Chinese Kidnapping – Slain Restaurant Owner

Kidnapped Chinese restaurant owner Xue Hua Shan
Kidnapped Chinese restaurant owner Xue Hua Shan

Cops step up search for kidnapped woman
Police probing the kidnapping of Chinese restaurant owner Xue Hua Shan said her relatives told them that the woman’s mother, in China, received a text message saying her daughter was released. The text message, police said, was sent in a Chinese dialect to Shan’s mother who lives in China. Investigators said they had not contacted Shan’s mother and did not know if the message was true or a hoax. But detectives said yesterday that they were still looking for Shan and had no concrete evidence she had been released by her kidnappers. The lawmen said they have stepped up their search for Shan after also receiving a message from someone who called the Piarco Police Station around 6.30 am yesterday, claiming she had been dropped off near a bridge in St Helena.

Cops step up search for abducted woman
A high-profile meeting was called yesterday at the Old Police Headquarters, Port of Spain, to discuss the way forward in solving the murder of restaurant owner Anthony Chen and the kidnapping of another restaurateur, Xue Hua Shan.

April 27, 2011

Slain China Palace owner ‘behind kidnapping’
Anthony ChenMURDERED businessman Anthony Chen was identified by police as the mastermind behind the kidnapping of Chinese businesswoman Xue Hua Shan. Up to late yesterday, there was no word on the whereabouts of the kidnapped woman. Investigators probing Shan’s abduction intended to arrest Chen and question him in connection with the incident after they received vital information linking Chen as the person behind the kidnapping.

Probe in businessman’s murder at ‘delicate’ stage

Cops continue probe into Maraval murder

Senator: Where’s the money coming from?
Independent senator Rolph Balgobin says there should be a police probe several questionable new businesses being established in T&T. He made the statement during his contribution to the debate on the Financial Intelligence (Amendment) Bill 2011 in the Senate yesterday. Balgobin did not say whether he had been referring to Chinese immigrants. But there has been an obvious influx of Chinese immigrants in T&T. The bill was presented for debate by Attorney General Anand Ramlogan.

April 26, 2011

Slain businessman linked to kidnapping
As police continued their inquiries into Sunday’s execution-style killing of Anthony Chin outside his China Palace Restaurant in Maraval, investigators said the slain businessman was questioned in connection with the kidnapping of Chinese restaurant owner Xue Hua Shan. Chin, 61, of Hillsborough, Maraval, was murdered on Sunday morning just outside the door of his restaurant, which is located in Ellerslie Plaza. Eyewitness said two men walked up to Chin while he was on his cellphone and shot him in the chest and head.

April 25, 2011

China Palace owner killed at Ellerslie
Police have described yesterday’s midday shooting of 61-year-old businessman Anthony Chin as a hit.

Businessman gunned down
A restaurant owner was gunned down in front his Ellerslie Plaza, Maraval, business yesterday, in what the police are describing as a hit. Anthony Chin, 61, owned the China Palace Restaurant at the shopping centre and lived with his wife at Hillsborough, Maraval.

Businessman shot dead in Maraval

38 Responses to “Chinese Kidnapping – Slain Restaurant Owner”

  • I think the kidnappers are targeting the growing number of Chinese folks because they see them as being rich. Many of them own restaurants and grocery stores.

  • These are the acts of the Tongs- Chinese mafia. Check San Francisco and New York police records. They get Imported wherever Chinese people turn up, just like the Indian Caste System.

    • A most hypocritical racist comment from one who should know better.Since you actively post in defence of those of your “tribe” on a regular basis when things are reversed.

      • So what do you believe is her tribe brother George? Are you saying therefore ,that the Indian caste system ,or Tongs- Chinese mafia, as described by Madame L, does not exist?

        • It may exist Neal, but without facts, you cannot attach them to this crime. By the way, wouldn’t they need Hong Kong connections for that?

    • How do you know? Are you in that much need for attention?

  • Police seek to reach Shan’s mom in China
    Police are continuing their search for kidnapped Chinese restaurant owner Xue Hua Shan.

  • Any fool can say someone is racist, but if you read the facts, these are two immigrant Chinese people, we are not talking about the Chan Paks or the Lai Leungs who have been here since before 1900. We are talking of one Chinese immigrant kidnapping another, and then a hit is ordered on him, according to police. That is how the Chinese Mafia operate.Again I hope the police are not as silly as George. They should check Chinese gang activity in New York and san Francisco, and see whether the pattern is the same here. The Chinese in TnT, almost indigenous, have always been well off. Its because they went into the laundry bakery and barbershop business, that Indians were imported to do the work they were hire to do.

    I know my history, and I know about Tongs. When I write such things, I want my police folk to take note.Collectively, we have to think for the nation.
    I do not have either a Casino Licence or a gun licence in America(USS) and I speak American. A chinese woman, illiterate in our language, got a gun license, and operatesd a casino , in Trinidad five years ago.Check your facts george.

    • You speak “American”. LOL! What does that sound like? I can tell you for a fact that Texans have their hown accent that is far from the U.S. standard. You just talk to hear yourself.

  • The text message, police said, was sent in a Chinese dialect to Shan’s mother who lives in China.

    I wonder who in T&T can write in chinese dialect. You are quite right LE. It is a pity that reading and commonsense reasoning is so laborious for many in this blog. But then again, if it were not, we would not have the kind of idiotic prejudice that currently inundate the administration of T&T.

  • Great post , as usual Madame L. It is imperative that we educate our desperate fellow nationals about global realities , outside of their petty narrow enclaves.
    Asians criminals – in and out of power-of all ilk , unfortunately ,have been given a free pass both by the conniving global media , and Western elites, with narrow agendas, while every stereotypical negative attribute of global Africans are highlighted to the max.
    In politics/ economic misadventures , their benevolent dictators, coupled with blatant neglect of the poor / lower caste, are legendary- all under the guise of social stability. In other areas , so call culture are used as a ruse for Human Rights abuses on women ,children, poor, and insignificant.
    In Trinidad and Tobago , fringed groups, have been able to operate with impunity , as African folks ,repeatedly get the sole blame for every social evil imaginable -from business container import gun / drug running , bribery to crooked custom officials to kidnapping – and that’s a tragedy.Speaking about criminal bums, did that white Canadian crook , Uncle Hart, not have a Chinese wife , who was once married to a now jealous ,finger pointing , Central Chicken farmer millionaire.
    Keep them honest , good friend, as too much is at stake.

    • Whose fault is that Neal. For years the majority of the nation was of African heritage. Was the power taken or given away?

  • My young Chinese protege and I will be visiting soon, so she can show me how to make Chinese Dumplings. She is a PhD candidate at a nearby university. I wish I had a photocopy of the script in which the note was sent. She might have been able to decipher whether in was Mndarin, Cantonese or some minor dialect from a specific region. Language can also show social class, as does English.
    If the police have a picture of the note- digitals do a great job- they should post it either in the papers or online, and ask for help. Any New Chinese in TnT would be too terrified to help as the long arm of these mafia organizations will get them.We could be dealing here with something far more deadly than the Columbia Cartels. Poor, poor Trinidad, the relentless pursuit of money allows us to let in disease(dengue, from Bangladesh, eastern India and Nepal) and death from overseas criminals.(Money MUST have change hands to let this happen.
    I continue to light prayer candles for my countries(TnT, USA) daily. Other praying souls are asked to join me. Law enforcement alone cannot do it. We need spiritual help.

  • i said it weeks ago. the chinese mafia are here, along with their triads. Even though i have no evidence, i understand life and the world.

  • The police in T&T have not protected the Chinese in Trinidad. Many reports to them have not been investigated hence the Chinese in TT do not trust the police. Chinese complain the police have taken advantage of them since they, through hard work and savings, seem to be affluent. Example: A police office in TT will stop a chinese driving a van on a delivery and tell the driver he broke the law by making an illegal turn or parked illegally etc. He will quote a fine of $1,000 but the police will “bargain” for $500 cash payed to him. And this is just the tip of the corruption.

  • I never saw a Chinese person lined up to take a Driving Test or to sit the traffic exam, so how they getting driver’s licences? Corrupt olice can shake down corrupt people. If I get stopped, I have a valid driver’s license, and proof of insurance. Illegals in EVERY country fear oing to the authorities, and so become victime, while their peers victimize he entire society. How much police time will be used to look fror a woma n kidnapped by a dead man? Could she be feeding the sharks in the bay already? Seems that they should concentrate on who was paid to do both the kidnapping and the retaliatory hit on him.

    And when you talk of illegals getting away with stuff, consider the case of the criminal deportee being offered a job at a prestige school to work with girls! Who recommended him?. Look at his picture and ask if somebody looking like they from Laventille would have gotten away with that for a moment. Did this persin go through the vetting process of the Ministry of Education, or do they just pay the salaries and not question the crdential?. You see, Reshmi is not the only one getting away with crooked stupidness.
    I keep dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

    By the way, in China, they execute corrupt public officials.

  • Bois!! Linda, you ent easy. I totally agree with you on this, not because I have anything against immigrants or migrant workers but because I believe that importing labour is an option you turn to only when you have already employed all of your own. Rolph Balgobin has the same concerns and has the guts to publicly ask about where all this money is coming from/going to. Apart from the suspicions of money laundering and other nefarious activities, another reason why they are able to make profits is because they are doing so on the backs of their own struggling fellow men. Imagine Chinese migrant workers sleeping in restaurant cupboards and their babies in drawers?? And then you have the case of these Indian craftsmen “imported” from Jaipur to do granite installation for a monthly wage of TT$ 400 dollars??? Anybody could get away with paying a Trinidadian that little for what is specialised labour involving expensive materials and for which these businesses must be charging clients exorbitant prices? But no, the system has deliberately looked away and has allowed these businessmen to feel free enough to exploit these desperate immigrants with impunity. We are talking about Chinese and Indian immigrants here. Don’t think that there aren’t other migrants of several other nationalities being exploited in sweet T&T. The sex workers from South America might be giving some of us happy endings but I don’t even dare to imagine what their lives are like. The almighty dollar, it seems, trumps all else, even the sacrosanct ethnic ties about which we are only allowed to whisper in this country.

    “in China, they execute corrupt public officials.” That’s one foreign trend we haven’t yet slavishly imported but I can dream.

  • In the west, the people easiest to exploit are your own people.Indians exploit Indians, Chinese exploit Chinese and Philipinos ditto. Two stories from my US state of residence.
    my school imported six teachers from India, and six from the Philipines. These were highly skilled people who found themselves as fish out of water. I befriended both groups. They looked like us. One Indian guy scrambled together some money and bought a car from an Indian dealership. They had no friends yet, and stuck with their own. The car was supposed to have 40,000 miles on it. In fact the odometer had been rolled back. It had done about 140,000 miles. It broke down on him out of town one weekend, and he had a lot of trouble getting back to his apt. When he called me, I suggested that he get the car checked by a reputable company. That’s how he learned that he had been robbed, by another Indian. That is a crime in Texas, tampering with the odometer. When Jose, he’s from Kerala and has a Christian name,challenged the car dealer, he promptly took the car back, and refunded the money. I wonder which other new Indian with less education, he sold it to, and how many times he had sold such cars and got away with it.
    Now, my Philipina friend brought over her husband, an excellent graphic designer who had created comic books in his own country. He was offered an out of town (Ohio) construction job, by another Philipino.He’d have to pay for his trnsport and meals as well as housing, so he’d be working for practically nothing.
    I told her not to let him take it. A graphic designer(he has done my book cover. The Sun, The Snow, The Sea, and my Obama poster.)doing construction work would ruin his hands, and leave his family vulnerable in this strange land as he could only ome home once a month. Eventually, he did find better work here, after turning down a dishwasher position- offered
    by another Philipino.When he did get a decent job that uses his skills it was with the school district where his wife teaches, run by white people.
    Those who look like you, your skinfolk, are NOT you kinfolk. They take advantage. Trinidad is micrososm of the western hemisphere.You send a light-skinned pretty Trini to Columbia to recruit prostitutes. Its better if she is named Guerra, Gonzales or Rosales.(I am deliberately using names from my family group to avoid those who say “Racist” when I write truth).
    We are a corrupt people, reflecting the greater rot in the world.

  • It is very very strange that the Police have ONLY now released a photo of the kidnapped chinese woman. The chinese woman was reportedly kidnapped about 2 weeks ago. Logic would dictate that as soon a person is kidnapped or even missing a photo is published so members of the public may assist.

  • Kidnapped Chinese restaurant owner Xue Hua Shan

    Cops seek public help to find Shan
    The Police Service yesterday released a photograph of kidnapped Chinese restaurant owner Xue Hua Shan appealing to the public for assistance in finding her.

    Is Xue dead?
    IT APPEARS the probe into the kidnapping of businesswoman Xue Hua Shan, originally of China, has turned to a possible murder investigation after detectives from the Homicide Investigations Bureau got involved in the case.

    Second suspect goes free in Chen killing
    POLICE yesterday released a second suspect who was held for questioning in connection with the murder of businessman Anthony Chen.

  • What a foolish question, is she alive? That is like asking if the sky is blue, of course the young woman has been raped and murdered. Trinidad is Barbaric.

  • Xue still missing, feared dead
    HOMICIDE Investigations Bureau detectives yesterday continued to work alongside officers from the Anti-Kidnapping Unit in the kidnapping of businesswoman Xue Hua Shan. Investigators met at the office of Senior Superintendent Wayne Dick, head of the Homicide Bureau of Investigations to hold discussions on Xue’s disappearance.

  • No, Chinloy, the Chinese immigrant who ordered her kidnapping, in the hope of getting money to open or expand his own business, is barbarian, and had he been in San Francisco, New York or Vancouver, he would have done the same thing. It takes a kind of quiet cunning to study the society, decide who are the most down-trodden(the poor Indians and Africans) and offer some of them cash to do your dirty work.He may not even know his way around the country yet, but could send messages to her mother in China, in one of the Chinese languages, demanding ransom money. Sure they must have killed her. That is why her family apparently called in a hit on Him. Trinidad happens to be the country where these barbaric immigrants practice their nefarious activities. Get your facts straight, and your biases cleaned up. Read the papers, in English, it is all there.

    I am sick and tired of people with no loyalty to anywhere causing mess in my homeland.

  • FBI joins kidnap probe of Chinese businesswoman
    Officers of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) are carrying out specific tests on items seized from a car to ascertain if kidnapped Chinese businesswoman Xue Hua Shan was in that particular vehicle when she was kidnapped on April 13 last.

  • Good News. Now the FBI is no respecter of persons. They can get hold of that texted kidnap note and find out all sorts of things about it, including the IP address from which it was sent, thus leading to whose phone. Even when the phone is ditched they can still track the owner. Our TnT police must work alongside them and not get in the way. We have a lot to learn from their policing techniques. They would not be afraid to link what is happening in the new immigrant Chinese community with tongs in other places. They are not at all afraid of being called racists. Watch for results.

    This could be justified politically because TnT is one direct plane ride of four or five hours away from the US and the battle against terrrorism is fighting an octopus. One drop of poisoed ink can make the whole barrel undrinkable.
    They will fearlessly unravel all the tangled web of lies and murder at the botom of this case.
    We run to the Privy Council when we think we need impartial justice. This is just another step.

  • Chinese interpreter helping cops in Xue Shan’s disappearance
    A Chinese interpreter has been retained by the Police Service to assist Homicide officers probing the disappearance of Chinese businesswoman Xue Hua Shan, who was snatched on April 13 last.

  • And today, Newsday reports another “Chinese Businessman” almost unable to speak English, appears before the court charged with receiving stolen goods which were recovered from his supermarkets.(2)

    He is so recently arrived, yet he owns two supermarkets, and Chinloy, Mamoo and company would dispute that these are criminal gangs entering our country illegaly to do business, and so, would quickly learn who to hire to steal stuff for them to sell, and who to hire to do a kidnapping for ransom. The FBI should question him also, and record the conversation, in case the interpreter lies to protect someone who pays large sums.

    Again, who is the barbarian, Chinloy? The one who steals, or the one who come here determined to be successful, even if he involves others in his cime, and so pulls the whole society down?

  • james middleton

    I know a few chinese business men here. Their money come from China. The chinese housing prices are higher than those in New York, for example, a 100 sq meter apartment in any big chinese city would easily sell for about RMB 3million (about TT$3million). This is why those young chinese folks can own buinesses here.

  • James, does this also explain why they are involved in crime when no one can say how they got here in the first case?
    A “businessperson” can emigrate to the USA on a fast-track visa if they plan to invest $1m US in a business that will employ at least six people. The declaration includes the source of funds, to avoid crookedness.
    When I invested money in Clico in Jan 2009, an investment that went bust ten days later, I had to do two declarations of the source of funds one at the Unit Trust Corporation, through which I had passed the money, and one for Clico. I am also required to file with the US Internal Revenue Service, an annual statement about my investments abroad, by June 30th.
    Clean money leaves a paper trail.

    Has our government(Treasury, Ministry of Finance, Central Bank) required such statements from would be businesspeople? Under the table deals result in kidnappings, murders and so on. It does not wash.

    People who do not know, won’t see the flaws in your statements.
    I know people who migrated from very restrictive countries who turned their assets into jewelry, porcelain and other high market things in the west, in order to legitimately move money from one place to another.

    I tell you, these new Chinese businesspeople smell of shrimp shells thrown out in the hot sun and garbage. Something stinks.

  • Cops: She is dead

    Kidnapping of Chinese businesswoman…

    By Akile Simon
    May 8, 2011 –

    The kidnapping of Chinese businesswoman, Xue Ahua Shan, is being treated as a possible homicide by police as information from underground sources indicated the woman may have been killed on the same night of her abduction.

    Though no physical evidence has been found by police to suggest that Shan is alive or dead, police sources said they have received information that she was murdered by her abductors.

    Murdered businessman Anthony Chen, 61, who was shot outside his China Palace Restaurant at Ellerslie Plaza, Maraval three Sundays ago, was identified by police as the mastermind behind Shan’s kidnapping.

    The Sunday Express was reliably informed that Chen, a good friend of Shan’s husband, attempted to extort money from the man, by pretending that he was genuinely concerned about the incident and that he was willing to put out his money in exchange for the release of the woman.

    His intention was to pretend that he would have paid the $4 million from his money to the kidnappers and that Shan’s husband, a wealthy Hong Kong businessman, would reimburse him. The money was to assist Chen in opening a restaurant at One Woodbrook Place, Woodbrook, police said.

    After Shan’s husband came into the country to assist in her recovery, information surfaced that the kidnappers wanted to pick him up as well, which led to his early departure to his homeland.

    Police sources said the woman’s husband had dismissed the threats and safety warnings they issued to him, but when he realised, on his own, that his security and safety could be compromised, the Hong Kong business man immediately left the country.

    No money was paid to Chen and he did not make any payments to the kidnappers.

    He kept stalling them following which the abductors, who are still being sought by police, got agitated since they believed Chen would have paid them from his pocket.

    What Chen did, police said, was played a deadly game on both sides, particularly when he ‘double-crossed’ the men who had snatched Shan.

    Police were planning on detaining Chen for questioning but before officers could have picked Chen up, he was gunned down by two men who waited outside his business place for him.

    Two men driving a Nissan Almera car, which was captured by surveillance cameras fleeing the scene of the shooting, were held in St James with the vehicle late last month. They were questioned by police and released pending further investigations.

    Officers have interviewed more than 20 persons in relation to Shan’s kidnapping and Chen’s murder, including members of the Chinese community .

    Shan, 31, was kidnapped a few metres from her Seventh Street, Barataria, home on April 13.

    She owned and operated the Happy Garden Restaurant in St Helena.

  • In pursuing this case, the police must look at the charge of “profitting from the proceeds of a criminal enterprise” to be laid against the dead Mr. Chen, to be pursued aginst his estate and businesses. Just as there are interlocking directorates at the top of our economy- look at the ownership of all media houses to see what I mean; just so, there must be interlocking directorates within the Chinese Busiess Community, linking the newly arrived with the “long time here.” Thus the facilitating of a kidnapping, of a man who is to pay a ransom, but lives in Hong Kong, while his wife operates a busines in TnT. Also, if money was to be obtained from Shan’s mother, in mainland China, it suggests a double, double cross. Triads and Tongs operate like that. Again, let the FBI help with this.

    Any two persons found involved in the same crime should be prosecuted additionally for “profitting from the procees of a criminal enterprise”. Enabling legislation could allow the government to sieze all related assets.

    This is the only way we could break th neck of us being a major moneylaundering place, and a drug hub for South America.
    The Chinese laundering skills have moved over the years from washing clothes commercially to possibly washing money.

    This has to stop. Before we admire great wealth, ask ourselve: What did he/she do to get it?

    How did the new Chinese, arriving like ants, get astronghold in TnT so quickly? For that, look to the long-standing Chinese Business Comunity for answers. They are connected.

  • The murder of the businessman suspected of behind the kidnapping is suggestive of the dimensions of criminal enterprise in high society, and the selective consciences of those who rant and rave about crime and point fingers at one segment of the society. It is quite clear that his murder was mechanism to sever links to who knows where.

  • Ms Edwards, you live in the U.S. so you must know in this life, it’s all about the Money Honey. People admire wealth, and they don’t really concern themselves with how people acquire the wealth that they have. There is not one rich person who hasn’t done something dishonest, in acquiring their wealth. You seem to think that the issue of crime in Trinbago, has to do primarily with the issue of immigration. I think nothing can be further from the truth.

    Did you see the story in the newspaper on Tuesday, May 3 2011? There is a story which was titled:Murder On Henry Street, there was a picture accompanying that story, which showed a young Black man lying in a pool of blood, dead, the result of a stab wound to the neck, which he received during an altercation. Another story in the same newspaper on the said day was titled ; Witness: Manning seen speaking to young insurgents. In both instances, they stories covered events which took place in Trinbago, and neither one of them involved immigrants. I can also recall one incident though, that involved one Calder Hart, who was brought into Trinbago by one Mr Manning, involving billions of TT$, and when people were calling for Mr Hart’s head, Mr Manning said, “Calder Hart, answers to only me.”

    I see in your blog you talked about breaking necks, and I understand that it was a figure of speech. But quite frankly, if we were to start breaking necks, a lot of upstanding citizens in T&T, stand to lose theirs, literally.

    Do Ma’at and live.


  • I would hesitate to describe this gentleman as a member of “high society”.

  • My honest life says let the chips fall where they may. BIG MEN in every country should go to jail if they are convicted of crime. If the temple falls around Samson’s head, the temple was shaky to begin with. We must NEVER think anyone in TnT or the US, both my homes, is too big to touch. In the US, state governors go to jail, and Congress voted on the impachment of President Clinton. We have jailed a high court judge for the rape of his staff members, and olice Cief are indicted on drug and money launderng as well as child pornography charges. The FBI is relentless in getting their man. Only in TNT do we think people are “too big to touch.”

  • Ms Edwards, Touché.

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