The Indian Narrative

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
April 06, 2011

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeThe racial inanity that gushed out of Nizam Mohammed’s heart ought not to be seen as an aberration; the unfortunate comments of an ill-informed man. It can and should be seen as a part of what I call the Indian narrative that informs the behavior of many East Indians in our society; the reflection of a view that lay in abeyance while they were out of political power only to reveal itself once they came into power.

So that when, in the flush of victory, the People’s Partnership (PP) celebrated the inter-racial nature of their victory it was only a matter of time before their real way of thinking became known to the public.

What is the essence of this narrative?

First. There is an ingrained belief that Africans have done Indians wrong. They believe that since they arrived in 1845 Africans have been cruel to them. We have made fun of them, taken advantage on them; exploited their physical weakness, made fun of their smaller frames and envy their wondrous physiognomy.

Part of the claim is that in the 166 years they have resided in this land they have had to take all these humiliations with a smile. They have not been able to say or do anything about this ill-treatment because they did not hold the reigns of power. Therefore, they had to stay quiet, bid their time, until they could speak without fear of retaliation.

Now their time has come, they can speak out. It does not matter who they offend.

The second thread of this narrative goes as follows: Africans in this land have always tried to keep them down. The PNM, the representative of this dominant culture, has done everything in its power to keep Indians from realizing their rightful place in the society. The gains they made over the last fifty years have been achieved not because of but in spite of the PNM. It is a position that Sat Maharaj has asserted many times.

Within this construct the schools the government built and opened to the public; the hospital system (including the medical school) it developed to care for our people and train our medical professionals; and the industrial plants it developed to decrease our dependence on sugar and increase our economic viability have been done with the sole purpose of making sure that black people got ahead.

Such enterprises were never meant to facilitate the advancement of Indians. It was part of Dr. Williams’s design to give the African every advantage over the Indians which is why many East Indians are unwilling to concede the greatness of Dr. Williams. This is why when the PNM members in the Legislature called on the PP to honor the centenary of Dr. Williams’s birth, Dr. Roodal Moonilal dismissed such a request with the bland announcement that his government will honor all of our heroes during the 50th anniversary of our nation.

In this narrative no concession must be made to the contributions Dr. Williams made to our society nor, for that matter, should he be accorded a privileged position in the island’s history. He is just another African who wanted to keep Indians down.

The third aspect of this narrative suggests that East Indians are bright academically; Africans are stupid. They may be physically superior but they are mentally backward. This is why Africans are better athletes and better footballers. Such a thesis argues that any position that Africans have achieved in the society is a result of favoritism. They ruled the political roost for such a long time that they merely gave out these benefits and advantages to their own.

Indians, on the other hand, have had to work for what they have achieved. They are naturally brighter and more innovative than Africans as they display constantly by the many places they receive in all of the standardized tests. That is why there are more Indian medical doctors; lawyers, etc. than blacks. Indians are just smarter that blacks. It matters not that during the first half of the twentieth century, for example, blacks led the roost in many of these fields.

The fourth strand of this narrative holds that Indians are more physically attractive than blacks. Black folks remain closer to primates while Indians, with their straight hair, straight noses and narrow hips, are closer to Caucasians which make them automatically more attractive than Africans. They are light-skinned and we are dark-skinned. In a world in which Europeans standards stands atop all others Indians are only too ready to place their culture just below that of the Caucasians always citing their Aryan ancestry as having so much in common as the Caucasians.

The fifth part of this narrative suggests that Africans are racist; Indians are not. This is a more recent assertion that has taken on greater momentum with the PP’s victory. While the PNM (read Africans) ruled they acted in racist ways as the membership of the Police and Army demonstrates. Now that Indians are in power they must rectify this situation by purging the society of all of these racist practices which is why so many of our Indian leaders supported Nizam’s statement.

Indians, on the other hand, do not know what racism is. They are incapable of such practices. It is merely coincidental that when the Indian and Pakistani cricket teams play the West Indies they are more likely to support the Indians and the Pakistani. They believe that such behavior is only natural. They merely identify with the Indians and the Pakistani than they do with the West Indians. Just as East Indians are not inclined to assist the Police Force to solve our crime problems because it is predominantly black; they are willing to support the Indian and Pakistani teams because they are closer to them culturally and racially.

These are only some aspects of an Indian way of looking at our world. No doubt there are notable exceptions to this rule but we cannot be oblivious of the dominant narrative. In the end, Khan, Kamla, Panday, Sat and others are singing from the same prayer book. They reflect similar concerns although their emphasis and effusions may be different. They are both listening to the same drummer. It may be trendy to condemn Khan but he is not alone. It is the hymnal out of which so many of our compatriots sing that ought to concern us.

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  1. Let me add some more to the indian narrative.An indian hate an indian ,when an indian climbing a ladder there is another one behind him trying to pull him down.Indians cannot unite.What about the african narrative Cudjoe.African like to rob and kidnap indians.African males like to kill out african males.African women have nice booty and men have big members.

  2. Pray folks , please enlighten me s to how so many Douglas were created across this good nation, if so much hatred do exist?
    Oh yes , I remember, and this supports the Docs excellent and spot on thesis argument,very applicable for neighboring Guyana, ‘dem savage , sexually laschievious ,African beast, that has continually raped the more delicate Indo Trini females ,from within their safe enclaves, since 1962 when conniving European Massa , unfortunately departed. Such folly!
    Thanks Doc ,for giving us a very refreshing perspective, of which failure to appreciate,might just make real genocidal havens such as Sri Lanka,Kashmir, Rwanda, Burundi, and former Yugoslavia, look like socially cohesive models in comparison. Job well done , President Richard. Long live the Republic of T&T,and most importantly, say no my people to the efforts of all revisionist,race mongrels!Our kids deserves so much better.

  3. In my family, two Indian men married our women. I guess they wanted to move up the social ladder, as they definitely went for the lightest skinned ones, and the children went to the best private schools. The combination produced some of the most beautiful children. So, all ethnic groups find the “forbidden fruit” of the other groups attractive.

    Grow up guys, stop this nonsense.Is not our Prez. married across racial lines, as was Lloyd Best(best kept secret all these years).

    1. “So, all ethnic groups find the “forbidden fruit” of the other groups attractive.”

      And therein lies the problem; the sins of the fathers will continue to be visited upon the sons and daughters. Was the African Hercules the first to mess with a Neandertal wench? I don’t think he was too enamoured of his offspring; If memory serves not until the third time did they create a viable one. Blessed is the African who has no Neandertal genes.

  4. Was that your definition of sarcasm Dr Cudjoe?
    You have just described the African perspective of what Indians are all about. Such mistrust and hate has persisted since black and brown people came face to face in 1845.
    Both sides are equally at fault. Each has their own superiority complex. A line from my favourite lyricist goes: quick to judge, quick to anger, slow to understand, ignorance, prejudice and fear go hand in hand.

    Your narrative is only half finished; you now need to write part two: “The African Narrative”.
    The road to racial tolerance can only be traveled if both sides understand the raw facts.
    The way I see it, until all of T&T turn Dougla, there will always be a racial divide.

    1. I’m an outsider (African Trinidad-American). I was engaged to an Indo Trinidadian. He and his mother were the only examples of Indian Trinidadians I ever seen. Not that I was trying to avoid Indo-Trinis, I never had the opportuniy to te close to one until I met my ex. He lived in Tobago which is predominantly African. I saw how he and an his mother interacted so well with the Africans, and I thought that that is how Trinis get along. Until he told me tha that is NOT the case. Only some Trinis get along, but many are racial. I was very sad to hear this. I thought we all speak the same language, eat the same food, dance the same and listen to the same music. We are all West Indian. So I was interested in learning why. It seems to me that politics divides Trinbagonians and Carnival brings us together. All I know is there’s a God above. As an African I HATE when people ridicule me and I HATE my own people being racial to another ethnic group. God is the omnipresent and hears everything. I love my soca and my chutney. I love steel pan and I love tassa. I’m a Professor of Biology in NY and I help my Indian-Trini students as much as I help my African Trini students because I’m proud of my background. What I’m reading here on this forum is an eye-opener and I’m sadden by the reality of it all. It’s amazing how each race really believes that they are better. I totally agree with Cygnus. We need to create all dougla and that way no one will think they are better than anyone because most of of are too self-absorbed to act right.

  5. My luving ,and wise Granny always reminded me that “banana can’t bear plantain,” folks This self hating , delusional ,race traitor Erica ,is surprise at the ironic twist of fate , whereby typical , national ingrates life time beneficiaries of Dr William’s appeasement- in his quest to maintain power, at the expense of his own race – has now flip the scrip , by blaming him for every slight they ever encountered ,and so now refuse to honor him, in any tangible way for his sterling contributions towards the development of his country.
    Remember this insecure, neo colonial, Eurocentric fraud that rode the backs of black folks to power , marginalize the good folks of Tobago due to vindictiveness, elevated French Creole crooks like O’ Halloran,as well as competing Hindu and Muslim luminaries such as Errol Japanese Garden Mahabir , and Kamal ADB ponzi scheming Mohammed,yet banned 2 globally recognize Trini African giants, in former student turned Civil Rights Activist,Stokley Carmichael,& his own former teacher,CLR James ,since both were viewed as political threats, and destructive agents?
    Madame L said ,”In my family, two Indian men married our women..the combination produced some of the most beautiful children.” It is well establish that when it comes to so-called love , romance , and affairs of the heart, it is not only African males , but our misguided women – including this Erica-have always engaged in destructive activities, that works against the interest of their own race.
    Now mind you Madame L, we forgive these confused women during slavery- including your adopted Founding Father Thomas Jefferson love slave Salley Hemmings – as they were all the subject of repeated rapes, by Massa

    Well , from a political standpoint, ‘de chickens have come home to roost,’ as can be attested by the recent general election, when that same numerically expanding 22% Dougla population sprung into action , after placing their fingers in the mouth , and holding same into the air to see where the winds were blowing- and the rest we shall say is history, if we all survive the political , and social , neo racial roll backs. Let’s keep it real shall we, and quit engaging in revisionism. Yeah Madame L , politically ambitious ,Tapia House bombastic intellectual suspect Economist ,Lloyd Best was an epitome of virtue.
    Fortunately , the voting people that mattered ,never took him too serious , as the naive UWI students that depended on him and Boe Tewarre for a passing grade did . Again , such a tragedy of neo colonials, self haters, and obvious enemies of the people!

  6. Neal, you are being silly. Even in countries where there was no slavery or subjugation of people, like in Sweden, people fall in love and marry across racial lines. Finest example of that sort of relationship is President Barrack Hussain Obama’s parentage.Not by chance he was born in Hawaii. It prevented a possible lynching of his African father. Kansas, however, seems to be more broadmined, longer, than some other US states. We used to say that african originated women in TnT traded sex for groceries from the Chinese grocer, but I know two families where Chinese men married African women, and the children are as old as myself.Chines cane farming migrants were not allowed to brig their women. The Chan Paks, connected to me also by marriage, and the family of the late Desmond Allum, I know his sister personally, are examples of such marriages. One cannot legislate where the heart chooses to go. Just let people work that out for themselves, in a society of equality.We are unique as a people, with regard to the ethnic mixtures that make up our profile. Let us love and treasure our country for that. We do not discuss racial matters in our family. To whom then, would the children belong?
    I have tremendous racial pride, and consciously associate with my African heritage. I love my cousin whose father was Indian, and who married an Indian.. I love my nieces named Baboolal, and Ali.
    Trouble starts when the older folk try to rein in the younger generations to match the prejudice they hold on to for dear life. It does not succeed.

  7. Madame L said, “Finest example of that sort of relationship is President Barrack Hussain Obama’s parentage”
    Pity you ,oh fine learned one, with the temerity to use Obama as your example of love between the races. Do you think that your ambitious , Presidential fraud, would be in the White House, if he had followed the folly of Papa , and opted for a white Yankee air head ,and not settled for the poor,authentic ‘Black Sistaz,’ with the protruding butt?
    I noticeD how you were quick to point out the possible lynching of Obama Snr had he settled in Kansas , but neglected to say why the stupid Harvard ,elitist Muslim African carpetbagger ,dared not take his white wife back to Africa ,to compete with the four desperate pregnant ones, he left behind.
    Oh yes , I knew there was a reason why you a tribal apologist ,and ‘grateful for Indian , and Portuguese Massa , rapist blood, Princess,’ would choose to do so. You would have to also defend the egomaniac Dr. Eric Williams , who in like manner , left his white wife ,and two mullatto kids in America , to return home ,and take care of his grateful people ,while masquerading around with his kinky head daughter Erica, and her eventual Chinese step mom for a day.
    Now since the apple don’t fall far from the tree , guess how that experiment ended up for her the high school drop out, or did she graduate?
    Time to get off that Huston Texan plantation Madame L , as consumption of too much hormone ladened Cattle steaks, and tasteless Cowboy line dancing music , has affected your mental faculties , and or ,objectivity, which is repeatedly manifested in you trying much too hard to appease your European benefactors.
    You also said ,” I have tremendous racial pride, and consciously associate with my African heritage. I love my cousin whose father was Indian, and who married an Indian.. I love my nieces named Baboolal, and Ali.” Quite noble , and commendable, as that’s the way of civilize, educated folks , the real tragedy however , is whether they love you , to the same degree.
    Please do not resort to cheap theatrics ,and pandering Trini jig and dance , to convince Trini Center blogging nations , that you are more racially tolerant, than any one of us , as you will fail miserably – since we have your lavish records of racial rants to counteract that view.
    You might escape with such foolishness in those tasteless , unreadable post UWI novels, my lady, but as we still say on the Trini streets ,’Don’t try dat,’not least ,amongst us more savvy drivers ,on this here information highway, yes?
    I wish you well,but lord, oh how I despise fake progressives ,self hating revisionist, like UWI one time ‘home coming Queen ,’Madame L. No pun intended .
    Stay in your lane, my friend!

  8. Neal, your comments show so much about your self, you should crawl under a rock and hide .
    When you look at an African-Originated woman as talented as Mrs. Obama, and see only her butt, you show yourself to be in the same category as Glen Beck-a person so full of vitriol that he cannot think straight. Which of them is your uncle Sat or Bas?
    Parentage means who your parents are, not whom you marry. Obviously, he exercised the choice of mate that I spoke of. That’s what to be free really means, but you cannot be expected to understand that.
    You are speculating in areas you cannot know anything about.

    For the record UWI was an affiliate of Oxford University when I attended. The Queen came to visit. There were no Homecoming Queens then.

    1. Linda, and Neal, smart contributors as you are, do you really advance this critical debate by “dissing” each other?

      1. Madame L said ,”I know many Africans, from Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenya, Ghana, Cameroun and Nigeria. NOT ONE has ever treated me as anything but a sister, mother, friend.Perhaps this rivalry and put down thing has to do with testosterone.”
        Brother Neverdirty , your point is well taken , but it’s stupid commentary like the above, by our convoluted Anthropological supremacist, Madam L, that gets me riled up.
        Cousin AI is making a valid point, as to his experience with one of many delusional Africans, but her more perfect reality must be the accepted one. Notice she had to find a way to force her outdated ‘all sex is rape neo feminist mantra,’ into the mix ,by dismissing the interactions as alluded to by AI ,as testosterone driven.
        Guess what,every single day over the past 2 decades I have been out of my country , I have engaged in heated conversational battles ,with many of these said confused neo tribal Africans from across the 53 or more backward states of the Virgin continent, so who do you think I would give more credence to? For the record , I have nothing but respect for women ,being the beneficiary of growing up with a wonderful Grandmom that most likely would be her age of 83-don’t know, or really care to be frank. I won’t however allow some two bit self loathing fool, and intellectual fraud , to dismiss my remarks , though condescending slights , simply because she naively believe that right was accorded to her since a few more European rapist bloods runs through her vain, feel me? Someone needs to tell her what driving on the information highway entails. How about staying in her lane?

  9. I find it very sad that we of the Caribbean talk about race. We love being led I think. And all it take is one idiot and we tag along. We always believe it is along race lines but it also along religious lines and tribes/clan lines etc. etc. etc.. I also wait to see the second part of this article.
    When I first traveled to the US I met a Nigerian who was proud to announce to everyone that he was the son of a king and I was the son of a slave. Wonderful, until I had to remind him that I was sold into slavery and he volunteered for it. So for those that believe that they would be welcomed back to Africa or India think again. For the Indians they should read Naipaul. For the Africans they should look at the battles that are currently and for the past, put in a number, years have been fought all over Africa – both pre and post colonization.
    Again we are Caribbean, lets live like it and love one another because none of us are going anywhere.

  10. Right on Doctor Cudjoe. But you left out one bit of History. And that Indians came to Guyana from a culture with an inbedded racist stratification system. That this system predates any other in terms of its distinct identification of the physical human characteristics of superior and inferior. And that there is little doubt that many Indians on arriving in the Caribbean and encountering Africans and Europeans in that one place, displaced the status they previously held in the mother land upon Africans, thus psychologically elevating themselves upward and closer to their white Aryan kit and kin. After all, the initial Aryans were Indians, wer’ent they?

    I wrote before that the PP, with the assistance of some willing negros, did a job on some black people to get into power. They used the Willie Lynch strategy well, convincing blacks that only an Indian can lead them to the promised land, not unlike the premise that under lies the so called Willie Lynch doctrine. However, as it always becomes with those for whom racist power is a uncontrolled aphrodisiac, Nizam could not keep a grip on his hubris. He had to vent his racist spleen, and he did knowing that the ethnic leadership of the PP were in sync with his thoughts. What he did not expect was the angry response from some Africans who tended to ignore and play down these constant exhibitions of racist animus. Time a come, and they will learn that what the white man could accomplish in centuries, they will be unable to do in decades. Let the drums roll.

    1. The Willie Lynch document is a fraud, and one written in the mid-90s. This is proven by scholars who, using terms like “fool proof”, “self refueling”, and even the phrase “Black slave” used by the purported slave owner cum slave adviser, educated in the West Indies, are unusual for a speech purportedly written in the mid-18th century. See website below.

  11. Note to Al: I know many Africans, from Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenya, Ghana, Cameroun and Nigeria. NOT ONE has ever treated me as anything but a sister, mother, friend. Perhaps this rivalry and put down thing has to do with testosterone, and competition for mating with available females.We admire each other’sclothes ad laugh together, met get into their own corners and glare.
    An Ethiopian woman, whose daugher attended my school, when I greeted her in the one word I know of Amharic, gave me a sweeping bow, as if genuflecting. I have had the same treatment from Muslim women of Pakistan, when I wear a scarf thrown over my shoulder. I had to stop an Indian friend’s daughter from touching my feet when we meet. I had to tell her that in my home city there are germs everywhere.

    I have met some hostility from African American women, but I ascribe that to the way I speak, and the fact that males are fascinated with my accent-see, its the testosterone thing.
    People who allow that competition to continue are doing what the Brits, French, Spanish and Dutch set us up to do so long ago. You can see Martinique from St.Lucia, but they do not speak the same language, and need visas to visit. Caribbean people could be examples to the world, but we are stuck in us vs them mode. We both have used proof by selected instances, except that I have more positive examples than your negative one. Did you ever meet any other Africans beside that one?

    1. Linda, I was not trying to paint all peoples in one light and I am sorry if that is the perception that came out. I was just trying to make some aware that the prejudices present themselves everywhere in the world and we have to rise above it to be able to move ahead.
      I lived for over 15 years in many different countries in Africa. Started living in Kenya – 5 years, Zambia – 1 1/2 years, Nigeria – 2 years, Somalia – 1 1/2 years, Sierra Leone – 2 years, Senegal – 2 years. Of course I traveled through other countries for short stints. And I had a great time, but I found many prejudices in most places like everywhere in the world, and like in T&T, people with strange customs are foreigners. While we have the same prejudices they are not as pronounced, but the Caribbean is a wonderful place and we can rise above our prejudices if we see some of the prejudices that are practiced in place we wish to adopt. There are many problems to solve in the Caribbean, lets move on them and overcome them.

  12. @neverdirty: That is why I referenced it as “the so called Willie Lynch Doctrine”. However, despite the questions on its authenticity, that does not vitiate the argument that the strategy that went into the PP’s campaign paralleled what was ascribed to that document. People can and do use tactics, based on their belief systems, to divide black people. Whether such tacticts as they are written or relayed were depictions of actual events is immaterial. What is material is that the users thinking parallels that fictionalized by the presentation.

  13. The irony brother Keith, is that the same folks, who would do any and everything ,to denounce any perceived slight by Africans and others they think their inferior, would gleefully kiss the butts of their European benefactors that historically treats them with such contempt, at every opportunity – and this is because of one reason.
    I say, self hatred, and an ingrained sense of inferiority complex , as they view Europeans not as equals, but superior beings.
    Such a tragedy! Cousin AI , no need to explain . I could spend one single second ,reading a blog response, of a fellow national , and tell when his or her horizons have been widened due in great measure,to the real education received via exposure through travel, and prudent interactions. I can also detect the frauds, who believe that their perception of global realities are the greatest for some opaque Uncle Sigmund Freud , would have had a field day back in the day ,lying this woman on his very private couch ,located in the unlit back-room of Vienna, don’t you think? Join me in denouncing all intellectual phonies, in desperate need for ego massages, yes?
    This global saviors like our Huston transplant would idly boast about all the unverifiable deeds they do to save the world, but at the same time wish that their own country remain in an abysmal state , as it gives them an opportunity to pontificate about their suspect / achievements.Yet some say nation building would be easy.
    Some 200 million South Asian Hindus ,& Muslims were murdered via interethnic hatred ,since independence , in India, Pakistan., Bangladesh,& Sri Lanka, yet notice how Hindu High priest Sat Marharaj ,is going to bat for his Muslim Brother Nizam Mohammed, or see how Basdeo Panday,for all his alleged flaws , has placed his nepotistic gland on hold, and ego aside, to support his visionary /savvy female leader political leader Queen K- who incidentally has passed the buck of condemnation of race mongrel in chief Nizam ,to President Richard , and Uncle Jack.
    Maybe there are lesson to be learned, by stupid Afro Trinis, as economically backward Tobago remain the dung heap of the Caribbean, and low caste Africans across our nations , continually live in their Brazillian favallers , while we are forced to debate the merits, or non merit of racial disparities ,between a few self serving power mongrels , on both side of the dominant divide.
    In the interim, with the exception of a few bastadized ,old money ,great grand kids of Europeans colonials, 15 Chinese indenture Trinis, and a few ‘grateful to be out of the Middle East Arab expats business elites,’ the majority of our citizens ,are stuck at the bottom of the socio economic quagmire.
    Now who dares question this?
    Go figure.

  14. I was taken aback to see confirmation by way of a blog in the news papers. This confirms what Dr. Cudjoe has written about those who feel that Indians are lacking in numbers in some key and strategic areas of governance. This is a quote –

    * The Express Newspaper is out to destroy this Gov’t.
    * Indo-Trinis are second class citizens of this country.
    * The President cannot do his job.
    * Racial discrimination cannot be debated in this country.
    * Africans, who were discriminated by Whites throughout History, can be just as discriminating to other races.
    * There is a conspiracy to prevent Indo-Trinis from reaching the top of the TTPS.
    * There are a lot of ignorant people in this country.
    * Rowley can come out and decide what the President MUST do without being criticized.
    * People don’t know the difference between the message and the messenger.
    * This is PNM country.
    * And I can go on and on . . . . . . . . . .”

    As can be noticed, these are generalities can can be debated but I am taken aback again that they see the black man as the person who is keeping them down.. Where is the history to justify this? Are we looking at the same type of thinking that motivated a large number of them to go to Canada and say they want amnesty because their women are being raped in Trinidad?
    There is a serious mindset of “non reality”/”reality” when it comes to discrimination as practiced by the black man. It worked very during the administration of Eric Williams and Manning and it is something they wont stop until they have TOTAL control of everything Trinidadian.

  15. Again, it was not Africans who brought racism to our lovely shores. It is the same people and their genetic kin who share the Aryan handle and the history of racial discrimination against groups based on the color of their skin.

    You see my friends, in the Indian narrative, Africans are racist in T&T if they refuse to accept the dalit and untouchable staus some Indians wish to impose upon them. In the Indian narrative, Africans are racist if they react to to the racism of some Indians. Too many Indians in the Caribbean have developed this psyche that says they are superior to Africans and we should allow them to assume the role of the slave master without question. I say to hell with that. The gloves are off and we need to jettison sacred cows and make it plain.

    Africans are the most tolerant of people in this world. We spend a lot of time and effort being accepting of the heriditary prejudices of people just because we we crave to get along. We need to draw a line in the sand that says ya you, ya me. A line that says we will unite and proceed to live as one, when you leave your dirty baggage at the door, and cease trying to convert T&T into an Bollywood for your racial ego enhancing purposes. Amanda.

  16. Excellent analysis Dr. Cudjoe. (Some)Indians in T&T simply will not accept the non-racial characteristics (Trinidadianess) of African Trinidadians. I have yet to meet an African Trinidadian, anywhere, who espouses any manner of racism towards another.

  17. Yes, I judge contributions by their content and their relevance to the subject at hand. Nonetheless, I have more respect for contributors such as Ms Linda Edwards who have the strength of character and clarity of purpose to post under their established names than one such as “Neal” whose Nomme de Plume is almost as obtuse as “Anon”. One somehow senses that such a person feels the need to distance himself from his comments, the better to be reckless and even malicious.

  18. Ivore my friend , there is only one, and one only Neal, that possess absolutely no reason to hide behind a sobriquet , of this you can be assured. Born on 116 square miles of historically neglected real estate, abandoned by useless father and mom, and raised from 8weeks to 16 years ,by a loving Grandmom, until she died at home age 53. Served fellow nationals ‘without favor,or affection,malice, or ill will,’ for 10 years ,in our much maligned Police Service ,from 1981 to 1991, where eventually , unlike many of our non-patriotic country haters, he had to abandoned his country ,due to the actions of political/ religious, economic / criminals, in and out of power.
    Two decades later, I am still working to see how I can help my country along the part of sustainable development.
    Good for you , that for whatever obscure reasons ,you choose to give more credence to Madame L’s views , as that’s your right.
    Let me make myself absolutely clear on this situation regards to race , alleged social injustices on Indo Trinis, and the penchant for revisionism by folks out of touch with prevailing realities in their own country.
    My contributions to any debate, is only about one thing- namely,furtherance , and or advancement, of the lives of the masses of people across the nation that remained neglected ,by self serving , cross racial ,elites ,that controlled the political, and economic fortunes of our country since independence.
    It is not about a few confused,ungrateful, Indian leaders, the likes of Sat, Nizam , Goopiesing , and similar divisive agents, with not too subtle agendas,which includes the total subjugation of African folks- even while most of our more broad based ,progressive , wise , and sensible Indo Trini brothers and sisters , will not support their narrow causes.
    It is also not about equally confused , Dashiki wearing, back to opaque , noble Africa, ‘paper nostalgic ,intellectual frauds,’ now beholden to foreign masters , yet likewise nostalgic about the memory of fake Afro Trini leaders, such as Eric, Chambers, Robinson , and recently nepotistic looser, Manning, that all rode the backs of Black folks , and appease others ,in furtherance of their own narrow interest.. and based on the tragic state we remain lock in today, as we can correctly say ,the rest is history.
    African people , across this country- from Signall Hill, to Matlot, Grande, to San Juan, Caranege and back to Charlottville-stuck at the bottom of the socio economic barrel ,and yet are being blamed for every ill that confronts our nation.This cannot be right.
    I have seen human evil , and depravity manifested in quarters far and wide, and on a daily basis , converse with someone from some portion of the globe and listen as they give me a more authentic non CNN, BBC, TSTT, and such reinterpretations.
    I know what is good for our people , and the parts we should avoid. I would not hesitate to find a way to expose the ugly antic of desperate non patriots , and their minions.
    Let’s continue to love country, and as I said , my life is an open book.Just hope I was able to clear the air. Stand by my friend , as you shall hear much more about , and from me pretty soon. Of this you can be assured.

  19. And is it part of the narrative, Dr. Cudjoe, that when they migrate to Canada, because of “pressure” from Afro-trinis and fear of rape of their daughters, that they turn around and murder their wives after stalking them, just like in Penal or Couva? Then they leave that child parentless with no one to guard the door? And is it a valid part of the narratie that when a woman leaves an abusive husband in TnT and moves to London, he tracks her down, gets on a plane,takes a taxi to her apartment and murders her, and does not even have an address in London to give to the police because he had gone to do his dirty deed straight off the plane? And how does the “Narrative” treat with the guruji from India who improperly fondled the young Guyanese woman in Sando, only to have the woman loudly denounced by his “faithful followers” then have the same Guruji convicted in Austin, Texas of twenty counts of indency with minors at his “Ashram”? Poor Ghandi must be squirming in his grave.These kinds of criminalities will always be swept under the rug, explained away, or documents lost in TnT under a PeePee government pissing on the rights of the people, but in Canada and London as well s Texas the police ent fraid them. When they don’t commit suicide, they get jail. What is it about the character of Indians that lets me sleep less well when one of my sisters quarrels with her husband, and just dismiss the other one’s fuss as not much? Their history bothers me, It really does. Do you come back as something better if you murder your wife and then commit suicide? What do the pundits preach? Sat could you help me with this please?

  20. Now on to more pertinent issues of the day , in sweet, sweet, T&T , aka Rainbow country: –
    “Politics is something that’s in my blood. When I was born my father was in active politics. Of course, it’s about service to the people.” Mickela Panday

    Sounds familiar folks? It should,as papa Basdeo said the same things years ago when he returned to his then welcoming country , after his own neo colonial indoctrinations. Talk about dem Trini elites, and beneficiaries of political nepotism in ‘ahhh we gyul, sweet face bachelorette, innocent looking, Mickela.’
    Genocides, Human Rights abuses, blatant discriminations ,committed chiefly at the hands of who else- barbarian Africans ex slaves Grand picknies.
    Oh yes we remembered the claims,but perhaps she escaped such fate just like Queen K the national political savior, due to better opportunities, that ensured she was not married at 11 ,bare feet, and pregnant every 9 months while selling roast corn , caskidoo,river crabs , and beet roots,along Trini Highways ,like a multitude of others
    What a sick joke!Tell me folks , what exactly are they teaching these people in dem expensive Universities in Europe, Canada and USA,ehhh? “I am a UNC first and foremost,I believe in the principles, the foundation of the UNC?” Hey Mickila, you are a human being first, a Trini, and someone hopefully someone committed to the needs of all your fellow citizens.
    Maybe your motivation should not be getting revenge for alleged betrayals to papa, or concerns about his tenuous legacies,but to go and do better than him,by pushing a different agenda , beyond narrow Indo Trini enclaves, as part of a new all inclusive ,progressive , and yes, win/win,movement.
    The reason is quite simple. Queen Kamla,and her varying side kicks-led by ‘FIFA Jack, finger in every pot,money man Warner’-with all the good intentions in the world, cannot achieve any sustainable beneficial changes in our country, as they are part of the system that they are part and parcel pretend to condemn.
    You in contrast ,are in a position to shift the discourse , and start a novel culture ,across this land , thus making us the envy of the Caribbean, and the much wider Global community.
    By the way , this is not my only admonitions to you as an unpaid,caring , nationalist concerned about the ghastly state of our country,while trying to steer in another directions.

    Luv country over tribe people, as it’s the only way to peaceful coexistence ,economic empowerment,and by extension sustainable development, yes?

  21. Neither African or Indian Trinidadiand, or any of the other mixes that make up our poulation are going anywhere, and that is fact. Each is entitled, because of heritage to find a place in the Sun in our Twin Island Republic. What we are not entitled to is to use the myth of oppression to put others on Guilt trips in order to obfuscate our own inherited cultural and religious prejudices. And that is what has been taking place in T&T for some time now.

    The fact that Nizam and his slew of backwardly prejudiced sycophants are using the disparities in one economic sector where Africans are predominantly employed, while ignoring the disparities in other economic sectors where Indians are predominantly, in order to scream for balance is evident of their primordial and odious motives. It is not a fair balancing that they seek, but a onesided affair that deplete Africans from the workforce. The prejudice and racism that infect their judgement, and their ability to examine things is astounding. And regardless of how much we are open minded and genuinely seek the betterment for all of our nations peoples, we would morally and ethically wanting if we allowed this deceitful charade to pass without vehement exposure and rejection.

  22. Unfortunately Neal, and others, wife murder by Trinis is a “pressing issue” you as a man may not understand.It is my job to keep it before the public eye as it may be a serious barrier to total integration(of course afro-originated males kill their ives sometimes, but it is a major undiscussed issue in the Indian community.) I see from the papers(Newsday) that there was a march in Couva yesterday against child abuse. It was in Couva we met, in 1986 to “do something” after the fifteen year old Indian girl, the Heroine of “SHATTERED LIVES” wrote a letter documenting her abuser at the hands of her father, then imolated herself in their burning house.The teacher got the letter three days later. At that amicable meeting, Afro-Trini social workers met with Indian businessment to agree that we had a problem. I cannot remember a single Indian woman preent, which in itself says something.We should have cancelled the meeting and reconvened it when for every Indian man present, there was an Indian woman who could talk about domestic abuse- of which sexual child abuse is a part. Mother gets sick, cannot satisfy father’s sexual need, he starts on the oldest daughter and has them as his sex slave, one by one(Part of the unspoken sicknesses of our community.) Women who move away to protect their daughters could be killed.
    If this is not a pressing issue in TnT, not a damn thing is. Whatever Mikela Panday says or does, she is eduated enough to earn her own comfortable living, that removes her form the pool of abused Indian women who can be murdered for things they were percieved as doing in Trinidad, as far away as Canada or Britain.
    He is a fool who says that this i not important.
    On another issue, I had said at the onset(Newsday, trinicenter) that when the dust clears on the Guerra child’s murder, a close family member woul be involved.
    Simple deduction: The child allegedly was kept home due to his falling and hitting his head, said Grannie. Then he went to the parlour and disappeared. Someone had to have been told the pecise time he was going to be on the road. The autopsy found no signs of a bump or bruise on the head, either superficially or subdurally.

    This may have been a reverse honor killing, where like in Vietnam after the war the illigetimate children of AMERICAN SOLDIERS, BLACK AN wHITE WERE OFTEN KILLED TO RID THE FAMILY OF THEIR SENSE OF SHAME, and to start anew. Would that be the society’s business, Neal? I posit that it is, s much as we are concerned about INDIAN MEN in the Army and Police service.

  23. According to the Express, the police have a fellow oficer intheir gunsights for the murder of the Guerra child, and are lookin at a “close female relatie” a;lso. Now, in the case of the honor killing that incensed me enough(in Englan) that I wrote to the Archbishop of CAnterbury about it, the murderous family cordinated the deed by cellphone. I hope the police check the cellphone and landline records of the house the child was staying in, and the cop to be charged. MURDER WILL OUT, and the blood of innocence cries out for justice.
    For Amy(anamuthodo) For Hope(Arismandez) forAkiel(Chambers, and the still missing Vishnu Persad and Mark Prescott.

  24. The way of these phony intellectuals,time wasting ,and nuvo rich ,petit bourgeois Trini elites , never ceases to amaze me folks. Take dis Madam L creature for example. What do you know ,she is trying too hard – and failing terribly ,one might add -to flip the script by labeling yours truly, as just another callous, uncaring , insensitive, misogynistic , male chauvinist pig, whose only wish is to see our loving , resilient T&T women ,relegated to the backward state their ancestors from India, Africa, Medieval Europe,Maoist China, and savage Mohammedan/Beduin , pre OPEC oil , Middle East ,were used to before we all fortunately landed in the greatest country in the world.
    Sorry my good lady , I would have to disappoint you, for while you at 58, was now doing Huston University , Continuing Education refresher courses ,to deal with these and similar ,subtle socio -political /cyber maneuvers , I had already perfected the art. Look at the evidence, perhaps no other male on this here information highway,has used my acquired skills , to address the causes of our women , than myself , even going to the point of denouncing your former idiot PM Patios ,when instead of looking into the mirror of his clueless governmental stewardship, he did, in typical UWI ignoramus fashion , instead dismissed an overwhelmed Lavantille , substance abuse , troubled woman ,and her entire family, as 2 bit losers ,who obviously deserved to have their little daughter raped ,and slaughtered by an illiterate , savage low life from within the African race.
    It should be noted , that I am not selective about my outrages, and so, unlike you , would in addition to calling out Indo Trini males, their community leaders, and politicians for failing to deal with gender inequalities ,child neglect , and Human Rights abuses in their enclaves, but I would also where ever possible, take African males to tasks for self hatred , neo slavery neglect ,and abuses.
    You know the types ,who make 10 kids , and run away to make another ten with 50 other low end ,catching tail Matlot, Beetham , and Movant chicks.
    Yes , the ones who kick , cuff , and abuse spouses and girlfriends daily , with no fear for sanctions throughout the system. I am talking also about those women not fortunate to have a gun to shoot a one time Minister in the knee, like a certain St Anns East representative , and former silver medalist Olympian , politically overambitious , Santa Cruz ,Lilly planting MP, who shall remain unnamed.
    Notice folks how this suspect caring , but obvious elite operative jig and dance. She seem to want to twist my words , and imply that I feel that Mickela Panday , was undeserving of her achievements by virtue of the fact that she came from a politically powerful family, when indeed that was not my concern. In reality, I applaud the woman for the dignity and grace she has carried herself, after being prematurely thrust into the limelight by Papa Baz , aka Indian Socialist European Neru.
    I am simply pointing out a truism, that she has absolutely no chance of advancing any new political agenda, if all she is prepared to be is another ‘pretty face Basdeo Panday , in a dress , legal briefs , and English knickers’ -or what ever her bachelorette , youthful fancy garnered at decadent Oxbridge Student dorms!
    Power runs ,in multi racial , multi ethnic societies like ours- just like big brother America- calls for more savvy operations ,while out of spotlight, and if wise ,Mickey can do a fine job, once ie ,Queen K of course ,has enough,or Mama Seetahal, don’t wish to throw her pants into the political ring.
    I just wonder if new PSC Chair Dr Deosaran, still practices his social psychology , as he might be able to shed some light into this sense of insecurity as displayed by ‘all sex is rape, neo feminist Madame L,’since she thinks that 1, she has a monopoly on the all causes of women , and 2,women can be advance across the nation and the globe,without changing the mindset of men , not by beating them on the head , but understanding , and reeducation , without the hate. If you doubt me then ask TV Queen delusional Oprah, as she place 40 million to build some modern elite school to save girls in South Africa, but is silent on Mandela cousins across the nation raping baby virgins to end aids , the country leadership refuses to fully address. 3 months or less into her social top down , gender bias folly, charges of abuses were leveled at members of her – who else female staff. Such a tragedy! Would someone also tell her that bride burning in India , stoning of women in Muslim Middle East Pakistan and Afghanistan ,and life time sexual mutilations across both Africa and the Middle East are often pushed in all cases by female, including mothers, elders, and female peers. There is work to be done madame L, so quit the finger pointing , and let’s work together , if your end game is the interest of our collective people- which I am beginning to suspect not.

  25. “It can and should be seen as a part of what I call the Indian narrative that informs the behavior of many East Indians in our society; the reflection of a view that lay in abeyance while they were out of political power only to reveal itself once they came into power”

    The doc wrote a compeling article on the mind of Indians. I hereby name him Balraj Singh . He MUST abandon his slave name Selwyn Cudjoe and embrace his Indian ethos. Why? His book on Indians and now this article. I find him to be fascinating. He is only helping black people with his hair and soon as the fall out Balraj Singh the true character in Indian thinking will emerge. I have always believe you become what you talk about and embrace.

  26. Does that mean khem ,that your more glorified Trini Englishman Sir Vidia ,has evolved into a Muslim African fella, and no longer a self hating Hindu , who even after 60 or more years away from his country of birth , is no different from the white Massa adoring British lover character ,in Mr Biswas, he tried to get away from? I told you once , I told you twice, and perhaps a million times,to leave our good honorable , and respectful Doctor alone, as his selfless patriotisms , and efforts to help build up his people , and by extension the country that gave him his start,have displayed more integrity as a human being, and is more of a better role model for all our youths that aspire to achieve , than 1000 , the likes of your fake Nobelist , anti Muslim, anti African , intellectual suspect ,V.S Naipaul , and similar, insecure, self loathing, country haters.What a comedy of errors . He despise the British that treated his Pop with such contempt , until his death,yet kiss their feets from the age of 20 to 75, adopted all their deceptive mannerisms including marrying one of their women which he treated with contempt until either she or himself decided to dump the other.
    He attacked the Islamic religion with fervor , for most of the latter years of writing since 1989, to capitalize on global anti Muslim sentiments, and so was rewarded with a global honor , which justifiably was more suited for the only two readable books he ever wrote in his entire life , when he still posses a Chagurnas accent.
    Yet , surprise , surprise , eventually , in the autumn of his life, ran to Pakistan ,to snag one of their docile Muslim women, to call his own.
    That’s it folks,Uncle Cudjoe and yours truly, would soon start an enquiry to see what he dabbled in ,during his African sojourns, amongst our endearing women of the Virgin continent,that he wrote so condescendingly about as one of the chief neo colonial condemners of developing people.
    The question remains folks , with citizens like these , who needs enemies? To my more naive brothers ,and sisters , please take not,e that the Khems, Dr. Gopiesings,Sat Maharaj, and V.S Naipauls of the world , are only the tip of the iceberg, or worst yet, the very bottom of the volcano.
    Nation building ain’t an easy exercise , that’s not too suited for the weak of heart, yes?

  27. Both sides are equally at fault. Each has their own superiority complex. A line from my favourite lyricist goes: quick to judge, quick to anger, slow to understand, ignorance, prejudice and fear go hand in hand.

    It is these kinds of fabricated equalities that prevent any examination of what cause racial and ethnic tension. Prejudice based on a sense of superiority has a documented history. You cannot just attribute it to a group in order to sound “fair”. Both sides might have their own prejudices based on a variety of causes and conditions. But please point me to any historical cultural or religious beliefs of African peoples based on inherrent ethnic or racial superiority.

    Africans react to prejudices based on their experience with such prejudices. Some of them go overboard and become as bad as the very repository of the racial and ethnic prejudice that elicited their reaction. But generalizing prejudice among groups as a common cultural trait is anecdotal and indefensible.

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