Ish and Steve refused bail again

UPDATE: JULY 16, 2010

Ishwar Galbaransingh and Steve FergusonSir Ellis: Inconsistency in extradition attempts
In the matter referenced above (The United States of America vs Steve Ferguson and Ishwar Galbaransingh), my advice is sought on the merits of representations submitted to the Attorney General on the 21st of June, 2010 on behalf of Steve Ferguson and Ishwar Galbaransingh…

…Sir Ellis Clarke: Advice a matter of law
“It is difficult to see why the proper place for trial for the others (Ferguson and Galbaransingh) is somewhere else (the US),” he said. He also commented on the constitutional point in which the validity of the Extradition Act which enabled what would not be evidence in Trinidad and Tobago to be used as evidence here.

…AG: No opinion from Clarke on Ish, Steve
Attorney General Anand Ramlogan has not received a legal opinion from Sir Ellis Clarke on Ish Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson’s bid to be tried locally.

UPDATE: JULY 15, 2010

Sir Ellis: Try Ish and Steve in T&T
Sir Ellis Clarke, one of the architect of Trinidad and Tobago’s two constitutions and its first President, has said businessmen Ishwar Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson should be tried in Trinidad and Tobago. Sir Ellis has also strongly criticised the “prosecuting authorities” in the matters pertaining to Galbaransingh and Ferguson. The former Head of State made his assertions in a written legal advice, said to have been issued free of charge to relevant stakeholders in the matter.

Judge blanks bail request
An application for bail made on behalf of United National Congress (UNC) financiers Ishwar Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson has been dismissed by High Court Judge Malcolm Holdip.

…Ish and Steve refused bail again

…No bail again for two businessmen

UPDATE: JUNE 17, 2010

No bail for Ish, Steve
FORMER UNC financiers Ishwar Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson have been denied bail and will remain in prison pending the outcome of their legal battle to stave off extradition to the United States to face trial. Court proceedings for the two men, facing criminal charges in the US arising out of the $1.6billion Piarco Airport deal have reached the 11th hour, Justice Vashiest Kokaram said yesterday in the San Fernando High Court.

No bail for Ish, Steve
Justice Vashiest Kokaram yesterday refused bail to businessmen Ishwar Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson, but ordered that they not be extradited to the United States until the outcome of their constitutional motion challenging the legality of the extradition proceedings.

NO BAIL: UNC financiers Ish, Steve in jail
Lawyers for United National Congress (UNC) financiers Ishwar Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson spent five hours in court yesterday but failed to get the millionaires out of the Maximum Security Prison in Arouca last night.


UPDATE: JUNE 16, 2010

Cops arrest Ish and Steve
FORMER UNC FINANCIERS Ishwar Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson were yesterday arrested by police officers and taken to the Maximum Security Prison in Arouca, as their lawyers are expected to make a final appeal to Attorney General Anand Ramlogan to stay their extradition to the United States.

Ish, Steve in jail
UNITED NATIONAL CONGRESS (UNC) financiers, Ishwar Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson, were back in prison last night after bureaucratic bungling left them free despite their bail being expired. Ferguson and Galbaransingh were arrested in Pt Lisas around 5.30 p.m. yesterday, according to police reports.

Ish, Ferguson in prison
Businessmen Ishwar Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson were arrested yesterday and spent last night at the Maximum Security Prison, Golden Grove.


UPDATED: JUNE 15, 2010

Cops look for Ish, Ferguson as bail runs out

THE EXPIRATION of bail for two United National Congress (UNC) financiers who are wanted in the United States on criminal charges, is currently engaging the attention of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Commissioner of Police (CoP).

Up to press time last night, local law enforcement officers were making moves to detain businessmen Ishwar Galbaransigh and Steve Ferguson, the Express learnt. The situation arose out of an order handed down by Appeal Court Judges Humphrey Stollmeyer, Rajendra Narine and Gregory Smith on May 3.

On that day, the Appeal Court ordered that the duo’s bail would ’continue pending the determination of any Application for special leave to appeal to the Privy Council’. In an order handed down on June 7, British Law Lords Brown, Mance and Collins refused to grant an order to block the extradition of Galbaransingh and Ferguson, who are wanted in Florida on bid rigging and corruption charges related to the $1.6 billion Piarco Airport Development Project. According to the Appeal Court order, the duo’s bail expired on June 7, following the Privy Council ruling.
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UPDATED: JUNE 12, 2010

AG gives Ish, Steve 7 days to show cause

By Francis Joseph
June 11 2010 –

Attorney General Anand Ramlogan has given businessmen Ishwar Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson seven days to make representations as to why they should not be extradited to the United States to face a total of 95 charges relating to the construction of the Piarco Airport Terminal building.

After the refusal of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council this week to grant leave for them to appeal, the Attorney General wrote to their attorneys, giving Ferguson and Galbaransingh the opportunity to make representation in accordance with Section 16 of the Extradition Act.
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Ish, Steve lose extradition battle

By Francis Joseph
June 11 2010 –

Two UNC financiers, Ishwar Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson, lost their final battle yesterday to avoid extradition to Miami, where they face a total of 95 charges relating to the construction of the $1.6 billion Piarco Airport Terminal building. The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London refused to grant leave to the two businessmen to appeal the matter to the British Law Lords.

Attorneys for both men, Geoffrey Robertson, QC and Edward Fitzgerald, QC, as well as James Lewis, QC, for the State, had filed written submissions with the Privy Council last month after the local Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal brought by the two men challenging their extradition. The Law Lords—Browne, Mance and Collins— indicated that they would study the written submissions, and if need be, they would summon the parties to hear oral arguments. But the Privy Council never summoned the lawyers for oral arguments.
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Let justice take its course

42 thoughts on “Ish and Steve refused bail again”

  1. It is interesting to note that hitherto, in excess of 250 million dollars have been recovered from the airport scandal in both local and foreign courts. These two are Panday’s version of Johnny O’Halloran and Boysie Prevatt.

  2. In relation to the extradition proceedings that are currently ongoing with regards to Steve Ferguson & Ishwar Galbaransingh the Attorney General has now written to the two persons inviting them through their attorneys to make representations as to why it would be unjust and oppressive or unconstitutional to take further steps in their extradition. In his letter to Ferguson and Galbaransingh dated June 10th, 2010 the Honourable Attorney General informed them that this decision is proceeding along the legal basis adopted by his predecessor, John Jeremie and that the request from the Attorney General for these representations is necessitated by the principles of Natural Justice.

    If the Attorney General’s decision is unfavourable to Ferguson and/or Galbaransingh the Appeal Court has already ruled that they must be given a reasonable time to judicially review the Attorney General’s decision in the High Court and at that stage they will have the right to go all the way to the Privy Council.

    Ferguson, when asked for comments, informed the media that the article in “the Guardian newspaper of today’s date was not only erroneous but misleading and [he] was grossly disappointed that the author of the article did not understand the stage at which the proceedings had reached. It is regrettable that the author did not see it fit to contact either him or Mr. Galbaransingh for comment before proceeding in haste with the misleading publication.” Ferguson further said, “the proceedings have not even reached half-time and it is therefore premature for a journalist to make comments as he did.”

  3. OK.Pack their bags. Call the US Marshalls Service. Freeze their accounts. Sieze Ish’s hotel in Chaguaramus. You can’t miss it. It s painted pink, and right on the main road. This is the time to show that the new government is serious about corruption, a time to piggy back on what the previous government had already begun in this matter, and to round up the rest of the scamps. Then turn to see what inquiries need to be made about the previous government’s conduct of its business. Whatever moneys are owed to us as a result of these fraudsters cheating the pubic purse, must be paid with interest.Go get em! They don’t need to apply for a visa so they saving $800.00 each.

    1. I hope you can say the same when Manning is charge with the Gunapo Church and other nefarious activities. Also Rowley and the Landate deal, the Scarbourough Hospital and the Toruba Stadium. Many have to account for all of these things. At least these two gentlemen have an airport in place to prove that they did the work. And it was completed to.. Unlike the Scarborough Hospital that has been a virtual sink hole for tax dollars and the Toruba Stadium in the same situation…. PNM corruption is frightening to say the least.

  4. Well de AG give them 7 days…big surprise dey boi. We running to the Privy Council on the Jack matter bc the integrity commission ent good enuff and the AG eh have no answers but apparently in this case the PC eh good enuff and the AG have all the answers….the more things change the more they stay the same oui!!!

    Due process man….is been how many years now?? HAHAHAHA

    Where Kamla?

    1. Oh yes,we realize that Huggings,or until the immoral,flipflopper,caretaker AG Anand Ramlogan attempt to work his spiritual magic to try and save these two white color basket case,like they have done for years with massa England law lords,Privy Council.
      Nothing gets me more disgusted,than to see some conniving fool,who comes on this board and try to paint all African people in this country in a negative light, as abusive ,power hungry, uncaring ,mescrents,due to the actions of a few misguided elites,aided by simi literate low level Civil servants,without putting the economically powerful,greedy,and often destructive ,Indian community,under a similar microscope,and condemnation.
      We have all brought to this country,and maintained certain unwholesome traits from our respective ancestrial lands .Those of the Africans are well known,as they are daily documented ,and regugitated in the corporate media.The question is,do Asians,Europeans,other fring groups,and byproducts, care to know,or remember what theirs are,and how this has impacted negatively the development of this country.
      No one group sould be made a scapegoat for all the social ills of our country,as we all equally bear full responsibility for it’s present state,but most importantly ,in helping it to move forward,out to the present quagmire, towards ‘sustainable development.’
      Long live the unitary Republic of T&T.

    1. What do they have to do with the UNC??? It is only the media making this link. They were given a job to do by the UNC, they completed the job but in process did what all businessmen do, take lil more than they suppose to. Now, it was up to the government at the time to monitor, manage, and ensure that public funds were properly administered. So I don’t entirely blame these men. I think they should face the consequences but the PNM have a long list of projects that must come under scrutiny also…. And I AM SURE there are some people who would be doing jail time also.

  5. Dookie,the UNC is already down,and this is just a true manifestation to those not fully aware that it was /is nothing more than a fringe,tribal ,and corrupt party,that has always cuddled criminals ,while in, and out of power.
    Both you and others in the misguided tribal casts, were dellusional if you thought that the recent victory in the polls,were the result of an endorsement for something that was done ,or promised by UNC competing head gurus, Goopiesing,Rambachan,Madame K,and. Queen Maker Jack.
    The electorate were simply disgusted with Manning ,a lifetime political fool,and wife,whose egos got as large as the Queens Park Savanah,in due measure to the ineptitude,,of his likeminded , UNC crooked rival,and hopefully future cellmate,Basdeo Panday.Good riddance to both.Now let see if your political savior,Madam K,can soon start to earn her salary,or do we have to wait for the next month or more,when the World Cup ends, for FIFA VP,and. Dr.Rowley’s rival for the Prime Minister spot ,returns?
    Let the political games begin,and ‘who is your leader,’again?
    Lord,how I derive sadistic pleasure in bursting the bubble of these. one time country haters,that on paper, despise everything Trini,until as recent as May 25th,when finally, after 15 years,a favorable polls return gave them a chance to grin like intoxicated hayenas once more,since they got the opportunity to complete a stranglehold on not only the economy,but politics as well.
    Thank goodness,this too shall pass.
    I wish my country well.

    1. So the fact that the other gentlemen jointly charged in this matter have already confessed and serving time in the US means what ?

  6. Khem is stuck on Landate, and Rowley. Was not Rowley the giant killer who brought down the entire Integrity Commission, after suing them in court for nefarious activities, and hiding information from him so that he could not launch a serious defence of his reputation?
    If Manning has acted corruptly, go get him too. This is my land, deeded to my ancestors as freedmen early in the 19th century, before oil and all that. I am a die-hard about corruption, no matter who does it- squatters, those who steal toilet paper from the public restrooms, those who shortchange you because they”don’t have a penny”, All same like a lot la. When I was redoing a house in Diego, a bright faced young man came to ask if he could paint my house. I would have hired him, except for one thing. In response to “What kinds of painting experience have you had?” He replied that he paints for the government in the Sangre Grande area, but was usually done by 10.00 AM. I asked his price. $5000. He did not miss a beat. So, for five thousand dollars, in 1984, mind you, this young man was going to paint Tantie’s house on government time. “Thanks, I’ll let you know.”
    Tantie painted her own house(and learned not to paint at night. The light is NEVER bright enough.) My brother-in-law did the oil paint for the trim.

    I am a woman like that.

    1. I think Mr. Manning should be spared a jail sentence for misappropriation of funds. Instead Linda I think that the government should have parliamentary committees set up to respond to corruption as soon as it raise it’s ugly head. In all governments there are corrupt practices happening. In Canada a billion dollars was wasted in health, contracts were excessive and given without oversight. The health minister resigned and the matter was over. He appologise for not looking closely. The point is it does not matter where it is it happens. So mechanisms have to be put in place to prevent these things from happening.

      Now in the case of criminal neglect during the former Prime Minister’s tenure and his alliance with the criminal elements, for that I think he should go to jail because it involves suffering, loss of lives, and human misery which could have been prevented, had he followed his oath of office.

  7. If I have immeasurable amounts of cash, and I look Asian/Indian or Middle Eastern, and was wanted by the US for crimes against the US and the people of TnT- was there one dollar of American aid money put into that airport?, and I had stalled for years to avoid jail, and my friend the new AG gave me seven days to show cause etc, what makes anyone believe that I would stick around to be arrested and extradited? Any fisherman would take a little fifteen thousand, to pick me up and reconnoitre with a bigger ship whose corrupt captain would then take me on board, and drop me of, in the quiet of night, somewhere where the US can’t get me, because they do not know I am there.Just like the three stowaways who were found walking in Tobago, after being dropped off at night by a small boat launched from a bigger sailing vessel. Just like the crowd at Point Lisas about five years ago; who loaned some escaping stowaways their safety gear to help them hide from police, there are lots of people who would take perverse pride in helping them escape.
    I believe that is why the AG gave them seven days: Get out or I will send you, sell you out, must have been the message they got.
    That would really improve US-TnT international relations. Perhaps this is why Ms. Kamla refused to meet Mrs. Clinton last week.The plot thickens.
    Seven days is enough time to transfer money, retrieve cash from vaults and other hideouts. Hell CAlder HArt did not even need that much. Was a holdput on their passports?

  8. Linda, once again you are on the money, this is nothing but stalling tactics being employed by these people to find a way out for these two theives…

    There are countless people who have been extradited over the past few years without all this hop scotch and gymnastics being played by and around these two, in the end they can jump high, they can jump low, thet have to go and make a jail in the US, the rule of law and justice will prevail!!!

    I hope my post makes it into this forum, as we all know that the press in this country are all in collusion with the present government of the day…

    One Love,


  9. Just remember that we have already caught Dooks flat out lying about the true state of the country`s economy and finances, and ever notice crime and the murder is still sky high, but strangely no one`s complaining, who know`s we may get the same tired excuse of they just got into power bullocks!!!!

    One Love,


  10. Ask yourseles why the further wait, why are more gearings needed. Making new tracks for these two ‘gouti to run. All I can do is lift our country’s name up to the Triune God, the God of the Trinity.

  11. Yeah, Dooks went to Indian and told them that Indians would shape the image of the majority black Commonwealth Caribbean. Wait until they have become entrenched in Power. The same black people who who shuffled to vote for the PP because they put one black face up front, will be wailing and nashing their teeth.

    1. Ruel that is a very racism view of the world. You are doing the PNM thing by promoting tribalism. Tell me Ruel do you sleep well at night? Indians lived under the PNM for over 40 years of nationhood and I am sure no Indian would make such silly comments.
      There is no history of Indians oppressing black people. Yet we see what Burnham did to Indians in Guyana. Thousands fled and are living abroad. We see what Manning did to Indians in T&T. Allowed the goon squad to kidnap, thief and brutalise them. He smiling said “kidnappings are targetted”. He knew what he was saying when he made that statement. Yet show me one nation in History where Indians have oppressed black people??? There is none but in T&T all it is tribalism and PNM propaganda machine at work. I am confident that the black man will prosper under the PP and so to everyone else. And please stop this racist nonsense. It is embarassing to read these comments.

  12. Judge Holdip, in a 45-minute oral ruling, told lawyers for the businessmen, Ishwar Galbaransingh and Steve Ferguson that he had no “jurisdiction” to hear the application for bail, after it had been previously rejected by another High Court judge. How could a judge in the courts of Trinidad and Tobago conduct a case, listen to hours of arguments from both sides, at the expense of the taxpayers and the accused, and then decide that he had no “jurisdiction”. Did the judge not realize that his jurisdiction was in question before hearing the case? What kind of justice is this?
    These two businessmen are being bounced around the courts of Trinidad and Tobago and no one in the system is taking responsibility, while they remain incarcerated. These men are not murderers, drug dealers, terrorists or rapists. They are being accused by the former government in a political vendetta of stealing a” few toilets and doors” during the construction of the airport. They have been dragged through the courts for the last seven years without any results. T&T needs to examine the system of justice which facilitates this type of inaction and incompetence. A thorough investigation into this case is required to uncover the root causes of this political conspiracy against the two men and this type of slow injustice in the courts of T&T.
    It is time to stop the extradition and throw this case out of court. Hopefully these men, in the future, will donate their money to charity rather than political parties.

    1. TMan if these two guys are what you say they are, just accused by the previous govt and are being framed, then that is GREAT for their future. They have absolutely NOTHING to worry about based on the scenario you stated. THE USA will give them JUSTICE, real justice and by your statement they should be set FREE, They are the ones asking for Trinidad justice, you know why? they know it! they just have to pay the right price and they will get what they want.

  13. Hey UNC diehard crybabies,you folks are in for a pleasant surprise if you think COP head pitbull Cousin AR we consiencious ,all embracing ,and extremely fair AG,plans to raise a finger in the interest of these two criminals.
    Talk about a rock and hard place for Rammy.He send dem aboard,then Uncle Sam’s crafty lawyers will have them screaming like cannaries to prevent extensive jail time,which could mean bad for his government.
    Simultaneously,if he keep them here,and do the untinkable like one of his immoral predecessor to silence his protagonist ,then he and party lose face,and favor to the criminal apologist tribal base.
    What’s that ? The anachronistic Privy Council,is your back up plan?
    Oh what a tragedy,or as our fellow Trini. Brit writhing Knight might say- ‘a comedy of errors.’
    Dear Blacksungod,I promise to be a good guy,so if I eventually go to ‘heaven,on earth,’you can tell me why I was born in this land ?Just kiding folks.

  14. I’m pretty sure they getting off. After looking at the smokescreen and PR job the AG doing. It is inevitable

  15. Ruel that is a very racism view of the world. You are doing the PNM thing by promoting tribalism. Tell me Ruel do you sleep well at night? Indians lived under the PNM for over 40 years of nationhood and I am sure no Indian would make such silly comments.
    There is no history of Indians oppressing black people. Yet we see what Burnham did to Indians in Guyana. Thousands fled and are living abroad. We see what Manning did to Indians in T&T. Allowed the goon squad to kidnap, thief and brutalise them. He smiling said “kidnappings are targetted”. He knew what he was saying when he made that statement. Yet show me one nation in History where Indians have oppressed black people??? There is none but in T&T all it is tribalism and PNM propaganda machine at work. I am confident that the black man will prosper under the PP and so to everyone else. And please stop this racist nonsense. It is embarassing to read these comments

    Indians have no history of oppressing black people. Are you serious. So what is the Indian Caste System. What about the Andaman Islanders. You need to take that ignorant crap that they dragged you up on and peddle it among like mindsets.

    The two most enduring institutionalized racist systems are indigenous to India and Europe. What did Burnham do to Indians in Guyana. Guyana gave national recognition to Indian holidays and festivals. Burnham developed agricultural projects that primarily benefitted Indians do. When the PPP, the Guyanese equivalent of the PP came into power they began ethnicly cleansing the public service, and conspired with phantom squads to lynch hundreds of young black men. Like I said, you need to take that cultural crap that you were brought up on and peddle it among your own. I am known to for taking on you little eichmans.

    1. The two most enduring institutionalized racist systems are indigenous to India and Europe. What did Burnham do to Indians in Guyana. Guyana gave national recognition to Indian holidays and festivals. Burnham developed agricultural projects that primarily benefitted Indians do-Ruel Daniels.

      Burnham stole Indian lands and gave it to his supporters. Today those lands still lie idle, because the black man did not want to work in the hot sun. Further to that the bandits came and broke down the doors of Indian homes and rape stole and did basically whatever they wanted. Burnham was a despot of the worst kind. He was selfish, arrogant and conniving. No one was caught and brought to justice for those crimes. Thousands fled Guyana and are now scattered abroad. I know some of these people and their stories are frightening to say the least. Further to all of that he plundered the treasury and place the money in his Swiss Account, an account to this day remains unknown. Billions hidden. As for national holidays, the independence day was recognised by Burnham on the same day as Wismar massacre. A day when little Indian boys were skinned and burnt alive, just for being Indian. A day were women were brutally rape and homes burnt down. This mob did what they did in Rwanda. Killed at will.

  16. An analysis of the manifestation of racism

    Rich grow richer under 63-year-old Brahminical rule

    Bangalore: The Deccan Herald on June 24, 2010, published two wonderful reports side by side: one quoting an UN official saying India has failed to fulfil its Millennium Development Goals (MDG) pledge to reduce by half its extreme poverty by the year 2015. The report is published under the headline “Extreme poverty – still pervades India”.

    The MDG does not apply to China as it abolished poverty long back.

    DV proves right: In the next column, DH says “India’s rich scale new heights”, meaning the less than 15% rich are getting richer. The New York-datelined PTI report says:

    India’s population of high net worth individuals grew as much as 51% to 1.26 lakhs in 2009….”

    What does the two reports read together mean? It means the over 85% of India’s poor (read SC/ST/BC and Muslims) are getting poorer and the 15% upper castes are becoming richer at their cost.

    This is what DV has been also saying.

    The SC/ST/BCs (65%) plus 10% Muslims together make up 75% of the population of India. To this must be added lots of Dalit Sikhs, Dalit Christians.

    Forgotten slaves of India: In DV, we have been repeatedly telling that over 85% of India’s slaves have been totally forgotten. Some among them have turned maoists and to kill them military is getting ready.

    The ruling 15% upper castes — mainly Brahmins, Baniyas plus upper caste shudras — have forgotten the slaves long back. The ruling class may include some Dalits and OBCs who have joined the exploiting upper castes (like the Bombay slum dog millionaire, Kalpana Saroj, the new chairperson of Kamani Tubes Limited).

    Bursting roads: In our book, Development Redefined (DSA-2006, pp.86 Rs. 75), we have defined the current dangerous development strategies of the ruling class which is deliberately aimed at making them rich (read upper castes) at the expense of the Bahujans. Go to any big city, it is simply bursting. Bangalore roads have no place for cars — one bigger than the other. The airports in Bombay, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad are jammed.

    Does it mean the cities are getting richer? No. The rich are getting richer. The proof is Bangalore had only 300 slums 10 years ago. Today it is over 1,000.

    World Bank conspiracy: The Manmohan Singh World Bank-driven zionist economic development of India will only kill this country.

    Hundreds of unthinking Dalits, no doubt, have joined this dangerous “economic development” and consequently they too have become “rich”. But millions of their fellow Dalits are left out because the current ruling class “development” aims only at “individual development” and not “collective” development.

    In DV, we have repeatedly said this and proved right. But alas even DV family members are not smelling the danger.

    1. Me being a dalit I can appreciate your concern Ruel for defending my tribe. Thanks for bringing all this information to the fore. I would encourage you to take this to the UN and other organisations. If I speak on this issue no one would listen, however you being an outsider I sure everyone would listen. The practice of religious discrimination is wrong and it is about time that someone like you take the this challenge. Thanks for your love man. I have a good feeling about you and the dalit cause.


    DALIT VOICE — A New Experiment in Indian Journalism

    DALIT — The Black Untouchables of India constitute about 20% of India’s over 1,000 million population. Together with 10% Tribals, they make up a formidable 30% — far exceeding the population of entire Europe.

    But such a vast humanity, constituting the core of India’s original inhabitants, is kept enslaved by less than 15% alien Aryans, India’s ruling class.

    Dalit Voice was the first Indian journal to expose this closely guarded secret and shock the outside world and make history.

    That is how Dalit Voice has become the organ of the entire deprived destitutes of India, the original home of racism.
    Started in 1981 by V.T. Rajshekar, its Editor and founder, Dalit Voice, the English fortnightly, has become the country’s most powerful “Voice of the Persecuted Nationalities Denied Human Rights”.

    A veteran journalist, formerly of the Indian Express, powerful and fearless writer, V.T. Rajshekar, had to face the wrath of the ruling class, arrested many times, several jail sentences, passport impounded and subjected to total media boycott.

    Published in several Indian languages including Hindi, Dalit Voice has become the sole spokesman for the entire deprived, dehumanised lot of India. Besides the Dalits, it looks after the interests of Backward Castes (35%) and the country’s three persecuted religious minorities — Muslims 15%, Christians 2.5%, and Sikhs 2.5% — all victims of the Aryan Brahminical racism. Plus the women of all sections including the Hindu women.

    In the course of the last 25 years, DV has become India’s largest circulated journal of the oppressed, fighting against mainstream dailies and periodicals which have totally ignored the plight of the original inhabitants. Hence DV is rightly hailed as a new experiment in Indian journalism.

    Only DV has diagnosed the disease of India which is an exception to all other countries in the world. If others have only “classes”, India has not only the “class” but the world’s most unique institution of caste system, which is the other word for racism. Here lies the success of DV. It goes to all world famous libraries, universities and invited many Afro-American delegations to India.

    Its Editor is hailed as India’s most original thinker, scholar and also philosopher. As India’s most famous Dalit writer, he has authored over 60 world-famous books dealing with the problems of caste, ethnicity, Muslims, Christian, Sikhs, Marxism, Brahminism, Racism, Gandhism, Fascism etc.

    Over 100 books have been published by the Dalit Sahitya Akademy, its sister organisation, also headed by the Editor.
    His book, Dalit – The Black Untouchables of India, published from the USA (Clarity Press, Inc., Suite 469, 3277 – Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA.30305, ISBN 0-932863-05-1 , 2003 – 2nd print), has gone into several reprints uniting for the first time the Blacks of the world with the Black Untouchables of India.

    His most important book, Caste — A Nation Within the Nation, which has gone into second print, is a marvellous thesis offering an ingenious weapon of “caste identity” to defeat Brahminism, the destructive ideology of the ruling class. In the latest Parliament election, the oppressed castes of India used this weapon and defeated the country’s Brahminical party (BJP).

    DV becomes the future media of India where its dailies and periodicals are slowly dying. Because only DV offers a lasting solution as the authentic voice of the country’s tallest titan, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the Father of India.

    1. Ruel while you have started the campaign to end dalit oppression, something I think you will be tremendously successful at because being a dalit I feel your passion. Could you also brother take up the Congolese cause. Ruel I was reading in one of the magazines that came across my desk that it is estimated that over 20,000 Congolese women are raped in the Congo each year (55 each day). Most are gang rape by government soldiers and most don’t report it because they will shame their family and become a social outcast. I read some of those stories and was appalled that no one was doing anything meaningful to stop this. Could you also brother kindly take up this cause. Much love on my behalf.

  18. Sacred Cows of information:

    An excerpt from David Duke’s diary on his visit to India. Interestingly he considers white people in the US like himself and light skinned Indians in India as fellow Brahmins.

    Bi>Before my journey to India, the racial ideals that I believed in l abstract concepts and principles. In the moment I saw that emaciated child in the ruins, all my thoughts and concepts were dramatically transformed from sterile contemplations into the reality of flesh and blood. I finally realized that my cause is different than that of an athletic contest, business competition, winning of an election, or even struggling for an important new scientific discovery. It is not about being right or wrong about ideas, but about life itself; the natural laws that provide it’s beauty, character, and meaning. I had already committed myself to the struggle for my race’s survival long before I saw that fated child, but that experience changed an intellectual commitment into an almost holy obligation.

    An often quoted passage from the Bhagavad Gita came to my mind with powerful meaning:

    Likewise having regard for duty to your caste
    For in a warrior, there exists no better thing than
    A fight required of duty

    (Chapter 2, verse 30)

    I realized that day in the scorching Indian sun that I had to adopt the spirit of a warrior — that my race was in a life and death struggle that transcended the centuries. Selfish pursuits seemed trivial, and my life became from that moment interwoven with the Cause, a Cause that I knew that I would never abandon. Through years of heartbreak and hardship, physical weariness and character assassination, but also in the exhilarating moments of success and acclaim, my heart has remained true. The flame that ignited in me on that hot August day is still white hot and imperishable.

  19. And the T&T media continues to play duncee while Little Darfur continues to churn..

    AP) GEORGETOWN, Guyana (AP) – Guyana’s president has filed a libel lawsuit against a leading newspaper for a column that accused him of racism and of hiring people to disrupt an academic conference, serious charges in the racially divided South American country.

    President Bharrat Jagdeo seeks a $50,000 from Kaieteur News and the columnist, Freddie Kissoon, for a column he said embarrassed the government. A judge quickly granted a preliminary injunction barring the paper from reprinting the text or anything similar.

    The newspaper’s publisher and editor vowed Friday to fight the lawsuit on constitutional grounds, calling it an attack on press freedom.

    “It is unprecedented in Guyana,” Editor Adam Harris said. “We are going to answer him point for point.”

    The June 28 column accused Jagdeo and his party, which is dominated by people of East Indian descent, of hiring “goons” to noisily disrupt a conference two days earlier. Kissoon presented a paper at the conference on racism against people of African descent in the country. In describing the findings of his paper, he wrote that the president exercises power “by the practice of ideological racism” rather than catering to ethnic constituencies as past leaders have done.

    The president in his lawsuit said it was libelous to suggest his government would try to suppress free speech with intimidation and that the accusation of racism was intended to inflame racial tensions in the country.

    Guyana’s population of 700,000 is almost evenly divided between blacks, who mainly support the opposition People’s National Congress, and people of East Indian descent, who mostly favor the ruling People’s Progressive Party.

  20. Cousin Khem, I am beginning to get a bit worried about you buddy, as you seem to be falling into a trap, and cannot tell which way is up any more. First there is this dangerous, and unhealthy obsession with these two Trini elite billionaire businessmen criminals,and might I add ,well established UNC supporters. For the record , there is nothing wrong with that by the way, as we are the beneficiaries of an extremely sound democracy- unlike some global jokers ,who only stake claim to it.
    Note however , I did not say there was nothing wrong with that because the PNM , cuddled crooks and bandits as well, as that is the thinking of a non progressive,and most importantly , the PP was elected on a mantra of change , not exchange , hmmmm?
    These crooked guys are going to be fine my friend , so please do not loose any sleep over them. Tell me , where is Justice Shama, Abu Bakr,Basdeo Panday, or HCU , and Clico ,big wigs? Yes indeed, free at last, and walking around having a fine time , at the people’s expense . When did they achieve this ? Yes again, it was under the PNM. Don’t you think therefore that the PP would eventually take care of their own, in due course?
    Come on my friend give this a rest. I do not want to think that you have been living abroad too long where the gullible ,folks with no life of their own live theirs vicariously through sports ,and entertainment celebrities ,or elite wealthy , selfish , social parasitic bums.
    The next time I communicate with you I’ll attempt to explain what progressive folks like ‘Ruel,kian , King of Kings, Madam L,George ,KaribKweeM, keeping it real,’and such ,are saying when they talk about matters pertaining to Africans, and how it contrast with what you ,a T-man , Curtis, and the likes, are unfortunately doing , in a counterproductive fashion. It is only a fool would tell another to not love his tribe, and rest assured kiem , the seven guys I have listed ain’t no fool. Stay in touch, love self , and nation.
    Warm regards.

  21. The story of these ” two billionaire businessmen” as described by Neal is obviously not known to some on this site. These men were on close personal relationships with Manning and used to finance the PNM during its glory days. After the “falling out with Patos”, they jumped to the UNC. Their prosecution by Manning via ex CJ Jeremie is based on the eternal revenge theme. The fixer Jeremie conspired with the DA in the USA to do their dirty work because the case in T&T was falling apart.

    1. I agree with Tman your billionare businessmen had PNM party cards before jumping to the UNC and since they ain’t dalits or black like me or Ruel I say send them to Uncle Sam for further inspection. America have a lot of food for prisoners, plus they have television and you could even earn a degree in a U.S. prison. I know this is going against my prior statements but as Panday said “only dead people don’t change their mind”. As for Ruel I am proud of you brother, your concern for my tribe has won me over. Much love here.

    2. Yes TMan, and pigs can fly or the moon is made of cheese.
      You are getting desperate. Please state some facts so we can not write you off as some conspiracy nut..
      Facts TMan, Facts.. Have a read..

      “Darryl Heeralal and Darren Bahaw
      Wednesday, November 30th 2005

      The other company named was Northern Construction Limited in which Galbaransingh is chairman.

      Birk Hillman is now a defunct company which had offices in Miami and Orlando.

      The indictment also charges that a series of complex financial transactions were used to hide the origin of fraudulently obtained money paid to Calmaquip by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.

      US investigators allegedly made the discoveries during a counter-narcotics investigation involving a Colombian drug cartel headed by the Dillevgas family.

      There has since been a supervening indictment dealing with the charges arising out of the drug investigation, the Express was told.

      Gutierrez, Hillman-Waller and Armando Paz, Calmaquip’s treasurer, appeared before a federal magistrate in Florida after their arrests yesterday.

      Gutierrez and Hillman-Waller were released on US$1 million bail each while Paz was released on US$100,000 bail.”

  22. Cousin T -Man you are simply building my case good friend, and your defense of these two culprits ,explains why stupid ,over zealousness media posturing gestures , are never a wise attitude that should be practice by politicians, in attempts to ingratiate themselves with voters, they still believe ,are lifetime idiots .
    When it comes to corruption/ bobol, and other forms of pro criminal activities , non of our politicians are in possession of clean hands. Let me hasten to add , that unfortunately we are saddled by some of the most greedy, and crooked business entities you can find in the world ,and they were able to thrive , and benefit from the actions, or non actions of the past five Prime Ministers that served this nation to date.
    Let’s remain vigilant in the hope that our new leader , Madame K,is able to be the exception, yes?
    Having said all this let me hasten to add, for the benefit of our various criminal apologist ,of all ilk. I personally do not care if this present regime wish to go on a witch hunt, in efforts to lock up every PNM member they can find that engaged in unsavory behaviors since 1962.
    I however expect that in the interest of fair play ,they would use similar diligence in capturing the DAC , NAR, ULF,Club 88, COP,and UNC miscreants, wherever they can be found ,during the same period, as I would be the first to lead the charge to highlight the inconsistencies.
    To put it more bluntly , kudus if our vibrant , no nonsense AG and his Minister of Justice, want’s to initiate a new law that would see Uncle Manning ,do his time for crimes, as well as his daily naked 10 strokes Cat -o- Nine tail corporal punishment beatings, again ,as long as Uncle Panday is subjected to the exact punishments ,for his well known crimes- no more no less- irrespective of his age , health , or stewardship, as a loving father, and much more ‘adored national politician.’
    In essence , equal playing field , good for the goose , good for the gander ,criminal justice mechanisms. Now is that so difficult to digest, my buddy, or is this alien to you and your newly acquired Canadians conscience?
    Chant with me Cousin T-Man the following line that the Jamaican Master Rasta Brother Bob ,said in song: “When the rail fall, It don’t fall on one man’s housetop.”
    Embarking upon the politics of revenge , is never a good policy , especially if unleashed on folks who did you no wrong. What we need to eradicate instead ,is the Trini well known , and often unacknowledged penchant for criminal behaviors , the quick fix , hook up, wheel greasing, and often subtle disrespect for law and order,which has brought us to this ghastly state, as opposed to racial, and lower class scapegoating , finger pointing jig and dance , yes?
    Let’s wish them well.

  23. These guys are the traditional blame the black man idiots. So these guys were with the PNM before they went to the UNC. Thus the PNM is to be blamed for whatever they do. They could not be balanced if they made an effort, and comes off like Glenn Beck and that idiot Rpublican Chairman in their effort to “blame the black man for the sky falling”.

    You will not get a pass from me. I will scrutinize and define every piece of propaganda that is put out to rationalize the kind of ethnic preference these tribal ethnicist practice. There is no balance in their analysis. All you see is the Kangalizing of information in order to paint one segment of the T&T population as devils, and the other as angels.

    Again, the T&T election was not a process of the two major groups in T&T coming together and abandoning tribal politics. The T&T election was a process in which one side satisfied its predispositon for tribal politics, and segments of another demonstrated that they were willing to make sacrifices in pursuit of changing things in T&T.

    Look at the aftermath of the election. The fact that some Indians are attempting to hide the fact that the composition was made up of two Indian parties and a segment of the black population, and are potraying it rather as an abandonment of ethnic electoral preference, unequivocally proves that for them this abandonment only occurs when they can continue doing what they do naturally, while enticing a few blacks unto the plantation to obfuscate reallity. We need to cease allowing people to fool us with their skewed and concretized imbalanced views.

  24. “They could not be balanced if they made an effort, and comes off like Glenn Beck and that idiot Rpublican Chairman in their effort to “blame the black man for the sky falling”.
    And you, Mr Daniels believe that you are balanced? Your vitriolic prejudice is beyond psychological repair.

    “I will scrutinize and define every piece of propaganda that is put out to rationalize the kind of ethnic preference these tribal ethnicist practice. There is no balance in their analysis”.
    It is ironic, Mr. Daniels, that you of all people should make such a statement.You are blinded by your obsession with all things racial.Your comments are inflammatory and divisive.

    “These guys are the traditional blame the black man idiots. So these guys were with the PNM before they went to the UNC”.
    This Mr. Daniels is a giant illogical leap.No one is suggesting that the PNM is to be blamed for anything related to the case of these two gentlemen.

    “The T&T election was a process in which one side satisfied its predispositon for tribal politics, and segments of another demonstrated that they were willing to make sacrifices in pursuit of changing things in T&T”.

    If this is the case, Mr. Daniels, we should all be encouraged by this development. It signals a new beginning which could lead to positive things.However, it should be noted that the PNM retained all but 14000 votes from the former election.

    “Enticing a few blacks unto the plantation to obfuscate reality. We need to cease allowing people to fool us”.

    The “Blacks” who joined forces with the PP did so willingly and for a noble purpose.No one fooled anybody to do anything.There still is freedom of movement, speech and thought in T&T.Many of those same “Blacks” of whom you speak, Mr. Daniels, are holding prominent leadership positions in the new government.Let us rejoice in this attempt to stamp out corruption and hope that it signals a new beginning in the relationships of the people.

    “We need to cease allowing people to fool us with their skewed and concretized imbalanced views”.

    We are fully aware, Mr. Daniels, that your people have struggled to achieve in spite of great odds, however not everyone in the universe is out to get Black people.You might be surprised to know that many who advocate for their group, do so without trying to disadvantage other groups, or without disparaging or attempting to deny the rights of others.It is possible to exist without continuously seeking out information to assert the superiority of one group over the other..white, black, brown or yellow.

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