PM and Bakr Land Deal

By Andre Bagoo
Friday, March 19 2010

Yasin Abu BakrWORKS and Transport Minister Colm Imbert, who yesterday denied being interviewed by the Anti-Corruption Investigations Bureau (ACIB) in relation to Udecott, was in fact also interviewed by the ACIB in relation to an alleged land deal between Prime Minister Patrick Manning and Jamaat leader Yasin Abu Bakr which was disclosed in an affidavit sworn by Bakr in 2006.

The affidavit is at the centre of one of two ongoing probes by the ACIB. The other probe is in relation to former Udecott executive chairman Calder Hart.

Newsday yesterday reported exclusively that ACIB had interviewed Manning and Imbert and investigators are expected to also interview former Housing Minister Dr Keith Rowley and Local Government Minister Hazel Manning. Mrs Manning is mentioned in the Bakr affidavit in her capacity as the former Minister of Education.

Imbert was one of several former PNM Cabinet members who, in 2002, opposed Manning’s decision to give the Jamaat land at Mucurapo, Port-of-Spain. Such Cabinet members included Rowley, former Trade and Industry Minister Ken Valley, former Planning Minister Camille Robinson-Regis and former Health Minister John Rahael who all attended a meeting at the old Prime Minister’s residence at La Fantasie, St Ann’s on September 14, 2002.
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Flashback: A composite of Newsday reports on the Abu Bakr land deal on September 13, 15 and 27, 2002.

6 thoughts on “PM and Bakr Land Deal”

  1. Police turn to Valley
    FORMER Trade and Industry Minister Kenneth Valley was yesterday asked by officers of the Anti-Corruption Investigations Bureau (ACIB) to comment, in writing, on details contained in a 26-page affidavit sworn by Jamaat leader Yasin Abu Bakr in 2006.

    Manning has right to answer
    ATTORNEY General John Jeremie, in a statement in Parliament yesterday, said Prime Minister Patrick Manning has a right to answer allegations made against him in an affidavit sworn by Jamaat leader Yasin Abu Bakr in 2006.

  2. John Jeremie is more interested in protecting the prime minister and the PNM than objectively seeking justice in T&T. The police investigations of Hart and Manning will amount to nothing.What is required is an investigation by an outside source.The long arm of the PMN stretches into the offices of the AG and the Police.If Trinis expect any wrongdoing to be uncovered,they are going to be very disappointed.The “fixer” Jeremie will ensure that Manning is protected.Most people are not aware of the high levels of corruption which has infiltrated T&T.

  3. The police investigations worked quite well in the past T-Man, and their actions led to the convictions of Chief Justice Shama and former PM Panday. The fixer in the past, and most likely in the future, would always be the conniving , outdated, British Law Lords that comprise the Privy Council.

  4. T-Man , T-Man , so was OJ. Did you read the entire ruling that the Privy council elites gave to their Trini frat brother Mr . Sharma re culpability on his part?This blatant excuse for tribal fellows , especially white color miscreants ,is always difficult to fantom.
    Martin Darly is a journalist ,who is in the business of selling news papers and his articles . I do not pay attention to corporate agents of the 4th Estate my friend, but will read this later it gives you any pleasure.
    Where is this Daly character really from? I know why T-Man, a prominent leader in ‘the country hating pack,’ is so enamored, but that’s a different story ,for another occasion.
    If he is the typical condescending European foreigner, as I suspect , then he is better served to put his energies to demanding that European leaders do what is right in compensating nations , and people of color – particularly of African extrat-that they have exploited for centuries. It was their collective destructive policies that has contributed to millions of social maladies that are the norm across countries on this planet.

  5. Speed up Bakr probe
    Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roger Gaspard is not prepared to let the police investigations into the controversial affidavit of Jamaat al Muslimeen leader Yasin Abu Bakr die a slow death. With the issue back in the public domain last week, after being dormant for months, Gaspard wants an expeditious investigation “of this matter of grave public importance.”

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