Rowley: I’m a PNM sailor

Diego Martin West candidate Dr Keith Rowley
Diego Martin West candidate Dr Keith Rowley
By Andre Bagoo
Friday, May 7 2010

PNM DIEGO Martin West candidate Dr Keith Rowley last night attempted to reconcile his stance on corruption in the PNM with his continued support of his party in the 2010 general election campaign by arguing that “when a ship goes out to battle that is no time to throw the captain overboard”.

“There is a political ship called the MV PNM, and as a sailor, when your ship goes into battle, that is no time to throw the captain overboard,” Rowley told an unusually large crowd gathered at the first PNM Diego Martin West constituency meeting opposite Starlite Shopping Plaza, Diego Martin. The sea of red gathered grew into a wave of sonic uproar, cheering in reaction to Rowley’s remarks.
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Rowley sounds battle cry
Declaring he was a PNM sailor on the ship TTPNM, Keith Rowley last night put party loyalty above all other personal considerations.

‘Leave my PM alone’
A fiery Dr Keith Rowley last night lashed out at his critics and those in the People’s National Movement (PNM), calling on them to “stop demonising my Prime Minister Patrick Manning.”

Rowley rising…rising but on which side?

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  1. I am appalled at Keith Rowley. He is fooling no one but himself and the party faithfuls he represents. He has absolutely NO moral authority to tell me that I can trust Manning’s PNM. He is power hungry just as his leader and they would continue to go at each other’s throats…wait and see. Last night was simply a charade to try and fool the populace. “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time” Dr. Rowley. You bring to my mind a shinning star which was once in the heavens and has fallen to earth and is now simply a dull piece of stone somewhere amongst the rubble.

  2. Last night, Keith Rowley tried to straddle selling himself as the future leader of the PNM, showing loyalty to the party and government’s processes, while attacking the Opposition. That is not an easy maneuver to pull off given the very public hostilities between himself and his Political Leader and Prime Minister, Patrick Manning.

    Rowley knows that his best chance at becoming leader of the PNM and Prime Minister one day rests upon Mr. Manning losing this election and being replaced as leader of the party. So in some way, Rowley would embrace a PNM loss for this election.

    But there are some contradictions with his stance.

    At the meeting last night, he explained how government works and how all members of Cabinet must stand with the decisions of Cabinet, even if they disagree, or else they must resign. He explained that when he was kicked out of Cabinet he was then able to speak his mind as he was not bound by the collective responsibility of Cabinet. In other words, if the Prime Minister did not fire Rowley from Cabinet then we may never have heard from him about all the corruption that was taking place with UDeCOTT because he would have been bound by the collected responsibility of Cabinet. He did not take the moral high-ground and resign in the face of his Cabinet’s unwillingness to deal with corruption and level with the public. He could argue that he wanted these matters dealt with internally and if not he would have resigned. But that is not the sequence of events we have to work with. He was fired and squealed afterwards. Thus, his actions did not demonstrate superior integrity or strength of conviction.

    Rowley called out the Prime Minister for supporting and defending the corruption with Calder Hart and UDeCOTT but still calls on people to vote for the Manning-led PNM government. For his personal interest in becoming Prime Minister he is doing what he thinks is required by the faithful and is demonstrating loyalty to the party with all its corruption by still rallying people to vote PNM.

    He also mentioned the number of people in the Panday-led UNC administration who were involved in corruption and compared that to the small number of PNM officials who are corrupt. But we do not have the full scope of PNM officials who are involved in corruption this time around. However, given that the government ‘handed over’ the treasury and numerous state corporations to one man, Calder Hart, the number of people involved in corruption may seem to be less, but that is only because they are tagging one man with the corruption. The full scope of corruption in UDeCOTT may be way more than what was done under UNC. If legal proceedings commence against Hart and he spills beans, Rowley may have to eat some words.

    While I am not especially targeting Rowley and I do not expect him to just jump out and stand against the PNM party, the point I am making is that, so far, he has not really demonstrated superior strength of character.

    But because of the corruption that Rowley highlighted about UDeCOTT which he claimed Mr. Manning was aware of, Patrick Manning must go!

  3. The question that Mr. Rowley must now answer is “what is he going to do if the PNM wins, and Manning kicks him out again”.
    Remember, he it is, who stated that Manning has ‘dictatorial tendencies’ or something of the sort, and any idiot knows that a dictator only tolerates a would-be cahllenger so long as it is absolutely necessary that he must.
    The conclusion that the populace can rightly draw now about Rowley, never mind all that rum-talk about ships, and Hart Calder, is that once you sell your soul once, it would be easy to do it again.
    With that in mind, don’t be surprised if he joins the COP.

  4. Rowley said in his speech in Diego Martin on Thursday night, whether it is “Calder Hart or Hart Calder,” both parties had people who engaged in corrupt activities. In other words, Rowley was saying, echoing Desmond Carty’s infamous words back in 1986,”all ah we tief.” It was said in the same context, justifying unacceptable and morally repugnant behaviour by pointing out that the opponent engages in the same immoral practice. Carty used more colourful language, and was roundly condemned. Rowley should not be allowed to get away scot free.

  5. Smart games

    Newsday Editorial
    Saturday, May 8 2010 –

    Many were disappointed, but others were not surprised at the speech which Dr Keith Rowley delivered at Diego Martin on Thursday night. There had been so much ballyhoo in the build-up to this event, that it would have been difficult for Rowley to live up to the expectations generated, even if that had been his mission.

    In the end it was nothing more than an anti-climax for those who expected Dr Rowley to take the high ground and level with the people on the issue of Udecott and his bitter relationship with Mr Manning. To be realistic Dr Rowley was between a rock and a hard place, since clearly he does not wish to see the PNM ship sink as much as he wishes more to see Mr Manning thrown overboard.

    His first planned meeting, scheduled for a week earlier, had been cancelled. The reason given, and this we think legitimate in strategic terms, was that all “local” campaign meetings be put on hold pending the mass PNM meeting last Sunday in Woodford Square. But even that heightened the increasing drama, with Rowley refusing to address the Woodford Square meeting, in defiance of the hierarchy’s pleadings.

    But those who hoped that Rowley might have criticised his political leader were disappointed. Rowley has clearly been the renegade in the party, and this did not begin with the current campaign, nor with the Udecott row which saw Rowley removed from Cabinet and pilloried in Parliament by Manning. But, to Manning’s chagrin, Keith Rowley always gave as good as he received, and was eventually vindicated, in all eyes except Manning’s and the Attorney General’s, by the Uff Commission of Inquiry Report.

    But were expectations that Rowley would pillory Manning or the party really valid? And what would have been Rowley’s agenda in the whole scheme of things? Many thought he should have quit the party, or used the campaign platform to continue his defense of his earlier positions—attacking Hart and Manning. Two things need to be understood here: Rowley was not going to pack up and leave, and Manning could not afford to dump him as he had dumped so many others.

    It is clear that Rowley stayed with the PNM to show that he was not going to be run out by anyone, not even the political leader with whom he was in open warfare. He insisted on challenging his party leader to show that he was not going to run, and we give him all credit for this. Rowley is on a win-win mission here. He will win his seat for the PNM even though it seems that the PNM might lose the election. And then he will be in a position to take over the leadership of the party when Manning is dismissed if the party is voted out of office. It is therefore not in Rowley’s interest to further damage either the party or Manning if he is to be seen as the savior apparent, so Rowley was quite content to play political games on Thursday night.

    Manning’s dilemma is different, and less “solvable”. He was never strong enough to toss Rowley out — at least not further than the Cabinet door. So he had to accept the renegade as a candidate, at least to win the Diego Martin West seat, and to give some genuine strength to the overall campaign. Manning apparently did not have the courage to reject Rowley in the way he had rejected Penny Beckles and others. And Rowley also did not have the courage to scuttle the chance he sees for replacing Manning win or lose the election.

    Many have argued that Ms Beckles’ continued support for the party and for those chosen ahead of her is tantamount to an abused spouse pledging love to the abuser. However, we prefer now to see this in the same light as we see Rowley’s actions. Penny, and other rejectees may well recognise the need to support the ailing party until the cancer is removed, and then to help restore the “patient” after the surgery of May 24th. If this is indeed the case, they deserve our respect for a difficult mission.,120400.html


    Rowley’s conundrum

    Rowley drops Udecott talk
    AT HIS constituency rally on Thursday night, PNM Diego Martin West candidate Dr Keith Rowley failed to address a series of issues involving corruption in the Government, which have caused deep concern nationally and for which he was made to pay a high political price.

    Dookeran: Keith gone blind on corruption
    COP POLITICAL leader Winston Dookeran yesterday accused PNM candidate Dr Keith Rowley of “making mischief” and succumbing to political blindness in relation to Udecott after Rowley attacked him in a speech at the Diego Martin West constituency on Thursday night.

    Bridgid: Rowley was fired over Udecott
    FORMER ATTORNEY General Bridgid Annisette-George, who reportedly attended the April 14, 2008 meeting where Diego Martin West MP Dr Keith Rowley allegedly engaged in “wajang” behaviour, on Thursday said Rowley was sacked because of his questioning of Udecott expenditure.

    Hinds: PNM still good, PM’s mistakes and all

    Rowley sends the message home
    “All The Man We Need—Rowley!” That message was one of many issuing from Diego Martin West on Thursday night along with several other declarations. Some clear.

    Hinds: Rowley no raging bull

    Turning of the political tides?
    Rowley made it clear there would be time enough later on for “dry dock” internal scrutiny of the PNM and any “court martial” action. PNMites believe Rowley’s intervention—which has come in the last weeks of the campaign—could turn the political tide under the PNM ship now facing gusting Opposition winds. Following the huge reception Rowley received by members at PNM’s launch last weekend in Woodford Square, his position as the faithful “sailor” will obviously shore up his political stocks further with PNM faithful. Which will undoubtedly serve Rowley in good stead for whatever “dry docking” of the PNM “ship” -or court martial—that may lie ahead.

    PM: I had election date since last year
    Prime Minister Patrick Manning revealed last night that he had decided that general election would be in May this year since last October, and he took precautions to ensure not a soul would know the date.

    ‘Sailors kept MV PNM afloat’
    PRIME MINISTER Patrick Manning identified Dr Lenny Saith, Colm Imbert and Ralph Maraj as three other PNM “sailors” who joined with him, Dr Keith Rowley and other persons to set the MV PNM back on course after its 33-3 defeat by the National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR) in the 1986 general election.

    OWTU head: PM must explain snap election


  7. I hope that Mr Manning does not get carried away by this sudden display of loyalty from Mr Keith Rowley.
    He certainly seems to have something up his sleeve.

  8. The fundamental question is Herbsman, can you live with Suraj Rambachan ,neo racist divider Dr Goopising , Dookeran , and Kamla, sleeping in the same political bed with Jack Warner, even after he claimed that most across the length and breath of the party in actuality despise him fervently, and only tolerated his presence as “the stupid , nigga monkey,” then and now , due to the fact that he has money to spend in support of their short term power thrust?
    If the answer as I suspect is yes, them we can give Rowley for taking a principled stand, when it was not popular first in 2001, and recently when he was alleged fired for being a ‘wajang.’
    Ironically , we denounce our savage brothers in Africa , for being a bunch of uncaring , savage, power obsessed , tribalist fools, that cannot work together in civil fashion ,as developing nations, yet look at this prudent, yet subtle , display of ‘domestic political brinkmanship’ as problematic, political fronting.
    We cringe ,and denounce our culturally corrupt Asian brothers and sisters , in places like India , Pakistan , and even China, and now we see someone with integrity ,like Rowley, doing what is in his power, to keep borderline white color crooks ,bandits , and criminal coddlers ,at bay , from taking over our country , in similar fashion to which a wise farmer, would ensure that sly ‘Foxes, are kept away from the henhouse.’
    Let’s keep it real my friend , and always put country our self ,and by extension the tribe.
    May the ‘Blacksungod,’ reign his blessings on our usually comatose 1.3million or more fellow , loving citizens from today forward.
    Yours truly.
    The voice of Reason , aka ‘deglobalpolitical animal.’

  9. PNM ship sets sail from Diego Martin West
    Having outstayed his welcome on Thursday night, Kernel Roberts was singing something or the other about Dr Keith Rowley, to the rhythm of ‘Sugar Bum Bum’, when the candidate suddenly appeared, mid-song, and took over the platform. You could see that as a brisk, no-nonsense approach, or you might regard it as an anti-climax, and the same was true of Dr Rowley’s speech.

    I Am PNM
    People’s National Movement (PNM) candidate for Diego Martin West Keith Rowley is definitely controversial, not your run-of-the-mill politician. He is strong-willed, opinionated and is not afraid of a fight.

    Rowley tells all
    It is the most controversial time of his political career, but he has gone against the odds, and wishes of his family, throwing his hat back into the political ring to contest the Diego Martin West seat, for the People’s National Movement (PNM). Apart from the cordial handshake he and Prime Minister Patrick Manning greeted each other with on the political platform, they have not yet sat down to iron out their differences.

  10. Rowley’s sea-change

    By ANDRE BAGOO Sunday, May 9 2010

    AT A Diego Martin West constituency meeting on Thursday, Dr Keith Rowley said: “when a ship goes out to battle that is no time to throw the captain overboard.” But does this stance withstand the scrutiny of logic and Rowley’s own ethic? Rowley was basically signalling to the electorate that he will not deal or even acknowledge the Udecott fiasco, for which virtually his entire life was put at stake, because the PNM was in the heat of an election campaign.

    Instead, he positively defended his Prime Minister Patrick Manning, accusing the Opposition of “demonising” Manning. He said the PNM had made “mistakes” and that there had been “dissent” but this was part of the strength of the party and in line with the Westminster system which tolerates backbenchers questioning the Cabinet. He claimed that his actions effected change in Cabinet policy. But in the same breath, with the employment of his ship analogy, Rowley had, of course, hinted that Manning should be thrown overboard for wrong-doing. At one point in his speech he also implied that Manning deserved “a cussing” for his actions. Even as he accused the Opposition of corruption, he acknowledged that there is corruption in the PNM and that all politicians, across the political divide and across the world have such propensities.

    Let us dive into this properly.

    First of all, what Rowley had endured for the last two years was more than a matter of simple “dissent” within the tradition of Westminister. It is not the tradition of the Westminister system to have one’s throat virtually cut by one’s political leader and to have that leader engage in a sustained smear campaign against you in the Parliament. Rowley was sacked as Trade and Industry Minister, called “wajang”, “hooligan”, “raging bull” and much more. He had an entire commission of inquiry thrown at him, ostensibly to find a missing $10 million of which Manning had asked in Parliament, “Where the money gone?”

    Also, Rowley influenced the Cabinet, yes, but not to do right. Instead Cabinet threw a series of State-funded forensic probes into Cleaver Heights, to use State resources to find dirt on Rowley and to even positively attempt to suppress the use of public information available on the Parliament’s Hansard from being used in the Uff Inquiry. And let us not forget the dark Integrity Commission fiasco which raised the alarming prospect of a Cabinet-condoned undermining of the law in order to get Rowley. That is not the tradition of Westminister, with all due respect.

    Secondly, the captain of the ship is not just in talks with the pirates. He is accused of repeatedly meeting with, praising and possibly being one of the pirates. This is not just a matter of “mistakes”. Thirdly, if you admit that the PNM is corrupt, how can you urge the population to put the PNM back in office on the basis of the corruption of the UNC?

    One may have assumed that the reason why Rowley battled for so long and endured so much was because he was standing up for what was right. But in saying that he would not deal with Udecott simply because the party was in the heat of a campaign, Rowley was hinting that his principles can be put on pause when it is arguably politically expedient to do so. But if, indeed, he had effected true change in his party, he would have been able to speak openly and freely about what had happened to him and, thus, assure the nation that the PNM was mature enough to discipline itself and to deal with corruption.

    This would have been more politically astute in the long-run, because as things stand, that is not the impression. Rowley knows that he, a mere potential MP, can make no guarantees. He’s not the captain, after all. And maybe he has no choice but to keep quiet because he has ambitions to steer the “MV PNM” one day.,120443.html

  11. ‘Doctor’ Rowley’s dilemma
    There is no question that Dr Rowley’s ambition is to replace Mr Manning as the political leader of the PNM. He has run against him before for the position and he has, particularly since he was fired, positioned himself as the leader of the opposition to Mr Manning in the party. The problem is that Dr Rowley does not want to challenge Mr Manning directly because he fears that any such challenge, particularly given Mr Manning’s vindictive and unscrupulous nature, could irredeemably fracture the party.

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