Hang them high, high. high and then some

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
September 07, 2010

HangingIn normal, civilized and sane times, one can postulate a solid, airtight defence against the imposition of the death penalty for murder. No problem.

However, times, albeit living conditions, in T&T are abnormal, uncivilized and insane to the nth degree; ergo, any defence against the death penalty under these current circumstances is not only absolutely null and void but also totally immaterial and irrelevant.

This is the sad situation of life, safety and property in T&T today. The stark reality is that the life of a human being in T&T is virtually and literally useless, worthless and valueless. Human beings are been killed just as chickens are decapitated/beheaded and their throats slit.

The murder toll now stands at 338 and counting. As the Mighty Sparrow once quipped:

“This is madness
Total madness
What’s wrong with my country? Lord
Tell me, I would like to know.”

The fact of the matter is that while there is widespread debate and differences in regard to the imposition of the death penalty for all murders, this article seeks to provide a legal and professional solution.

The stark reality is that both criminals and/or murderers must realize that if they do the crime, then, they will do the punishment and that punishment is the death penalty… plain and simple.

The message to all criminals and murderers from We the People of T&T is very simple: How you kill is how you will die/hang, period.

By way of elucidation, if a criminal commits what this writer calls a civilized murder, then, he will receive a civilized hanging.

In other words, if for example, a criminal shoots and kills a business owner during a robbery that went bad or shoots and kills a home owner in a similar situation, etc., these are civilized murders. They are still murders now… let’s be very clear.

Ergo, upon conviction, the hangman would hang this criminal in the usual manner: noose around his neck until he expires.

However, if for example, a criminal slits the throat of another human being, beheads/decapitates another human being, rapes and then kills an innocent child, shoots and kills another human being during gang warfare, chops and kills another human being to death, etc., then, these are brutal, uncivilized, savage, barbaric murders that deserve similar hanging. These murders are totally different from the afore-mentioned civilized murders. Let’s keep it simple and plain.

Here, the sole issue is to suit the nature of the punishment (hanging) with the nature of the crime, that is, murder of another human being.

Ergo, upon conviction, in the case of uncivilized murders, the hangman must be provided with the necessary technology to squeeze the noose around the criminal’s neck to the same brutal extent/degree of savage, inhuman pain and suffering that the murderer did to his victim— plain and simple. This is not “an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth” but plain, equal human justice at play in T&T.

In this way, the brutal hangman’s punishment fits the brutal crime. Criminals will then face this reality check: How you kill will determine how you die/hang.

Put another way, if a criminal kills in a civilized manner, then, he will be hanged in a civilized manner but if he kills in a brutal, savage, uncivilized manner, then, he will be hanged accordingly. Bottom-line: Kill and you will die in T&T, period. Message from We the People to criminals: Pick your method/poison how to die/hang when you kill in T&T.

In other words, whatever pain the criminal/murderer inflicts on his victim, the hangman will return the favour via the noose.

The fact of the matter is that if criminals are “afraid to die”, then, DO NOT KILL— plain and simple. This is not rocket science or advanced calculus— kill and you will die/hang in T&T. Simple as that!

There is absolutely no question/doubt in this writer’s mind that hanging will be the most potent deterrent to murders in T&T and if T&T has to withdraw from international organizations as a result of this action, then, that’s the price to be paid for freedom in this country. What’s the problem?

The time for excuses are long gone. The criminals have been laughing and overtly ignoring previous governments and their lame crime-fighting policies. Now is the crucial, life- saving time for the People’s Partnership government to bite the bullet and let the criminals/murders bite the hangman’s noose in the process.

Mammaguy, pappyshow and congosa crime policies of the past are just that— of the past. The People’s Partnership government must smell the crime/murder coffee and act decisively. We the People demand and expect no more and certainly, no less.

Indeed, let the record reveal that the average citizen is not only the only entity in favour of the imposition of the death penalty but religious groups, pastors, you name them are also casting their “yes” vote on this thorny issue. The introduction of hanging for all murders in T&T should not be stretched out to be a divisive issue; on the contrary, it must be used as the much-needed mechanism to unify all Trinbagonians under one flag— the flag of safety, security and sanity for all. Divisiveness among citizens only serves to embolden the criminals/murderers- that’s a no, no.

In the final analysis, hang them high, high, high and then some because in these unsavoury times of wanton lawlessness, mayhem, and downright savagery/cannibalism in T&T, the sky is not the limit. So “criminals beware, all yuh got to hear; murderers beware, this year all yuh got to hear”: when you kill, the hangman’s noose is what you will see and feel, period. “The choice is yours”— Kill and you will hang in T&T— civilized or uncivilized.

19 thoughts on “Hang them high, high. high and then some”

  1. “The time for excuses are long gone. The criminals have been laughing and overtly ignoring previous governments and their lame crime-fighting policies.” Right on my brother!
    Some would say that you and other frightened ‘intellectual panderers,’are correct in getting your rocks off on the chance for state murder, of chiefly poor ,lower caste citizens, without the means to afford proper legal representations, to defend them against sometimes bogus accusations,as that’s your right.
    I too , along with more civilize progressive nationals sometimes feel like committing murder in retaliation, when we are at the receiving ends of the fraudulent actions, of some white color bandit, that fleeced us of our hard earn dollars ,in some Ponzi scheme , or similar corrupt act, but we often instead ,curb our ingrain savagery – perhaps it’s because we did not spend too many useless hours earning a Phd in European Feudal history.Just kidding.
    Speaking of this Trini criminality predilections , and political cuddling you referred to , can anyone say why this fool is still allowed to run around the country, making stupid demands , as opposed to being locked up and serving a lifetime sentence , in a 5 by 2 cell , along with political pal and fellow criminal Basdeo Panday?


    One suppose ,that in the spirit of alleged change , one can expect that both are expecting a Prime Ministerial / Presidential pardon – if such can be placed on the future referendum agenda quick enough ,by the conniving local Constitutional legal sharks ,piranhas ,and barracuda, yes?
    I’ve often tried to warn my fellow nationals that race is not a major Trini problem as such , but the fact that we are laden as a country, by a bunch of dangerous , and deceptive , blood sucking , selfish , interlocking elites. Now am I right , or am I right? Some might say yes, as the poof , and the pudding , is here for the eating.
    In the mean time , when all is said and done , we should ‘say no to state murder’ – especially if immoral souls are still enamored with Massa England’s Privy Council, while Britannia it ‘s home,eradicated such wanton savagery as the death penalty decades ago.

  2. My thoughts. A human being that who has no respect for another life is dangerous and wether proponents for, or against, the death penalty will feel comfortable locked in a room with someone who has just committed a murder and a possibility of repetition, because they are likely to do it again. Anyone that has a total disregard for your live should be seperated from us all.
    Killing of human being is the ultimate end, there is no measure of death, by all means death should be repayed by an equal, doesn’t every crime deserve a punishment?
    To be alive is the ultimate we have, death has no return, no one wants to go there. Why should we allow someone to take that privelege from us and remain with hope that a presidential pardon may set them free when they given the same privelege?
    In the end, why waste my tax dollars giving life and a 5 x 2 to some who has just killed our sons and daughters? My tax dollars should make living for me more secure and comfortable.

  3. Ramnar, one cannot in good conscience ,have the death penalty in an imbalanced, unfair , class driven ,and obviously tribalistic ,society like T&T.
    The priority for this allegedly,modern , progressive government at the moment ,should be to strive for one that has a level playing field ,when it comes to Equal Rights,Justice , as well as all the other broad base social and economic benefits ,for all citizens-irrespective to how much they claim we are suddenly broke.

    1. “Ramnar, one cannot in good conscience ,have the death penalty in an imbalanced, unfair , class driven ,and obviously tribalistic ,society like T&T.”

      The death penalty is already in T&T. Where have you been Nealos. There are over 383 executed in cold blood for this year alone. The best business right now is a funeral home.

      Trinidad is obviously an unfair, class driven, tribalistic society filled with imbalances.(Nealos) I agree!! Why should the criminals alone carry guns??? That to me is unfair especially since businessmen cannot get a revolver. At least they should have a fighting chance.
      T&T is class driven since a particular class of people got all the jobs in T&T, those people were the sole beneficiaries of the PNM excesses (Calder etc). I agree that must change and everyone should benefit.
      T&T is tribalistic with patriotic tribalistic songs such as “kidnap them” and “take from them” still ringing in the ears of hard working people. I suspect the tribals are forumlating plans to march, protest and behave bad. And compose a few more sad, whiny songs…

      With all of these imbalances in T&T one cannot have the death penalty, we must allow the criminals to run wild and make T&T the wild wild west. I must say “Gun Smoke” was one of my favourite television series, maybe there could be some shoot-outs n Lazyville and Murdervant captured in film for local entertainment. Perhaps Nealos you could be the star in these movies. I would support a role for you where you go to these gun tooting criminals (with beer in hand) and try to make some peace deals with them. A few of them could sneak up behind you and fire a few rounds.

      Like Dallas everyone will be in suspense for who shot JR (in this case Nealos). We could even put it on “pay per view” so that Trinis abroad can be entertained also…. hmmm now that is a good money making idea, don’t you think.

  4. Intresting observation Neverdirty.However,we need the likes of cousin khem in all his revolting ugliness,for how else are we going to know what we as a nation have to grapple with,if we are to develop,and move beyond this substandard state?
    Noticehis erroneous claims of weapons imbalance.Remind him for me that99percent of those weapons came into the country,with the help of these same businessmen.
    Now if he doubt that,he can ask his manipulated friend Abu Bkr.
    These culturally driven,greedy,selfish crooks,won’t know the truth,if it hit them in the face.Hopefully COP Gibbs knows what he is signing on for.

    1. Remind him for me that99percent of those weapons came into the country,with the help of these same businessmen.

      Hahaha you are another victim of conspiracy theory. In the U.S. there are all kinds of conspiracy theories in T&T it is no different. 99% of weapons came in by businessmen. So the businessmen bring the weapons in and give it to gangstars who in turn use it to kill businessmen. You are no different Nealos than those who blame slavery, government and racism for their lot in life. Blame crime in T&T on the businessmen.

      Where is the evidence Nealos of your spurious accusations. I always thought you would hold to Patos definition of criminals as community leaders and would say the community leaders brought the guns into the country. It would make sense for the community leaders to bring the guns into the country to protect their drug turf, criminal enterprise and community. Don’t you think so.

      To date Nealos even the police does not know where the guns are coming from. Maybe you have a lil more connection with the community leaders and info that you could share to assist the police.

      The question for you Nealos..Are businessmen drug dealers or community leaders. Or are they both!!! Tell us.

  5. I agree with you, Doc. Except we shall be hanging (high, high, high!) about 10 per cent of the dastardly killers. Arrests amount to no more than 20%. Conviction are about 50% (at best) of that lot. So while we hang dem high, the bulk of killers out there laughing…and continuing their carnage.

    Also, Doc, what about punishing those bigshots who evade paying income tax (professionals are notorious for that!) and remit VAt to Govt (businessmen who are crying out for hangings are most culpable here). Instead of hanging their Jack (pardon the pun), the Govt giving them amnesty. Meanwhile, fixed income workers, already earning ‘dog wages’ pay up through compulsory deductions.

    Never a fair society, Doc. Never. And hangings will nto make it any better.

  6. when will all the discussions over hanging end, it is simple ,if a criminal takes a life and evidence proves this , then hang him , his victims family will suffer the rest of their days , so should the criminals family, it sounds harsh and it is meant to be so , so stop all the dithering , check out the hang mans noose , make sure the drop is enough to snap a neck , , clear the islands of all these people which I would include the corrupt individuals who run the country for gain , give the islands back to the people who deserve it not those who corrupt and taint the image

  7. So you are saying that my Syrian brother Gregory Aboud is a boldface liar , and we should think that the glaring evidence as displayed by your cousin , and crooked , construction mogul Hafeez Karamath in Valsayn, is a mere aberration , that should be ignored? I know that naive folks like you , and the PM ,feels that a white Canadian crime fighting Police savior, is the end all solution to your crime problems , but I admonish you comedians to take your head out of the cabbage patch , and observe the cultural driven , social realities on the ground.


    Please do not get it twisted my friend when it comes to criminal lifestyle.For the record,while jokers like you were peeing on yourself , as stow away immigrants hiding in airplane baggage sections , en route to crying for refugee status in Canada, I was here in Trinidad and Tobago ,do my duty in trying to clean up the mess cause by Imam Abu Bakr , and fellow Islamist,as well as your well known , corrupt ,tribal , country hating , political pals, who were desirous in obtaining power, by any means necessary.
    Promise me my friend that you would soon stop being a Maple Syrup drinking ,toothless PP pit-bull, and neo tribal criminal , apologist , and instead use your precious time to advance the interest of the country you suddenly reclaimed on May 24th 2010, when Queen K took the throne.
    As Madame L would wisely admonish us -when she have the patience to tolerate characters like yourself-kids occasionally read these boards , and since you are no longer a scrunting , barefoot, illiterate , runny nose, Chickland , donkey riding , desperate ,16 year old kid anymore, but a supposedly educated , mature adult, it’s time to step up your on line cyber game.
    I am personally beginning to get a bit tired of you myself , and that’s saying a lot , as I am a very tolerant individual.
    “You are no different Nealos than those who blame slavery, government and racism for their lot in life.” Imagine the audacity of this fool, and characters like new glorified Education Minister Goopiesing, eh people?
    Always crying in the past like sexually lascivious Tom Cats in heat , about past governments, bogus racism , and criminal behaviors of de big butts, kinky head, thick lip ,patriotic folks , and their chiefly Royal ancestors ,that built this country freely, with no compensations from savage Europeans imperialist, and successive neo colonial elitist, yet never can develop the guts to denounce actions of his own tribal cousins ,glaring destructive behaviors ,in and out of power since 1962.

    1. “crooked , construction mogul Hafeez Karamath in Valsayn, is a mere aberration , that should be ignored? I know that naive folks like you , and the PM ,feels that a white Canadian crime fighting Police savior, is the end all solution to your crime problems” Nealos

      Nealos Karamath was a friend of your buddy Mr. Manning. He was a PNM symphatizer and gave generously to the PNM cause. It was the PP who came knocking at his door only to discover, horror of horrors a drug and gun den. Had the PNM remain in power Hafeez would have continued to use Toruba as a cash cow. I want to assure you Nealos that PP have a few surprises planned for in the near future.

      The Canadian will help then to build their case and use expertise from the cold north to ensure criminals posing as business men do not escape. In fact you will see a totally transformed police force that recognise criminals and not community leaders. Further to all of that there is a certain tribal kingpin whose days will soon be over. He has been extorting money from people with his gang of white clad men.

      Nealos better days are ahead my friend. The criminal enterprise is slowly but surely going to see their last days in the near future. Mark my word, the PP is not the tribalist PNM…Watch and see.

  8. Cousin Khem , you are building my case with evey response you make. Criminal activity in Trinidad is not only an African problem as you try to paint it, as Africans only make up half of the population . It is an Indian problem, Chinese, Hispanic, Arab , Jewish ,Canadian , and every other group that choose to settle in this blessed country. Politically, the PNM, and UNC in all it manifestations ,got us to this point , and all hands must be on deck to rectify it.
    When I repeatedly said via this forum, that East Indians were able to thrive in this country under the stewardship of the PNM , you and others erroneously thought I only meant that this was in successful , wholesome commercial , or positive social activities,yes?
    No my friend , it was not limited to that , but numerous criminal ones as well. Here is a secret for you Trinidad and Tobago , is not the only place where this was practiced , doubt me then ask a Kenyan that endured Moi , and saw his country go to the dogs , while roving , non patriotic parasites excelled.
    In ending ,let me state that I admire your confidence in this your Edmonton $500,000 per month Canadian COP , as I do for Manning the clown’s $300,000 per month each, Scotland Yard anti Kidnapping blokes, that achieved Narda.
    They are certainly a boost for the morals of dem lazy- and as you think -chiefly pro criminal African, bribe taking , blokes that dominated the Police Service since Massa departed.
    One thing I am certain however is this, they all will be packing their collective bags soon and running back to their barrios in Canada, and England, long before the term of these clueless political usurpers ,that presently holds power, ends.I wish you well as you practice your denial charade in defense of the clan, while pointing fingers at ‘the other.’
    It is a wonderful way to further nation building.

    1. “When I repeatedly said via this forum, that East Indians were able to thrive in this country under the stewardship of the PNM”–Nealos.

      The PNM was indeed a good party until Manning took it over and convert it to the Syrian Cartel and the Calder Harts of this world. Indians thrive through the PNM years because of the sheer genuis of our people to work hard, save and teach our children what it means to be a good citizen. In fact Nealos I would agree with you that the only saving grace during the PNM years of reckless spending was the conservative nature of Indian people to save and work hard. Through the sweat, tears and blood of Indian people Trinidad was built. Our sweat runs deep into the ground of the sugar cane fields, rice plantations, business community, education system and cultural ethos of T&T. Everywhere throughout T&T it is easy to find symbols of Indian labour.

      My parents worked in the sugar, rice and vegetable fields. We produced our own food during the PNM years prospering at ever turn. We were independent of government support, always had food grow in our lands. There was never a day we starved despite having a large family. Our parent instilled in us strong values such as “do not want what others have, God will give you what he want to give you work hard”, “do not steal, trouble easy easy to come but very hard to go”, “what don’t meet you, eh pass you yet, so don’t laugh on others” along with all of that was serious trashing when we did something wrong… You cannot shame this family..they told us.

      Yes despite what all may say during the PNM years Indians prospered, they increase in population today forming the majority, their business survive the Manning years of kidnappings and tribalistic mischief. Today Trinidad could not be what it is without Indian ingenuity, dedication, hard work and peaceful nature especially during those PNM year Nealos…

      Cheers my friend, thanks for recognising us in such a marvelous way.

  9. Khem, you must check your facts carefully. Karamath as a big-time contractor first surfaced under the UNC Govt. Remember the Desal plant, the allegations of corruption surrounding it? Ganga Singh’s name was thrown into the pot (he was line minister then).
    But Karamath’s fortunes, like all of the wealthy, were not linked to one party. Or if it was, it was Party in Power (PIP). So in spite of the PNM actually investigating him for alleged misdeeds, he got even bigger contracts under the Manning regime.
    This teaches us an important lesson. While we fight and quarrel on forums like this, the Karamaths, Calder Harts etc thrive under ALL governments (watch how they will resurface under the PP). It is we, the foolish grassroots supporters who put them in power, and who make enemies through our blind support, who look like fools in the end.

    1. Indra you make an interesting point. Did you know Ish Galbanransingh had a PNM party card before he was recruited to work on the Airport project? What the government needs to do is conduct audits of all it’s departments every quater. An internal audit will reveal spending habits of various departments on various projects. Those handling the projects must be able to justify cost and it must be in the contract that no project should run beyond 20% of stipulated cost. If is goes to 20% over then the contractor must clearly justify that cost by providing documentation prior to approval. If the contractor does not finish the project on time and on budget, then they must not be considered for another project. That is the way to deal with these ridiculous cost over-run projects that have so far ran into billions.

  10. And the triumphalism continues unabated. You are wasting your time Neal. I knew from the first day of the election victory that as soon as the dust settled, the tribals would begin their ethnic masturbatory self massaging. It will spread thank God, and eyes will be opened. The one positive thing about this is that those eyes become opened will never be fooled again.

  11. Thank you as well my friend khem , for accepting the fact that there were no Guyanese Forbes Burnnam, Post Milton Obote Ugandan, Idi Dada Amin , or Fiji George Speight,to contend with , who would’ve stood in their way for success, in order to expand those find industrious qualities ,you’ve so eloquently mentioned.
    Now if only in addition, you could accept a famous quote an old bare feet once poor Tobago, Political Science A ‘Levels ,former Valsayne Teacher’s Training College lecturer, use to tell us , then we can have a meeting of the minds , and future progress ,as it were, yes? It was, that “statistics are like a woman’s bikini , they reveal quite a lot , but conceal that which is vital.”
    When you claimed that “they increase in population today forming the majority,” you are as usual,taking false credit,and distorting the facts- as played out recently ,in the swing votes that worked in favor of the PP- especially , if the 25 % or more Douglas in our country, choose to erroneously describe themselves as Indians ,in like manner, to the confused global Hispanics, who would deny their Africaness at the drop of a hat, as a result of some opaque ,lifetime inferiority complex ,that was pounded into them from the time they were born- kinky hair, big butts, thick lips,and natural musical gyration abilities from birth, and all.

    Cousin Khen you said , “My parents worked in the sugar, rice and vegetable fields. We produced our own food , prospering at ever turn. We were independent, always had food grow in our lands. There was never a day we starved.”
    Members of the jury , based on the above commentary ,I now rest my case, as my learned friend khem has come full circle ,in proclaiming all that I have been trying to say , in defense of these much maligned Afro Trini brothers and sisters.
    You remember the accusations,and subtle innuendos by dem callous ,lifetime country leeching leaders, who would often say ‘they are as a bunch of lazy ,shiftless, good for nothing , sexually insatiable freaks ,overdependent on government handouts , culturally driven, blame my white Massa for everything , miscreants.
    Now that you have admitted that land was the real asset that enabled this sense of independence , dignity , and self worth, or the catalyst for Indo Trini successes ,and not solely governmental efforts, then you have a choice.
    It is, to encourage your present government,and civic leaders to do the right thing and share the land with the folks whose fore parents were never fully compensated with lands like yours were, so that they would come off the useless , unpalatable Brazilian favalas , and become similar productive citizens.
    The last time I checked , sugar was dead, and nobody was planting rice again in Trinidad as everyone had migrated after selling out most of their lands to invading Guyanese, or converting same into multi complex, unregulated – often – businesses fronts.
    It is quite obvious for even the blind to see ,that the elitist , neo colonial ,fools that dominated the PNM since 1962, not only failed their own miserably, but indirectly the entire nation due to gross neglect , arrogance , and political misdirections.As such , the people spoke forcefully on May 24th 2010- as they should , and hopefully the new PNM leadership under the Rot aka de MasonHall Kid ,got the message loud and clear, that business as usual is over.
    The choice is yours , along with rest of the gloating tribe my friend. You can eat the bone in your mouth , or grab for more – including the reflection in the water-at the exclusion of the other , and loose it all.
    Once more I remind you, and your pseudo intellectuals , com political handlers for the Change Agent in Chief Madame K, “beware of a man with nothing to loose.!”
    As I recalled , she vehemently claimed that “blood would flow,” if changes did not take place in her party’s favor quite recently before her world famous coronation. Well, if real changes , beyond old talk, don’t ensue soon , then Raffiqe’s 1970 ,and Abu’s 1990, might appear like Aranguez Pagwah,and Independence Day jump up in comparison.
    Additionally, in the absence of a typical ,good for nothing post slavery African father,the wisest woman that ever lived , also advised me in like manner to your fine parents, and she would say ” the longest rope has an end.”
    My advice therefore , is to pay attention to history my friend, as we hope that the end that inevitably emerge ,is one that we can all live with, and or benefit from , ehhh?

    1. “Thank you as well my friend khem , for accepting the fact that there were no Guyanese Forbes Burnnam, Post Milton Obote Ugandan, Idi Dada Amin , or Fiji George Speight,to contend with , who would’ve stood in their way for success, in order to expand those find industrious qualities ,you’ve so eloquently mentioned”.

      Nealos you cannot stop the human spirit. As Gandhi said when protesting the British treatment of Indians in South Africa “the British can have this body but they will NEVER have my loyalty”.

      Guyana suffered much under the whip of Burnham but where is Burnham and his ideology today. Indians were driven out of Uganda (they were not integrating with the African population aka no dougla children) and so Idi got rid of them some 50,000. Today the present government is encouraging Indians to come back to Uganda and invest in this nation. They understood that economics defied the average African.

      Fiji like Guyana and Trinidad will come to realise you cannot defeat the human spirit. The PNM despite bringing in thousands of islanders has failed to make T&T the nation that they would want it to be. Which goes back to my original idea. “This is the world we live in embrace it” We come into the world with nothing and Nealos my tribal friend we will leave with nothing. House, land, money and ethnicity will all be buried in the earth only to become dung, for the worms to feed on.

      The challenge for you Nealos is to work towards a better nation and to become the change you want for this world. It is only then you will have fulfilled your destiny…Love you neighbour regardless of race, religion, class or culture. The despised Samaritan is your only real hope for a better day..

  12. Love you neighbor regardless of race, religion, class or culture.” Khem , you are preaching to the converted my friend. It is you and your kind that needs to follow that admonition you are attempting to dish out to yours truly. Check thorough out history and see which is the only race on earth that embrace every other , even at the expense of it’s own.
    Yours in contrast, only seem to prostrate , and kiss the feet of the other , when you assume that they are your superiors- like those characters with blond hair , and blue eyes. You would not choose to assimilate, and integrate with Africans like Ugandans you mentioned, but your women, and men like Naipaul,Manasi Scott,Sweta Keswani,and Rajiv,would sell their souls ,to have a white trophy at their sides , and that’s a tragedy.
    Africans in contrast, won’t discriminate when it comes to such , be it Indians, Whites, Chinese, Hispanics, Eskimos, and Alaskans, as all are ‘par for the course .’ Don’t ‘look a gift horse in the mouth,’ my friend, for it is only because of this tendency for loving their neighbors like themselves , why a 25% , up for grabs,swing vote demographics emerged in our country , and the sole reason why you have power today, agreed?
    As for Gandhi, one day in the next life perhaps ,that bloke may exit Samsara ,to pay dearly for using and discarding where convenient, low caste Indians ,to achieve his political ends , of this you can be assured.
    I wonder where India would be today , if he had not pack his South African bags, and run back home after he recognized that he was considered as a 5th class citizen by dem racist Dutch, and English , white soul mates, hummm khim?

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