5th Summit of the Americas News: April 15, 2009

The Fifth Summit of the Americas in pictures

The Fifth Summit of the Americas in pictures

Manning opens ‘People’s Summit’
PRIME Minister Patrick Manning yesterday declared open the Fifth Summit of the Americas which he dubbed, “the People’s Summit”, as he launched the Civil Society Forum onboard the cruise ship, Caribbean Victory, which is docked in Port-of-Spain.

Panday still waiting for Summit invitation

UN Secretary General comes to PoS
A SURPRISE high-profile celebrity has been added to Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s guest list for the Summit of the Americas. He is United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

End the embargo
ONE DAY after US president Barack Obama lifted major restrictions on the travel of Cuban- Americans to Cuba and eased restrictions on remittances to the island, former Cuban President Fidel Castro yesterday urged Obama to go all out and lift the US trade embargo on the communist state.

Door opens for Cuba
THE United States President Barack Obama’s decision to allow Cuban/Americans to travel freely to Cuba and to remit unlimited sums of money to Cuba as well, is a demonstration that he is not prepared to be fettered by long outdated policies.

What of FTAA, Mr Obama?
Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minister, Patrick Manning, should formally raise with United States of America President, Barack Obama, at the upcoming Fifth Summit of the Americas, the resumption of talks for the establishment of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).

Alarms go off, Hyatt evacuated

700 forced to vacate summit building as fire alarm trips

T&TEC ‘error’ causes panic
Panic erupted yesterday at the International Financial Centre in Port-of-Spain, when the building in which the National Secretariat of the Fifth Summit of the Americas is located was evacuated, after a power failure.

Long delays at Accreditation Centre
Glitches in the accreditation process by the National Secretariat for the Fifth Summit of the Americas yesterday forced participants to endure hours of delays in the procedure.

Morales coming for Summit
BOLIVIAN PRESIDENT Evo Morales yesterday confirmed he will be in Trinidad on Friday to attend the Fifth Summit of the Americas.

Cops move into floating hotels

Fitun still awaits approval for march

Brown: Govt wants to set civil agenda
Hazel Brown, co-ordinator of the Network of Non-Governmental Organisations for the Advancement of Women, says the Government is trying to control every aspect of the Summit preparation, in particular, setting the agenda for the Civil Society Forum.

Brown: Let us see the draft
…the latest version of the draft declaration that will be signed by the heads of States at the Fifth Summit of the Americas at the weekend.

Finance Minister seals Andean deal

Unity, a must for Caricom at summit

Poor scores for T&T on summit index
Trinidad and Tobago has received very poor scores on a performance index on the implementation of mandates from the last four Summits of the Americas.

Of frenzy and substance

On the waterfront

Forum for workers at UWI today

7 thoughts on “5th Summit of the Americas News: April 15, 2009”

  1. I visited the Summit Village on Wednesday 15th April 2009.I went with my sisters and friends. We were extremely happy in that lovely space. We were proud of our country’s beauty.

  2. I am so proud of my country !!! We are now more center stage than ever !!! T and T on the move.God Bless our Twin Island Republic.

  3. Congratulations Trinidad and Tobago! The Summit was a resounding success.Hats off to Mr Brian McFarlane for the fantastic Opening Ceremony.I was happy to see President Obama on television.He felt at home in our country.May all the leaders who came return safely.

  4. I am so proud of my Prime Minister for what he has accomplish for Trinidad and Tobago we are on the WORLD MAP again, the Fifth Summit of the Americas was the best they have ever had, CONGRATULATION AGAIN

  5. The Summit has come and gone and the following questions need to be asked:

    Did Manning host the Summit to satisfy his personal ego?

    How much did it costs?

    Was it worth the cost?

    Was it worth the inconvenience?

    What will this country get in return for hosting the Summit?

    Given the level of crime, would it discourage foreign investment and tourism?

    Would the country benefit from all the increased security measures that were put in place?

    Would there be a drop in the crime rate and murder rate because of such security measures?

    Would the Socially Displaced Citizens return to POS?

    Now that the country is ‘on the map’, would politicians feel less inclined to engage in corruption?

    Is it fair to be called a country-hater or unpatriotic if Manning policies are questioned?

    As a concerned Trinbagonian who was inconvenienced by the Summit and whose tax dollars made the Summit possible, I believe that the questions are very reasonable. Trinbagonians have a right to know how their tax dollars are spent.

  6. Excellent angle! But as Trinbagonians, our duty is to provide the labour, make the money and Manning and his crew spend it as they see fit, like it or not; shut up and take a side!

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