5th Summit of the Americas News: April 14, 2009

The Fifth Summit of the Americas in pictures

The Fifth Summit of the Americas in pictures

Mariano: Everything’s on track
Chairman of the Inter-Ministerial Committee, Mariano Browne, says “everything is on track for a good summit.”

Manning pleased as big opening day draws near

Obama talks at summit opening
United States President Barack Obama will speak “live” in Trinidad on Friday at the Opening Ceremony of the Fifth Summit of the Americas at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, said Prime Minister Patrick Manning.

US Labour Secretary coming for talks

1,200 journalists coming for summit
Communications co-ordinator of the Fifth Summit of the Americas, Felipe Noguera, says about 1,200 media personnel from 34 countries will visit for the Summit from April 17 to 19.

Over 750 journalists registered so far

Media question ‘pooling’
When asked about the selection process, she [Globecast representative, Melanie Gibb] could not reveal details. However, she indicated that because of the number of countries covering the mega-meeting, only one member of the local media may be chosen for a pool.

NEWS UPDATE: Evo Morales suspends hunger strike
  …after Congress approves new electoral law

NEWS UPDATE: Bolivia Enacts New Electoral Law

No word yet on Bolivia’s Morales

Venezuela’s Chávez Pledges Support for Hunger Striking Morales in Bolivia
Morales had announced that he will skip the Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and the summit of the Latin American trade bloc ALBA in Venezuela this week, unless the Bolivian Senate passes the law.

‘Corn soup, callaloo will set Evo right’
PRIME Minister Patrick Manning half-jokingly invited Bolivian President Evo Morales to try some Trini crab and callaloo to “set him right”, even as word came that Morales will miss the Fifth Summit of the Americas from Friday to Sunday as he yesterday entered his fifth day of a hunger strike.

Flight delays, youth talks start late
DELAYS in the arrival of delegates yesterday hampered at least two of the events which were scheduled to take place before the start of the Fifth Summit of the Americas on Friday.

Cruise ships dock for summit

Princess, Victory dock in PoS
WITH its horn blaring, the majestic cruise liner Caribbean Princess announced its arrival at the spanking new multi-million dollar Port-of-Spain International Waterfront at 5.15 pm yesterday.

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  1. Thank-you Neal for your insight and recollection of a good book. Also for your assurance as to her well being especially since I do not possess all the above for her ransom .Please do send our best wishes from Canada. Peace ,love and happiness to All THE WORLD!

  2. You are welcome my new friend Synthia . I am just looking out ,being a parent myself. I fully understand the anxieties that confronts parents involving their kids irrespective of their ages. My biggest is going to be 25 in two months , and I still lose sleep over him as if he was still 25 months old. Hang in there and give her our regards. Please let her know how much we appreciate the job she did while here, as we found ourselves under the international spotlight.
    Do me a favor Synthia , ask her to spread the word as to her impressions while in Sweet T&T aka Rainbow Nation -as defined by Archbishop Desmond Tutu of anti Apartheid South African fame .
    Now mind you Synthia, I your astute ‘voice of reason’, recognized the real source of what can now only be described as your unfounded apprehensions. Let me clear the air Synthia. No country in the world including good old beautiful Canada – aka Maple Leaf Nation -is without its share of citizens that emigrated to distant lands in search of a better life.
    You might recall from history 101 classes that it started for early Europeans as far back as Christopher Columbus. It is just the reality, and matters not if that place is big brother USA, poor borderline failed state NAFTA neighbor Mexico, her Majesty’s Britannia, your progressive Canada , or sweet T&T aka Rainbow nation.
    Our citizens however are the most unique in the planet. Some will do everything conceivable to enamor themselves with what they perceive as more civilize and advanced folks from the larger metropolitan states like lets say Canada , Norte Americana , France , or good old colonial Britannia, and so would denigrate the country of birth even while sound asleep , or ‘in the heat of the moment‘- if you catch my drift.
    We need all the help we can get to counteract the ill effects of these non patriots characters I generously refer to as country haters and destabilization agents. Can you believe that once upon a time our countrymen use to come to Canada for a quick vacation, a wedding ,funeral , and some shopping and return home? Today we have to prostrate before your Consulate officials to acquire a Visa – all because of the selfish , crazy behaviors of these country bashers since 1986. Enough of my gripe .
    Thank goodness Mr. Stephen Harper , Mr O and the other wonderful leaders across the globe as well as your daughter came , had a good time , and laid the foundation for positive social, economic and political initiatives as we tried to bridge the divide between the underdeveloped South and industrialized North. .
    Thanks for understanding , and patience listening to my borderline rants.
    Take care , Once more – your humble voice of reason.

  3. Oh My God that was an amazing rant!!!However I did not tell you as to what my daughter is doing on the ship though. She works in the spa and is a massage therapist .lol.Sophia is 23 years old ,soon to be 24 on the 4th. of July.I have a son also , soon to be 29! Sophia was unsure as to how she felt about them holding the summit on her cruise ship . Only if she had the opportunity to massage Obama did she think it would be worth it ,for otherwise she is making zero dollars during this time. Where millions were spent once again the ” little guy gets nothing”typical. Once again thanks Neil,I shall hook you up with my son James to rant with as he is much better than I. Regards

  4. My good lady , no work is irrelevant even massaging the muscles of the body guards of free world‘s Commander in Chief. I am just happy that your daughter was able to share in some of the 100 million US dollars that was spent for this spectacular event, as well as get to enjoy some of guilty pleasures that decadent Trinis with the means enjoy daily in safe enclaves across the nation.
    That’s globalization in the 21st century as played out in sweet T&T aka Rainbow Nation ehhhh?
    Tell your son however , that he is too young to be cynical with so much going for him. He is after all , a citizen of arguably the greatest country in the world , who can asked for more?

  5. Don’t chastise those who hold a different opinion from yours or have a negative to contribute; they do it because they probably have reason to do so. Those people who have nothing to lose or have never been affected by the terrible flaws or acts of negligence of the government usually talk of how nice things are or how much fun they had on their visit…speak to those people whom have had a child murdered or kidnapped, or have had a relative or family member brutally raped or murdered and then criticize them for their negativity.

    In response to Peter Nedd!
    It’s a pity people cannot remove their political eyes and give a fair response. Due to ones political eyes, he/she is blinded. What is wrong with the Government cleaning up the place? When important visitors are coming to our homes, we all clean up the place and spruce it up. Even for Christmas we paint up etc and change curtains.

    Yes we do clean up when visitors are coming etc…but do you keep your house nasty with your children in it? I didn’t think so. You see, the point the person was trying to make was that the government don’t give a dam about it’s nationals,but go all out for outsiders and those nationals who they don’t give a dam about are the ones that pay for it, by force. The people of trinidad and Tobago deserve better. why didn’t the government drop pipelines in the ground and send water to people who in thier life time have never seen running water in their neighbourhood, and the government wants to talk about “development?” You must be kidding.

    this summit was all about Manning and what he wants and what he desires and nothing to do about the people of the country! He is a conceited, no caring, invalid that rides the back of the citizens.

  6. These words sent to me from my daughter:
    “Hey! Yeah things are good. Summit IS over. And the crowd we have on now is all from Trinidad and I tell ya – nicest group of people we’ve had on yet. Eeeeveryone is talking about how friendly this bunch is, compared with the regulars.

  7. After months of the “Summit of Americas” the people of Trinidad and Tobago,are still no bettter of than they were before the summit except poorer due to the over expenditure of our beloved Prime Minister.All the money to house vagrants,clean up POS,for afew days and the now what all the vagrants back on the streets,the cameras dont even work which were installed for the protection of other leaders and our own people fall victims only to hear “sorry the cameras malfunctioned,”why did it not malfunction for the summit???.I ask myself what is really wrong with the leaders of our country????? I truly think our very own leaders dont care for Trinidad and Tobago so how can they expect the people to care????The leaders care for themselfes so people will not care about the well being of a country.Problems stem from out country’s leaders,not only from the homes.

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