A special victim

Newsday Editorial
June 06, 2023

CrimeMANY are the reasons why a victim of sexual assault may not come forward.

Some fear they will not be believed. Others are daunted by a criminal justice system plagued with delay. All of this is made worse when the perpetrator is a member of the protective services.

This is the backdrop against which we hold the puzzling position taken by Snr Supt Claire Guy-Alleyne at a media conference on Sunday to address a report which suggested a Venezuelan female had been raped by members of the Coast Guard in the vicinity of the Chaguaramas Heliport.
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One thought on “A special victim”

  1. On the one hand, Ms Guy-Alleyne admonished the press for reporting on the case.

    “Whenever victims or survivors of sexual or physical exploitation see these things plastered in the media, it puts a very negative effect on the law enforcement investigation and very little or nothing would be disclosed,” said the head of the Special Victims Department of the police service.” Newsday.

    So take your blows and everybody stay quiet including the media. So that the protective services could investigate the protective services and solve the riddle. I get it.

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