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While we respect and encourage different views on all issues, we have to be responsible in what we do. Malicious comments are not free expressions.

Here is a reminder of some things that would not be entertained on this blog:

Posts with derogatory alterations to the names of political parties;

Posts that are just about insulting other members of the board, public figures and people in general.

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4 thoughts on “Please, let good sense prevail when posting”

  1. whats wrong with our Couva police officers- they beat a man to death that had no history in violence-he rob ppl not right but they had no right to kill him

  2. One must maintain standards. Now.Mr. or Ms. Moderator, could you review the comments on all the pieces about Dr. Eric Williams, and remove the term”deafy” from comments about his hearing aid? We have to be sensitive to some people who suffer hearing loss, perhaps through childhod illnesses. Clling the Father of the nation “deafy” is more disrespectful that spelling the name of the initials of the party in power.

    The world needs to be aware of the need to treat people with handicapping conditions, like people.

    I call upon you, therefore, to observe the standards you have set for comments.

  3. Madame L said , “The world needs to be aware of the need to treat people with handicapping conditions, like people…I call upon you, therefore, to observe the standards you have set for comments?”
    No Madam L , this was not what the good folks of Trinicenter had in mind, when they placed a reminder to us bloggers , to aim for decency , and sensitivity ,in our discourse. Please do not kid yourself into naively thinking that you have a better grasp on the needs of the handicap ,poor ,or abused, for dat ain’t true one bit.

    Good lord , and Afrikan kinky head Jesus , but the prioritization of my Trini , alleged educated people, never ceases to amaze me folks. Here we have very ghastly scio- economic period in our country, where desperate citizens, remains bombarded by criminals, and decent jobs are almost none existent , since our divided political elites , are lost as to viable solutions ,to rectify the situation.
    Now instead of us few fortunate ones, who were able to elude this trying situation , put our collective heads together , and form movements, where we can offer some help to both our people ,and leaders, we have Madame L leading ‘an undemocratic conga line,’ on dis here , inconsequential issue .
    Pappa Eric must be turning over in his grave, to see what one of his most ardent fans, want to propose – namely the banning of a word ,to playfully describe him, as he really was- or pretended to be while reading his news papers in Parliament , while Uncle Shah , and Basdeo were summing up their arguments in the Red House.
    What next ,banning of my ‘kinky head, big butts Afrikans folks , depictions , that I choose to use- and many are thinking so to do , but would not due to political correctness?
    We are what we are Madame L , so let’s embrace it . In the mean time ,quit trying to curb freedom of expressions ,especially ,via the internet , or any where cross our still democratic society, yes?
    If I am not mistaken , you folks all laughed when Chambers was called duncy, grinned like constipated baboons ,when PM Robbie, aka Ah we bouy , was shot in his knees by Muslim rebels, then fell down , almost in ecstasy, when the entire media/ political establishment, was calling for Uncle Basdeo’s head, while depicting him as the South Asian crook of de century – and or ,representation of corruption ,for his entire race,and yet , today , you are getting your nose bent out of shape , with trivialities ,on dis troubled ,political creature , who died 3 decades ago, who left his people , worst off than he met them in 1956 , when he was dumped by his white Yankee wife, and thus returned home to save them from white barbarian English colonials.
    What a sick ,tragedy!
    Uncle Basdeo , take a bow my friend , the fact that your people are in control of the entire economic ,and political fortunes of this country , and with few exceptions, are living a far superior standard of living than Mandingo / Housa, Fulani, Zulu, Kikuyou, and Yarouba nation ,is a testament to your fine legacy, and service to dem. As for Papa d…y, and his self serving clones , and wannabes?…Well, … we will let Madam L fill in the blanks.
    By the way how is Uncle Perry your great neo KKK governor doing in the polls ,and with respect to your vote , now that he hunts and plans strategies in a ranch , dat has the N word written on a stone where his ancestors must have raped a few hundred Afrikan female slaves , back in the day.

    Now why would dis woman wish to bring that form of stupid politics into our democratic country? Who cares if Sat Maraj broke bread with Queen K b4 de election , or Manning wish to visit his Arima ,Christian Obeah woman, as part of his heritage? However I digress,yes? Say yes, to political correctness, ennnt Madam L?

    I say ,jobs, jobs, social elevation of those in despair, less gloating about past noble deeds in places far and wide,ideas people for all 1.3 million folks of T&T ‘agora,’ and less political distraction, hmmmmmmmm?
    Luv nation over tribe!

  4. Neal my dear, how many rums do you take before issuing the rubbish above? Are you in the moderator’s head to know exactly what he or she is thinking?

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