MSJ’s David Abdulah: Slavery continues today

By Clint Chan Tack
August 01, 2021 –

MSJ leader David AbdulahMOVEMENT for Social Justice (MSJ) political leader David Abdulah said slavery continues today in different forms.

He made the statement in his Emancipation Day message to the nation.

He said the MSJ “deplores the fact that our education system is so deficient in the teaching of our real history – the history of the struggle “out of slavery, through indenture and up to freedom.”

Abdulah said, “We equally deplore the fact that in spite of having more media today – both traditional and social – than ever before, they are all failing to provide us with the information that would enable us to know where we came from, so that we may where we are now and where we have to go.”

He claimed this reality is not accidental. “Those who control economic, social and political power, who were described by a great Caribbean thinker, Professor Rex Nettleford, as ‘the historical plantocracy, the enduring commission agency class, and the newly arrived technocracy’ – do not wish the masses to know their history.”
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12 thoughts on “MSJ’s David Abdulah: Slavery continues today”

  1. “Out of slavery, through indenture and up to freedom.”
    David Abdullah MSJ/UNC Partnership

    Listen to this crap…speaking on the emancipation of africans from enslavement, David Abdullah confuses APPRENTICESHIP with indentureship? If he did mix up the two, it is telling, but if he “squeezed in” indentureship to appease indians at the expense of african history, that is also telling. David Abdullah seems more concerned with appeasing the indian community than african people during an african celebration and holiday.

    Never forget that David Abdullah was responsible for this :

    as well as part of this:

    And he never expressed remorse for the consequences to african people.

    However, enslavement does actually continue to this day by the new wannabe masters.

    Machel means no disrespect to Hindu community

    1. Interesting IT, but how did a UNC/PP Minister of National Security, NS advisor to Ex-PM Kamla (During the SoE), OPVs Square Pegs in Round holes, DPP’s office bugging…Now a CoP under a PNM Adm. Gary Griffith..
      How the hell did that happen… Did the ‘Guptas’ appoint him too (Like in South Africa)?

      I think the PNM is about to be obliterated.

      Did you see/read the PM Emancipation Day Speech?

      1. We’re on the same page Ramk (except for the obliterate talk). The appointment of a well known UNC politician, ex-UNC minister and husband of UNC-B (COP) leader, was an obvious but typical downhill turn. However, apart from the racism inherent in the UNCIndian/Non-african aggressive push for a non-african looking or even indian COP, Dr. Rowley and the PNM allowed racially ambiguous gary through to appease those “guptas” et al racist financiers as well as the racist UNC and their racist supporters, who would cry interference if a “pure” looking black skinned african was selected. Any how one looks at it, it is anti-african racism and the facilitation of it.

        1. Malema claimed that Zuma got ‘tied up’ after eating the Gupta’s curry…
          Yuh think Dr. Rowley developed an appetite for Hummus?

          Just look at the mandatory vaccine issue.. The PM seems to be lip-syncing what the 1% are pushing, Vaccinate to Operate!
          Just wait until this Big Pharma, Drug Cartel link is exposed… We will understand why Columbians showed up for Haiti’s President, Jovenel Moïse.

          1. RamK,
            I believe Dr. Rowley also loves hummus as well as curry. ;The only thing i don’t think he likes is jollof a.k.a “pelau”. If he does like jollof rice, it’s certainly not as much as hummus and curry. There is definitely a pcking order of taste in Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, and the caribbean:

            (1) Hummus, fish n’ chips, creme brulee or garlic pork
            (2) Sweet n’ Sour pork
            (3) Spanish rice or Curried Chicken/Beef Roti
            (4) Any combo of 1-3
            (5) Any combo 1-3 + 6 &7
            (6) Callaloo
            (7) Crab & Dumplin

            I must also mention that while the hierarchy is absolute, some people just have a “favourite dish”. However, there are too many who want to claim they love crab and dumplin, while addicted to and beholden to curry & roti.
            It makes one wonder about NJAC, hotep, gilkes, livurd , fuad, montano, etc. ?

            Roti & Doubles has been the unoficcial currency in T&T social and party politics since 1970. Therefore those who could make sell authentically, wieldimmense privilege over those who authentically make callaloo or crab and dumplin. Manning had hi own personal doubles vendor with an sdms food badge that he allowed into his cabinet, that was approved(provided?) by sat maharaj. Manning had an apple, that fell under his tree last year, and that plump apple proved that to many trinidadians who make authentic callaloo, authentic doubles with torn wrappers are perceived as of more value than crab and dumplin on a clean plate.

            Many like to posture and deceive as if their concern is callaloo, when they’re obsessed with curry.

            However, Ramk, …focus… what you think about Jamaican david and his flacid speech about emancipation.

          2. *Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean culinary pecking order*

            *Those whan authentically make curry and roti, wield immense psychological /social/political power and privilege over authentic callaloo makers.

  2. David Abdullah is right on these points, but he too has contributed to the problem. Abdullah was part of the PP government when these arguments were being made on talk-shows, and I am not aware of him doing anything about it.

    Most people do not know enough of history in general, especially African and Indian history. Understanding Slavery and Indian Indentureship should include how and why Indians were allowed to maintain racist cultural traditions in Trinidad and Tobago, and elsewhere.

    As the longest serving party in governance, the PNM must take blame for many of the social ills in Trinidad and Tobago. The PNM has never supported the call for African programmes in the state media and the long calls to address social issues in the education system has been repeatedly ignored.

    Under the misguided idea of blind tolerance, coupled with the government’s unwillingness to offend members of the Indian community, PNM has allowed Indian mis-leaders to preach racism on the airways under the guise of practicing their culture and religion. Taxpayers’ funds went into such racist organisations while they slighted NJAC, ESC and other African groups in the society, including my own efforts to challenge Indian racism in religion and culture.

    Most PNM members did not want Indians in leadership. The mantra by PNM supporters was that Indians could not be trusted. If you asked many PNM supporters why, many pointed to their many gods in their religion among other foolishness. There was no logical basis for that kind of discrimination, but this was allowed to fester here. Most PNM supporters were also opposed to African educational programmes and looked down on Orisha, Shango and other forms of African religions.

    My point is, this bigotry against non-Christian concepts is the legacy of slavery and colonialism. This, as well as how racism became part of some cultures should have been addressed in the media and the education system a long time ago. There was no concerted effort by past and present administrations to correct these wrongs.

    African issues and attempts to gain redress for historical wrongs are at the backburner of political issues. “In December 2013, the UN General Assembly adopted resolution 68/237, by which it proclaimed 2015 to 2024 to be the International Decade for People of African Descent, with the theme ‘People of African descent: recognition, justice and development’”.

    What has the government done in keeping with this resolution?

    1. “David Abdullah is right on these points, but he too has contributed to the problem. Abdullah was part of the PP government… i am not aware of him doing anything about it.”
      – amon hotep

      I wonder why amon hotep doesn’t mention that his group (NJAC), was was also a member of UNC/PP government, and unlike david abdullah whom he discredits, NJAC stayed with the UNC/PP government for their entire 5 yer, 3 month term, endorsing all of their policies and disrespect of african culture and people. Also, NJAC is still with the UNC, as a “wing” or prop of the party, and periodically churns out articles of disinformation about african-indian historical relations, 1970 african (black) power movement and the nature of indian and PNM (state) involvement.

      “Most people do not know enough history in general…indians were allowed to maintain racist cultural traditions in Trinidad & Tobago, and elsewhere. ” Amon Hotep

      “Under the misguided idea of blind tolerance, … unwillingness to offend members of the indian community, PNM has allowed indian mis-leaders to preach racism on the airwaves under the guise of practicing their culture and religion.” Amon Hotep

      “Most PNM members did not want indians in leadership. The mantra by PNM supporters was that indians could not be trusted…There was no logical basis for that kind of discrimination.” Amon Hotep

      Is it possible that africans and PNM supporters didn’t/don’t want indian leadership because of the anti-black, anti-african RACISM that they hear, reas about, and experience daily since 1800’s, that amon hotep ADMITS exists and knows it to be rooted in their religion and culture?
      Amon hotep claims that most people don’t know african and indian history, but fails to realize that he is one of the “most”. This guy points out the fact that not only is indian culture and religion racist (against africans), but that they’ve proudly espoused their beliefs in public via the airwaves, but, in the same breath, BLAMES PNM supporters (africans) for not trusting indians and “discriminating” against, according to him, their RACIST (anti-black, anti-african ) RELIGION.
      This is why i have never trusted NJAC or taken any of its affiliates seriously! NJAC= Form (e.g.Dashiki, Drums, music) over Substance (e.g. genuine african advocacy against INDIAN racism (i.e. UNC, PNM, wherever) I’m curious, would amon hotep refer to european jewish/Israeli views and attitudes towards Nazi-ism, (“Hinduism” dervitive), as “discrimination” “with no basis”.

      Heinrich Himmler: The Nazi Hindu

      Amon hotep’s assinine, out of context, and disingenous blaming of african people and the PNM for the fallout of indian racism on african-indian relations, is remarkably similar to corey gilkes’ delusions (same person?). This is typical NJAC politics 101! NJAC propagandizes that PNM, not the fact that indian racism is codified in their religion and culture, is responsible, along with africans’ ” no basis”, discrimination” against indian leadership and religion, is responsible for the “social ills” in society. Does amon hotep believe that PNM does not and did not have indian racist agents like Kamaluddin Mohammed who were the ones actually calling the shots and facillitating these “events”?
      That is the problem. The belief and propaganda, that all PNM decisions and power wielding in past and present, are african, white, arab or chinese by default. It has always been a lie! Indians have always wielded power (behind-the-scenes especially ) in the PNM, either directly or indirectly. As we write, there are very racist indians in the PNM, pre and post rowley ascended, who harm african PNM ites with racist, abusive power trips and hiring/firing directives.

      Will genuine african representatives emerge without the fake NJAC/anti-PNM, begging racist indian community for acceptance under the guise of african-indian “unity”? I’m so SICK of these ignorant convenient pseudo-african representatives with a nauseatung moses complex to “educate and lead” the indian community, which is racist, away from their culture and religion, thousands of years rooted in in anti-african anti-black racism, into the desired bliss of “unity” with amon hotep, corey gilkes et al. You might as well try to “educate and lead” the racist local whites, arabs and chinese communitiesas well…

      You are delusional at best, and an NJAC affiliated operative with an indian fetish at worst.

      Arabs are for arabs
      Whites for whites
      Chinese for chinese
      Indians are for all of the above, themselves & exclusive of africans
      BUT NJAC, Kambons, amon hotep, corey gilkes et al are about africans & indians; A tragic doogala mindset trying to lead the masses of african people… and that is an improvement of PNM.

      The colour of my skin

      “It’s ingrained in out caste-ist hindu society. Discrimination based on caste easily assumes prejudice based on race. Often basic civil rights are denied to the Black people…They are denied movement, freedom of expression…Even in progressive institutions across the country, little or no research is done on the racial violence against Black people.” Ramdas Rao

      ” It is this craziness for white skin— I feel like i’m living in the victorian era sometimes. I feel this thing runs really deep here…Once when i had an accident on my two wheeler, instead of helping me, the onlookers helped the driver that banged into my vehicle get away. When i asked if this was how they treated guests in their country, they said ‘yes, because you are a dog.’…I don’t leave my room unless i have classes or other pressing work. My room is my castle.”-Quincy Kendall, Trinidadian, New Delhi
      ” We are fed up with the way we are treated here. Racism is everywhere— …renting a house..immigration… police station.”
      Timothy Junior, African (Chad) national, indian wife, New Delhi

      BUT , in trinidad, Amon Hotep is blaming PNM and african people for indian racism in their religion and culture and its resulting effects on african-indian relations and the wider society as “social ills”.

      South Asian anti-black racism: ‘We don’t marry black people’

      The most reknowned and venerated untouchables (Dalit) in indian history, reknowned for being the first to gain tertiary education (Columbia), and also for rigorous academic study and criticism of “Hinduism”. Ambedkar concluded after study, that despite the clever posturing of arya samaj-ist, and self professed “reformers” of varna/caste/race-ism of “Hinduism”, it could not be “reformed” away from its “caste system” (racism), and the only escape from it was for untouchables to convert (he selcted buddhism)
      However, not to worry folks, amon hotep and NJAC et al will solve all of this and fix african-indian relations with their superior knowledge of history and they will “dialogue” indians away from their ancestral religious and offshoot culture of anti-black, anti-african racism. Amon Hotep should travel to india and share his revolutionary soltions to this 2,500 year old beliefs & practices .

      What Path to Salvation? by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

      1. Yes yes, the Indian domination according to Linda continues. It is poorly constructed narrative that you have been peddling for sometime. It shows how insecure you are with your skin color and hair. What about black is beautiful? You continue to promote your insecurities on this board. I suppose you feel empower by crying foul all the time.

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