusted at a condescending passenger, or air stewardess on the flight , you decided to cry out that you have an undetectable bomb, in your possession,of let’s say your shoes , or such , which eventually turned out to be a hoax. What do you think would be the action of the authorities,ladened with their post 9/11 concerns, and why?
    2. Secondly, if you walked into a Scotia , or Royal Bank ,and pointed a covered item to a teller , demanding the money ,or his / her life, and they in turn ,complied ,fearing for their lives, and gave you thousands in the bank’s money.
    Should it turn out that you had nothing in terms of a weapon , but was simply using your concealed fingers. When caught , what do you think would be the consequences , and why?

    Your call Mr Sandy , if as claimed , you and your Alberta Commissioner of Police Gibbs , and morally suspect AG Rammy ,seriously care about justice , law, and order, as perpetuated by a destructive , and dangerous , un patriotic people. We wish dem well, yes?
    It’s getting more, and more difficult to still love this place called T&T , and now you can see why, hummmm folks?

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