Activist takes to the streets

By Jada Loutoo
Thursday, April 16 2009

Verna St Rose GravesCHILD rights activist Verna St Rose Greaves yesterday chose to take her lobby outside the Hyatt Regency, instead of attending the Civil Society forum, which was taking place metres from where she held her one-person demonstration, outside the Carnival Victory cruise ship.

She wore a white dress, splashed with red dye to represent blood and carried a poster which read “Shame on a Nation. You neglect children, women, poor, homeless, communities in need, persons with disabilities.” On the poster were photos of Akiel Chambers and Amy Emily Annamunthodo, both victims of murder. Ringing a brass bell and shouting at the top of her voice, a barefooted St Rose Greaves said she chose the public place to speak out against what she called the injustice being done to the children in the country.

“I am nauseated and horrified,” she said, adding that millions were spent to spruce up the place for the Fifth Summit of the Americas, while children were being killed, many of them still living on the streets, women being raped and murdered in their homes and the homeless were being hidden away.

“Millions of dollars are being spent but what can it do for us?” she asked, pointing out that a Children’s Authority was yet to be established. I have worked in this country and have seen little change,” she said, as she stood between two parked cars, trying to get the attention of the passing motorists on the busy Wrightson Road, just outside the Hyatt.

“The public does not need the summit,” she said. She said she had no confidence in this country’s leaders, and asked whether the summit being held here in Trinidad was really the best thing for Trinidad and Tobago.

“The children have no protection. Look at how they (parliamentarians) behave in Parliament with the corruption and squandermania taking place,” she said.

St Rose Greaves, although being abused by people who told her the summit was a “good thing for the country,” said she was standing her ground.

Behind her, a white cloth was spread between two lamp posts, in front of the murals at the International Financial Center, on which there were a child’s tea set, flowers, a vase and other items.

After leaving her post on Wrightson Road, St Rose Greaves, still barefoot, walked down to the fountain at the Summit Village on the Port-of-Spain Waterfront promenade, where she was accosted by security officers who took away her bell and poster, and called for backup.,98552.html

6 thoughts on “Activist takes to the streets”

  1. She was not violent and therefore should have been able to express her opinion in protest of the government without being accosted by security officers.

  2. Lock them all up. Camera hungry wanna-be activists. Embarassment to the nation. All the time they sat on Gayelle and talk and talk. All of a sudden is a bag of BS up at UWI Spec about how to protest. Ok we the other, regular people get it. After seeing protesters for years on TV you (all) want to be just like them. Right. Self-righteous retards.

  3. Everyone has the right to protest but NOT to cause trouble!!!! Why werent they protesting all the time?????? Only because CNN, BBC, FOX and MSNBC is here that they behaving so.

  4. she is rigth look at the state of the country the poor neglect child rape, more homeless people on the street more people murder,why didn’t they do all there thing for the people of the country before the summit put up camera in the street to cut down on crime ,keep the street clean clean up the homeless off the street.your prime minister full of it and so is his goverment.

  5. She is fighting for all people and has a right to voice her oponion without causing any trouble. Throughout history it is the brave women who risked their lives for change. Keep up the good work.

  6. Let the woman voice her oponion. I wish I can see more people like her. Keep fighting for the people of your country Verna

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