Matters of Race in the State of Emergency

By Christian Hume
September 01, 2011

State of EmergencyIt was most disconcerting to witness Minister of National Security John Sandy and Attorney General Anand Ramlogan trying to convince the nation that the gang leaders from East Port-of-Spain and the East-West Corridor are the “big fish” that the entire nation are waiting to see rounded up and tossed into jail. When the country’s top politicians decide to play blind, pretending not to see the reality that honest eyes among the population see all the time, then we know that times are stark and dark.

So let us jump straight into the melee – gloves off, condoms off – bare knuckled punches, bare-backed brushing – SERIOUS MATTERS!! So far as the State of Emergency has unfolded, we have been treated to the nightly spectacle of young African males being hauled off in police cars and the backs of police vans to God knows where. And we are expected to believe that this represents success in crime-fighting. We have seen no Indian car-parts dealers from the Bamboo and from South who send people to steal cars for spare parts being rounded up and tossed into a waiting pick-up. We have seen no rounding up of French-Creole, Syrian, or White white-collar criminals and drug dealers from the West who bring in cocaine through the ports of Pt. Lisas and Port-of-Spain, and through the yachts in Chaguaramas. We have not seen the person to whom the $8 million marijuana shipment at Pt.Lisas was mailed being arrested, nor have we seen the organiser or organisers of the $22 million dollar cocaine shipment that was recently intercepted at the airport being arrested. I am putting it to Kamla, Gibbs, Sandy and Ramlogan, that if no one is arrested for these two incidents at the end of the State of Emergency, then the ENTIRE debacle would have been all sound and fury, signifying absolutely NOTHING!!

If the State of Emergency ends with ONLY Africans from Nelson Street, Maloney, Mon Repos and other similar communities being detained, what do you think will happen when the “lull” alluded to by Opposition Leader Keith Rowley is over? Let me tell you what will happen. The Indian car-parts dealers from the Bamboo and from South will find other people to send to steal cars for spare parts. The French-Creole, Syrian, and White white-collar criminals and drug dealers from the West will find other “black hen chicken” to employ as lower-level functionaries of the narco trade, and the importers of illegal firearms will find other frustrated young black men to sell and rent their guns to. And the whole thing will start all over again on “Day 16” as Rachel Price calls it. I am not under any illusion that all problems will magically disappear if the sharks are rounded up, but rounding up the sharks will do a lot more than hauling in ah set ah blasted “fry dry”.

To the East Indians, Syrians, Whites, and French Creoles, Douglas, Chinese, and others in this country who seem to be happy only with the rounding up of young black man in scenes reminiscent of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, you need to look inward, look in the mirror. Yes, we know that most of the gun toters and trigger pulllers are black, but it you continue to refuse to acknowledge and throw the light on the crimes of people of your own “kind” – the crimes that facilitate the gun toters and trigger pullers, then do not seriously expect any reduction in crime that will last beyond the days of national sequestration that this SoE is shaping up to be.

Gregory Aboud has already warned that positions of privilege and lifestyles of affluence will not be sufficient to protect from the backlash. If you don’t want to take it from me, then take it from him. If this State of Emergency is only going to play into short-sighted and stereotypical racist notions of what a “criminal” is, then we are creating far more problems than we can ever hope to solve. If the State of Emergency is only going to put on a public show of trying to hold back the river from flowing into the sea, as opposed to capping the stream at its source high up in the mountains, then we are setting up ourselves for a perennial cycle of spiraling crime, followed by empty fulminations, and we will ALL be the worse off for it, regardless of our race or place. Get serious!!

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  1. My friend

    I am soooooooooo into what you are saying.

    I fear for the ignorance of my african people who having already experienced the racist policies of past UNC administration,went and voted back another one in which to my mind is even more racist by far then the Panday admininstration.

    I fear for sweet TnT because this racial hatred which is formenting because of the discrimination against africans in employment,in contractsin the distribution of land,and now this SOE will create a serious backlash for this UNC/PP government.

    1. One of the burning issues not being vented is the brainwashing. Are we to blame one race for the upsurge in crime? Is blue collar crime only important or are we targeting white collar crime as well in this SOE and are they connected on the sly? Are all trinis so dumb or are we only bright when it comes to books? Do we need a revolution of ideas to solve our crime situation or are we copy catting what our neighbors did and hope to get the same result? Are our leaders bankrupt on ideas to lead and is it same ole, same ole. Lets stop the brainwashing and know God must be respected for all creation. Race was used and is used but the problem comes from divide and rule and there is no alternate as the years gone by has shown …we versus them will never work. Are we not all trinis? Do we all not have an equal place? Lets stop the brainwashing and the fooling and remove the class system and the crime will go away.

  2. There are similar stories of this kind in other countries. We cannot continue to blame the other races for the short comings of our people. Why can we as a nation of blacks work collectively to re-educate our young ones. To teach the basic respect for one another. It is always easy to blame someone else.

    The other races can come together in their human despair and sort their issues out why can’t we. What we are good at is feeling sorry for ourselves or in alternative destroy one another.

    We have had a harsh history and have survived it. Yet we cannot get out of the enslaved mind. We often find the easy way out. It is time we acknowledge that the majority of certain crimes committed is by our black men. I know that there is always someone else at the top pulling our strings, is that not some form of modern day slavery.

    I also accept that we are poor but poverty does not mean you should be a criminal. I know hard work always pay off. So let us stop using race as an issue to what is taking place in Trinidad, now known as one of the murder capitals but look at the bigger picture. Write eloquently with some suggestions as to how to re-capture our youths, place them on the straight and narrow road. To have respect and pride in our colour. So when we are spoken about it is positive. We alone can change our destiny because we understand our people. Remember this is a global problem not just Trinidad. So come let us talk!

    1. Well said, couldn`t agree with you more. We need to educate our youths and teach them right from wrong not play the race card or make excuses for them when they`ve done wrong, its not too late to try and save our youths.

  3. I have no time for you and your airy-fairy rubbish right now.

    I am keeping it real and right now young black mothers all over trinidad not only in beetham and maloney – cannot feed their young children because their only job – whether in CEPEP or the government service has been taken away.

    The small black scrap metal dealers in Beetham and their workers do not know where to turn right now because of the injustice against them while the indian scrap dealers in south and central continue with their legal and illegal trade.

    Racial discrimination is at the top,the middle and the bottom of this government’s action be it SOE,or sending home african workers,and giving indians the jobs or giving the $40 million dollar contract to their friend Gopaul.

    You sow the wind and you reap the whirlwind.

    Wait for the end of the SOE,because poor black people can only take so much.

    1. I am sure you were one of those who had no problem when the PNM hired Chinese to work in the construction industry. When the PNM hired Cuban doctors and Filipino nurses to come and work in the health care system. When the PNM hired Nigerians to work at the Prime Minister residence. Certainly it was not racial discrimination back then. You were probably very happy when billions of CEPEP money were given to your kind and everyone else ignore. You were probably happy when Indians were being kidnapped and money extorted from businessmen.

      Yet you have a problem if one Indian get a contract. Madame we live in a multicultural society and if you don’t like it I will give you a one way ticket back to Africa. Nuff said.

    2. Sounds to me like you`re condoneing their criminal behaviour and would like to see more, I wish they would arrest people like you as well. You should hold your head in shame for encouraging and making excuses for that type of behaviour, if its people like you our youths has as role models then they`re doomed. Have you considered making a positive contribution to your community? maybe start by teaching our youngsters right from wrong? or have you just been happy living off the proceeds from their criminal behaviour? You are no role model for anyone and I strongly suggest you take a long hard look at yourself.

  4. “To the East Indians, Syrians, Whites, and French Creoles, Douglas, Chinese, and others in this country who seem to be happy only with the rounding up of young black man in scenes reminiscent of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, you need to look inward, look in the mirror.”

    Love you article. But please withdraw the Dougla reference from here. Since people like to call me Dougs.

  5. I really don’t know why people are playing the race card, who really cares. During the Manning administration over 500 dead in one year. Did it matter that the majority of these people killed were of a particular race. To some people it did. But personally ONE of those precious lives lost to a bullet brought tears to my eyes. Why? Because behind all of this is a mother, sister, brother, uncle, aunty who have to live with this loss. Was it necessary?
    People would say that these people are poor but that is nothing but a big lie. Poor people too proud to steal or kill. I know because I was poor. The government in Trinidad has created all kinds of billion dollar social programs to help people stay off the unemployment lines. Yes I say billion dollar programs that have targetted depressed communities. Yet the excuses keep coming… No other nation in the Caribbean have pumped and pumped sooo much money into these depressed communities.

    The SOE is good for these communities because it “slows down” the bad guys. Yes “slow them down”. It takes them out of their environment and places them in a place call prison. Prison is not a bad place because people live there until they die, they are afforded three meals per day, plus the best health care. In prison they have the opportunity to reform, to rethink and refocus themselves. Outside they are dead, inside they are protected. So that is the SOE is necessary for these communities. And it is not a race thing.

  6. The Stupidity of racism (the hidden boggey man)

    Racism is really for the stupid and illiterate. One of the founding father of T&T Eric Williams (the other is Kamal Mohammed) said “that there are two courses for Trinidad, the other one is unthinkable”. He understood that a nation cannot move forward if it views it’s citizenry as the enemy. So he open education for all, he set up the industrial development in Central Trinidad, despite the fact that tribalist said those people did not vote for you. If Eric was alive not one criminal would be allowed to walk the streets of T&T. He choose Burroughs to end the career of some 22 guerellas all black youths. It was not racism back then because these young men were enemies of the state bent on creating havoc. So why is it today?

    Back to my topic. The stupidity of racism. (1) NO one choose their race. (2) No one choose their parents, (3) No one choose the place where they were to be born (place or country). (4) NO one choose their DNA. (5) NO one choose their status in society.
    When people understand those five principles of human existence then it behoves us to embrace ALL. It may not be a perfect embrace but it will be an embrace. It forces us to examine our own prejudices.

    In the Bible Moses had an Ethopian wife. His sister Miriam did not like it. God judge her by allowing leprosy on her skin. In other words God made her ugly FOR judging this woman. What was God saying to Miriam? He was saying she is part of my creation and she belongs to me therefore I am her judge NOT you. When we understand these concepts then we must remind ourselves of the words of Martin Luther King “judge not a man by the colour of his skin but by the content of his character”.

    As for myself I intentionally have friends of various ethnic backgrounds, white, black, brown and yellow. They are genuine friends, I will be meeting with some of them over the weekend to enjoy a meal together and for that is the way it should be. Because racism is 100% ignorance.

    Think about it…

    1. If Eric was alive not one criminal would be allowed to walk the streets of T&T. He choose Burroughs to end the career of some 22 guerellas all black youths. It was not racism back then because these young men were enemies of the state bent on creating havoc. So why is it today?

      Because the root of the problem — the billionaire Mr. Big(s) — is carefully avoided?

      Back to my topic. The stupidity of racism. (1) NO one choose their race. (2) No one choose their parents, (3) No one choose the place where they were to be born (place or country). (4) NO one choose their DNA. (5) NO one choose their status in society.
      When people understand those five principles of human existence then it behoves us to embrace ALL.

      God says different. God has decreed that it is the house of Israel that ultimately will rule. The rule of Satan is temporary and about to end. Within the house of Israel, it is the tribe of Judah that will be pre-eminent. Within the house of Judah it is the house of David that will occupy the throne. Within the house of Levi it is the Aaronic line that will occupy the priesthood, later limited to the line of Zadok. Other Israelite tribes may not enter the sanctuary. And strangers may not defile the temple. Therefore, God takes cognizance of genetic inheritance in the disposition of his blessings. Like it or not.

      There is also some prima facie validity to these kinds of arrangements. Otherwise, any johnny-come-lately immigrant to the U.K. could claim discrimination when not considered eligible to become king.

      Much of what passes as “religion” is in fact rebellion against God’s arrangements whereby blessings and curses are distributed on the basis of bloodline. The concept of a “holy people” (i.e. literally set apart, or sanctified for a purpose) is rejected, in favor of a “catholic” (i.e. universal) doctrine. There is a whole sermon here which I’ll omit.

      I’ll say simply that we all accept the righteousness of a doctrine of inheritance. The father has a right to bequeath, and the rightful son has a right to inherit. Those who set great store on material accumulation will be first to set great store on property rights including the right of inheritance. By extension, there is genetic and therefore racial predicate to social arrangements. Therefore, it is hypocritical to advocate the indiscriminate embrace of ALL.

      It may not be a perfect embrace but it will be an embrace. It forces us to examine our own prejudices.


      In the Bible Moses had an Ethopian wife. His sister Miriam did not like it. God judge her by allowing leprosy on her skin. In other words God made her ugly FOR judging this woman.

      This is incorrect. This story is found in the book of Numbers, chap. 12. The charge against Miriam was not prejudice against an Ethiopian, rather her (and Aaron’s) presumption in challenging Moses. “And they said, Hath Yahweh indeed spoken only by Moses? hath he not spoken also by us? And Yahweh heard it” (verse 2).

      Yahweh called the three of them into the tabernacle, where he proceeded to rebuke Aaron and Miriam for speaking against Moses, who, alone among all his servants and prophets, he spoke with “mouth to mouth” (verses 4 to 8). Yahweh’s rebuke, proximate to Miriam being cursed with leprosy was: “wherefore then were ye not afraid to speak against my servant Moses?” (verse 8). Then Yahweh departed, and Miriam became “leprous, white as snow” (verse 10).

      The issue certainly is not a matter of skin color. Moses was raised in Pharaoh’s household as an Egyptian (Exodus 2:20). This was the same Pharaoh that had pronounced death on all newborn Isrelite males (Exodus 1:16). Therefore Moses had to be black of skin, and kinky of hair, as were the Egyptians, certainly at that time, ca. 1500 BCE. The original Egyptians descend from Ham through his son Mizraim. The original Ethiopians descend from Ham through Mizraim’s brother, Kush. So the Ethiopian (Kushite) woman that Moses married was the same skin color as Moses, Aaron and Miriam. Aaron’s and Miriam’s objection to the Kushite woman was therefore nothing to do with skin color prejudice, rather a misguided prejudice predicated on tribe.

      For the law handed down by Moses put certain tribes beyond the pale. This law is at Deuteronomy 7:3 (“Neither shalt thou make marriages with them; thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son”). The tribes put beyond the pale did not include Kush, so Miriam was misguided. Rather the proscribed tribes were: “the Hittites, and the Girgashites, and the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites” (Deuteronomy 7:1), who in fact were all of the seed of Ham through Canaan.

      The Canaanites had sinned grievously. Their abominable practices included child sacrifice, such that the very earth wanted to vomit them out (Leviticus 18:25).

      The point? If Yahweh put a certain bloodline of people beyond the pale, so be it. It has nothing to do with skin color or petty prejudice.

      As for myself I intentionally have friends of various ethnic backgrounds, white, black, brown and yellow. They are genuine friends, I will be meeting with some of them over the weekend to enjoy a meal together and for that is the way it should be. Because racism is 100% ignorance.

      If your friends are chosen to make an ideological point, then they are no friends.


      1. Yoruba Israelite apparently you are obsessed with your ethnicity and Israelite convictions.

        Jeremiah 11:3And say thou unto them, Thus saith the LORD God of Israel; Cursed be the man that obeyeth not the words of this covenant,

        You are cursed if you do not obey all points of the covenant that God made with your ancestors. That means that according to law you are suppose to make blood sacrifices for atonement.
        Leviticus 16:17-19 17And there shall be no man in the tabernacle of the congregation when he goeth in to make an atonement in the holy place, until he come out, and have made an atonement for himself, and for his household, and for all the congregation of Israel.
        18And he shall go out unto the altar that is before the LORD, and make an atonement for it; and shall take of the blood of the bullock, and of the blood of the goat, and put it upon the horns of the altar round about.
        19And he shall sprinkle of the blood upon it with his finger seven times, and cleanse it, and hallow it from the uncleanness of the children of Israel.

        Yoruba are you making blood sacrifices to atone for your sins? That is the most important requirement of the covenant. Blood sacrifices were for atonement, no one could come before God as an Isralite without atoning for their sins.

        Jeremiah 11:10They are turned back to the iniquities of their forefathers, which refused to hear my words; and they went after other gods to serve them: the house of Israel and the house of Judah have broken my covenant which I made with their fathers.

        The covenant between Israel/Judah and God was broken because they refuse to obey the words of God. Are you Yoruba Israelite obeying the words of the Almighty. According to the Scripture a covenant is an agreement between two parties. God does his part but you Yoruba Israelite belonging to the Hamatic stock and not a Shemite. The Shemite are the Jews. According to your self description you are saying your Yoruba. Yoruba is NOT one of the tribes of Israel. Can you show me in scripture where Yoruba is a tribe of Israel? And how you are identifying with the Jewish people, what is your blood connection. Please explain Yoruba….

        1. Your questions are off-topic and I am surprised that the Moderator allowed them.

          I am a servant of Yahweh. My comments of a prophetic or scriptural or related matter are pursuant to that role. You may hear or forebear, but you may not mock.

          I have warned you earlier in this regard. I do not warn you again, and I do not do so now. Rather I am to quote you the following scripture:

          Zechariah 2:8-9.
          8For thus saith Yahweh of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye. 9For, behold, I will shake mine hand upon them, and they shall be a spoil to their servants: and ye shall know that Yahweh of hosts hath sent me.


  7. The government needs to go after the person or persons responsible for all the drugs coming into the country. Just because these people are billionaires or millionaires means that justice is not for them? Someone that truly believe in fair justice needs to go after them. A good example would be the movie Taken with Liam Neilson someone has to go kick some ass.

  8. Well I’ll be …mamboo said that “Racism is for the stupid and illiterate.” Perhaps fellow bloggers ,there just might be hope yes, for one oh dem clannish , divisive, me , me , dog with a bone , gime, gime souls, who would quicker drown their daughters , than see them marry anyone , but a European?
    How long did it take you and your kind to evolve to this progressive thinking mamboo? “One of the founding fathers was Eric Willims, the other Kamal Mohammed?” I told this guy to quit drinking that old ,bush rum from under de bed, situated next to the weed killers,as it is affecting his thinking.
    So pray tell us mamboo, who was the third founding father, Errol Mahabir?
    I thought according to the twisted thinking of both you and T-Man, that Indo Trinis had no say in the political power plays of our country , as it was only dominated by Afrikans savages for 49 years, and Indians never voted for them , as every election save the two ,that was won by Panday ,and Queen K recently, were fraudulent.
    Ah tell you folks ,if only there was any possibility of a god in heaven ,he certainly would have allowed a hole to open up in the ground by now, and suck you socially immoral cretins, and some of your neo tribalist leaders ,under by now.
    I feel your pain Rhinna when you lament ,T&T”s lack of a fair , equal playing field ,justice system, as played out today , by the unmentionable power brokers , that rule the political roost. I agree with you , that their repeated , and obvious failure to pursue those much cuddled , billionaire / millionaire crooks,& bandits, responsible for all the drugs coming into the country, as opposed to solely low end, mental midgets, is most despicable ,and or a travesty.
    For the record Rhinna , don’t expect too much shift on that score, for as you can see one of their PR spokespeople in cuz mamboo,is planning to “…meet with some of them over the weekend to enjoy a meal together….”
    Finish this sentence for me Rhinna ,but only if you are not a fake South American wannabe Guyanese escapee ,like the oh so disingenuous mamboo. Here it goes :- ‘Mouth open …Sto..Ju out!’
    It is certainly getting more and more difficult to still luv this country , still ladened with these , self loathing ,country haters.
    Call names rhinna, I will whistle.
    I wish you well in your anguish.

  9. What garbage. What should happen is we make everyone PM and let them loose. So Christian Hume when are you going to throw your hat into the ring to become the next leader of our beloved T&T??

  10. Mamoo, I suspect that you are benefitting from the tripe that you are posting In support of everything that the PP Is doing,
    but this just goes to show how stupid computers have made people
    like you. You lack the basic ingredient In education, Common Sense, and like your Prime Minister who have no thoughts of her
    own as you can see she Is reading someone else`s Idea`s that Is
    handed to her,but being who you are, and I know who you are,It
    would be wise to pay attention to this article, because It appears to me that you and a whole lot of your kind enjoy what
    Is happening.

  11. The insistence on finding the “big fish” involved in the drug trade by so many bleeding heart apologists is beginning to sound like an excuse for the criminality in the hot spots.
    At some point individuals must take responsibility for their own actions.Detention provides time for reflection and commitment to a new work ethic, morality and sprituality.

    1. TMan, “Detention provides time for reflection and commitment to a new work ethic, morality and sprituality.”

      If here you do not speak from personal experience, from what are you speaking?

      “At some point [SOME?] individuals must take responsibility for their own actions.”

      Surely, given the context of “some” who face extradition, you are cherry-picking who must take responsibility from those who are exempt from this exercise.

      Your bias so overwhelms your reasoniong that logic itself becomes illogical, and vice versa, thus anyone who challenges your dictat must also be supportive of criminality!

      Qoud Erat Demonstradum!

    2. Cut it out T-Man , as the time for stupid class flaunting , or tribal ego massaging is long over. We all love our beautiful country my friend , and wish that this criminal stain be removed as quick as possible.
      As such, I would lead the charge to see that every criminal get the full brunt of the law ,irrespective of what his, or her social circumstances might be.
      What some folks are also demanding is that the powers that be, get to the heart of the matter , and likewise ,put some fear into the hearts of elite criminals , irrespective of whether they might have made exorbitant political campaign contributions , look like the AG , pit-bull AG Rammy, or certain unmentionable National award recipients.
      What in the past seemed to be in vogue , by you loud mouth , empty vessels, party hacks, is the following : – When crimes were committed from those within your enclaves, and our police ,aggressively pursued them , then we heard the cries of racially motivated, political prosecution.
      Fast forward to 2011, as this idiotic, over zealous , charade continues, and suddenly, we are hearing different tune, as played out by you, and similar disingenuous others. One would think that by now you guys would find a way to not only love your country , but find a way to really prove it.

  12. Just one question for all you bleeding hearts over the young black boys being arrested: If its the young black boys who are carrying the guns and shooting people then who the h**l do you propose they arrest? young Spanish boys perhaps?. And another thing, do you think they had or showed any sympathy to their victims when they pulled the trigger? No they did not so just why the h**l should they get our sympathy now? If you can`t do the time then don`t do the crime its really that simple,actions has consequences and we all make individual choices. So please stop pathetically playing the race card and concentrate on making a positive contribution towards trying to educate and save our youths, black, brown,white or otherwise. No one is denying the need to get the big drugs and arms dealers as well irregardles of their race and colour but that does not detract from the fact that its the young black boys who have been pulling the trigger and they also must be held accountable for their actions and if they refuse to spill the information on their big bosses then more fool them. Playing the race card at a time when the country needs us to work together is nothing short of shameful.

  13. Have we lost our perspective in this entire SOE?~~these pnm misfits are braying & ranting beyond measure as if race is a factor in that little young black boys are targeted! Let’s get it straight!! Mothers,Fathers,uncles,aunts etc should be thankful that these criminals are arrested so that they won’t be a statistic! Would you rather they be DEAD or SAFE in jail?You fools are only playing the race card because the gravy train has waved GOODBYE since May 2010~~Thank the Minister Sandy for trying to protect AFROTRINIS from further decimating the young black population!!They are killing their own kind~Minister Sandy said enough is enough!He cares & loves his people! Unlike the PNM who were happy to see young blacks kill one another!Take your pick on the matter!Sure we’d like to see the real MR & MRS BIGS caught~~we are getting there!

    HOWEVER when the samall fry’s are taken off the BLOCKS,and they have STOPPED gangbanging,drug-running, and being used by the big fish; then the BIG FISH WILL HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO DO THE DIRTY WORK FORTHEMSELVES.!!!
    THEY USED TO BE CALLED SMALL ISLANDERS AND WERE SEEN AS OUTSIDERS. SOME OF THEIR CHILDREN, who were BORN HERE STILL HAVE THAT VENDETTA against T&T, as MOST OF THEM were squatters and not properly integrated into T&T. THEY LIVED MOSTLY IN DEPRIVED AREAS LIKE BEETHAM, SEA LOTS ect.!!! THEY have been used like political football by successive governments.!!!!
    SOMEONE is now trying to do something to redeem them and the country.
    Irrespective of who else may be guilty, let us start with these individuals.
    Let them know that they are valued and loved.

    LET THEM KNOW that, WHERE THERE IS LIFE THERE IS HOPE FOR TOMMORROW. LET THEM KNOW THAT MATERILISM IS NOT ALL, THAT IN LIVING A BALANCED LIFE, THEY CAN HAVE AN ABUNDANT LIFE AND A BETTER TOMMORROW.!!! They need mentors and role model’s as the drug-lord may be the only one who show them love and respect.


  15. Since racism is for the stupid and illiterate then Mamoo need to introspect on his cultural heritage. Racism defines the cultural history of Indians. Their origin is in the first established racist dynasty in history. Their heritage is connected with a religion that determines human worth based on what part of the body of the God they are said to come from.

    Mamoos exclamation is similar to the descendants of facism and nazism scolding other Italians and Germans about those beliefs. When your navel string is connected to the worse traites that affect human interaction, beating on your chest and pontificating in public will not fool or dissuade anyone from looking closely at you. Take your cultural baggage and do with it what you will, but do not attempt to transfer it on us. It is yours by heritage, own it, revel in it, it is what you do.

    1. “Racism defines the cultural history of Indians” Keith Williams.

      I dont think you are right Mr. Williams, if you are referring to the caste system, I personally believe that it is morally wrong and have never supported it. The Indians who came to Trinidad do not have those barriers.

      Racism was actually a word coined to defined the relationship that exist between the white and black communities. The caste system was a social structure that was useful in the olden days as a means to have a work specific society. In Jewish history the Levites were the religious class of people, similar to the Brahmins who were considered to be the religious class of people. I am not carrying such a cultural baggage as Mr Williams is supposing. I love all people equally, regardless of ethnicity….Because life is too short to be possess with such hatred as Mr Williams demonstrates his writings..

  16. “He said the majority of persons murdered over the last eight years were of African descent. Of 2,086 murders since 2006, 1,668 were of African descent or 72.3 percent. He said 51 percent to 57 percent of the prison population since 2006 were of a similar ethnic background.” Field Marshall Sandy,146641.html

    Ah tell you,these politically naive, military folks ,from Saddam, to Qaddafi,Idi Amin, Mugabe,Castro,Obasandro,Rawlings, Napoleon , Hitler ,Chavez,Pervez Musharraf,Peron,Pinochet,Robert Gates, and now grateful, Uncle Sandy, in charge of our law and order. I am not impress by any, unfortunately.
    Are you sure you vetted this statement,with your political handlers, before regurgitating same ,for our consumption? Let me get it, for the past few years all the crimes were being committed on weak, law abiding Indo Trinis across our country , then suddenly two years ago ,it changed to primarily Afrikan folks , since the arrival of Queen K , and her PP regime?
    Does that mean that no more kidnappings ,are being committed on our delicate South Asian fellows,by said Afrikan savages , as claimed by a selective, ‘fake victimized few,’in their run for power?
    Here is a word of warning Uncle Sandy , that you too can ignore to your peril. Many moons ago , when Papa Randy Borroughs was in charge of of our illustrious police service,he had a united called the flying squad. This unit would likewise traverse the country , only flushing out alleged criminals of the Afrikan persuasion.
    Now based on his background, and acquired family interest , no similar attacks, were made in parts of Central , Sando, and enclaves where the majority looked like his wife, or COP pit-bull AG Rammy. The reasons for that were quite simple,well known , and obvious.
    The non kinky headed , big nose/ butts ,Trini ,crooks and bandits ,from that area, were given a heads up , each time a potential raid was to occur.
    Well,Randy B, was eventually cut down to size , by the Scott Drug Report , in part due to his own criminal machinations, and the rest we shall say is history.
    Fast forward to 2011 , and some of these same jokers , are demanding that Canadian Security expert Gibbs , do the same , and attack with full force.
    Be forewarned Uncle S, for you know not who you are playing with, and it seem forgot, that playing with fire, can result in one- even recently important as yourself- getting burn.
    Your call!

  17. Oh for the love of Goddess!!! The whole point of this article is to point out that criminals of other races aren’t being arrested. I don’t know why people have to take the whole thing out of context. To be fair all criminals should be rounded up not just the black ones. For those of you that are so happy that only the black ones are being arrested, well you are just sad, pathetic people. May Goddess have mercy on your souls.

  18. If the PNM doesn’t like how the PP is dealing with the crime crisis, why didn’t they do something about it while in power? Or was that the way they liked it, maintaining gangs as a private army of dependent, under-educated, violent supporters? Our murder rate is 8 times that of the USA, and got that way under the PNM!
    As for the big fish/little fish story: BOTH seem to have thrived under the PNM! The street gang leaders enjoyed VIP treatment under the PNM, with “summit meetings” at Crowne Plaza and Ambassador. Was the relationship with the big bosses and money launderers equally cozy?
    The PP knows that to get the big fish, they need the testimony of the medium gang leaders, who in turn must see their own small operations dismantled in order to feel that all is lost and that they have no choice but to give evidence against those at the top.
    As for the race issue: why, pray tell, were young African men having to resort to joining gangs under the supposedly pro-African PNM in 2001 to 2010, while the jobs went to the Chinese?

  19. Racism is not a word coined to describe the situation between whites and black. Which part of your rear end do you pull these idiotic conclusions from? That is why people need to ignore the crap you write, because you never let truth and fact get in the way of exhibiting you ignorance.

    The term racist and racism had its origin in the birth of Nazism and facism. The english appearance of that word occurred in 1936, in a book written by Lawerence Dennis, an American proponent of Facism.

    Regardless of the semantics you use to evade the issue, the organized social stratification based on color and other secondary human characteristics occurred in India, and was ushered in with the religious worship of Hinduism. That cultural and stratifying belief system was brought to the Caribbean by the indentured servants, most of whom were of the lowest caste in the country of their origin. However, when they got here and saw a group rfecently emancipated from slavery and possessing the physical characteristics of those who were at the bottom bottom of the order in India, they went through an inverse proportional caste re-alignment. In other words, since the people they met were more dalits than them, then they must be Bramhins. And that is how it has been ever since.

    The fact that Indian anti-black prejudice is exhibited in the same format regardless of Geography is evidence that it is not a localized phenomenon. It is culturally and religiously inherrent, and and become spontaneous operants of the social and administrative policies of Indians once they get into power in societies with significant black populations. Do the math.

  20. This article raises some interesting points. There may indeed be high-level of criminals of other races that are the criminal capitalists in this country and the young, misguided individuals who are the criminal proletariat.

    This, however, does not excuse the criminal behaviour of the perpetrators if these crimes. If the National Security Minister’s and Attorney General’s arguments are indeed supported by statistics, it would frankly come as no surprise to me.

    I have argued on another thread that the African-Trinbagonian youth is culturally disconnected and has fallen prey to a culture which glorifies violence and lawlessness. As a person who has grown up in the dancehall and hip hop generations, I have a high degree of peronal distaste for these cultures, which have nothing to do with any of the authentic African cultures.

    This is why these African-Trinbagonian youth are in such a state of crisis today and have become a maligned group within Trinidad and Tobago.

    My argument here is that it is imperative that the African-Trinbagonian, along with Trans-Atlantic slave descendants rediscover their true roots.

    All other races in Trinidad and Tobago know their roots, whether they acknowledge them or not. They are by and large, stable. The African-Trinbagonian is a cultural chameleon, who changes his or her colours, according to the dominant culture. Thus, the African-Trinbagonian community is, for the most part, psychologically unstable.

    I will reiterate again that there needs to be strong, responsible leadership from influential African-Trinbagonians to bring about a revival of the African Diaspora in Trinidad and Tobago. No other race of people can help us, nor do I want them to help. We have to take the respnsibility to help ourselves.

    1. So true Triniamerican, I believe we also need the adults in the comunities to stand up and be counted as well by setting good examples, teaching our youngsters right from wrong and correcting them when they`ve done wrong rather than make excuses for them when they`ve done wrong.I said in a previous post its not too late to save our younger generation but we all do need to start taking responsibility.

  21. Trinamerican said,”As a person who has grown up in the dancehall and hip hop generations, I have a high degree of peronal distaste for these cultures, which have nothing to do with any of the authentic African cultures.”
    What have they taught you in school Trinamerican, outside of hating yourself ? So you think Bollywood should likewise be blame for the corrupt penchant of all South Asians Indians and decedents,so much so, that many in our country T&T ,would bribe god to go heaven , fleece hard working Caroni workers , of their HCU savings ,used their political clout to dip in the treasury, and or ,jeopardize our security , by ensuring this rich nation ,obtain a 4th class national airport , because as PM one stole /walked away with millions , and never paid a price, since his tribal fans, continually cries , racial persecution?
    Take responsibility, teach children values? What a sick , pathetic joke! We wish dem well.
    Again , tell dem …… …..not only this , but beware of desperate folks , with nothing whatsoever to loose, yes?

    1. The descendants of the South Asians cetrainly have their problems. However, their problems pale in comparison to the malaise that is afflicting the African-Trinbagonian community today. There are Indian-Trinbagonians who have enaged in corruption, but there have been African-Trinbagonian administrations as well. Remember John O’Halloran’s phrase , “All ah we tief?”

      Regardless of how one may view the statements of the National Security Minister or the AG, there is a deep crisis within the African-Trinbagonian community, especially the young segment of it. That fact is undeniable. There are many single-parent homes, a problem whose psychological roots can be traced back to slavery, where the plantation owners deliberately emasculated African men and separated families. This single-parent phenomenon is also a subset of the broader cultural disconnection problem. Many African tribal cultures have a deep value for family. In the African Diaspora, this cultural trait has beome nonexistent for reasons I stated earlier in this post.

      As for my scholastic background, I agree with you. The educational curriculum has perpetuated the myth of Anglo-Saxon and Judeo-Christian supremacy. In spite of this, I have been able to study and learn the truth of African history and have been blessed to rediscover my cultural roots through DNA testing. It is easy to do, but African-Trinbagonians have to overcome these challenges and learn their true roots. It is absolutely essential. Hip hop music and dancehall music only glorify a gang culture and misogyny. This is an insult to our African ancestors and misrepresents a proud and mighty people. There is little that is uplifitng or positive in these cultures. The impact of these genres should not be underestimated. Music is a powerful tool.

      Also, you seem to have lost faith in the ability of African-Trinbagonians to instill stong values within their young. I know things seem bleak, but now is not the time to give up hope, for to do so would be to accept the impending cultural demise of the African Diaspora.

      Keep the faith.

  22. “I know things seem bleak, but now is not the time to give up hope, for to do so would be to accept the impending cultural demise of the African Diaspora.” I like that optimistic, end note , of yours, Trinamerican , and for that I give you full marks,as a start to something.
    There is work to be done, but one should never feel for a moment, that narrow minded , cross racial, interlocking elites, will solve this problem, as it’s not fully in their naive interest.
    Rest assured , by the end of the term of office of this regime , the desperate, low caste members of the African ,and Indian community, that historically wallowed in poverty, and political neglect ,will be no more advanced socio-economically, than they were,when Sando /fake Christian ,political bandit, Patrick Manning, along with his grateful wife Hazel, and his piglet suckling bunch,were thrown out by the voters.
    As for your faith in Afrikan culture ,as played out on the Virgin continent ,by close to a billion folks, fortunate to not have experienced white ,barbarian European ,demonic slavery,perhaps you should press the pause button a bit, my friend , for what you see , ain’t what you are getting.
    Jokers, like Obama’s father, and millions of similar social degenerates , have historically, used their women as foot cloth throughout the continent, and so needed no help from Massa Europe, to impregnate, and then abandon their offsprings- unless you think , kids growing up in a harem, where 5 wives – all younger than the other-taking care of 75 pot bellied starving kids ,while the husband ,is free to roam ,while begging Bono , and Madonna, for some pittance, is a step up.

    There is nothing that stands as an impediment to a people’s progress, and by extension ,a nation full development, than failure to be honest about their history , and prevailing realties,trinamerican.
    Hopefully you are truly the exception, as many ‘immoral frauds,’ and well known ,’revolting ,ego inflated braggers ,’ are masquerading, as authentic drivers , on ‘dis’ here ,information highway, but with ‘ah lil bit oh nudging,’ can be easily exposed. Read me , loud and clear my friend?
    As for myself,I could care ‘narda’ about any political leader-past or present – tribe,race ,culturally sound ethnicities,or class ,for as a ‘progressive global humanist ,’the prime concern is first and foremost , seeking justice for everyone, and advancing the entire cause of humanity.
    Your call.

    1. “Jokers, like Obama’s father, and millions of similar social degenerates , have historically, used their women as foot cloth throughout the continent, and so needed no help from Massa Europe, to impregnate, and then abandon their offsprings- unless you think , kids growing up in a harem, where 5 wives – all younger than the other-taking care of 75 pot bellied starving kids ,while the husband ,is free to roam ,while begging Bono , and Madonna, for some pittance, is a step up.”

      Points well taken. There are some African cultures that have become quite degraded and many men from these cultures have abdicated their responsibilities to their communities and their families. However, in spite of these shortcomings, it is still of the utmost importance that many in the Diaspora find out what their roots are, so that they can understand their past, regardless of of how pleasant or unpleasant it may be. Also bear in mind that culutres can change and become degenerate. Think about Western culture for example, where it is extremely dificult that find a woman over the age of eighteen who is a virgin and where the sacred sexual act is treated as sport, and not for the serious act that it is. The modern American society is a perfect example

      As one who has observed the racist vitriol being hurled from both sides of the ethnic divide on these fora, I have seen the bitter fruits of the cultural disconnection of African-Trinbagonians. The Indian-Trinbagonian contributors have fallen prey to racial triumphalism and have gleefully outlined the failings and shorcomings of the African Diaspora, while failing to appreciate the devastating impact that the cultural disconnection has had on this group. Why do you think you see the manifestations in Trinidad and Tobago today. Young black youth, with Anglo-Saxon last names such as “Smith” and “Greene” committing crimes in a desperate effort to participate in the capitalistic culture, which is incidentally not an African concept. These youth have no cultural roots in themselves and the educational system have tacitly ignored the contributions of leading African intellectuals such as Cheik Anta Diop.

      No other group in Trinidad and Tobago has this problem. The Indians can take refuge in the glorious ancient Indian civilizations and on the accomplishments of Gandhi and Nehru. The Chinese also can take pride in ancient Chinese civilizations. The Caucasian Trinbagonians can take comfort in the successes of civilizations such as Greece, Egypt and Rome. What does the African Trinbagonian been taught? Slavery? Emancipation? Musical historical contributions? I know better, but only through my own independent research. Many African-Trinbagonians however, suffer from cultural amnesia and this is in large part being manifested in the dysfunction that is present in the African community in Trinidad and Tobago.

      Remember, “if one does not know where they come from, they do not know where they are going.” Look at the condition of the African community in Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the Disapora. Do they really know where they are going? Or have they become apologists and mouthpieces for foreign concepts such as capitalism and socialism?

      Think about it.

  23. Today’s Guardian said an “almost 50 year old” whore, Paramattie Ram was arrested along with the four foreigners, from that Sando hotel; and she was reprimanded and discharged. The magistrate said she too old for that, but she gets to keep her three children. In more developed places those children would have been taken away, less she introduce the girls to prostitution early. Some men pay more for fresh and tender meat, and a fifty-ish mother of three sounds a bit banged up. I am sure this was publicised to show they are arresting other ethnics who are not Africans. Pah!

  24. This is to Neal and triniamerican, who are young enough perhaps, to remember nothing. In earlier times, up to the 1960’s, men routinely went abroad to study from TnT, leaving their wives behind. They did not abandon their wives. The cost of taking wife and children was too high,if going to London, Toronto or the US on a government scholarship..
    My husband did that, and I followed him two years later. I could have chosen not to go.
    President Obama’s father was given a scholarship to Hrvard, that did not include provisions for a white wife and mixed race child. This was about 1962. Race relations in Hawaii and that on the US mainland were two different things. Mrs. Obama did not go. Later when the father was in a better position economically, he returned to Hawaii to claim his family, but Mrs. Obama did not want to go. They had drifted apart.
    I could call the names of many Triidadins who went therogh the same thing. Doctoral degrees took seven years, and seven years away from a marriage can have some odd results, like the husband of my friend who went to study and when he was finally done, she joyfully went to the airport to pick him up. He requested that she drop him off at the Hilton. He never retured to the litle two room house just over the bridge, that she had kept bright and shining against his return.He had outgrown the house nad the marriage, he was now Dr Somebody. In the 70’s, the state started giving fmily allowances, so when my brother-in-law went to Boston to study, his wife and two kids had their pasage paid, and they were able to live on his allowance, barely.There is a lng tradition of men going away to far places, leaving their women at home. Circumstances soometimes cause the woman to move on, sometimes the man moves on. Not every woman can do like Penelope, Odysseus’s wife, who waited through all his wanderings. MAny a British colonial came out to adminsiter these colonies, leaving a wife and children in Britain, where the climae and amenities suited them better.
    I cite these example to refute the idea that African men abandon their children. Rather, if they go back to Africa, they tend to take the children with them. I know. It happened in our family.

    1. Points well taken Mrs. Edwards. Thank you for introducing this perspective into the discussion. Actually related to your point about African men and their sense of familial responsibility, is the myth that Africans are congenitally violent by nature. That is also not true. My parents told me stories about T&T being virtually crime free in their youth and my Uncle told me the same thing about Jamaica. All of these islands have significant populations of people of African descent. So this alone dispels that myth.

      So the basic, but pertinent question is what happened? I have my own views, but I want to conduct further research before expressing them.

  25. Children fed a diet of canned violence, act out that violence in reality. Right now, African children in most African countries are quiet, respectful, studious. TV has recently been introduced all over Africa. In houses with one lightbulb and no indoor water, (rural Mlawi) there is TV. Just watch as the cuture deteriorates. Now, the question is how do we keep modern media from infecting our children, if the Saudi solution is not available?In Saudi Arabia, all that TV garbage is available in the hotel rooms, for foreign guests.It is NOT available to the general populace.

  26. “In Saudi Arabia, all that TV garbage is available in the hotel rooms, for foreign guests.It is NOT available to the general populace.” Thanks Madame L. This in actually explain Whahabism, why the majority of the 9/11 , Islamist suicide criminals, were from that American cuddled ,crazy country, and most importantly for you -a lifetime feminist- why they treat women so well,yes?
    Never thought I would see the day , when someone like you would defend these savages ,who historically were at the forefront of globalized terrorism , and their pagan religion, in effort to prove any point. ,
    She preface one of her commentaries with ,”This is to Neal and trinamerican, who are young enough perhaps, to remember nothing.”
    Hey Trinamerican this is what you get for falling into that spider trap ,as laid by Madame L, or resident, lifetime feminist . “Young enough to know nothing?” Translation she knows everything because she was better educated,more sophisticated due to her extensive travels , and exposure. Ummmm hummm.
    Well , it get’s worst trinamerican,and you are to blame for slurping up this cool aid.She said, “Children fed a diet of canned violence, act out that violence in reality. Right now, African children in most African countries are quiet, respectful, studious.”
    This romanticization of the continent , got to stop folks, as it’s right up there with dem crazy Indo Trinis, who watched too much Bollywood tripe, drank too many cups , of stale tea , and Starbucks coffee , with their delusional South Asian cousins, in parts of Europe, and Norte Americana, then try to force feed us with their similar , mostly erroneous mantras, on how great the motherland, and it’s collection of people are,not fortunate to have T7T ,as their home.
    Just curious , but pray tell , how our wider masses, are to be fully educated about prevailing global realities, and how are we , as that necessary , collective , patriotic ,progressives , going to advance the discourse, to ensure the full development of our socially fissured , and politically convoluted country? I hope no one on this board , naively think that any government alone , can do the job to elevating this under achieving society folks.
    Well , I’ll be d….TV the cause of violence in T&T, and across the globe? Ok , be that as it may ,but the gene is out of the bank, decades ago ,ever since, Papa deffy Eric claimed, ‘money is no problems ‘ -even as his ardent voting fans ,across today’s NUMEROUS ,desperate, crime ladened enclaves, were starving /living in squalor-, and Trinis ,were running to Zoo York, Huston, London , Paris , and the red light district Amsterdam to purchase under-wears,Vodka, and other decadent , unmentionable items.
    Speaking about violence, TV cannot explain , why dem poor , lower class ,Indo Trini men , can exude so much violence on their bare feet , always pregnant women ,den attempt to poison themselves , and kids , at the drop of a hat, in most of papa Panday’s one time voting bases, can it?
    I’ll told folks repeatedly ,about how best to drive on dis here information highway, and here it is, as encapsulated in one line. ‘Stay in your lane.’
    I for example ,won’t try to discuss high end physics like T-man, as I did not go to the Toronto technical Institute of Engineering, starting in 1986 , after escaping from his dangerous Panday/ Sudama , Dookie ,Ramnath,Suraj Rambachan, led country.
    I will leave high end biology ,to guys like mamboo, who probably ,went to Cambridge University ,London, after toiling for years – in his words- as a Mayaro fisherman.
    Theories on education ,and high end literature ,is your forte Madame L. Now as for matters of global security, and political affairs , with deeper Historical /Sociological implications? Take a side , and let the big boys go to work. Nation building is never easy folks, but more importantly,it’s not the job for weak hearts ,and deceptive , revisionist.
    We luv dis land , and it’s myriad of some 1.3 million and growing people’s , yes?
    Stay in tune.

  27. TnT…..Tnt……Tnt…..Racism….Sexism…..and bad offensive laws that is not in the people’s interest…is still alive and well. This will be sadly to say stay with us for the rest of our lives. The have and the have not’s are widening with power and money always leading the way. The only hope for a better society is the dying-out of a generation of selfish citizens and not tyiny up-TnT with land and money woes with religiosity rights and wrongs……Do’s with Dont’s that are not again in the common interest of it’s citizens and public policy……. Sure we all love our country……Dexter is that you?

  28. Ok, when people hungry and angry with the state or condition of their lives…..things happen, such as violence and hate towards others and this is not a new problem……sure leadership are partly to blame, but we must take responsibility as a a people also. Yes, people need jobs because 85% of citizens are good law abiding people.

  29. @Neal-

    Pagan religion? Don’t make me laugh. Why don’t you just go back to church where your ceramic idol on a wooden cross awaits you, ok?

    Seriously, have you ever seen a statue or idol of Muslim’s God?

    Really, that’s the absolute, the absolutely most ignorant and dumbest statement I have heard in this entire thread.

    Do your research.

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